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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
I'm pleased to share that I will be teaching an introductory cake class on October 18! Each student will learn how to bake a cake including my own favorite recipes, learn how to make meringue buttercream, and most fun of all, learn how to properly assemble and frost a four layer cake. All the details and purchasing information will be available by the end of the week.
sheila_gim : YES
wfung00 : @leahbrl & @jojojunk
paint_97 : Yumm
westernred : @starbirdbakehouse Let's go together!
snapdeli : I made a chocolate Guinness cake with this design for a client, went down a storm! Thanks for the idea!
auntblazer : @justinmonteros omg
christopherjohnston9085 : #SanDiegoCakeCompany
just_joycechan : Dear Matchbox kitchen, I've recently discovered that I absolutely LOVE to bake. By recently I mean last month. I am sincerely interested in your upcoming cake intro class. Looking forward to signing up!! 🎂🍰
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
A closer look at yesterday's cake. I cleaned a handful of passionfruit seeds by hand just to decorate the top.
matchboxkitchen : @foodmouthblog thank you!
matchboxkitchen : @joannepio thanks Joanne :)
matchboxkitchen : @hopescottcalligraphy haha, my cousin watching me thought I was a little crazy 😁
matchboxkitchen : @sheila_gim thank you!
matchboxkitchen : @carolannegraham it was a combination of my grandpa's favorite flavors :)
matchboxkitchen : @shannonchicago thank you :)
matchboxkitchen : @qisspop_baking thank you! I'm based in Los Angeles but currently visiting family in Australia.
matchboxkitchen : @savorgood thank you!
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Happy birthday to my grandpa! A surprise visit to Australia just to make him a cake 😜, and see the rest of my family of course! Vanilla cake with passionfruit curd, vanilla smbc, and a dusting of white chocolate shavings. Now, does anyone have recommendations on what to eat/do in Sydney and Melbourne? Favorite bakeries I have to try?!
matchboxkitchen : @shell_irvin I'm gonna try, but it's been discontinued for a while 😔
matchboxkitchen : @carolineadobo I'm going to try to make it there!!
matchboxkitchen : @emceedonna thank you! Seems to be a popular place to go, can't stop hearing good things about it!
matchboxkitchen : @ninafuego thank you! They look delicious!
matchboxkitchen : @savourthiskitchen thank you!
matchboxkitchen : @caity_lane yes, they've been on my list since last year! We saw the long line out the door but didn't learn what it was until we left 😣determined to try them this time around!
anna__bananna : If it's not too late get yourself to #blackstarpastry for the watermelon and strawberry cake and #breadandcircus for a wholesome lunch. Enjoy!
matchboxkitchen : @anna__bananna thanks! Both places are on my list so I'm glad to hear an additional recommendation :). I'll be here for 2 weeks, plenty of time for lots of eating and exploring!
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
An oldie but a goodie: vanilla cake with lemon cream filling. Captured on film by @katemiss. One of my favorite shots. Knit sweater (with leather elbow patches!) by @hetterson.
hetterson : 😍😍😍
onceuponakitchen : What a gorgeous shot! and cake! :)
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Whole Wheat Candied Lemon Cake. Kind of healthy? 😜
anna__bananna : @hannahoman mmmmm
judewholefood : Kinda delicious !!!!!
savorgood : 👌
luluwerneck : @gemoller
friedefreudeundeierkuchen : 💛
matchboxkitchen : @charliepopsorganics thanks! It's a milk glass cake stand and I got it at the Donna Hay store in Sydney. If you google milk glass cake stand I think a lot of places sell the same style :)
charliepopsorganics : Thank you :-)
heba_bakes : @hadola زي هذا الليمون اللي كنت ابغا اسويه 🙈
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
#tbt to when I made s'mores kits. This was one of my first products sold at Unique LA. They were really popular but I realized I hate making marshmallows.
tbt -
lorr87 : Yes!!! I remember those!!! SOOOOO GOOD!
matchboxkitchen : @raemariesweets I have used both corn syrup and brown rice syrup before
matchboxkitchen : @sweetlavenderbakeshoppe oh, I love how they taste. Way better than jet puffed! I just hate cleaning the stickiness!
matchboxkitchen : @al4ina it's the cleaning I hate the most! Making one batch is fine. Making 1000 is another story.
raemariesweets : Never tried brown rice syrup before. Is it better than corn syrup? @matchboxkitchen
matchboxkitchen : @raemariesweets it's not as sweet, has a different flavor. I wouldn't necessarily say it's better but a good option for those who avoid corn products.
raemariesweets : Thanks! I will give it a try. :) @matchboxkitchen
mereial : @yaelschottenstein
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Look what I found at Barnes and Noble--my cake in the latest @zooeymagazine! I have three recipes in this issue, all floral inspired. Calligraphy by @bedsidesign, crepe paper flower by @bloomsintheair, and photographed by @amandaccrew! (Fun fact: I worked at BN for almost 4 years 😅)
eustacia_v : cool
houriesloves : 👏👏👏
smartishorts : Congrats!!
jgbriones : CONGRATS!!! 💕😋
strawberrykate : 👏👏👏👍👍👍💗💗💗
savorgood : 👌💥
joleee1 : nice! ✨
levisawyer : so dope - go Sara!
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
White velvet cake. One of my favorites. Vanilla bean cake with rosewater buttercream and a dusting of white chocolate. Still on the fence whether I will retire this cake or not.
sweet_bobos : 💞👌💞👌💞👌
tinastausendschoen : Wow!!!
ma_nikka24 : Omg... @kmoua07 @sosuteki
culinaryangel : 👏👏👏👏☺☺
missmimisand : Nice
orangelikescat : hi~
hasoy : @sarahfurulz
terrathomas : @mich_peach I need this
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
One of my best pals treated me to afternoon tea at the Langham. Thank you, Jean! 😘
vseppi : @deuteronomy8 @aliceandnana
smartishorts : Are you still there? That's where I work.
_sarahirene : @missboyce this will happen as soon as we get paid!
missboyce : I almost cried looking at this. Cannot wait! And the Chateau! @_sarahirene
tawny : 😍 I need to go here!
matchboxkitchen : @smartishorts oh! I was there on Monday at noon.
matchboxkitchen : @tawny it was my first time there! Such a pretty place to walk around, too.
zielonakaruzela : Yummy ♡
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
A never ending table of beautiful desserts. @lacakeclub #lacakeclub
lacakeclub -
matchboxkitchen : @tessa_stylesweetca thank you :)
matchboxkitchen : @sharonwu check out the #LACakeClub hashtag for closer photos of the desserts :)
judewholefood : Gorgeous
magic2killerkh : I want to eat!
shell_irvin : Best pic ever
shell_irvin : I like @lacakeclub cover photo ✌️😏
shell_irvin : It better be the cover of your cookbook too 😆
sharonwu : @matchboxkitchen thanks! Gorgeous work, looks like so much fun
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