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Morning!!!! Gym time!!! #saturdays☀️ #gymtime #jovahnandjess
gymtime - jovahnandjess - saturdays -
xoashtonnicole : @deleting.insta it looks great! Congrats girly!
deleting.insta : Thank you so much @xoashtonnicole ☺️
mahoganycurls : @deleting.insta awesome!!!!! Congrats!👏
deleting.insta : OMGEEE 😨🙊🙊🙈🙈🙈 .. Thank you sooo much. I spend day and night on your YouTube channel screen shooting every product and listening to you reviews and advice old n new .. My sister thinks I'm obsessed with you I kinda am lml 😂 you are my hair dream n goal you inspire me in such a way, thank you for being you and for allowing us in you hair journey .. You are truly blessed ☺️
glorygirl90 : I jus did mines as welll💁 @mahoganycurls u inspired me to do so.. Am hailing alll the way from the carribean SINT MAARTEN🙆
glorygirl90 : Ohh wow very nice indeed @deleting.insta I dyed my hair the same colour lol🙆
deleting.insta : Thnx you @glorygirl90
nappytips : Sfs?
alicia_lovenaturalhair - _ash_youshallreceive - _samayahhh - jusadreamer23 -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
.✨✨✨#fridaynights #therabbithole #coloradosprings #jovahnandjess
fridaynights - coloradosprings - jovahnandjess - therabbithole -
happilynaturallit26 : I bet her was like yes! You look too good, stop let me take this Selfie from behind...lmao! Men!
happilynaturallit26 : He*
nae_baeee : Is this the place that i heard was a secret bar? Looks like youre going into a phone booth from the outside
nae_baeee : But actually a bar inside
stacibullock : @mahoganycurls my daughter will be starting at Colorado College next month. Best natural hair care salon recommendation for a trim and hydration when she needs it?
prettystreetlove : @nae_baeee -yep that's the place. It's off Tejon and Kiowa :)
nae_baeee : @prettystreetlove wow that's so cool. I want to visit there one day.
nevirose : Great pic!
audreer - lidb22 - tdoubleu23 - iluv_197 -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
#datenight 💞 #jovahnandjess #themeltingpot
jovahnandjess - themeltingpot - datenight -
aliserenee : Hey boo 👀
perfectly_imperfectdanie : @d_chanelle right!
fatimot_ : ❤️🙌✌️
trenae613 : @_d_chanelle the food is delicious and the atmosphere is great. They even have some areas with curtains for private parties
kambeyakari : He's a lucky man!
msmaye14 : My hubby and I had a date nite at the melting pot in Atlanta. It was a Fantaatic experience!!!!
mrs_cooperhot : Nice pic
sincerelythalia : You guys are fine as wine! 🍷🍷
darice908 - braidstylesbyrenee - tecyjoemond - mme_yewis -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Friday nights....✨✨✨✨ hair: old wash n go updo using @sheamoisture4u Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque. Lips: @sheamoisture4u lip crayon in Sonia. 💋 Have a great weekend!!!
moggiemichael : I was just thinking if we could have mean...
marlenesgarcias : Hola
genteelv : BEAUTIFUL!!
curlsinmotion : Going to a party tonight, gonna try to recreate this style (-;
jniec : Hi @mahoganycurls tell me do you leave the masque or do you rinse it out?
k_hair971 : Awesome @mahoganycurls !!! Love from France 😘🇫🇷
ms_enchantment : Tutorial plzzzz 😫😫😫😫
iheartangel : Follow her @denise.brooks.733
nickinick1305 - braidstylesbyrenee - justsayinftw - tecyjoemond -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Los Angeles!!!!!!! 🌴☀️🌴 If you live in Los Angeles or the Los Angeles area, join me Saturday, November 22nd for the St. Jude Give Thanks. Walk.™ I have teamed up with @curlbox and @nikiaphoenix as Co-Captain for the Los Angeles team. I am so elated and honored to be participating in a great event for a wonderful cause. When you sign up 100% of the proceeds will go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I look forward to meeting all of you! Join me! 😊 #ultimatecurlboxmeetup
ultimatecurlboxmeetup -
sk_truevirgo : Ok cool.
mizzbritthannah : @mzrbnsn cool! Is it like a walk she is doing?
mzrbnsn : @mizzbritthannah yea.....
mizzbritthannah : @mzrbnsn gracias shay
iputhaterssonmyback : I'm transitioning right now and I have about a finger length of new growth and I was wondering, should I do the big chop? Or should I wait and transition fully and just cut my ends? And is so what kind of hair styles should I wear while transitioning? Right now I just twist and braid it every once in a while and wear it down or leave it in braids. I would really appreciate some advice. 😊
deleting.insta : I AM OFFICIALLY NATURAL THANK TO YOU .. I SPENT ONE WHOLE DAY WATCHING MOST OF YOUR YOUTUBE VIDS, AND YOU N YOUR AMAZING SUCCESS HAIR STORY WAS ALL I THOUGHT ABOUT (obsessed)😂 .. I FINALLY GOT UP AND SAID JUST CUT IT ALL OFF .. I already went natural you see but I had my permed hair at the ends n my roots was natural, when I washed it the different textures were (my roots n the rest of my hair) so noticeable bad enough I am NOT PATIENT AT ALL LOL .. You completely inspire me and you are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL .. I want to make a YouTube n all looolllll .. You are great n thnx again 😊
ellevatenow : Will definitely be joining you ladies! Can't wait! There's strength in numbers!
