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Vegan. The Kenz. Kettlebell. Micronutrients. Machetes. Travel. Surfboards. Latin Poser. Nica. HxC
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machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Wasting food bums me out. I salvaged some veggies from two overflowing dumpsters. The amount of waste in this country is astonishing. Start with your own fridge and don't waste what you buy. #xbrusslesx #upthebrussles #missionSF #dumpsterdiving #whatveganseat #respecttheearth #eatyourveggies
whatveganseat - upthebrussles - xbrusslesx - missionsf - eatyourveggies - respecttheearth - dumpsterdiving -
meladeth : dumpster diving πŸ’ͺ
beau_666_beau : Over 1700 people like this??? What. The. Fuck?
noordman88 : That's just fucking disgusting.
luw0p : ....😐😐😐
m0nster_one : @machetegirl send it to People's Park, Berkeley, CA 94704.
m0nster_one : @beau_666_beau like you've never eaten from a dumpster before.
havanapdx : Dumpster diving
dakotafloyd : Trader Joe's dumpster?
fatiiima333 - anneragan_ - rissyroo94 - evaraspotnik -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
I think this is what they call #poppinoff or just straight #chaosinthestreets #SF #helicoptersflying #SFGiants #WorldSeries #baseball
worldseries - poppinoff - helicoptersflying - chaosinthestreets - baseball - sf - sfgiants -
thejasonabramsshow : #Phish
chaaleisantiago : Be safe out there high-flying extreme diva! ♥ @machetegirl
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : scam game 7 ur devil i whooped lucifer arse oalready amy no tatts a woman i already found her wwe hif sham
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : lita is a fake screen name rong name wwe smucks hof smucks ULTIMATE WARRIOR Needs no hof
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : ROYALS WON 10-0 SCAM game 7 lousy fake errors
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : her name is acd lita fake name wwe fake
timothy_cobler : Your fake she's a legend
krisgoettsch : @smohawk
shantasiaveronica - rookieamy - filzah_rkostratusfaction - felicemarie28 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Beautiful fall day in #SF for a @genuinescooters ride on my #Hooligan170i Across the Golden Gate, down the 101 and through the Redwoods at #MuirWoods #scooterlife
hooligan170i - scooterlife - ilovemygreenscooter - muirwoods - gettingrad - sf -
machetegirl : @bornbetterali we're all aging. Time stops for no one. Scooters are just fun. Mine just also happens to be badass.
monie1976 : So beautiful there!
lojain_37 : Love you so much Lita
bornbetterali : @machetegirl hahah fair enough. Thanks for this mini conversation, made me feel badass all talking up to Lita like that. Probably heard this a zillion billion times but oh well--> You made my childhood fun. Hope you had a pleasant day. Love from London
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : hof rigged for me WHO CAREs
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : p
lilbabypenguin : Wow! Love this!!
genuinescooters : Great shot! We're happy to see that your #Hooligan170i is the perfect scooter for your #SanFrancisco adventures.
felicemarie28 - misterbosch - zulkamalzailani - demise101 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Who needs a kiss from me? Ask @topssports how! I feel it is now your duty to make as many inappropriate comments and hashtags about this post as possible. #makingoutonthejob #toughdayattheoffice #chappedlips #somanykisses #kisscards
chappedlips - makingoutonthejob - toughdayattheoffice - kisscards - somanykisses -
dom_hom : Love U you u Amy Christine
thedandylion82 : @mew90
jrodion : @toppssports how do I get one?
jrodion : #belowkisses #babyblowmeakiss
wardemon1313 : Oh Amy I want nothing more then to search and feel the texture of your Punk Tattoo with my tounge.
wardemon1313 : Just wrap my arms around you and never let you go as our lips lock time-to-time breaking to catch our breath I'd whisper sweet and naughty things in your ear.
wardemon1313 : Nibble and kiss your neck and tell you how long I've been dreaming about Making out with you.
jizzyjazzyjames : I want to kiss those lips of yours @machetegirl
wwe__ajlee__ - borisglisic96 - speedydean - fearlessmode02 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Great beach day at one of my favorite places with @anthonyxanzaldo @tastyk8 @matthewgere and #thekenz Time to get back in the water. #surfsup #sunset #latergram #nofilter
nofilter - sunset - latergram - thekenz - surfsup -
grungeshield : πŸ‘Œ
grizzybear27 : πŸŒŠπŸ„
hamad_alsanad_ : πŸ‘πŸ“·
schmetterlingt : This place is beautiful ♥
johnnyboy025 : @nat.punk she's close!
