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Hit the waves, the slopes or the trails with your device right by your side. Show us how you #LiveLifeProof!
30/04/2016 01:00:24
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28/04/2016 17:00:20
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28/04/2016 03:02:05
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27/04/2016 03:59:49
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27/04/2016 00:02:48
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24/04/2016 18:07:01
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23/04/2016 16:57:29
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#earthday #lifeproofearth #ourplanetdaily #findyourpark #lifeproof #idratherbeexploring #simplyadventure #lifeofadventure #keepitwild #theoutbound #earthday2016 #livelifeproof
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#rad #colorado #lipslide #snow #snowboard #powder #visitcolorado #powpow #snowproof #lifeproof #shredthegnar #live #shred #snowboarding #epic #awesome #livelifeproof
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19/04/2016 17:33:13
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19/04/2016 03:00:33
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15/04/2016 15:01:57
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lifeproof - LifeProof
James Whittle and Tom Caufield teamed up to form The Tempest Two to row across the Atlantic Ocean, known as one of the toughest voyages on earth. Despite not being seasoned rowers or professional athletes, they departed on this journey from the Canary Islands on the 13th of December. Rowing in two-hour shifts for 24 hours, they spent 12 hours each day traversing the vast Atlantic. After 60 days at sea, they landed on the West Indies island of Antigua. The Tempest Two will be taking over our page this weekend and share with you the experience of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Read more in depth about The Tempest Two by clicking the link in our bio!
jon_cam_ : Please have more accessories for iPad mini 4 case too (cover, car mount) @lifeproof
lifeproof : @jon_cam_ We do have our LIFEACTÍV series that is universal. You should check it out!ÍV
kyledanger12 : @lifeproof This story intrigues me. Can't wait to hear more!
kyledanger12 : @shredding_le_gnar those hashtags #sotrue
mendez.isaiah - buri_12 - nathanbonds - mrs__soto -
lifeproof - LifeProof
Tomorrow's the last day to get your #LifeProofEarth entries in for a chance to win a @vasquefootwear and LifeProof prize pack. Simply post a new photo to Instagram that fits our current theme, tell us where you are and tag your photos with #LifeProofEarth, #LiveLifeProof and @LifeProof. Learn more here: Contest ends April 30, 2016 11:59 PM MST. 📸 by ambassador @kamberlyann.
wildernessculture - wilderness - lifeproofearth - waterproof - lifeofadventure - water - liveauthentic - getoutside - keepitwild - exploreearth - livelifeproof -
lifeproof : #exploreearth #waterproof #water #lifeofadventure #keepitwild #getoutside #liveauthentic #wilderness #wildernessculture
soloroamblog : Gorgeous!
sarah_anne_2 - rschmidty12 - sammjaam - mankwt -
lifeproof - LifeProof
"Thanks to LifeProof my phone survived a swim in the Virgin River, a dive in the sandy floors of Antelope Canyon, and a fall from cliff in Arches National Park." - Ambassador @altitudefoto on his recent #Astrovanture road trip.
astrovanture -
lou4kush : Having trouble with my frepower getting dust inside it... @lifeproof you think its something wrong with my case ive taken it off and completely got all dust off n by day 2 more dust again... How do i stop this?
lifeproof : @lou4kush Yikes! Please give our customer service team a call to set you up with a replacement case: 1-888-533-0735.
lou4kush : I sure will thanks!
joker_hoe44 : I went scuba diving a couple times. I dropped it down a river and kept hitting rocks on its way down until I finally caught it. Then I went mountain bike riding and dropped in on the mud. After all that it went through my phone was intact thanks to @lifeproof did get a couple cracks on the case but the phone was intact👌🏽
ecrumley8 - phebe_14 - lilli.anna.bel - _kp.thompson_ -
lifeproof - LifeProof
Congratulations to our Photo of the Week winner @michaelmatti relaxing in style at Falls Creek Falls in Washington!
cabennett82 : We need to bring the hammock next time @jamie_lorraine
igtravelworld : Amazing post
jamie_lorraine : Omg yess!!! @cabennett82
matt_andrew : Looks so good @michaelmatti!
twentyseventhphotography - azzavc - orobinson22 - zanderstandish -
lifeproof - LifeProof
LifeProof ambassador @charlie_keating was recently asked what proof best described him, check out his response: "WaterProof. I love being in the water and surfing and doing water photography. I am from Southern California and have grown up by the ocean my whole life, and there’s nothing better than being in the water. My LifeProof allows me to take my phone and camera in the water to capture those amazing moments." What proof best describes you? Tell us in the comments for a chance to win a free case!
chris_mitchell16 : Waterproof, my iPhone 5 drowned in my pool last year, I won't let that happen again. Plus why take a chance
joshlepik : @lifeproof @lifeproof! What's up? I have been following you guys for a while and frequented a some of your ambassador pages. One thing I noticed is all ambassadors are pretty extreme. They go on some insane adventures and do what most only dream about. I am here for some personal gain and a change to give you guys a unique ambassador. I would love to work with you guys on a different approach. I don't have 1 million followers, I don't have a huge impact on society. What I do bring is a knack for the everyday consumer. I am a father, a husband, a dog owner that works 9-5 and occasionally goes mountain biking, paddle boarding, camping, hiking, fishing, ballet, gymnastics and sometimes goes on vacation. I could help bring a more civilized approach to your brand and appeal to a broad audience. What do you guys think?
