lesley graham

disciple, wife, mama, and blogger living outside of atlanta. i write a blog about faith, family, design, food and everything in between.
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
I feel like I'm back in college, in a constant state of study trying to learn and understand so many things. sometimes I catch myself off guard with the thought of so many mysteries surrounding us. in an age of pop culture and technology it can be so easy to miss them, the magic of the universe, that we are floating in space, that we live amongst animals, that there are three trillion molecules in a single drop of water. some of these things I've taken for granted but when I actually sit down and think about creation my mind is blown. "open up my eyes to the things unseen." let us not get caught up in "likes" or "followers" but in WONDER. #bedeeplyrooted
bedeeplyrooted -
ashleygnolan : Love it!
cloisteredaway : Yes! Love your heart and wisdom. ❤
blueeyedfreckle : This is why I love you!!!!
blueeyedfreckle : One day, I swear if not now then in heaven, we'll be friends that get to actually hang out. You are so inspiring and amazing!
heidibraids : Indeed. ❤️
emedmond : I wonder about all that stuff all the time. Very beneficial to work in a library! 😉
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
summer salads all day long. I'm working on adding vegan meals to the lineup, hoping to get the entire family eating more plants. these @tessemaes dressings are so good. do you have a favorite? also sharing a recipe on the blog that uses my mom's (@wideangleyoga ) cashew cheese recipe! #lwgkitchen
lwgkitchen - vegan - whole30 -
stephbryan23 : Roasted garlic, evoo, Dijon, balsamic, tarragon, cracked pepper & agave all whirled in the food processor. It's not the prettiest color but has been my go-to for years.
lesleywgraham : @stephbryan23 yummmm
icorianne : Love!! The balsamic and southwest ranch are my favorite!
rhainbrown : my favorite so far has been the zesty ranch!
ronaynay : Yes! I've been wanting to try cashew cheese for so long - just got a processor strong enough!
ashleyhcribb : The zesty ranch!!
christiebents : I find that when i use lots of savory things in my salad, I can skip the dressing - olives, artichoke hearts, arugula, feta.
eliciabryan : That salad is jumping out of the screen at me. So yum!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
soaking up these last days of summer with oversized slices of watermelon and full days by the pool with some of my favorites. Matilda even put her head under water (huge!).
jessjudkins : ❤️
gunnerandlux : Cutie pie
allkindsofthings : Sweetie Pie~
jessiexayaseng : Awesome fun day! ❤️
clairekiefer : I love her.
jessmelear : But let's be real, GA summer is going to extend way further than any of us want to accept. I wish you a crisp autumn.
nbray1 : ❤️the top of that head!
eclecticakiddo : What happened to summer?! We're just getting started!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
phoebe's version of hide and go seek. 🙈 so lucky to have this family heirloom that my grandfather and great grandfather built together. #itweighsaton #nevermoving #lwghome
itweighsaton - lwghome - nevermoving -
honeyhivehome : Love this so much! And the craftsmanship is amazing.
westofthesquaredesigns : Priceless piece and really gorgeous!
danatclemons : Beautiful piece!
annaburnz : Always die for your black doors/wall situations
lesleywgraham : @annaburnz aw thanks girl!
lesleywgraham : @danatclemons 😘😘
lesleywgraham : @westofthesquaredesigns thank you!!
lesleywgraham : @honeyhivehome it's a treasure. thank you!!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
if I had a beach house, this is how I would decorate it. 36 hours on the coast of Alabama on the blog. those stools. #thegulf
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yesmaampapergoods : I'll still be your BFF for your cute little spot in Marietta. :)
lesleywgraham : @yesmaampapergoods I'd oh autocorrect
lesleywgraham : @yesmaampapergoods done!
lesleywgraham : #mytinyatlas
looking_glass_self : I could never put an authentic Knoll table outside in the coastal humidity!!!
knutmor : Hi! The stools are French and very popular in Europe. Find them here: http://www.tolix.fr/en
lesleywgraham : @knutmor thank you so much!!
lesleywgraham : @looking_glass_self yolo girl! ;)
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
my biggest hope... for them be wild and free in their faith.
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lesleywgraham : #vsco #bedeeplyrooted #thatsdarling #dssummer
lesleywgraham : @kerininness aw thank you Keri 💗
lesleywgraham : @kerininness @emilie_anne_smith I just can't believe it!! glad we are in this together. :)
lesleywgraham : @ashleygnolan 😘😘
lesleywgraham : @lindsaysmith16 thank you friend!
lesleywgraham : @emilie_anne_smith me too emilie!!! we will have to get together sometime (you know with all your free time these days ;))
lesleywgraham : @otherwisehope xo
looking_glass_self : That lawn!!!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
thankful for a weekend with my love, lighting lanterns over the sea, happy hours, folk music under starlight, seeing old friends, celebrating marriage, the sounds of crickets and bullfrogs at night and truth-filled podcasts on our drive home.
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hannahacarpenter : Yeah that dress is boss!
curate_atl : @lesleywgraham We have never met but I'm so inspired by your photo diary of faith, design, and beautiful living!
ceebethblog : SMOKIN
lesleywgraham : @ceebethblog aw shoot, thanks lady!
lesleywgraham : @emilygrant_atl what a compliment emily! means so much!
lesleywgraham : @hannahacarpenter 👊 thanks Hannah!
hernewtribe : So pretty, and that hair! 💙💙💙
lesleywgraham : @hernewtribe aw thanks friend!!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
"God often uses small Matches to Light up great Torches, No Matter how small you feel in this world, He has something big in store for you." - Christine Caine / photo from #fortmorgan
bedeeplyrooted - darlingweekend - vsco - fortmorgan -
lesleywgraham : #bedeeplyrooted #vsco #darlingweekend
maden10 : 💕
jj_bonds : Christine Caine is the bomb.
lesleywgraham : @jj_bonds she is a force of nature. love her!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
my mom just sent me this of the girls and it's so funny how as a mama you crave these breaks and times of rest. for me they're important because it reminds me in the strongest way that I was meant to mother and it's my greatest joy and I'm so thankful for these two little humans.
jaynebarbour : They are just so cute! I'm glad you have had a momma break!!!
rachelarnold : Gosh yes. This is so so so true. Times of rest and getting away are so important for parents! Glad y'all are getting some time to yourselves! 😘
lesleywgraham : @rachelarnold thank you friend!! it's such great perspective!
lesleywgraham : @jaynebarbour 😘😘 thank you Jayne!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
prettiest wedding venue I ever did see. #fortmorgan
fortmorgan -
emedmond : I sweet Lord that place is slaying me! So amazing.
hollygobryan : Woah!
ceebethblog : This is in savannah right? There's a photographer on market street with photos from here that are beautiful
erinmucha : Beautiful!
fattycakeshandmade : I lived inside that fort for 6 weeks working for for an archaeological dig when I was 17! It's an amazing place. Slept right in those corridors.
lesleywgraham : @fattycakeshandmade no way!! you are the coolest.
lesleywgraham : @ceebethblog alabama near gulf shores :)
lesleywgraham : @saradharper the whole time I was there I was taking photos in my head (phone was dying). breathtaking.
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