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• organic + sustainable baking co. • aiming for zero waste • founder of @LACakeClub
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
The demo cake for my cake class yesterday. Thinking about teaching more because it was so much fun!
matchboxkitchen : @whatflosaw vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream
paperpastries : @matchboxkitchen yes after the holidays would be easiest to fit into my schedule :) thanks for considering that, Sara!
_sandracharles : I did! I shared it with a few friends. We all loved it, so yummy!
danijbakes : @matchboxkitchen so everyone loved the delicious and light...not too sweet. The cake texture was perfect too!🏆🎂🏆
njinla : What a beaut!
satsukishibuya : i can imagine you being such a great teacher!
carolineadobo : What a beauty! ❤️
afiifahnasir : Ulallala..lovelyyy
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
I hardly took any photos of my cake class today, but the lovely @amandaccrew did, including this one! Thank you so much to everyone that attended. All your cakes came out beautiful! Thank you to Amanda for taking photos of my class and everyone's cakes! And a big thank you to @littlemeatsla for hosting us! If you're looking for an event space check them out. More photos coming soon once I take a nap 😅
matchboxkitchen : @savourthiskitchen thank you!
matchboxkitchen : @amandaccrew you are too kind ☺️ thank you so much for coming and taking photos. Hopefully you were able to pick up a few baking tricks too!
matchboxkitchen : @michellemaisto thank you!
matchboxkitchen : @danijbakes thank you for coming! Hope the cake is enjoyed tomorrow!
matchboxkitchen : @actorsdiet she's great, isn't she?
matchboxkitchen : @carolineadobo I only took a 20 min nap. Not long enough!
matchboxkitchen : @anndanger thanks! It was nice to make something other than cakes! I haven't done anything too crafty in a while.
anndanger : @matchboxkitchen I made 2' high piñatas of our names for our wedding and it was fun at first to do something crafty and then I just wanted to bash them with sticks by the end 😜
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
I've been too busy prepping for my cake class this Saturday at @littlemeatsla that I keep forgetting to Instagram! Here's my latest desserts in the newest @zooeymagazine. If you're in LA there will be a pop up at The Pie Hole in DTLA this Saturday from 3-5!
savourthiskitchen : Gorgeous!!! 😍❤️🎉
phi_snyder : So beautiful, Sara!
whatflosaw : @matchboxkitchen what is your favorite pie from there
shell_irvin : I tried finding this mag in Roseville b&n but we aren't cool enough 😫
julieskitchen : 🙌
ashley_neese : Amazing!
matchboxkitchen : @whatflosaw I like the earl grey pie they have!
matchboxkitchen : @shell_irvin I'll send you a signed copy 😂😜
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Cakes galore at Saturday's @lacakeclub. Thank you to @madebydwc for hosting us!! Be sure to check out all the amazing things they're doing for LA! #lacakeclub
lacakeclub -
matchboxkitchen : @nicolebakescakes @elauinc we all missed you too!
matchboxkitchen : @cakesbyanna this was just a third of it! Couldn't get a shot of them all.
matchboxkitchen : @alanakysar thank you so much for coming! It was great meeting you. I wish we got to chat longer but it was a little crazy in there! Hope to see you at the next one!
missrachelgarcia : Wonderful event! Thanks so much for having us!
chefdahliaabrams : @potatochipsarenotdinner you were there??
rachquiz : Thanks for having us, Sara! 😊
carolineadobo : Finally made it! 😄 Wonderful to see you, Sara
njinla : These all look SO GOOD. 😍😭
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
I didn't bring a dessert to yesterday's @lacakeclub, but I did bring my mom who made this! Orange chiffon cake with orange glaze, decorated with dried fruit, flowers, and fresh mint leaves. Special thank you to the Downtown Women's Center for hosting us! @madebydwc : how gorgeous! 🌺
liz.zoe : Wow😍
cococakeland : Wowza!!!!
albertbabycat : WOW!
haleinwonderland : @ninaa1983
dicanelo : 💚💚💚💚💚💚
chris8778 : @coffeecoffeecookies reminded me of you! :)
coffeecoffeecookies : @chris8778 I was there!!! It was so good
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Post @lacakeclub dessert at @gelateriauli. Follow sweets with more sweets! 😋
joannepio : This is perfect!! I love this spot!! @njinla @c_ngo @anndanger @letmeeatcake let's meet up soon!!!
