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Vegan. The Kenz. Kettlebell. Micronutrients. Machetes. Travel. Surfboards. Latin Poser. Nica. HxC
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machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Been trying to call @rossfarrarts all day and he won't pick up. @ceremony
arisaanarchy : ❤❤❤❤
iranwwedivas : Please come back to wwe
ragadk.khalil : Lita Iloveyou♥♡
jensenward : @machetegirl You know he took that phone around all day. I caught him doing the bit all on his own just for himself. That made me laugh the most.
_valelelele_ : i love you so much:(, soy chilena): , lita so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wwe_divas_obsessed : I love you so much❤️❤️💙
georginaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : @machetegirl you are my all time favourite women wrestler 💖😃
kylieajleepri_ : Can I have your babies😳😍
nat.punk - xoxo_lonjanaetlovesyou - gotfasiha - jaaysunn -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Went wave hunting today down the coast of Portugal. #scooterlife
scooterlife -
akojoanna54 : You're in PORTUGALLL ???? No wayyyyyy
redeagle_wrestler : Hello Mrs Amy I have wrestling school in Lisbon I saw you are in Lisbon I really like to invite you to come to my school and see the kids here my email is thank you I hope you enjoy Portugal and Lisbon if you need help its something plesse feel free to ask thank you
redeagle_wrestler :
rampaiger_4_ever : @machetegirl can you come to richmond ky? I want to meet you so fricken bad. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN BEFORE I DIE.
lauryn.r0se_ : Hey @machetegirl can u check ur dm? I made something for u and it would mean the world to me if u saw it and replied thx :) @machetegirl
_.selgrande : I miss your wrestling😭 you were such and still an inspiration😭 you were so good I miss the old wwe now it's just about wannabes and goodie goodies
beajojo : You are so beautiful @machetegirl
badboy5724 : Nice picture
wwediveas - teamhilton - shon.moxley - eccentricambrose -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
It's pretty 90s #vegan over here although it's come a long way. I defaulted to my first trip to Europe in 95 where I would just go to the market everyday get some fruits and vegetables and a loaf of French bread, stuff it in my backpack and snack away for the day. Repeat. And then I found this place- #PrincesadoCastelo 100% vegan. So..... Carob still exists. #thischocolatetastesfunny #90svegan #3rdworldvegan
thischocolatetastesfunny - 3rdworldvegan - princesadocastelo - 90svegan - vegan -
princes_moon : 💘💘💘i love you 💘💘💘 @machetegirl
_sarahlnd : @machetegirl come to Paris, you are my idol, ilysm 😘🇫🇷🇫🇷
badmoodmorgado : would eat/would wear/possibly have worn
thejoematlock : I just re-watched ur HOF Speech and I burst into tears. Ur my biggest inspiration and I just like u have the dream of being a pro wrestler. I've yet to find a school but just know if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be following my dreams
rxjx : #what90sveganseat
max_maker : @machetegirl enjoy that! we just got out of 80s veg…in Riverside! it was torture!
mostafaru : I wish I was a vegan 😢
moldycakemix : @mostafaru then become one :-) - girlmworld - wwediveas - queenfox12613 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Having a blast in #Lisbon #watchyourtoes #lisboa #touristshit #Alfama
lisboa - alfama - watchyourtoes - touristshit - lisbon -
tre__2xx : Hey lita
hanwiilliams : Come back to the UK soon😩
ohsnapxitsviolet : If you can try and make it to Porto, it's beyond beautiful
toxiiic_angel : Enjoy your trip @machetegirl & Please Travel to FRANCE next time xoxo It's my biggest dream to meet you :p
ssssirii : LITA!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
redeagle_wrestler : school in Lisbon I saw you are in Lisbon I really like to invite you to come to my school and see the kids here my email is thank you I hope you enjoy Portugal and Lisbon if you need help its something plesse feel free to ask thank you
redeagle_wrestler : @machetegirl
anabellacalvao : @machetegirl that is so cool you went to Lisbon I have some family there so that is so cool! Again this is from your number 1 fan who is listening to your book Lita A Less Traveled R.O.A.D.......I'm on the last part of it and it's so good!!!!!
