Miranda Anderson

Happily married and raising three delightful kids outside of Austin, TX. I love food, making, playing, and life. IG is my photojournal.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Quick outfit for Plum from an old (handed down from a friend) woman's peplum shirt. I ❀️ refashioning and using all the existing hems and closures to make the project a breeze. It's lazy...ahem, resourceful sewingπŸ‘Œ
breeadunn : You are so talented!
julstidwell : Too cute!
kristinawsmith : Oh so cute!
deliacreates : Your scissors match even!
leahfergs : Love
livefreemiranda : @emydawn24 remember this shirt?! Thanks lady😘
lilbitbeth : So creative!
morganspenla : Amazing!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I stayed up well past my bedtime hammering in metal edging and spreading mulch by flashlight with @davewanderson so I could wake up to this teeny corner of our yard looking almost done! I'm still deciding whether to add pavers to continue the pseudo patio, or plant some cool agave and aloe into the rocks and keep the pavers as just a pathway. Oh, and I'll fill that empty brick planter, too. So, maybe not almost done, but I'm enjoying the process! Owning a house is really cool and I feel blessed every day. #andersonsbuildahouse
andersonsbuildahouse -
livefreemiranda : @danamadeit lowes! The one in leander has the big ones:)
cwinegarowen : It's looking awesome! How hard was it to pound in the edging?
lilbitbeth : You rock! We are a lot alike, you and me.
livefreemiranda : @cwinegarowen not that bad! The guy at Home Depot looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if I needed a sledge hammer!! But also because we added the gravel on one side and the mulch on the other, it didn't have to dig in much, mainly just the stakes.
msaraha : Good work!
kim_shirley : I wanna come see your yard! It looks sooo nice! You have such a good eye! I need you to give me some ideas on ours!
ameliahannah : This looks awesome! Love the cleanliness.
mrsmarieyoung : Wow! Super impressed.
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
You know how Texas is awesome? Well, together with my sisters @ameliahannah and @chelseabwood I want to share the hip-yet-laid-back Texas vibe as an #altsummit_miniparty in January! Think clear eyes, full hearts (and cool crafts). We can't lose, right @altsummit?!
altsummit_miniparty -
cloudydaygray : Thanks for the email!
livefreemiranda : @cloudydaygray you're welcome!
livefreemiranda : @light_and_ink I think so. And a stained glass lesson. 😊
julstidwell : Wow, love it!!
angelmesih : Texas is the best place on earth.☺
andreamouritsen : Brilliant
breejeanjohnson : This is adorbs!
danamadeit : Seriously this looks so cool. Love all these photos!!
seelamade - altsummit - vivirs - danamadeit -
livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I was as giddy as a little kid to be cavity-free at the dentist today (I always expect one after a pregnancy.) So I'm celebrating with Bluebell Spiced Pumpkin Pecan, which blows the socks off any other pumpkin ice cream I've tried. The little cinnamon pecan clusters are delightful! Also, does it count as a celebration if I eat this on the daily lately? And, if it seems like I'm emotionally attached to food, it's because I am. I love food.
livefreemiranda : @jacks_owen πŸ™Œ thank you, Doctor. Can't wait to oil pull during lawn games😬
dohmmain : As an aside... You should oil pull on an empty stomach. Like when you wake up or haven't eaten for a few hours. Something I read.
janell911 : Our fave time of year...spiced pumpkin pecan time!!!!
davewanderson : @jacks_owen I guess it's my turn, now.
livefreemiranda : @janell911 I have you to thank for my holiday pooch starting at Halloween! πŸ˜‚
kim_shirley : Yay for no cavities! We love that ice cream too! I don't even want to tell you how many 1/2 gallons we have eaten!
