Maersk Line

Maersk Line is the world's largest shipping company and is an enabler of global trade, connecting goods to people and economies around the globe
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maerskline - Maersk Line
#ThrowbackThursday 6 months back in January, Maersk Line achieved a milestone when the iconic Maersk McKinney Moller created a record of sailing with the load of 18,168 TEU. A Triple-E vessel loaded to full capacity invariably means positive environmental impact which has been a strong focus for Maersk Line's efforts in sustainability along with enabling global trade and being a responsible partner to our customers. #milestone #sustainability #record #MaerskMcKinneyMoller #TripleE
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Maersk Line has been nominated for Environment Award at the prestigious Lloyd's List Global Award 2015. Maersk Line's continued efforts in sustainability have raised the bar for energy efficiency, setting a bold new target of reducing CO2 emissions per container moved by 60% by 2020. The impact of this new target will be a sustained decoupling of economic growth from CO2 emissions. In effect, a license to grow our business – and our customers’ businesses – in years to come. #Sustainability #MaerskLine
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adityg0602 : @shruti1202 exact reason why I am pushed towards marine environmental reforms.
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maerskline - Maersk Line
#WeekendPhoto: Maersk Line's global network not only highlights our expert operational knowledge of shipping, but also signifies our intimate understanding of our customers' needs, ensuring our services helping them in realizing their business goals! Maersk Line reached an important #milestone in the efforts of enhancing its global network, with the launch of New 2015 East - West Network that is providing more port options and services in the trade lane. Seen here in the pic is Munkebo Maersk, during the launch of the New East-West Network at Dalian, China in January 2015. #Milestone #MaerskLine #GlobalNetwork #EastWestTrade
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maerskline - Maersk Line
#ThrowbackThursday Svendborg Maersk passing the Opera House, Sydney in the 1980s.#MaerskLine #EnablingTrade #GlobalNetwork #TBT
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maerskline - Maersk Line
As the world’s leading container shipping company, Maersk Line’s fleet carries cargo around the world, enabling global trade. Interestingly, Maersk Line made the transition into modern container transport in the year 1975 -76 and it was a big project that proved to be an important milestone for the company. Today, Maersk Line’s fleet has the capacity to move 1,000,000 containers 1,000 km each week! #Milestone #ContainerShipping #Maritime #EnablingTrade (image courtesy: @sam.aves)
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solarglide : @maerskline I read somewhere that you could stretch the entire fleet of maersk vessels half way around the ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
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maerskline - Maersk Line
The year 2011 marked an important milestone for Maersk Line when it signed the contract for the Triple-E, one of the world's largest ships optimized for energy efficiency. Did you know that this month, Maersk Line's first Triple-E, the iconic Maersk McKinney Moller completes two years of being in operational service? #Milestone #TripleE
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maerskline - Maersk Line
The Triple-E are the specialized vessels optimized for energy efficiency, economies of scale and environmental performance which allows Maersk Line to deliver more goods to our customers around the world, while using less fuel – at lower cost. Marchen Maersk, the 19th Triple-E to set sail, was named on 13th July at a ceremony in Felixstowe, UK. #MaerskLine #TripleE #MarchenMaersk
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maerskline - Maersk Line
#FridayPhoto Maersk Line’s vast network of shipping services across 400 trades around the world is connecting our customers globally, enabling trade. Maersk Line Network expansion was marked in the 1950s when adding to the original line between the American East Coast and the Far East, the initial expansion started in Japan. Lines to Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India and other countries towards the Persian Gulf were gradually added, and some vessels were deployed on a ‘Round-the-World Line’. In 1958, West African ports were included on routes to and from Japan and the American East Coast. (image credit: Luc De Cock) #Milestones #Network #MaerskLine #EnablingTrade
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maerskline - Maersk Line
#ThrowbackThursday Chastine Maersk marked an important #milestone for Maersk Line fleet having made the first voyage after the Second World War, departing from New York on 16 March 1946 and calling at Manila, the Philippines and Shanghai, China. Today, Maersk Line's fleet of 610 container vessels, powering some of world's largest ships, provides ocean transportation in all parts of the world enabling trade. #Milestones #TBT #EnablingTrade
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maerskline - Maersk Line
The focus of Maersk Line's Sustainability efforts is to create long term value for our customers, our shareholders and society. Did you know that an important milestone that Maersk Line is focusing on achieving is the 2020 target of 60 percent reduction of CO2 emissions per container over 2007 levels? #Milestones #sustanability
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