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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
Rocking out my #MonumentsToAnElegy tee I bought yesterday. #Style #SmashingPumpkins #Me #tee #ConjuntoF
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
My second #SmashingPumpkins concert in 19 years. The first one I saw was during the #HollywoodRock festival in São Paulo. I was still a teenager. I can't tell which one was the best performance. But last night here in #Brasília #BilliCorgan, #BradWilk and the rest of the band rocked real hard and gave their best onstage. Excellent night. Hope they kick ass in São Paulo this weekend too. United States and Today And Cherub were the songs I enjoyed the most. Thank for everything. #27.3.2015 #TheSmashingPumpkins #LiveConcert #AvaAdore #SiameseDream @smashingpumpkins #ConjuntoF
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
#YoungTheGiant for the first time in #Brasília last night (27.3.2015). Nice to meet you. #LiveConcert #Gig #IndieRock #ConjuntoF
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arline_russialove : Your IG is beautiful! You should visit my page .
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
Later, tonight. #SmashingPumpkins #YoungTheGiant #Ticket #Concert #Brasília #ConjuntoF
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marcosmedeiiros : Estaremos lá!
myfeverband : 👍
lxdf : Massa, @marcosmedeiiros.
kivenmusic : 👌
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
It's kinda hard to love a recent or new movie the way I love the ones I watched when I was a kid, a teenager or a young adult. It's ard nowadays to be surprised, shook and amazed by a new film. And the last time it happened was when #ASeparation came out and found a place to be shown here in Brasília. It was 2011 or 2012. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was witnessing a real masterpiece being played on the silver screen. And there's nothing like the feeling I get when something like that happened. I already had my tpo five favourite movies list. But when I left the movie theater I told myself: this is the best movie I've seen in my entire life. I won't say why. But it moved me deeply. That movie experience is rare and a very beautiful one. Thank you mr. #AsgharFarhadi for your art. #ASeparação #IranCinema #Iran #PeymanMoadi #LeilaHatami #SarehBayat #ShahadHosseini #SarinaFarhadi #OscarWinner #BluRay #Amazon #ConjuntoF
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masoud_786 : Best move ever...
lxdf : I agree @masoud_786
navid_raeisi : Masterpieces
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
Até ontem estava em pré-estreia. Não sei hoje. #Sabotage #MaestroDoCanão #Documentary #HipHop #Rap #Cartaz #MoviePoster #ConjuntoF
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vagnersp2 : Vai até o final do mês @lxdf
lxdf : Vou amanhã assistir, @vagnersp2.
vagnersp2 : Já fui lá. É muito fera.
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
Isso é bom. Playing in my car currently. #KillerBeKilled #CD #IStillBuyCDs #Supergroup #HeavyMetal #ConjuntoF
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ricardopraca : Sou fan!
ceribua : Great one mate.
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
Fuga da dieta 😔 #McDonalds #McCancer #Gordice #Guará #ConjuntoF
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manucarvalhom : quem nunca?
macakongs_2099 : #drogacola
lxdf : Pura verdade, @manucarvalhom.
lxdf : Consegui me libertar da droga-cola. E até do álcool, @macakongs_2099. Mas parar de comer bobagem tá difícil.
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
Watched it last year during the Festival de Brasília. And it's now currently playing at a couple of movietheaters. Check it out. #BrancoSaiPretoFica #AdirkeyQueirós #CeiCine #DinoBlack #DJJamaika #TropaDeElite #Markim #Ceilândia #MoviePoster #Cartaz #ConjuntoF
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lela_moraes : Doidaaa pra ver esse filme!
lxdf : Acho que você vai gostar. Espero que ainda esteja em cartaz quando você chegar de Amsterdam, @lela_moraes.
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lxdf - Luis Xavier de França
Just watched #Citizenfour by documentarian #LauraPoitras. Great #documentary. One of the best I've seen recently. I'm looking foward to the consequences of the leak in the upcoming months and years as well as #EdwardSnowden 's life. And also on Laura's future films. #GlennGreenwald #NSALeaks #Espionage #ScreenShot #ConjuntoF
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