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maebad - Mae
My little #louisvuittonagenda collection πŸ’™ Happy Sunday friends!
agendagm - planneraddict - plannercommunity - louisvuittonagenda - lvoe - louisvuittongm - plannerlife - plannerlove -
maebad : #louisvuittongm #lvoe #planneraddict #plannerlove #plannerlife #plannercommunity #agendagm
makeupaddictsrejoice : Happy Sunday! πŸ’•
themintfoxshop : 😍 love the mat!
lovelyplans34 : Love the mat too.....Not a fan of the monogrammed print it's everywhere. But they don't make the mat in the large size.
eskastationery - compulsiveplanning - princessofnothing35 - purple.happy.mail -
maebad - Mae
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'm sharing a look inside this stunning + smart #planner from @designloveco on #YouTube πŸ’— [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]
planner - youtube -
ahappymel : @lassie_abroad
lassie_abroad : @ahappymel
cocochanelno78 : @sawick1123
planningbeauty : Mae, this planner really has your name written all over it! If this wasn't your giveaway I would totally tag you! 😜😍 I do think that @sequinsandpaper would love this too though!
gabriellalion : Hi @maebad !!! I love your channel! I just had a question.. I'm looking into this planner and the happy planner, I was wondering which you recommend more?
rosegoldandglam_12 : @hoangnguyentranvy
peypeyllee : @gabsromero15 I am low key obsessed with planners
gabsromero15 : @peypeyllee and you just entered yourself for a chance to win it πŸ€ a girl needs her planners
unha_boniita - compulsiveplanning - studyrooms - planitforward -
maebad - Mae
Greeted by this stack of #happymail upon my return home πŸ’Œ I spy @cloth_and_paper, #riflepaperco and a #louisvuittonagenda πŸ˜‰
louisvuittonagenda - riflepaperco - happymail -
adrenalinejunkee : Oh my!!!!! πŸ’žπŸ’ž #happymail
createwithbeth : 😍😍😍
nikanematollahi : Glad you're safely home! 😘
filoeyecandi : I spy pipsticks!!!!
nolagirlplans : @maebad how do u like your @cloth_and_paper pen subscription (assuming that is what that is)... ☺️
maebad : @nolagirlplans I don't have the pen subscription yet but so far I have seen the July planner subscription box & various goodies from the @cloth_and_paper shop -- let me tell you, the items are amazing! Ashley's taste is impeccable. It is exactly my style. I have never seen planner supplies curated like this -- very classy. I recommend it without a doubt. Stay tuned, I'll show you an in-depth look at a lot of items from her!! πŸ’•
cloth_and_paper : β€οΈπŸ’‹
princessofnothing35 - robzwifey1 - mira8596 - plannersplannerseverywhere -
maebad - Mae
Well I've officially landed back in the US! And while my summer in Israel was beyond incredible, the work I now need to do after almost 2 months away is very real. I got this. 😎 [ps- really missed y'all! get ready for lots of fun new videos & projects coming soon!]
xoxo_paper : Welcome back dearest πŸ’•β˜€οΈ
bernadette919 : Yay!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘
cerricampbell : @ziedarling
ziedarling : This is fab. Do you mind if I post it to my feed, with credit of course!!
maebad : @ziedarling I can't take credit for this as much as I love it. Feel free to use, but I don't know the original creator πŸ’•
ziedarling : @maebad oh ok! Well thanks!
planner_junki : Yaaay can't wait @maebad
samm.ruth : @ronxlene
piscespaperco - nigerian_fran - princessofnothing35 - bluepineapplecandles -
maebad - Mae
Happy Friday! πŸŒ΄πŸŒŠβ˜€οΈ #maebadxis15
israel - happyfriday - maebadxis15 - hebrew - beach - mediterranean - aromacoffee -
maebad : #Israel #beach #happyfriday #aromacoffee #hebrew #mediterranean
monajafs : You and @nedaras are killingggggg me
negeen : O God.
