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715 W 23rd St Suite A2 Austin, TX 78705 New Arrivals Daily!
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Our new #floralprintdress is sure to be a hit this wedding/formal season! #laceback #soflattering #needit
floralprintdress - soflattering - laceback - needit -
meredithmalcolm : Might need that for a wedding this weekend, Tessie ! Just need to try on in person to see if it's long enough.
tiffanie_smith : Online? 😍
longhornfashions : @meredithmalcolm Ohhh I bet it would be so pretty on you! I'm here all week 11am-6:30pm, pop in if you have time! πŸ˜„
longhornfashions : @tiffanie_smith it is! It is called navy floral print dress and the free shipping code is SHIPPING. Thanks so much!
torileymeister : 😍😍😍😍
janemarieagnew : Love it 😍😍
runn_like_the_wind - ken_and_barbie_dall - bishopandholland - tabstork -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Poppin' bottles for the spring game in my favorite #embroideredmaxidress! #hookem doughnuts, mimosas, and a new outfit are waiting for ya! Store is open until 6pm! #orangeandwhitescrimage
embroideredmaxidress - orangeandwhitescrimage - hookem -
bbesler24 : YAY!!!! See you soon!!!
laurenonfox7 : Cute!!
ckserenil : 😍
mjsmomma55 : @avanna83 @melc_0821 we need to check this place out.
bbesler24 : I'm so upset we didn't make it! We had people coming in and the time just didn't work out. We'll be back around my birthday and for sure be there. @longhornfashions
longhornfashions : @bbesler24 aw no worries gal!! Hope y'all had fun at the game!
longhornfashions : Thank you @laurenonfox7! 😽 hope you are having a great weekend in Arizona!
jessienoblett - biscuittexas - toni_nicoleee - wistyjohnson -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
<<Brunch Attire>> #whitelayerdress #floppyhat #jadenecklace #ootd
floppyhat - jadenecklace - whitelayerdress - ootd -
hllryrth : Are those floppy hats one size fits all or sized? Such a cute outfit. So ready to be wearing white again!!! #summer
longhornfashions : @hllryrth they are one size fits all πŸ˜„ thank you! me too!!
hllryrth : @longhornfashions thanks for the info!
biscuittexas - mrsmiddleton2 - kilcydesigns - toni_nicoleee -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
#tbt to that time we had #hookem doughnuts and mimosas at the store! We are doing it again this Saturday for the spring game and opening early at 10am! #orangeandwhitegame #texasfight #footballseasoniscoming
orangeandwhitegame - footballseasoniscoming - hookem - tbt - texasfight -
josephine3 : YES πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» @katieeeemarie
melissacd : The best!!!
jennydrews : @longhornfashions it's finally happening πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
oh_yenni : @dgarza0305 these doughnuts
oh_yenni : @airwrecka85 lets go to this!!
courtneymankin : @longhornfashions thanks!!! I'll have to bring him by!
selmarae : @cipshore @savmaree we need to recreate these for the tailgate in South Bend!
hayleylwilson33 : @lindsaydwils
fashionwithaspen_ - lauratx90 - 2degreesofstyle - ckserenil -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Dillas are back in stock and it's another gorgeous day in Austin, TX! Coincidence? I think not! #atx #townlake #greenbelt #summatime
summatime - townlake - atx - greenbelt -
_queenbk : @morganrhillhouse this is a cute armadillo!
calitexan2020 : Is the beer one back in stock too?
longhornfashions : @calitexan2020 eek no sorry! But the LOCAL tank is also back in stock!
calitexan2020 : Will you hold on to a medium for me and I will try to come by today to grab it! 6:30 right?
longhornfashions : @calitexan2020 yes definitely! In the local or the dilla?
calitexan2020 : Dilla please! Armadillos are my favorite
longhornfashions : @calitexan2020 woo yes!! I'll have it for Ya!
brittanyruyak : Whaaaat I need this!!!!
