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Married, raising three cool kids in Austin, TX. I sew, create, cook, and explore. Thoughts and projects atπŸ‘‡ (Maternity Countdown Tees in the shop!)
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I picked this slipper chair up for free last night! It will be a reupholstery project, but I love the lines (Plum isn't so sure...) Also happy with my newly-made pleated skirt. The metallic linen fabric came from a maternity dress I sewed years ago and then could never part with because I get irrationally attached to fabric. This was a good, if five years late, solution. And while I'm rambling, I should share an impression I had while preparing for and teaching Sunday School this week: there is not one right path for everyone, rather a unique path for everyone. Each is as precious, valuable, and worthy as the next. So as you seek for answers to questions and truths to inspire your life, know that yours may be different than those around you, and that is okay. Your life has inherent meaning and worth independent of anything you do. Be open to new answers and even new questions, and believe that at every point along the journey, you can be whole even in your imperfection. As can I.
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craftinessisnotoptional : I actually love the yellow! And the skirt, but of course. And miss Plum. Ok, just all the ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️!
yousaysew : πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
livefreemiranda : @amberkeller thank you! And yes! We need to make it happen!!
livefreemiranda : @thisamandajane @emzlyhamilton 😊✨
livefreemiranda : @craftinessisnotoptional I don't mind the color, but it's in bad shape. I have dreams of black and white buffalo check...◻️◼️◻️◼️
craftinessisnotoptional : Oooh! πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»
littlehipsqueaks : This is amazing.
livefreemiranda : @littlehipsqueaks thank you! 😊
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
On tippie toe trying to reach cupcakes on the table. 😍 Nothing is safe from this fearless, curious, sugar-addicted child! 🍰 #lilmissplum
lilmissplum -
mlanderson6 : Great point Plum! Did you reach one?
leslieloder : #ordiduget2?
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
90 degrees + β˜€οΈ + super comfy. 😎#ohsofamous #sponsored #birkenstock
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livefreemiranda : @princesasylvia mine aren't especially wide, and I was pleased with how tight the straps could get! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
ameliahannah : Twins! πŸ‘― and mine don't dye my feet. They do look kinda different than these ones though..
lexipshae : I always want a pair but feel like they are too wide πŸ˜”
livefreemiranda : @lexipshae you should try mine on. I thought so, too but they actually fit pretty perfectly. I can make them snug, super thin, or wider. I was actually surprised how skinny they get!
annoriginal265 : I'm on my third pair of those.
princesasylvia : Good to know I'll have to try them.
nadhrah_zaki : im on my 2nd pair of black birks and so hppy πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
kristinawsmith : You got some! Enjoy!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Feels like a waffle sort of Saturday. (With bananas and cinnamon-sugar toasted almondsπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ).
slowdownwithschoolhouse -
livefreemiranda : #slowdownwithschoolhouse
danamadeit : Yum! Your table always look like a restaurant. Love it πŸ’›
lovetheday : Oh yes please!! Cute plate:)!
schoolhouse : Yum!!!
noodlehead531 : Oh that looks delish!
mimigslice : had waffle too with peaches mixed in batter, o so good, learned from son Rob
craftymamajen : We had a waffle Saturday too!!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I'm gearing up to turn those long days of summer into crafty, family memories (and hopefully some relaxing, tooπŸ˜†). It sure helps to have pages and pages of inspiration to help a mama out! #AltPicnicParty #summerreading #summercrafting
summercrafting - summerreading - altpicnicparty -
livefreemiranda : @ivylarsen it sure is!
cocolarsen : way to be! I'm not passed being terrified of summer break yet - maybe I'll come join you on the crafty side soon :)
amandakingloff : Unplugged goodness! ❀️🎨
livefreemiranda : @cocolarsen haha, this is keeping my nerves at bay! Now that I've got a year (one, single yearπŸ˜‚) of elementary under my belt a blank calendar looks like a black hole!
livefreemiranda : @amandakingloff absolutely! Well, I'll try ally least!
cocolarsen : @livefreemiranda I'm planning lots of pool/beach/ & reading - I'm not sure I'll survive but it's worth a try :)
hmiller25 : Text me everything your doing.. I wanna copy!!!πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚
kim_shirley : I think I need that book!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
In fashion sewing, a fat quarter doesn't go very far...unless you're sewing for newborns. πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ Teeny tiny outfits on my table today! #kidsclothesweek
kidsclothesweek -
melcollette : Adorable!
livefreemiranda : @hmiller25 @lizzyography @danamadeit @cailamade @melcollette ☺️
livefreemiranda : @seekatesew thank you! And thank YOU! 😘
kerri2008 : A perfect solution for all of my FQs!!
laceandpine : Adorable!!
julstidwell : Darling!!
livefreemiranda : @kerri2008 right?! (Just as long as I don't have to take up quiltingπŸ˜‰πŸ˜†)
livefreemiranda : @laceandpine @julstidwell fun, huh? I missed my window with Plum when she was tiny, but these will be fun for friends!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I love getting to meet online friends in real life! These four inspiring makers are some of my favorites to have met and connected with in the last couple years. They're all genuine and creative, and I think you'll love them, too! #followfriday @luluthebaker @melissapher @everydayreading @sarahhearts
followfriday -
everydayreading : 😘😘😘
sarahhearts : 😘 Happy Friday!
melissapher : You're the best.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
She talks and talks and talks and talks. Not a lot of real words, yet, but lots to say! #lilmissplum
dmlivingwithkids - lilmissplum - childhoodunplugged -
ivylarsen : What a love! ❀️
livefreemiranda : #dmlivingwithkids #childhoodunplugged
livefreemiranda : @cwinegarowen @craftinessisnotoptional @mrs_alexdavis @ivylarsen she's too much! ❀️❀️
teamwiking : Love this.
kim_shirley : Love those cute little pigtails!
emzlyhamilton : 😘
mlanderson6 : Can't wait to have a long conversation with you soon Plum!
leslieloder : #wheresmypolkadottedcuzinsailor???
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Inspired by #designmombook I made our first family post-it note calendar. Milo was thrilled to count the days until his birthday (9), and I'm thrilled to see so much vacation yellow coming up in the next few weeks! πŸ˜Šβœ¨πŸŽ‰
designmombook -
bonniekwhite : I love that you're going to Dave Matthews too! We are going may 15th in Dallas!
klinic1982 : @tjglimm this is fun!
ohfoxcreative : Brillz
kim_shirley : Such a great idea!
livefreemiranda : @chiefcaptaincolonel you're invited!
livefreemiranda : @miriamtribe you too😘
livefreemiranda : @bonniekwhite I'm so excited!
livefreemiranda : @ohfoxcreative @kim_shirley right? That @designmom is full of good ideas.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
A rare solo bath for the middle child. I hope that in the mix of growing up surrounded by siblings, this one knows how completely wonderful he is, just him.
motherhoodthroughinstagram - dmlivingwithkids - letthembelittle -
kelseywilliams : I love being a middle child ❀️
livefreemiranda : @amieglauser @ameliahannah he is such a love.
livefreemiranda : @ohfoxcreative πŸ˜‚ only the best for my kids. Haha
livefreemiranda : @kelseywilliams I think I did, too (for the most part!) I definitely used the middle child card from time to time as a teenager though! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
heatherolson17 : You have such a way with words. And feelings! I just want to soak in all you "good mom-ness!"
julstidwell : ❀️❀️❀️
livefreemiranda : #dmlivingwithkids #letthembelittle #motherhoodthroughinstagram
lizzyography : As a fellow middle child, I applaud this.
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