livefreemiranda : @kim_shirley seriously! I came home with one this week and Dave said "you only got one?" Haha
mrsmarieyoung : Isn't blue bell the best?! I haven't tried that kind. I might need to stop by the store today
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
My new go-to lunch: bacon, egg, and cheese salad where the fried egg doubles as dressing and every bite makes me want to kiss a chicken. And a pig. And a cow. And a garden. πŸ“πŸ–πŸ„πŸƒ
familyeverafter : Lol!!! Yum...
hmiller25 : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
ivylarsen : Ooh, good idea. I'm all about eggs these days.
agtaylor79 : Mmmm....sounds and looks delish!
eloiseandme : Yummy!! My hubs makes this a lot and I loooove it! I'm too lazy to make it though ha ha. I have to wait for him to! Ha ha @andreamouritsen ditto
stwellman : Lol! Looks yummy!
boyohboyohboycrafts : Mmmmmm!
leahfergs : You are really funny, and this looks delicious!!!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Tis the season!
julstidwell : Yay! So fun!
msaraha : I'm jealous of your boys in shorts. We're here in down coats and scarves today. Looks fun!
lexipshae : Perfect fall day for a pumpkin patch πŸŽƒ
rach_leavitt : Still don't recognize you with blonde hair!
amyhackworth : Hey, blonde! So cute!
ivylarsen : We're doing the same! Perfect day for it.
mlanderson6 : Happy halloween week!
hayleyrosenberg - lbruschke - rosemcd - becsliedtke -
livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
Featuring the singular @leahfergs as Michael. #thrillerflashmob
thrillerflashmob -
christyfg : I want it!!
christyfg : Dang Illinois
v_nizzle : Amazing @leahfergs
julstidwell : So very perfect!!
leahfergs : @v_nizzle haha, thanks! Come visit next Halloween and join us!!
dawnmhealy : @marydfield next trunk or treat.. We need to do this!!! Awesome!!
stwellman : Couldn't love this more! So awesome! Heehee! @leahfergs channeling for sure!
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livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
We're batty for Austin, and @davewanderson is my better half (of the South Congress Bridge, and everything.) #southcongressbridge #austinbats
austinbats - southcongressbridge -
hmiller25 : Brilliant!!!! You're so creative!
tinkerfrog : So clever!!!
whipstitchier : Haha!! So awesome, you two!!
trinketsandbutterflies : Love it!! Perfectly Austin
mlanderson6 : I spy some cute bats under that bridge!
ristakay : Best costume ever.
arneandy : Wow!
amieglauser : So fun. And your hair πŸ‘Œ
hollymrasmussen - agtaylor79 - amieglauser - ristakay -
livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
THRILLER Flash Mob at the church trunk-or-treat tonight. Life made. πŸ‘―πŸ’€πŸ‘―
mkateand : Scary!
livefreemiranda : @nicole_hum_stitchery yes! She's a good friend out here!
leahfergs : Hottest living dead chicks around
kim_shirley : Amazing! I wanna see a video! :)
nicole_hum_stitchery : So fun!
kristinekao : What?! I am so organizing this here next year just so I can participate. Awesome!
melismckin : @nicole_hum_stitchery yep!
stwellman : Best lookin' zombies I've seen!
paigerjones - vtchristiansen - pettitpartyof7 - namylangley -
livefreemiranda - Miranda Anderson
I decided #lilmissplum's costume needed little grey boots, so I hacked @deliacreates' fantastic #nattyjanes leather shoe pattern and made some! They're so cute, but just a bit too small. (So @ameliahannah after Halloween they're headed your way!)
lilmissplum - nattyjanes -
msaraha : Cute! What is she going to be!
msaraha : ?
malloryguymon : Sell these! I would buy a pair πŸ‘
amieglauser : So sweet!
livefreemiranda : @msaraha all three kiddos are going to be bats!
deliacreates : Sooo cute!!!
danamadeit : Hey she's wearing the green skirt! πŸ’šπŸ‘
melaniebohn : those look like doll feet, they're so tiny!!!!
vtchristiansen - ems_hood - pettitpartyof7 - namylangley -
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