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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
We extended the Black Friday deal for Small Business Saturday! 15% off one item, 20% off two items, and 30% off three or more items! The store is open 11am-6pm and the code for longhornfashions.com is SHOPSMALL πŸ˜„ Thank you so much for shopping small and supporting my dream!
alibegnaud : So cute!!
cheybond : Wish I was still close so I could come shop in the store!
dam_lovely : @likelylexi ❀️❀️❀️
whitneydoering : Is this available online? Love it!
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Hey y'all! We are open until 5pm today with mimosas and a special Black Friday sale! Stock up and save! **Buy 1 item get 15% off** **Buy 2 items get 20% off your purchase** **Buy 3+ items get 30% off your purchase** Hope to see y'all here! πŸ‘―
bbesler24 : I've been eyeing it for awhile!!! Do you have it in a M?
longhornfashions : @bbesler24 yeah! πŸ˜ƒ
jenhuff55 : @blissfulview Another vest for you...do you Like?????
shauna_gordon : Is this online too or only in store?
mrsjenrobertson : Online? @longhornfashions
carlyawebb : Do you have the "Y'all" in burnt orange?
blissfulview : @jenhuff55 I love it
longhornfashions : @shauna_gordon @mrsjenrobertson the online code is SHOPSMALL πŸ˜ƒ
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Today and every day I am so thankful for y'all. My sweet customers that have turned into close friends over the past couple of years! ❀️ Seeing y'all at the store is my favorite thing ever and I can't thank you enough for all the love, support, and tags ☺️. Those pictured and so many others mean the world to me and LF!
longhornfashions : @mward80 happy thanksgiving!! She did! It was so nice to meet her! Thanks so much!
longhornfashions : @laurenonfox7 😘😘
jennydrews : Thankful for you!! Beyond just clothes and being an amazing business owner, you're an all around beautiful person inside and out
janelledavis__ : So thankful to have found you and your store, Tessie! You are the absolute sweetest. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family😊
longhornfashions : @enjoyable767 thank you! πŸ˜„β€οΈ I hope you had a great thanksgiving!!
longhornfashions : @kellyeasley aw you are the best!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
longhornfashions : @jennydrews thank you so much, Jenny! I feel the same way about you!
longhornfashions : @janelledavis__ thank you so much! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
One more vest that we love! This soft white shearling vest is perfect for cheering on the Horns tomorrow! πŸ‚ The store is open until 7pm! #hookem
hookem -
longhornfashions : @whoa_nellie_kay it is $48 πŸ˜„
mollyhiggs : This is exactly what I was planning to wear to the game tomorrow!
longhornfashions : @mollyhiggs aw yay! So cute! So nice meeting you a few weeks ago!
alaynaguerrero : Tess are the longhorn glasses for sale?
longhornfashions : @alaynaguerrero hi! They are! The Pilsner glasses are $20
mpaig3t : @sarahhdodd your mom needs those cups
megwilliamsway : What will your hours be this Fri/Sat?
longhornfashions : @megwilliamsway hi! 11am-5pm Friday and 11am-6pm Saturday πŸ˜„
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Fur lined quilted vests and plaid blanket scarves make for a chic Thanksgiving look! We now have the vest and scarf in 4 color options!
mjsmomma55 : Great, I'll let her know. She liked your stuff!
longhornfashions : @mjsmomma55 aw yay thanks so much!
cmlove : @ktheart I need this scarf!
taytayike : Ahhh I need that vest! Do u guys ship to NYC lol @longhornfashions
longhornfashions : @taytayike haha yes!! This is on LonghornFashions.com with free shipping code SHIPPING πŸ˜„ miss you!
taytayike : Omg this is going to be dangerous..... Lol thank u so much! Miss u too!
diggy02 : @longhornfashions how much are the pants? Any Black Friday sales?
diggy02 : Love this combo!!!😍😍
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
This crazy soft white sleeveless top layers perfectly with all your winter vests, sweaters, and jackets. We even love it with our new sequin joggers!
redeemedhandcraftedaccessories : ❀️
goodgollymscollie : @tcollie40 I need these sequin pants for my bday outfit! 😍
themeauxjeaux : @jordandbarley need those pants
ivykmeehan : @mightymallory PANTS. NOW. LETS GO. WHAT ARE WE DOING. NOWWWWWW.
jordandbarley : @themeauxjeaux yes need! @longhornfashions how long are they?
longhornfashions : @jordandbarley hey girl! These are joggers so slightly cropped but super cute
brittco9duke : Mom, I need these pants for Christmas @vconine4
vconine4 : Too cute!!
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Today is the last day of the @thejuniorleagueofaustin #AChristmasAffair! We are here until 4pm and still have great gifts for everyone on your list! The store is open 12pm-4pm too!
achristmasaffair -
enjoyable767 : Are you gonna sell those ornaments at the shop?! They are so cute!!
cprichardson : So good seeing you yesterday! Loved everything y'all had!
longhornfashions : @cprichardson so great seeing you too! Congrats again on the adorable twins!
longhornfashions : @enjoyable767 thanks girl! They are a Christmas affair exclusive right now but I'll let you know if somehow we can!
judydonachiewat : Those ornaments! 😍
caseybrown45 : How much for the Texas Ornaments?!
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Our long sleeve dresses are the comfiest Saturday attire! The store is open until 6pm today!
lillyneu : I have a hugeeeeee list of things to buy next weekend. #huge #solong
kaylengattis : Will you guys be there this weekend?
dont_mess_with_bexas : Ooh love these!
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Stocked our booth at @thejuniorleagueofaustin #AChristmasAffair this morning with so many new vests! Hope to see you there today or at the store! The store is open 11-7pm and Christmas Affair is open now until 8pm!
achristmasaffair -
rwbitter : See ya today and bringing M! :)
lindey_loo : Is the vest on the left in stock at the store today too?
longhornfashions : @paxs_on_paxs_off yeah! From 11am-7pm :-)
longhornfashions : @rwbitter yay so excited!!
longhornfashions : @lindey_loo it is only at a Christmas affair today but we have a new camel shearling arriving at the store today that is really cute!
jbkap : @amynichole1324
smwhogan : @emilyfwillis
kkcouser : @longhornfashions do you happen to know what type of faux fur yall carry?
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
A cold front is coming this weekend! Good thing we have racks on racks of cute vests, sweaters, and jackets! @thejuniorleagueofaustin #AChristmasAffair is open to the public now so come get your shop on!
achristmasaffair -
jenkayt : "Racks on racks" !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†
jeanineamapola : Oh I want that grey vest 😍
kptuetken8 : Where is this??
longhornfashions : @kptuetken8 it is at Palmer Events Center today until 9pm, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday!
torrey_boucher : @cassidywilsonn
katywain : @k_fabre that vest thooooo
lindsaysloansims : Eeeeee I'll be there this evening!!
longhornfashions : @lindsaysloansims yay! Can't wait to see you!!
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