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Sorry had to upload this ha :) 2nd time lucky !
_music_is_meh_life_ : @angelafredette
harrys1yles : Post
calum.payne : Anybody want to join me and @calumsxxsmile Husband games?
lurkinglouis : HQ LOUIS ACC ((:
juliansilbermannnew : Hi @louistomlinsonnew make a fan happy and make on the 14.August a picture with happy birthday julian please
swaggy_me : @shoutout1us got me 1k
_amychenx : @help_shoutz helped get me 1K!
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stephaniee.98 : Love you louis
myloveonedirection2494 : @dont.x.stop has your number, and she gave it to, like fifty other people!!!!!!!!
kayleeingrassia : Hi Louis I'm coming to the where we are tour in Chicago and I'm really excited just wanted to let you know. Bye~ ❤️ Lauren
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lurkinglouis : HQ LOUIS ACC((:
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Spider-Man :)
queen.larry.stylinson : Posttt
mairasolange2013 : I love you
5_angels_save_me : I love you boo bear
niall.harry.liam.louis.zayn.1d : It's was a prank on the other boys and they got caught at a bad time, even if it was real I still love him and zayn and 1D(: @rachel_alfie9870
salmaresxx : My super human with spider man<3 @louist91
not_lost_just_wandering22 : @tess_streicker
tommos_penguins : Lol!
tommos_penguins : Imagine if that just came to life!
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bald_michael_clifford : @waitin4styles has your nudes
harrysexmepls : Louis girls check out my latest pic! :)
noeliii23 : Q
noeliii23 : 😍IOVE YOU SO MUCH
each_tattoo_has_a_secret : @carly.cox def not leg hair
ladyfox_1d : Louis I ♥ you!!!!!!
queen.larry.stylinson : Post a selfie omg
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lea_blondinchen : @louist91 enjoy every minute of you life xoxo
katelynnkucharek : Why'd you delete the pic of you kissing Justin Bieber??? Good thing I screenshotted & posted it on my page.
xms.grandex : @katelynnkucharek bruh ._.
harrysexmepls : Louis girls check out my latest pic! :)
gillianstutu : @shoutout1us got me 1k
emilouser : @katelynnkucharek 😂
queen.larry.stylinson : Are u at the beach with Harry
xharrehstylesx : Haha, he was there with Eleanor 😂😂 @queen.larry.stylinson
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You can't go to bed ...
x_isiee_x : Without a cup of thea❤
bethany.lynnnn : Without a cup of tea, and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep. And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep❤️
salmaresxx : Without a cup of tea..
zebras224 : Without a cup of oops
tommos_penguins : Without your cup of tea <3
haroldcurlystyles : Lou 😢😘🙈❤️
_zickyy_ : Everything says "Larry"!
pamefhoran : Larry❤️
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louist91 - louist91
starbucksflavors15 : Liam is drunk #beerinhishand
pdiddy_dancer_ : You still look beautiful!! Lol!! @louist91
harrysexmepls : Louis girls check out my latest pic! :)
amya_elizabeth10 : They all get drunk
maisieearley_ : @help_shoutz got me 1K
edona_kuci : Idk
vogue.__.queen : That guy in the back tho😂😂
abbydean17 : @shoutout1us got me 1k
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Halloween :)
queen.larry.stylinson : Doesn't even look like yourselves xd
queen.larry.stylinson : xD*
lauralouisbae : THAT NIGHT.. RIGHT LOUIS? Anyway, ciao, ti amo ♥
zebras224 : @ambermoosy no he didn't just leave @louist91 alone
tommos_penguins : Amazing!
_music_is_meh_life_ : @angelafredette
fa6oomal_terkat : @br2006
nouf____1d : Maha_salah33 ih dhhdhgsjsha. Nosnksksjs
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thehoranhipster : @1d.5sos.larry here's the thing. if louis' never gonna see it, then why would you bother commenting anything? you wanna gain support of people who also gain pleasure from hating on an innocent girl? you wanna seem cool? well here's the thing. you're not cool because of the hate you send her. by saying awful stuff about eleanor, you don't change anybody's opinions about her, especially the people who actually know her, you change peoples opinions about you. no matter what the case, saying awful stuff about somebody is not necessary. if just shows that you are an unhappy person who has major issues with them self. there is no way that you can be 100% sure he doesn't love her. because you honestly don't know him. as much as we all like to think we know everything about these boys, we don't. no, maybe he's not in love with her. but regardless of whether that's true or not, he does deeply care about her, and so does his family. maybe the reason he's never happy with her is because of the photographers that are constantly surrounding him while he tries to walk down the street, or the hate he knows she'll get the moment the pictures get leaked. yes, he does love harry. but that doesn't mean he's in love with him. they're best friends. at least they used to be. do you realize that they can't even talk in public anymore? whether it's because management tells them not to or because they feel uncomfortable it's still because of us, and the fact that we make such a big deal about it. lastly, just because you're a larry shipper doesn't mean you HAVE to say mean stuff about eleanor. you can ship something and believe something is real without tearing somebody down. you are completely capable of shipping something and still being a respectful person. we don't know the truth and that's that. so just try your best to keep the awful comments to yourself. feel free to watch all the videos you want about larry, post pics of them and how cute they are, but there's no use in tearing people down. we're a really powerful fandom and we have to learn to use this power for good.
tommo__dreamer : @1d.5sos.larry I'm laughing so hard right now! Yea real pictures of them in public kissing and cuddling and even pictures of them not knowing cameras are around showing affections are completely fake. Then the photoshopped larry photos and photos of them looking at each other just how they would look at the other boys means it's real love. I'm not the dumbass here. That love would be you. Thx for amusing me with you fantasys. Bye!😂😂😂
dannigarciaa_ : Beard
salmaresxx : Elounor .... Love them :-)
tommos_penguins : I'm not gonna get into this agreement but I'm just gonna say - Larry is real. Nearly all Elouner pics are photoshopped - if they're going out why would they need to Photoshop them? Larry is real they're just not allowed come out because management think it would be bad publicity but really we all secretly love Larry! I'm a Louis girl but I'm still a Larry shipper. I'm not hating on Louis or Eleanor or Harry - it's not an insult to call someone gay its a fact, I love Eleanor but Elouner isn't real. Larry is real.
tommos_penguins : Argument*
pamefhoran : Hi modest!:)
1d_5sos_4life : Why is everybody hating on Larry shippers? Just because we ship Larry doesn't mean u can automatically think we r hating on Eleanor! I ship Larry but I don't hate Eleanor at all! I just think people need to grow up and stop being so immature
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louist91 - louist91
Good night !
giadazannini : @nicolettabonci sono incinta
chiara_dattilo : 😍❤️
do_re_mii : All day All night...ONLY...Niall Horan ♥
noranasherif : so u r drinking babe omg lol :O ?
emilyrooneyxx : Niall xxxxxxxxxxx😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
tomlinsonisperfect : Louis♥I love you
laurita_malik_horan : Owww my Niall bitches!! NIALL is mine is my big love
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