Liz and Ryan

We believe in living an AMAZING life and documenting it along the way! Founders of @amzlifetogether. Currently on an #amazingmarriageadventure!
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
#Germany is quite adorable! #rheingau #rüdesheim #travel #wanderlust
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mleighmiller : Not far at all from where we hope to be soon (Wiesbaden). :)
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
#Nijmegen, the "oldest city" in The Netherlands. Well, at least they claim to be... but so does another city in #TheNetherlands! Minor detail. All that really matters is that it is beautiful and gave us such a warm welcome to begin our #LizAndRyanGoToEurope adventure! ;) Renee and Joost made us feel like locals and their engagement session was truly a dream come true! Off to #Germany! ;) #travel #adventure #wanderlust
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
It's a beautiful day for a bike ride through #Nijmegen in #TheNetherlands with a pit stop at the #DoornenburgCastle for lunch! We won't talk about the flat tire on my bike! Whoops! ;) #LizAndRyanGoToEurope #traveltogether #travel
thenetherlands - nijmegen - doornenburgcastle - lizandryangotoeurope - travel - traveltogether -
ohheyitslaurap : Haha you guys are the king & queen of flat tires :)
liz_and_ryan : @ohheyitslaurap We sure are! Lol.
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
It might be a rainy day in #Germany, but we are still giddy with excitement to be here!!! ;) #lookatthatgreen #ahh #Munich #LizAndRyanGoToEurope
lizandryangotoeurope - ahh - germany - lookatthatgreen - munich -
suffersdecadex : Love your feed 🎁
elizannking : Im in Germany right now too..:)
lindsmarchioni : I love Germany! Can't wait to see your pictures along the way.
beckanix : Instagram alllll the pictures! Makes me want to plan another trip to Germany ✈️
intrigue_designs : What! So cool. Have fun.
marymarantz : You HAVE to go to Neuschwanstein Castle!!
marymarantz : Ohhh and if you get the chance, hop over to Vienna! One of my FAVORITE cities ever!
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
After traveling over 16,000 miles of the #USA since the beginning of 2015, we are taking a quick #RV break and going to Europe! ;) Wahoo! We have an engagement session in The Netherlands, an anniversary session in Germany, and a WEDDING in ITALY calling our names!!! ;) Ahh!!! We are so excited! #amazingmarriageadventure #LizAndRyanGoToEurope
lizandryangotoeurope - rv - usa - amazingmarriageadventure -
evieperezphotog : @liz_and_ryan ahhhhh that is crazy exciting
jessicafreyphotography : Yea!!!!!!!! 👍
megdecker : Sounds amazing!!!!!!
melissabalch_ : So exciting!! 🎉🎉
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
There are so many beautiful places in the #USA that we probably would have never visited if it were not for our amazing couples! So excited to be in the cutest little town in the #Midwest, #Galena #Illinois! Seriously- it is beautiful here! Wait till you see the downtown! ;) #amzlifeIL @unposed_photogs are getting married tomorrow!!!! #roadtrip #GoRVing
galena - amzlifeil - usa - gorving - roadtrip - midwest - illinois -
marymarantz : Awww I love @unposed_photogs !! Also, is Galena where Twister was set? Finally, we need a Skype! That is all.
racheljacobus : At first I thought this was Galena, Ohio! Where I grew up! :)
jaclynkhood : Make sure to hit up downtown galena - great little shops!
katiesaegerevents : Love Galena's downtown! Have fun 😄
theandrewbarlow : Are you going to chicago?? You guys have to meet my parents if so! :)
unposed_photogs : Yay!!!!! We are so glad you're here!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!!!!!
christytylerphoto : Galena is so gorgeous!
liz_and_ryan : @theandrewbarlow We are!!! We will be back in the Chicago area later this year and would LOVE to meet your parents!!! Could you nominate them so that we have their info?!? ;)
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
Reminiscing about Ryan's #football days and his recruiting trip to #Purdue! So much fun to run around campus and soak it all in on this gorgeous day! Grateful for every moment of this journey through life together and this moment right here and now to remind us to be present and soak in today! Who knows where life will take you?!? #amazingmarriageadventure #amzlifeIN #purdue #boilermakers #kicker #canyouimagineryanasaboilermaker? ;)
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
This weekend is going to be one of those that we reflect back on often and say... "Remember that time" we decided on Wednesday to drive to Baltimore/Annapolis from Ohio instead of flying for our Friday and Saturday weddings. So, we drove the 7 hours on Wed/Thurs and photographed a BEAUTIFUL wedding on Friday!!! Saturday's AMAZING and incredibly memorable wedding was extended till midnight because of an accident on the Bay Bridge. We left immediately after the wedding and drove through the night to see this girl (& Justin too!) back in OH! It is not often our paths cross with their tour so we were not going to miss the opportunity to give them big hugs!!! We were in Indianapolis by 2:00 pm. on Sunday and slept until 9:00 p.m.! Lol. What a weekend!!!! ;) and we wouldn't have changed anything for the world!!! #hugswithcousinsarethebest #stillcantbelievethathappened #amzlifeoh #amazingmarriageadventure
stillcantbelievethathappened - amazingmarriageadventure - amzlifeoh - hugswithcousinsarethebest -
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
Happy to report... #Baltimore is still beautiful! #itsgoodtobehome even if only for 2 days! ;) #amzlifeMD
amzlifemd - baltimore - itsgoodtobehome -
auntchrissytina : I miss sitting on that dock!
clicksparkfilms : @liz_and_ryan say whatttt?!
sophiemcoates : You're here?!?!
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
This quote came across my feed the other day (thanks @happsters!) and it summed up some thoughts that have been repeating over and over in my head! The result... a blog post about dreams and RVs on the #amazingmarriageadventure website! Doing something as "crazy" as living in an #RV has taught us a lot about ourselves, where fears come from, and how society has a way of pushing us into a box and away from our dreams! Get rid of the box and live your dreams friends! We are here to cheer you on! ;) (link in profile)
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