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Apparel & Accessory Boutique 715 W 23rd St Suite A2 Austin, TX 78705 New arrivals daily! Tag us with #LonghornFashions LonghornFashions.Blogspot.com
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
They're back!! And only $25! Available at the shop and LonghornFashions.com or comment with your email, size, and color preference for an invoice! #TexasPride #StateLove
texaspride - statelove -
longhornfashions : @jenkayt got it!
longhornfashions : **update 1 small and 1 medium available in burnt orange, S-L available in grey
na_na_taa_shaa : Can y'all get one in maroon?! πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
karabirge : Purchased!!
katherineinthekitchen : Medium. Burnt orange! Katherinestrickland@gmail.com
ciarachanelw : @itschagirlya
cemclaughlin3 : Small, burnt orange, cenicholas@gmail.com
cemclaughlin3 : @longhornfashions πŸ‘†
erinhousewright - chelsitarae - tonywatson20 - rachelayneroberts -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Who is ready for the weekend?! We love this laid-back look for a fun Saturday with friends!
mollyerich : is the purse in store/HOW MUCH?? (Borat voice)
longhornfashions : Thanks @mollyerich!! It is! Haha It is $34 πŸ˜„
beirnebabybeirne : 😍😍😍
kisforkek : So obsessed with that dress!
loveemilyd : That dress-just perfect
longhornfashions : @ceewal01 @meganlouisemason @aleciahuval @beirnebabybeirne @kisforkek @loveemilyd I'm so happy that y'all like it! It's available online too! πŸ˜„
marissahope : WANT
roznomm : @lauranomms This dress would be cute on you!
sarahmcanals - magabriellec - jea1184 - heatherbbates -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Behind the scenes at our photo shoot tonight! New arrivals by @pearlsoutherncouture, @jordanlovesjamesjewelry, and more will be online soon! Love our gorgeous models @wellwellwendy and @janemarieagnew and our talented photographer @nalnoda!
whamoore : Way to go @wellwellwendy and @janemarieagnew looking fabulous as always!
nalnoda : @longhornfashions always so fun! One of these days we should do a gameday shoot
jenkayt : WHEN will this fringe dress be available?!! #need #hookem
longhornfashions : @nalnoda definitely!
longhornfashions : @jenkayt the fringe dress is actually already online at longhornfashions.com! The image is the one with beads but you can leave an order comment that you want no beads!
pearlsoutherncouture : πŸˆπŸ‚β™‘
judydonachiewat : Love @pearlsoutherncouture ! πŸ‘
graceandlaceco - tjcjfech - katdallen - christylottie -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
New necklaces for fall just arrived!πŸ‚ See how we are transitioning to the cooler weather #ontheblog!
druzynecklace - tasselnecklace - gemstonenecklace - ontheblog -
morganbryant_ : how much is the one in the middle?
longhornfashions : @morganbryant_ the middle one is also $68. Let me know if you would like an invoice because we also have one of those πŸ˜„
longhornfashions : #tasselnecklace #gemstonenecklace #druzynecklace
_queenbk : Love them
_queenbk : !!!
longhornfashions : Thank you @_queenbk!!
brittco9 : @clatimer90
hankandhalyard : We love these so much!! Your boutique is adorable!! We love your page! @longhornfashions
shawnaveryyoung - tjcjfech - kenziehaddock - tonywatson20 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Time to bust out those burnt orange skinny jeans! We have them in every size at the shop! Open until 6pm! #hookem #feelslikeFall
feelslikefall - hookem -
longhornfashions : @acbarton09 you can email me tessie@longhornfashions.com instead of commenting with it!
kathyphantastic : I'm wearing some right now! We're headed to Dallas. Don't worry, I'm not driving.
longhornfashions : @kathyphantastic haha yay! Have so much fun at the game!
acbarton09 : Amandabarton09@gmail.com thanks!
karbear2111 : Must have!!!
abiblow : @longhornfashions is this top online? I can't find it!
longhornfashions : @abiblow hi Anna!! It is out of stock right now but it will be online when it is back in stock next week!
