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SF Bay Area Artist. Budding lumbersexual. Sometimes NSFW especially if your W hates art. Email list:
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Omg what did I do to this painting?? That's right, I sanded it down and am going to paint over it. I was never completely happy with this composition. I'm going to take the composition from the study I did there last month. And I'm going to use the color from the painting I did from life and make it a sunset painting.
myzmik : Looks interesting as is
workshopsinfrance : We want to see the finished piece! Great start
gayeshieldart : I like it
aidiadragon - artpaintingsartist - niloufar_kian - mitchel_thomas -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Hey guys, my workshop is up live! I'll be sending out more information and sign-up links through my email list. If you are interested in the workshop, click the link in my profile (IG), or type the URL bit.Ly/mainloopnews in your browser. You can also browse for extra info. #pleinair #pleinairworkshop #tomalesbay #marincounty #Petaluma
tomalesbay - marincounty - petaluma - pleinair - pleinairworkshop -
ramon.alex.hurtado : Awesome! I love that top right one especially
workshopsinfrance : Nice work @mainloop !
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Here's a shot of me painting at the Paso Arts Fest a few days ago. I'm so glad i got a picture of myself on one of my favorite areas on the Central Coast. #pasoartsfest
pasoartsfest -
sallrich : Great shot!
tremayne_art : πŸ‘Œ
danielkrobbins : Epic. It doesn't look like that here on the east coast.
indreamsawake : I love California 😍
brenboylan : Awesome shot. Awesome place.
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Decent day of sales at Paso Arts Fest today. Sold most of my small ones, but I auctioned off a really good 9x12 that should have gone for more. Now enjoying a fancy flight of beers at Firestone Walker Taproom. Brb, my pizza is gonna get cold.
mainloop : @p_e_kitson Paso? Yeah it's nice. It's like a less snobby Sonoma.
p_e_kitson : Oops. Sorry. We visited the brewery and Barrelworks at their Buellton location. Which is spectacular.
mainloop : @p_e_kitson ah. Never stopped in buellton. Didn't know they had a location there. Good to know.
lauramg123 : πŸ˜”πŸ˜‡Try not to donate your own original art without setting minimum #bestintentions #artistproblems
mainloop : @lauramg123 oh don't worry. It went for the minimum. Which is fine, but obv would have wanted it to go higher. Didn't even reach my gallery price, that's really the only bummer.
lauramg123 : I'm just an old retired gallerist that can't stop looking out for artists. Seen it too many times. Glad you had a successful day and a decent meal.πŸ‘πŸŽ¨
mainloop : @lauramg123 thanks! Dessert was phenomenal though :)
plein_air_dave : Congratulations on the sales!
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Along road G19, SLO county. Just north of Paso Robles. #pleinair #pasoartsfest #pasorobles #oaks #oaktrees #goldenhills
goldenhills - pleinair - oaktrees - pasorobles - oaks - pasoartsfest -
brenboylan : My stomping grounds. Love your work Sergio.
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
This is the last painting I did for the show. I'm pretty happy with the realism of it. Took about 2 hours. #pleinair #pasoartsfest
pleinair - pasoartsfest -
special_ed04 : Very nice!
rosssin : Very nicely felt hues of whole scales of yellow green and blue green!
jbeaudet_art : Beautiful!
garyrecchia : Good job
savoir_faire_art - kwonset - bfuegodrawings - bndn21 -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Starting the day with a 5x7. Lake Nacimiento. #pleinair #lakenacimiento #pasorobles #pasoartsfest
lakenacimiento - pleinair - pasorobles - pasoartsfest -
workshopsinfrance : Nice one!
leekslap_ : Wow, awesome!
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
A painting of the bluffs at Montana de Oro, just before sunset. The sky was dramatic and sun wasa bright filtered yellow. What a great scene. #pleinair #seascape #montanadeoro #bluffs #pasoartsfest
bluffs - seascape - pleinair - montanadeoro - pasoartsfest -
nowelsdesign : Nice
antonpavlenko : Hah. I stood there about a month ago. Cool place to paint.
gangsta_geek : Hella tasty
brenboylan : Awesome heaviness.
mainloop : @brenboylan thanks! I like that compliment :)
dburstyn : πŸ‘πŸ’›
starair3 : Very good
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
I did this painting out at Montana De Oro State park today. My good was it gorgeous out there. #pleinair #pasoartsfest #montanadeoro #ocean #seascape #pacificocean #bluffs
pleinair - pacificocean - seascape - ocean - bluffs - montanadeoro - pasoartsfest -
him_towell : @msjoyasami
dakotapittsart : Nice. I live in Morro bay, it would be great to paint with you sometime.
mainloop : Nice, come say hi at Paso Arts Fest this Saturday @dakotapittsart
archerthebichonpoo - kwonset - starair3 - add__baa -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
The steps to the much-beloved Brown Butter Cookie Company. They gave me a free cookie as I was painting it!
magicbeansarereal : Only one free cookie? @mainloop
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