lifeproof : @joshlepik Thanks for asking! Please email us directly with your qualifications at
joshlepik : Thanks!!
josefskoumal - colin_____oc - kenblack1111 - austin_mosley -
lifeproof - LifeProof
You only have a few days left to enter our #LifeProofEarth April Instagram contest for a chance to win a pair of @vasquefootwear Inhaler II performance hiking boots and a LifeProof prize pack. Simply post a new photo to Instagram that fits our current theme, tell us where you are and tag your photos with #LifeProofEarth, #LiveLifeProof and @LifeProof. Learn more here: Great shot by @chau1988 while hiking at Manoa Falls in Hawaii.
lifeproofearth - livelifeproof -
lifeproof : @cease_o The iPhone 6 Plus FRĒ Power case is coming soon! Sign up to be notified here:
lifeproof : @morgan_pelt The video sounds great! Please email us directly here:
morgan_pelt : @lifeproof Thank you! Who should I address it to? 😊
lifeproof : @morgan_pelt "Lifeproof Team" is fine!
godtfred_r - matthew.mcgarry - nate.roffey - rlvnt__ -
lifeproof - LifeProof
"The thing that inspires me the most are other individuals out there following their dreams without a spotlight. Making their first descents on crazy mountains and learning new tricks without anyone knowing. They are doing it for themselves and themselves alone." -Ambassador @wearerebellion. Learn more about one of our newest LifeProof ambassadors here:
oscarpedroso : This
thressadasirving : @rgregoryirving this is the place!
thressadasirving : @samantha_michelle_ i'll never be able to take a picture that looks this good LOL but well this is gorgeous
binx_rn : @idlr_fr
roselee10 - __rayasunshine__ - macforum - connor1019 -
lifeproof - LifeProof
LifeProof athlete @jonathanparedes89 teamed up with cliff diving veteran Orlando Duque and @redbullcliffdiving to conquer Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. The documentary ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ chronicles Jonathan and Orlando’s journey as they prepare for the most challenging dive of their lives. Watch the documentary in its entirety on @redbulltv here: Photo by: Craig Kolesky/Red Bull Content Pool
lifeproof : @syedraza_ Great question! We don't have a definitive release date, but if you follow the link below, you can sign up to be notified when it is available:
syedraza_ : @Lifeproof , with no disrespect I've been waiting for the past three or so months and I have been getting the same message from you I don't know what to do. The Samsung galaxy S7 case came out as soon it was released and the iPhone 6 Plus is an old phone and yet no FRĒ Power. I remember it saying being estimated stock at April 9, clearly that isn't going to happen it's almost May yet no sign of update please consider releasing it soon as many customers are waiting to buy this well needed magnificent product. Which helps a lot of us with our daily tasks and needs.
brian_fabrie12 : Quick question @lifeproof does the new Nuud for the iPhone 6s fit the 6? I like the new red but I have the 6. Thank you!
lifeproof : @brian_fabrie12 Great question! Unfortunately the NÜÜD case isn't interchangeable for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone6s since they use the edges of your screen to complete the seal.
alanlund90 - c_beeston_ - iglovestore - andreslaragz -
lifeproof - LifeProof
Defy water, dirt, snow and drops with LifeProof FRĒ. Right now buy a promotionally marked LifeProof FRĒ case at @bestbuy and we'll give you $80 towards a LifeProof adventure so you can prove it! Click the link in our bio to learn more!#LifeProofProveIt
lifeproofproveit -
laketahoephoto : Cool! don't have an iphone though, just samsung cheapy
dustin.bailey : @omegashinron @brotherronwp
colbynfrancis : @robert_wallace what we thought cat rock was like haha
joswin : @lifeproof would love to shoot for you guys! 🙏🏼💯
seamerias - ael1112 - kevon_kadoo - magnumresearchinc -
lifeproof - LifeProof
We want to thank all of our ambassadors that participated in our Earth Day takeover. We were unable to show all the photos on Friday so we want to give you a recap of all the amazing photos we received. See them all by clicking the link in our bio! Did you share any amazing Earth Day photos? Make sure to tag your photos with #LifeProofEarth for our April Instagram contest. You have until April 30th to get your entires in for a chance to win a @vasquefootwear and LifeProof prize pack. Learn more here: 📷 ambassador @jeffwolsleger
lifeproofearth -
laytonmoneymakin69 : @miaaicher
stingrayjss : Hopefully they didn't have an iPad mini 4, because if they definitely wasn't in a @lifeproof case. #hurryup
samabu1 : @_rickymcdevitt_
cerrato95 : @crystallindahl
wrenny_0401 - rookieboggie - starkhawselijah - andrewcarlstedt -
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