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Just a guy with a missing tooth and a DREAM....My skateboard shows me the world || Diseñado En Puerto Rico || Info/Contact:
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
This week's 5 on Flat goes out to @bakarisk8s || Click the link in my bio to watch the full video. Filmed by @omgimwigs || #skateboarding #msa #mannyslaysall #5onflat #skatelife
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chef_brandon_duley : Clean
bakarisk8s : @tristan_ceron 😂 thanks g
danthemayor : Yeh @bakarisk8s and @omgimwigs
spencerbarton_ : @mannyslaysall how do you submit a clip of 5 on flat that could be featured on msa?
skateliketavin : @dannysk8cuhh check his grip
_conreezy : @bakarisk8s yeah dawg
vitorrizzaro : 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨
walt_sk8s_js : Beast! @bakarisk8s
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
trol_troll : Aguacate controla el sabor! Guacamole si señor! Best fruit ever!
trol_troll : And i said fruit cause it came from a tree...
albertoeverdeeen : Sick ass manny
uuh_tone : @trol_troll it's also a fruit because it has a huge pit in it.
camorachi : My favorite! Avocado is amazing
ligiorivas : Yeahh arepa con aguacate y queso! Made in Venezuela
sparrowsk8s : @davethedavedavis
hood.chemist : what's up you toofless muthafakahhhhhhhh lol long time no talk with your sensitive Putija ass homie hahahaha whatcha been up too
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
Thanks to @WaveRebelz for all the love and support, Also congrats to their new shop in Guayama, Puerto Rico || Nollieflip Krook, Photo By: @ficorodz
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mannyslaysall : @nateguyyy its in SALTnPEPPER.
dennet_justin5 : Peñuelas!! 👍👍💪 @mannyslaysall
raulortiz24 : #GUAYAMA
nateguyyy : @mannyslaysall JK man!!!
dabody204 : @mannyslaysall how have you been brother? Haven't seen you since the xgames Austin. Coming to Florida anytime soon? You can shred FL style with @laurafy1989
g_mskatelife : I live in juncos @mannyslaysall But i would go where ever you guys are going to skate just to see @shecks 😔😒 since i started skating @shecks always haves been one of my favorite skateboarders and one of my inspirations and motivation to skate and when i saw he upload a photo that he was here in PR i though i was going to meet him 😔 i only would like a photo with him . and if you guys leave i don think you are coming back like in years from now @mannyslaysall Ryan no estara en ningun skate park mañana ????😢
varial286 : Saludos @mannyslaysall desde caracas,Venezuela
tumblrpandicorns_________ : Estoy esperendo el dia para una foto contigo :'3 !
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
adal_stgo : Yo tengo pal de fotos en mi profile de aqui. Si puedes velos. Para poder correr en ese sitio hay que joderse. Ya casi ni se puede y es muy pequeño el lugar @mannyslaysall
ryantaylorbmx : Real Shit.
diamondlife285 : Double negative
mrpapingui : Yesss me avisas oldooo !!! @mannyslaysall
elbuclious : Straight up
primitive_playa : Totally @primitive_plays
nyomihoxha_ : @juliaatomlinson_
admotadpole : Thanks Manny
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
Always a great time with the @ammousa TROOP. Skating the LES park in New York City with @onefelix and @sdiegonajera Filmed by @arnaldizzy #skateboarding #ammoskateboards #lespark #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #skatepark #msa #skatelife
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tino_fmsfamily : @robvat
wisedoe : That nollie hardglick crook tho!!! WTF @rio_323 @jaycredible310 @knuxlheadcf
knuxlheadcf : Ooohhhh.... That was fresh!?! Gnarly!! Just blew my mind!! 🙀🙈🙉🙊👽 @wisedoe @rio_323 @jaycredible310
zachjames562 : @kylerobertlamb
yung_chriis : @dwaynnesk8z getting in the way lmao
coolguynews : @master_splinter420
0780richie : @shawnhaller
country_710 : @freidoe
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
Look out for my NEW @TensorTruck dropping this month!
