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Believes motherhood should come with a super hero cape. Social media manager for DaySpring. Community manager for (in)courage. Cheerleader for you.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
That thing where you can't believe what you're seeing ..... #MonsterTruckJam
monstertruckjam -
crystalbelle5 : Awesome! My sons would love this. Think we will take them next year.
tutusandtrucks : We went when it was here! The kids loved Grave Digger and the Dragon one
ruthschwenk : Oh my word!!
shifferdiane : My son used to be absolutely CRAZEEE over those things! He collected all the little miniature versions... poor thing never got to see a real monster truck show. You are definitely a cool mom :)
chandra820 : @lisajobaker we totally did this very thing last weekend in Houston! It was awesome!
graceglimmersmom : Oh my word!!!
mommaphowl : Is that Grave Digger? We love monster trucks!
colleencmitch : We did Monster Truck Jam as Christmas gift three years in a row I think. It is the most odd kind of fun.
lesyaorlyuk - jend_g_nj02 - annastry - timnewberry -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
So it's Monster Truck Rally family night for the Bakers. Words I never expected to say. One of the boys' Christmas gifts. Let the epic begin. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
lisajobaker : We left Zoe home with @lisamilman and an evening supply of Barbie movies :)
redandhoney : You look right at home! 😂
redandhoney : (Good call on the Barbie movies😀)
lisamilman : We are knee deep in Barbie over here @lisajobaker . Enjoy your monster trucks!
stefmlayton : Enjoy
4mamabear : We love experience gifts! Monster trucks would be something my son AND daughter would love!
jessicaphoffman : Lol, same thing in Indianapolis tonight
abonham2549 : We go next week!
spiritualpassion - shelsy541 - m1cey - jonesperfect10 -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
YOU GUYS!!! I just found out that #surprisedbymotherhood is in 21 WALMART STORES!!!!!! And if it does well it'll (hopefully, fingers crossed!!!) get picked up by 200 by this summer!!!! Sooooo if you happen to spot a copy (look for the @dayspringcards display of books) will you take a pic, eh? Right before you buy it of course (GRIN)!!! Happy Saturday!!
surprisedbymotherhood -
jacque_watkins : Yes!!!
dukeslee : Lots of mamas are going to be soooo blessed!!
pipasandrea : Well, your book made it all the way to Hungary. It's a good one!
lisajobaker : @pipasandrea no way!! How?
pipasandrea : Well via online ordering. I have heard about it on IG and wanted to read it. First time mom, it has helped me a lot. Thank you!
kristinschmucker : 💕
lisajobaker : @pipasandrea well that about makes my day!!! Only wish I could have sent a slice of chocolate cake along with it!!
graceglimmersmom : :)
meganericson - marefrommitoaz - patib13 - francesis -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Getting ready to send out another issue of BEHIND THE BLOG with a few behind the scenes stories from our recent trip to South Africa. Including what it was like to travel with this nine-year-old slice of awesome. So, be sure you are subscribed to my email list! Click the link in my profile. It's easy-peasy!!!
frozenpeach7 - abygalel - dulgar78 - all_hail_bail -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Been thinking about this one that @momastery shared all day. When will we remember to show our waists grace?
pumpkinrach : @luvinbnmommy
sparklysully : Wow I got the chills @kasiaohmygosha slash @sonyapril isn't this 🙌
joyjoyg2 : @lisajobaker - I love this. But all I could think of was, if I'm going to be friends with my waist....staying at Wanda's house is counter productive. :) #missSA
lisamilman : This means so many things to me from showing my waist grace, being happy with the body I have, to making sure I'm treating it the way it should be by eating and drinking the right things (in the right amounts! ) and keeping it strong.
jess_notjennifer : After being at odds with my body since adolescence, I've decide to be thankful and celebrate it. Thank you for sharing this quote. ❤️
lisajobaker : @joyjoyg2 ain't that the truth!!!
lisajobaker : @lisamilman yes! So good.
sonyapril : @sparklysully 😌
colnrich - soniamoring - csurka4 - mandyk_025 -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
There really are no words to describe how hot and sweaty I was the day I met Rhona. But Rhona taught me what to do on the days you feel like nothing you do makes a difference. Read it on my blog: #ServeSouthAfrica
servesouthafrica -
annvoskamp : Mirror smiles, mirror hearts.
sommerdesigns : Beautiful!!!
elysamac : Precious! This is why GOING is also important. Nothing replaces "in real life" relationship.
karina268 - barnelegance - dulgar78 - compassionthatcompels -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Reentry is always hard after an international trip. However, homemade cards like this from your second born? Totally worth it. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
kimhyland : Ohhhhh 😢
happy_campers : Precious! 💗
sarah_e_frazer : So sweet!!❤️❤️
maggielousmommy : The best!!
jen_jerkins : The best!
stevensonkatie5 : Awe, so sweet! 💛
rmheyward : Frame worthy 😊
biologically_me : Too stinking cute!
littledoe5fawns - mom2louisnchloe - krysfawl - dulgar78 -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Hard to believe that in the space of 24 hours we went from roses and palm trees to snowflakes and no leaves. #ServeSouthAfrica @themoneysavingmom @joyjoyg2
servesouthafrica -
joyjoyg2 : Snow at my house today too. Ugh.
francesis : Such a bizarre feeling. Like, you didn't just go from one impersonal airport to another, you went from one small specific environment, with unique-to-you relationships, to another, in the span of a day. Crazy.
rinaperu - thegivingplace - annelien_dejager - angelaminx -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
I AM SOOOO DOING THIS with @incourage!! Join us? ・・・
We are SO excited to launch an email mini-series this month! We're partnering with (in)courage writer @JessicaNTurner for this exclusive series, and we just know you'll love it. Sign up today and look forward to encouragement, free goodies, sneak peeks and more (all packed into only 3 days)! Click the link right in our profile or copy/paste this one: #fringehours
fringehours -
carolgraft : I guess this means I need to finally find some #FringeHours and continue reading the book. 😊 Sounds fun!
lalacaribou - shorefellowship_mops - phdfamily - shilohlilian -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Hey @themoneysavingmom and @joyjoyg2 you realize you are now officially part of our family, right? Those that fly 18 hours together, stay together 😉 #ServeSouthAfrica #LaterGram
latergram - servesouthafrica -
joyjoyg2 : Love!!!!
themoneysavingmom : Lekker!!! 😘 And we're so happy to be apart of such an amazing family!!
jessicanturner : I love this ❤️❤️
deenaroyalty : These smiles are contagious!
hemmabi - frozenpeach7 - jacque_watkins - mermer_29 -
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