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maruccisports - Marucci Sports
@joeybats19 dropping by Marucci's All Star Party in Minneapolis last week #Marucci
marucci -
mikepirsos : I bet baseballs weren't the only thing he clobbered that night
andy_sadoski21 : @adamullen10 @ciuffo508 @seanbrooks29 myyyy nigga!!
ahknaw_ma : ^ just say it. He clobbered those gaping holes.
stanton.bound : How was that after party Jose. I think it went pretty well
instashy : 👌
never.quit : lol
ty_guy_ty_guy : @moezillaaa @thecorsh
_kkobey__ : Get u some
universoularplex - punzie_da_derp - ashley_jones_21 - marionevjr -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Thanks to @williebosshog for dropping by All Star Party earlier this week in Minneapolis! #Marucci #HonortheGame #DuckDynasty
duckdynasty - marucci - honorthegame -
shayne.2 : @adam_winger
maruccisports : @daltomite_34 We're releasing some bats this never know...
wes33burton : @maruccisports any new glove models or colorways?
maruccisports : @wes33burton We will have some new glove features/options coming soon!
wes33burton : Love my smoke!
daltomite_34 : Thank you! @maruccisports
kai_pa6an_22 : Which bat is better: cat 5 squared -5, or marucci elite -5 @maruccisports
maruccisports : @kai_pagan_22 Depends on your hitting style. The Elite is balanced for speed and three pieces. The Cat is one piece aluminum, but also very balanced
meganmitchell556904 - clutch_fishboy - __colewagner - lunalashesbynattalya -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Cal Ripken, Jr. was known for having hundreds of batting stances in his career. Well, @RipkenBaseball wants you to show them your stance! Post a photo of you in your batting stance and use #RipkenWay for a chance to win a limited edition Cal Ripken, Jr @maruccisports bat! #RipkenWay
ripkenway -
brentin_13 : Done
runy0bandz_ : Donee
fightingelk_7 : Done
thatjordankid33 : Done
tay_tay.0114 : Is this still going on?
tyler_thompson24 : When is the contest over @maruccisports
tommybats1404 : Done
baseball4life68 : When will the winner be chosen? @maruccisports
mgba_13 - tiger.dxb - bige008 - _wgnfbryan25 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Congrats to @evan_pritch! You're the winner of the #MarucciLeather contest! Thank you to the hundreds of you who entered! More giveaways/contests coming soon!
maruccileather -
synergy_16 : @maruccisports ?
_pll_worshiper_ : You liked my brothers photos he LOVES baseball athletes you liked the picture when he posted about all of his signed balls! He has a lot more stuff but he got SO exited when he saw you liked it!!
maruccisports : @synergy_16 email
maruccisports : @_pll_worshiper_ Tell him we said thanks and to keep posting!
synergy_16 : I did @maruccisports
synergy_16 : @maruccisports I haven't gotten a response
bettermlbedition : Follow me for mlb who's better. I post pics of two mlb players. Most likes wins. I'm just starting 😃
pope_higgo15 : @maruccisports are you guys doing more contests soon??
baseballethan09 - eagle1208 - cole_snyder16 - mcdougall_01 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Congrats to 2nd Prize winners of #MarucciLeather @koolaid23480 @tommy_boy_99 @luke_coker @caltygart @haydenstoeb19 @drewdymowski @guyd10 @henker17 @mr_matt_landry
maruccileather -
maruccisports : @wes33burton it was very cool. We appreciate you entering. Cute kid!
wes33burton : Thanks! @maruccisports
michael_bullard1 : Hey are yaw guys gonna have anymore challenges to win @maruccisports
pro_gloves : Will your gloves ever be sold in stores? I want to try one out before buying one
dom_deville : 3 of the second place winners accounts don't even exist and another didn't even post a picture,,, @maruccisports
maruccisports : @dom_deville Contest was also open on twitter
maruccisports : @pro_gloves we will soon! But if you order from us, we offer a Pro-Fit guarantee. If you don't like it, send it back within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund
pro_gloves : @maruccisports ok thanks so much! I want to start posting more of them but it's hard haha
scoot_baseball_30 - maruccisundevils - marucci_swag_7 - jaredanderson48 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Thanks to everyone who participated. BTW did you catch 18 All Stars walk to the plate with Marucci bats tonight? Almost half of all hitters! #ASG
asg -
that_duke_kid_25 : @maruccisports I have used three marucci bats in my life so far and I am now using the Marucci Elite it would be great to have a Marucci glove to make amazing plays like MLB players!
