Marc Malabanan

On July 25th, 2014 Marc fractured his vertebrae between his thoracic and lumbar spine. Any little bit helps in his life-changing journey to recovery!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Amazing. Just...amazing. #malabananstrong #neweracrossfit #crossfit
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rjm8541 : Had an awesome time!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
"Good Kid, m.A.A.d City" was just about to come out when #kendricklamar came through to the Fresno Fair. Fast forward to today, and the new album from @therealfashawn called "The Ecology" will be coming out REAL soon! Much love to @thisafricanguy for this (remember the corndog? Lol)! #theecology #massappeal
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mandomania : Good times that night! Much love and positivity to you my dude.
thisafricanguy : @marcisdaname - Man, I don't think I had experienced a corn dog at the fair before that night? Haha, good times, memories, and indeed something to look forward to as well. I'll see you sometime before I board that ✈️. I would tell you to keep your head up but you're too much of a player to do anything other than that, brother. πŸ™Œ
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
I'm outta here! The long road to recovery starts now!
jessicamame : Yeeeeah buddy! Let's do this! πŸ’ͺ
papa_danger : ✊ #BeastMode
its_sydneeee : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ good luck! I know you won't need it! 😊
keytawhat : Yea Marc!
kailahsmommy : Good Luck Marc!
elott11 : See you Friday!
mvrio3 : Chipotle?
frknjanelle : πŸ™Œ wooo!! Good luck marc!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
To call all you guys "amazing" is an understatement! In two days, you guys have contributed to almost 80% to the $5,000 goal! I, as well as the rest of the family, are grateful and blessed to have such supportive and special people in our lives! And with that, here's a pic of a few of my close friends, and my Russian Air Force hat 😁 The Fundly link is now clickable in my profile (thanks for the tip, @__arlynne!). Thank you, and God bless!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Much appreciation and thanks to @ljirges and @neweracf for setting up this Fundly account! "On July 25th, 2014 Marc fractured his vertebrae between his thoracic and lumbar spine. As a community, we are committed to banding together in support of Marc and his family during this difficult and challenging time. Any little bit helps in his life-changing journey to recovery! Thank you!" #NewEraCrossFit #CrossFit #Fundly Please tag people that may be interested in helping out as well!
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marcisdaname : @whendee_ladee here's the link:
mvrio3 : I got chu bruh!!!
whendee_ladee : Thanks!
__arlynne : Marc! Quick suggestion - stick the link in your bio so it's clickable! :) best of luck! I'm on once I get to a desktop!
__arlynne : I'm in**
marcisdaname : @mvrio3 thank you brotha! @__arlynne noted and done :) thanks!
fundly : We love seeing the #crossfit community come together and support each other. Best of luck to you, @marcisdaname! Please keep us in the loop. Let us know if you need anything. -Team @Fundly
fundly : @marcisdaname Today is #fundlygivesback - we've lowered our fees today only as a give back from us to you! And most social campaign gets $100 donated - make sure to get your friends/family to the #FundlyGivesBack hashtag so you can win!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
...and on Wednesdays, we do cookie night. The support these guys and the rest of @neweracf have been nothing short of amazing! #crossfit #community at its best, for sure!
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mvrio3 : Yeeee buddy!!
neweracf : We love you man!
thisafricanguy : @marcisdaname - you look good champ!
papa_danger : βœŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’œ
jessicamame : So mad I had to work but so happy you're surrounded by so many people who love you!!! 😘
marcisdaname : @thisafricanguy would love to see you again soon!
thisafricanguy : You shall, I need one of them picky pic things you do.
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Love is real! So thankful and blessed to have the support of the @neweracf #crossfit #community. My family has realized that they are more than just people I work out with...they are extended family! REPOST FROM @ljirges: "Called on the strength of our teammate and biggest inspiration @marcisdaname for the last day of #moxiemadness Marc keep fighting... We love you! #malabananstrong" (via #RepostWhiz @RepostWhiz app)
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keytawhat : You just made me cry! We have nothing but love for ya @marcisdaname
marcisdaname : @keytawhat 😁😁 we shall battle for PRs sooner than later!
crossfit_campbell : U were on our mind brother!! Made us strong!!
marcisdaname : @crossfit_campbell much love, brotha!
centralcalifitnessexpo : Hang tough! You'll be back in no time!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
As therapy sessions get longer, harder, and more tiring, the sight of people I consider family gives me the additional push and motivation to attack each day to the fullest. The only direction from here is UP!
1rickshaw : @marcisdaname wishing you a speedy recovery my good man!
danielquadzillapetro : @marcisdaname nice shirt!! You are the man! Hopefully I can get out there to visit you guys soon.
papa_danger : You're a trooper! ✊
trix_r4_kids : Killin it!!!!!!
devoya : that smile is everything!
jacq_ruiz : Lookin good Marc! πŸ‘
hecktik : You got this bro @marcisdaname
mram20 : Keep it up Marc!!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
My dude @maste12_le was one of the first people I met post-orientation during my first year at Cal Poly SLO. One of the nicest and most genuine guys I've ever met, and blessed to have him as a friend. Forever indebted to you, brotha!
shakateamrita -
marcisdaname : @wittlespoon @shakasandsnatches #ShakaTeamRita
wittlespoon : SoLID!!!!! :0)
marcisdaname : @wittlespoon haha :) I'm currently in rehab for a spinal cord injury suffered during a freak accident at my box, which is why I'm in the wheelchair
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
REPOST FROM @neweracf: "Update on Marc! Everyday brings continual progress & spirits are high! This stud is tearing it up in therapy day in & day out...He is receiving never ending support & we aim to continue that with a fundraiser at the end of this month, so stay tuned for details! #malbananstrong #laban #lovethishardworker #august29thfundraiser #neweracrossfit" (via #RepostWhiz @RepostWhiz app)
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mama_gen : Keep up the hard work cuz!! You were strong before and Nows your time to show the world your stronger than ever!! @marcisdaname
kailahsmommy : Keep up the good work! Jason said ur doing really good!
__alexrodriguez : #warriorsground
marksongz : #WeBelieve
monalarot : @marcisdaname what happened? Praying for a fast recovery.
jaydashare : Stay up bro!
emnchristine : Get it marc!
cdtran83 : @marcisdaname I'm showing up tomorrow, 8/10. I hope you pick up my call or the place where you're at allows visitors at the time I show up. Otherwise you might hear something on the news about a Vietnamese guy getting arrested for trying to break into the hospital. If anyone has any news on my bud, please let me know.
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