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maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Get your personalized Marucci fielding glove now only at! (Case and mallet come with personalized gloves only) Free embroidery for Club Marucci VIP members! Join now!
caleb_herrera_32 : It's a mallet to help break in the glove @matt_johnson27_
onlyiz : @ashleywhaley2
frankkiem34 : @thatguynufo3 @junior_martinez1995 @daniel_moody_ @kenny_rowberg_18
kenny_rowberg_18 : @daniel_moody_ @frankkiem34 @anthonybarba3
jrziggmann : @luke_latorre5
wilson_ballglover_31 : @mrclutch_45
p_reinhardt_13 : Does it cost to be a VIP member? @maruccisports
ethan._.sherwood : Yeah @p_reinhardt_13 , $20 a year
mr.athlete_4_19 - jtag_5 - 10ccooprider - dominican_athlete2 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Big League Feel. Big League Look. Get your name stitched on our #MarucciLeather. Only available at
maruccileather -
tannorb_21 : Holy crap!😍😍
garrett13bugarin : Can you by the mallet by its self @maruccisports
glovesforsale : Follow me marucci? Love your bats. I got to get my hands on one of your gloves
baseball__gloves : Your gloves are the best! @maruccisports
oscarrrlv : @maruccisports what type of leather do you use in your custom gloves I'm interested in buying but I want to have the best glove on my hand and I feel you can bring that to me. Thanks.
maruccisports : @oscarrrlv Kip leather
maruccisports : @garrett13bugarin Sure..
jacki.julian : @fr3ak2917 for darius
nolan.44 - rnavia - jsestokas - kyle3fisher -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Congrats @alektimm!
jake.buckner : @alektimm do I play for tigers in Omaha
justinrenauto : Custom glove site soon?
anthony_martinez1619 : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
alektimm : Thanks so much, I DMed you guys on twitter
alektimm : @jake.buckner yes
13east_juan : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
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maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Contest ends at 11:59 tonight! Winner announced tomorrow...Show/tell us how you prepare on and off the field with #MarucciReady! Enter on twitter or Instagram
marucciready -
lonnie_morris27 : I always prioritize school before baseball because it is very important to get good grades. Without exceptional grades I wouldn't be playing on my high school team. I always stay organized and never leave my homework till the last minute. Before my baseball games, I make sure I eat a hearty meal to keep me fueled. I then prepare my mental state of mind and give myself confidence. Having a positive view of yourself is key to being a good baseball player. That is how I prepare on and off the field.
noah_voss_5 : It could help me carry my baseball gear and school books when I go to the state championships so then I can still study when I miss the couple days of school. Also I have two marucci bats and I need something to carry both on top of my mitts and other gear. So it would be great to win this gear. @maruccisports
garrett_blowers85 : I dont have a back pack for baseball and i need one for this year i have always wanted one
garrett_blowers85 : @maruccisports
c_draper12 : @helpful_shoutz got me at 1k
colton_testerman99 : #nice#awesome
baseball1920 : I dont have a backpack for base ball or school yet and I really need @maruccisports
baseball1920 : One @maruccisports
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maruccisports - Marucci Sports
CONTEST: Win this Marucci Black Bat Pack (other items not included). 1. Show/Tell us in text, picture, or video how you show up prepared on and off the field 2. Tweet or Instagram with hashtag #MarucciReady 3. Winner announced Monday. Official rules:
marucciready -
raulysrd : Im on marucci
kevinpaluck42 : im a normal size kid im 5'4 and weigh about 115 i just orderd a marucci black -5 because the league im playing in for fall requires a -5 bat so i got the marucci black does anyone know if the bat is good for me
bbooty_03 : @icemanp_09
schafez : @maruccisports why does the plastic thing on the knob of my Cat6 always screw off and when I touch my cat6 on the ground it sounds broken down the bat
schafez : It should be a good bat for you it is decently balanced throughout and could work for a power or contact hitter @kevinpaluck42
kai_pa6an_22 : Same, I have a cat5 and it sounds like it is totally broken @schafez
schafez : Yeah I know when that plastic thing on the knob comes loose it sounds terrible idk why that damn thing always unscrews itself it happened on the marucci black I had too @kai_pa6an_22
stevenluttazi21 : I. work. hard. That's pretty much it
nolanjamesforbes - e_sears9 - i_is_da_homie_angie - bwhite_5 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
GIVEAWAY TIME! Got through your first week of school? Starting again soon? Details on the contest coming soon! Tag and tell your friends, we're giving one of these Marucci Black Bat Packs away Monday!
