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A beautiful, inspiring and multi-award winning British wedding blog that embraces glamour, elegance and love πŸ’• Snippets of my personal life too πŸ“·
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
….another shot (of me, eek!) from the wedding bloggers shoot of a whole 4 years ago now (remember that @boho1 @BeyondBeyond365 and @LondonBride). Organised by Kat of @RocknRollBride, shot by @devlinphotos, shot at and dresses supplied by @LuellasBoudoir, hair by @hepburncollection, makeup by @kazfernandomakeup #weddingbloggers #weddingblog #lovemydress #glamour #glamorous #vintageamour #vintagewedding #tbt #throwback
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beyondbeyond365 : #throwback 4 years yet I haven't aged a day. I'm more magical than a unicorn. How time flies xxx
lovemydress : @beyondbeyond365 😘😘😘
elizabethscakeemporium : Very #monroesque! Amma @beyondbeyond365 you kill me :)
cherylanntaylormade : @lovemydress Wow Annabel you look so stunning xxx
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
If you want to wear the perfect marcel wave on your wedding day, I recommend two hair stylists who are experts at this look (trust me, it’s a specialist look that not every stylist can perfect!!). They are Severin Hubert of @HepburnCollection and @Issidora_Official - both incredibly talented artists in their field. Both available for wedding day styling. This is me, after a Severin styled my hair and @kazfernandomakeup did my makeup. Photography by @DevlinPhotos. Styled shoot organised by Kat of @RocknRollBride for @LuellasBoudoir and @weddingmagazine. I can't believe it’s 4 years since we did this! I’d only had my baby 4 months before this and was SO nervous about being away from her for the day to shoot, as I was still breast feeding her! #marcelwave #marcelwaves #marcel #weddinghair #weddinghairstyles #hair #hairstyles #bblogger #beauty #lovemydress #weddingblog #bridalfashion #bridalstyle #vintagehairstyles #vintagehairstyle #tbt #throwback
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lovemydress : Thank you so much @ejhbridal 😘
bagjanevintage : I love this ! You look so pretty @lovemydress x
miss_clemmie_bridalaccessories : Love those waves #hairenvy !
emmajostationery : Gosh time flies I remember this, beautiful waves @lovemydress x
hepburncollection : Where has the time gone!
kayleighrhian : Please follow @kayleighsterio bridal hair stylist
sbrydenphoto : I just had my baby 4 months ago & i do not look like that!lol Fabulous!!
prettyconnected : <3
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
"In a world of sartorial confusion dominated by indistinct stipulations of the ‘smart-casual’ variety, a black tie dress code also ensures a uniform look for those attending your wedding. Many guests will be relieved to know what they’re expected to wear to such an important occasion. Men who shudder at the mere thought of a top hat and tails will rush to express their gratitude, and they’ll look effortlessly chic as they do.” ______________________________ From the Black Tie Weddings feature written by @MrsCaudery and shared on today. I had to feature images from this wedding in the post - it is another of my all-time faves. Photography by @LauraMcCluskey, truly expert marcel waves by the one and only @Issidora_Official and makeup by @kyliemmakeup #blacktie #blacktieweddings #blacktiewedding #tux #tuxedo #tuxedos #realweddings #weddings #wedding #weddingblog #lovemydres #purple #marcelwave #bride #groom #confetti #confettishot #redlipstick #vintageglamour #vintagewedding #vintagebride #love
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kyliemmakeup : πŸ’‹ LOVED this wedding.
