Miranda Anderson

Happily married and raising three delightful kids outside of Austin, TX. I love food, making, playing, and life. IG is my photojournal.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Bought about ten pounds of salad ingredients then ate a slice of Costco combo pizza for dinner. In my defense, there was a very high veggie to cheese/meat/crust ratio so it was really almost salad. Also, is it bedtime yet?#month9saladchallenge
month9saladchallenge -
cassandraallred : the Costco hotdog gets me every time... #howgrossisthat
maxfam : Keepin' it real, Miranda! Everyone needs Costco pizza in their life. Glad you get that. :)
ameliahannah : Can't say no to a classy Costco dinner. Totally get it.
asvenson : cute top!
melaniebohn : You look cute with your hair pulled up like that
armelle_blog : Good effort! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
mrsmarieyoung : Costco pizza is seriously the best.
marybethbarnson : Had a piece of combo today too... Wishing I didn't😏!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Today's cool weather combined with styling photos for my upcoming holiday workshops at @mbdomestics has put me in a super cozy mood. Also, I'm still in my PJ's. So there's that. #comeandmakeit
comeandmakeit -
cwinegarowen : That bee looks awesome!
livefreemiranda : @cwinegarowen thanks! I shall print something with it for you😘
amieglauser : You are so cool
designimprovised : I'm in San Antonio and I agree today has totally put me in fall mode... Loving having the windows open and football on tv
ivylarsen : You made the bee? So so cool.
melaniebohn : i would come if i lived closer!
mlanderson6 : Fun!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Out there it's football season, but in here girls' baseball is just beginning! ⚾️ #littleleaguedress pattern forthcoming.
littleleaguedress -
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
The laundry-loving tips I promised are live on the blog today. Give them a go, you may be surprised! Spoiler: @steelecanvas and chocolate both make the list. Link in my profile.
steelecanvas : Thanks for the tips! We adore you too.
lovingleighyours : Adore your floors @livefreemiranda!!
amberkeller : Great tips. I love the piggy bank idea!!!
landencloakroom : I am obsessed with your house...
melaniebohn : i desperately need any laundry tips i can get! (my guess is it starts with having fewer kids' clothes... maybe fewer kids? haha)
amieglauser : Love your house so much
emdash16 : I love your floors! We're looking at flooring for our house--what did you use?
livefreemiranda : @emdash16 thank you! They're unstained hand-scraped hickory. We love them, too.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Apparently standing is the new crawling. #lilmissplum
lilmissplum -
mandiesegura : Yup. Same here. Oy.
msaraha : Way to go Plum!
superduperbrit : Oh seriously stop. I can't handle this cuteness!
emzlyhamilton : She's growing up so fast. Cute Plum! 😘
ameliahannah : No plumie don't do it! Stay little!
silwin : She is so proud of herself!!!!
katiepwood7 : Darling!!
josephwrichards - lauronoor - emsicleliv - boyohboyohboycrafts -
livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I'm convinced chocolate is the secret to my nutritional success. I was never a fan of green smoothies until I started adding raw cacao nibs. Now it's like starting the day with a banana-chocolate milkshake, and I can handle that. *recipe below #month9saladchallenge
month9saladchallenge -
danamadeit : Do you get your nibs at trader joes? Whole foods? I love them!
thisiscarrie : I don't even like chocolate but I love cacao nibs
julstidwell : Mom that sounds delicious right now! πŸ˜‹
ivylarsen : Sometimes I add nibs and almond butter for chocolatey nutty-ness, and, you know, extra protein. πŸ˜‰
livefreemiranda : @danamadeit I brought these ones home from Costa Rica last year, but I'm almost out and planning to restock from amazon:)
michellemarieross : Hmmmm... I'm not a green green smoothie fan either, and believe me I've tried, I know how healthy they are but I just can't get into them, I'm actually like a little kid gagging as it goes down 😫BUT I've never tried adding chocolate! Will give it a try & see if I can be persuaded... 🍫
kjsalty : Chocolate is the secret to all success:)
elisabetheclectic : I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I love dating my husband.
anniewbecks : Cute cute couple
melanieburk : Soo cute you two!!
noodlehead531 : So fun isn't it!
kristinawsmith : You two are cuties!
kim_shirley : You two are the cutest!
danamadeit : What did you see?
livefreemiranda : @danamadeit ghostbusters!
danamadeit : Haha we saw that there last weekend!
andreavhowe - danamadeit - namylangley - nataliejanecannon -
livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
We had planned to attend the San Antonio temple, but turns out it's closed tonight. So, we decided to use our babysitter for the next best thing. πŸ‘» 30th anniversary baby! Confession: I've never seen it and words don't convey @davewanderson's excitement.
kjsalty : How have you never seen it?! Crazy.
christyfg : We watched it the other night. It is awesome.
kristinekao : That's in my top 5!!
linztukka : We just introduced the kids to it this weekend!
lexipshae : Oh fun! And You're gutsy for taking a photo using your phone inside there!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
It's a chocolate-covered pepitas in my salad kind of Wednesday. #month9saladchallenge
month9saladchallenge -
greymoggie : I know a three-year-old who would tackle you for that salad ;-)
missusboston : That looks SO good!!!!!! @livefreemiranda
marenellen : Yums. Your salads are my style 🍫
homemadeaustin : Yum!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
After two long weeks of waiting his turn, Eliot was so excited for preschool to start today!!
mlanderson6 : Yea Eliot!
echecchio : Hudson starts today too! Good luck!!
ivylarsen : So grown up!
calbru : Watch out, Ladies!
livefreemiranda : @calbru seriously! Dad, he looks so much like you!!
kim_shirley : Cutie! I hope he had a great first day!
arneandy : There is nothing like the smile of anticipation on the first day of school. May it last all year!
namylangley : Seriously so grown up.
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