Leyla Milani Khoshbin

🏆Wife, Mommy, Philanthropist, Actress, Aries, Former Deal or No Deal Model #13, Certified Go-Getter, Founder of
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE TODAY & TOMORROWIT!! Order our famous, 3 in 1 clipless ceramic curling the #triplethreatcurlingiron and you'll also receive 1 bottle of our equally famous and powerful hair volumizer #BigHairDontCarePowder FREE! No coupon codes to enter. Just go to www.LeylaMilaniHair.com to purchase. Offer ends tomorrow at 9pm PST. We ship worldwide! #leylamilani #leylamilanihair
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sanaz_alz1 : Sooo stunning
bszz1950 : 👍🌟💐
nabeelaharbee : @zubeida0_9
hawraalfathhly : @zainabalfathly
wealthyoc727 : Awesome
amirmohammadkh : @leylamilani 😘
sadaf_sediqi7 : @girlygirl761
yatakayaodnafartovaya : @leila160185 я думаю это у нее нарощенные волосы, но круто крутит
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
One of my best and worst qualities (depending on who you ask) is that I'm extremely impatient. I want things done yesterday. It's something that I've struggled with for as long as I can remember but to me, it's a great quality because it keeps me motivated to go after the things I want. Nothing can stop me. Certified go-getter baby! GREAT things come to those who hustle! Happy Thursday! 💋
melmeloon : @firas_afani
borislavastst : @tsodilyana
mainasaud : @saudwajid
rooooooooma : 👍
hudzhayyeh : @summermansi @dudzzz93 lol weird..I was just saying how I'm like that and always have been..
bszz1950 : 👍🌟🌟😍💐
christinathrelkeld : Awesome!
sahar_insta : @shonalandon
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
Gorgeous hair created by my @leylamilanihair #triplethreatcurlingiron! Get your curl on! 😍 #bestcurlingiron #thetriplethreatcurlingiron #leylamilanihair #leylamilani Thank you @hnlstudio for the pic!
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zainah911 : @ree_gh بس اللي ع رمادي احلى
ree_gh : @zainah911 اصلاً يقولون احلئ عاللي مايتمكيجون واللي عندهم هالات سوداء تحت العين 😜😜😜
fedeeta : I bought this curling iron and the hair brush but already the curl iron is broken after only use it few time ! I contact customer service and no refund until now?! @leylamilani
chelseadxb : Thought this was you! @elizabethtrapple
emma19900909 : Dear Leila! what is your email? I want to write you personally
leylamilani : @fedeeta the curling iron comes with a 1 year warranty. How did it "break?" Email us at info@leylamilanihair.com with ur order number and we'll replace it for u. Also make sure u check ur spam folder just in case.
travertson : Maybe we can do something together...like co=branding..
elizabethtrapple : @chelseadxb looks just like me lol when my hair was thinker before I bleached it so much!
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
Woke up to this! Thank you @madsfrancis! 😍 #illustration #talent #loveit
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om_retal2015 : حيث للانـاقه عنوان. تجدون في حسابي كل ماهو جديد ومميز.
ivanabk : I just watched few videos of you and my opinion of you is even better now :)! You're the boss to all the ladies in your circle :)! Smart, sharp, funny, pretty 👌😎👍! @leylamilani
feri_shafiei : Wow looking great
ashleyfargo1 : You need this framed and in your home! 😘
itspurestshape : 😍 @leylamilani
chandanevans : They made you too skinny :(
zhaklin.mozaffar : @mana_parvizi niga shabihe naqashie haydene.
mana_parvizi : @zhaklin.mozaffar are che bahale
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
I know you've all been waiting for the #MiracleBrush to be back in stock and we're doing our best to have it available for you to purchase soon. In the meantime, you can pre-order the brush which will ensure you will be one of the first to receive it once we have them back in stock which should be no later than Nov 30th. Go to www.LeylaMilaniHair.com to reserve yours and while you're there, read the many customer reviews on why we call this The Miracle Brush! #bestbrush #leylamilanihair
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leylamilani : Not at this time @myra14
jaackelinne_ : @_cemily I need this
rustic_renovation : Follow for amazing home decor inspirations!!!! Check it out
boush_dxb : @leylamilani Dear Mrs. Leyla..we hope to see your brand (store) in Dubai...
