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Headed to Albany w/ my boo @prettie_britte ☺️ #asurams #AlbanyStateUniversity #asuhomecoming2014 HAIR: Braidout #mahoganycurls
asurams - asuhomecoming2014 - mahoganycurls - albanystateuniversity -
laladane : I have 3c hair. Do you know how to get rid of bald spots? It's from stress
pretty_natural_1913rn : Love the shirt soror. I need to get one. @mahoganycurls
deltagirl1 : Love the shirt! DST
tanini_world00 : Saw u yesterday around 3 on asu and two of my friends were parking and you were parking next to us. I wanted to say hey and say how u inspired me to go natural and I watch your videos to help me but I just gave a smile :-D friend was like "there goes mahoganycurls!!!" Lol
mrs_cooperhot : How do you find out what your hair type or texture of your hair is? Because I seen in a book someone said that they hair is a 4b @mahoganycurls
mrs_cooperhot : Sorry because I'm natural but I don't know my hair type my hair what get nappy @mahoganycurls
hey_neki : @healthyhairproject
carlahbell : Lovin' the #Founders shirt! #DST!! 🔺🐘
satario_fletcher - _misserinn - rebrondavis - bajangarlsplease -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Good news! The app is available for download! Thank you for your support! 😊 #mahoganycurls
mahoganycurls -
mohill8 : Congrats!
mrsmccray4lyfe : How do you upload a photo
pinknaturalista : @mahoganycurls hey Jess I just downloaded the app congratulations!!!
mzansifro : @mahoganycurls it doesnt worj I downloaded it and it just keeps asking for a username and password and wont let me move from there
stapu34 : Congrats downloaded
ayeciara : Just downloaded 💕
sheamoisture4u : Congratulations! So exciting ❤️❤️
tashac_03 : @mahoganycurls I tried downloading this on my phone but the app doesn't even come up. Is it available in Canada yet?
nicholesanders3 - natnat0147 - itsmephilly - blackcherry73 -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Can't wait to see you this weekend ASU. It's been a long time 😊. #asurams #albanystateuniversity
asurams - albanystateuniversity -
kpd16 : @kurlyandkurvy ❤️❤️
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chelsea_loves : I hope I get to meet you this Homecoming!!! #ASU #BESTHBCU
misstasha1284 : Enjoy homecoming and be safe! I hate I have to miss it again this year! #gorams
only1noitavia : Sissss!!! I'm so excited that you're coming!! Can't wait to see you!! OO-OOP
mahoganycurls : @only1noitavia yes!!!! On my way there now!
jay_retrograde : 😳☺️
kurlyandkurvy : Yesssssss!
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Taste of Soul 2014 Family Festival #sheamoisture #tasteofsoul #LA #cali
cali - tasteofsoul - sheamoisture - la -
wwjamilad : Someone told me this is the best stuff to use for my hair type I outta try.
lexc7997 : Wwjamilad this is a great product!!! I just restocked mine from the booth today.... thanks @mahoganycurls
loveduolux : How'd I miss this?😞
nabay14 : If I knew you were there I would have gone through the crowds!
daewoojohnson : Beautiful baby wow
luckysonyame : I'm so mad I missed seeing you! I usually go, this year I slept in :(
laladane : Man I wish I could go
glamurlady : I just tried the Jamaican black castor oil leave-in conditioner . I've only used it once and I don't think it help much with my frizz . What are your thoughts on it? Is there any products that you would recommend for frizz?
sheamoisture4u - heels97 - slglez - kishijuan -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Flashback Friday! Happy Friday! In the corn maze!!!🌽🌽🌽 hair: curling wand curls on blown out hair using @sheamoisture4u Tahitian Noni and Monoi collection! ☺️ #mahoganycurls #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #curlingwand #blowoutonnaturalhair
blowoutonnaturalhair - curlingwand - naturalhair - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
diduvision : Wow
_maddcurlynea : @dlbreeland
tla9404 : Gorgeous
heyitsasiaj : Do you know anyone that can do my hair like this in Los Angeles ?
chiney_belle : @__lulu_____
naturalatitsfinest : @poor_lil_rich_girl_
lenorabuckley : @cam_mua
cam_mua : @lenorabuckley cute
debbiearopeajigbolamu - naturally4u - _nessa_sary - aye_cook72 -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
My dinner: chickpea patty/burger with sautéed kale and tomatoes...Yum!!!!! I found the chickpea patty recipe on Pinterest. It is so yummy!!!!😋 🙌#vegan #plantbased #yum #mahoganycurls
yum - mahoganycurls - plantbased - vegan -
marin_asp : Delícia
cuspianat20 : Pinterest is the best app!!
nitenursedreams03 : @queenniq86 I tell you vegan looks damn good. Imma try it out one day.
