Lisa-Jo Baker

Believes motherhood should come with a super hero cape. Social media manager for DaySpring. Community manager for (in)courage. Cheerleader for you.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
All this beauty and courage and potential wrapped up into one super girl #1000gifts #surprisedbymotherhood
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angieryg : So so pretty.
danalkbutler : She is magical💗
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Boys and creeks. #1000gifts #surprisedbymotherhood
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kam_cam_ : Perfect
anthonyjfranco : The best.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
First time joining #FridayIntroductions with @thetinytwig and @jessaconnolly Hi, I'm Lisa-Jo. I only look this put together when my kids are in school. The rest of the time I'm a big fan of my husband's hand-me-down sweats. I'm a South African girl married to a Michigan boy raising our three VERY loud kids just outside of Washington, DC. I dream in shades of the Southern Cross and love me an afternoon spent with a cup of hot tea and good friends. There is never enough time for good conversations and I see the world through movies and books. I blog at about faith through the lens of motherhood. I believe my three kids teach me Gospel truths better than anything else and I love my job as the community manager at @incourage On April Fool's day my first book #surprisedbymotherhood came out and I'm still daily shocked by the million lessons I learn through this most unexpected role of mom - the boring, the glorious and the humbling. - OK your turn....I'd love to know where you're from and what the last great film is you saw. GO!
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jesswolstenholm : Welcome @lisajobaker!! I'm in Nashville and the last great film I saw (other than Frozen) was probably The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. :)
christianmum22 : I'm Lynne from near Edinburgh in Scotland. Mum to 2 lively kids who keep me busy. Love Christ and crafting when I've some spare time. I think the Lego movie 🎥 was probably the last one. Love your posts 😊
teresaingram13 : @lisajobaker Teresa from Saint Louis! I watched Lone Survivor and my heart broke! Amazed at the bravery of men and women who fight for justice.
everlypleasant : I'm Everly (real name Caroline) and I'm from College Station, Texas. I loved The Hundred Foot Journey! Also just saw the old Disney, The Moonspinners, for the first time and that was pretty great!
catwilson78 : Hey @lisajobaker I'm Cat from Auckland, NZ. I'm a wife, teacher, lover of Jesus & Mum to two gorgeous little boys. Your words are the breath of life that keep me sane & so encouraged in the midst of this season. Last saw Captain America 2 on DVD. Love a good superhero flick!
littlemsjohnson : Howzit! This is Kirsty, from Jo'burg (currently living in London). I haven't watched a film in... (a 2year old boy and a new baby girl almost about to hatch would be the reason why) :-)
deenaroyalty : Hi! I'm Deena from Ohio, I blog at\joelroyalty about life with my six "Littles" and the last great movie I've seen waaay too many times to admit was "Mom's Night Out!"
rmheyward : Great pic!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Missing my South African sisters. So today I'm stalking the IG feeds of @lamarstockton and @scottawade who are IN SOUTH AFRICA WITH MY FAMILY as I type this!! Dreaming big for the Maubane Community Center.
marikapret : A+++!!! Quality ladies @lisajobaker -
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Our girls will likely not make it to womanhood unscathed. How we help them through their losses matters. I'm sharing how to help your teenage daughter grieve over on @annvoskamp's blog.
kddenfeld : That face.
karina268 : @lisajobaker Pure joy!!!!
shifferdiane : Oh my gosh... This picture might be my favorite one of you two ever.
jmsherpa : This article was fantastic thank you so much @lisajobaker
lyndimanderson : Beauties! I am so enjoying reading your book right now. It brings sunshine to my soul and most importantly hard moments in mothering. You are a blessing and an inspiration! Thanks Lisa-Jo!
tbspence : Amazing article. Really eye opening!
coridrost : This picture is my favorite
drchristyde : Adorable picture & very true words.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Well hellloooooo beautiful. Here's to finding unexpected treasure in the nooks and crannies of the day. Even if it's just that ribbon or Lego or spare change or kind word that makes us grin. Here's to all of it.
susiemm413 : 🙋Good Morning, @lisajobaker Cheers! Have a JOYfull Day! 💞😃💚Love Ya! :)
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Every spare second of every single day.
lisajobaker : Right @heartofmyhome ? 😉
kendrak7 : Same at our house! ⚽
heartofmyhome : Yep. Indoors and out. Ball optional. Anything can be juggled with one's feet, knees, and head. ⚽️⚽️⚽️
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Picnic on the DC Mall. #ILoveMyTown
ilovemytown -
heidiray42 : My favorite city :)
lisamilman : Beautiful night for it @lisajobaker
lellisgorton : My hometown. Miss it so much.
genevieve_brown4 : My hometown!
caritrotter1 : Love.
bipolarmomlife : Love living here.
traceepersiko : Amazing shot!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
There's something about the post-weekend chaos that is profoundly comforting. It says, "we live here. And we love here. Loud and messy. All this life." This is home. Love the home you're with :) #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
maggiewhitley : So wise :)
cyleaugusta : Such a good word...
ginghamandgrosgrain : So true!
11amandacox11 : Yes!!!!
cszollosy : Thank you for this perspective on the mess that comes with Mondays!
mrszupke : Yes yes yes but done of us have our work cut out for us more than of my husband's strongest love languages (if not the best way he feels loved/can relax) is a clean house! 😏
ascosta25 : @lisajobaker Thanks for posting this! Had my 6th baby two weeks ago and am a clean freak so have been stressing over all the mess my 6 kids under 9 seem to create that I just can't keep up with these days. Thanks for the reminder to just enjoy!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
"The memory of the righteous is a blessing." Proverbs 10:7. That includes all the messy, chaotic, difficult memories too, moms. Come and share a Monday nugget of me-time and watch today's #surprisedbymotherhood bookclub videos:
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