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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[AMY] I finally got to watch this film on the flight out to NYC. This screen grab is one of my favourite moments of it all - the moment when Amy realises she has won a Grammy award, beating some seriously big time international artists in the process including Beyoncé, Rihanna and Jayz. I cried for a big part of the movie after this point. I wanted to reach into the screen and shake sense into her, hug her hard. The Amy movie made me realise more than ever how amazingly talented she was. It so movingly documented her sad and desperate attempt to avoid fame and escape from all the shit that comes with it. Such a horribly sad demise into drug and alcohol addiction for someone who simply wanted to make beautiful music. I felt devastated watching the scenes towards the end when she was too wasted to even stand on stage. Watch the movie if you haven't already. And I Hope you're having the best time ever up there in jazz heaven Amy 💗 #amywinehouse
amywinehouse -
themewsbridal : See you in NYC! 🍷? 💕X
muscatbridal : Great loss! Amazing talent!!
lovemydress : See you guys @themewsbridal - are you at Claire P's show tonight? 😘
alovelytable : She was great 💕💕💕 @lovemydress
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT, TRUST YOUR GUT] If there's one super important lesson I keep learning time and time again in being my own boss and running my own business, it's that not a second of time should be wasted in tackling something that your intuition suggests just isn't right. It could be a decision you've made, a working relationship, a purchase, plans you've made - no matter what it is, if you can detect a certain uncomfortableness with it, if there is even the merest whiff of doubt, then *deal* with it. Even if it's an awkward situation, involving people or colleagues, you've *got* to be brave, and face it. Don't fanny about avoiding the matter or procrastinating over it. I've learned the hard way. You can still be polite when you're being assertive, but nip that niggle in the bud early on, and you could save a whole load of wasted time, effort, energy and potentially hard earned £££. Your instinct is one smart cookie! Be still and listen to that inner voice. It might barely be a whisper, so try to listen carefully. The choices we make when we're not tuned in instinctively (be we tired or run down or just too plain busy) almost always, I've come to find, end up biting us on the bum. Just some honest entrepreneurial advice from me to you 😍😘 By the way, a really amazing Podcast to follow if you want to learn more about living/working instinctively and with intention is @jessclively - founder Jess shares the most fascinating and insightful interviews with successful business owners and people who have transformed their lives and business through listening to and following their own intuition #gutinstinct #intuition
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jenniferspaperpics : Such a good read for the week. Thanks!
portraitsbridal : Great advice 💗
shelleysimmonds : I couldn't of read this at a better time! 🙌🏻
beautfloral : So true!
vivienj_bridal_accessories : So true, a great read xx
jessclively : Amen!! Thank you for sharing The Lively Show as well! 😊💕
sarahwillardcouture : Great words of advice! Thank you 💕
adalondondesign : Yes yes yes... Time upon time when it goes Pete Tong I realise I knew it would, because I didn't listen to my own intuition... You always know... The trick is to know when you know.
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[GRACE KELLY INSPIRED] This beautiful bride and her beau are gracing our blog pages today. She wore a Grace Kelly inspired gown by Loui Col Designs of Australia at ( Simply and utterly beautiful. Photography by @ClaireMorgPhoto #gracekelly
gracekelly -
kellypauljosephphoto : Beautiful x
mirrormirrorcouture : Such a pretty shot
effervescentmediaworks : Sweet. Love this pose
krstea : ❤️ @jacinta_mariak & @alexkrs
michellebelak : What a beautiful photo - it would make an amazing portrait!
apopolo : @thevarda tux?
carmelmeade1 : Love this dress!
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[HALFPENNY LONDON] She’s got your back. Always. Styling by @thewhitecloset, photography by @EmmaPilkington, dress by the one and only @halfpennylondon👌🏻 #halfpennylondon
halfpennylondon -
thislittlecorner : So elegant 💕
illustrationbyelc : Beautiful 💕
thewhitecloset : Love this shot 💕 xxz
aislesociety : Love the romantic back on this gown x
sheri.kozler - annu_0398 - inmyteepee - maimaieli -
lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[IVY AND ASTER] This brand first came to my attention back in 2011 when I visited New York bridal market for the first time. Today, @ivyandaster feature on my blog with this lovely wedding shot by @ClaudiaRoseCarter. And to bring it all full circle, I’m heading off to New York again for bridal market on Thursday this week. See you there @ivyandaster! Dress purchased via the wonderful @froufroubride #ivyandaster
ivyandaster -
claudiarosecarter : thank you so much - @ivyandaster your dresses are incredible!!! X
lovemydress : @claudiarosecarter see you next Tuesday in the big 🍎
ivyandaster : We are swooning!! Thank you so much for sharing and taking this beautiful photo @claudiarosecarter! @lovemydress we can't wait to see you at market 💛
rachelmoon14 : @lauramoon7 it's jo!!!!