sports_life_francis : Damn @nickfig15
msdbackfan : @frankie_26_
savage_elite_33 : @savage_elite_25
mizucci_swag_49 : @mizucci_swag_49
nmazanec10 : @derrekhochhalter 9
colejohnson1088 : I have that bag it's good
wolfie3412 : What model is it @colejohnson1088 and how much are they ? I'm just gonna go buy one lol
colejohnson1088 : It was like 110 it was a lot but it is a good bag
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maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Bryce Harper dropping tanks with his new Marucci via @mlbfancave #reposticonosquare
reposticonosquare -
bnetschert27 : That's a dinger
thejacobbrown101 : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
colyolyolsen : He uses chandler
fenixdigiacomo : Look at the m symbol there guy @cole_baseball_olsen
dantedelacruz17_lil_bill : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
trevor_evans_123 : It's not new
colyolyolsen : @fenixdigiacomo go follow him
d_heben : @nic97b he will be back just watch - martinbubu - elijahansell_ - vann.34 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Special thanks to Area Code Games players for helping us test some new products! We appreciate the feedback! #Marucci
marucci - : LLWS
cade555 : That looks like the bat I have the ap5 handcrafted
nick_gile : @jakenarey
omeinders1 : The guy in the picture has good taste
joemesc : What bat is that
harrynhan : It would be an honor if you guys followed me back and also gave me a shout out! I am a professional sports massage therapist and trainer and take care of the guys from GA. Daz Cameron, Isiah Gilliam, Alonso Jones
harrynhan : @maruccisports
jose__vasquez16 : AP5
_genki_baseball - afavalora - flaherty_28 - mike45_8 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
S/O to the Blair Field grounds crew! Great work at the Area Code Games this week...Nice hats!
nicksaso66 : @maruccisports Im getting my first ever marucci woodbat I'm 10 years old but I don't know what weight I need I swing a 28 inch bat.....any advise
jacob.hillis : @maruccisports if I'm 14 what marucci would you recommend?
maruccisports : @jacob.most.dope Now is the time to get into BBCOR -3. Depending on your size, the -5 may be OK. You have a few options: Cat 6, Elite, Black...depends on your preference/style
maruccisports : @nick_saso66 Compare the weight to the aluminum you're most comfortable with. If you order from our web site you can choose the weight.
jacob.hillis : Thanks a lot @maruccisports #clubmarucci
harrynhan : It would be an honor if you guys followed me back and also gave me a shout out! I am a professional sports massage therapist and trainer and take care of the guys from GA. Daz Cameron, Isiah Gilliam, Alonso Jones @maruccisports
zach_brook18 : @your1shoutouts got me 1k
kai_pa6an_22 : Which is better cat 5 or elite or black?
jf.5 - connor_rock - austin.okay - jbardeen_17 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
2014 Area Code Games Home Run Derby winner Joe Davis with other participants! Great night! #MarucciHomers
maruccihomers -
johnnyrumph : How did stallings do?
ricosuave0001 : Come to the 903
justinvarvaro : #EASTCOASTREP
bretljmathis12 : #Banditonation
kolby_fromong : That was awesome he jacked 6 bombs over the main fence
ryan_saru : #thatbatflipdoe
justin.allen7 : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
michael_calderon51 : @your1shoutouts
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