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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
New Youtube Video! Today I used CURLS BlueBerry Bliss Curl Control Jelly! This is a new addition to my wash n go series! Watch it now! @frizzfreecurls #mahoganycurls #curls #washngo
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missyasminyoung : @mahoganycurls Hey Jess - would be really useful in the wash and go series if you could tell us how long each wash and go lasts! Sometimes I find that after one or two days the product has let me down and I start to look like I have dread locks! Thanks and love you! 💛💛
missyasminyoung : @mahoganycurls ooh and product suggestions - As I am, and SheaMoisture. Thanks!
msbrooks10 : This is basically how I apply a leave-in and detangle and the same time (just in smaller sections). I think that helps my definition. @theepope_
jtaylortaylor6 : @mahoganycurls How does the Curls Control Jelly feels on your hair? I have the Curls Blueberry Bliss Creme Brule' Whipped Curl Creme and the Passion Fruit Control Paste (works well on edges).
jtaylortaylor6 : @mahoganycurls do you use Camille Rose Natural products? Its always sold out at Target.
suchaladymimi : @smzamor @reginatheo45
returning2natural : 👌
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
The little one feeding the ducks!😀 #jovahnandjess #mahoganycurls #SheaSweetie
sheasweetie - jovahnandjess - mahoganycurls -
lydiaalwayslaughs : he looks like my coussin!
thenaturalite21 : Looks so peaceful it reminds me of Orlando. I like takin my son to the park too. He's only 1 but I hope wants to be out in the world enjoyin nature, instead of boggled up in a room playin video games or watchin TV.
angeliccurls : Nic pic Jess such a little handsome man.
naturalandfree2013 : This reminds me of when I lived on Ft. Meade Maryland at the Lake. So nice and peaceful.
silverstar50 : @mahoganycurls wow he grew a lot in 1 yr. soon you won't be able to say "the little one"! LOL
nimsay8838 : Paradise!! @mahoganycurls
returning2natural : 😊
lynncov : We love you Jess, it so nice to see such beautiful wholeness on you tube
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
6 years ago I did the big chop. Best decision ever. 2.15.09 #mahoganycurls
mahoganycurls -
vee.ali : Yes!!! Soon come @mizzladinay
kessr : @kyarase
kyarase : Omg @kessr
curlsjuswannahavefun : 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
mely_melz_23 : @julissa.baez
yaa.fav.m : @keishania
ket5h : Length Check
travelingfork14 : Hey there! We're a new traveling ✈+🍴 foodie & would love for you to follow us! 😊 #foodiesunite (we follow back 😄)
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
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mahoganycurls : @dominique.sebastian Aww! Thanks sis!😘 you're beautiful too!
dominique.sebastian : 😘😘 thank you 😁
curlybeauti_ : @reats411 Yeahs its her real hair
imaniedoll_876 : @candydanz Toooooooo pretty
fungolamiso : @sandy_kenedy makeup parfait
returning2natural : Lovely
lynncov : Just look at those big adorable roable eye, lol just lovely, we love you Jess.
deloisjoy : @aazanaa
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Happy Sunday!!!!! 🏈🏈🏈 #jovahnandjess
jovahnandjess -
ebonid : @a_rae_of_sun
s_wren05 : When these two are together they look alike, but I saw the picture of you when you were his age and he is your twin. Interesting. @mahoganycurls
funkyredhead01 : So cute! Both of them!
theyaniques : @raya_mclovin too sweet!
tpac1266 : Handsome and handsome jr.
mrzcleveland0908 : @cklove2011
mahoganycurls : @s_wren05 yes people always tell me this 😊
benzaid_imene : <3
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
🌀🌀🌀 #mahoganycurls
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curlytt : @faithfirstnlast youtube her and follow her ... She started with cutting off all her hair and look at her hair
faithfirstnlast : Thanks sis @curlytt this is going to be addictive lol
classytrin : @toyaashayla 👆👍
imaniedoll_876 : @candydanz
lynncov : Is this your fierce sexy look, lol, you are so adorable
jassycway : @thee_flowerbomb This is may be your hair twin
thee_flowerbomb : @jassycway oh lord
kngofdcourt : 😍😍🔥
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Repost from the beautiful @ebonyjamison :I came home to find my @mahoganycurls sweatshirt had been delivered... woo hoo! It's a little snug for obvious reasons #preggo but I LOVE IT!!! #mahoganycurls #nhwf #twistout 💖 -Thank you Ebony! The store now has V-necks, lower prices and free shipping! Link is located in bio! Thank you all for your support! (Free shipping promo ends 2/2)
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lynnf0902 : Looking forward to payday so I can support @mahoganycurls LOL. So many choices
funkyredhead01 : @ebonyjamison Love your awesome curls!
ebonyjamison : Hey girl! 👋👋😍😍😍Thanks! @funkyredhead01
mar1520 : @yissy
just_eesh : @ebonyjamison Beautiful!
dopeonarrivalnyc : Respect Queen
sassyalli : @_tinkzsofiesty
simplydenim : @theashachristina justine or nah
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Picked up some Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Knot Today Leave-In the other day from Walgreens...decided to do a Wash n Go.😉 🌀#mahoganycurls #washngo #naturalhairsistas
washngo - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
patty_hac : @sofiia_m94 avv 😍😍👌👌
_beemuu : @smj_jr
annlovinglashes : @bajsunshine
_sweetembrace : @spirit_of_divine
_sweetembrace : @beautiful.persuasion
suchaladymimi : @smzamor @reginatheo45
napoleon10_2013 : U have the best curls 😍😍😍😍
alnisa1999 : Your hair is freakin BEAUTIFUL!!🙌🙌
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Happy Saturday!🌴☀️#mahoganycurls
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savvyfitchic : @mahoganycurls how often should I co-wash? And when should I clarify wash?
mahoganycurls : @savvyfitchic it's up to you, I like to Cowash twice a week. If you like shampoo, I would suggest once a month. Xo
savvyfitchic : @mahoganycurls thank you!
deleica29 : @mahoganycurls do u think if I texturized my hair do u think that will loosen my curls
esharich : @mahoganycurls what do you do in the shower to hair is super thick and doesn't completely fit in regular cap
enhanceurbeauty_withme : Nice I love this pic doll 🔥Hey pls stop by my #shop 😍We have a #NEW line of #Cosmetics that are ALL #NaturalBased #Hypoallergenic most #GlutenFree #crueltyFREE and some #Vegan 👉Never tested on #animals🙀 The line is #Amazing and has beautiful #makeup that YOU will #Love🙌 Thank you kindly. Our 3D Mascara is #EVERYTHING😜 Thanks again love and 💁 to order Use my website is in my profile💞
happilynaturallit26 : Can't stay away from the beach can ya. I'm 32 about to be 33 and never been to one! Go as much as possible for me! @mahoganycurls ☺🌊
ashrhae : Just Flawless.......💋💋💋💋💋
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mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Thanks @cosmopolitan for featuring me on your site alongside other gorgeous bloggers! 😊#naturalhair @sunkissalba @naptural85 @thekglifestyle @beautybylee @tarenguy @frosandbeaus @askproy
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funkyredhead01 : Hair Goddess!
frosandbeaus : 💛
tupac_and_tarot : @rakellyg
mrsweatherly27 : @simonejasmine Check her natural hair journey out on YouTube
simonejasmine : @mrsweatherly27 ok thanks
roquecandy : Congrat:)
miszk3ndall : @delakate_fource, this blogger may be of interest to you 😁
delakate_fource : @miszk3ndall oh awesome! Thanks!
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