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disciple, wife, mama. i write a blog about faith, family, design, food and everything in between.
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
my top knotted double-stacked tutu girl. πŸ’—
lesleywgraham : @erinmucha the best! what breaks my heart is waking her up. 😩
ashleycribbessentials : Be still my heart. πŸ’–
jenahpeters : Oh she sleeps just like my Lizzy!!! I love the little behind in the air!
rjmcclelland : She looks like a wee babe in this photoπŸ’—
emedmond : Love her ❀️
blueeyedfreckle : Sleeping babies are the world's cutest thing
writeintights : So sweet.
poppymike : Be still
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
sharing some changes my family has been making on the blog + my daily routine. also this guy is still alive! 🌿
danatclemons : I just signed up for Young Living, Lesley. My sister was just telling me about the meeting she went to this weekend about these oils and how she loves using them. I used your link to sign up. 😊
flutterbyhannah : Good job! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Š
sallykanehen : Coffee tree? They're finicky, good job!
lesleywgraham : @sallykanehen it's a fiddle leaf fig. they are finicky too! ;)
lesleywgraham : @flutterbyhannah thanks girl!
lesleywgraham : @danatclemons emailing you! ❀️
simplyyogini : Awesome post btw
lesleywgraham : @simplyyogini thanks friend!!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
the girls' reading nook is on the blog this morning. love this abc print from @yesmaampapergoods ! all the details plus an awesome discount from @framebridge on the blog.
lesleywgraham : @jennalouodegard so fun!!!
lesleywgraham : @erinmucha @itsahuntlife whoa! what?! you guys made my day!!
lesleywgraham : @freshlypicked aw thanks Susan!!
lesleywgraham : @housesevenblog @nataliestanfield @shopsweetlulu thank you lovely ladies!
lesleywgraham : @blueeyedfreckle 😘😘😘
lesleywgraham : @heather_hayes7 aw thank you!
lesleywgraham : @annettejosephstyle it's so good! ❀️😘
yesmaampapergoods : xo @lesleywgraham
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
fancy morning around here. also, workin on projects with toddlers... πŸ˜‚.
lesleywgraham : @itsahuntlife these are from @brightlablights 😘😘
itsahuntlife : yes! that's what I thought (say yes to Hoboken i meant but i realized i got the wrong blog... oh happy day, right? geesh. my brain isn't working right.)
itsahuntlife : Anyhow thank you!
lesleywgraham : @itsahuntlife haha yes exactly!
clairekiefer : OMG phoebe is a toddler and not a baby! 😟
lesleywgraham : @clairekiefer I know!! I still owe you a video!
devynolive : πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
christiebents : I think dressin' fancy, just to be around the house, should be a new thing
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
snagged four of these beauties for a dollar this morning along with a vintage copy of emily post's "etiquette." it's a great Friday.
shelbyanders : Were you thrifting?
a_isforallie : I'd die for the whole set! I've been on the hunt for a cute set of china to move out with!
kstowell : Those are amazing!
stirandscribble : 😍😍😍😍 also totes jelly πŸ˜‰
sambartell : Those are lovely!
krismasterson : Scoreβœ”οΈ
stacijanik : Love these colors.
lesleywgraham : @shelbyanders I'm an estate saler. love them!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
God continues to amaze me with the beautiful people he adds to our lives. Thankful for a night of chili and s'mores with friends. seven little girls! ❀️
emilygross3 : We think Target, but potentially Home Depot as well. @danapoor join us after the big opening!!
jodi_kendall : @emilygross3 thanks! looks magical :)
danapoor : @emilygross3 @lesleywgraham this makes me so very happy
thegiftoftoday : Sounds lovely!
sarahwbragg : Such a fun night!
michelleadoughty : He gives good gifts to His children x
kerininness : Precious people who have so blessed us as well. Oh How good He is!!
ashleycribbessentials : Magical!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
tiny "rina."
jenloveskev : 😍😍
itsahuntlife : ❀️
mamarocket : πŸ’˜
emilie_anne_smith : She is a little doll!
erinmucha : stop the cuteness!!!
bluekell : So precious
whole_parenting : ❀️❀️❀️
thewanderyearsco : Ohh too cute!
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
a little recap from our trip to @oldedwardsinn on the blog. sharing restaurant recommendations for highlands, nc and recounting the bliss that is the spa. had a hot herbal poultice ball massage!! so thankful for this trip with just my ladies.
margotcadenas : Sounds amazing!! When Phoebe is older, take the girls back and go to Sliding Rock. SO fun! :)
lesleygrahamwellness : @margotcadenas oooh yes definitely!! thanks for the tip! xx
lesleygrahamwellness : @emedmond 😘😘😘
lesleygrahamwellness : @aprilhayslip dreamy girl!! awesome!
maryannedowney : So glad ya'll had such a good time ! Sounds wonderful! Love ya!
susangordonpottery : @_kategraham @southernsoiree @heathercsfox
susangordonpottery : @hope_gresham
heathercsfox : @susangordonpottery @_kategraham @southernsoiree @hope_gresham seriously can we do this? It sounds AMAZING
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
fell in love with highlands, nc this weekend. a gem, I tell ya. perfect girls trip with my mama and sister.
lesleywgraham : @sedodge 😘😘 hope to meet you one day!
lesleywgraham : @mamarocket a dream come true!!
lesleywgraham : @mamaerika just posted a blog with all kinds of good stuff. have the best time you will love it!!
lesleywgraham : @kstowell @nattymichelle 😘❀️
lesleywgraham : @lynbrumbelow it's up! you have to go!
lesleywgraham : @katiebtorres so lucky! it's beyond. loved it!
lesleywgraham : @lindsaycoletta aw thank you friend!!
katiebtorres : Glad you loved it! We are up for a corporate shoot for OEI. We are coming back with the kids in a few weeks. We love doing fall trips up here with kids but also love adult time. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
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lesleywgraham - lesley graham
so much charm!
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lesleywgraham : #oldedwardsinn #vsco #dshappy #darlingweekend
writeintights : Eep!
meowmeowclemmycat : Love that place!
lynbrumbelow : @meowmeowclemmycat I didn't know followed her!
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