redragedturtle61 : Almost as gorgeous and perfect as you! @machetegirl
theexplodingkind : funston rules so hard at sunset
alexamendozaa : It was great meeting you today 😘
lojain_37 - und34d_m4gg0t.925 - thedivaswwe - unleash_the_hounds -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
@matthewgere and the Kenz. Separated at birth. #reunited
reunited -
jod1emwixx : Hi Amy all the way from Glasgow Scotland xxxx : πŸ’–β˜ΊοΈ
missxjoanne : @machetegirl I need to meet Kenz one of these days! 😊
itsfflavia : @machetegirl pleaseeee Follow meeee!!!!
hello_babydoll : Ive waited my whole life for tomorrow... Please excuse me if i cry❀️
schmetterlingt : Amy I hope one day travel to meet my favorite female wrestler thats I reminded you
jrodion : @hello_babydoll what happens tomorrow?
senoritadietrich : Oh the Kenz was so cute and little in person. Poor baby was so nervous she had to wear a thunder jacket :3
gabyborthwick - eli_rodriguez_ - thedivaswwe - yoncaaaaa_0405 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Raced down Folsom on my @genuinescooters #Hooligan170i to catch the end of this amazing sunset. #SF #sunset #scooterlife
scooterlife - hooligan170i - sunset - sf -
peachkush : Maybe one day I could get u to sign my book, Amy. I'm a huge fan. Ps. Nice ink 😍 @machetegirl
lavbenton : Gorgeous shot
quxxn__sheree : Beautiful photo...but seriously what's that new tattoo of πŸ˜‚ @machetegirl
hamad_alsanad_ : 😍😍
im_a_big_snake : @machetegirl I get to see u for the 2nd time on Saturday super excited .. San Jose
boripapa : Awesome view
schmetterlingt : Amy Im your fan!! You inspire me to be a pro -wrestler thanks for every risk you took on the ring God bless. Your life and future @machetegirl
michellemarie_ : I love you Amy ! I hope you come to Florida very soon !!
jeffhardytwistfo_fate - xoxo_lonjanaetlovesyou - morgan_bailey32 - you_cant_mosh_with_us_ -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
What's @cathedraloftears drawing on me? Go. @blackhearttattoo
heelcassie : @machetegirl Can't wait to see the result. :)
haeleyk13 : Hey, yesterday was the two month anniversary of us meeting! I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for me on that day and before than. You made me the happiest I've been in such a long time, probably ever actually. It was so worth the 7 year wait! I can't wait for it to happen again, maybe you will come to minnesota this time instead of me going to California πŸ˜‰
schmetterlingt : God bless your life Amy Dumas @machetegirl
shay_shay_wwe : Please come to Adelaide for a appearance. I would love to meet you. I would drive 9 hours to meet. Please come. #bestwrestlerever
rampaiger4ever26 : @machetegirl either a portrait of the Kenz or a portrait that has something to do with WWE/WWF. It would be pretty weird if you tattooed @trishstratuscom on your leg though.
laurennalex_xx : I love you πŸ˜˜πŸ’— @machetegirl
litaholic414 : When are we gonna see the finished piece..
rudycm64 : I'm next! - thedivaswwe - benoitsxe - lxndseyx -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Fog is rolling over the city under a full moon. #SF #baybridge #KarltheFog
baybridge - sf - karlthefog -
kylerobertstrain : Such a great photo, slightly reminds of the movie, Halloween is definitely here.
dom_hom : ugly as f city
bernard_kaboodle : October 31st is my birthday. It really is amy you need to go back on that date to have one more match it would be the best b day present for me and all of your other fans. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE
wwe_emily_sparks : I LOVE YOUπŸ’•
dopex10 : Nice pic! Youe beautiful Amy :)
dopex10 : You're
litahardys : I'll be thankful if you follow me πŸ˜”πŸ’˜-Love ya-
litafacts : ilysfmπŸ’˜
julesmacl - itstyreabishhh - - _isurvived_ -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Bring on the #VeggieGrill haterz. @southpawinstagrammer has my back #whatveganseat
veggiegrill - whatveganseat -
emilyhrab : @titan2245 erm no nothing like that really.
kylerobertstrain : Sucks that the West Coast has only access to #VeggieGrill
makeupgem1989 : Goodness that looks delicious
mahdiajili : Lita plz follow me I’m one of your big fans
ajjlee : That seems so delicious omg
bbg1rl : Wow you can be vegan and eat all that good food?! I'm in the middle of straying away from meat and possibly turnin vegan... this is very convincing
wwe_emily_sparks : I LOVE YOUπŸ’•
chckinpatty : I live in las vags
morgan_bailey32 - xoxo_lonjanaetlovesyou - eli_rodriguez_ - yoncaaaaa_0405 -
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