lesley graham

disciple, wife, mama, and blogger living outside of atlanta. i write a blog about faith, family, design, food and everything in between.
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
partying with @hernewtribe 🌸🌴
shelliallen : Bad ass house!
hernewtribe : Such a fun morning! Thanks for bringing your beautiful families to celebrate with us!!! @kerininness @lesleywgraham
lesleywgraham : @hernewtribe Matilda said it was the best party she has ever been too! xo
susanhedrick : Love the house!
lesleywgraham : @susanhedrick @shelliallen @sarahwbragg the back is all glass. it's incredible!
sarahwbragg : In Marietta?
lesleywgraham : @sarahwbragg sandy springs
hernewtribe : @lesleywgraham She is the sweetest! Come play again soon!!!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
after a tough couple of days (and strep again for little bee) I'm unwinding with a movie: #americanblogger. a new friend, @caseyleighwiegand's talented husband created such a beautiful film about this wild ride of blogging and these incredible women have me cryingggg. I'm lucky to call several of them friends. thankful for these inspiring ladies and Sam is dying because he can't believe there are other people like me photographing food outside. (@annapolisandco 😘) it's on iTunes!
americanblogger -
lesleywgraham : @ashgillespie I'm so sorry!! 😭
lesleywgraham : @annabergholz @hilarymp aw I found it at an estate sale. wish I could help! thank you!
lesleywgraham : @annapolisandco you looked gawgeous! freeze frames are impossible. when are y'all comin?!
lesleywgraham : @crazysimplelove thank you sweet lady!
lesleywgraham : @eclecticakiddo thank you and you too friend!
natfalls : Aw thanks...we had such a fun time that day!
annapolisandco : @lesleywgraham whenever this baby gets out of me!!!! Lord, make it soon. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lesleywgraham : @annapolisandco prayers for that baby and YOU. the waiting game is no joke. 😘
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
can't believe she's turning into a little person.
lesleywgraham : @rachelkw I know :(
lesleywgraham : @annettejosephstyle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lesleywgraham : @gosounders overstock! :)
lesleywgraham : @peacelovemusicgrows it's perfect :)
lesleywgraham : @withwildlove thank you!!
shopsweetlulu : Great picture.....aaaand I want your house.
lesleywgraham : @shopsweetlulu 😘😘😘 you're the best
writeintights : Amazing how it unfolds!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
10 min. snack mix. ❀️ #blogged @lesleygrahamwellness
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lesleywgraham : #lwgkitchen #vsco #paleo #vegan #whole30 #thatsdarling #liveauthentic #veganfoodshare
caro_reyesthula : Delicious!!!! πŸŽπŸ’
jennalouodegard : Yummy!
sarahwbragg : Sounds delish!
tiffernee : I didn't forget about you! I am still sending you that candida email!
writeintights : Beautiful.
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
today's after school program πŸ˜‚. any tips for exhausted kindergartners? 😘 in advance.
lesleywgraham : @tagandtibby yes! I've tried but doesn't want to be alone :/ ay y y
lesleywgraham : @coxerine ok we are almost there. fingers crossed!
lesleywgraham : @toria_speirs I'm looking forward to having some πŸ˜‚
monica_dicristina : Doing the same thing over here!
lynbrumbelow : Praying for your family. It took Sydney about a month to adjust but it was rough. @lindseymargaretknott I have a Parker(girl) too!
anissakz : I've been there. Now they're in 1st and 4th. We stopped planning anything for Friday nights. It was meltdown city by 7pm at the end of the week. We also started quiet time right after dinner and earlier bedtimes. It sounds like you have that covered already. Hang in there! It does get better. It's hard for these little bugs to start a full time gig so early on.
annettejosephstyle : Sometimes kids just need to zone out after school let her do nothing for a half hour when she gets home she gets lots of stimulation during the day time to veg out! Once there's homework it's a good routine to decompress then hit the homework plus @anissakz is right on! πŸ˜‹
jreneeh : Sophie comes straight home and takes a 2 hr nap and she still goes to bed around 8:30. (It would be earlier if we were home but I now have a cheerleader)
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
to do: hire an assistant. βœ”οΈ
lesleywgraham : @emedmond it is! it was Grammy and lynndaddys and then my aunt and uncles and now ours :)
theheyhayblog : Where is your light fixture from?
lesleywgraham : @theheyhayblog @westelm :)
eagerhands : you and me both! haha!
rhtfld : You've got a cute one there!
emedmond : I LURVE it!!! 🌼🌼🌼🌼
mamarocket : Sweet little 🐝.
christiebents : Her grammar skills are probably better than most adults haha! ( also, still coveting that yellow couch)
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
in little Italy celebrating my favorite sister's birthday πŸ’› @rachelkw love you!
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megwmcclendon : Love this place!!
lesleywgraham : #littleitalyatlanta #weloveatl #vsco #dssummer
lesleywgraham : @westofthesquaredesigns sooo good!
lesleywgraham : @megwmcclendon adorable.
lesleywgraham : @laybabylay it is so awesome!! xo
lesleywgraham : @katiebtorres yes!!!
lesleywgraham : @maryalicemcd heavenly
kippersforbreakfast : I love this place so very much! I wish it were closer to Decatur.
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
soaking up this warm summer day πŸ™Œ #lwghome
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lesleywgraham : @writeintights you're so nice! thank you!
lesleywgraham : @erinmucha hope you get some sunshine soon!
lesleywgraham : @danamadeit @flutterbyhannah thank you!!
lesleywgraham : @eclecticakiddo thanks girl!!
lesleywgraham : @nataliestanfield thanks lady!
thehighfamilyfour : Oh so gorgeous. Can I come live with you???
lesleywgraham : @thehighfamilyfour πŸ‘―
lesleywgraham : @thehighfamilyfour I seriously could use a wife πŸ˜‚
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
I know a lot of you are coming down with colds and I came across this article that I wanted to share! the university of Arizona conducted a study on reusable bags and found that 99% off the bags tested contained bacteria. half of them tested positive for coliform and 8% for e.coli. 😳 wash those bags once a week πŸ‘ @lesleygrahamwellness
sarahwbragg : Can't believe I never thought about that!
eclecticakiddo : Gross!! Guess I know what's next on my laundry list! Good tip!
dnuh : Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much!!!
lesleywgraham : @dnuh you bet!! xo
lesleywgraham : @eclecticakiddo mine too 😳
lesleywgraham : @sarahwbragg me either!
kristinschmucker : ❀️
lesliejerkins : Uh I had NO idea!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
matching her habitat πŸ’›πŸ’›
rachelkw : πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜ @kimberlyfiscus yes!!!
kinseympowell : Too cute!! Love her outfit!!
evdv : Where is it from? She is too precious and her outfit is adorable
carleycheff : Soo adorable!
traceykinney : Cutie!
lesleywgraham : @evdv thank you!! it's from @seedfactory πŸ’—
seedfactory : oh good morning!.. sunny girl P... 🌞
reina__soworthit : @ssaaaaammm
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