hayleylwilson33 - ckserenil - lauratx90 - audrey_michelle3 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Crushin' on this cobalt #romper! It has a silky feel and a flattering fit which includes adjustable straps so you can find the perfect length for you!
romper -
jenkayt : Price?!
andrea_lisette : How much?! And is it online?! @longhornfashions
longhornfashions : @jenkayt @andrea_lisette it is $64 and available in XS-L! It isn't online because it's this new designer that we are carrying so we don't have images yet but let me know if you would like an invoice!
hillarybroussard : @mgreves
bmushinskiward : Coming in tomorrow afternoon!!!
longhornfashions : Yay!! @bmushinskiward see you tomorrow!!
jennlongoria3 : @n.b.town I like this too
n.b.town : Yes for sure. @jennlongoria3
lauratx90 - 2degreesofstyle - mrs_kwall - audrey_michelle3 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
The best way to tackle Monday is to start planning for the next weekend! #whiteflowytank #leafprintshorts #tasselnecklace #navybralette #kittensgetthirstytoo
navybralette - whiteflowytank - leafprintshorts - tasselnecklace - kittensgetthirstytoo -
preppyinpinkusa : Love all of it!
sabmacattack : @devan1804 your name is written aaaalllll over this 😻
devan1804 : Love πŸ’œ @sabmacattack
lillyneu : Wore these shorts all weekend! They are the cutest and comfiest ever!!
roques_ann : @longhornfashions price on the bralette? Any other colors as well?
longhornfashions : @roques_ann they are $24 and we have black, green, and hot pink also!
haleynae : @ashnicole8711 have you been to this store in Austin? I know you'd love it.
longhornfashions : @haleynae thanks so much for spreading the word, Haley! 😽 I really appreciate it!
meadowlanestyle - leticia_trrzs - kimnovak22 - klhealthcrazed -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Festival season has officially begun and we are ready! #fringepurse #tiedyetop #distresseddenim #coachella #bonnaroo #hangoutfest #freepress #ACL
freepress - coachella - bonnaroo - acl - tiedyetop - fringepurse - distresseddenim - hangoutfest -
libbylowery : @lllbenning
bbesler24 : That bag ❀️ can't wait to stop by next Saturday!!!!
lauratx90 - kendallatx - toni_nicoleee - ckserenil -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Busting out the burnt orange and white because Longhorn @jordanspieth is crushing it at the #Masters! #ninebirdies #GoJordanGo #Hookem #JCP #JordanSpieth
ninebirdies - masters - jcp - hookem - jordanspieth - gojordango -
mariegraw : Will the burnt orange dress be on the website?
longhornfashions : @em_claire the white dress is $42 πŸ˜„
longhornfashions : @mariegraw unfortunately I don't have any photos of it to put it online right now, but hopefully soon or I can send you an invoice if you would like! It is $62 and comes XS-L and it is true to size! Thank you!
longhornfashions : @bbesler24 I think it will be! Just got it yesterday! It isn't that short! But I'm not sure the exact length, can try to let you know soon! πŸ˜„
bbesler24 : Oh girl your ok..I'll try it on when I come in 😊 it looks super cute tho
elysia_87 : I noticed the necklaces in the picture aren't on the website. Do you only have a limited selection available online and a wider selection in store?
longhornfashions : @elysia_87 ah yes, we have way more jewelry at the store but the majority of it is real gemstones so one of a kind which makes it hard to put online!
elysia_87 : Thank you so much for the info! I'll have to stop by sometime, you guys rock!!
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Another new romper! Just in time for the weekend!
hannahcweigenberg : How much is this? 😍
longhornfashions : @hannahcweigenberg it is $32! πŸ˜„
mr_ccastillo : @lexi_m89
lillyneu : Love!!
cynman : @letalyn
lexi_m89 : @mr_ccastillo love it!!
runn_like_the_wind - carolinecgo - bishopandholland - yasmin_a58 -
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