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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Tune in to NBC today at 4:30 ET to catch the #PrefontaineClassic - Bowerman Mile! #LetsGo @hokaoneone @timexsports @usatf
prefontaineclassic - letsgo -
thehub21 : @leomanzano kick some butt
bjgamez : You got this @leomanzano
samantha_20 : @medrano4
steven_alvizo : @mrs_alvizo05
soulfocussports : Lookin real sharp @_jencollins
steven_alvizo : Its okay to loose to soulemont he is a good runner
heartofpsalm : Just finished with the men's mile πŸ’™ I didn't like the way those vatos blocked you in @leomanzano
steven_alvizo : Yeah the last lap right @heartofpsalm
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Some easy 200's to loosen and relax the body and mind! #PreRaceRoutine #PreClassic #LetsGo @hokaoneone
preraceroutine - letsgo - preclassic -
triathletedrg : Crush it! #ownit
ariellezlotnick : You got this Leo!
mark_morrison : Good luck Leo
maniacmiler : Do work!!
israelrun : Go Leo!!
jennythecoolcat : I'll see you tomorrow :) rest your body to kill that race :)
dmanco13 : Get it Leo! Good luck, all the way from Miami! @leomanzano
francisco__evangelista - _.carlosd - raortiz626 - blvk_mamba -
leomanzano - Leo manzano
Next stop Eugene, Oregon for the #PreClassic. I will be competing in the Bowerman Mile Saturday. #GoTime #LetsGo @hokaoneone @timexsports
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oscardaniel1976 : Que Dios te bendiga y te regrese con un triunfo a tu hogar!! @leomanzano
j.swish28 : Good luck man! U will do great
wadeclark102 : Kickass beast
pistolerpete : Make us proud. Good luck
chonzie_69 : Let's go Leo!!!
thehub21 : @leomanzano good luck, buddy
rebraq : Good luck!!!!
dmanco13 : Vamos leonel! Asnos orgullosos!
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Pain is temporary. Glory is forever! @hokaoneone @timexsports
timexsports : Great photo! Keep up the hard work. We are cheering for you!
mateo.coram_deo : 15x200?
jose_diazgonzalez : Vamos, Leo!!! Saludos desde España.
gabesquared : That's my favorite running quote!
iamipp : @mateo.coram_deo probably 8x200, half of those should be recovery splits
dylanh1600 : 😡
jared_coccia : The timex tap is the best watch for track workouts!
adam_cortez11 : Hey Leo when do those spikes actually hit the market? Please respond @leomanzano
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
This morning after our 8 mile run. Doing general strength to strengthen, our bodies to help prevent injuries, so that we have a better running experience. #StrongBody #StrongMind #Training #Runners #RunHappy
training - runhappy - strongmind - runners - strongbody -
postmodern_cozart : That looks like the @roguerunning parking lot!
codaayyee : ^^ go to the doctor (orthopedist), could be a stress fracture/stress reaction @brianvaldez97
brianvaldez97 : Thanks @codaayyee should I keep running cause my summer practice starts June 8 I don't want to lose fitness
brianvaldez97 : Dang how that go, man this sucks I don't know my mom doesn't want to take me but I'm thinking bout the rest and icing and no running plus I got new shoes I thought it was my old shoes that caused this @codaayyee
brianvaldez97 : Dang 8 weeks Heck no that's like a month and a half my coach would be pissed at me I mean I ran yesterday it was pretty easy but when I finished it felt like a bat hitting it before this ocured I ran 7 miles a week but I ran on grass for 3 yrs already I don't know @codaayyee
brianvaldez97 : Being healthy is the priority but I don't know what to do al ask my mom if she agrees that I need to go to the doctor this sucks like hell @codaayyee I want to go to regionals and our practice starts June great just great I wanted my summer to be easy going pace πŸ˜ͺ
leomanzano : Thank you @Juan_moscoso610 I appreciate the support!
caviarpete : @ericm72 that you?
