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Believes motherhood should come with a super hero cape. Social media manager for DaySpring. Community manager for (in)courage. Cheerleader for you.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
That time the SUN CAME BACK after it snowed the first day of spring last week. Glory Hallelujah. Let there be sidewalk chalk art and pick up basketball!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Hey @wildlyco you've got a BIG fan! We love your red stripes T!!
yerke_christina : So handsome!
chlorens : What an awesome picture!! Such an amazing kid!! Hugs xx
lisajobaker : @chlorens thanks sis!! Miss you guys!
lalacaribou - atnewcomb - kman830 - __writer_4_life__ -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Please tell me you also have "one of those" drawers. There is no filter in the world that can make this better.
jennydshane : I have more than one, but not a single one of them have cash!
k_sprankle : I have more than one also... both full of little trinkets and what my mama affectionately refers to as "JUNQUE"! ;)
mrs_emarshall : It's a catch all πŸ˜‰
mamasunshine15 : Oh yes...heavens yes. :)
susanchartier : Yes I do!
heatha100 : Been purging my evil cluttered house. Holy!
julies879 : At least yours has $$ in it!
frommtastic : Yup
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
You know how even though you might be 40 on the outside you still feel like a teenager on the inside when it comes to making girlfriends? Yeah, me too. Well, the @incourage writers have come together to share their 10 Tips to be the Friend You Wish You Had, and we’d love to invite you to join us! For five days in April you’ll receive 2 practical, encouraging friendship tips in your email, along with some free gifts, coupon codes and new product sneak peeks! You won’t find this anywhere on the blog, so you’ll want to sign up at the link in my profile to make sure you don’t miss any of the fun!
annieathome : Eeeek! So exciting! Love the heart of this.
erikadawson : I LOVE this -- and by love, I also mean NEED! πŸ˜‰
lisajobaker : @annieathome you and me both!
j_k_lewis : So need this!
lisajobaker : @erikadawson me too!!
rjharr : Your comment... Exactly me! I am 31 years old but I feel like I'm just now STARTING to learn how to be a friend.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Her new baby doll poops and pees and needs to be changed constantly. WHAT WAS I THINKING???
spiritualcirclejournal : As if you were not busy enough πŸ˜„
amyjoivey : You're a good mama! :-) That's what I always think when I see mom's in the grocery store struggling to push the extra-large, car-shaped grocery cart so her kids can enjoy the shopping experience! You're AWESOME!
crystalcofiephotography : Lolol
crystalcofiephotography : At least it sleeps through the night. Lol
abbyonthestairs : Maybe you were thinking getting the doll is easier than giving her a baby sibling to play with?
mormon_sprinkles : My sister got one of those she she littler - eventually my parents put a ban on feeding it :)
marymarthamama : Hold the phone... I've heard of dolls that pee but poop???? I'm a little speechless and headed to youtube to check it out
deniseross71 : Lol
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
You fascinate me. I kind of have a crush on you. You women and mothers and wives and daughters who read on the other side of the screen. And I realize that in all my 7 years of blogging I’ve never, not once, done any kind of survey to learn more about you guys. So I figured it’s about time. So won't you click on the link in my profile and tell me all the things I need to know about you? (and there's a whole hoard of books up for grabs for two of you!)
dunnbutneverdone : Awesome! Love it!
rebeccaradicchi : Done!
kdgoins : Done! While having a cup of tea! :)
lisajobaker : @kdgoins cheers!!
kellybonner : I love this! Hugs!
lisajobaker : @deenaroyalty kids finally in bed and I'm reading through the amazing survey responses and your last note made me catch my breath. Goodness but I'm glad you wrote me because this Kingdom of God's is always intended to be a co-op and not a competition - I'm convinced of it. And when women lean into that and into each other, man, it's magic. So tHANK YOU again for that email :)
deenaroyalty : @lisajobaker thank YOU for seeing it, feeling it, totally getting it and quick turning around and answering me in my mess. :) you are loved and appreciated. Btw- when I listen to Paul Simons' "Under African Skies," I smile and think of you.
ensharland : @lisajobaker Done! Not sure if I am eligible for the books since I am in the wrong hemisphere but I entered anyway... :) I have a dear mumma friend in Texas who I would love to bless if I do win and they can't be posted here. Thanks for being a wonderful cheerleader!!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Four days of celebrating turning four will even wear a "big girl" out. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
johargreaves : Beautiful
angieryg : Oh, the sweet sleeping faces. . .
trishadavis23 : Sweet girl!!
letapalmer : My big boy turned 4 as well this week. :)
loraelinoff : Precious
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
When my kids asked me what the big deal was about Easter a couple years back, my answer surprised all of us. I opened my mouth and out came the words, “because I’ve messed up, guys.” It surprised me. This truth telling to my kiddos. “Because your mom has messed up so bad. Did you know that? Did you know that I get mad and I can get really jealous of other people.” You can read the full post at the link in my profile. Because minivan driving moms need to beg God to create a clean heart in them too. (Lock screen image from the lovelies at @shereadstruth )
biblewilliams : ❀️ from a fellow messer upper.
mary.pellie : Yes.
eyeballs59 : πŸ’žfrom another messer upper.
kristinschmucker : πŸ’—
mommyofgsg13 : Me too! πŸ™‹
aichele_c : I LOVE this explanation!! Thank you!
eatbetterdaily : Amen!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Mission PRINCESS PARTY Complete!!! There were at least 4 Elsas. Because, of COURSE. I was a giddy fool the whole time absolutely reveling in all the pink and crafts and wee little princesses. First time girl mom hereby declaring her first time girl party a glittery success!!! #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
findingjoyandsharingbeauty : Awwww, so sweet! Fun!
allyce_riemer : I love this so much!!
bethplyler : So much fun!!!
satisfiedbylove : Yaaaaaaayy!
sarahmaewrites : Beautiful!!
susiemiller5 : Princess party's are the best! This brings back memories!
imprintskatie : Loved this photo of you 2! The joy. Way to go. πŸ‘ Parties are tiring but so memorable in the life of a little. I still remember my Little House party. My mom sewed aprons and bonnets for each girl and floated my Holly Hobby cake down the river in a white plastic bath tub.:)
elysamac : Absolutely darling! And may you both live happily ever after. πŸ˜πŸ‘‘πŸ’•
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
If you think there's anything cuter than a class of mini ballerinas you are just plain wrong.
shannon_primicerio : How old was your daughter when she started? In your opinion is 2.5 too young? Your daughter is adorable ❀️
smballou : @shannon_primicerio, we started our daughter when she was 2.5. We started when she began asking about dance. My little one loves her Angelina Ballerina ballet class. My best friend did the same (not because her daughter was asking, but because she wanted to) and it didn't work out for her daughter.
jessedlane : Can't wait for this.
_amberhutchins : Truth!!!!!
shannon_primicerio : @smballou Thanks! That is really helpful. My daughter is only 2 but she loves music and dancing and has been asking. We'll see if she's still interested in a few months when she's officially old enough for the 2.5 class.
ahboyette : @meretrixx12 ❀
lisajobaker : @shannon_primicerio Thx!! She started around 3.5. Before that it's mostly play :) heck it's al it's mostly play now :)
shannon_primicerio : @lisajobaker Thanks 😊
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