maidstomeasure : So cute was this one of ours?!?? Recognise bride? Xxx
kyliemmakeup : Yeas it was @maidstomeasure !!! I remember Jade gushing over your maids' gowns πŸ’‹
maidstomeasure : Ahhh amaze @kyliemmakeup thank you!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
"I’m one of the grooms featured above (having us featured again after almost 2 years will absolutely delight my wife, so thank you). From a practical standpoint (as we had a LOT of grooms-men), black tie was an excellent choice. Half of my grooms-men had Tuxes already and the other half used it as a great excuse to treat themselves to one. Also – everyone looks great in a Tux! Even made me look presentable.” ______________________________ I LOVE it when a groom comments on the blog, but especially when he happens to be the groom from one of my fave weddings ever, the effortlessly cool David from this wedding that we linked to in this afternoon's black tie feature. The bride is @fiona_heather and the groom is @d.n.anderson. Photography by @HelenAbrahamPhoto, feature written by @MrsCaudery of the award winning @FetchamPark #blacktie #blacktieweddings #blacktiewedding #tux #tuxedo #tuxedos #realweddings #weddings #wedding #weddingblog #lovemydress #groom #groomstyle
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d.n.anderson : Acht, thanks so much Annabel. Fi's just told me I'm not cool though... We both read your blog in the run up to the wedding and it was a huge source of inspiration. Keep it up! X πŸ’™
hannah_banana1204 : This was one of the first weddings I looked at after getting engaged and my second 'experience' of lovemydress - so so beautiful! Definitely wish I was as talented/creative as the amazing bride making her maids' dresses! We also ventured up to inshriach house and met the awesome Walter because of these gorgeous images(sadly decided it was just that wee bit too far from Cambridge to organise!) So thank you to this amazing couple for inspiring me to be a bit braver when 'imagining our day', and also to be a little less afraid of the prospect of rain - it clearly didn't stop you having the best day!(and obvs thankyou to you Annabel for featuring this and many other beautiful days!) sorry for the essay!x
d.n.anderson : @hannah_banana1204 Isn't Walter a complete stand up Gent?
fiona_heather : @hannah_banana1204 That is such a lovely message. Thank you so, so much. Have you had your wedding yet? Wishing you and yours a lifetime of happiness πŸ’–
hannah_banana1204 : @d.n.anderson Yes indeed - so talented and enthusiastic about what he and his team do and rightly so! @fiona_heather - I genuinely meant every word, just beautiful and full of happiness! Chris and I are tying the knot in July! So obviously let me know if you fancy any more bridesmaid dress creation?!x
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
Eeek! Just got a bit excited that the fab @JoWhiley replied to my tweet telling her she looked ACE at last nights Brit Awards πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘ #jowhiley #idol #effortlessstyle
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lisalong : Woop!
verybusymother : I have a girl crush on Jo, she is so efortlessly stylish.
sarahgawler : Yey!
sarahgawler : I had a little Twitter chatter with @laurenlaverne once. She's the bees #girlcrush
yourvintagelife : She lives near me, saw her in Ikea last time I went!
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
Hubby has had this on a lot the past couple of weeks. It's really frickin good. @dbasio πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ§ #gillespeterson #melaniedebiasio #beautifulmusic #debiasio
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
New nail gels and whaddya know, they match my New Balance πŸ’…πŸ‘ŸπŸ˜„ #nailgels #newbalance
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vinitaaddybrand : Your ring is gorgeous @lovemydress! (Nails and trainers too obvs) 😍
londonbride : Would never have had you down as a trainers gal! Good choice though πŸ‘Œ
londonbride : Ps, umm oddly somehow unfollowed you, back in the room now though!! Weird....
lovemydress : I'm all about comfort when I'm at home @londonbride :) and thank you! x
lovemydress : Thank you so much @vinitaaddybrand! xx
a_littlethingcalledlove : Ooooo lovely colour! Loving the New Balance too .....happy feet! Heels are so last year!
lovemydress : Thank you @a_littlethingcalledlove 😍
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
I really love this series of illustrations by @CarolRossetti88, found via @the_post_internazionale on Facebook today. Absolutely wonderful. #happiness #lifeisbeautiful #bodyimage #carolrossetti #illustration #art #positivity #selflove #love #selfrespect #selfworth #selfimage #confidence #bodyconfidence
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realovespink : Amazing ;-) did you announce the new Lovette's yet? Did I miss it? xx
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
Fancy winning £500 towards your wedding photography? ______________________________ We just launched a rather fabulous competition on behalf of @WeddingPhotographySelect. Full details over at Love My Dress now, #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #win #competition #competitions #engaged #newlyengaged #weddingplanning #weddingblog #lovemydress
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theoakandtheowl : Shared on my FB page :)
bethanyjane25 : @anna_hopes β€οΈπŸ’πŸ‘°
lovemydress : Thanks so much @theoakandtheowl πŸ˜ƒ
etchrock : Great pic challenger! Check out our blog (Link in our bio) to read some great challenge related content!
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lovemydress - Annabel Beeforth
Thank you so much @chezbec for my beautiful rose gold and pearl earrings, I love them πŸŒΊπŸ’• #rosegold #earrings #pearl #pearls #accessories #jewellery #earrings #chezbec
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coquettedove : Gorgeous!
lovemydress : Thank you @coquettedove 😘
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