Leo manzano

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leomanzano - Leo manzano
#Repost @fredgoris ・・・ Congrats to Leo Manzano on making his 7th U.S. National Team in yesterday's 1500m final at Hayward Field. Simply a master at his craft. #usatf #tracknation
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chonzie_69 : Leo, you beast! Un gran inspirador! I work hard so that I can be like you!
chiquibabe30 : Congrats! 💪🏻👌🏼👍👊🏻
utexastrackfieldxc : Great Race , congrats
blu_wag : Looking forward to seeing you in the big screen
mckay_harris : Do you train in spikes?
monicavfranco : Way to go Leo !!!
ankh_rah : 👍
connor_delrio : Way to out work. Anybody know what spikes those are?
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
So proud to make make my 7th US team! I have made the Top 3 at nationals every year since 2006!@hokaoneone @timexsports @usatf
j.kish10 : Buen trabajo!! @leomanzano
ginganinja44 : Congrats Leo! You have been a hero of mine ever since the 2012 olympics when I sat down and for the first time watched a track race live, the 1500 final. Seeing you run has been inspiring me since then, good luck at worlds!
pistolerpete : Congrats!
faithlovelylove : Congrats Leo!!!
christian_dorgeix : I'm from Blacksburg you came to our high school it's really awesome to see your success.
ariellezlotnick : Congratulations Leo!👍🏼
gundidad : Hopefully heard us yelling for you through our TV in Austin!!
mikemartinezjr13 : Congregations man I'm so proud of you and I look forward to seeing you compete! Keep it up and God Bless!
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Ready for the finals! #LetsGoHOKA #USATF Photo- @TxMileSplit
letsgohoka - usatf -
bergie3.0 : Good luck! Praying for you!
leonides_international : big inspiration !! @leomanzano
lauraelizabethh_18 : You're my role model cousin!
pistolerpete : Good luck.
audrey_jgill : Yea boiii
spartan_runner989 : What race was this?
lawlorbrian : 3:35 is godlike!! Congrats!!!!
willtorun : Leo style grit guts heart and soul you are going to kill it in the finals!!
aidan9990 - ryan_p_griffin - cass96 - baezarunning -
leomanzano - Leo manzano
@united upgraded me to first class! This is going to be a great trip! #USAChamps #LetsGo @Hokaoneone @timexsports
usachamps - letsgo -
joshv94 : Roar Leo!!!!
johannodermatt : "To the window, to the wall, til tha sweat drop down ...."
leohh23 : Leo is awesome
bilallatik : الحسنة leomanzano#
mowgli400 : Man! They should always upgrade Olympic medalists!!
bergie3.0 : Good luck!! I look up to you
dmanco13 : Good Luck! 🇲🇽🇺🇸
ariellezlotnick : Great race tonight Leo!
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
When one goal is accomplished, we check it off from our list and move on to the next! #OlympicDay
olympicday -
secondmercedes : Go Leo give us the ROAR 🐯 @leomanzano
bergie3.0 : Looking forward to seeing you on my tv again!
juan_moscoso610 : Can't wait to see you compete in rio, good luck
steve.png : OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!
begonedullcares : Congrats on amazing career thus far Leo! Can't wait for Rio!
rayraycrazyboots : Race well young man🐩🐩🏃🏃🏃🏃💪💪🍀👍
janessatellez : You've done amazing and I know you are only gonna progress! Keep it up and Good luck!!
kathleenpage55 : Great job, we always had faith in you even in high school🙏👍🏃🏃👣👣coach F. Is retiring this year. Y'all have run a good race together.
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
My dad is one of the hardest working men I know. He has made myriad sacrifices to ensure that I had a better future. From an early age, he taught me that faith, discipline, perseverance, hard work, and integrity would take me far. My dad might not know much about running, but he has been my best coach. #HappyFathersDay to all the exemplary father's out there who make this world a better place! Mi apá es una de las personas mas trabajadoras que conozco. Él ha hecho tantos sacrificios para asegurarse que yo tuviera un mejor futuro. Desde pequeño, me enseñó que la fe, disciplina, perseverancia, arduo trabajo, e integridad me llevarían lejos. Mi apá tal vez no sepa mucho sobre el atletismo, pero ha sido mi mejor coach. Feliz Día del Padre a todos los padres ejemplares que día a día hacen que este sea un mundo mejor!
happyfathersday -
leomanzano : Thank you @chris_m_manzano please wish Poncho the best for me as well.
leomanzano : Thank you @firstrun @athletics_nw
leomanzano : Gracias @longhornlety14 @hunniebea1116 @israelrun
leomanzano : Thank you @leovipsold1 for your good wishes! I appreciate your support!
leomanzano : Thank you @willtorun for your kind words and all your support!
leomanzano : Thank you @analyg12 !! I will let them know. Miss you and Tony!! Hope you guys are doing well!
willtorun : gracias Leo el gusto es mio!! Su padre es classico del mundo!!
konabro2 : @chocolatepapi23
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Roaring back at the lion as Kip works on me. #Massage #EyesOfTheLion @kenthaichi
eyesofthelion - massage -
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
8 mile training run on Town lake trail with these gentlemen. Good luck to Jeff in his half marathon and everyone racing this weekend! @duncanphillips3
garrett_burns_red_ : @garrett_flores thought the middle guy was you for a sec
leomanzano : Thanks! @DuncanPhillips3
leomanzano : @Garrett_burns_Red @garrett_flores Always welcome!
fancyklf : What is hoka? 😀 @leomanzano
leomanzano : Hi @fancyklf @hokaoneone is my shoe sponsor.
fancyklf : @leomanzano how long have U been running
jsad_88 : Enjoyed the churn and conversation this morning! Keep your eye out for those squirrels though. @duncanphillips3 @leomanzano
leomanzano : @jsad_88 lol, that squirrel came out of no where. We will keep an eye out.
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
After a great weekend in NYC, it's time to return to ATX to prepare for the 2015 #USATF Outdoor National Championships in two weeks. So blessed to have your support!
usatf -
fancyklf : Can u check out some of my track videos on my channel? 😓 and maybe give it a like
fancyklf : Plse like my recent photo👏🏻😓??
jbarsnessblu : Hey Leo! I think you might think a pic on my account is cool. @leomanzano
leomanzano : @FancyKlf I saw your video! Great race!
fancyklf : Thank you 😀 @leomanzano u should tell usain bolt about me 😀😆
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Having breakfast with Coach Hayes at Thayer Hotel visiting The Unites States Military Academy at West Point.
_jeremymiller_ : Cool! West Point has such a beautiful campus!
martinezcoach : Great running out there. Check out the million dollar view n the small trail there. #raza
leomanzano : @xavihernandez12 thank you! It was a great experience and such a beautiful campus.
leomanzano : @fancyklf USATF Championships June-25, 27th in Eugene Oregon.
leomanzano : @martinezcoach I had a nice long run in Black Rock Forest.
leomanzano : @_jeremymiller_ totally agree!
martinezcoach : @leomanzano horale. Let me know next time you're in SW Florida n I'll point to you where our good trails are. (They aren't advertised anywhere)
fancyklf : Thank you for replying😀 u are my inspiration. Plse check my pictures and videos of track and leave a comment ? 😀😀😀😀
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