h.b.ambooty - ajlee_punk - queenfox12613 - factslita -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
A well loved action figure presented for me to sign at the London Film and Comic Con. Take special note of the missing hand and well massaged boob. I appreciate a good boob massage. #selfie #LFCC
lfcc - selfie -
mostafaru : Why is it broken ?
crdwyer76 : @machetegirl That's hilarious, and awesome!!!
seanlyonx : hes married to aj @miss_jackie666
onecrazymoma : Your action figure is missing the tattoo as well lol
2k14_fanpage : Only if that was u
animalbatista18 : Can I DM You?
wwe_dean_ambrose_lover : Wha
hannah_mote : And with no hand😂
c9903 - love.dean.ambrose - shon.moxley - wwenextgeneration -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
#streetart #camdenlock #london
camdenlock - london - streetart - bullshit -
rammyphoenix : See you tomorrow any
rammyphoenix : See you tomorrow Amy what I meant to say
drewashlynmua : I really wanted to meet you. Will you be at London comic con again in October xx
bruthaniall : I was in Camden an hour ago! Seeing you tomorrow 😲😲
djenneration : This picture speaks to me more than I thought... :)
theodev420 : I wonder what it would be like to live back in that era
dandatory : I love that the thought bubble is its own sign
keirstaz : ❤️
girlmworld - ayemoomoo - xxpunkmonsterxx - factslita -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Posted up for some fireworks with @knife_knife_knife @lilbabypenguin and @genuinescooters #merica
merica -
wweandzombies : Is Kenz with you? I remember that her twitter says that she hates fireworks lol
machetegirl : Hell no kenz isn't with me. I don't torture my friends.
findhannahh : happy fourth 💕
oreoswirl1117 : dogs are the same way!
ht151871 : Happy Fourth of July @machetegirl
princes_moon : I love you Amy 💞💞😍😍😍 @machetegirl
princes_moon : I wish i can meet you 💕💕💕 @machetegirl
spankyg73 : Hi. Trying to aort interview with you for huff post in london... and tour of parliament. Pls come back to us
litafan123 - sugarskull_13 - queen__vanity - qt3hunna -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Urban exploring with @lilbabypenguin and @genuinescooters #ATLien
atlien -
y2jim : Tabernacle!
elaina__kay : You're in Atlanta?!?!? I live in Atlanta i want to see you😫💕
drewashlynmua : That looks amazing
ben_germannnnnnnnnnnn : Dopeeeee
jemmebrulee : Come to California!
shakesjc : The Aquarium is pretty awesome. So is the zoo. I just got back.
angelad2009 : My girlfriend and I got engaged there :) such a beautiful picture!
theodev420 : Pretty
litafan123 - la_estrella196 - xxpunkmonsterxx - factslita -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Scooter tour with @lilbabypenguin and @genuinescooters #urbanexploring #ATLien
atlien - urbanexploring -
tntracer34 : Jealous. Thanks for the invite
_wwedivasedits : Awesome! You are the best Amy!
shenanigans_atl : Perfect night. Just got off the bike.
drewashlynmua : I cant wait for you to come to the UK xx
idiotguru : Fuck I miss home...
theodev420 : the City!!!
imeneelenagoulding : I love you Amy, you are such an inspirational to women
hanwiilliams : Check DM
sugarskull_13 - queen__vanity - qt3hunna - monicamedrano_xo -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
alexandrakarwoski : Whoohoo 3rd comment soo prettty
bvbkenzie : It's so pretty
debdangerfield : This makes me slightly homesick @machetegirl...miss your face!
virginiawolf1978 : Love it
_lorryjane : Looks like a painting almost! ☺
ht151871 : @machetegirl u are my woman crush Wednesday. Red hair ga girl and braves fan
hai_im_aliyah : Are you going to be at Greenville on Friday?
monie1976 : Getting some great shots!
litafan123 - anabellacalvao - miriam_rdz_lee - qt3hunna -
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