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mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
Heading to RI for the holidays means I'll be gambling again with my Grampa. This is last years winnings. -k
mattbusa87 : Twin river? Lol
menace : Play roulette put 10 dollars on number 4 until you hit!
dj_ajmeribaba : Daym gur
festiverissey : Have fun!
mattbusa87 : 33 for Larry bird @menace haahah
dar.bear : Cool
alexx__333 - andrew_webs - chhhloe_ - mc.ride -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
lmfarina : HOT DAMN
tysoncowboy : Cute!!!
sarah_shotton : ugh what a babe
clandestinys_child : Awwwwwwwwww Matty
vanessaleigh1121 : @theelbabyy this looks like your husband
jacquijeanis : @catieflatley swoon!
maysunmorefun : So dreamy
sareuhdook : BAYBE
ryanelberson - supercharlie24 - kimmy_sanders - blahblahpink415 -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
Kim's deep into these Secret Santa letters right now. #screamteam
screamteam -
shaynass : @paulypm you mean you never did this...
eee_vuh : @hannahnotmontanaa oh boy!
hannahnotmontanaa : @eee_vuh 😊😊😊😊
heavydiscussion : Box of tissuesπŸ˜ͺ
soccerbeafea : AHHHHH I SEE MY LETTER (bottom right corner with the small pics)!!!! I love you guys!!!!! @urstruly_mattg LOOK BABE ITS OUR LETTER lololol
welcometosavannahh : How do we do this, like send them a letter ??:( @mattandkim
nessgoesbangxx : I swear that's my letter in Kim's hand! I can only hope!
_wwilll : This is beautiful. You guys rock MK πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
pabst_cubbie - heyheyborja - kimmy_sanders - sammy__hilal -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
Kim put on her stretchy pants to minimize chafing so she can dance her ass off at @flosstradamus tonight.
jessicaameadowss : You guys are absolutely the coolest πŸ˜πŸ™Œβœ¨ @mattandkim
bsandoval03 : Too cute @mattandkim
alexatehortua : You guys go to raves??
mackenzhill : You're perfect πŸ™Œ
philz23 : You guys are freaking amazing
lrsn13 : Hi! If you guys read these comments.. Can you email me Kerstinlarson@gmail.com ( we have some contractor questions for you) :) #neighbors
beextremedesign : @eglencelikseyler
raydesautels : @laraxalex
linneaseegers - eveningoutwithyourgirlfriend - blue_kassette - b_burkey76 -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
The ScreamTeam Secret Santa letter are coming in force! So excited to see who people want to help! You still have time. Hit up the scream team site in our bio! -k #ScreamTeam #GiveToSomeoneInNeed #HavingPeoplesBacks #IGotYou
screamteam - havingpeoplesbacks - givetosomeoneinneed - igotyou -
toejamson : I see mine!
lauramarple : so relieved to see my letter in this! the usps website made it seem like they lost it
oliviaoreo : @lauramarple how do you find the information ? I'm in the scream team and I still can't find it
lauramarple : @oliviaoreo just look at their last instagram post! that's how i found it
oliviaoreo : @lauramarple thank you !!
nessgoesbangxx : Sent mine out this morning.. praying it makes it across the border in time!
sk8ergirl182 : Omg I see mine!!
phillgrant : Awesome guys!
natalielibonati - pattheroc - soshedances123 - mcamuto -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
It's getting close to Xmas which means we just popped off our matt&kim secret Santa give away. It's a lil different this year. I sent out a email all about it to anyone who is apart of scream team. If you aren't then get on that shit!! I put a link up in our description thingy. Hope you guys like this years idea and the emails I send out to the scream team. I feel like I ramble a bit in them but fuck it I got a lot shit to say!! Big hugs kim
smackaduck : What's the email address? I didn't get the mail
stephxbeff : @mattandkim you're both the kindest people ever, seriously.
hannahnotmontanaa : @eee_vuh I don't get it?????????
shaynass : You guys are so fucking amazing.
lauramarple : wrote you a four page letter as soon as I saw this. love you guys for doing this.
nichelleugolini : 😹 so cute 😹
madelineeulalia : Just emailed you :) thanks so much for doing this.
daniellethesheep : @mattandkim I never got the scream team email :/ I just sent u guys a direct message tho! Thanks so much!
lucky_ladyfox - regrock1 - multiple.fandoom - lulu.lynch -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
abiblow : @lkbiblow
megshorey : @rayray_zim
turningmyanh : @ngatorious
mollylong_ : Please come to Charleston!!!!
alexanderthegreater97 : @jacob_ames
jeffpreis : @elisem89
mollyquintero : @managirl808 my life... @kaimana___head
managirl808 : Yep pretty much what happened to me today -_- @mollyquintero
adamrentschler - mszt - multiple.fandoom - madddssmith -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
Went to where I grew up in East Providence. It's no longer Section 8 housing. It's really nice there now. -k #KentFarms
kentfarms -
laurawhite122 : Guys she's not from providence. She's from east providence a different city of Rhode Island
porschefabulous : Love your coat😍😍😍
jasmintiara : Best childhood ever..... even tho we were all broke as hell!! We played outside ALL day! What other section 8 housing had a river in the back?!? No one will EVER know what a pop fart is, or how to use it as a weapon! I LOVE YOU!! And yes there will be hashtags only you will understand bitch!!! #towniepride #morningstarbakery #dairymart #blocks ( that game took skill....#justsaying ) #monkeybread #Hullstreet #GeminiVsApollo which we clearly were the winners! #poundpuppies #SheRa #YourBrotherIsANinja @heathercartercash made me watch #Ferngully so many times I wanted to kill myself #YourMomIsAMilf SERIOUSLY.... she is beautiful #FrankIsAwesomeSauce He still needs to make me a seafood dish #muah!!!!
heathercartercash : Hahaha @jasmintiara I nanny for two little girls now and I've been trying to find fern gully so I can make them watch it! I don't even remember what it's about
miley_77 : Snapme: ali_alabbad πŸ‘»
mattandkim : @jasmintiara ha ha! Matt said that river was a run off of a sewage drain! Miss you! -k
si_shell : @mireeyumm
ndempsey22 : Thanks for the like on my photo! Really hope you two go! I've wanted to see you live for a while! @mattandkim
khuongphan - figarostranger - vannaaxd - lulu.lynch -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
While working on our new album this picture might have been referred to a few times. @larsstalfors @azizansari
phillyblunt813 : @mattandkim bring to Florida to be sure
reedwu : Reminds me of @kashaantogo
nathew42 : Please call the album or one of the songs "bean blankie"
f_elizondo : @yaco_rodriguez
its.sky_ : NEW ALBUM
pauljayw : @kmarygable13 hahaha
kmarygable13 : @pauljayw πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ˜Š
dolly__rocker - countylinegeneral - andreas_schnell - mbmahoney3 -
mattandkim - MATT AND KIM
My new wallpaper... -k
chlozadugahole : @fii_x YES
junaasong : @annietannie AWW I can't take it
mattandkim : @joshuadun I'll give ya that one but you are on thin ice. I'm suppose to be your favorite!! -k
carleyyounger : @freeidevicenow got me a free iPhone 6
iputthefilmindustryonmyback : 😍😍😍😍
rwefer : @themadcomposer awesome facts about musicians
500daysofbryan : Enjoyed the email you sent out, Kim! Good to hear from you and to know you're both alive! @mattandkim
blackmanta_ : 😍😍😍
l5921 - ccaannddyyssuuxx - multiple.fandoom - portionsforfoxes__ -
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