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A beautiful & inspiring British wedding blog that embraces glamour & elegance. Founder of Personal profile @annabelbeeforth💕
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
SHARE THE HONEST LOVE // I’m not even sure of the relation (grandfather?) but the look of love in this photograph from the wedding we shared this afternoon says so much. Pride, joy, happiness, love, affection. I adore this kind of shot and take such pleasure sharing these kind of images through the blog. Head on over to Love My Dress now (link in bio) to enjoy this wedding in full. Photography by @beccygoddard #sharethehonestlove
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lovemydress : #love #family #photographyismemory #memory #memories #pride #realweddings #wedding #weddingday #preciousmemories #lovemydress #weddingblog
janniebaltzer : @lovemydress soo sweet 😍
lovemydress : @janniebaltzer 😘💕
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
“Stationer @RuthKayeDesign did everything for us – giving us styling tips as well as designing the stationery. They offer a completely bespoke, personalised service that makes you feel very special. It was such a pleasure to work with the team there. For the Alice in Wonderland inspired invitations - they designed an A4 sized thick card, with gold embossed calligraphy by the wonderful @PAScribe. The edges were gold bevelled – truly stunning and unique. The envelope was closed with a red wax seal with a stamped bunny. They also did wonderful menu cards, Order of Service and table cards.” Fabulous recommendation for @RuthKayeDesign and the brilliantly talented @PAScribe from the bride whose wedding we shared on Love My Dress this afternoon. Photography by @beccygoddard #weddingcalligraphy
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lovemydress : #weddingstationery #calligraphy #weddings #realweddings #weddinginspo #wedding #lovemydress #weddingblog #weddinginvites #scribe #ink #goldink
beckyjphotography : Beautiful!
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
FANCY FEATHERS // Featuring this beautiful bride's wedding on the blog in the morning. Photography by @RiaMishaal #babingtonhouse #ostrichfeathers
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victoriamacken : Love love love @lovemydress x
lovemydress : #realweddings #justmarried #newlywed #love #fancyfeathers #fancy #finery #bride #brides #bridal #bridalinspo #wedding #weddings #lovemydress #weddingblog #goldenhour
wanderlustlifejewellery : ♡
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
GOING GREEN // I love how bride Nadia embraced colour on her wedding day! Are any of you planning on wearing a coloured wedding dress? @olliverphotography #colouredweddingdress 💚💕
colouredweddingdress -
polly_katie : @carolpollard59 @beckapolly
ju5t_sam : Stunning dress
allthingsnoisy : Yes, my dress will be a colored dress! Cannot wait!
ann_stuart_uk : Yes! I want to do blush pink, pale blue or maybe red! 💗💙❤️
paperbouquets : Gorgeous colour
lynnekennedyphotography : I wore blue!
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS // “We worked with the amazing Rob Van Helden ( on our flowers. What can I say about Rob and team apart from the fact that they are incredible! The flowers honestly took my breath away (sounds cringe but so true) they were spectacular. Our stationer had a really lovely idea for the table plan – filling 8 to 10 vases of varying sizes with wonderful cream and white flowers and putting the table cards in each vase.” From the gorgeous wedding we shared this afternoon on Love My Dress. I do love all-white wedding flowers. Photography by @beccygoddard #weddingflowers
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bluetortuejewelry : Agreed! Very classy!
coquettedove : This is divine. So beautifully executed. 👌🏻💕🌿
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
SCHOOL SUMMER HOL BLUES // Mums and Dads of school aged children who also have their own business - are you kiddies back at school today? Ours go back (or in the case of our youngest, start for the very first time) next Tuesday. I was kind of dreading the school holidays this year, but you know what, it’s been OK. I’ve learned that it’s pointless trying to do it all and making yourself poorly over not being able to tend to urgent email or feel guilty that you can’t be with your children. Sure fire path to anxiety and stress and guilt 😕 It massively helps that this time, I’ve a team supporting me that I haven’t had in the past, but all of a sudden, I find myself feeling a bit sad that the school summer hols are almost over and that I’ll be actually missing the chaos and disruption to my ‘working day’ 👭 We’ve just made it work this year and I’ve loved being able to nip out to the park or maybe sit with my children watching a move in the evening as I work. Most of all, I loved and appreciated being able to switch off and unplug for one delicious week in Devon with my family. If you work for yourself or work from home, how have you coped over the summer holidays? Have you got any advice for others? Did you get to take a holiday? Are you still nearly tearing your hair out? I know just how tough it can be! Annabel 😘💕 #schoolholidays
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lovemydress : @kiltildex I literally cannot believe our kids haven't got together this holiday! We need to make up for that soon! xxx
lovemydress : I know completely how you feel @themagnetentertainment - it *is* good to have some routine and order restored isn't it? x
lovemydress : Happy to hear you managed a holiday @papertreeuk :) xx
lovemydress : WOW! Amazing! That is my 2016 goal!! @andifreemancakes :) xx
lovemydress : It can be so incredibly challenging can't it @sweet_enchanteded? Some days are just so stressful, but I'm definitely learning to go with the flow and avoid the really awful days xx
themagnetentertainment : Yes, @lovemydress. I think I need the routine more than the little ones.😊
kiltildex : And we still owe ourselves lunch @lovemydress
lovemydress : We do that @kiltildex!
