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lexdray - Lexdray
Congratulations to William Price on winning the #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC Master Tracks Headphones!! Thank you to everyone who reposted, tweeted and shared. We had so many entries and we really appreciate the love. At the end of the day, we could only draw one name out of the bag. Stay tuned as SOL REPUBLIC will be giving away one of our Ibiza Packs in the next couple weeks. #Winner #Lexdray #SOLREPUBLIC
lexdrayxsolrepublic - winner - lexdray - solrepublic -
wwwadriennecom : Congratulations! πŸ‘
grantkeelence : I needed a pair! I don't own any headphones so. But better luck next time! Congratulations @will_with_teeth
misterbrucelee : Must admit I am jealous. 😒
emailcpaine : I can't say I didn't try sharing, reposting and sharing, as well as giving the best captions I could. πŸ˜†
wwwadriennecom : Stayed up past midnight cause I was dying to see who won in hopes it would be me! Lol. Thanks for the chance @lexdray!
lexdray : @emailcpaine @misterbrucelee @grantkeelence @wwwadriennecom We really appreciate it! You guys/gals were all so great. We had so many great entries! Thank you so much!
grantkeelence : Thanks to you for keeping such a great giveaway 😍
ufc_fan_ny : Congratulations, those are some sweet headphones
el.rayado22 - drunken_rat - ashkappy - astrobrett -
lexdray - Lexdray
Which Lexdray bag are you using for the holiday next week? #TahoeDuffle
tahoeduffle -
danal115 : πŸΆπŸ’™β€οΈ
grantkeelence : Hey! Who won the Master Tracks X3?? @lexdray
lexdray : @grantkeelence Announcing later today. Stay tuned!
grantkeelence : *fingers crossed* @lexdray
dre_camacho4 - jeddaille - k_mass4 - gommorto -
lexdray - Lexdray
Last chance to win the Limited Edition Lexdray x SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks X3 Headphones. Follow us on Instagram & repost this picture with #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC. Winner announced this Friday 11/21.
lexdrayxsolrepublic -
ricdickyoulous : http://instagram.com/p/vmpDHSQB4V/
ricdickyoulous : #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC
wwwadriennecom : Can't wait until Monday. Love the suspense.
misterbrucelee : Strong work on this collaboration!
ilookedthenisaw : So who won?
leagrbavac : I hate fake giveaways that make you spam your profile, and also pages that never answer to their fans. -Unfollow!
lexdray : @leagrbavac Sorry to hear that. We will remove you from the drawing later today.
lexdray : @ilookedthenisaw announcing later today. Stay tuned!
yamamoto_hiroki_ - al_dgaf - nateahlf14 - danal115 -
lexdray - Lexdray
Lexdray is launching at Vividbraille tomorrow night in Chicago. First 15 attendees receive one of these hand printed posters. 2064 N Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 (773) 772-8536 #Lexdray #Launch #Chicago
chicago - lexdray - launch -
danseladams - ktz24 - ats713 - byballon -
lexdray - Lexdray
Many thanks to DJ Shogo for the latest #LexdrayCitySeries mix. "Welcome to Harajuku" (See link in bio) #Lexdray #Mixtape #Music
lexdray - lexdraycityseries - mixtape - music -
soezima_shogo : πŸ™ŒthxπŸ™Œ
lexdray : @soezima_shogo πŸ‘
aj_zouhair : yes thnak you @soezima_shogo
neeharika323 - tkng.m - _lig - kort_44 -
lexdray - Lexdray
Just dropped our latest Lexdray Newsletter. Sign up at www.lexdray.com, so you don't miss updates on our latest collections, giveaways and collaborations. #Lexdray #Newsletter #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC #FallFashion #WinterFashion #Style #Design #Luggage #Travel
style - luggage - winterfashion - travel - lexdray - lexdrayxsolrepublic - design - fallfashion - newsletter -
amimal69 : Love them all! To me Boulder still my favourite 😘
neeharika323 : Just signed up for the newsletter πŸ˜ƒ#LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC
lexdray - brentonb_thehouseofb - rvd03 - lexdray_korea -
lexdray - Lexdray
To celebrate the collaboration, LA Riots (@danielriots) of SOL REPUBLIC’s Saviors of Sound who also worked closely with Lexdray on the original Ibiza pack, came back to star in his second lifestyle video with the brand. Lexdray checked out his apartment while he packed his bags and followed him around Los Angeles on his pre-show rituals before he caught a train at Union Station. @solrepublic Repost & Tag to win: #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC #Lexdray #SOLREPUBLIC #Headphones #Giveaway
lexdrayxsolrepublic - headphones - lexdray - solrepublic - giveaway -
shagi.dienastie : I'm in it to win it @lexdray
lawrencehe : Woot! New bag
faewings25 : #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC #lexdray #SOLREPUBLIC #Headphones #Giveaway @solrepublic
neeharika323 : Reposted and tweeting as @neeha323. #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC #lexdray #SOLREPUBLIC
aj_zouhair : i like It it's creativ videos :) #lexdray and #SOLREPUBLIC @solrepublic + @lexdray
neeharika323 : Love it! #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC
lexdray - faewings25 - ggartwork - neeharika323 -
lexdray - Lexdray
Available November 14th on www.lexdray.com the Lexdray x SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks X3 headphone retails for $250 but you can win! Repost to win & Tag: #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC #Lexdray #SOLREPUBLIC #Headphones #Giveaway
lexdrayxsolrepublic - headphones - lexdray - solrepublic - giveaway -
pawprints24 : #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC #Lexdray #SOLREPUBLIC #Headphones #Giveaway
amimal69 : I think you should create another # tag just for this contest. Easier for you to sport the winner. ☺️
_caligirl94 : done!
tyemohawk : πŸ™Œ
jonesyjoneshayden : Hey are you Looking to sponsor athletes? If so can you please leave me an email to contact you on or contact me on the email in my bio! Lookig forward to hearing back fro you 😜
bk2zona : #lexdrayxsolrepublic #Lexdray #SolRepublic #headphones #Giveaway
kanda_kvs : Is it international?
lexdray - yamamoto_hiroki_ - zepoder - heathmgrout -
lexdray - Lexdray
To add to the exclusivity, the headphone has all-black Sound Engines only offered with SOL REPUBLIC custom sets. With only 65 numbered pairs available, the virtually indestructible Master Tracks also feature an interchangeable headband and cable with mic and control to create additional looks. Tag: #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC #Lexdray #SOLREPUBLIC #Headphones #Giveaway
lexdrayxsolrepublic - headphones - lexdray - solrepublic - giveaway -
will_with_teeth : Damn even more AWESOME!
aj_zouhair : i'ts Woow i like it :@lexdray so lovely
danal115 : πŸ™Œ Amazing
lexdray - yamamoto_hiroki_ - jesshilau - zepoder -
lexdray - Lexdray
Lexdray took color and design inspiration from their newly launched Fall 2014 Ibiza DJ Pack in olive and created a textured logo print to simulate the fabrics in their signature bags. Repost to win! Tag: #LEXDRAYxSOLREPUBLIC #Headphones #Giveaway #Lexdray #SOLREPUBLIC
lexdrayxsolrepublic - headphones - lexdray - giveaway - solrepublic -
kort_44 : Oh my goodness these are absolutely stunning, I love them!!
aj_zouhair : Woowww lovely nice i love it congas lexdray and sol republuc
momma_2_aiden : When does this end?
lexdray - marshmello2710 - zepoder - heathmgrout -
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