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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
kim_nguyen__ : Ditto @antipastel
ceciliaristila : @norrlandl
paint_97 : Cute
frischverliebt : Yam. 👌
meeka_chu : @sneebit
chelseagloriarexemil : @lauren_steil mmmmmmmmm
alexis_crossley147 : mmm
mslynnchen : I forgot you and @njinla are twins? Happy bday to you!!!
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
A simple first anniversary cake to match their wedding cake - red velvet with cream cheese smbc. Special for this couple only because I will not offer red velvet cake any other time :)
inarticulateblah : Thank you for making an exception!! It looks even better in person!
magic2killerkh : I want to eat!
theviciousdb : And it's super delicious
alexis_crossley147 : mmm
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
#tbt to last summer when I made everything on this wedding dessert table! I just made their first anniversary cake, too. Congrats, Blythe and Daniel! Thanks for having me be part of your big day :) 👫
tbt -
masweettooth : 🙌 that's awesome!
shelleysgoodeats : Amazing!
joleee1 : wow!
maresavolante : Lovely! What do you call those little peachy tart things, @matchboxkitchen?
matchboxkitchen : @maresavolante thanks! They're mini peach crumble pies :)
lakelanduk : Beautiful spread @matchboxkitchen
inarticulateblah : Everything on that table was incredibly delicious. We couldn't have picked a better wedding baker!
alexis_crossley147 : yum
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
I own a million piping tips, but my favorite way to finish a cake is with an offset spatula. I have to say though, the St. Honore tip is gorgeous. That might be the only one I'll start using 😜
julieskitchen : 🙌
joannepio : So pretty!
joansonthird : @matchboxkitchen beautiful.
anchary : Offset spatula is my favorite! This is beautiful @matchboxkitchen
dailypleasures : Beautiful gallery💕
judewholefood : Love the offset @matchboxkitchen
kelcyshelton : Lovimg the cake stand!
alexis_crossley147 : it looks so good
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
It doesn't seem too practical to keep stems on strawberries, but they're just too cute!
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njinla : This looks so sweet! (as in cute) ☺️
shannonchicago : #ReachesForTheDentalFloss
matchboxkitchen : #cake #sweets #dessert #strawberry #organic #f52grams #eeeeeats #losangeles #bakery
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
My new favorite brownies thanks to @savourthiskitchen's gypsy spice blend. Made with paprika, cardamom, cinnamon, and a handful of other spices, they add a such a delicious unique flavor. Words cannot describe how good these are! I'll have a recipe written up soon, or you can just add a tablespoon of this spice blend to your favorite brownie recipe. More dessert recipes using gypsy coming soon :) Thank you, Marlene! @savourthiskitchen
anndanger : Ooooh
matchboxkitchen : @sweetsimplevegan you should try their spice blends! They're all salt + sugar free, and their sauces are GF and vegan! @savourthiskitchen
sweetsimplevegan : @matchboxkitchen all of those things are right up my alley! thank you for recommending I will definitely check them out ❤️
oojoyjoy : This sounds soo good. Checking them out right now!
cottonandflax : Yum!! These sound amazing!!
alexis_crossley147 : Eww but not
glitter_and_soul : @matchboxkitchen those look insane. I'm dying to #savourthis very recipe with my @savourthiskitchen #spice ASAP. 💋💓
shell_irvin : I like their pesto 👌
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
The next @lacakeclub meeting is this Sunday and I don't know what to make! I'm thinking I should do something special because my birthday is the day before. Any suggestions?!
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evancampisi : @blowupgirls
sohna925 : @matchboxkitchen when are you having the next cake class?
c_ngo : 😭😭 let's go and celebrate your bday soon??
matchboxkitchen : @aheirloom I'm familiar with your work but had no idea you came out with a cake stand! It's beautiful! Can you email me at :)
matchboxkitchen : @sohna925 mid October! I will be announcing details by the end of the month :)
theofficialfenixstudio : Amazing !
alexis_crossley147 : Mmmm
matchboxkitchen : #cake #dessert #sweets #f52grams #eeeeeats #losangeles #bakery
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
It's mid august and I'm in the midst of my baking hiatus. Some of you have emailed me asking if I will bake again. The answer is yes! I will be back in October with a whole new menu, classes, and (fingers crossed) a regularly scheduled pop up bakery! I've been taking this time to come up with my own signature style. Over the last couple of years I've grown really tired of perfectly perfect cakes. While I can appreciate their beauty, when it comes to desserts, I think LA can use a little bit more imperfection! Some of my most favorite cakes are from other parts of the world. Check out these beauties: @lily_vanilli_cake, @thecakernz, @cakesbyanna, @erinluker. I am so incredibly inspired by their work. Be sure to check each of them out ✌️
losangeles - organic - eeeeeats - dessert - sweets - bakery - apricot - cake - f52grams -
erinluker : @lily_vanilli_cake woah wit our powers combined 💥💥💥
thecakernz : Thanks @matchboxkitchen see you in September! Xx
paint_97 : Yumm
nutrition4actions : Excellent
alexandrina_elena : @matchboxkitchen fantastic photo 😍
c_ngo : I'll take your "imperfection" any day!!!
alexis_crossley147 : looks so good
matchboxkitchen : #cake #dessert #sweets #f52grams #eeeeeats #apricot #losangeles #bakery #organic
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Sunday brunch with my family. I made Marion Cunningham's overnight yeast waffles with roasted plum compote and whipped cream. ✌️😴 We had mimosas and everyone took a nap right after! 💤💤
sucresomnia : Haha taking a nap after mimosas is so necessary!
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
This cake isn't complete, but the crumb coat look is pretty popular lately. As a bonus it's also less frosting for those that don't love buttercream as much as I do 😜 It's also much easier to do! Just top it off with some fresh fruit and/or flowers and you've got yourself a simple, elegant, rustic cake :)
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metcalf_sweets : I think the naked cakes are pretty, but I love buttercream, so to me it's disappointing to see a naked cake. I would be happy if it came with a side of buttercream? 😜
abeermahboob : Heaven 💓
nunuchocolates : It's a beauty.
the_organickitchen : Love buttercream!
alexis_crossley147 : i am so hunry now
isurgi_noe : sweeeet
thecakeinthecup : So cute
matchboxkitchen : #cake #sweets #dessert #nakedcake #buttercream #losangeles #laeats #eeeeeats
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