yasoollliiii : Follow her..she is not a typical persian cat☺️😄 @bhirniko
bhirniko : Lol
doode_4488 : تابعوني انزل صوري
alii_raad : @amin_psylife in oo bebin
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
The best souvenirs that I brought back from for myself from Dubai is this stash of @Hudabeauty lashes! I first saw her line at the Sephora store in the Dubai Mall and after trying a pair of her lashes, I knew I had to get a lot more! I am obsessed with all her lashes and her glue which is is truly the best I have ever used. It dries super fast which means you don't have to waste time blowing on it or shaking it till it dries and when u take off the lashes, the glue doesn't rip out your lashes in clumps like most glues out there. I can't wait to try all the different styles but so far I'm in love with the "Samantha" and "Giselle" styles. In fact, I stack them together for a more dramatic look. Thank you beautiful Huda for creating such a glamorous line of lashes. 💋👀 #HudaBeauty #HudaLashes #DubaiHaul #WhenInDubai
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zandsoltani : @leylamilani why don't u wear your friend's lashes Lilly ghalichi ?????
zohalsarwar : @novadots
jackiemelby : Can't wait to try these!👀❤️
dom0387 : @anita_r1
mounia_chadlia : Love @hudabeauty!!! 💗
monakattan : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
noreagaa : @veeteepee
eyelicious_makeup : ❤️😍
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
rumi -
hazarhachem : @__alaabdli_
__alaabdli_ : Afhamtene @hazarhachem
chantelandco : 👌 LOVE #rumi
silvana1393 : 👌👌❤️❤️❤️❤️
monicamareejauco : @pilkogram 👌 just saw this... I like
seretnityla4 : That's so very true!!
slava1196 : @stefachka ❤️🙏🐥
ashleyfargo1 : Love this
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
Sultry @daphnejoy gets her glossy locks using our #GlossilocksSpray Brilliant shine and thermal spray in one. Alcohol-free formula. Use it on wet or dry hair before or after styling. Available at www.LeylaMilaniHair.com
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ashkanshaygan : @sina__sz
mimimoda7 : En Colombia donde conseguimos estos productos?
saeed__jj : Kik?
dilanididi : @leylamilani would I be able to purchase ur products in India or Dubai
afroozarabzadeh : @leylamilani ba slm khanom milani shoma mahsolateton ra b iran ersal mikonid? Chetor mitonam bahaton hamKari dashte basham?
sofiaxalexandra : @diba_v want
paria.1111 : سلام خانم میلانی میتونم بپرسم محصولاتتون شامل پوستم میشه؟ چه جوری میتونیم توایران تهیه شون کنیم؟ نمایندگی داره؟
alirezanorzade : اخ سینه هات......
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
Ready to go live! @dressyourface @larackay
pushiesmakeover : 🔥🔥🔥
bahar_photographie : 🙋Loves! I'm a Photographer based in 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 I would like to share my work with you, so please show some love and visit my IG 🙏I need your support , so please f0ll0w me, if you like my photos. Thank you very much - love you all 💋💕💕💕
angelnora22 : I have been following you for a while now I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️😘@leylamilani you are so gorgeous 💋
celle_8 : Leyla, you looked so beautiful in the video. Your hair is so perfect and if that's cause of your products WOW! I couldn't even listen to what Tamanna was saying becauSe you are sooooo gorgeous.. @mannykhoshbin is one lucky man. Super beautiful!!!
_pabm_ : Gorgeous @leylamilani
leylamilani : Thank u @celle_8 ❤️
leylamilani : @angelnora22 😘
talabahrami_ : Can u upload a tutorial on your YouTube channel please?!!!!!💄💄 Thanks love 💋 @leylamilani
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leylamilani - Leyla Milani Khoshbin
The only styling tool I use to get my curls! My @leylamilanihair #triplethreatcurlingiron comes with 3 interchangeable, ceramic barrels which lets u decide what kind of curl or wave u want. Light-weight, fast heat up and even heat distribution throughout. Available at www.LeylaMilaniHair.com dual voltage and comes with a 1 year warranty. Get yours now! Pic repost from @leylamanny_fp
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nancyg_05 : Just ordered bighair volume powder and the flat iron! Cant wait to recieve it!!! @leylamilani #canadianfan
stilishqueen : @diankapl89 your a huge fan? You sound pathetic if you ask me. But that's 🐸😂
narseee : 👜 @arezzoom
arezzoom : are disbab didam😚 @narseee
diankaj89 : @stilishqueen 👌
violetsbt : Beatifulllllll👌💝
missraaz : ♡♡♡♡♡
hivarezaie : @nazaaaaanin
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