that_duke_kid_25 : #maruccileather
israel_jaquez99 : Marucci is the best bat to use
oj_amezcua107 : @maruccisports anxiously waiting!!!!!!
zachdehn24 : Marucci has the best wood bats
maruccisports : @yankees_baseball_69 Please email and let them know. They can tell you when/if it shipped. Sorry about the delay!
finnhewes : I've had two marucci wood bats stolen in one year and I play in a high school league that doesn't even allow them so that ought to tell you how good of bats they are 😂
yankees_baseball_23 : @maruccisports ok thanks
murph_2 - passthat_fam27 - kobeeela - tj_eskridge6 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
How bout another contest? 1. Find a photo of a Marucci glove being used on the field, either tonight or in the past 2. During the All Star Game, post that picture to Twitter or Instagram with #MarucciLeather. Grand Prize winner receives a personalized Marucci glove. 9 2nd Prize winners receive a Marucci Trucker Hat. Official rules:
maruccileather -
brendan_williams_15 : Thats a sweet glove!!
logan22holmes : Is winner announced tonight? @maruccisports
talbotdaniels32 : These gloves are very good. I have used on of my friends and I really like it. I play for the marucci cardinals 13u. I hope I win this so I could have one
talbotdaniels32 : Do you when the catcher mitts are going to come out? @maruccisports
matty_ott : @talbotdaniels32 already out
redsox_79__ : 😍MARRUCI😍
hayden.flynt : I would really really like to win this glove I haven't got a new one in 2 years @maruccisports
oj_amezcua107 : @maruccisports suspense is killing me!!!!
scoot_baseball_30 - cj.williams - maruccisundevils - jaredanderson48 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Congrats to our 2nd Prize winners! @blakew47, @canty_alex, @peyton24knowles, @RyanPalmerChief, @scott_stover, @dskelt_11, @redsfangeoff, @redsoxx19, please post your emails below! Another contest coming later!
peyton24knowles : Hey @maruccisports do we get to chose are hat or just get the black one???? And when do we get it???
maruccisports : @peyton24knowles we'll email you tomorrow to get info. The prize is the pictured hat (black)
peyton24knowles : K thanks @maruccisports
aflores_19 :
ryan.palmer : This is Ryan Palmer I won but I did it through twitter. I already DMd u guys my email.
maruccisports : @ryan.palmer we got your email via twitter DM
bluejaysdaily : @maruccisports my friend won and you still haven't emailed her your contests are scams
redsoxx19 : @maruccisports I won this contest for the hat giveaway and no email still?
wilson_ball_gloves - abelgalindo3 - twins_35 - kobeeela -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
Congrats to @MrWeindel for winning our #maruccihomers contest! 9 2nd prize winners will be announced soon!
maruccihomers -
andrew_falk_12 : What's the second place prize @maruccisports
thurston_3 : Me me @maruccisports
kknight_15 : @girardy29 ... You didn't win😏😏
peyton24knowles : Oh @ryley_15 but I got second!!!
josh_weindel : MrWeindel is my twitter people
cameron_purp : @josh_weindel congrats on the win
its.dylxn : @michaelmcardle13 you're an idiot! That's his twitter name 👏
michaelmcardle13 : O shit my bad now I feel like a dumbass😂
cpradd_25 - jake_bennett02 - jacobokulewicz_98 - jackstevens19 -
maruccisports - Marucci Sports
How about another giveaway tomorrow night? #ASG #MarucciLeather
asg - maruccileather -
tewfly_ : Yes! Another contest would be amazing! Expesially a Marucci glove giveaway! @maruccisports
ethan.spence : Can you do a contest giving away gloves? please
thurston_3 : Me please
nainoa_k : Yeah do one I like these
andrew_falk_12 : Good luck everyone!
thefaultinourwalter : its gonna be a glove tomorrow
juicyjoff : Yeah!!
n8dawg_55 : Do it
ryanmacdonald27 - keytonsmith_5 - jacobokulewicz_98 - kobeeela -
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