Amy Dumas

Vegan. The Kenz. Kettlebell. Micronutrients. Machetes. Travel. Surfboards. Latin Poser. Nica. HxC
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machetegirl - Amy Dumas
I can rep veggies and pro wrestling at the same time? What!?! @bakeanddestroy hooked me up with a Hot Rod inspired #vegan T. Loving it! #alloutofbubblegum
alloutofbubblegum - vegan -
maddogmitch49 : @machetegirl If you're ever in St. Louis and want a vegan donut, we have them every weekend at @strangedonuts. #LitaForever
natalia_ramirez : πŸ™Œ
datkidvinay : Healthy
niki_lover9187 : @helpful_shouts got me to 1k
justtrinaxoxo : Beautiful
queeenaj : 😍😍
hippiegofantastic : One of the coolest chicks around. You inspire me. ☺️
laura.francke : So beautiful😍
__janie_jones__ - iheartcookies - kristinasweetie - kalmado -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Day 2 of #MontrealComicCon starting things off right. #TeamBestie Wheatgrass shots with @trishstratuscom #vegan
teambestie - vegan - montrealcomiccon -
rossfarrarts : You better be at my birthday party lady.
schmetterlingt : Hola Amy espero estes super bien
jackeyjak : @kaarla.gutierrez We need this in our lives
machetegirl : @rossfarrarts We'll have to have another one. I'm still in Canada. Happy Birthday!
wwe_divaaas : @skinny_dibiase lita is the one with the tattoo
skinny_dibiase : I know @wwe_divaaas I'm asking who is the tattoo of
wwe_divaaas : @skinny_dibiase its just her standing in a wrestling ring/ropes
skinny_dibiase : oh that's cool thanks my girl @wwe_divaaas
amber.mckenzie - umm.karina - leatijosephwwe - its_nique_bish -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
#TheKenz in deep thought. #captionthis #nofilter
nofilter - captionthis - thekenz -
ashleywwe : Hey if you're ever in the Houston TX area I would love to groom your baby!
m4dness97 : @machetegirl are you in #WWE2K15 ?
jep101202 : He's remembering biting Steph McMahon on the booty.....good times. :-)
cartooor : @machetegirl Omg so cutie <3
cena_divas_dolph : Please #followme
shayla_lita_trish_ : So adorable
_amixedbeauti : I made you a video can you plz check it out 😩😩😘
kara_jane_dore88 : Very cute
jazmine.pineda - ajjlee - believeinsethrollins - amber.mckenzie -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Typical day in the (not) Sunset in SF. Foggy, windy, cold and overcast. Took #MyGenuineScooter out to the 16th ave tiled step project for a workout. 1,500 steps later I'm pretty thankful for my front row parking. @genuinescooters #SFlife #urbanexploring #scooterlife #poweredbyveggies
urbanexploring - sflife - scooterlife - mygenuinescooter - poweredbyveggies -
wwe_emily_sparks : ^^^nooo your not, I am
shayla_lita_trish_ : Lita I miss you. Come to Adelaide. I want to meet you because you are an inspiration to me and so is trish but I want to be a high flyer like you when I'm older and I'm 10 but I still watch videos of you.
money_sk8r1230 : Can u come back to wwe as guest host or come back completely
toxiiic_angel : Love it :)
chaaleisantiago : ♥♥♥♥
cherri_child : WELCOME πŸ™‰ Enjoy the Bay! The people are crazy drivers, but we have the coolest festivals and street concerts!
thekarmakat : @amanduh_beeee & @wildflower313 did you see this on your road trip?
_amixedbeauti : I made you a video can you plz check it out 😩😩😘
zombie_slayer_willow - xmonica24 - cb_thatgirl - kevinshintaro -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Just getting settled into my new surroundings. Welcome to San Francisco. #justshoes #castroandmarket #nothingtoseehere #justanotherday
castroandmarket - justshoes - justanotherday - nothingtoseehere -
puffbobby : @petercandrilli cute top
benjaagaticaa : Ou tu hermano fue pa aya verdad? @king_saez25
king_saez25 : Yes @benjaagaticaa
bellatwinsandnattie : booty😍lol jk
therandywwe : Tf πŸ˜‚
arizonasbadbitch : @machetegirl that view...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_amixedbeauti : I made you a video can you plz check it out 😩😩😘
egotisticalmistress : ...
