Sergio Lopez

SF Bay Area Artist. Budding lumbersexual. Sometimes NSFW especially if your W hates art. Email list:
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Bonus sketches from last night. These were done while a photographer was shooting two models at once. Some of these were from split-second poses and so done from memory. Great fun. Good practice. Vodka and OJ. Models @thejinntonic @nymph_gj
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
These were very quick studies of a couple of really great models done in watercolor. They range from 1 minute poses to 10 minutes at the end. First few pages are of @nymph_gj and the last ones are of @thejinntonic show them love and follow them! If they are in your area you should hire them for your projects #watercolor #sketchbook #quickstudies #fineart #figurestudies
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mainloop : @abigailgreydanus thanks so much! Always appreciated
vercher_ink : Wonderful impressions! These are beautiful
veraskonst : @poopdagger @hannesartwork @murderjunkie πŸ˜…πŸ˜±πŸ˜…
jay_mee__ : These are so beautiful
emilio_villalba : Beautiful
indesmurf : Your watercolors are beautiful!✨
carlyadastra : Lovely!
carin_gerard_art : @mainloop Really incredible!!!πŸ’™
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
3 heads. Each square represents 1 inch.
hellafrost : Love this
mainloop : @hellafrost thank you
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Instead of bringing my charcoals I just took gouache with me to the Wednesday night figure session. These range from 5 to 20 minutes each. Gouache is a great way to do quick color studies when you get the hang of them. #gouache #figurestudies #malenude #fineart #forfacebook
fineart - gouache - forfacebook - malenude - figurestudies -
sweettooth024 : Wow i can watch this all day 😍
mainloop : @sweettooth024 thanks! You have some cool studies on your feed yourself
thetonypinto : These are SO good! Thanks for sharing!
sweettooth024 : Thank you so much! Im so honored you took the time to check my feed! That means a lot! ...Im trying πŸ˜…
iamalexxxcastaneda : Awesome!
andreawicklund : Keep that shit UP
brao2 : Da uma olhada @davicalil :)
nisi_tdfxccb : Hi
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
.... This calls for my special geeky Lego ice cubes...
mainloop : @georgedrawing I found them on Amazon
frizzlerock7 : @james_paterson check it out?
925_sterlingsilver : I love these! How cool
artmodelshannon : Ha! Those are awesome !
brumbrumq : @dannyboy0_0
daniellecg5 : @georgedrawing yes! We need to get these! @sphereko - help round out your obsession
lanegra007 : Super cool!!
james_paterson : @frizzlerock7 πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Need moar fan
lainejustice : mines 89 πŸ˜”
artmodelshannon : Mine too ! Ha!
rodrigoluff : My old studio used to be way hotter than the outside temp, even on a mild day. Good luck man, heat sucks!
cameraofcarmen : Mine's almost unbearable right now. No AC, it was above 95 degrees and humid all day...summer in MiamiπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
mainloop : @rodrigoluff you're probably not in paradise in Orange County right now yourself...
andreawicklund : SAME
oil_on_panel : I feel you.
aleoart : Seriously! Then its too damn cold in the winter, #denverproblems
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
This will be my final Instagram version I put up. I just need to do some glazing in the top left area and I'll be done and ready to take over to the gallery. Needs a name too. #landscapepainting #workinprogress #stepbystep #seascape #sonomacoast #saltpointstatepark
landscapepainting - sonomacoast - seascape - stepbystep - saltpointstatepark - workinprogress -
grid_2015 : Anyways it's dope
mainloop : Oh yeah Haha I get it. Kinda can see up his nostril @grid_2015
dariana_ome : Perfect! Can' t stop admire😌
grid_2015 : @mainloop yes exactly he has white warpaint and full set of lips that are lighter than the cliff at the bottom. So pysched you see it.
mainloop : I can't unsee it
riversgallery : I see two faces! Stunning as always!
_jessicagordon_ : Awesome work πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
mainloop : @riversgallery where is the 2nd one?
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Fun yet rusty 3 minute watercolor studies of @theresamanchester4eva she was great to work with! I'm taking the #paintedroses series to a different direction so I'm looking forward to going through the shoot and seeing what I got. #figurestudies #watercolor
watercolor - paintedroses - figurestudies -
okiedokiedoctorjones : @adrianasofiaaa I wanna be that good!! 😭 it's beautiful!
adrianasofiaaa : You are! You just haven't tried out watercolors yet 😊 @okiedokiedoctorjones
johncollinsart : Very nice!
925_sterlingsilver : Is that jazz hop I hear ? πŸ‘
mainloop : @925_sterlingsilver is that a genre now? It's Pete Rock
925_sterlingsilver : Yes it is! Lol! I do enjoy Pete Rock as well 😊
mainloop : @925_sterlingsilver nice! This was from his classic Petestrumentals album. Part 2 came out last week.
925_sterlingsilver : Oh ok! I've listened to part 1. I gotta check it out πŸ˜‰
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Much more work done on the bottom half of this painting. Going to let it dry then throw some glazes on it. Still have to finish the top half and clean up some imperfections in the sky. #landscapepainting #workinprogress #stepbystep #seascape #sonomacoast #saltpointstatepark
landscapepainting - sonomacoast - seascape - stepbystep - saltpointstatepark - workinprogress -
natureandrobots : Wow!!!!
rosssin : Now thats nicer because you made one zone with predominant contrast, not all uniform contrast!
artmodelshannon : Really nice , Sergio !
kennykay123 : Amazing work! Would love to be able to paint scenery as well as this one day!
nykeisarae : what imperfections? :)
mainloop : @nykeisarae you can't see them in these photos but there are pieces that got screwed up while picking out dried flakes from it
nykeisarae : gotcha.. either way, loVe your paintings!
tonicampos98 : πŸ‘€
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
These conservation causes sure do use a lot of paper and plastic when they send out their mailers don't they? If they offered a shirt that said, "I donate to causes for the shwag" I would wear it.
senrar : "You gotta use resources to save resources" -conservation causes, I'm sure
mainloop : @senrar that is the rationale for big game hunting in Africa. The money generated from hunts completely dwarfs the money raised by donation for endangered species conservation efforts.
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