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Hit the waves, the slopes or the trails with your device right by your side. Show us how you #LiveLifeProof!
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lifeproof - LifeProof
Getting a boost from the @EarthRoamer to catch the magic hour in Sedona. Make sure to follow our #LifeProofUnleashed Road Trip on #Snapchat. 👻:LifeProofSnaps
lifeproofunleashed - snapchat -
kennerbrooke : I had a broke lifeproof so they sent me a replacement and the rubber has came off of the bottom of the replacement within a week, is there anyway life proof would replace the new one?
lifeproof : @kennerbrooke Yea! Sorry that happened so quickly, that is very odd. Give us a call 1-888-533-0735 or go online to for the second replacement!
kennerbrooke : I just put in a warranty claim, will it go through?
lifeproof : @kennerbrooke You should hear from us in the next 24 hours!
haszuannazri - btrusselll - benlike - bayutombak -
lifeproof - LifeProof
Feeling that #mondaymotivation with a morning ride. We’ve teamed up with @GarminOutdoor to giveaway an Edge 520 GPS Bike Computer and a LifeProof prize pack for our May Instagram contest #LifeProofBikeMonth! Post a new photo to Instagram that fits our current theme, tell us where you are and tag your photos with #LifeProofBikeMonth, #beatyesterday, @LifeProof and @GarminOutdoor. Learn more here: Contest ends May 29, 2016 11:59 PM MST
mondaymotivation - lifeproofbikemonth - beatyesterday -
_ethanlay : @lifeproof will the Frè power for iPhone 6 be available in the realtree colorway soon?
lifeproof : @_ethanlay
lifeproof : @_ethanlay Great question! We don't have that in the works right now, but we'll be sure to let you know if anything changes!
_ethanlay : Thanks @lifeproof , I have been using your cases ever since they came out for iPhone. The one I have now has been through the ringer and I was just looking for an upgrade. Keep doing good work!
eddruss - xmikaeyla.11x - malachi_claussen - diggy1722 -
lifeproof - LifeProof
"We saw that there were clouds pretty low in Monument Valley, and we just took off to see it." Check out this beautiful #timelapse video from the #lifeproofunleashed summer road trip. Follow along with the @earthroamer by clicking the link in our bio, and a big shoutout to @verizon for keeping us connected along the way.
timelapse - lifeproofunleashed -
__carolineee : I just did the water test on my case last night. Took it into the water at the beach today with all the ports closed tight. Phone is completely fried. Thanks a lot.
lifeproof : @monge123 We're sorry to hear that. That's quite odd. Please give our customer service team a call to assist you: 1-888-533-0735.
lifeproof : @veeee_beaver We apologize for any delay! Please email us directly :
lifeproof : @__carolineee We're very sorry to hear about the damage. Where did you purchase your case?
tjschulte_ - andrew.lopez77 - _anthonyhanna_ - lem_81 -
lifeproof - LifeProof
Good luck to LifeProof athlete @321gaux at the West Regionals of the @CrossFitGames. Click the link in our bio to watch live!
regionals - crossfitgames - crossfit - getfit - cfgames - westregionals - gauxgirl -
lifeproof : #CFGames #crossfit #regionals #westregionals #getfit #crossfitgames #gauxgirl
cleo.creagan : 1st!
lifeproof : @_parkerholt_ We're sorry you feel that way. What happened to your case?
321gaux : Thank you @lifeproof !!
jd_patters0n - m_buda13 - powderlicious - adriannh8 -
lifeproof - LifeProof
Congratulations to our Photo of the Week winner @devin.tolman with his shot from Death Valley! Do you have epic adventures you want to share? Be sure to submit them for a chance to win Photo of the Week by tagging your photos #LiveLifeProof!
livelifeproof -
cleo.creagan : 6s
lifeproof : @cleo.creagan That should be an issue, but may depend on your pockets.
lifeproof : @cleo.creagan That shouldn't be an issue, but may also depend on the size of your pockets.
silviacosin : 👏🏾👏🏾
isntshelovely88 - redfordawn - britclyb - ij_012 -
lifeproof - LifeProof
Our #FridayFeeling post is provided by our #LifeProofUnleashed Road Trip and @verizon. Sometimes you just need to kick back and take in the moment.