maebad : @monajafs wish you were with us!!!
maebad : @negeen not pictured: my almond croissant! Jaht khalee
rockysofancy - officialsponsoredbycoffee - princessofnothing35 - sjlandry1959 -
maebad - Mae
Weekend in paradise πŸŒ΄β˜•οΈ #maebadxis15 #galsbakery
galsbakery - maebadxis15 -
makeupaddictsrejoice : Have fun! πŸ’•
noosh_ : #stay #dontleave #imeanit
azandi : Ahh eat one for me
ladylugschtehle : I. Love. Gals.
sparklesm : Just watched your latest video on YouTube channel thanks for answering all my questions ✨so cool! ☺️ and thanks for considering a doing handbag collection πŸ‘›βœ¨ Im also obsessed with wallets lol so for future q&a fav wallet style or brand ✨
snowdeer_design : Yummy β˜•οΈπŸ’›
hanin_farhain - paperheartofgold - sequinsandpaper - officialsponsoredbycoffee -
maebad - Mae
Look what was just delivered 😍 Of course I'm still away on holiday for another 10 days so I'm practicing my patience [and ordering a ton of accessories for it....] I'm thinking a few new videos are in order πŸ˜‰ #louisvuittonagenda #louisvuittonagendagm
louisvuittonagenda - louisvuittonagendagm -
maebad : @rhonisagem oh yes! the monogram mat! still have it and love it! But this is the larger, GM size 😊
maebad : @jess_1136 😰 me too! hoping my dad will help me out on that!!
nwc78 : So you decided to go with the "ring" agenda! Great, I have the same Monogram GM one and i absolutely love it, it's so roomy, and you'll be able to fit a lot of goodies in there!πŸ˜„
maebad : @nwc78 so happy to here you like it!! I love the size too but I actually plan on removing the rings and making it a desk agenda style! 😱
iheart2plan : Remove rings 😱😱😱😱
jemjemr : Wish we had Walmart, they have the best agenda decorating stuff! The UK are so behind! Love your IG, just subscribed to your you tube too, love finding new people to watch 😘x
maebad : @jemjemr love your IG too!! πŸ’• thanks for your support dear! Email me your address, I'll send you some agenda goodies when I return to the U.S.!
jemjemr : @maebad Ahhh thank you lovely, oh wow that would be amazing πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ». I will inbox you, let me know if there's anything from the UK (if there's anything as the U.S. Is just so fab) you would like πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜x
miku.languages - thatluxelife_ - compulsiveplanning - bshayr200021 -
maebad - Mae
How adorable is this nail salon in #Israel πŸŽ€ beauty is beauty, no matter where you go in this world πŸ’…πŸΌ #maebadxis15
israel - maebadxis15 -
addictedtocuteness - aartifact - officialsponsoredbycoffee - therachmark -
maebad - Mae
If only our American #brunch was as elaborate as an Israeli breakfast 😍 β˜•οΈ #maebadxis15
brunch - maebadxis15 -
seppyforlove : Yummy!!!!!!!
jossieposie4 : Yum!!
makeupaddictsrejoice : Looks delicious πŸ˜‹
compulsiveplanning : That salad looks like the common salad served at turkish restaurants! Delish! I also sent you a DM, I would appreciate it if you could help me out with it, or maybe lead me to someone you know that can help?
negeen : LOVE the new logo. I want that mug!!
aartifact - sequinsandpaper - officialsponsoredbycoffee - princessofnothing35 -
maebad - Mae
Saturday brunch β˜•οΈ Wish you coulda seen the view 🌴🌊 #maebadxis15 #israel #cafeneto
israel - maebadxis15 - cafeneto -
sunflowersmakemehappy : Are you already there?
goodphat : @maebad I adore your shades!
negeen : Aslan nagoo "view" please.
aartifact : Idk why I haven't seen you recently in my feed but have a safe trip!!!!!
ameliegrecy - bukhtawar.500 - neashiababy - imlola.love -
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