1015girl : Yummy
glamurlady : I have a question, out of all the curly hair products that you have used. Which is your favorite ?
brownvegan : Love that you share delicious vegan meals! 🙌
thenaturale1 : Yum!!!!
camillerosenaturals : @mahoganycurls I didn't know you were going Vegan?! Awesome! Welcome to my world and keep it up!
natural_all_day_ - happyme473 - niketyi - funevents101 -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Earlier, why does the shark have a smirk on his face? 😳😱
breathof.heir : cause he boutybouty.
curleys_girl : #fatal
heavona : Lol 😁
nimsay8838 : Why that look like a bullet hole at the bottom though?? @blackangelplayah
blackangelplayah : Maybe somebody was like "F yo sign!" 🔫 😂 @nimsay8838
nimsay8838 : @blackangelplayah lol!!! For real right! Lol!!!
blackangelplayah : 😆
kingdomcitizen__ : When is your app coming out?
keem_clarity - dd_da_don - shyanalani - msftg -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
New video! Live on YouTube! #curlingwand #mahoganycurls Link to youtube channel under profile description! xoxo
mahoganycurls - curlingwand -
kjakie81 : Curl wand?....I have one @coilydivas
kedzjonesy : Hi there, absolutely LOVE your videos! I'm trying to get into a routine and figure out what works. Quick question how often do you recommend co-wash for twa? And is tresemme conditioner ok to use everyday? I'm VERY new to this as you can tell @mahoganycurls
marj345 : @miss_dee_jay check this out
napturaltiff : @mrsmakeone
instagraham_xo : Are you still planning to upload the updated video of your sister's journey ? @mahoganycurls
substance_101 : Check out her youtube channel @firstlady_hinmon
wedefinebeauty : Made #WeDefineBeauty are stunning and I'd love to see you rocking one in my bio :)
lenorabuckley : @cam_mua
jadavision - tecyjoemond - marvalbar - shyanalani -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Happy Monday! 🌴☀ hair: blowout on natural hair using @sheamoisture4u Tahitian Noni and Monoi smooth and repair scalp therapy... Tutorial will air very soon! #mahoganycurls #blowoutonnaturalhair #curlingwand #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #teamnatural
naturalhair - mahoganycurls - curlingwand - blowoutonnaturalhair - teamnatural - naturalhairsistas -
1officialtip : Love this! @mrs_benforado
elitedesigns_by_dlbreeland : Dope hair😍😍
miss_derulo1 : Fb
natural4evah : How long are you supposed to leave the curling wand in your hair? @mahoganycurls
standard_bearer : @pretty_woman_201
mommafor3girls : @amber_rose_petals
kools_24 : @theoriginalbunny ♡♡♡
baddaddict : Wow,I'm jealous
curleychaos - _kxxo_ - luvnhappyhair - baddaddict -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
New YouTube video! My super easy fall makeup using @sheamoisture4u lip stain on Dania! The hair tutorial will air soon!😀#mahoganycurls
mahoganycurls -
tynette1 : Your hair is EVERYTHING!
youngfiggs : Love the hair
ladycw3 : That hair🙌
sincerelysenora : How are you enjoying Cali? @mahoganycurls
monie184b : Gorgeous hair!!!!
naturalldubz : @the___prettymean1
hitemuppp : I want to be a curly girl like you!
yaya_naturalle : Hi Mahogany Curls I watched ur youtube video and I really enjoyed it u always make good videos and keep us updated..Do shea moisture is all natural I only can use lip glosses from Boston store it gets costly want to try something new any suggestions.
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