Miranda Anderson

Mom of two crazy boys and a sugar plum girl. Eating, sewing, creating, and playing in Austin, TX.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
We renewed ourselves with a delicious breakfast (omg, the cinnamon rolls!!) and a wonderful visit with old friends. Time to hit the highway!
swimbikequilt : Now I LOVE this photo! I didn't realize A was in Las Vegas.
emydawn24 : @livefreemiranda you sure don't look like you've been on a long road trip with your kids!?!!
bgwittwer : So much cuteness, it hurts!!
motherhoodandmusic : I love this! So fun to see everyone!
namylangley : @livefreemiranda thanks for taking time to hang out with us. We really miss you guys. @bgwittwer @ivylarsen can't wait to see you both.
namylangley : @swimbikequilt we just got here last week. Carzy.
emilyforthewin : Aw, I love this!
ivylarsen : Soooo sweet! Seeing you all together again makes my heart happy.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
My plan to strap her into the car for a couple weeks to delay the inevitable mobility seems only to have encouraged her. #lilmissplum #califamvancation
lilmissplum - califamvancation -
maxfam : Can't believe she's big enough!
ivylarsen : Are you going to see Amy while there?
arneandy : When we drove from Salt Lake to Detroit with one-year-old Ben, he was great in the car for three days, but almost never got back in that car seat afterwards.
livefreemiranda : @maxfam I know!😒
livefreemiranda : @ivylarsen yes! For breakfast today:)
livefreemiranda : @arneandy ha!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Seriously so fun. #califamvancation
califamvancation -
aubryeliz : Is bearizona like the bear world I just went to in Idaho?
jessmakes : I seriously want to smooch her cheeks. I hope that's not weird.
julstidwell : Cuties!
kristagriffiths : So close yet so far from me. Hope it works out to see you on the way back. My cell is 480-381-2312
silwin : What a happy crew!
emzlyhamilton : This is adorable!
bonniekwhite : Omg. Plum. To die for!! You have the cutest kids!
zaneandlexi : Such happy campers 😊
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
On road trips, the unplanned becomes the unforgettable. We pulled off to get gas and saw a billboard for @bearizona Wild Animal Park. It is incredible! We drove through and saw wolves, bison, goats, bighorn, and bear, all wandering their forested enclosures. Then we met a baby bobcat, watched a porcupine in a tree, saw more cubs playing together, and basically blew the boys' minds with the awesomeness. So glad we stopped! #califamvancation
califamvancation -
melismckin : We went there last year, how fun
mariesaba : Awesome!
vivianebasile : @diogoalcantara I remember you when I saw this! 😱😱😱
chrisbkr : You amaze me! You are not afraid to tackle any challenge.
diogoalcantara : LOL. Thanks for remembering me, @vivianebasile ! Two fears I found out I have: bears and Ebola! Hehe
michellemarieross : Amazing!
emzlyhamilton : Way to take advantage of a road trip! Looks awesome!
arneandy : Sounds like a great decision. We should have done more of that.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Made in Mexico, sold by a Navajo, in Arizona. Lineage of a souvenir blanket.
califamvancation -
livefreemiranda : #califamvancation
papa__moon : You're nuts
motherhoodandmusic : Haha. Totally. When I was in Czech Republic a few summers ago, I bought a scarf at an outdoor market. Later I realized it had been made in China. I didn't care too much because I loved the scarf, but I was bummed about the plummet in souvenir authenticity.
danamadeit : Haha. Yes!
luluthebaker : We bought moccasins in Cherokee, NC last week, and I'm pretty sure they're made in China. Whatever.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Hiking out some energy among the petroglyphs before we hit the road. #califamvancation
califamvancation -
katiebonds : Love following your journey, thanks for posting and updating! @livefreemiranda
danamadeit : Cool!
greatjencreations : Love that place! Be sure to get Junior Ranger badges!
lizzylulukw : You are an adventurer! How is the drive so far?
livefreemiranda : @lizzylulukw it's beautiful. We're taking it slow and enjoying the ride:) 🚐
bgwittwer : My kids loved doing that!
emzlyhamilton : I need to road trip with you.
arneandy : Miranda makes road trips fun!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I like you, New Mexico. You're not fancy, and your green chile rocks.
califamvancation -
abarr83 : @livefreemiranda are you driving through on 40 or going up to the 4 corners route. You'll drive through a few of my mission areas either way. I love NM
livefreemiranda : @abarr83 all along the 40 to Las Vegas. I told @davewanderson this morning that we've got to plan a NM weekend trip. I love it here, too! (Plus, I'm half New Mexican. My dad is from Hurley. 😊)
amyisbuff : That's where I served my Mission! Hope the Land of Enchantment treats you right!
livefreemiranda : #califamvancation
lainacampbell : Love New Mexico. Spent my childhood there and it is enchanting.
betsyclegg : We miss NM. There's just something so quietly beautiful about it. And the people are so chill.
bgwittwer : Right?! Had I known, I would have given you plenty of food recs!
kim_shirley : I told Tim the same thing about a weekend trip to NM on our drive to Texas. It would be fun to do a trip together!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Making progress! Our super-duper-awesome-California-vancation takes us through Albuquerque and Las Vegas to Quincy, Tahoe, San Francisco, Sequioa National Park, and Newport Beach, before heading home through Phoenix and El Paso. 4,000 miles, ain't no thang. #califamvancation
califamvancation -
chelseahorsley : @livefreemiranda ring pops is genius!!
livefreemiranda : @nagaem679 it's been a good thing! Fun to see our (somewhat slow) progress! Good luck on your drive!
chelseahorsley : Ps I meant kinks not links. Dang auto correct. πŸ˜‚
livefreemiranda : @mrsmc511 πŸ‘πŸ‘
livefreemiranda : @jazzypunk yes, on the way up. Thanks!!
livefreemiranda : @erprince yes! I will!
livefreemiranda : @koselicummings us, too:)
kassy_whetten : If your passing through Eugene OR give me a shout and we can meet up or something. Our boys would have a ton of fun. @livefreemiranda
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
When Milo says "I need to go to the bathroom." he actually means "I want ice cream at the gas station!" Fine by me, buddy! #califamvancation
califamvancation -
ohfoxcreative : Milo has my heart
lilbitbeth : I wish we could meet up while you're in CA
allysondidlake : That's a great excuse!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Ready or not, California, here we come!
califamvancation -
emydawn24 : You're adventurous and brave and always amaze me!
bonniekwhite : You are driving?! Brave mama!!
livefreemiranda : @dohmmain summer!
livefreemiranda : @ameliahannah I decided to skip slc headed out, but see you in sequoia!
livefreemiranda : @danamadeit walkie talkieπŸ˜‰
livefreemiranda : @echecchio we're planning on one Newport Beach day:)
cassandraallred : good luck good luck! call me to pass some time!
amieglauser : Plum! She is to die for.
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