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Maersk Line is the world's largest shipping company and is an enabler of global trade, connecting goods to people and economies around the globe
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maerskline - Maersk Line
We’re the specialists in special cargo! With our large fleet of flat racks and open tops, Maersk Line’s experts around the globe are taking special care of your special cargo, helping you meet your business goals! #SpecialCargo #maerskline #oog
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joaquinmartins : Linkedin: Joaquin Martins
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jakobhartvignielsen : And we are promoting special cargo from Asia to Africa and Latin America at the moment! Have you discussed our capabilities with your ML sales rep yet? #MaerskLine #SpecialCargo #Outofgauge #Breakbulk
aslo_usa : Follows @aslo_usa ! Your cargo in good hands!
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#fact Did you know that the cost of physically moving a container is less than half the cost of handling the information related to its transport?Being the world leading shipping company, our experts are always at the forefront of the industry's next steps! Maersk Line’s experts are now finding the opportunities and solutions of how Cloud can life global trade. #shipping #industry #maerskline #leader #cloud
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When Maersk Line sales manager Allen Tu deals with his key client Sinochem, he sees them as more than just customers. “We’re just like close friends – we respect each other’s values and have a shared vision and commitment to what we’ve agreed to work on,” he describes. The Maersk Line – Sinochem partnership has enabled Sinochem to expand into new markets. Allen Tu explains: ‘We are not selling a product to them. We are acting as consultants – providing solutions to meet their future growth and help them expand globally with us as their partner. In short, we are not just doing business here, we are sharing knowledge.” #MaerskLine #EnablingTrade #China 🌏
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Fortune Magazine has included Maersk Line in their 'Change The World' list alongside pretty illustrious company - @facebook @ibm @google and @unilever... Just to name a few. 👏🏆🌍Google 'fortune change the world' for the full list. #ChangeTheWorld #Honour #MaerskLine @fortunemag
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Did you know that 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea? Maersk Line is responsible for transporting around 15.3% of total TEU trade globally! #shipping #expertise #MaerskLine
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Maersk Line remains top quartile performer in reliability delivering a reliability score of 82% in the second quarter of the year as reported by maritime analyst SeaIntel, with a satisfactory gap of 5.5% against the industry average of 76.5%. #MaerskLine #Reliability #Shipping
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Maersk Line’s Q2 financial results are in: The H1 result is USD 1,221 million or 22% higher than H1 2014 (USD 1,001m). The Q2 result is USD 507 million or 7.2% lower than Q2 2014 (USD 547m). Maersk Line delivered a Return on Invested Capital above target. We continue to deliver a strong financial performance driven by our cost leadership strategy. The H1 ROIC is 12.2% (9.9%) while the Q2 ROIC is 10.1% (10.8%). In six (6) consecutive quarters, we have now delivered a ROIC above 8.5% Maersk Line maintains our previous guidance on the full year underlying result. The 2015 result is expected to be above the 2014 underlying result (USD 2.2bn).
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Maersk Line’s Reefer expertise is enabling trade for the local entrepreneurs in Africa. For Kenya’s avocado exporters, the introduction of Maersk Line’s Star Care initiative four years ago made a fundamental change. It removed trade barriers by connecting Kenya with Europe, beyond the Middle East which was the previous end limit for the traders in Kenya. #Reefers #Expertise #Kenya #MaerskLine
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Maersk Line welcomes the #NewSuezCanal. With approximately 1,400 transits in 2014, #MaerskLine is the largest container vessel customer for the canal. The construction of a second waterway at the Suez Canal now allows north and southbound vessels to pass each other through most of the canal. This means shorter transit time and more traffic through the important trade link. #Shipping #GlobalTrade
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A huge THANK YOU to all our followers on Instagram! Maersk Line's social media presence has been nominated for an award at the European Digital Communications Awards. The winner will be announced in September! Fingers crossed! #MaerskLine #socialmedia #DCA2015 #fingerscrossed #thankyou
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