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Believes motherhood should come with a super hero cape. Social media manager for DaySpring. Community manager for (in)courage. Cheerleader for you.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
So, if you do a live Q&A with your kids along for the ride someone will pick their nose, make threats, and fake punch the screen. They will likely all be the same person. Thanks for hanging out with us as we celebrated my final week hosting the Five Minute Friday party. The full video in all it's awkward glory is on the blog. Write brave friends. It only takes 5 minutes at a time.
danalkbutler : Thanking you for the community you birthed and invested in for so long. I'm changed because of it. Really.
verninspired : Thank you @lisajobaker for overflowing such beautiful love and life!! We celebrate and give thanks! !
dutchcatnz : Was very cool. I'm the chick from New Zealand! Thanks for the crazy hello 😘
karina268 : @lisajobaker Good times!!!!!! They are precious!!!!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Just glanced inside my children's' bedrooms and lost the will to live. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
letapalmer : Oh my word. Been there.
cindy_fincher : @lisajobaker haha when they are teens it won't look much different 😁
sarakcorl : Omgosh @estesfam love it
apichea : That's why I don't look and keep the doors shut! ;)
throughjenslens : You're not alone....
jessicaphoffman : How I love you for this picture
xalyth : Yeah looks the same here. My living/dining room is a Lego-duplo-children's dishes-Tupperware-baking dishes-random toys convention where Cars and Planes are special guests. Meanwhile in the boys' room a party Ol' West style is hosted by Woody and Buzz, several dinosaurs and wooden blocks have joined along with a few pieces of clothing that some little hands got out of the shelf. Mercy.
angiesal6 : @lisajobaker Thank you for showing this side if your life. It's so true and real. #feelbetter #keepingitreal #hidemesscompanyiscoming
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Highlights of JULY 2014: the month of sticky humidity and drippy ice cream fingers, family, Michigan, and long days at the lake. Fireworks and road trips. Summer camps and afternoon naps. We love you, July. β™« Music: The Hawaiian Rainbow Singers - Over the Rainbow
kriscamealy : @lisajobaker that's one stellar month! πŸ’ž
leannepenny : Beauty
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Usually it is our muddiest, ugliest stories that change us the most, isn't it? I'm sharing mine with @jacque_watkins on her new podcast "Mud Stories" - tune in here
jacque_watkins : Loved talking to you! And also will get them there too! See you so soon...can't wait!! #declareconf
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
In a world where people can be unfriended at the click of a button, what do we teach our daughters about being loved? Beautiful guest post on my blog today from @dukeslee
lisajobaker : (Photo by @dukeslee )
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
She gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
michellet71 : Sweet! I love that song too. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰
sarahbessey : So lovely
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Parenting: expect the unexpected. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
milkandhoneylkn : ❀️ find those everywhere!
zenichka : I did the same thing when I was a kid and mom got me one of those toothbrushes))))
charityjohnson : πŸ˜„ No joke- found one stuck outside to the car window one morning! I know exactly which kiddo it was to;) cracks me up!:)
mamabethany : My son brushes this way though... With it stuck to the wall!
septemberanne : Way...funny!!!
gwensmithmusic : Awesome.
rmheyward : All-WAYS!!
kelrucker : @kinseyln πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Beginner BFFS. (What's that emoticon for your heart busting wide open? Insert that here.) #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
aimeekate79 : πŸ˜πŸ’—
jacque_watkins : So. Sweet.
septemberanne : The best beginnings!!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
When you come home with hands this dirty you know it was a good day at nature camp. #Boyhood
boyhood -
whitneyproctor : I'm reading your words this afternoon, as my kids run around crazy in ChuckECheese. SO good. Started yesterday and will finish tonight! Thank you for sharing all of this~it's real and beautiful. #surprisedbymotherhood @lisajobaker
alliworthington : There you go! πŸ‘
angieryg : Boy: noun ~ cute little loud and crazy dream child with dirt on it β™‘
rubyshamrock : Just noticed the U of M bracelet. We live maybe 15 mins from the big house. 20 because of all of the construction.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
When women you've admired on line turn out to be just as amazing in person? Yea. That's the best. Thanks for being all the good things @aliajoy @marycarver @flowerpatchfarmgirl @alizalatta @incourage #1000gifts
1000gifts -
flowerpatchfarmgirl : Amen! xo
aliajoy : And then you throw in French Crepes from a food truck and the whole world just feels right. Love you guys...and Crepes.
alizalatta : Echoing @aliajoy :) you all are so wonderful! xx
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