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Official account of Lund University (Lunds universitet) in Sweden. Run by staff & students. Get a glimpse of a world-class university, since 1666!
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lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
Påskpyntat i Helsingborg #lunduniversity #förstahandsvalet #ch #helsingborg #
förstahandsvalet - lunduniversity - ch - helsingborg -
dalbacky : Fint!
cattis_b - sinnesrospa - lisafisalundin - jiadagarna -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
Ambitious students at AF-Borgen this cold, not so spring-y day! How can one not get inspired by these hard working students? Perfect place to study, where different knowledge and different dreams are in the air.. keep up the good work!! / L #lu #lunduniversity #lund #förstahandsvalet
förstahandsvalet - lunduniversity - lu - lund -
csoni0209 - mina_miru - dusanilic1 - aurelie_mich -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
Spring is on its way and a good sign is if you can see the blue flowers popping up, can you see them? -I can! Can't wait for spring to arrive in Lund so we can enjoy the picture in real life! Even if Lund is wonderful all year around, spring sure is something special here! Have a lovely weekend everyone! /Lejla #förstahandsvalet #lu #lund #lunduniversity
förstahandsvalet - lunduniversity - lu - lund -
gelinettes : @ekelunden din bild va?
ekelunden : @gelinettes 😃 stämmer! ✌️
antoniovpereira : #allergies
lunduniversity : Det är så fin bild som gör Lund rätta! :) @ekelunden
ekelunden : @lunduniversity tack!!! ☺️🙏🌸
lunduniversity : @ekelunden Ja, verkligen! Det vykortet är jättepoppis bland alla som får se det. Så all credd till @ekelunden för vår-vykortet. Och superfin idé att lägga ihop då och nu, av Lejla! /hälsar Louise, webbredaktör
ekelunden : @lunduniversity tack Louise, otroligt glad för de fina orden! Så vykorten finns fortfarande att få tag på hos er?
lunduniversity : @ekelunden Japp, vi har en del kvar, som vi delar ut på utbildningsmässor och liknande. /Louise
hazalf - ileana.miatton - sifatozil65 - shrosengren -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
Such a wonderful morning. Hello #Lund! #uppsalavslund #lu #lunduniversity #förstahandsvalet
förstahandsvalet - lunduniversity - uppsalavslund - lu - lund -
vvaleralebedevv : @ollymozolly знакомые места)
louis.williams14 - vickytroubadour - garbogris - libraryvisionsofjohanna -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
Time for another #throwbackthursday! What do you see in this picture? I’ll tell you what I see: I see a building next to the (in Lund) quite famous Kungshuset. Kungshuset (”House of the King”) is a very old building as it dates back to 1578, but it is not that known that it for about a hundred years had a close neighbor, ”Kuggis”. And it is this building, called ”Kuggis”, that we see in this picture. Today all that remains is a somewhat house shaped patch of grass (as Kuggis was torn down in 1897)… /Louise, web editor Photo credits: Foto (från före 1897): Per Bagge. Reproduktion: Universitetsbiblioteket, Lunds universitet. Se fler unika bilder i Universitetsbiblioteket, Lunds universitets samlingar: Foto (2015) och montage: Louise Larsson #tbt #förstahandsvalet #lund #Lundagård #GamlaLund #kuggis #kungshuset
gamlalund - throwbackthursday - förstahandsvalet - tbt - lundagård - kuggis - kungshuset - lund -
drewteller : @oscarbagge "per bagge"
pebrinurhayati : Big hug @lunduniversity :)
zmariz : I neeed to go back to #Lund !! Thanks for the memory @lunduniversity
oscarbagge : @drewteller hard to tell if relative! But I'll look into it!
tonightifly : Yes! Såna här bilder är roliga! Posta gärna fler längre fram :)
lunduniversity : @tonightifly Tack! Det kommer bli fler, absolut. /Louise
izabella_rios_hansen - davidssonadam - vickytroubadour - unilib_treasures -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
This week has been tough, but hang in there the weekend is around the corner! Most of the students have had an "exam period"...sometimes you just need a break! Powernapping is one of them so you can recharge. This is something students need to do once in a while! /Lejla #lunduniversity #lund #forstahandsvalet
lunduniversity - forstahandsvalet - lund -
skjornlid : So true! 🙏
debs_y - ale.varelas - skatie_katie - everywhere0keep -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
Every Tuesday we talk all things Sweden in Swedish :) Swedish students meet international students to practise their Swedish! A fun way to learn. Today we also had waffles, because it's Våffeldagen tomorrow! 😋 / L #lund #forstahandsvalet #lunduniversity
forstahandsvalet - lunduniversity - lund -
mehran.shirsavar : I like that
humanfemale : Don't forget the Språkcafé at SOL on Wednesdays!
hildalinde : @felvs 💙
_skyiris_ : Tuesday classes also in swedish? 😮
lunduniversity : They actually are like "Swedish classes"! Every Tuesday has a theme that we discuss and there are different levels so that everyone can join!:) Tuesdays 17-19 at external relations! / Lejla
lunduniversity : @_skyiris_
skolfest - akademikerna - faltgruppenlund - tulindho -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
Hey! My name is Lejla Adrovic and I'm studying Economics & Business administration @lunduniversity! From today and two weeks forward I have been asked to manage this account together with the staff from the University that normally publishes photos here. During these two weeks I will try show you Lund, life of a student etc! Have a great week everyone :) #förstahandsvalet #lunduniversity #lund #lundastudent
förstahandsvalet - lunduniversity - lundastudent - lund -
hariscehajic : @thekenth
stefan_brankovic : Hey Lejla o/
skjornlid : AAAAHHHHHH @lejlaadrovic
mtarandi : Drömroddarn! 🌱❤️ WOHO
westbergjosefin : 😍🙌 @lejlaadrovic
ivanavujic : Hello Lejla ☺️
yenlingerica : Bra!!!!👍👍👍👍
victorzuch : 👌 @lejlaadrovic
denicewijk - eyahnah - fridajohanson - rstenelo -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
A bit windy in Lund, but not without birds "singing"... #lund #lu #lundagård
lu - lundagård - lund -
nagi2024 : Mycket fin
zmariz : Creepy but lovely!! I miss Lund. Thank you @lunduniversity
forkastlig_tant : #vildvittror
naadi_arshad : I miss lund😔
becky_thatcher - asmostlund - dusanilic1 - 4danijulian -
lunduniversity - Lunds universitet
One of the best things with living and studying in Lund are that everything is so close in Skåne. By one hour of commute you can get to a big number of cities, and one of them are Copenhagen. That's not even in Sweden! This weekend I visited my boyfriend's family in Trelleborg, and we took a walk by the beach. So if you like the sea, it's only a short trip away. This will be my last post here on Instagram. Tomorrow a new student from Lund University will administrate this account and show their life in Lund. If you have more questions my contact information is available at Lund University's webpage // Dennis Widmark #förstahandsvalet #lundastudent #lunduniversity #lundsuniversitet #student
förstahandsvalet - lunduniversity - lundastudent - lundsuniversitet - student -
mehran.shirsavar : I want to go at lund university for PhD degree @lunduniversity
huseynzv : 😍
lunduniversity : @mehran.shirsavar You are welcome here. The doors are open 😊 //Dennis Widmark
hoa_mii : @elena_kiseleva can u see yourself running here 😝😝
elena_kiseleva : @hoa_mii oh sister, I had a problem with documents and cannot be accepted this year 😢 hope Bora will be more successful!
dannmachmal - joyasky - alwenmaria - minaeimi -
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