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We believe in living an AMAZING life and documenting it along the way!
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
It was a beauty at the @chesapeakebaybeachclub yesterday! Ali and Phil are married!!! #vanexterpartyoftwo
vanexterpartyoftwo -
cammyellieseastars : That golden light on them is just so warm and beautiful!!!
liz_and_ryan : @cammyellieseastars thank you!!! It definitely was beautiful golden light!!!
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
This is how we were greeted when we walked into the @chesapeakebaybeachclub ballroom yesterday for the #vanexterpartyoftwo wedding! @intrigue_designs you rocked it out! Thanks for helping to make Ali and Phil's wedding extra beautiful!
vanexterpartyoftwo -
beckanix : Wow @intrigue_designs that is beautiful!
intrigue_designs : Thank you!
dreamspiration_official - annlpearce - intrigue_designs - melissarieke -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
It is so inspiring to cheer the runners on at the #baltimoremarathon! Love seeing people make their dreams a reality! #gorunnersgo
baltimoremarathon - gorunnersgo -
tpeddicordphoto : I always cry watching the finish line at a marathon- even if I don't know the people, it is just so inspiring! :)
liz_and_ryan : @tpeddicordphoto Seriously! It is incredible!!! The challenges and determination and dedication is so inspiring!!!
kraraigh : Oh man, I looked for you guys when I ran by your house but must have missed you!!!
liz_and_ryan : Ohh no!!! So sad we missed you!!!! We were just saying that you should come hang out with us because we thought you would enjoy it! Clearly you were running! ;) lol
julied2201 - rachelwein20 - michellekupiec - caroline_alexander5 -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
Dreaming of this view today and still in awe that we get to soak it in in person SO SOON! When in the world did it become Oct already? Lol! The @amzlifetogether #amazinglifeescape is happening Nov. 7-10th and we would love for you and your significant other to join us! Side note... There is a HUGE giveaway happening at @amzlifetogether and we would love for you to check it out!
amazinglifeescape -
springsstudios : I hope I get to see you guys on your way up or back this year- you can come meet the baby!!!! (If it ever arrives... 11 days overdue and counting)
liz_and_ryan : @springsstudios YES!!! We need to make this happen!!!
kelliechaney - pixilatedphoto - annlpearce - baileme -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
So excited to share Una and Matt's wedding photos with them for the first time tonight! AND it just so happens that we get to celebrate Una's birthday too! How fun?!? #loveourcouples
loveourcouples -
katiewondo : Love! Wish I could be cuddling up in your living room with you guys!
carolineloganphoto : You guys are the greatest and your couples are so lucky to have you!!
liz_and_ryan : @katiewondo We do too!!!!
liz_and_ryan : @carolineloganphoto thanks sweet friend!!!
rachellechase - sabrina_fields - annlpearce - bellalifephotography -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
That moment a bride and groom realize they are now husband and wife! #sohappy Love these two! Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. @cmadden33 & @jturc3 #turcsandcase #turcapalooza
sohappy - turcapalooza - turcsandcase -
alisonharperandcompany : Oh they look so happy! ♡
liz_and_ryan : @alisonharperandcompany SO HAPPY! - that was definitely the emotion of the day yesterday! And it was contagious! ;)
cmadden33 : Thank you guys so much! Yesterday was indescribable we were so lucky to have you guys capture our wonderful day. Can't wait to see all the pictures!!! @liz_and_ryan
liz_and_ryan : @cmadden33 We loved every single minute of it! You guys are an incredibly beautiful couple inside and out! We can't wait to share the pics with you! ;)
milos_mommy - annlpearce - emjwolf - reneehphoto -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
Celebrating remarkable! Last week we received an email from @193countries telling us to expect a box of #thehappinessofpursuit books as we prepare for the @amzlifetogether #amazingmarriageadventure. Wowzers! So incredibly excited to share this AMAZING book with so many along the adventure!!! #sograteful for remarkable people in our lives like Chris! #findthequest
thehappinessofpursuit - findthequest - sograteful - amazingmarriageadventure -
ashlytherese : I just ordered that book! Can't wait to dive into it!
liz_and_ryan : @ashlytherese It is SO good! @193countries literally knows exactly what to say when I need to hear it! Lol! Enjoy it!!!
ahappygirl : Been wanting to read that!
katiewondo : This is the second time in a minute I saw that book pop up on my feed! Must be something I should read ;)
jillefellman : Hooray!!!! :)
liz_and_ryan : @ahappygirl YES! You should for sure!
