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lesley graham

disciple, wife, mama. i write a blog about faith, family, design, food and everything in between.
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
my littlest one. such big ideas about being fancy. β€οΈπŸ’• she's under the weather today after months of nada and recovering so quickly. so thankful for what I've learned about supporting our health naturally in 2014. such big plans for next year and spreading the message to other families. @lesleygrahamessentials for more info! xx wishing you all a healthy and happy Christmas and new year!
nattymichelle : What a cutie. Hoping @ashleyhcribb has another class nearby next year so I can make it!
lesleywgraham : @nattymichelle we were just talking about another Athens class. shooting for feb 21st. xoxo love to your sweet family!
alongabbeyroad : She is the cutest little thing! Hope she feels better soon and can't wait to see what you have in store ❀️
lesleywgraham : @alongabbeyroad thank you so much sweet abbey!!! ❀️❀️❀️
ashleyhcribb : @nattymichelle Yes! Feb 21 at Bloom! Xo
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
the kittens are getting a very important lesson. 🐱✏️
laybabylay : Ahh so awesome!!! I need to meet the kittens. I mean, the girls do.πŸ˜‰
nataliestanfield : And what a cute teacher!! 😘
ashlyn_pinecone : This made me laugh. My girls used to push our cats around in their doll buggies, and the cats loved it!
stephanietbennett : Precious!
nattymichelle : Ohhh my 😍
staceynicoleblevins : What a perfect space! 😍😍
meesiepieces : Love this!
kendalljg : I absolutely love this room. Those toys. 😘
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
one of my very favorite parts about Christmas πŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ
lesleywgraham : @sbradac I mist it when I think about it! ;)
alistiff : @louswift you should have done this
kinseympowell : I love this!! What a cute way to display cards!
hasslers : Me too!
mamarocket : ❀️
julie_reardon : @lesleywgraham would love to know the color paint of your walls?
lesleywgraham : @julie_reardon sw pearly white ❀️
zoologykids : Beautiful! 🌿
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
online shopping has it's perks for sure but nothing like getting your hands on some gifts first and oh the eye candy on the west side. had the best time with my mama shopping for the girls at @seedfactory and the fellas at @billy_reid_atl 😍😍 and of course I had to treat myself to a few goods at @anthropologie ;)
honeycombstudio : @lesleywgraham oh well, always next time. Apparently I'm a vintage plaid evangelist
lesleywgraham : @honeycombstudio girl me too!! haha
lesleywgraham : @devynolive aw sad to miss you!
ashlyn_pinecone : Who can resist Anthro?
kerininness : Was in anthro last night. Ross calls it "that place that challenges our marriage."
laurenabradshaw : That's the best lineup!
sarahwbragg : Heading there to anthropologie tomorrow!
seedfactory : ❀️❀️❀️
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
so after a year of "I don't know, what do you want to do?" Sam and I have decided to celebrate our ten year anniversary at big sur! hugely inspired by this hashtag #bigsurismyjam from @fondlyforever who took this gorgeous photo. would love your recommendations! πŸ’•πŸ’ (no ginger emojis πŸ˜’)
bigsurismyjam -
mckenziemfilms : @fondlyforever knows what's up!
emedmond : We went to California for honeymoon-highly recommend it!!
christiebents : So jealous! That area of CA is on my top 5 travel bucket list.
bmarie8 : We did too @emedmond! And drove big sur...excited for u!
ashleywoodsonbailey : This is awesome!!!!! What an amazing trip for y'all! YAY
blueeyedfreckle : I've driven big sur and camped there and it was beautiful! I have no recommendations though. Except that it is a little bit cold all year round (I was there in August and had to wear a jacket).
meredithfrye : We went down hwy 1 about 5 years ago and big sur ended up being an unexpected surprise and probably our most fave part of the trip. Google "pfeiffer beach" and get directions to the most beautiful secret beach you have ever seen. You won't regret it!
poppymike : Go r/v!:)
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
"bee, smile" πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
lesleywgraham : @emedmond we love you!!
lesleywgraham : @smartenkpi yes!!!
lesleywgraham : @sarahwbragg @nataliestanfield 😘😘
c.fridaily : aww she's so cute 😊
amysplawn : @lesleywgraham is it the sniglar design? Do you like it? We're looking for something super simple and this looks perfect but i've heard mixed reviews about ikea cribs
lesleywgraham : @amysplawn yes and it's great :)
lesleywgraham : @c.fridaily thank you!
otherwisehope : Tutus to bed -- ah these sweet girls!!
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the easiest peppermint sipping chocolate with whipped coconut milk. ❀️ #blogged
blogged -
stephaniekuhn : πŸ˜‹
jessrabbott : Yummm
aprilhayslip : You inspired me to whip up some of this today...and it was absolutely DIVINE!!
lesleywgraham : @aprilhayslip πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜ yay!!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
if you need me I'll be wrapping! #hohoho
hohoho -
holliemparker : Did you make the body butter? It's so cute!
lesleywgraham : @holliemparker I did! I'll post the recipe on @lesleygrahamessentials in a few. ❀️
nattymichelle : Cuuuute wrapping!
schulte_jess : Oooh silent night body butter πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
tjs sipping chocolate plus one drop of peppermint oil plus almond milk plus freshly whipped coconut milk equals bliss. just ask phoebe.
howdoyoudoitall -
opaque_elegance : So cute !
laybabylay : I can't even handle this.
kkuhary : Adorable❀️
lesleywgraham : @dawsondaze @alongabbeyroad you guys inspired me. :) it's up! xx
lesleywgraham : thanks for all of the love friends!
alongabbeyroad : I am so excited! Making it this weekend! And if we lived close, I would LOVE to photograph. Between the two of us, we'd have a pretty fabulous food blog πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰
lesleywgraham : @alongabbeyroad awww how fun would that be?! hope you like it!! ❀️
zoologykids : What a doll.
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
the best present under the 🌲. sharing some unfiltered thoughts about motherhood elf fails, type a Christmas problems and more fun topics on the blog this morning. :)
lesleywgraham : @bklyn76 it's an old roll down school map. thank you!!
traciga : Where did you get those super cute stockings???
lesleywgraham : @traciga target last year :)
bklyn76 : So cool!
casaandco : @traciga I was going to ask the same thing!! So cute!!
sarahwbragg : Can't wait to read it 😘
traciga : Of course, lol
aprilhayslip : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Great post...needed that!
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