narshenna : @urich07
natural_all_day_ - scream104 - vesselofhope - knowthegirl_egreene -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Random: Did anyone read the Addy books growing up? I did and I LOVED all of them. I was so into her story at such a young age. Reading the Addy books sparked my interest in African American history. I love reading and I am so happy and thankful that my mom introduced this series to me. I definitely recommend this collection for young girls (and boys 😉) 😊#meetaddy #americangirlcollection
americangirlcollection - meetaddy -
lovelylady328 : Yes I did and I loved them all
island_ja_queen : Yes, I love Addy; she's one of my favs. I bought the book set and doll for my daughter. She loves the American Girl Dolls. They encourage girls to read.
_iamblackbarbie : Yes!!! I have the books and Addy the doll! ☺️
kustomphitted : My daughter has this book and the doll. It's a great read for children and adults.
shanice_chante_ : 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
primladna : I read them! !
khamprincess : I always wanted the Addy doll!! I still do!
urperfectverse : I had the doll!
kira.ziyow - thesiteofstyle - tiaa_c - cailyn.jordan -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Spice Island Grill- 😊Just had the best dinner ever! I didn't think I could find an authentic Jamaican restaurant in the springs! I did and it was amazing! And they have a vegan/vegetarian menu! #hiddengem #spiceislandgrill #coloradosprings
hiddengem - coloradosprings - spiceislandgrill -
naturalyssa : My family owns it
naturalyssa : 10 N Sierra Madre St.
naturalyssa : Colorado Springs
mahoganycurls : @naturalyssa thanks! Amazing food! Definitely coming back!
mahoganycurls : @mad_olives Downtown 10 N Sierra Madre St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 473-8280
naturalyssa : ;) Not a problem!
prophytesbelike : Follow us!! 😄
peterbanirclothing : @mahoganycurls Hi, could you check your inbox when you get a chance? Thanks
jameesa_shalyn - island_ja_queen - kinksnkoils93 - shanyournice -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
My mom and my sister @iamnaturallyshy ❤️❤️❤️ both are #teamnatural #mahoganycurls #momandsister #naturalhairsistas
momandsister - teamnatural - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
sexy_ti : Total Babes ❤️
divinediva92 : @mahoganycurls Wow! I remember when your sis did the BC!
voicelesssins : OMG ! I didn't know that was your sister! I attended SSU with her! I seen her all the time!
voicelesssins : I remember the video of the BC but I guess I forgot how she looked. Small world.
curvesandkurls : Both women look extremely resilient and beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing this photo.
tiffanyrotheworkouts : @mahoganycurls your mom and sis are so adorable!
funkyredhead01 : When do we get to see an update of your sister's hair? It's grown so fast!
allfortheluvof : What a small world Soror @mahoganycurls I am #ssu#alumni#🐘#DeltaNu @iamnaturallyshy great school choice. - kitalady_ - _livelikelinnell - naturalnana58 -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
😂😀😃😁 #jovahnandjess
jovahnandjess -
miss_chelxo : @cranberryygrape us lol
naturallydestiny_ : @tino_boii her hubby is so cute
tino_boii : Tf? @naturallydestiny_
funkyredhead01 : cute
euniquejg : Lol
803momof2boyz : That used to be the song back in the day!
temiaaaa : She pulled a good one 😍 @iamlordina
sjanae90 : That reminds of the episode on "The Cosby Show"when Denise and boyfriend were watching Reggae music video. Yelling " Ah Man".
tiffaanayy - island_ja_queen - peaceloveandazia_ - kitalady_ -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Flashback Friday! Last week at Best Buy! I didn't know cassette players still exist! Wowzers!!!! I guess it is perfect for those old tapes...I'm pretty sure Junior wouldn't know what this is! Hahaha!📼📼📼 #casetteplayer
casetteplayer -
l_diva : Um was it even that much in our day
ladyg7884 : No it didn't cost that much back in the day. Everyone is trying to get our coins.
shayjsongbird : Ya. And I'm pretty sure it should be A LOT cheaper than $27
fatima_leslie : @sunchelle lol...that's awesome
shrt_one : @curlyhairbobo $27.99?!? They have lost their minds! 😕
jdfrenchbeauty1982 : @shrt_one @curlyhairbobo @mscinaboo "Tapes"????? Remind me what that's for??? Lol. #27dollasgooodddddlawddatsalotofmoneyyyyyyyyy
chokolatejewelz : It's bc it's an antique. 😂😂
cubanalinda : But ummm 27 and some change?
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