liz_and_ryan : @katiewondo Umm yes! That would be a sign! ;)
missrachelkeyes - amandasig7 - leonamorelock - nsc51182 -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
Have you ever been on the receiving end of something remarkable?!? I hope so! But if not-let us know so we can change that! This past week has been full of remarkable people doing remarkable things and we want to celebrate that! When the AMAZING organizers of @pursuit31 asked @whitneyenglish if she would donate a #daydesigner to give away to a lucky winner at the conference, she decided to give every single attendee one (that was like over 100!!!) WHAT?!? That is so remarkable and so generous and just an AMAZING act of service! So grateful for you @whitneyenglish! Thank you for being a beautiful example of remarkable in our lives!
daydesigner -
whitneyenglish : Aw, you are so welcome! Thank you for sharing this! It means so much!
liz_and_ryan : @whitneyenglish I wish you could have been there to hear the screech from all the ladies when they announced that we all were the lucky ones to receive this!!! I took a quick video of the excitement and tried to send it to you right away but couldn't find your email on my phone! :( lol. I will send it to you! It was truly remarkable and seriously made me cry as a recipient of your incredible generosity!!! What a special gift!
thewellstudio : Sounds like an oprah moment @liz_and_ryan @whitneyenglish
liz_and_ryan : @thewellstudio It was for sure an @oprah moment! ;)
whitneyenglish : @thewellstudio @liz_and_ryan that's officially going on my crazy list "create Oprah moments"!!!!
liz_and_ryan : @whitneyenglish YES!!! Well you are off to an AMAZING start! ;)
changnatalie : Whitney is the BEST ... Generous with her heart, talent, wisdom and day designers!
chelseamowery_photography : I just bought one earlier this week! Can't wait to start organizing 2015!
lidamathews - missrachelkeyes - steezdiaz - tinymrsh -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
@amzlifetogether #amz30days #day25- Over the past few days I have ha the honor of attending the @pursuit31 conference in GA! Surrounded by so many AMAZING women, we laughed and cried a lot! Or maybe I should just speak for myself and say I cried a lot! I felt God working in incredible ways and ways that I am so grateful for! I woke up early and took time for myself to just soak in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of this Earth! Today as I reunited with @amzlifetogether (Ryan) YAY!!!!!! - I felt challenged, refreshed, and overall incredibly excited! Our good friend @marymarantz has her way of rocking my world in the best kinds of ways! She challenge everyone at the conference to #takeoffthecape (that thing that we so often hide behind)! I am still processing so much from this week- but I have realized (with the help of friends telling me) there is something I "hide" behind! And it feels crazy to say but I sometimes hide behind joy. That sounds crazy! I know. I am still trying to process this. But I always want to help others. I am an introvert and have a super hard time thinking about me. I always want to be joyful! And since we have the choice in life, I would always choose joy! But here is the crazy thing- that doesn't mean that I do not feel every other emotion! Our lives have been pretty crazy recently. This year- well it has certainly been one of ups and downs and everything in between. But it has been one of growth! My friends (and @bobgoff, of course) have helped me realize this week that being humble and vulnerable and communicating about those challenging times is important too! It is such a blessing that we have a choice to choose Joy. And I certainly don't plan to change that decision, but when things get tough- I am going to try really hard to share those feelings with others too! #grateful #pursuit31conference
day25 - takeoffthecape - amz30days - grateful - pursuit31conference -
liz_and_ryan : @katiewondo We can't wait either!!!
liz_and_ryan : @aliciahansonsturdy Thanks so much friend!
liz_and_ryan : Thanks so much @jaimeandchase! So happy we got to hang out!!! Miss you already!
pursuitcommunity : Wow. So great!
chelseamowery_photography : I made it my goal earlier this year to make it to Pursuit31 2015!! Maybe we can meet up next year!
liz_and_ryan : @chelseamowery_photography That would be so great!!!
suzyvandyke : <3 @liz_and_ryan love you friend!! Praying for you!
liz_and_ryan : Thanks so much @suzyvandyke! You are the sweetest!
violetirisstudios - amandasig7 - pursuitcommunity - loveumentary -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
@amzlifetogether #amz30days #day19 - This is definitely one of our favorite places to relax together!
amz30days - day19 -
liz_and_ryan : Thanks for the photo @jcamann! Hope you are having fun in Italy! Miss you!
carolineloganphoto : Cutest couple in the world 🏆
katiewondo : Now that's one of MY favorite places to relax!!!!! 💕
jcamann : @liz_and_ryan we wish we had one of those at our Italy house!!
littlerunnerpenguin - theandrewbarlow - aliciahansonsturdy - jcamann -
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