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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Celebrating my little sister's birthday. She is totally awesome and I am so grateful to have her in my life. She is graduating from college in only 10 days!!! Happy Birthday, Lulu!
postmodern_cozart : Hula Hut is awesome!
eric_herrmann : Proud of you guys @gerardconnelly
gerardconnelly : Thank you. Kudos my friend. Have a good evening @eric_herrmann
queenflor : It's a beautiful pictures leo.@leomanzano happy bday to your sis
zoilagomezita : Awesome, congrats and Happy Birthday to your sister.. The little one's expression is priceless!
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
May the 4th be with you!! #Starwarsday #Strength #Power #Stability
stability - strength - power - starwarsday -
sillyliam : *
eric_herrmann : May the hokas be with you #hoka #love
leomanzano : @eric_herrman haha, Thank you!
bubar25 : @thebigcarl
thebigcarl : @bubar25 single leg squats!
ivonne_arce : @leomanzano Mr. Manzano my son Eric looks up to you! You have become an ispiration for him. Right now he is in track and field,,,, we cheer him up by saying " go manzanito" lol... por favor podrias escribirle un saludo?! gracias👊
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Sunday cleaning done! #Saltwaterfish #AquariumLovers
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lookits_g : @leomanzano dude follow me!
codymoran26 : @sam_brown191 your new favorite runner for this alone
mercan_korfezi : (y)
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
This caught my attention. #LionHeart #HeartOfTheLion #CorazonDeLeón #Tattoos #LonghornBrother #TexasInvite #Runners
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steve.png : :0000
thechrislaughlin : @b.b._boyd Christian
leomichelxc : @8javi
jacobpickle : @natemoore94
natemoore94 : Thanks for sharing Leo! #lionhearted
leomanzano : Absolutely! @natemoore94
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Good morning from Austin Texas!! Important question of the day! Manny Paquiao or Floyd Mayweather!?!
honeybadga5 : Pac
vbee_running : Spurs !! And pac-man !! @leomanzano
leomanzano : I am would like to see Pac Man take it. And of course the Spurs!! Vbee_running
iplacetop : Pacman... the Boxing lion! @leomanzano
mario_2003 : Mayweather will win this fight make a few hundred millions. Pac will demand a rematch and they will make another few hundred millions! LOL its all fixed. I rather watch track and field 😂😂😂😂😂
brianvaldez97 : Paquiao
y_el_crespo : Ese Leo!! Manny takes it in 7!
wcor7ez : Pacman #BrownAndProud #pinoypride
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
I received a very warm welcome to Oñate High and enjoyed my time visiting today. Accomplishing our goals requires focus in order to perform the work required, which is not always the easiest, but it is well worth it! #CarpeDiem #DejeloYa @nmdoh #NuestraSalud #SmokeFree
nuestrasalud - dejeloya - smokefree - carpediem -
darth.schrader : You should stop by in Albuquerque! 😉 @leomanzano
michaelcontreras2 : Go to El Paso Leo! @adam_cortez11 @run__emc
crystalxc17 : No fair!!!! :(
anitaruns26.2 : Not far from my hometown!! That's wonderful Leo!! Such an inspiration!! :)
that_runner_jacob : Come see us in El Paso
garys2fast4u : @brycekin1797 @jerry___3 @gerardoruiz13 come to Roswell Manzano!
saradigiovanna : @rikkii_mariee
nate_montemayor13 : It was amazing getting to meet you Leo
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Happy Children's day! I Had the honor to encourage healthy lifestyles and being smoke free at the Jardin De Los Niños in Las Cruces NM. I also had an opportunity to play the Coraje del León Toma Todo board game with all the little Lions and handout toys! The mission of el Jardin de Los Niños is to create new possibilities for homeless and near homeless children and their families through loving childcare, education, and the use of community resources. #DejeloYa #SmokeFree #NewMexicoDepartmentOfHealth #Children #Boardgames
newmexicodepartmentofhealth - dejeloya - smokefree - boardgames - children -
jasonhillpdx : Cool use of time for a true champion and a completely class act.
wcor7ez : A true role model @leomanzano Keep it up!
rewbthebewb : @av_800 @zm_65
david_colmeneroxc : Are you coming to El Paso ,Tx
david_colmeneroxc : Where can we see you ? I am in El Paso.. @leomanzano
leomanzano : Hi @david_colmeneroxc I will be at Oñate High at 10am today.
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
We did it! #TheLion is here to stay! Thank you all, @hokaoneone & @timexsports for believing in me! Photocredit: @themile
thelion -
karlalealtv : Felicidades @leomanzano
kirubelerassa : @leomanzano great job today!
nino_vanessa06 : Great job today Leo!! You ran a great race watched you on TV... Great job to pushing it at the end !! 1st place @leomanzano
thehub21 : @leomanzano congrats buddy
wow_taha_3 : @ian_delgado_23 oh Ya I forgot to tell u he has a Achilles injury
lauraesegura : EXCELLENT RACE!! Great strategy!
martinezruns : Sir Manzano he have an amazing way of running i loved your finishing kick @leomanzano
anthonymrjr : You give me hope for us not so tall distance runners. I hope to one day rock a stage like that. T'was an awesome race great job Manzano!👌
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Sharpening the spikes for tomorrow's race! //Afilando las zapatillas para la carrera de mañana! @hokaoneone #TheLionClaw #NeedforSpeed #DrakeRelays
thelionclaw - needforspeed - drakerelays -
santimoraz : Yeah it was worth a try to see if he could do it, I know he doesn't have to, but thanks, I'll look into it. Thanks again! @________cameron__________
brianvaldez97 : Are those Leo's official shoe brand? Like his design
zdayy : @leomanzano awesome performance!!!! #leoforthewin
righisaurusrx : As a runner also noticeably shorter than the competition.....LOVED watching you dominate! 😄🏃
isaacburm17 : Pretty sweet spikes for Hokas @td_collins
td_collins : @isaacburm17 not too bad
steofreerunner : @seglio @damyfreestyle @alelabbi @silviu86 @dupi77
thomas__salas : Hey leo! Its you number 1 fan Thomas!
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
After a a nice luncheon with the Road Runners Club of America it is now time to prepare for tomorrow race! #Pre-Race #Shakeout #DrakeRelays #MilePrep
pre - drakerelays - shakeout - mileprep -
mr_.perry : Good luck! @leomanzano
tonyspineto : Got this!
bjgamez : Best of luck @leomanzano
blacktrophy.trackclub : Get it after it big dog!
craigweich : Have a great race!
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