Liz and Ryan

We believe in living an AMAZING life and documenting it along the way!
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
@amzlifetogether #amz30days #day18 - I like the way you work it! ;)
day18 - amz30days -
ekeckroad : Love this!!!💙
katelynjames - abarnettphoto - susucashyou - ekeckroad -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
@amzlifetogether #amz30days #day17 - This guy brightens my day every day! Grateful for his bright smile and radiant personality! He is quite handsome too! ;) #iamoneluckygirl #lovehim
lovehim - day17 - amz30days - iamoneluckygirl -
amzlifetogether - richie_norton - hollyhowe - mishandchips -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
#OMAZING!!! @baltimoreorioles are going to the playoffs!!! #birdland #wewontstop
omazing - birdland - wewontstop -
justinmarantz : YES!!!!!!!!!
annakerns : Yayy!! That's so cool you were there! *champagne bottle clink*
springsstudios : If it can't be the sox I'm glad it's the birds!! :)
mftalex : Wasn't it great to see in person? Champions ! ⚾️🎉
liz_and_ryan : @mftalex YES!
mlalexis - abarnettphoto - spotspride - rachelharrodphotography -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
@amzlifetogether #amz30days #day16 - Today we celebrated 13 years +1 day of dating at the same exact location where Ryan first asked me out! It was magical really! ;) #highknob #wekissed ;)
highknob - day16 - amz30days - wekissed -
littlephotokat : 👏💕
megdecker : This is sooo sweet! :)
laraacasey : 💕
mikehanline - annlpearce - mswin7 - sla101985 -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
@amzlifetogether #amz30days #day14 - Do something wild and crazy! Our life has been full of wild and crazy recently! Lol! Last Tuesday we officially put our home up for rent (if you know anyone interested in a beautiful home in Baltimore please send them our way!), Wednesday we filed the papers to make @amzlifetogether a non-profit, Thursday we went to the #largestrvshow in the country @parv and bought a @winnebago RV for the #amazingmarriageadventure, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we had an epic yard sale (rain and all) and raised $913 to make our $4,000 goal for @buildon to help build a school in Malawi in December. Wow! What a week! Wild and Crazy it is! This photo says it all to me- amongst the everyday craziness of everything, being extra crazy makes our smiles even bigger! Yes, we are nervous and scared and have felt every single emotion in between- but we could not be more grateful to know we are following our hearts and the direction we feel called! That is not always easy friends- but for excited smiles like this, it is totally worth it!
day14 - amz30days - largestrvshow - amazingmarriageadventure -
stephaniehuxter : Woo Hoo!!! Way to go friends!!!!!
jessicafreyphotography : Yea!!! What an exciting and AMAZING week!!!
marymarantz : Love you guys!!
annlpearce : Wow, you guys are hard to let up with! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see that RV!
ekeckroad - keel2830 - judystudio921 - 12chincheta -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
@amzlifetogether #amz30days #day13 - Ryan posted about Ice Cream and I am posting about donuts... I am not sure what that says about us besides we like food! ;) Clearly! ;) Our happiness bucket list items often include food and beverages! ;) This one is from the #baltimorefarmersmarket! Those donuts along with @zekescoffee are pretty much the perfect way to begin a Sunday! ;) I am grateful to say we have enjoyed the farmers market quite a few times this summer and look forward to hitting it up a few more times before the season is over!
baltimorefarmersmarket - amz30days - day13 -
tiffanylfarley : Gah fresh mini donuts are my favorite EVER. Yum!!
momoffour30 - sarah.k.smith - amandalrsmith - cameronchamber -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
I mean who wouldn't want to stop for this cute dancing sign guy? (who also happens to be my cute cousin! ;) ) So grateful for our AMAZING family!
toryygloryy - caroline_alexander5 - intrigue_designs - jelly_sandwiches -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
It is AMAZING what can happen when a village of people come together! Our family and friends decluttered and brought together their stuff for a HUGE yard sale! All of the proceeds go to @buildon to help us build a school in Africa in December!!! Friends, if you are in Central PA today- you have to come! There is so much goodness that we would love to share with you! Yesterday, in the downpours, we raised over $400! Help us double or triple that! We know we can do it! The village in Africa will appreciate it more than we can imagine right now! 601 Montour Street, Montoursville PA. Can't wait to see you!
amzlifetogether : Can't make the sale today? Donate online at
leonamorelock : Wish I could stop by and see you guys and your wonderful stuff!!
liz_and_ryan : @leonamorelock We wish you could stop by too! ;) Sending you big hugs!
milos_mommy - lreitz04 - annlpearce - lindsmarchioni -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
@amzlifetogether #amz30days #day12- A quality cup of coffee and time in a coffee shop to soak it all in will definitely make this guy happy! ;) Love seeing the smile on his face always! @alabastercoffee totally made our hearts smile yesterday!
amz30days - day12 -
leonamorelock - lacerab - lindsmarchioni - bellalifephotography -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
This beautiful bride and her handsome groom are making our blog look pretty gorgeous today! Super grateful for @justinmarantz and @marymarantz for teaching us all about the iconic bridal portrait! I am pretty sure Liz and Jordan and their children and grandchildren will cherish these forever!
jamiekphotos : Stunning @liz_and_ryan !!
liz_and_ryan : @jamiekphotos Thanks so much!!!!
christytylerphoto - dreamspiration_official - annlpearce - floridaweddingphotographer -
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