kainxs : Bella
oneflewover_flowers : @jolgok you megababe! X
jolgok : @lovemydress thank you for lovely post and to @oneflewover_flowers and @claudiarosecarter for being absolute treasures... Also @rachelmoon14 and @lauramoon7 it is me! Hope you ladies are well and I hope you enjoy every second planning the upcoming wedding. Big Tanzanian love xxx
rachelmoon14 : Jo congrats! Did a double take when I saw this pic. Totally gorgeous. Lots of love xx
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[SAVE £500 ON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY] The very lovely and talented fine-art wedding photographer @zosiazacharia is offering Love My Dress readers a £500 saving on her wedding photography packages. Full details on Love My Dress today, or copy and paste/type this address into your browser address bar >>
moragreid : @rebeccaotter
rebeccaotter : Thanks @moragreid!! 😘 xx
mrs_b.xx : Another stunning gown @curlylocks81 x
curlylocks81 : That really is stunning @mrs_b.xx
zosiazacharia : Thrilled to be featured on @lovemydress !!!!!
queenetblac - ayushichainani - myheartskipped - raqelsilva64 -
lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[LITTLE BOOK FOR BRIDES] We’re adding brilliant new suppliers all the time. Have you visited our elegant and beautifully deigned new supplier/vendor directory yet? ——> #littlebookforbrides
littlebookforbrides -
wildflowerwedding : Checking it out as I type 👏🏻💕
zosiazacharia : This is very exciting!!!
lancasterandcornish : Off I go *typing frantically* let me in! 💝
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW] Just look at the love, friendship and sisterhood in this image! Amazing shot by @mandjphotos for the wedding of @kangwa that is gracing our pages today. Utterly beautiful stuff. By the way, @kangwa wears @maggiesottero and her maids wore @adriennapapell. Flowers by @bloomingayles #bridesmaids 👭👭👰👭👭
bridesmaids -
rsandwich : @kmakielski @tctellez that's what we tried on!
kmakielski : @amorganmiller @rsandwich @tctellez love this color. They could potentially also come in a mix of colors!
luvdee7 : @leeshssugarhigh @leegi92 @bp8969 i LOVE these dresses!!
leeshssugarhigh : @luvdee7 @leegi92 @bp8969 yeah they're awesome!
luvdee7 : They're also $250 😣 @leeshssugarhigh @bp8969 @leegi92
tctellez : @kmakielski @rsandwich @amorganmiller yes! 😍
bethtangin : Such a lovely bridesmaid pose @lovemydress and love the sisterhood here
r_green_89 : @ellajgardiner these are the ones 😍😍
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
Darling @kangwa, I’m so delighted that you got the chance to become a #lovettes member and share your wedding plans through your thoughtfully written posts for Love My Dress. And I could not be happier to be sharing your wedding today. Everything about it is breathtaking, but especially you. You look beautiful and happy, full to the brim with love and joy. It truly fills my heart to see you and Sam in this way and to have felt but the tiniest part of your big wedding adventure. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of sharing your wedding on Love My Dress today. __________________ Photography by @mandjphotos. Dress by @maggiesottero. Veil by @libertyinlove_style,who Kay discovered on Love My Dress (connecting brides with brilliant wedding suppliers since 2009 😍💗)
lovettes -
pilar1606 : Nice dress
tamara_hayat : So sweet😍
nuagedeperles : Superbe 💕
kangwa : Such an honour to be featured on my favourite blog in the world! Lots of love to you Annabel and thanks so much for having me as part of the team for the last year 😘😘
lovemydress : Thank you so much @kangwa, after a pretty tough day at my desk, this has made me so happy 😘
gooseonluce : Stunning!!!!
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lovemydress - Love My Dress® (Annabel)
[BLOOMINGAYLES] I feel I have to give special mention to the extraordinarily talented floral artist (the word ‘florist’ just doesn’t feel adequate) that is @bloomingayles. So many of her incredibly floral works of art have graced our pages to date, but the blooms in today’s wedding are nothing short of breathtaking. Bride @kangwa says it best… “Our florist was Gayle Evans of @Bloomingayles, a.k.a the queen of epic floral masterpieces. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t have a clue about flowers, despite the fact that my parents are farmers and active flower growers. The brief I gave Gayle for my bouquets was along the lines of, I want it biggish with traily bits and purpley ones and ferns. She gave us that and more.She then filled the venue with floral displays, and brought these stunning grey candles in brass holders, and perfectly mismatched containers, which were just incredible. What a lovely feeling it is to walk into your wedding without knowing exactly what it’s going to look like and being blown away by the most amazing sight. Gayle also arranged the bridesmaids flowers which were South African Protea stems, which I love as they are so unusual and exotic.” Photography by @mandjphotos #beautifulblooms 🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸
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allyce_chetti : Stunning
brideinbloomweddings : Love 💕
kerriebethward : @queenctini
emmzglack2 : Stunning bride!!! Love the bouquets gorgeous 💕x
chrisantiagofficial : @missamandaink yessss
meaghan_byrnes : @stephaniemarieparry 😍 love !!!
bloomingayles : @lovemydress Annabel!!!!! My head is becoming sooooooooo huge with all these compliments you gorgeous creature you! 😘xx
lovemydress : @bloomingayles 😍😘💕
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