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Believes motherhood should come with a super hero cape. Social media manager for DaySpring. Community manager for (in)courage. Cheerleader for you.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
When your daughter stuns you by "doing the Robot" when you had I no clue she knew what it was. #AWESOME #surprisedbymotherhood
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tiffkett : @lisajobaker is she a Daniel Tiger fan? My 3 year old does that same dance all the time and when I asked him where it was from he said Miss Alaina! He also drew "Daniel Tiger" stripes on his face today, so yes, #surprisedbymotherhood
karina268 : @lisajobaker My girl has MADD skillz!!!!!
makedapennycooke : She is so tall! Beautiful girl
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Heavy weaponry meets cooking 101. Life between 2 boys and 1 girl. #surprisedbymotherhood
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laylabonniblue : Where plastic carrots become "the sword of the spirit"
jenniferlinde : I'm glad to see mine isn't the only toyroom that looks a like this (I also have only one girl amongst 3 boys!) thanks for keep in' it real mama! @lisajobaker
makingeekchic : I'm not alone in the struggle πŸ˜‚#blessthismess #keepitreal
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
This is not just the end of another week. Not on my watch.
amyegott : The bunk bed sheets are no joke. Neither are crib ones!!
mommytokandw : @jlammon this!!! The Sunday night felling even when you are missing one! I love this:)
christiefelker : @jessbriebernardin you give so much. On those all-in-a-day days, know you are loved.
echill_out : @gracetamedmomma for you 😘
shawnasheahen : @scottandamyflatt πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
kiki.anderson : @mistyhempel
weeziema : Thank you, so so much.
mistyhempel : @kiki.anderson wow...tears...!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Sometimes a mom has to run away from home and get her a McDonald's hot fudge sundae before she can head back into the fray. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
choresandchatter : I love your comment "chocolate covered grace."
jenlechuga : I definitely get a cone every now and then!!
3dlessons4life : πŸ‘
amandaelio : I did the same thing tonight. Thank God!
lellisgorton : I did that one night but it was a quarter pounder with cheese. Loved every bite!! In the peace of my car.
mrsrsdees : Large Coke is my "thing". :)
imprintskatie : I understand.;)
rmheyward : I get it. Large sweeet tea for me.
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
CANNOT POSSIBLY OVERSTATE MY EXCITEMENT ABOUT @annvoskamp's family Advent Book. I am not great at meaningful Christmas traditions with my kids. But THIS? This WORK OF ART??? Come on December so we can start family read-a-longs out of this beauty!! Five star recommendation!!
amtalley23 : @stefanieboyles @beccaiveson @kirtleymichelle y'all!! How cool!!
theestesfamily : @jmcgahey @cassisaacson @robyn_smith this may interest y'all.
cazgreen : Oh that looks nice will have to have a look for it.
angela__strand : It's perfect! Gotta get my hands on one of those!
everydayeo : It's a beautyβ™‘
nhanger : @monica_momoffive this would be a great gift for G
kiki.anderson : I bought 8 copies - one to keep, seven to gift AND I already have them all wrapped! I'm not sure how much longer I can wait to give them tho because like you I'm sooooo excited! ;)
lisajobaker : @kiki.anderson loooove that!!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
When the back of your phone shatters into a meeeeellion tiny pieces and an 8 yr old girl has the perfect pink duct tape to help you simultaneously fix it and bling it up. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
susiemm413 : πŸ‘πŸ’–
amjckim : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
sondralala - stahlermom - soworkweekchic - b_schwartz09 -
lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
When you come out to your car and one of your kids has started painting his name on to it. And you're not sure what he used. #surprisedbymotherhood
surprisedbymotherhood -
goose_and_gemma : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
diannemarie68 : My daughter used a nail to write her name on my van... :( the best part was the snowflake she dotted her "I" with!
bufftrue : Then I am so thankful for the Desitin painting my Emily made in the bathroom.
sincerelylilo : Was he perhaps spelling "mom"? ;)
greatervista : So funny ;)
abbiep : There was a day we came out to the car and found my son scratching long lines in the pain t with a rock. Ug! He had no idea what he was doing!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Worth. Every. Penny.
quietgraces : Tell her (and my almost 3 year old) to stop growing so fast
christiepurifoy : Oh, I can't wait till Elsa starts dressing up. It's my favorite stage.
lyndimanderson : So very sweet! I'm STILL melting over Frozen items, probably will be even when my kids are not! :)
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
Because so many of you asked. I turned my #MomCon talk on anger into a blog post. Link is in my profile. Pass it on. Remind another mother that she's not alone and that OUR TEMPERS DO *NOT* GET TO BE THE BOSS OF US.
momcon -
aosburn86 : πŸ’›πŸ’› amen!
delighting_days : This was a beautiful post full of so much wisdom! Thank you for sharing!
jamieleigh323 : I should have read this this morning-when I hit a door out of anger at my daughter's crying every time I ran a brush through her hair. It was one of my prouder mom moments to date.
cldenson : I was just telling friends today how much this talk changed me. My 3 year old had an epic melt down today and I kept my cool for the first time in ages. I feel like God hit the reset button and I'm a new momma. Thanks again.
lisajobaker : @cldenson so wonderful to hear!!!
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lisajobaker - Lisa-Jo Baker
When your 3 yr old lays the table you LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. Especially the super hero cups. #1000gifts #SurprisedByMotherhood
1000gifts - surprisedbymotherhood -
jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam : It's perfect!
katybrunkard : Amen!!
aliajoy : Yeah you do! Adorable.
shannon_primicerio : The placement of the silverware is priceless!
lisajobaker : @shannon_primicerio and all the extras 😍😍😍
danefarm : THAT is wonderful!!!!
lyndsaywrites : Love the doll house in the dining room!!
k_whig : Oh yes. It is indeed perfect.
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