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maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Check out these beauties. Matte black finish, silver sticker and engraving. Same color way used by Jose Bautista in the Home Run Derby. Available ONLY for Club Marucci VIP at Choose from JB19, AP5, or CU26
samserrano6 : @jackserrano44
shellymoorebb13 : Such an awesome bat!! A must have for our #marucci hitters. Get your #marucciswag #swingbatta #best #bigleague #hitter #josebautista #ap5 #jb19 #buyit
jack_baller4 : @_tylerbrown_34
alvaroreyna__25 : @areyna_34
cjblake18 : @therealconnerforbes
i_hit_dingers5 : Ya @espn__sports6
swtasker : @nateceaser
j.pogacar : How about u guys put buster poseys model I their same w Napoli
richierich268 - _wet___willy_ - loganhoffer - lepine_35 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Photo shoot today with our Hex composite bat. Get yours at
m_woolley33 : Composite @thorst4
thorst4 : Not better @m_woolley33 then cattyyy6
m_woolley33 : Yeah buddy @thorst4
thorst4 : Haha @m_woolley33 dude update did not come out yet
jacob_meyer11 : How do I sign up to model @maruccisports
m_woolley33 : It's suppose to tonight @thorst4
cja999 : C dog should do this @pops__8
pops__8 : Yes @cja999
mr_jack_a_muffet - sebas.11 - macon12 - adamjacques33 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Congrats to @drdawgin! You're the winner of the #MarucciSwag bag! Please DM us your email address, so we can contact you directly. Thanks to everyone who participated! #Marucci
marucciswag - marucci -
iam_gwxiv : Ouuu marucci don't play.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚^^
spikes_baseball_14u : @maruccisports what happens if they don't send the info I have a lot of your stuff! Love it just forgot to send it to you guys
eman_5 : Holly shit
ballgloverepairs : Can all of the items in the giveaway be purchased from ur website @maruccisports
maruccisports : @ballgloverepairs the hat, tees, and bag can be bought there now. The hoodie and pants will be available soon!
greggp55 : @maruccisports do more of these but do more than one winner but smaller prizes
ballgloverepairs : Do u have an estimate date as to when they can be purchased bc they're really cool @maruccisports
qfruge : Congratulations! @drdawgin
champ_status_11 - jburrichter5 - yogi_5_2 - nbarr1 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Here are the final items to be included in the #MarucciSwag bag: trucker hat and your choice of one new #Marucci graphic tee. Snap and tag a pic of your Marucci gear to enter. Contest ends at 11:59 CT tonight. All graphic tees are available at
marucciswag - marucci -
itzparker_ : I should win because you guys said you would give me all this stuff and it never happened
kyle_richie : It's so much stuff 😍😍😍😍
_sundevils17_ : You sponsor my team dm me
mommas__boyyy__ : @gabe_the_mexican_13
t_haston26 : @ethan_alumbaugh14
michaelbroughton11 : #MarucciSwag
greggp55 : @maruccisports how many winners?
michaelbroughton11 : Who won @maruccisports
xhoney_badgerx - hey_its_trae24 - m_hamm_3 - geaux_lsutigers -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
The first items in the #MarucciSwag bag revealed: fleece hoodie and pants. Snap and tag us in a pic of your Marucci gear for a chance to win these and other items, which will be shown tomorrow! Entries must be submitted by 11:59 CT on Thursday night! #giveaway #marucci
marucciswag - marucci - giveaway -
_officialajr : How can I order this ??
gelpi_1 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lol @chris_s_15
mattdamery : @maruccisports keep making the cutch 22 please
ballgloverepairs : Thanx @maruccisports
p.money_5 : I'm winning this thing!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘βšΎοΈ
j.pogacar : Is there a chance they you guys would put buster poseys model on the website
marcus__34 : @eddierodriguez13
kinch__ : When will this be available online?
the_vinny__becking - bigcity10 - hey_its_trae24 - lukemcguire14 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Snap/tag a pic of all your #Marucci gear to win this bag and its contents, which will be revealed one item per day until Friday. Official rules: #MarucciSwag #giveaway
marucciswag - marucci - giveaway -
maruccisports : @omeinders1 no. Try inboxing us
maruccisports : We can't see private accounts. Your submission won't count.
official_ballgloves : Best Custom glove ideas found here ^
kyle_richie : What the is competition based on exactly? Originality or amount of gear?
russellclinage12 : I don't have any @maruccisports but I want to rep the gear you guys have
texas_spikes_10 : You have a lot of marucci stuff. Don't you?
official_ballgloves : Best Custom glove ideas found here <
maruccisports : @kyle_richie it's a drawing. Snap and tag and get entered in the drawing
lukemcguire14 - twins_35 - emilio_r2 - m2xg -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Show us your #MarucciSwag. Enter for a chance to win new fall apparel including some unreleased items such as graphic tee, hoodie, fleece pants, and more! Winner chosen Friday. Official contest rules:
marucciswag -
texas_spikes_10 : @_grant.sessions_
lsu548 : @maruccisports
emelbee24 : @_3nriqu3_
thetank131 : Between a marucci pro cut 32 and a demarini pro maple 348 natural
ballgloverepairs : Is it best pic or random @maruccisports
robertskead : @mattvalente2
alecklemens11 : Seriously I lost I own 12 marucci bats, batting gloves, and a fielders glove. No respect
camocaegan - jackrothman08 - jacob_cleveland69 - kevinthomson13 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Proud to be announced as an official sponsor of @areacodebaseball. Follow them!
carsonredmond : Yahh!
_sundevils17_ : You are sponsoring my team next year
flaherty_28 : Cool
a_odonnell_5 : We're is the baseball bat I ordered like a firkin month ago worst website ever
maruccisports : @a_odonnell_5 You ordered an RH6? It shipped from us. UPS should have sent you a tracking number
gbg_baseball_38 : What about GBG OC
toni.dp : how do you use points ? im a vip member ?
eliomickie - qfruge - d_nielsen12 - will.flanders -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Here's the glove #RedSox pitcher Anthony Ranaudo is using tonight vs. #Yankees. Stitch your name on one of our gloves too. Only at
yankees - redsox -
5limes_ordimes : @_prettyneshia
_matth21 : What's the difference between the AP5 and the Andrew McCutchen bat? @maruccisports
andrew_villareal11 : Are there going to be fully customizable gloves?
c_van10 : Ya in wondering the same thing @andrew_villareal11
f0cus_0n_l0ve : took his first losstonight in this glove #badluck
bballwilt : Bats r good, their glove at horrible!
theofficialclumm : Bruh there the best gloves on the market! @bballwilt
flaherty_28 : Is there any way I could get a @javy23baez cut bat in a 32 inch for VIP members @maruccisports
bigcity10 - will.flanders - lukemcguire14 - aj_chasan -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Great gift for any fan for any occasion! Officially licensed collegiate souvenir bats only at Check out our site for complete list of schools available!
h_money_55 : Oh my god 😍😍😍
pohbare69 : So anyone else noticed that Buster Posey switcher from Louisville Slugger to #maruccisports and is now on fire?
flaherty_28 : Are they fine to hit with @maruccisports
maruccisports : @flaherty_28 We do not recommend using them to hit. They are not designed for game use.
rutherfurd4 : @bradleyresente
flaherty_28 : Ok thank are you guys going to add different colored logos on custom bats @maruccisports
trailblazer0616 : Will you have every collage @maruccisports
joebuser : I want one of those but I'm broke
masontatertottate11 - strikezone34 - jakobyates28 - kblev27 -
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