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megbiram - MEG BIRAM
So happy for my cousin @rherndon20 & his new wife @stacyllo. 😘 #happilyherndon #ilovemyfamily #cuethetears
happilyherndon - cuethetears - ilovemyfamily -
ealykens : Love that I got to meet you tonight!! You're amazing!! πŸ’•
abbymsmith98 - lookwhatyolydid - lucia_paniagua_illustration - royalty.natnat -
megbiram - MEG BIRAM
Even though I'm excited to go home to see family and friends for a few days, I'm *really* going to miss my bed. 😴 (And my husband!) πŸ’‘ #bedroom #travel #bed #home #interiors
sharemyoklstyle - bedroom - home - travel - interiors - bed -
excusedenied : Ahhh, so pretty @megbiram! Looks super comfy. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
natalija_the_label : Perfection!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» x
obsessiveimagist : I always miss my bed the most when I travel, especially because the hubby usually comes with me!
onekingslane : Hi, we love your snap and would like to share it on One Kings Lane! If that's ok with you please respond #sharemyoklstyle. For more info and terms, please visit:
megbiram : #sharemyoklstyle @onekingslane
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megbiram - MEG BIRAM
Um, the view from @GrahamHotel_DC is siiiiick. How had I not been there until today?!? I foresee lots of happy hours there this summer. #whoswithme #summer #happyhour #georgetown #dc
summer - happyhour - dc - georgetown - whoswithme -
marina_davlo : I'm with you @megbiram just name the time 😁
nattob : Love it there
aubreywaldock : @hello_dc accepted!
5canoehill : @mr5canoehill should we stay here next time?
phips9426 : @rbucks963 you should visit here before you leave!
bethcrawford83 : πŸ™‹
jaackattaackk : Haha the good ole days @shmellli
stefanieharrington : Gorgeous! I need to check it out!
frenchie_martini - madeinkc_ - teakandtwine - girlsandsilverlinings -
megbiram - MEG BIRAM
Painted a huge backdrop for @abbyjiu today. ❀️ painting. #art #abstractart #painting
painting - abstractart - art -
artofjph : sweet shot
aeprice44 : So c🎨🎨l!!!
sarahlagen : Amazing!!
megginwebb : @mmz5002 maybeeee for a photobooth?!
mmz5002 : @megginwebb yes! I love this!
fig2design : So good!
intrigue_designs : Amazing
ckbpassion : Gorgeous! Can't wait to see what @abbyjiu does with it!!!
ewags8 - dagowy - emily95rose - frenchie_martini -
megbiram - MEG BIRAM
I need to dress up more! Still thinking about the gorgeous dresses @mckennableu, @abbyjiu, & I wore to #stregisjazz at @stregishotels last week with @jamiecullum. It was hard to give my @davidkomalondon back to @renttherunway. 😒 I wanted to keep it! Find our dresses here πŸ‘‰πŸ» #liketkit
stregisjazz - liketkit -
wendysuecupcake : it's an affiliate link to nowhere?
megbiram : @wendysuecupcake you just have to be signed up with and anytime you ❀️ any Instagram with a liketoknowit link, you get an email with the outfit pieces or similar suggestions. Makes it pretty easy to find out where someone got something.
erikajackson : I love it! You look amazing!!
mckennableu : Let's do it again!! Love @jamiecullum πŸ’•
revetro : @megbiram do you review products? Let us know if you're interested in reviewing any of our upcycled bottle jewelry. Thanks!
healthfullyeverafter : @mckennableu your dress flowing is on point!
brooklinen : Stunning!
shopzinniawest : That fushia dress!!
shopzinniawest - phx_sb - _fashionista25 - silva.dub -
megbiram - MEG BIRAM
"I like individuality. Everything is so homogenized these days." - Iris Apfel πŸ‘“ A post about the documentary of Iris up on the blog. #IrisApfel #documentary #movie #fashion
movie - irisapfel - fashion - documentary -
teaseandtotes : We πŸ’˜ her
madeleineoakes : Cannot wait to see this! It needs to get to Denver asap
designrecipes : She is such an inspiration! πŸ‘πŸ‘“πŸ’•
fauxblasian : Seeing this at Film Forum on the 9th. Can't wait! #DopenessGoals
sonalk : Life goals @daviannafiby
daviannafiby : Yaaasss @sonalk
emilylego : @rhinoskittles here she is again!