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
1970S OSSIE CLARKE ORIGINAL // And she looks STUNNING wearing it. See more of this beautiful Jewish Christian wedding on Love My Dress right now ———> (click on the LIVE link in the bio). Photography by the wonderful @BeccyGoddard #ossieclarke 💕💗💕
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lovemydress : #1970svintage #vintagebride #vintagewedding #vintageossieclarke #ossieclarkebride #ossieclarkewedding #lovemydress #weddingblog #bride #groom #brideandgroom #justmarried #newlywed #jewishweddings #brides #bridal #bridalinspo #homehouselondon #homehouse #londonweddings
bettymagazine : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 amazing!!
beccygoddard : Thanks @lovemydress for your kind words! It's always a honour to be featured on your gorgeous blog xx
beccygoddard : @bettymagazine :))
beccygoddard : @jesscr4 you both look so happy! 💕
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
GREEN WEDDING DRESS // I do love it when a bride shuns tradition and does her own thing. Nadia wore a bottle green gown from @CoastFashion for her London pub wedding. Images by @olliverphotography. Enjoy! #greenweddingdress 💕
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lucystendall : Oh how beautiful! I love coloured wedding dresses too
lovemydress : #greendress #realweddings #weddings #wedding #bridal #brides #bride #bridalinspo #weddingbouquet #bouquet #lovemydress #weddingblog #nontraditionalweddings #alternativeweddings #londonweddings #pubweddings #londonpubweddings
allthingsnoisy : I am really happy to see a dress featured here that isn't white/champagne/ivory/blush!
synderelastory : 💙
synderelastory : Agreed @allthingsnoisy @lucystendall
joannapower : Beautiful wedding! Xx
lovemydress : @lucystendall 💕💕💕
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
A BIG FAVOUR TO ASK YOU // Whilst we know that awards aren't the be all and end all, it really is the loveliest feeling to be able to win one - it helps validate all your hard work and in our case, reminds you what an amazing, loyal and loving follower and reader community you have. We're so over the moon that we have been shortlisted for FOUR awards in the 2016 @WeddingMagazine Wedding Blog Awards this year - including the 'Best Bridal Style & Fashion Blog', the 'Best Real-Life Weddings Blog', the 'Best Designed Blog' and 'Best use of Social Media' award. This is such amazing news for my team who I'm so proud of - we work so hard to present real, honest, inspiring, heart-warming and often very moving love stories every day, as well as promoting some of the best wedding suppliers that we know. We'd like to ask a *huge* favour of you. If you genuinely love and appreciate Love My Dress, would you mind taking a few seconds today to vote for us in these awards? ➡️➡️➡️Head on over to '' (copy and paste or type this in to your web browser address bar) to cast your vote for Love My Dress in the four categories listed above⬅️⬅️⬅️ I can't tell you how very grateful we will all be if we win even one of these awards. My love and thanks to everyone who takes time out of their day to show us some love! Thank you 😘💗 #weddingblogawards
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lemontreecakesuk : Doing it now Annabel @lovemydress 😚
jenniliandu : Voted! Good luck!
lovemydress : Huge huge thanks @beauxoxo1 @lulubelltents @kamilahbeltran @lemontreecakesuk and @jenniliandu - so very grateful for your support 😚
thefabulousvintagebride : This is a no brainer!!! X
hannahduffyphotography : Good luck! x
camillajcollins : Voted :)
thatsotippycal : Done! Goodluck Annabel...exciting times!!💗 xx
lovemydress : Thank you SO very much @thefabulousvintagebride @hannahduffyphotography @camillajcollins and @thatsotippycal 💗
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
FABULOUS VINTAGE BRIDE // Hope you've had a chance to see the feature we ran today on @thefabulousvintagebride - we LOVE founder Fran and all the many cute, kitsch and retro items she has lovingly collected for you to be able to hire for your wedding! Head on over to (live link in bio) to learn more #fabulousvintagebride
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lovemydress : #retro #vintage #retrowedding #vintagewedding #cindydoll #cindy #thefabulousvintagebride #lovemydress #weddingblog #wedding #weddings #weddinginspo #realweddings #weddingprops #quirky #quirkywedding #kitsch #kitschwedding #tablecentrepiece
bettymagazine : 😍😍😍
sassymouthphoto : Sweet
thefabulousvintagebride : 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
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