Sergio Lopez

SF Bay Area Artist. Budding lumbersexual. Sometimes NSFW especially if your W hates art.
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mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Another scene from Weldon. No one stopped today but a woman with missing teeth walked by. She was using a cane so it wouldn't have been hard to catch her if she tried to run off with my camera. #pleinair #weldon #lakeisabella #oilpainting #painting #pace15 #pace2015
pace2015 - pleinair - weldon - pace15 - lakeisabella - painting - oilpainting -
artmodelshannon : HaHa! She might have surprised ya! Nice job!
art_ana_pj - plein_air_dave - mustafa_tgrul - durneyelle -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Legendary @lenchmiel is on Instagram. Show him love ・・・ "February Floral" #painting #artist #lenchmiel #februaryfloral #onthespotter #pleinair
februaryfloral - pleinair - onthespotter - artist - lenchmiel - painting -
artmodelshannon : Thanks for the share , Sergio! Saw his pieces at The Autry. Really gorgeous in person !
mainloop : @artmodelshannon oh god yeah. His use of texture is fantastic. You can only appreciate it in person.
artmodelshannon : ^^ agreed, Sergio!! Although pretty much ALL paintings are best viewed & appreciated in person :)
jamesmoon__ - plein_air_dave - mvt_vanino - lenadorojkina -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Crazy gnarly old fallen tree at Tejon Ranch. If any of you concept artists want to make it into a level boss monster or something, feel free. #tejonranch
tejonranch -
jas0n_av3ry : #ents
meza32 : Groot!
freerangemandi : Gnarly
ktw727 : @nitwhitty
gregoryleedavis - roxy_r_art - frdzschlr - iman.artist -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
My one good painting from Tejon Ranch today. It's a beautiful place, but there was a lot that got in the way of doing more good paintings out there. Mostly nature related. All in all it was an adventure. #pleinair #kerncounty #tejonranch #pace2015 #pace15 #kernpleinair
kerncounty - pace2015 - tejonranch - pleinair - kernpleinair - pace15 -
wide_art : Perfect
1aim : Nice. And thanks for posing for my picture ;)
mainloop : @1aim it was the easiest modeling job I've ever done
mehdigodarzi1369 - jarartedesign - jamesbichardart - vicmanuelmartinez -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Some Jesus rays to start your day. Heading to Tejon Ranch for a special painting day with Simon Addyman and @antonpavlenko
artmodelshannon : Gorgeous shot ! You're on the Grapevine ! Are you headed south ?
mainloop : @artmodelshannon headed east now actually
artmodelshannon : Bummer . I was gonna say if you were coming thru Ventura we coulda grabbed a beer . Where ya headed ?
oakhurstgg : Starting the day with Jesus, what could be better !
mina_ssh : @masoomesaedi
mainloop : @artmodelshannon Tejon Ranch. I'm gonna be in Bakersfield until Sunday.
cubic.cube - m.salehi94_ - kaity.ohara - issra_reme -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
A painting i did out near Weldon. Was fun to do. Had 3 people stop and talk to me while i was painting. That doesn't happen in Sonoma County. #pleinair #kerncounty #kernpleinair #weldon #lakeisabella #pace2015 #pace15
kerncounty - pace2015 - pleinair - weldon - kernpleinair - pace15 - lakeisabella -
pavlenkoanna : 👌
miguelgz03 : I live in napa. Ive always wanted to paint plein air!@mainloop pls invite me next time u do!
tracybeach : I thought that looked like where my mom lives. Beautiful
sixdogranch : Kern County is a friendly place
art_ana_pj - ailerozn - scottdwyerfineart - mustafa_tgrul -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
I did this at Red Rock Canyon State Park today. What a trip that place is! It's like the scooped up a handful of Moab and stuck it right next to the Sierras. California is amazing. #pleinair #kernpleinair #kerncounty #redrockcanyon
kerncounty - kernpleinair - redrockcanyon - pleinair -
artmodelshannon : Nice ! Where exactly is this place ?
mainloop : @artmodelshannon east of Bakersfield between Bishop and Mojave. I'm surprised you don't know it
artmodelshannon : Don't think I've ever been there ! Which is funny since I'm from San Juaquian valley ( Hanford/Lemoore an hour north of Bakersfield). Is it deserted & nude friendly ?
