Miranda Anderson

Happily married and raising three delightful kids outside of Austin, TX. I love food, making, playing, and life. IG is my photojournal.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
The best part about the end of summer in Texas is that it's not actually the end of summer. β˜€οΈ
christyfg : Except that all the city pools still close today
livefreemiranda : @christyfg hmm, I hadn't considered that. Our neighborhood pools are open until end of Sept!
swimbikequilt : Fun!
ashleighjay : I was just thinking the same thing today but the fact that the splash pads are now empty! The joys of tiny kids.
pettitpartyof7 : I may have to come for a visit in Jan! 😁 #ihatetheinversion
livefreemiranda : @pettitpartyof7 January and February are such great months here! You're welcome anytime!
daniellehansen : True story! We are in san angelo and planning on at least another month of good swimming!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Jamming date tonight to see Robert Earl Keen. (The only thing better than a concert is a concert with a photobooth!) @davewanderson
whipstitchier : You two are completely precious!! Also: love me some ACL!
lilbitbeth : You're wearing another one of my favorite dresses! Or, maybe all your dresses are my favorite...
hmiller25 : Cutest!!
julstidwell : Such a fun date! Have a blast! And do some dancing for me πŸ˜‰
luluthebaker : I love that dress!
emzlyhamilton : I love you guys.
onemorejuju : I'd watch the show you two would put on
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I keep thinking I shouldn't put EVERYTHING into EVERY salad because they'll all taste the same. But I like how they taste, so... #month9saladchallenge
month9saladchallenge -
livefreemiranda : *herb πŸ“, romaine, avocado, celery, 🌽, almond, sharp cheddar, red bell pepper, cherry πŸ…, heirloom carrot, bacon, and πŸ‰.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Plum greeted me standing this morning. And then she went to college.
betsyclegg : Dude. Peter fell out of his crib a while ago (we lowered it right away) and is now standing like this about half the time when we go in to get him up. Kind of killing me.
deliacreates : Haha. Cute caption. Yay Plum! πŸ‘
mlanderson6 : So fast!!! Love ur crib Miranda!
chelseabwood : Yay! The crib, a tear rolling down my face
janetterryo : She is so sweet!
ivylarsen : Now that's a crib fit for a princess.
janell911 : Yup. Sounds about right. Adorable
cassandraallred : yep- might as well book the wedding venue too #goestoofast 😒
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Baby's first JoJo. I think she liked it. #lilmissplum
lilmissplum -
laycejbrande : Her eyes and lashes!!😘
xovebaby : Love!!
dohmmain : Oh yum. Yeah, I think she needed to experience that!! Such a cutie!
pettitpartyof7 : Oh she is adorable!!
julstidwell : I miss her! I need to hold her ASAP!
greymoggie : Love love love!!
indie_sew : Those eyelashes!
arneandy : The picture reminds me of Milo at his one year birthday party with the donut on his face
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Hey locals! My next block printing on fabric workshop at @mbdomestics is coming up on Sept. 20 from 11-2. The last one sold out fast, so grab a spot quick and let's all make stuff together (I'll probably wear an armadillo tee, now that this guy is finished!) Link in profile with more class details.
ringosgirl : Armadillo ;0) you're becoming a Texan...we love the armadillo in our house. Wish I could come to your workshop.
missywennergren : I wish you were in salt lake! I'd love to do this!
livefreemiranda : @ringosgirl totally. armadillo + cactus are my new faves. Yeehaw!
livefreemiranda : @kathw16 @danamadeit πŸ‘†πŸ‘Œ
bonniekwhite : Your talents are endless Miranda!
kathw16 : Oh! I'll be out of town. We're going to Michgan for the football game. I'm sad to miss. πŸ˜”
livefreemiranda : @kpwine22 if you're in town, here's another block printing class! πŸ‘Œ
livefreemiranda : @missywennergren we should have a craft night next time I'm in town!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
It's a strong (or crazy) woman who makes chocolate chip cookies with her kids and Doesn't. Eat. One. Just saying. I don't even know myself anymore. #month9saladchallenge
month9saladchallenge -
koselicummings : You're encouraging me!
davewanderson : We can eat one if we put it on a salad, though, right?
lexipshae : Impressive!
pettitpartyof7 : Torture!!
janell911 : Of all the amazing things you do and post about, this one, in my mind, is the most incredible. Didn't even think that was possible. I probably will never know.
kjsalty : Ditto to @davewanderson comment. Chocolate chip cookie salad:)
livefreemiranda : @koselicummings πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Š
mrsmarieyoung : That is some pretty good self control!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Watermelon Basil Popsicles after school today. I added green to make it salad. πŸ‰πŸƒ
gparrish : That cactus shirt is sooo cute!
lisaburns3 : So sweet!
chaosandkisses : My πŸ’— just melted!
bonniekwhite : So sweet!
nataliebg : So cute!
livefreemiranda : @cwinegarowen ha, right? No wonder this doesn't feel hard (and I'm not losing weight!) πŸ˜†
ellasmommy___ : This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen πŸ’œ
mlanderson6 : She's loving it!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Going from three to two is a whole lot quieter than going from two to three. #wemissmilo
wemissmilo -
lainacampbell : Great rug!
miriamtribe : So true, I hate those first few days they seem so quiet. And also, that rug!!
liznydegger : Where is that rug from!?
livefreemiranda : @liznydegger crate & barrel πŸ‘Œ
livefreemiranda : @marenellen haha! Yes, it's his very plastic pet frog. It does squeak when stepped on
livefreemiranda : @marenellen @lainacampbell @miriamtribe thanks gals:) I love rugs.
liznydegger : It's gorgeous! πŸ‘
ringosgirl : The first days are the hardest. I always contemplate homeschooling bc 1) I hate my alarm clock and 2) i miss them so
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Another day, another salad. #month9saladchallenge
month9saladchallenge -
thecottagemama : Looks like my kind of salad!
cwinegarowen : Mmm, that looks like a good one.
ccdesign1 : For Heather and I it's another day another bakery! 12 so far. When she goes home it is salad time for sure!
erprince : Delish!
annikachatterton : You are such a good and creative cook! Wish I had some of your talent!
leahfergs : So pretty and yummy looking!!
modernyardage : Gimme. That looks delicious.
tamtam52075 : You take great food pics!
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