fridayfeeling - lifeproofunleashed -
jenamasero : Nope, Apple said it was a piece of junk and gave me a new phone.
lifeproof : @jenamasero Do you still have your case? We do have a warranty that would cover leaks like that to send out a replacement case!
baergrizz : I can vouch for the "lifeproofness" of these cases. I have 5 devices that I have protected with the cases and have used them in water, snow, sand dirt, you name it. As for their amazing warranty, I have experienced that as well. Anyone who says the cases are pieces of junk has never looked at them closely...
lifeproof : @baergrizz Thank you so much for that shout out and your support! We love that we've been able to be there for you in protecting your devices and helping you with replacements when they're needed.
dborgesf - ramsoldest - sofievanvaerenbergh - lukas_walli12 -
lifeproof - LifeProof
Happy National #BiketoWorkDay! What views do you have on your ride into work? Tag your bike photos and videos with #LifeProofBikeMonth for chance to win a @GarminOutdoor an Edge 520 GPS Bike Computer and a LifeProof prize pack! Post a new photo to Instagram that fits our current theme, tell us where you are and tag your photos with #LifeProofBikeMonth, #beatyesterday, @LifeProof and @GarminOutdoor. Learn more by clicking the link in our bio. Contest ends May 29, 2016 11:59 PM MST. 📷: @mrfaintastic
lifeproofbikemonth - beatyesterday - biketoworkday -
horsetoothd : 👍
aizeecream : Sali ka!! @vhanmanlapaz 😊☝🏼
isabelilim : @holidaywinkle @ohmierda
lifeproof : @goblue.goblue Glad to hear we pulled through for you! We'd recommend doing the water test again though. If the case was compromised at all we can send a replacement through our warranty:
never_found - williedoubleg.spam - jgt1999 - erika.kush.colorado -
lifeproof - LifeProof
We are excited to announce that we are an official sponsor of @xgames Austin. We are counting down, just two weeks away!
lifeproof : @delucio.h It's pretty fast! Usually about 8-13 business days, but you will receive a tracking number as soon as it ships out! You should also receive a confirmation that everything went through successfully in the first 24 hours after you submit your claim!
buckbuckhd : Okay thank you @lifeproof
madelyn0928 : I will be there!!
nicoversace : Nicee
jenayabarnes - 2wheeledgingerninga - oliastefou - aaron.williams018 -
lifeproof - LifeProof
"I've always been stoked to be able to follow the dream that I wanted, to be a BMX rider." -LifeProof ambassador @terryadamsbmx #tbt Check out the whole video here: #LifeProofBikeMonth
ridaz - fmx - actionsports - tbt - lifeproof - garminoutdoors - nationalbikemonth - beatyesterday - sendit - lifeproofbikemonth - garmin - bikemonth - livelifeproof -
lifeproof : #ridaz #bikemonth #nationalbikemonth #lifeproof #livelifeproof #garmin #garminoutdoors #beatyesterday #fmx #sendit #actionsports
7jamber : @martin_spencer24
danlever999 : BOOOOMMMMMM!!!!
jamexyan - emedwards422 - dirtbikelife101 - 110racingteam -
lifeproof - LifeProof
The #LifeProofUnleashed Summer Road Trip is off and running! Matt and Hillary are on their way to @overlandexpo In Arizona. Last night the @earthroamer made it's way through Valley of the Gods in Utah, what a beautiful place. Thanks @verizon, for keeping us connected.
lifeproofunleashed -
nburk_ : I've been needing w new case since January and still haven't got it lifeproof still hasn't sentit
lifeproof : @nburk_ Sorry to hear that! Give us a call at 1-888-533-0735. We'd love to look into this for you!
rhybellious : Second time a lifeproof case has failed massively resulting in my device being damaged. Then you want me to pay in order to request that you honor your warranty? No thanks, lifeproof. I think I'm done
lifeproof : @rhybellious We're sorry to hear about your damaged device. Please email us directly to discuss our warranty further:
willminers02 - alec_mascolo - andi.armstrong13 - benahdit -
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