coolio1075 - marcos_youtube1 - big_angel1 - kevinshintaro -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Who says you can't have @donutfriend on a Monday? It only requires raiding the dumpster the night before. Not to be picky, but next time would you mind leaving a to go container of vegan pastry creme and a few more Rites o Sprinkles? #westcoastadventures #whatveganseat #donutfriend #dumpsterdiving #donutfriendoversummerslam #priorities
donutfriendoversummerslam - westcoastadventures - donutfriend - whatveganseat - priorities - dumpsterdiving -
_chaseeeeee_ : Lita doing it right!
m0nster_one : @machetegirl next time I'm out west, we're totally dumpstering bagels and eating them in People's Park.
karen5stars : Lita lovee you!!!!!!
wwe_divaas : Your seriously the best diva of all time
mariowwe619 : yummy
mariowwe619 : @machetegirl feel free to take pik of the gift we got you at wrestling guy store
leephil447 : @machetegirl mmmmmmmmm that looks good
_amixedbeauti : I made you a video can you plz check it out 😩😩😘
angelskipping - espinozajr22 - toritotalcool -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Hanging with my homies on the #wwe TV truck. #selfie
wwe - selfie -
leephil447 : Champions
ebrahim_hamada13 : You can wach it just for 9.99πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜…
ur__third_heart : #missulita #bestdivaever
stefideki : My favourite diva. You're a star
chaaleisantiago : ♥♥ MY DIVA! 
arizonasbadbitch : I see Kane 😊
_amixedbeauti : I made you a video can you plz check it out 😩😩😘
kcyoungin : Greatest diva ever
wrestlingworldd - jazmine.pineda - coltonlovesdoctorwho - juanse_ma -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
My LT⚑️crew out scores your laser tag crew. #straightlazers #rapidfire #highscore #lasertagtuesdays @lilbabypenguin @knife_knife_knife @markarson @m0nster_one @missladyflex @ghettojosh @avocadohno and kinda @shenanigans_atl and keep working on it @champxatlanta
straightlazers - highscore - rapidfire - lasertagtuesdays -
bl00dysparkl3s : So my friend and trainer that's training me for WWE had a convo about you. I asked if she could help me learn to be like you in the ring and if she knew who you were. And she said yeah she knows you personally. Maybe one day I could meet you.
anusrippin : Too cool!
dandatory : ATL represent!
wwe_divaas : Your the best diva ever
music_muscle23 : #Follow Back @machetegirl huge fan of yours
hamad_alsanad_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘
p_hardy01 : you can't even tell lita is 39 because she's flawless @machetegirl flawless then and flawless now love you amy
_amixedbeauti : I made you a video can you plz check it out 😩😩😘
blanquita93_ - angelskipping - knightraven7 - briebellabomber -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Been trying to call @rossfarrarts all day and he won't pick up. @ceremony
prinseshachinita : soo pretty <3
arizonasbadbitch : where did you make your tattoos ? @machetegirl
lambertbrittany219 : I would love to be like u in the wwe . When I get in there I loved watching u all the time every time I see you on tv I would get excited I love you lita but - the kane part .
maxican_gon_crazy_34 : Are you still going out with edge
edmhead_90 : @astrozombie_87
wwe_divaaas : @crazy_maxican12 edge is dating beth phoenix and has a kid.
chaaleisantiago : U look so fab lita ♥ we miss you :(
simplymirahh : My favorite female wrestler of all time. Loved u n Trish. Today's generation is not the same. Miss the days u guys were around
dabeast818 - slipknotlovez - lizzyp224 - quique8 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Went wave hunting today down the coast of Portugal. #scooterlife
scooterlife -
akojoanna54 : You're in PORTUGALLL ???? No wayyyyyy
redeagle_wrestler : Hello Mrs Amy I have wrestling school in Lisbon I saw you are in Lisbon I really like to invite you to come to my school and see the kids here my email is thank you I hope you enjoy Portugal and Lisbon if you need help its something plesse feel free to ask thank you
redeagle_wrestler :
rampaiger_4_ever : @machetegirl can you come to richmond ky? I want to meet you so fricken bad. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN BEFORE I DIE.
lauryn.r0se_ : Hey @machetegirl can u check ur dm? I made something for u and it would mean the world to me if u saw it and replied thx :) @machetegirl
selgrvnde : I miss your wrestling😭 you were such and still an inspiration😭 you were so good I miss the old wwe now it's just about wannabes and goodie goodies
beajojospam : You are so beautiful @machetegirl
badboy5724 : Nice picture
lunaticobsessed - 2dirtydeeds - kikiyamotasuforever - angelskipping -
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