Amy Dumas

Vegan. No Drugs. No Alcohol. The Kenz. Kettlebell. Micronutrients. Machetes. Scooters.Travel. Surfboards. Latin Poser. Nica. HxC
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machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Rainy day #touristshit .......saw a couple #pez #whatveganseat #pezmuseum @pezcandyusa
pezmuseum - whatveganseat - touristshit - pez -
stormieelaine : An ewok pez ! I know lots of people dog them but I loved that movie.
jeramy213 : You can have all of my Pez
schmetterlingt : Yes I remember my grandmom used to buy me that when I was little but I never learned how to use it xD
toys_cgowsmith : Check dm @machetegirl
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : Chewbacca Ewok Wolverine
mentaldiscipline : Best diva ever !!!
m4dness97 : PEZ ! :D
micaela_ambrose_13 - ruully_52 - the_explosivo - trbitw -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Best mocktail in the city with @lilbabypenguin #tongaroom #SF #touristshit #mocktail #tiki
mocktail - tiki - touristshit - sf - tongaroom -
kcyoungin : how big is that tiki thing?
wwemendez : Your my idol ily β€πŸ’•πŸ˜­
ghouliejulieee : Yes!!!
tony_rockyhara : Ahh, I need to go there next time I'm up that way. It's always on the agenda, and it never happens. Next time!!
_deadbydawn101_ : Have to try that place
anthonyxanzaldo : Tourist shit
wwerosebomb : Lita we need u back
lojain_37 : Come back wwe Lita please?and I love you so much Lita?β€οΈπŸ’žπŸ˜­
nemesis_onthepremises - ali_bell_loves_dolphins - timjr05 - samantha_samcro -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
The Kenz appreciates #bestcoast living. Soaking in beach days on the PCH #thekenz
bestcoast - thekenz -
lojain_37 : Love you and miss you more 😒❀️
shay_shay_wwe : I like u so much even 2 of my other friends like u. And I'm only 10. I watch videos of you, your so amazing. Could you please follow me plz.
bornbetterali : @machetegirl you don't say! How can I miss the adventures of diva Rabbi Dumas and her green sababa scooter?
stealingtheshowaj : Please look at my picture!! I love you Lita you're so awesome!! @machetegirl @machetegirl @machetegirl
r_valdivia : Nica?!!!! Nicaraguan?!
leixsantiago : I miss seeing update picture of yourself.its been a week since you've posted.missed you!! btw the kenz is such a cutie like her mama ♥
colr1975 : I got a free iphone from @givingapplehere
lojain_37 : Come back wwe? Please Lita and love you baby
djzemaions - thelittlerunaway - geethemisfit - wwerosebomb -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
My hood knows how to party #poppinoff #diadelosmuertos
poppinoff - diadelosmuertos -
jacoboneal : I'd be honored to meet you someday. You've always been one of my favorite wrestlers. #TeamExtreme was and will always be my favorite teams in #WWE. I hope all is well hope to see you back in the #WWE again!! @machetegirl
dom_hom : it was cause of mee
fashiondesigner14 : Don't say that, she deserved to be in the hall of fame. If it wasn't Amy Dumas, then Aj Lee and Paige wouldn't be where they are today also Emma, Charlotte, and Bailey too from next are inspired by Amy Dumas too. #queen of extreme!!! Aj πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ’™
leixsantiago : ♥♥♥♥ : πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’•
thewrestlinglegend : i miss you.
sub_blade : I want get a moonsulat form you it's no my bucket list πŸ˜„
stealingtheshowaj : Please look at the edit I made for you and trish
xman__132 - niki_lover9187 - moxley.ambrose - lovelihua102644 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Wasting food bums me out. I salvaged some veggies from two overflowing dumpsters. The amount of waste in this country is astonishing. Start with your own fridge and don't waste what you buy. #xbrusslesx #upthebrussles #missionSF #dumpsterdiving #whatveganseat #respecttheearth #eatyourveggies
whatveganseat - upthebrussles - xbrusslesx - missionsf - eatyourveggies - respecttheearth - dumpsterdiving -
jackclicks04 : #litarules
ronharney : @marcthomas442
junior_gallardo3 : Come back to wwe and kick ass⭐️
forever.dean.ambrose : I love you!! You should come back I would die if u did!!. 😍❀️😭😍😘😘
randy_orton_fans_ : @alicia00070
staggerrlee_ : You know what's up!
fosketfan : Idol.
leixsantiago : always looks litamazinggg!
