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Took the little one to the Georgia Aquarium today! He had a blast!🐠🐡🐬🐳 #georgiaaquarium #jovahnandjess
jovahnandjess - georgiaaquarium -
ewills81 : I live in ATL and still haven't been to the aquarium! Enjoy!!!😊
02nupe : Nice!
kcalexandria : Go to the Coca-Cola museum too!!!!
bella_bambina_ : I love that aquarium 😍
allblackdre : U back in atl!?
actpoetic88 : The otters are the best!!!
_jamika : #Atl my hometown #atlnative
khaganz : Love it!
c.kimmaya - chardanay_babiee - skeewee3 - _naturalroyalty -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
How I currently feel...on the east coast but my body is still adjusted to west coast time.😫😂
neesy_bonitto : This is no longer us for a week! @lordrolldemort
kemishine : @queenbeesee @wallajuice85 @ahh_bee_hola haaaaaaa 😂
_dcccxxi_ : @cautivador does this look familiar?? Lmao
blessingoyebanji : @get2noe this is so you
get2noe : @blessingoyebanji yeah that is so me 😂😂
p233ty : Omg @dempyc u ve off me... Dis is me waking up from afternun nap... Hw i hate dat nap..😂😂😂😂.. Waking up is oh Lord!!!! 😂😂😂😂😱
owoade : @stcowie that's how I feel right now
stcowie : @owoade literally every morning
ladyl_1998 - _justwhitt_ - tri_cee86 - bklynrene -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Celebrating nine years of marriage with my wonderful husband! I love you Jovahn!❤️🌟💍#jovahnandjess #anniversary @jovahn_thedreamer
jovahnandjess - anniversary -
oliviaspade : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
spteresi : Congrats!!!
staceycreasysojazzie : Beautifully
croquemore58 : Happy Anniversary!
bkcap83 : Happy Anniversary !!!
crowned_curly : Beautiful!! Happy Anniversary!! 😍
joyluvpeace : Happy Anniversary!!!!
__xxigirls : Congrats
mae_the_indigo - emzie210 - b3autiful_mel - tayoadamson -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Curls🌀🌀🌀 I used Devacurl B'leave In and Devacurl Set up and above for today's hair. Co washed with Deva No Poo and Deep Conditioned with Deva Heaven in Hair. If you have followed me for a few years, you know that I used to use Deva products. Video is live on YouTube. I decided to revisit them and love it! The products that are mentioned can be found in your local @ultabeauty 😉#mahoganycurls #washngo
washngo - mahoganycurls -
nothidden : @naturally50 - YES, @mydevacurl products are awesome!! During the past year of product junky-ism, I used not one product that came close to the moisture and definition DevaCurl products provide. @fai_luv_fai
the_bombchelle : @ninjavsnerd
trey_sthil : Looking good! What about the @camillerosenaturals giveaway??
gricelis1 : 😍💞
jwairish : @mahoganycurls how do you prevent shrinkage??
karmenthomas : @mahoganycurls I have used the DevaCurl products in the past, but find the alcohol content dries my hair, how do you combat that, or is that even a problem for you?
returning2natural : 🙌
camlovesnae : Check DM please
princessunyelee - beautybullock - x.bellahairbar - b3autiful_mel -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Happy Mother's Day from my family to yours! 💖 #mothersday #mahoganycurls #preggo #preggers #babybelle #babybump #jovahnandjess #babygirl
babybump - babygirl - jovahnandjess - preggers - preggo - mothersday - mahoganycurls - babybelle -
naturally_niyah : Seriously the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
bccarty85 : Beautiful!
joc1908 : Hope your Mother's Day was great! Love the pic! @mahoganycurls
msdeekay2012 : Absolutely gorgeous congratulations and Happy Mothers Day 💝
nikkijwebb : Awww so Happy for YOU!
not2_modest_bee : Name the baby Justice
kayla.alicea : Omg where have I been! Congrats to you and your husband 😍😍😍😍
regaljones : Beautiful
tabz_ph - bryanag_ - manoupabaygaz - nyleverenee -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
💙💙💙#mahoganycurls #jovahnandjess
jovahnandjess - mahoganycurls -
lisasterling7 : Happy Mothers Day!
