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mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#Tuni. // What you can't see is the litter all across the ground...
tuni -
mevisualartist : @h_cato @icfphotos @littlebitofliz any news? Where he is????
icfphotos : @mevisualartist nope :/
littlebitofliz : @donovanfite ^
donovanfite : @mat_red died. RIP. He will be missed.
robert_gnarly : Happy birthday Matt.
robert_gnarly : Love you.
elizabethbelk : Miss ur pics!!!
stevecarter : ❤️
v_kira95_29 - sophiaabbigailinda - mens_territory_ru - scholl_candy -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#VOYAGE. // "Notre expérience fait la différence."
voyage -
sunnyonez : Great composition✨✨
zevangeline : Another terrific collage
jethromullen : C'est clair
newteam : Rad...
nicolas.a.d.cook : C'est vrai!
kimtche : So brilliant. Such a great composition, I just love it!
tigereye29 : Redmond!!!!! How the freak did you get to Tunisia? And when did the French start happening in your life? Update me, bro.
isabellachilla : Wow nice pic
puravidahealth_ - natureplanet2016 -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#AGE. // All things weather and wear.
age -
mat_red : @zevangeline I thought so as well...the remains of the posters here were just so perfectly arranged...
jaber331 : @mat_red i'm not . I'm from Saudi Arabia
mat_red : @poeticwordvomit And your pleasure in fine composition brings joy to my heart :)
mat_red : @eric_le_reveur Thanks man! Back home now, but it was a great trip! Have plenty more pics to share!
zevangeline : ...and so you just couldn't resist!
ryanstancato : 👍👍👍👍
elisabetherin : Great one! Hope you've been well!
imkathleenfrank : Awesome! 🙌 🙌 🙌
hameed3333 - mathewdavisonhair -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#TEC. // I would travel across the world just to take a picture of a wall.
tec -
payphones : Ha
_02 : #iglife
missyhelly : So happy see you back.
marcell_erasmus : Love this shot man! Well done and keep them rolling in!
phoneinhand : Who wouldn't, right? Nice shot
jcrkelly : Old habits die hard?
journeyofnow : Fantastic
ashkash_bgash : Hahaha the things us igers will do for a great shot (;
hameed3333 - thisredframe - lanacorde - bellorophon -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#Bed. // In a hotel room, alone.
bed -
kimberlyelizabeth : You have a lovely knee. @mat_red
wattphoto : This one
lil_kita19320 : Wat is that 4 real
juicyballsack69 : If it wasn't a leg, what else would it be.... 😁
dinglemousebarlo : @mat_red oh wow. My sister used to have one of these when we were kids. It used to freak me out. Vicious little buggers too,with sharp teeth and claws. I have honestly never seen one without ears though, so, yours is truly unique and special. 👹
mulletwhisperer : @mat_red where are you ??? When are you coming back??? I haven't had anyone to scare me!!!! Miss you and your pictures!!! I hope all is well =}
mulletwhisperer : @mat_red ok ok this is turning into a bit of an issue...coooooommmmmeee baaaaaaaaaccckkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
keatonadams25 : It's a pie is
thisredframe - bellorophon -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#America. // Hello friends! My apologies for my sudden, recent absence. I write and post this now in a land far from my #American home...so far in fact, that my WiFi access has lately been, well, limited to say the least. In a somewhat unexpectedly ironic turn of events, my #cubicledaze have brought me to the strange, exotic, and wonderful land of Mediterranean #AFRICA. That's right. Africa. And while it has been a most marvelous adventure thus far, I do have to admit that I have quite missed IG, and all you beautiful people that make IG great. I don't know how stable my network connection will continue to be, but I hope that I soon find a solid internet connection so I can catch up with all of you again, as well as share some of the Tuni magic I've experienced so far. For now though, I'm off again to do some more exploring! Cheers!
american - america - africa - cubicledaze -
kimtche : Wow! Now that is a sudden surprise. Never for a second did the thought pop into my head, gee I wonder if Mat's in Africa?! Very cool! Can't wait to hear more!!
nickspud : Have a blast dude. Post when you can!
amegalomanic : Awesome!
superchris77 : cheers!!! so cool 😍
wazelig : Have a great travel. I expect your pics as soon as you can.
iam_green : This picture is freaking epic man. I booked American just to get a picture like this. I'm crediting you with the idea though. #mattsrunthisworld
noiromancer : This is rad, Mat. Love the composition. Enjoy your adventure!
jesmcdowell : @superchris77 this is encouraging!
