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Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~ Hill walker, picture taker, story maker.
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Powder day #1 ✔️. Just thrilled for another epic season rocking my new @trew_gear threads, @smithoptics eye treats, @dynafit sidekicks and @salomonfreeski shred sticks!
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jkwartz : @maxwellsilver how was Bridger today? Was thinking of going but heard there was high avalanche danger
graygriffiths : @sharaigrant
maxwellsilver : @jkwartz it was definitely high avi danger and collapsing on anything very steep. We skied lower Bronco though and it was mellow. Stay safe out there for sure amigo.
jkwartz : @maxwellsilver sweet! Thanks man
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Well hello sister winter. Your most welcome here.
cheaptarts : @hannahheartsyou ⛄️☔️🐇
_jt_photo : bout time she showed up 🙏
kamalanif : Wow 😍
cdnjem : Lovely
sglennphoto : Beautiful!
trew_gear : Gimme dat colonel mcfluff
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Hot'springin season in Montana. @alyssalarson_mt @westerlind_us
bigskypearl : What springs are these? @maxwellsilver
kamskimt : Love it there!
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Vans are played. Except for this one.. #vanlife.
vanlife -
natureofmotion : Not even this one. #bicyclelife
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Thinking back on that moment; after hours of back woods route finding, questionably translated Spanish directions and rallying our two wheel drive rental car through mud bogs and sand pits in the rain, that we finally saw Pico De Orizaba emerge from the clouds and mist. Up into that point it seemed like we might not even make it to the base of this mountain I had only seen pictures of on the internet, and that we intended to summit the next day. This was the moment though, that it became real, and somehow, although it be foolhardy and audacious, I knew we would stand on top of that distant snowy peak. @karlosdelrio Looks on after @joeyschusler @thomaswoodson and myself pushed the car up the last wet and sandy hill to the plateau under duress. @5pointfilm @theskijournal @outdoorresearch @skratchlabs @dynafit @sierranevada
carolinegleich : Sometimes foolhardy and audacious works! Congrats my friend.
maxwellsilver : Apparently @carolinegleich! Ha. Congrats to you 2 :)
aliabdollahi1984 : Good shot
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Antarctica is a place where humans are visitors. The landscape admonishes us of this, like an alien planet we would no longer survive without an island of support in the Antarctic than we would on the surface of the moon. There's comfort in the existence of these places, where the world still stands untamed by the hand of mankind.
katjah1984 : If I win in the Lottery, and have a lot of money, than I want to go to Antartica .☺️
viktoriya.malina : 😳😳😳😳😳
dnclem : World traveling badass
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
A couple of true southern gentlemen. Inquisitive King Penguins at Salisbury Plains, South Georgia.
somefunstuff : Saw some video clips of this today!! Looks rad
nkqualtieri : They are extremely well-dressed. So handsome!
alyssalarson_mt : 👐👐👐
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Fire was invented for moments like these I'm pretty sure. Baja nights coming back. @alex_s_heil @patagonia @gowithoutwalls
gowithoutwalls : 👌
jacqui_edgerly : We were just there!
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Thinking back on that infinite horizon of popping brash ice as we steamed off the peninsula and back towards South America. A tabular ice berg a hundred miles in length had been broken up by a huge storm and this slick of white was all that remained. The shadow of our ship laid out across the ice in the swath of the setting sun, and giant slow moving waves rocked us along and out into the Drake Passage. Pure magic from dreams.
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maxwellsilver - Max Lowe
Climbers descend the glacier on the flank of Orizaba as we enter the pain cave around 17,000. Without acclimating we were quickly humbled by Citlaltèpetl, star mountain in ancient Náhuatl. Not bad for a weekend adventure with friends @joeyschusler @thomaswoodson and @karlosdelrio. @5pointfilm @skratchlabs @outdoorresearch @dynafit @smithoptics @sierranevada
serendipitousyou : Los encontre! Bummed i couldnt stay longer for pizza and trumpet jams. Im amazed by your mexican adventure images, muy chidas. Keep em coming.
j_hammar : Wow really nice shot!
maxwellsilver : Get thanks @j_hammar! @serendipitousyou you've got some skills yourself, keep up the good work :)
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