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
After our 8 mile tempo run!
houstonrockets1990 : Is that Duncan Phillips in the back ground? @leomanzano
silentrider13 : How often do you go back to Marble Falls? @leomanzano
thehub21 : @leomanzano wish I could have ran with you guys
im_a_slaught : @gogomiro look who it's who you said good morning to
izzakk : I met you last year at US outdoor championship. I asked you how I could join a D-1 program. You gave me advice and now I just finished an amazing season for UC Irvine. Thank you Leo. Truly inspirational to the Latino community . @leomanzano
salma_btx : I wanna go on a run rn..πŸ˜“
chonzie_69 : Let's go Leo!!!
baseballhabit : Hey mr. Manzano you used to go to my school highland lakes elementary and I wanted to tell you it was an honor that you went to are school keep leaving em in the dust thank you
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Enjoyed a peaceful run on Manzano Hike, Bike, and Run Trail in Granite Shoals, Tx. A great way to be outdoors and take in some fresh air. If you are out this way make sure to stop by. #Trails #ManzanoHikeBikeRunTrail #Leo'sLoop
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Enjoying some good ol'e Texas High school track! #UILTFState
uiltfstate -
mikel_esco21 : Man, I shouldn't have left early!
dagecko91 : High school track meets always bring back memories.
erballarta : It must have been fun
skinny_boy_sam : @leomanzano you're from Texas, right?
joeksosa : Leo, my mother has chronic foot pains and the doctor has recommended her to buy, better, more supportive shoes so I suggested Hokas, we are looking to order a pair, which pair would you recommend? She doesn't run at all, so the most supportive shoe for walking.
joeksosa : Thank you!
leomanzano : @joeksosa I am sorry to hear about your moms pain. Hokas have been amazing for me. I love all of them but some of my favorites are the Stinon, Clifton, and the valor. I currently run in the Stinson and the Clifton. For walking I prefer to walk in either the Stinson or the Valor. Check them out and let me know what you think!
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
And I present to you, the third Manzano College graduate. One more to go. First generation college students know the many barriers that we must overcome to achieve this, so I couldn't be more proud. Congratulations, little sister!
triathletedrg : πŸ‘way to go!
cx.hardy : Congratulations on the win!
jorge.jeronimo : VIVA LA LUCHA !!!
aniitha157 : Muchas felicidades a tu hemanita...ke Dios le ilumine su camino para ke siga avanzando y triunfando. El orgullo de tus padres. Congratulations.
jamesrortiz : Congrats #EatEmUp #TXST
oscardaniel1976 : No hay mejor herencia que el estudio!! Felicidades a la familia Manzano
leomanzano : Thank you all!! Gracias a todos!!
heartofpsalm : @crosseyesmusic
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Mission accomplished. Just landed in Austin after a great trip to LA. @hokaoneone @timexsports #HokaMDC #RoarOfTheLion #1500m #Finish video credit: @joshcox
1500m - finish - hokamdc - roarofthelion -
running_josh : @selsegovia yes! Got to see his crazy fast kick! And other real fast races πŸ˜ŽπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸƒπŸΌπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ”₯ and an autograph 😊 sad that it was canceled
sandrajavelot : πŸƒπŸΎπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸƒπŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ½πŸƒπŸΌπŸ’¨ @leomanzano & else βœ¨πŸ‘ŒπŸΌβœ¨
chrisleppla : @alex_petrecca when i looked at the time i thought it was thw world record then i saw it was the 1500
alex_petrecca : @chrisleppla that kick was sick tho
chrisleppla : @alex_petrecca yeah his kicks are insane in every race
monicavfranco : Way to go Leo !!!!
ederthegreat : @primotapia check out this kick in the 1500
primotapia : @ederthegreat the heart of a champion
bcvaughn19 - skalecki1500 - marcraiche - izzyflores81 -
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