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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
We had a great walk! A big thank you to all of the #stjude supporters 😊 #UltimatecurlboxMeetup
ultimatecurlboxmeetup - stjude -
laladane : Cool. Do you know how I can maintain my TWA so my hair grows out healthy? I'm doing your conditioner only method on my 3c hair, and I sleep on my satin pillowcase, but I still have frizz. Any advice?
kateyes85 : @laladane I have 3c hair also and found the same problem with the curly girl method. Did some research and found I also have low porosity hair and it was recommended I try the LOC method which I love. My hair stays moisturized throughout the day and it cut down on my frizzy hair!
laladane : I just looked this up. Imma try this out. Thanks @kateyes85
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Candid shot repost from @craftedbylexia #mahoganycurls @nikiaphoenix #UltimatecurlboxMeetup
ultimatecurlboxmeetup - mahoganycurls -
gemininikkie : ❤❤ I love your hair!! I thought you were @therealchilli ! 😺
niecy8360 - hannahelissabeth - the4cproject - tabs1quest -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
It's almost time to start! If you're looking for us, we will be in the national team zone tent! @nikiaphoenix #UltimatecurlboxMeetup #mahoganycurls
ultimatecurlboxmeetup - mahoganycurls -
dreamangel123 : Looking good ladies. Enjoy !! @mahoganycurls @nikiaphoenix
crishcakes : Freckles ❤️❤️❤️
theshonda : Any ladies of BGR in the house? #BGR #BlackGirlsRun
ariessunfire : @theshonda right here #BGRTampa!
kim_au_naturale : @trevelleclarke I think she sloghtly resembles me
trevelleclarke : @kim_au_naturale yea for true
lfairley823 : @tabs1quest I wondered if you were at the event with @mahoganycurls
tabs1quest : @lfairley823 lol yes that's me
sweetthangnatural - mariah.l.m - zambo_curlz - the4cproject -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
I'm here and ready to walk for the cause! #stjude #UltimatecurlboxMeetup #mahoganycurls #la #losangeles
ultimatecurlboxmeetup - losangeles - stjude - mahoganycurls - la -
fredo1939 : Beautiful girl
dominiquemalaki : Jess!!! 😍😍
123_sassou_123 : Beautiful
ladyq_is_here : Bout that hollywood life. ♡
danitowler : @mahoganycurls wheres you shirt and vest from?!?! Adorableee!!
atarahmama : She so cute @bella_fornaris
ladyg7884 : @mahoganycurls ate this ray bans sunglasses? Love it.
designermedina : Beautiful! Well done 😊
hannahelissabeth - zambo_curlz - the4cproject - milliejae -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Los Angeles! Tomorrow is the BIG day! I will be participating in the St. Jude Give Thanks. Walk. for the #ultimatecurlboxmeetup with @nikiaphoenix You can still register if you live in the LA area and you can still DONATE! All of the proceeds will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Location: Paramount Pictures Studios 5555 Melrose Ave Hollywood, CA 90038 Registration time 8:30am Walk starts at 9:30am I cannot wait to see all of you. Thank you for your donations! You can join the team and donate here:
ultimatecurlboxmeetup -
moriahraspberry : Cool
langevinetres : @losinginthecity
ms_afro_chica : i miss L.A
ttlohair2style : Wish I could make it gotta work.
shawk01 : I would love to attend but I have to work this day:)
thatdarnbrenski : @daaaayyah
naturalreddbone7 - breshanti_22 - funsizechaunice - anitaase -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Happy Friday! Have a great day! #mahoganycurls #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #highbun
highbun - naturalhair - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
darice908 : @blackkswann73 I'm with shade but nope. Jess is gorgeous as always!
bankheadpriest : Beautiful
blackkswann73 : @darice908 .... yes girl no shade! Happy Saturday doll
phiricharm : Very cute..this is a good picture of you girl!!
silverstar50 : You are so gorgeous. I just showed your picture to my 13year old grandson and now he's in-love 😍😊 @mahoganycurls
choney96 : Pretty pic
diduvision : 🏆
returning2natural : 😍
2jazzyj3 - shanizwiny - eyesof_travis - christianflower241 -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Whew! 😅I can finally say that we are completely settled now. The last room is done 😊 (home office). We decided to create a his and hers shared office space. I found the idea on #pinterest (one of my favorite sites.) ☺️ The move from Colorado to California was fun but it was very time consuming. #thankful #wecanfinallybreathenow #homeoffice #pinterest #mahoganycurls #jovahnandjess
thankful - homeoffice - mahoganycurls - pinterest - wecanfinallybreathenow - jovahnandjess -
lisasterling7 : very nice i love pinterest too
4daglory : Love this! Putting on wish list
willstac : Please do a house tour! 😊
1015girl : Níiiiiiice
niketacalame : Welcome to my city
803momof2boyz : Great job!
lati14 :
the4cproject : Live this...such a cute idea!!!