abiblow : Thanks girl!
breannalobos - escobar_m_lo - katdallen - handz_a_make_her_dance -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Going out tonight? These little black shorts look great with everything! Esp our new white top and turquoise statement necklace πŸ˜‰
longhornfashions : PS. Our burnt orange shorts like this are back in stock too!
ckserenil : Love this 😍
amberpickett : That shirt!!
jbkapral : Such a cute lookπŸ‘Œ @longhornfashions do the shorts for true to size?
thefalkster : Love the blouse!
mrsdecaturslittlegators : @longhornfashions yay!!! I get to shop this weekend! Lauren & I are coming to town!
longhornfashions : @jbkapral thank you! they are pretty true to size! They come in S-L and are only $25!
handz_a_make_her_dance - haleyreese23 - itssarahwithanh - jamiewarren_10 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
It's FRIDAY!! Celebrating with @vneira33 and @aly__woo in our @gettankedatx LOCAL and TX tanks which are back in stock at the shop!
campgladiator - austin -
thefalkster : Y'all are adorbs!
lillyneu : So cute!
caseycslater : This picture is awesome.
longhornfashions : @thefalkster @lillyneu haha thank you, 7am and sweaty but we love our tanks!
longhornfashions : @caseycslater haha thank you! cheesy but fun. Photo credit to @adkroviak
longhornfashions : #Austin #CampGladiator
snowishin : Cute!
a.l.y.s.s.a_p - urrrkkaa - margaux_polo_ - taylorkbrown16 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Dresses for weddings, formals, and the holiday season are starting to arrive! This plus a red lip and some black heels πŸ‘Œ
lillyandgrant : Beautiful!
jbkapral : Love!!!
lisa_knh : 😍😍😍
mintspix : That's gorgeous!!!!
lbraudtx : Ommmgggg
htwitchell : SO PRETTY!!!
longhornfashions : Yay so happy that y'all like it! Thanks so much for the sweet comments! It is online now and at the store πŸ˜„
cfguthoff : Obsessed with this. #greatgatsbychic
cat_eye_grl - tracydlunoff - nancyacrow - tonywatson20 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
So many #newarrivals! It's hard to pick favorites, but this #crochettrimtop is amazing in person and this #romper has the prettiest lace back!
crochettrimtop - embroideredbackpack - statementnecklace - newarrivals - crossbodypurse - romper - printedscarf -
longhornfashions : @acolabella1966 hi we have agate slice necklaces on silver chains right now and will have more on gold chains soon!
acolabella1966 : Ok ty
longhornfashions : #embroideredbackpack #printedscarf #statementnecklace #crossbodypurse
amandar811 : @thefalkster Romping Around: UT Edition
jennydrews : Dat romper...
indianaadams : Drool re: that backpack! 😍
hannah_porter : That's it, I'm coming in and buying everything this weekend😍 it's all too cute!
cat_eye_grl : πŸ‘†πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ Uh, oh! @hannah_porter
handz_a_make_her_dance - sophierojeda - tonywatson20 - alibegnaud -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Saturday necessities! Mimosas and shopping until 4:30pm today! #Lacetop #champagne #cookies #longhorntattoos #hookem
lacetop - cookies - champagne - hookem - longhorntattoos -
bmushinskiward : I need that to go with the adorable shorts I bought from @longhornfashions
sarahhheart : Where can I get this?!
victoriaramboatx : That necklace!!!! 😍
longhornfashions : @cghahn @bmushinskiward @sarahhheart we sold out of the top for today but will have more on Thursday!
brittco9 : Tried to make it today @longhornfashions but there's not enough hours in the day! 😩guess I'll be lookin like a #scrub
cat_eye_grl : @hannah_porter you need to go buy this next week! πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
longhornfashions : @brittco9 haha I'm sure you looked cute!! But I would love to see ya whenever!
donahuc : I believe we have some of those Sofia cans from the the last time your buddies were here! Love to see your clothes.
handz_a_make_her_dance - meghanriddle1 - stefaniequimby - martamen.13 -
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