ylstaggs : You two look alike
mrsharris_926 : Happy Mother's Day!!
croquemore58 : So precious!
sanfranciso : Very handsome! Happy Mothersday..enjoy it🌹🌷!!
miaaasymone : Happy Mother's Day!!
lstonerockdesigns : So cute!!:)
gotolondonbitch : @_ashou
emerald_evergreen - kym.wilson - blueberry_gummy - jaclyns_designs -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
#washngo using @camillerosenaturals Coconut Water Leave in Treatment😀. I deep conditioned with @camillerosenaturals coconut water penetrating hair treatment prior to styling. This will be my first conditioner only wash n go for my wash n go series on my channel. Video will air tomorrow. 💗 PS- giveaway winners have been chosen and I will announce them soon!💗💗💗 #mahoganycurls
washngo - mahoganycurls -
patricejolene_ : @merietab
sandbergb12 : @arielle_krahen 👌
jasmingoodman : @melissa_kimble
melissa_kimble : Yas ma'am! @jasmingoodman
evalinastarboutique : @livingthelotlife
returning2natural : 👌🏾
b_u_tiff_ful : Just friggin lovely
b_u_tiff_ful : @therealtahira her hair thoooooo
genevievelafronte_ - lesliedevaughn44 - xx.vibe98 - somi.sumbala -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Thank you for your support! It is an honor to be selected as Best Beauty Vlogger for the @essencemag 2015 #BestinBlackBeauty Awards. I couldn't have done it without you. Congrats to all of the 2015 nominees and winners!❤️❤️❤️ #mahoganycurls
bestinblackbeauty - mahoganycurls -
mahoganycurls : Thanks guys!!
jlpenn18 : Congrats @mahoganycurls ! I voted for you 😁
dee_naturelle : Congratulations!! Yayy!
raiza0000 : Yeaaaahhhhj congratulationssss Jess. You deserve it!!!!!
shopchildish : 👌
greeneyedhazel : Well deserved @mahoganycurls ! I chopped my hair a year ago with no direction. Watched one of your videos on #EcoStylerGel and my life has been changed since! Thank you!!
croquemore58 : Congrats Jessica! Do what you love and success will follow.
astoldbyjessie : Congrats!
raqueltavarex - curly.j_ - get_kristy_luv - elsaof_arendelle -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Hey Guys! It is the last day to get your votes in for the Essence Beauty Blogger Awards! You can follow this link and vote now! I also have a live link in my Instagram profile. How to Vote: Vote on a blogger in the first category and the site will take you to the next category and so fourth. You can also vote as many times as you like. Be sure to vote for the other awesome bloggers as well! I would like to thank everyone that has voted! XOXO Xo, Jess
weatheranchormama : The one that's in your profile doesn't include you.
gottley22 : I just voted. All the best.
chanellynndenise : I got my vote in! Wish you the best!
samdelasam : Just voted ! ^_^
samdelasam : For you of course !
missdupreeeeeee : Just voted for you twice. Hope you win. 😘
mrsharris_926 : Voted for you 2x : Me and my mom voted for you 6 times lol
true_180 - pearl_wy - kelly_elie - royalbutterflymua -
mahoganycurls - MahoganyCurls®
Hey guys! I am so honored to be nominated for @essencemag #BestinBlackBeauty Blogger Award in the Best Social Media category and the Best Beauty Blogger Category! I am thankful for all of you and the ongoing support throughout the years. Voting ends April 27, 2015! You can follow this link and vote now! 🌟🌟🌟🌟Link is also in my Instagram bio.You can also vote as many times as you like. Be sure to vote for the other awesome bloggers as well! Xo, Jess
bestinblackbeauty -
lesm6 : Congratulations
mawolfgene : Voted x2 for you Jes!!
denijem : Done!
coco187 : Got you girl!
ddddominiquee : Congrats Jess @mahoganycurls of course you have my vote😉
23johnregina : Congratulations and good luck you have my vote
rainey267 : I voted.🙏
dreamangel123 : Congrats. @mahoganycurls
ejiroiniemogha - get_kristy_luv - diaryofanaturalgirl - elsaof_arendelle -
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