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Liz and Ryan

We believe in living an AMAZING life and documenting it along the way!
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liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
Yesterday was this guy's birthday!!! ;) We celebrated by taking long drives through Zambia's beautiful grasslands in search of the most AMAZING animals!!! We saw elephants, giraffes, tons and tons of monkeys, etc. and a crazy amazing rainbow before driving through a crazy thunderstorm! It was one of the most adventurous- ok, the most adventurous!!!- birthdays ever! And then we celebrated with a brownie and a candle that the lodge just happened to find for us (Ohh and chocolate cookies with peanut butter too!)!!! So incredibly happy! I am so grateful for Ryan and his beautifully amazing heart! #happybirthdayryan #heresto31 #ALTafrica #amazingmarriageadventure
altafrica - heresto31 - happybirthdayryan - amazingmarriageadventure -
kelliechaney : Amazing birthday! Happy day after @amzlifetogether!
nataliefranke : Happy Birthday Ryan!
melissaaamorton : Wow what a birthday!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures! ❤️❤️ from Bmore!
laracasey : Happy birthday Ryan!!!
jaimeandchase : Happy birthday Ryan!!!
charmcitywed : Happy birthday!
carolineloganphoto : Awhhhh love you two!!
marymarantz : Awww yay!!! Happy happy birthday! Can't wait to celebrate in person!
jennabe91 - cameronchamber - annlpearce - auntchrissytina -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
Last night we watched the moon rise over #capetown as we soaked in every minute of it! We are so grateful for this journey and cannot wait to see what #Malawi has in store for us! With open hearts we are off to the warm heart of Africa! Malawi here we come! #amazingmarriageadventure #ALTafrica
capetown - altafrica - malawi - amazingmarriageadventure -
cameronchamber : Safe travels
marymarantz : Ahhhhh yay! Safe travels friends!
loveumentary - annlpearce - thehowardbrand - reelspecial -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
#capetown @neighbourgoodsmarket at the #oldbiscuitmill is AMAZING!!! #eatlocal #buylocal #amazingmarriageadventure #ALTafrica
oldbiscuitmill - buylocal - eatlocal - amazingmarriageadventure - capetown - altafrica -
amzlifetogether - emilyjanephoto12 - mirandaj96 - mpischner -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
These colors! They inspire us! ;) #capetown #muizenberg #amazingmarriageadventure #ALTafrica
capetown - muizenberg - altafrica - amazingmarriageadventure -
bypetronella : If you're going to Uganda, holla! So excited for you both. xo P
amandasig7 - auntchrissytina - jswisac - ead2681 -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
A selfie with wild animals in the background! Check it off the #amazingmarriageadventure #bucketlist! Ahhhh! This is so much fun! #ALTafrica
altafrica - bucketlist - amazingmarriageadventure -
liz_and_ryan : @sarahestilts- Thinking of you and Trevor!!! Tails would be proud!
unposed_photogs : Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Penguins!!!!!! I love penguins!!! That looks so fun!
dreamonia98 : they have penguins in South Africa??? You learn something new everyday.
marketcolors : Sent you two cool kids over an email earlier today! So sorry for the delay! Praying for your adventures 👍
traceycies : So jealous, I love penguins!
momoffour30 : Amazing! All of it!!!
amzlifetogether - johnstraci - littlerunnerpenguin - kiki_rapunzel3 -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
There are no words to describe the beauty of this place... except God is AMAZING! ;) #southafrica #houtbay #capetown #amazingmarriageadventure #ALTafrica
capetown - southafrica - amazingmarriageadventure - altafrica - houtbay -
lindsmarchioni : Gorgeous! Hope you two are enjoying yourself!
cjkvisuals : Ahhh!! Amazing. Jealous- can't wait to see more photos
audra_picarello - partyplustentsandevents - mirandaj96 - annlpearce -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
After a crazy crazy crazy couple of weeks, we have landed in this most beautiful location for some R&R before heading off to Malawi to help build a school! A view like this- that we just happened upon on our drive to the hotel- is one AMAZING way to start this adventure! #capetown you have not let us down! #beamazing #amazingmarriageadventure #ALTafrica #travelcolorfully
capetown - altafrica - amazingmarriageadventure - beamazing - travelcolorfully -
marymarantz : Love love love!!!!
allisonbdesigns : Gorgeous!!!
carolineloganphoto : Ahhhh!!
amzlifetogether - littlerunnerpenguin - emilyallingham - wellgroomedgroom -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
The start of our adventure! We are still in awe that this is really happening. Just arrived in South Africa! :) wahoo! More photos to come soon once Ryan's phone is charged back up! #amazingmarriageadventure #ALTafrica
altafrica - amazingmarriageadventure -
suzyvandyke : Yay!
emilyjanephoto12 - mirandaj96 - annlpearce - loveumentary -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
So incredibly grateful for friends that say yes to our crazy adventures and go out of their way to make sure our last dinner in America for a few weeks before leaving for Africa tomorrow was everything we dream of and more! ;) My request was a big glass of water and Ryan's request was mashed potato pizza and salad!! #yesplease @justinmarantz and @marymarantz's beautiful home is like a second home to us! They sure know how to always welcome us with open arms! #soincrediblygrateful #amazingmarriageadventure #ALTafrica
soincrediblygrateful - altafrica - yesplease - amazingmarriageadventure -
shutterlifeproductions : Love this and praying for your time in Africa!!
rhondabowman : @liz_and_ryan - safe travels on your amazing journey!!
springsstudios : Have so much fun!!!!! Xoxoxo
aliciaann_daw : Have a blast in Africa!!
abarnettphoto : Eeeeeep!!!! We are so excited for you guys!!! We can't wait to hear all about it!!!
sharonelizabethphotography : Ahhhh be safe and amazing ❤️❤️❤️
abowers79 - cturcotte33 - brittneykreider - auntchrissytina -
liz_and_ryan - Liz and Ryan
Such a fun day of tailgating and football with family and friends! #happyheart for sure! #gomsu!
happyheart - gomsu -
sjdeveney : @jhdeveney was at that game too!! I am at the In-laws snuggled on the couch 😉. Hope you had a great time!
estubie - annlpearce - intrigue_designs - dgrff06 -
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