* natural hair blogger📃Youtuber: MahoganyCurls *Delta ❤️🐘❤️ GA girl in Cali🌴
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🌀🌀🌀 #mahoganycurls
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bummblebee7 : 😍😍😍
nosy_a : بنات قسم تشبه افراح لمن تكسر شعرها وتتميلح قدام ايمان يعني شوفو انا الخقه @afra7al7arbi @tanahd__ @_kristeanh
keamoo1 : Lol thanks @joodikatkouta ☺️. She looks beautiful
loneroflunar : ¡guapísima!
chi_twn_finest30 : Let me love u down even if it takes all nyte......Gorgeous
funkyredhead01 : Beautiful!
xx.luluuu.xx : @captain_x__
nya_shevanie : 👌
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Repost from the beautiful @ebonyjamison :I came home to find my @mahoganycurls sweatshirt had been delivered... woo hoo! It's a little snug for obvious reasons #preggo but I LOVE IT!!! #mahoganycurls #nhwf #twistout 💖 -Thank you Ebony! The store now has V-necks, lower prices and free shipping! Link is located in bio! Thank you all for your support! (Free shipping promo ends 2/2)
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ebonyjamison : @t.pamela84 thanks sweets! 😍😍😍
ebonyjamison : Awww thanks @mahoganycurls!!! You're so freaking sweet! Back to the site I go lol...I seriously LOVE my sweatshirt! I saw the gray one you I want that one!!! If only you knew how much I LOOVVEEEE your YouTube channel....I LITERALLY went natural the day I found your channel and that was almost 3 years ago 😗😍😗😍😗😍😗
mahoganycurls : @ebonyjamison you are so welcome!!!!! Thank you for your support!!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘 congrats on your pregnancy!
lynnf0902 : Looking forward to payday so I can support @mahoganycurls LOL. So many choices
funkyredhead01 : @ebonyjamison Love your awesome curls!
ebonyjamison : Hey girl! 👋👋😍😍😍Thanks! @funkyredhead01
mar1520 : @yissy
just_eesh : @ebonyjamison Beautiful!
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Picked up some Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Knot Today Leave-In the other day from Walgreens...decided to do a Wash n Go.😉 🌀#mahoganycurls #washngo #naturalhairsistas
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jeanzkvb : Search for her on YouTube also @chillvibes_oceantides here she used the kinky curly. I'm tagging u in different pics so you could figure out which hair curl pattern is closer to yours
joe_chea : Check ur email Jess...
faychero : Any remedies for making hair thick?
mac10fit : Hello my name is Mallori and I want to get my hair as beautiful as yours. I transitioned from have a perm a year and 7 months ago and I really need help. Do you have any advice.
68chevyc10 : Beautiful
curlyphries : My hair crush 😩 @yagirlstephee
tanika_wilson : @1elijah
lynncov : Awww just so darn cute
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Happy Saturday!🌴☀️#mahoganycurls
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savvyfitchic : @mahoganycurls how often should I co-wash? And when should I clarify wash?
mahoganycurls : @savvyfitchic it's up to you, I like to Cowash twice a week. If you like shampoo, I would suggest once a month. Xo
savvyfitchic : @mahoganycurls thank you!
deleica29 : @mahoganycurls do u think if I texturized my hair do u think that will loosen my curls
esharich : @mahoganycurls what do you do in the shower to hair is super thick and doesn't completely fit in regular cap
enhanceurbeauty_withme : Nice I love this pic doll 🔥Hey pls stop by my #shop 😍We have a #NEW line of #Cosmetics that are ALL #NaturalBased #Hypoallergenic most #GlutenFree #crueltyFREE and some #Vegan 👉Never tested on #animals🙀 The line is #Amazing and has beautiful #makeup that YOU will #Love🙌 Thank you kindly. Our 3D Mascara is #EVERYTHING😜 Thanks again love and 💁 to order Use my website is in my profile💞
happilynaturallit26 : Can't stay away from the beach can ya. I'm 32 about to be 33 and never been to one! Go as much as possible for me! @mahoganycurls ☺🌊
ashrhae : Just Flawless.......💋💋💋💋💋
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Thanks @cosmopolitan for featuring me on your site alongside other gorgeous bloggers! 😊#naturalhair @sunkissalba @naptural85 @thekglifestyle @beautybylee @tarenguy @frosandbeaus @askproy
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funkyredhead01 : Hair Goddess!