tigereye29 - mya_guild_24 - pashanowak - xdaviidx17 -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#MICRON750. // "Presenting the Micron 750. Re-engineered from the ground up, this feat of science guarantees crystal clear imaging and focus with a full line of state of the art display technologies that will leave viewers lusting. The unique floating lens assures constant focus over nearly the entire film area, and the all-new drive belt focusing provides razor sharp images, keeping eye-strain to a minimum. Standing only 20" high and weighing only 25 lbs, this is also a compact, lightweight reader that can be easily carried, save on valuable desk space, and stun with its elegantly simple design. And running in virtual silence with a revolutionary fanless convection cooling system, the 750 doesn't distract you from more important things--like thinking. With such a powerful device, you can rest easy knowing you're light-years ahead of the fad of digital display and storage. All it's missing is you. Micron. The future, today."
micron750 -
kosznai : Haha, they were too right, I'm lusting on this baby for sure 💙💙💙
hasjoker : You wrote a giant comment!
naomipq : Cool!
superchris77 : you always kill it with the caption :) @mat_red all killer no filler ❤😍✌
prplrn : Hey @mat_red, I’m missing your photos in my feed. Hurry back!
tristanfenholt : Hey buddy, where you been? 😳 @mat_red
kimtche : @tristanfenholt I was wondering the same thing. @mat_red Hope all is well!
goldeyes : Oh...yes.
thisredframe - projectatheartspace - fujiko_blue -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#Spill. // I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. I am not real big on the whole my own birthday thing so I was not planning on saying anything about it, but a few of you were keen enough to catch the surprise #instabomb my brother @robert_gnarly dropped on my post yesterday. It meant a great deal to me to hear the well wishes from all of you, again a reinforcement in my mind of what a wonderful community this is. I'm looking forward to another fantabulous year in life, as well as on Instagram, and I am so happy to have you all along for the ride! Oh, and here is another #latergram of many from this weekend's #pilgramers_instameet_okc. Cheers!
instabomb - pilgramers_instameet_okc - latergram - spill -
beyedock : Awesome Instagram Picture! I found it using @banjo_app, check it out
valentinadepalma : I'm all alone, with no one here beside meeeee!!
mulletwhisperer : Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!I deleted my other account so I'm a little late :)
naomipq : Happy belated!!
superchris77 : 🎉🎈❤✌🐷 (the pig wanted to say happy birthday matt!) how could i refuse? cheers dear 🎈@mat_red
juergenbuergin : Like it......
stop_reality : Great sense of style
jaydkim : Hey I was there for this. Wonder if I met you.
3booud99 - liatdesert - brotastic1998 - jomuy -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
#Uptown. // Yesterday I had the great privilege to finally meet the @pilgramers, and let me just say, it sincerely was one of the highlights of my summer thus far. These truly are such genuinely incredible guys, and I was quite deeply moved and inspired by their story, their vision, and their passion. Being able to meet up with other gramographers and encounter the real people and lives behind the photos is an amazing experience. If you have not yet, please do look at what they are doing; it is such great testament to what a beautiful and wonderful community this truly is.
uptown - wview -
elisabetherin : Is it your birthday!? happy birthday! & beautiful words! looking forward to meeting IG'ers in the future! Truly is a great community! & beautiful shot! always love your composition!
mat_red : @erin_love Indeed, it was yesterday! Thank you so much! And yes, you definitely have to meet up with some of your favorite IGers at some point. You're actually pretty close to quite a few amazing ones now that you are out west! Meeting up with those guys truly was such a great experience. If you ever have the chance to meet up them, you are definitely in for a treat :)
mat_red : @payphones Thanks Dan!
mat_red : #wview
chrstiana_ : what city in Oklahoma? I live in ok too!
superchris77 : ❤😍✌
_ericm_ : So rad dude!
poeticwordvomit : Hey buddy, where have you been?! Hope all is well.
bellorophon - kayeg82 - _richardpatrick_ - framecaos -
mat_red - #Matthew Redmond
remembering - toosexyformybody - livegram - realtime -
bourbonandsage : Loving this! it should be the album cover for Twin Shadow's new album.
mulletwhisperer : Back to the creepy lol @mat_red I love it :)
juergenbuergin : Magic!
madeinhisimage : @unbrokensoul9800 Look at this guy and his name... And he's from Oklahoma.... O.o Creeeeppyy😳😜
dinglemousebarlo : I'm not the shadow- the shadow is me
cathleen_maclearie : hey, i like breathing air too!
cathleen_maclearie : cool shot
vallin8 : 
thisredframe - projectatheartspace - rina_mualem - amouni_13 -
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