abraham.garcia.brand12 - gusbobb21 - thelittlerunaway - savozy -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
I think this is what they call #poppinoff or just straight #chaosinthestreets #SF #helicoptersflying #SFGiants #WorldSeries #baseball
worldseries - poppinoff - helicoptersflying - chaosinthestreets - baseball - sf - sfgiants -
leixsantiago : Be safe out there high-flying extreme diva! ♥ @machetegirl
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : scam game 7 ur devil i whooped lucifer arse oalready amy no tatts a woman i already found her wwe hif sham
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : lita is a fake screen name rong name wwe smucks hof smucks ULTIMATE WARRIOR Needs no hof
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : ROYALS WON 10-0 SCAM game 7 lousy fake errors
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : her name is acd lita fake name wwe fake
timothy_cobler : Your fake she's a legend
krisgoettsch : @smohawk
quxxn__sheree : @homanquintariateamstbappvspres of course the royals won😭😭😭 #orangeandblackforever πŸ”Άβš«οΈ
figures.wwe - inksane_willows_way - xyesdnil - yung_kiddo -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Beautiful fall day in #SF for a @genuinescooters ride on my #Hooligan170i Across the Golden Gate, down the 101 and through the Redwoods at #MuirWoods #scooterlife
muirwoods - scooterlife - hooligan170i - sf -
homanquintariateamstbappvspres : p
lilbabypenguin : Wow! Love this!!
genuinescooters : Great shot! We're happy to see that your #Hooligan170i is the perfect scooter for your #SanFrancisco adventures.
wardemon1313 : @machetegirl sweet scooter Amy when did you move to #SanFrancisco?
mizzcookiebee : Argh, I've been looking at getting one of these myself and I've read so many good things about this particular scooter from this company.
genuinescooters : @mizzcookiebee You should! Are you looking to purchase a Hooligan or another model?
mizzcookiebee : @genuinescooters I am as actually! I'm really in love with the one like Amy's.
genuinescooters : @mizzcookiebee It's a great scooter! We think you'd rock it. :)
morgan_bailey32 - inksane_willows_way - manaia_ragazza - smackdown_yasmine -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Who needs a kiss from me? Ask @topssports how! I feel it is now your duty to make as many inappropriate comments and hashtags about this post as possible. #makingoutonthejob #toughdayattheoffice #chappedlips #somanykisses #kisscards
chappedlips - makingoutonthejob - toughdayattheoffice - kisscards - somanykisses -
wardemon1313 : Just wrap my arms around you and never let you go as our lips lock time-to-time breaking to catch our breath I'd whisper sweet and naughty things in your ear.
wardemon1313 : Nibble and kiss your neck and tell you how long I've been dreaming about Making out with you.
jizzyjazzyjames : I want to kiss those lips of yours @machetegirl
dom_hom : im no t i nterested in her anymore
dom_hom : u found ....ur mate ......
dom_hom : tatt on lips too ewww
martinpa7x : How do i get one !
leixsantiago : Come back to wwe and kick ass in the ring again! our generation needs lita! ♥
icebud30529 - manaia_ragazza - thewalkingdeadlover158 - eerieeric444 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
Great beach day at one of my favorite places with @anthonyxanzaldo @tastyk8 @matthewgere and #thekenz Time to get back in the water. #surfsup #sunset #latergram #nofilter
nofilter - sunset - latergram - thekenz - surfsup -
turkey.ambrose : πŸ‘Œ
grizzybear27 : πŸŒŠπŸ„
hamad_alsanad_ : πŸ‘πŸ“·
schmetterlingt : This place is beautiful ♥
johnnyboy025 : @nat.punk she's close!
redragedturtle61 : Almost as gorgeous and perfect as you! @machetegirl
theexplodingkind : funston rules so hard at sunset
alexafox.12613 : It was great meeting you today 😘
manaia_ragazza - browneyes277 - thewalkingdeadlover158 - dmc662 -
machetegirl - Amy Dumas
@matthewgere and the Kenz. Separated at birth. #reunited
reunited -
jod1emwixx : Hi Amy all the way from Glasgow Scotland xxxx
uhh.okaay : πŸ’–β˜ΊοΈ
missxjoanne : @machetegirl I need to meet Kenz one of these days! 😊
itsfflavia : @machetegirl pleaseeee Follow meeee!!!!
hello_babydoll : Ive waited my whole life for tomorrow... Please excuse me if i cry❀️
schmetterlingt : Amy I hope one day travel to meet my favorite female wrestler thats I reminded you
jrodion : @hello_babydoll what happens tomorrow?
dietrichempire : Oh the Kenz was so cute and little in person. Poor baby was so nervous she had to wear a thunder jacket :3
ramosdario - thewalkingdeadlover158 - summerraepro - adriana_wyatt -
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