Marc Malabanan

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." -Bill Cosby
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Day 3: my new home! Officially got transferred out from St. Agnes to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Center to start aggressive rehab work. They already gave me resistance bands for upper body strength and mobility work. Where's my PVC pipe and training bar?
kailahsmommy : Did u see Jason?
marcisdaname : @kailahsmommy haha yeah he just came by to talk to me :)
mandirigmabjj : What happened?
mandomania : Lots of prayers brother
mindzy : Dang your fast! Right on schedule of what you thought it would be.πŸ‘
joisrad : you go! get it!
brianhaleyeah : Do it bro. I went to Debbie Alviso at new horizons after my surgery. Invaluable.
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Day 2: was much easier to get propped up to sit. Good possibility that I'll get transferred to San Joaquin Valley Rehab later today to start the rounds of heavy PT work. Let's get it!
maikiwho : Yeeeeaaaaaahhh buddy!!!
neweracf : #malbananstrong
thecharpod : With your athleticism, you'll be able to recover quickly!
jessica_peterson987 : @marcisdaname Awesome Marc! Sending lots of prayers.
tverzosa : BFL!!!! Glad you're doing well!!
riffyriff : :) speedy recovery!!!
joisrad : Hey! Wut hoppen?!
joisrad : this because you couldn't hopscotch/skip in kinder? Dangit!!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
First day of PT: with the help of a couple aids, was able to sit upright and see the view outside! The PT was surprised with my upper body and core stability @neweracf πŸ˜‰
mandomania : Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend
maikiwho : I'm planning on stopping by as soon as Matt picks me up from the airport...I hope that's ok.
drizferalabiznik : Saiyans get stronger after being hurt. Food for thought. #over9000
ronitkd : #malabananstrong my hero..keep rocking !!
chammers : Get well soon buddy
bigbanks84 : Hope your getting better bro bro #prayers @marcisdaname
lenism : stay strong, bro. still Dipset, you dipsh*ts.
yaychar : Aww ❀️ Have a speedy recovery. Glad to see you in good spirits!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Best believe it.
desi_des8 : You are more than a super hero friend!
a__flowers : @marcisdaname There you go baby!! Get it!!
kristentae : LOL! Was thinking the same thing! You are so batman! 😎
charischan : Get well soon!
ijord100 : prayers for a solid recovery bro. sorry to hear about you like that
ronitkd : here you go MarcπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ!stay strong buddy!!
jessicamame : Marc Knight Rises! Let's Gooooo!!! Still praying for you brother. We will see you soon!!
brianhaleyeah : Yeah buddy
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Hey guys! Just wanted to provide an update with where I'm at right now. Unfortunately, I broke my back and severed six vertebrate from my T1 to L2. However, there was zero damage to my spinal cord! Surgery happened today, and if all looks good, i start rehab on Monday. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. It truly means a lot to me, my mom, and my brother, and it will make the road to recovery that much faster!
aaron005 : Damn man. Really sorry to hear that. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
trix_r4_kids : Hoping for a speedy recovery!!!!!
hannahkoyuki : Sending you@good vibes and prayers. Let me know if you need anything! πŸ˜žπŸ˜„
thecharpod : Shoooot back surgeries don't mean nothin to a RAN. You gon' be alright. Prayers for a fast recovery from a RAN to another RAN!
genghisfong : So glad spinal cords ok! You must hav lots of good karma banked! Get well soon!
mandomania : Lots of prayers heading your way Brotha
papa_danger : Prayers and positive healing vibes!!! πŸ™βœŠ
papa_danger : Get well soon brother!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Ima be back!
catherinedizon : I hope everything is ok! Get well soon!
genghisfong : Get better soon Marc! If you need anything let me know
riffyriff : Get better soon!!!
ngocaovien : Get better bro
yaychar : Thinking of you and hoping for a super speedy recovery πŸ™
keytawhat : Thinking of you Marc! Get better soon
sandrarambula : Praying for you!
victorbragais : Wishing you a speedy recovery! Much love, brotha.
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Today was a good day 😁 body fat tested in the morning, lunch at @dustybunsbistro with @robin_may (thank you!), post-WOD dinner with @marky_mark1126 and @jessemolina30, and ended with quality catch up time with the lil sis @tercialynn. Let's repeat these good vibes, forever lol
tercialynn : Fo evah evah evahhhh
dustybunsbistro : #BUNLove πŸ˜‰
sourpatchkiddo : OMG. Your fat mass is cray. Good shit!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
#tbt when Quadzilla himself graced the old New Era CrossFit box in preparation for the CrossFit Games last year. Knowledge bomb overload! #neweracrossfit #crossfit #crossfitgames
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fdotsanchez : hella reeboks
danielquadzillapetro : @marcisdaname I had an awesome time with you guys! I hope I can get back out there sometime soon
jacq_ruiz : That was so fun! @danielquadzillapetro you know you have a place to stay!!
jasoncaine : Awesome!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
Thank you @marky_mark1126 @joeba08 and @cristi478 for the surprise birthday dinner! Very much appreciated 😁
jeffmiguel : Happy birthday bro!
cvisperas : Happy birthday.
subala_a : Happy birthday!!!!
frsh2jeff : Happy Birthday Brutha!!!
tina_torres0327 : Happy birthday marc!
sasa_beezy : Happy Birthday @marcisdaname !!
seemedina : Happy Birthday bra!
itsbojo82 : Happy birthday brotha!
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marcisdaname - Marc Malabanan
After the hardest few weeks of my personal and professional life, all of the heartfelt thoughts and messages I received today put everything back in perspective. I hope to be an even more focused, driven, and passionate person in the coming year, and I hope that all the good people that I've been able to surround myself with will continue to be a beacon of inspiration and support. My sincerest thank you to all that have made my day a happy one 😁 Now on to make my celebratory turkey sandwich.
djjeucebox : Happy Birthday bro!!!!
sandrarambula : It's your bday also! This is the best day in the world! I hope you're having a great one!
tercialynn : Happy birthday, kuya! Love you! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
bkbindra22 : Happy Birthday!!
richie_cf : Happy birthday man!!!
denisetoy : Happy birthday marc!!
joisrad : Happs birts! :)
k_pizzle559 : Word Happy Birthday Marc
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