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
This weekend is the big day! 😃 Los Angeles!!!!!!! 🌴☀️🌴 If you live in Los Angeles or the Los Angeles area, join me Saturday, November 22nd for the St. Jude Give Thanks. Walk.™ I have teamed up with @curlbox and @nikiaphoenix as Co-Captain for the Los Angeles team. I am so elated and honored to be participating in a great event for a wonderful cause. When you sign up 100% of the proceeds will go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I look forward to meeting all of you! Join me! 😊 #ultimatecurlboxmeetup (#RepostWhiz app)
ultimatecurlboxmeetup - repostwhiz -
laladane : And of course i'm leaving this weak... No fair
naturalstar13 : Yaay my daughters sorority philantrophy is St. Judes! They're participating in a walk this Sat in Syracuse - Lambda Theta Alpha! Wonderful cause!
bink_b_ez : When are you coming to St. Louis! @mahoganycurls
kayp811 : @parkai01
curlycici : @shewhobuilds let's do this!
macloous : @b_riich
msdrich1 : @mahoganycurls can you dye your hair with the curly girl method
liberallyy : I joined!! Too excited!
justdoitschae_ - adrianrena - melindatayloor - afrohair_ -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Hair product tip: I have a lot of hair products (mostly due to being a #naturalhair blogger) with that said I try to find creative ways to store my products. As you can see, I have used a shelf to display some of my favorite products. This is a great way to see what you have and you can always alternate your favorite hair stylers during the week/month. It's totally up to you! By the way, you can get an inexpensive shelf from Wal-Mart. 😊 Have a happy Sunday! #mahoganycurls #naturalhairsistas #teamnatural #nhwf #dwwfy
dwwfy - nhwf - naturalhair - mahoganycurls - teamnatural - naturalhairsistas -
robssunshine : I'm sure you probably won't see this but...I have been so inspired by your drive and your persistence in school and your dedication to your family! ! Last week I interviewed for my dream job as an environmental engineer and today I learned that I was the successful candidate! I am so excited and I appreciate all that you do! Keep being awesome and striving and achieving success
ameriparis : Ugh so sad she is only using shea moisture products now. As hair stylist #shaiamiel points out - these products weigh down and clog hair. You can see the difference.
psands757 : Slamming another company's products is never a good msrketing strategy. Doubly so if its done inappropriately. I'm just saying..
laladane : Cool. Do you know any products that will heal my bald spot. It's from stress and I know it'll grow back.
laurenbrewton : great idea!!
mahoganycurls : @robssunshine congrats! Thank you so much and many blessings to you! I will be praying for your success. 🙌🙌🙌
exquisitebynature : @laladane try @themanechoice #Godsent
robssunshine : @mahoganycurls thanks so much! !!! Continued blessings to you and your family
breshanti_22 - funsizechaunice - alleyboo85 - wtfitsiandraa -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
HOTD: #twistout using @sheamoisture4u curl enhancing smoothie + @sheamoisture4u curling gel soufflé. Super soft and shiny! New hair goal- I would like to reach BSL CURLY. I am pretty sure I can do this. It may take a couple of years but I'm ready for the journey!😉😃 #mahoganycurls #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #nhwf #curls #curlyhair
nhwf - twistout - naturalhair - curlyhair - mahoganycurls - curls - naturalhairsistas -
m0n1_ca : @imsway
doc_mckinney : I can't use Shea Moisture makes my hair frizz and "fro up"😒 I make my own products
tenacity22 : Gorgeous 😘
amariiee : My hair crush!!!! 😩😍😍 @bonnie_chris
_jenellehill : Can u please please do a tutorial on how to the natural big puff look that will really help me out for getting my hair done @mahoganycurls
johdorothy : @zealephant
mara_xx3 : @exmelihna
authentic_cosmetics : #100percentcosmetics :)
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