Maersk Line

Maersk Line is the world's largest shipping company and is an enabler of global trade, connecting goods to people and economies around the globe
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Ending the @volvooceanrace leg in style! @dongfengraceteam and @teamvestaswind in front of Maersk Line headquarters in sunny Copenhagen.
firstpeoplesolutions : Wow
sebbe_man_utd : I've just bought Lego triple E
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Maersk Line connects markets and economies around the world, enabling our customers’ to fulfill their potential. From the hinterland, to the coast and ultimately to the world, Maersk Line is providing the fast growing economies of Africa the much needed logistics and supply chain support to address the infrastructure challenges faced by customers. #MaerskLine #EnablingTrade #Africa (Oh, by the way, it's the #MaerskConakry in the photo which is one of Maersk Line's #WAFMAX vessels, specially designed for African ports)
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guizmo_silva : @beeahx3 pra tu que gosta de navio
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Maersk Line's 7000 seafarers are the backbone of our business and play an integral role in connecting consumers to goods and economies to markets. They know they do more than oversee the transport of goods from one place to another, they are responsible for enabling our customers to effectively manage their supply chains. To our seafarers, WE THANK YOU! #CareerAtSea #dayoftheseafarer #MaerskLine #Seafarers
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thesailor_24 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ thank you @maerskline for the oppurtunities here out at sea :)
tecxko : thnk u seafarer @maerskline
lennybaldassare : thanks chief engineer @paulllyw
mehdi.golmakani : @mhsham
aseemne : Happy Seafarers Day @maerskline
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Maersk Line's offices across Africa ensure the best connectivity with our customers. Through the global reach and multiple local partnerships we provide seamless shipping services and a robust intermodal network allowing us the serve several inland locations. #MaerskLine #Senegal #Africa
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cdhfox1 : How many TEU's can that truck carry? #justkidding But sriously how do I work for Maersk, it is always my dream to work there #justkiddingialreadyworkhereWHATUPAPMFAM
rafaelmnouel : @logistic_workers
therealkuhan : @bee_or_gen isn't that lorry just beautiful
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Maersk Line had been awarded the 'Global Carrier of the Year' and '2015 Shippers' Choice' Award at the 2015 Containerisation International Awards. The honour came after Maersk Line had one of its most successful periods to date, with a US $2.3 billion profit for 2014, 55% up on 2013's result. This was backed by a number of innovations, including the 2M vessel sharing agreement (VSA), the ground - breaking Kotahi partnership and the continued rollout of the Customer Charter. It also continued to lead the industry in reliability. #ContainerAwards #MaerskLine #Shipping
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rainbownala : @fatboy_insideme
amitvika : Arnold Peter is proud
rwm_no54 : Shippers Choice Award lol @will.pennington7
mehdi.golmakani : @mhsham
lucast112082 : @omar_05491 @carlostascon413
the_wharfies_daughter : @containersncranes what do we have to do to score an invite to next year's Containerisation International Awards
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ozgursnmz62 : @adnturkan πŸ˜„
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Maersk Line WAFMAX (West Africa Max) are designed to improve efficiency and reliability for Maersk Line customers overcoming the capacity constraints in the major West African ports and terminals. Did you know that these vessels can carry twice as much cargo as most other ships calling ports of West Africa? #MaerskConakry #Africa
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slava_guros : @roman_cadillac
artofsupplychain : Amazing
kenndrik : @kevfuria maersk group : Beautiful Africa
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Did you knpw Maersk Line's reefer technology has been playing an important role in Kenya's impressive development? In recent years avocado has emerged as a growing export commodity and Kenya's entrepreneurs' partnership with Maersk Line has led to better export logistics! #maerskline #Enablingtrade #Africa #Kenya
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meegoreng91 : @thippypoppy bro checked this out
prafulthakur222 : Every ware maersk!!!!!
prafulthakur222 : @maerskline @maerskgroup
david_re1d777 : @steven_remsen maersk triple toilet class
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jcoop249 : Truckin in Kenya
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maerskline - Maersk Line
A weekday or a weekend, we are always busy going around the world, enabling global trade! #FridayPhoto #MaerskLine #Africa #Capetown #tablemountain (image by @niiyer)
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bramvangelder2 : Very cool side yes!!οΌˆγƒ»∀・)
syarifrif : Bay plan
prafulthakur222 : Like to work with @maerskline @maerskgroup
angeldomngz : I was there. Very nice view though
lord_robinsonmbe : I so want to work for you guys when I'm older
julianneesther : @andresalexis_ @charlis_19
andiardiansyah95 : Sir, cadet nautical 4 can join to ship?
betim_castro : @brunam_ig
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Maersk Line in Africa is connecting the customers across the continent helping them realize their business potential. Here's a pic of Maersk Line at the monumental National Arts Theatre in Lagos, Nigeria. #SupplyChain #Logistics #Africa
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ebycally22 : @nachoxy @uc208 @donteify @gently_1
ebycally22 : Thankyou @maerskline i love this.. Will surely send in some personal Maersk logistics pics of mine too..
stacey161284 : @sonyathomas3
donaldmokgoko : Hw do i get to work for Maersk?
marshall_ambash : I love Nigeria dat's ma place lagos !
sonyathomas3 : Thanks @stacey161284 . I will be standing on that ground soon. #mixedemotionsaboutthis
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maerskline - Maersk Line
Maersk Line's expert logistics and supply chain solutions are connecting the fast growing businesses in the lands of Africa. Seen here is Maersk Line in Luanda, Angola. (Image by Mhammad Tarraf) #MaerskLine #Africa
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tompearce1960 : @care1969
ebycally22 : @maerskline don't u post pictures of Nigerian Maersk line logistics???
cathrynsantoro : Great picture. Very cool.
maerskline : We'll see what we can do @ebycally22 😊
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