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louist91 - louist91
Sorry had to upload this ha :) 2nd time lucky !
lucy_tommo123 : I LOVE you louis @louist91 you are forever in my heart please come to germany and marry me β™‘ louis? Please please please bitte please please please please
xhappy_horanx : Love you louis πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ‘Š please post any day soon we love you soo much x
rawanbaksh : @sondos88luhan
sizzlinstyles : @kimkhacks GIVES YOU HACKS FOR THE KIM K GAME
sanne_scheffer : Love you as much as that sport you played! Xxx biggest fan from holland❀
1d_5sos_lover_x : He doesn't use this account anymore he got a new one ages ago guys?
glamourdirection : πŸ‘ˆ One Direction fan account!! πŸ‘ˆ
twerkingx : ✨5SOS TEXTPOST✨
priscilavalos - _kenzieott_ - mashtondicks - liviamillena -
louist91 - louist91
_xobstinatex_ : Sigueme y te sigo ( para todos los que lo leen 77 )
londrinaaa : @inlovewith5beautifulboys___
h.a.i.l.e.y.j : I know I am one in a 10million but Hi… how are you doing? I'm a big fan of yours and wanted to know what u r up to lately?! I'm going to see u soon in Philly so I'll be sure to say hello!
mrs_stylik99 : germanyyy
abbytomlinson195 : Awwwww my Louis the tomotomlinson
brendocaaaa_ : Ai meu Deus, como eu amo vocês!
kamillevitoria11 : Lindos! Meus amores! I Love You guys!
mostafa_kholy - 5sos_harsh - silromero_ziallhorlik - jaelyhoranstyles -
louist91 - louist91
Spider-Man :)
_jocelynanne : Happy 4 years!😁
abbytomlinson195 : Awwwww I love louis
daija.renae : I LOVE spiderman 😍
mar_334 : @toomecm
xhappy_horanx : Love you louis xxx
maddypooz : oh my god
coralidb : And you, you're my super-man ;) ♥
patrii1d - taylor.salazar - silromero_ziallhorlik - jaelyhoranstyles -
louist91 - louist91
minxie_mai : High class :)
tdoggysalmon : @Louist1991x is a fake account of this one
_backspace : Love u
dominykasimon : ;)
natsuki_lou : I love you so much.
_emma_dimitrov_ : You're sitting like a butterfly.
abbytomlinson195 : Wow we could go their for our honeymoon
xhappy_horanx : 4 years!! Yesterday proud directioner xx
annac_30 - stellahorandirectioner - _darkened_angel - loona001 -
louist91 - louist91
lee_levi11 : Comes true ah?
directioners_here_15x : There are ton of chances you won't see this, but I am giving everything i have got. It has been four years of you guys living the dream, changing lives, and so much more! It is so breath taking, really, I can't even breath! Haha. I am so proud of all of you guys! You have made my life easier in the little ways as possible. You have saved hundreds of directioners! And they love you. I love you. I would love to see you all someday, but who knows, maybe it will be at the most random time, or place! I have faith that I will meet you guys some day. It seems like it hasn't even been that long! And mostly because I have only been in this fandom for one year, but it has been the best year of my life! I know you guys love me, even though you don't know me, your music has helped me, it has so much emotion and feelings, that make me feel better! And you guys! You make me laugh, smile, cry, and all that. I have never been so happy or proud of you guys! Happy fourth anniversary, i hope you make the best of it, because you deserve the best. I love you guys so much, thanks for everything, thank you, for changing my life, and becoming the boy band you are, for being you! I will never forget these years i have, and are having, thanks to you, I am not the best at describing or typing my thoughts and emotions, but I did the best i could. Thank you, and love you. From your directioner/crazymofo;)
__nayeligarcia : πŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸ’•
maissarahany : Louis I love you (mwahh)
_backspace : Love u
ina3000 : True.
boxingstyles : marry me plz
mahsa.maik : Oh dream....yea....:)
omg._.rly - _darkened_angel - mrs.styles.28.06.14 - gnctnrkl -
louist91 - louist91
You can't go to bed ...
abbytomlinson195 : I love you louis
mahsa.maik : Ayyyyy no..
geneventuri : Omg :')
salma.salmaa : Witout a cup of tea πŸ˜±πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
salma.salmaa : Without#
lera_wolf21 : I love you! Your fan from Russia! Come to Russia!!! <3
stellahorandirectioner : @louist91 I love You My Boo Bear...
stellahorandirectioner : @louist91 Big ass
annac_30 - natalie_wallmark - cutie.pie.ashton - stellahorandirectioner -
louist91 - louist91
loveforeverhappy : @manucarol_ no bitch he cute
xtumblr_bitchesx : Liam looks drunk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
malonestyles : @xtumblr_bitchesx well I wonder why
penutbutteristasty2 : ^^ look at his drink
_zaynfucksm : Liam borracho mmm
abbytomlinson195 : Awwwww Louis
salma.salmaa : Haha Liam ne9s noum apparament πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
saoirse_4513 : He looks so hungover and tired
annac_30 - cutie.pie.ashton - _darkened_angel - stellahorandirectioner -
louist91 - louist91
Halloween :)
acidlorena : 420
ali_raimondi2001 : Awwww so cuttteeeee
patticurce8 : Zayn and Louis
chiara_stefani1d : Love
abbytomlinson195 : Wow who did their makeup it looks so cool
mahsa.maik : Oh yes scary
parisa.malik : I love you boys
xhappy_horanx : Love you guys xxx
natalie_wallmark - gnctnrkl - _darkened_angel - _maleannnn -
louist91 - louist91
onedirection_4fucking_years : Stop calling us "fake" or all that shit we believe what we want! @rociocartes @jjjjjuju @tomlinson_styles_horan we have feeling too!
onedirection_4fucking_years : Amen! @lolniallhxran
tomlinson_styles_horan : Okay believe what u want but keep it to yourself @onedirection_4fucking_years
tomlinson_styles_horan : I agree @punklxrry_
onedirection_4fucking_years : Ok you need to stop! Larry is real! If it was fake why would modest do all of this to keep Larry a secret? If it was fake why would Harry tweet about Larry? Some girl said "Harry if Larry is real tweet about the weather." And he did it! So maybe you should get a real life and stop calling Larry shippers fake fans! @tomlinson_styles_horan
tomlinson_styles_horan : I didn't call u guys fake fans I said if u were a true directioner u would know it pisses Louis off @onedirection_4fucking_years I used to be Larry shipper too
onedirection_4fucking_years : Ok and why did you leave?! You know there is so much proof! More then Elounor! @tomlinson_styles_horan
tomlinson_styles_horan : Idk I just knew it pissed Louis off and that he likes Eleanor a lot @onedirection_4fucking_years
_darkened_angel - stellahorandirectioner - abby_grayyy - jaelyhoranstyles -
louist91 - louist91
Good night !
dominykasimon : Best friends
putrinaini : @niallhoran
_amaezing_ : fingers crossed @julieamber_
ariannasxo : Niall wasn't even 21 πŸ˜ͺ
tiff.barahona : niall's been drinking forever. he's irish and the legal drinking age is different there @ariannasxo
ismisekaitlin : @sarah_keyes2 is that tom daley or am i deluded?πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
kibbledance22 : The legal drinking age there is 18 @ariannasxo
heatherr.feather : Love you @louist91 @niallhoran ❀❀
omg._.rly - kinderstyles - wandift5sos_ - gnctnrkl -
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