mainloop : @artmodelshannon yeah especially since you seem to know the eastern sierras pretty well... Perhaps a little snobbery about the southern tip of it? ;) there were a handful of people there, wasn't that deserted. I doubt it's officially nude-friendly, but I'm sure you can find a nook or cranny to hide where you won't be bothered.
artmodelshannon : I grew up with the sierras /sequoia in my backyard basically . Was definitely my playground . There are several awesome hidden spots not known by many in Sequoia , but since I was a kid I had no sense of direction to know where they are today & my father is deceased . I was thinking of a nude photos series . Thought that place might be "friendly". I'd love to shoot in Lone Pine at Alabama Hills & up in the white mountains in the Bristlecone pine forest .
mainloop : I don't know, I literally just heard of the place a few days ago. Where do you find out about these things? @artmodelshannon
m.salehi94_ - bakersfieldfinecigar - jimmyleslieart - shelb_am17 -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Flagship brews in Kern River Brewing Co. I like them except the IPA is really bitter. #kernville #mainlooproadtrip
kernville - mainlooproadtrip -
greencorgi : @mainloop hmmm good question. Fishing...white water rafting. roading...drugs... the light can be beautiful in the valley tho. Been wanting to paint it on one of my visits.
mainloop : @greencorgi is the economy tourism-based? More people should know about this brewery!
greencorgi : @mainloop Yes it is. Kernville hosts great events like Whiskey Flats Days. The white water rafting is very popular. The brewery won first place in the nation at the Great American Beer Festival for their double IPA. Great place.
mainloop : @greencorgi really? Their IPA was my least favorite beer
greencorgi : @mainloop it was their Double IPA that won the title
mainloop : @greencorgi I came back for seconds today, lol. Was it the shuttle bunny?
greencorgi : You went back up the canyon?! Nope not the shuttle bunny. It was a couple years ago.
mainloop : Lol yeah @greencorgi I had to. I have no idea if/when I'll be back. Bought another Class V Stout, and took one to go.
alejandrakayr - leowdrawingclass - adam.png_ - iridianc24 -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Studying the late light at Garland Ranch Park in Carmel Valley with @antonpavlenko @brendaboylan @michaelorwick #pleinair #pleinairconvention #pace2015 #pace15 #carmelvalley #carmelpainting
pace2015 - carmelpainting - pleinair - pace15 - carmelvalley - pleinairconvention -
alexkonstad : The warms in those trees are so nice man.
danielkrobbins : I'm struggling like crazy with this kind of backlighting right now. Good job.
mainloop : @danielkrobbins thanks! Yeah the fog in the air here mutes everything, making it a little easier to see the contrast with out blowing your eyes out
brenboylan : Woah!
nick_fury113 : Nice bro awesome work. 💯
andre_stg : @mainloop absolutely love your work! A true inspiration!
naimeh_nafeli - plein_air_dave - lave_iscustvo_000 - durneyelle -
mainloop - Sergio Lopez
Beautiful misty air at Garland Ranch Park. #pleinair #pleinairconvention #pace2015 #pace15
pace2015 - pleinairconvention - pleinair - pace15 -
danielkrobbins : Really solid drawing on this one and great atmosphere. don_celo is an idiot.
mainloop : @don_celo that's how I got 7200 followers. Because I don't know how to "please my crowd." Go away, I won't miss ya.
mainloop : @danielkrobbins lol thanks, I agree. I need to stop posting so many fake paintings
scumbagartist : One if my favourites so far man! Not sure what donny boy is talking about, watching yours and others' plein air posts is what's getting my started on it! Got my tripod the other day! Keep pushin' em out serg!
jeremyrduncan : @mainloop great atmosphere in this one, Sergio. Let your haters be your motivators!
mainloop : @scumbagartist @jeremyrduncan lol yeah so silly
jenniedegroot : That pop of red/brown in the trees is genius.
jamsartdisorder : Breathtaking
naimeh_nafeli - plein_air_dave - dina_gonzalez_sampedro - j.mohammadkhani -
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