lxogood : Just went here this week.. #SOGOOD
paperpastries : @matchboxkitchen @anndanger this place is right down the street from me! Every flavor I've tried is 👌 I'd def be down for a meet up there
sarahmckaig : A girl after my own heart! 🍧😍
elauinc : Haha! I feel ya about the new phone and photos. Takes some getting used to. And I need to try this place!!
letmeeatcake : @njinla @matchboxkitchen @c_ngo @joannepio @anndanger miss you ladies! Date soon pls pls!
nunuchocolates : 👌
matchboxkitchen : @paperpastries @anndanger yes please!
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Still working on my donut recipe...
matchboxkitchen : @joycejchai would love to have a baking day with you! Are you still making sourdough? We could do a trade, some starter for some donuts maybe? 😅
matchboxkitchen : @smalladventure don't worry, you'll be one of the first to know when they're ready 😊
pastiglieleone : 😍
joycejchai : ahh yas, that sounds amazing!! still haven't dove into making my own starter yet. :( I have some flour from Grist & Toll that I've been wanting to try out, though!
skallidis : 😳🙈om g. @yogabypatty @coach_nicstm
chelseagloriarexemil : @lauren_steil mmmmmm
matchboxkitchen : @joycejchai I've been meaning to buy flour from them! I'm actually super into the idea of getting my own mini grain mill but we'll see.
joycejchai : That'd be awesome! I was definitely the odd man out at that wheat harvest I went to. Everyone had their own personal mill and one guy had his own wood-fire pizza oven 😳
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Can't wait to devour this bread from @clarkstreetbread. Isn't it beautiful? You can pick one up through @goodeggsla!
catwithfins : I almost joined them but was on the sf site by mistake: they have some really amazing stuff not on the LA one! that bread loaf is awful tempting, though!
julieskitchen : Mmm yes please
shareenaamanda : @waniaziz Dekkkk!!!! 😱😱😱😭😭😭
joycejchai : Mm, dying to try!
waniaziz : @shareenaamanda nyamannnnn
shareenaamanda : @waniaziz Tangga nak clarkstreetbread pun .... PISANNNNN!!!!!!
whatflosaw : @matchboxkitchen looks like you'll need strong teeth for the crust! Hehe
goodeggsla : It was so great to meet you! We can't wait to deliver you some more amazing goodies
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
I have one open spot in my upcoming cake basics class on Saturday, October 18. Come learn how to bake, assemble, and frost a four layer cake with me! More details in my shop: (link also in my profile).
ilovemin : the sold out message on your site. I'd be interested if there's a second class. Thanks!
carmela_anne : I wish you have online classes too @matchboxkitchen !! 😔
koosna : Are you still taking cake orders? I ordered the one pictured here for my son's bday last year. It was the BEST cake ever! Everyone asked where it was from.
matchboxkitchen : @koosna yes, you are welcome to email me at :) thank you for the kind words!
sharshar_attack : @matchboxkitchen i would be very interested in this class! I am located in san diego so i would make a weekend up there or just an entire saturday!!! Pls let me know!!!
stefanoscon : Wow 😍
comp_ride : Nice
giulia_berton : @maggioreelisaaa
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matchboxkitchen - Sara Tso
Great news: there's one spot open in my upcoming cake class on October 18! Get more info and purchase the last seat here:
anchary : Sara! This cake inspired me to put daisies on the cake I made this past weekend! 😁
whatflosaw : @matchboxkitchen so cute
matchboxkitchen : @good_on_paper wish I could teach a class in SF! Maybe one day :)
matchboxkitchen : @queenofthelandoftwigsnberries thank you! my friend added them herself, it was such a cute detail for a yellow themed party!
matchboxkitchen : @pieces_of_sugar thank you!
matchboxkitchen : @anchary yay! flowers add the perfect detail to desserts :)
matchboxkitchen : @whatflosaw thanks!
pieces_of_sugar : you re welcome, sugarfriend:) @matchboxkitchen
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