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Apparel & Accessory Boutique 715 W 23rd St Suite A2 Austin, TX 78705 New arrivals daily! Tag us with #LonghornFashions LonghornFashions.Blogspot.com
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longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Because Mondays are better with a little glam. #sequinromper #flashtats #Holidayparty #semiformal #NYE #birthdayparty #bacheloretteparty
bacheloretteparty - holidayparty - flashtats - sequinromper - birthdayparty - semiformal - nye -
klagardner88 : @mandyo119 too much?
mad_oxl : @marykatharinepayne this would be fun if I could pull off a romp
amandaleemac : @whitneyzane you are correct, I has been ordered!
desirae595 : @sarita_28 Hahahaa im flashy
sarita_28 : @desirae595 it would look so cute on you for like NYE or something!
lanilouwho : @taraharrelson doesn't this romper look fun! #sparkles
cghahn : Omg this is amazing!! I have to have this 😍
longhornfashions : @kellyeasley @cghahn thanks for the ❀️! it would look seriously amazing on y'all!
tonywatson20 - hunnid_dolla_qualls - milly_mc - mrs.sandraude -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Alright alright alright! How amazing did Camila Alves look in the @pearlsoutherncouture Navajo Skirt yesterday!? This skirt has been a LonghornFashions.com favorite this season!
longhornfashions : @rholtin I can definitely try to get more! I'll keep you posted!
nowatriolo : Look at this! @alexandraclaireee
janeslater7 : Wondered where that came from? Stopping by
longhornfashions : @janeslater7 so awesome that you interviewed Matthew! Sadly we are out of the skirt but we have a lot of other cute things in stock! We are open 11am-7pm Monday-Friday and 11am-6pm on Saturday. Would love to meet you!
janeslater7 : I love to shop :) will stop by
rholtin : Ok my number is (281)782-9724 if you need to call/text me! 😊
amandalynn2011 : @madrigalsandy @jasminlittle
cindyster : @trangg naw...naw..naw nawwwe!!
pearlsoutherncouture - cat_eye_grl - isa678 - alexzandria_grace -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Let's GO Longhorns!!! Tag us in your pictures! We will be sharing everything tomorrow night! Love y'all! #longhornfashions
longhornfashions -
sandyghoy : πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―
mhodges1209 : Yayyy thanks for dressing me!
texasgirl333 : I want some boots like that dolls
longhornfashions : @wellwellwendy matched Camila Alves in the Navajo Skirt!
kisforkek - irenakaropulos - nowatriolo - cindypede -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Perfect weather for GameDay!! Come join us for mimosas, cookies, and shopping until 4:30pm!
sscedillo : Love this outfit!
auntie_ape : Love it
judydonachiewat : Pony tail wraps πŸ˜˜πŸ‚
dont_mess_with_bexas - heleneinbetween - donahuc - calitexan2020 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Leather tassels, citrine cluster necklaces, agate slice earrings, and druzy wraps...we ❀️❀️❀️ them all!!
katiemleslie : @kimcjimeno
jenkayt : See @aliooop11 , her stuff!!
longhornfashions : PS. We are open until 7pm tonight and from 10:30am-4:30pm tomorrow with mimosas and GameDay cookies!
frog4lyfe : I'm still allowed to buy this color, right?! ❀️❀️
abigailmcdaniel : So cute! Tell @taylorbuzan to buy one of these for me and I'll finally agree to wear burnt orange to a game πŸ˜‰
longhornfashions : @frog4lyfe haha yes! I bet the druzy would look great with purple! 😘 miss you!
longhornfashions : @abigailmcdaniel haha done and done! Hope to see y'all again soon!
handz_a_make_her_dance - haleyreese23 - htwitchell - yayadelara -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Woohoo! It's already Thursday! This fitted #blackdress is perfect for a night out in #Austin!
blackdress - fitteddress - austin - embroidereddress - partydress -
vendertyler : @longhornfashions how much?