skylar777 : @chesleysc
frenchie_martini - madeinkc_ - irisapfelmovie - art_pacific -
megbiram - MEG BIRAM
Hey spring, remember when you came, and it was like nice outside? You know, because it's ALMOST MAY. Yeah, let's go back to that, k thanks. #WTFisthisweather #springissuchabitch #spring #butnotreally #tulips #flowers #mywestelm #ccmstreetdc
mywestelm - tulips - ccmstreetdc - springissuchabitch - spring - flowers - butnotreally - wtfisthisweather -
whatwouldanerdwear : seriously
mrynngllrd : Totally agree with this post. Almost May and its freezing outside. πŸ˜”
callangreen : SERIOUSLY.
kristiinalee : Yes--rainy and 40 today in Denver. Where you at, spring?? 😳
kaylahedwall : So weird! Today in Portland (OR) it was like 82 degrees and beautiful! Definitely out of the ordinary for us though haha
westelm : Beautiful, Meg! If we can share your pic, please reply with #sharemywestelm to agree. Terms of Use:
sarahmtn : @megbiram is that the lighter or darker of the two vases? Gorgeous!
apprvl : 😍
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megbiram - MEG BIRAM
What did you cross off your list today? Your #GSDgetshitdone Master List that is... πŸ“βœ”οΈ Get one πŸ‘‰πŸ» in the office section. Other products shown πŸ‘‰πŸ» #liketkit #office #gsd #getshitdone
office - liketkit - gsd - gsdgetshitdone - getshitdone -
wadefoxx : Awesome idea and amazing photo!!!
eventsinthecity : They are the shit
brookhillflorist : need these!
thelocalbouquet : Vision boards for all our 2015 brides. Feeling great @megbiram!
tania_clarke : Do you sell that notepad? Love it πŸ’ͺ
yasemin_sussman : @erineuser #getshitdone
erineuser : πŸ‘Œ @yasemin_sussman
megbiram : @tania_clarke yep, the link is in the caption
home_build_design - _fashionista25 - photopopbox - helloyoubeautifulthingblog -
megbiram - MEG BIRAM
You know when you are already in bed but all you can think about is food?!? #imhungry #gonnahavetogetupandeat 🍟🍷 This deliciousness is from @chezbillysud in Georgetown. @cathzinn we should go back soon... #nomnom #dc #georgetown #food
georgetown - gonnahavetogetupandeat - imhungry - food - dc - nomnom -
joycenovacek : #everynight
dooberelli : Sometimes somebody will start posting all kinds of yummy dessert recipes late at night on Facebook, and then I'm craving sugar, and of course that's the absolute worst time to eat it.
hannahchunter : When I was younger I blamed my high metabolism, when I was pregnant I blamed the babe, now that I'm nursing I still blame the babe haha
apollinas : Well I'm not going to sleep now that my stomach is growling...
masonjarmovement : That's me. Right now. And I want this. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mamavalveeta03 : Gee, thanks all I can think about is food!😳
deganmygon : @jennnbunnyy this caption
cathzinn : Need to go back and drink that Rose ASAP🍷
erin.choquette - teakandtwine - melanie.armes.p - home_build_design -
megbiram - MEG BIRAM
How often do you change your sheets? I do 1x a week. More tips about getting better sleep on the blog today. 😴 (Mattress @tuftandneedle / Sheets & Duvet @brooklinen) All other brands tagged. #goodnights #sleep #bedroom
goodnights - sleep - bedroom -
shaunatorres : Sooo dreamy
costafarms : Great info!
eyeluvloocs : Sunday morning!
julianaisaac_ : Once a week too!
lfstedman : Not sure if you ever saw my comment on your old photo - any thoughts on the tuft and needle mattress now that you've had it for a few months??? In the market for one, and debating between it and the Casper! Thanks! :)
megbiram : @lfstedman must have missed your comment. I love it! It took me 2 weeks to get used to it and I absolutely love it.
lfstedman : @megbiram thanks!! :) I love that they give you a trial period.
byhilaryrose : Yep! Once a week!
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