rickysantana : You should really be repen like a "Taino de Borinquen" instead of Che. But I'll still cop a pair.
bertosworld68 : Wepa!!!
thegodkt : Hahaha @mannyslaysall dats rad miyo
g_mskatelife : @mannyslaysall cuando van a estar firmando autografos o algo asi ??????
masterslimjim7272 : Manny i unfollowed on accident 😱 im psyched you liked my pic ! Haa
g_mskatelife : @mannyslaysall ??????????????
antwan.x : @oh
antwan.x : @og_bobbyray17
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
WE OUT HERE! || @shecks, @davidreyes303, @oliverbarton, @thisguysthelimit & @arnaldizzy || Somewhere in PUERTO RICO
dorapr15 : Quebradillas***
nickcaleffe : @theothercameron19xx
nickcaleffe : @xxfoxmuffinsxx
xxfoxmuffinsxx : Let's go cx @nickcaleffe
allansito623 : Yo soy de puerto rico fajardo
allansito623 : Pueden ir a el skate park de naguabo manana
allansito623 : @mannyslaysall
allansito623 : En naguaberrics
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
@oliverbarton Is Loving PUERTO RICO.
mark_franzoso : I miss puerto rico :( @mannyslaysall I'd love to go back
louieskatesnyc : @mannyslaysall u should of took me with u lol I want to visit Puerto Rico so bad
janicelopezsk8 : Guajataca ?
jyanette : Love Panama too 😜
jyanette : also loves panama 😜😜
latinguiri : Make a meet up
that_rican_skater : Waow yall go when I leave! Fuck man :(
coleezoerb : @mannyslaysall yo Manny! Could you possibly check out my newest Instagram video I do some crazy but weird flat ground tricks I think you would like since you're all up in that five on flat that flat ! I do shit like Alpha flips hospital flips Nollie hard flips and some sort of Nollie hang 10 360 shove it ! Hope you take 20 seconds to watch home dawg 🙏
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
Skating the LES park in NYC with the @ammousa TROOP @onefelix and @sdiegonajera Filmed by @arnaldizzy #skateboarding #newyork #nyc #les #skatepark #skatelife #msa #ammoskateboards
skatelife - skatepark - newyork - les - skateboarding - ammoskateboards - nyc - msa -
asap_norb : @ognorb @big_norb
ognorb : @asap_norb I know
geofryan88 : So smooth
jensoto_skates : Ahhhhh we were just there too
dalian_moya : Wasn't supa there today too? @mannyslaysall
darwinduce : Sick bro!! @mannyslaysall Hope everything us good!! #skateboarding #skatelife
coleburkhardt1 : dam that was dope
jandmitri : @mannyslaysall i personaly dont believe in such a thing as legend, og etc. Just cause hes been skating for ages doesnt mean hes untouchable. According to your theory, he could be worse than soulja boy at skating yet hes awesome just because hes older than an average skater and cooler because he lived in the "golden era of skateboarding?" I dont believe that age or time is important cause theres 70 year olds that can do things young pros could only dream about. I know i see things differently than an average person and i honestly dont mean to offend. Personally im a big fan of yours, your endless enthusiasm is just amazing, i just think this whole hype around felix is bs regardless of if hes "og" or not, hes still weak compared to the hype he gets.
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mannyslaysall - Manny Santiago 
A inside look to who @SEEMORIAH is, Click the link in her Bio for Full Video.
jrobertmiller : I'm studying to become a visual marketor! Exciting to see this!! 👌🙏
tim_bolermie : Nice!
mannyslaysall : @jrobertmiller 👍👍👍👍
taino_luciano77 : @mannyslaysall You are a Lucky man to have such a beautiful soul in your life!! God Bless both of you!! Keep skating and making us Boricuas proud!!
highamcorey : Grow teeth
mannyslaysall : @highamcorey considering I only have one missing it's "Tooth" as for you get a direction in life and do something with it.
highamcorey : shut up n win a street league cuz.
seemoriah : @mannyslaysall Notice how the negative comments on your photos only come from total weirdos. I thought drugs were supposed to make people happy not angry 😹
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