longhornfashions : @vendertyler it is $42 πŸ˜„
yoonie_11 : @longhornfashions is it for sale online or just in store?
longhornfashions : @yoonie_11 It will be online tonight but you can comment with your email and size for an invoice! It's $42 with free shipping and available in S-L
marie8781 : @longhornfashions is a small equivalent to a 4-6? I love the print!
longhornfashions : @marie8781 thank you! It runs a little small so a 4-6 would be a really fitted small or a medium!
longhornfashions : @yoonie_11 @marie8781 the black dress is online now if you would like to see more pictures πŸ˜„
marie8781 : Alright! thank you!!
torileymeister - maddiepriddy - _av3ryriester - krystlh -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
New cocktail dresses just arrived for formals, holiday parties, weddings, and more! The detailing on this lace dress is stunning in person ❀️
vintageinspireddress - cocktaildress - lacedress -
longhornfashions : #lacedress #vintageinspireddress #cocktaildress
sarahmcanals : Do you have an xs and if so would you be able to hold it for me? I could pay you now through pay pal lol
longhornfashions : @sarahmcanals shoot it only came in small-large. I can hold the small if you would like to give it a try! The small is 28 1/4" in length
sarahmcanals : Awww sad! Well let me know when you get cute xs stuff you know ill come buy it!!
longhornfashions : @sarahmcanals will do!! πŸ˜„
cboles_ - kitsyco - giullianamazzi - samkett13 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Who loved the sweater weather this morning?! We are welcoming the cooler temps with the return of our sweater section on the website and at the store! #opensweaters #printedsweaters #tribalsweaters #burntorangesweaters
opensweaters - printedsweaters - burntorangesweaters - tribalsweaters -
debmun88 : Cute!
cat_eye_grl : Oh, my...I LOVE these two pieces together!! I think the mom needs to plan a shopping day @longhornfashions!! Hannah is on her own this time! πŸ˜„
longhornfashions : @debmun88 thank you!
longhornfashions : @victoriaramboatx yay glad you like it! We have 4 or 5 that are similar but are in different prints/colors too!
longhornfashions : @cat_eye_grl haha yay! Would love to see you!
longhornfashions : PS. The burnt orange skinny jeans are starting to get low! So come grab a pair if you were hoping to have them for this season!
amandar811 : Love that sweater! How is the fit?
longhornfashions : @amandar811 it is really cute on! There is a photo of it on a model on longhornfashions.com if you would like a better idea of the length etc πŸ˜„
judydonachiewat - frog4lyfe - tonywatson20 - kaileycrow -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
Transition to cooler temps with with a chambray top! We love how @lonestarsouthern paired one with our @pearlsoutherncouture Navajo Skirt and the entire look on the right is available at the store right now. Come shop until 7pm!
burntorangemaxiskirt - texasnecklace - burntorangeskirt - chambraytop - hookem -
kathyphantastic : I think she works with @uthousingandfood.
longhornfashions : #chambraytop #burntorangeskirt #burntorangemaxiskirt #texasnecklace #hookem
pearlsoutherncouture - meredithlschneider - the_muy_bueno - mariabell7 -
longhornfashions - Longhorn Fashions
We opened early today! We still have plenty of pretty options for the weekend, including some new arrivals and restocks!
texasvsou - hookem -
leeannebenjamin : Cute !
longhornfashions : #hookem #texasvsou
juan_1520 : @lorynisme
jenniferh0218 : @longhornfashions is the burnt orange top online?
longhornfashions : @jenniferh0218 it is! It is called burnt orange embroidered tunic
paxs_on_paxs_off : What time will y'all be open next Friday and Saturday before the Iowa state game??
longhornfashions : @paxs_on_paxs_off we will be open from 11am-7pm on that Friday and from 10:30am-4:30pm on that Saturday with mimosas and cookies!
stork_13 : This is so cute!
dithphil - maddiepriddy - tjcjfech - debann1 -
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