frosandbeaus : 💛
tupac_and_tarot : @rakellyg
mrsweatherly27 : @simonejasmine Check her natural hair journey out on YouTube
simonejasmine : @mrsweatherly27 ok thanks
roquecandy : Congrat:)
miszk3ndall : @delakate_fource, this blogger may be of interest to you 😁
delakate_fource : @miszk3ndall oh awesome! Thanks!
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#tbt Little Jess 😁#mahoganycurls
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1natasha.graham : So cute!
tyealexandra : Wow! I remember when you were this age most adorable troublemaker ever. 😜
mahoganycurls : @tyealexandra 😂😂😂😂☝️☝️
amberjanielle : Awww so stinkin cute!
ashleyr511 : Adorable
roquecandy : I remember this little one! Lol
mscherysh5 : Awwww too cute. Your son looks just like this lol
beautifulnikki84 : Awwww too cute
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Happy Founders' Day to all of my beautiful SORORS! Celebrating 102 years of Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service! Oo-Oop!!!! 🐘❤️ #dst102 #ΔΣΘ #J13 #aoml
aoml - δσθ - dst102 - j13 -
lovelala.xo : I can't wait for u to do another hair journey video showing the length u retained in 2015. You are my inspiration! 😍
thedwam : Check out the dwam for details about #greeknight
rattljazzdst : My Soror, been following you since your TWA days. Happy Founders Day!
mahoganycurls : Thanks everyone!!
who__cares__tho__ : …..…
0raideroftombs2 : Waaaiiiittttt...... you a Soror too????? Maybe that's why I love you so much! You from GA? what chapter? Happy (belated) Founders Day.
lady_of_attitude : Hey soror
deetiopien : I love how the Deltas where those sweaters. The letters seem to always leads your eyes down a curvy path. LoL! Phiiiiii-Oop!
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💜#MahoganyCurls lip color : Rimmel 04 💋
mahoganycurls -
mstamcar : @cgrady_cg Yes she does
nikia.p : @naturally_raquel
liberallyy : I really like this makeup look, I like how your bottom lashes look! #ThesimpleThings
vmj_creations : Just watched your YouTube video on this look. So nice of you to share your beauty routine.
morixpun : gorgeous
__southernbellee : @beautifulchelle2
imaniedoll_876 : @candydanz
olamike75 : Beautiful and charming
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Thank you @thoughtfullymagazine for featuring me and the beautiful @sunkissalba in your first issue. I thank all of you for your support. Xo. Jess❤️
blakizbeautyful : CONGRATS SIS!!! #DoingIT! 👏
pippi2118 : Congrats we all are proud of you.
mahoganycurls : @pippi2118 thank you!
mahoganycurls : @blakizbeautyful thanks sis!!!! YOU ARE TOO! you look amazing!!!!😘😘😘
mahoganycurls : @thoughtfullymagazine thank you!!!
tiffarific_scents : You go girl
imsuchavirgo : Congrats!
theoriginalchaunte : This is so awesome girl!
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afrochero : Okay, I'm using you as inspiration lol @mahoganycurls thanks (:
mahoganycurls : @afrochero you're welcome love!
genteelv : Gotcha, thanks so much! God Bless. :)
sierra_ariel : This is insta page @thee_cmarie
txerin1 : Hey you got featured in @thoughtfullymagazine on page 29! Go check out @sunkissalba 's page! Congrats! 😊
flatoutfabuloushair : Check out my video on Fatherless Generation..Link in my Bio ❤️ @mahoganycurls
mahoganycurls : @txerin1 thank you!
blessedpatty_ : Hey I just want to say thank you for inspiring me to start my own YouTube channel and it would mean so much to me if you supported me by watching and sharing my video ☺️ I am subscribed to you and I would love for you to subscribe to me as well please and thank you ❤️ link is also in my boi
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