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2xOlympian, Hoka one one, Coca Cola 6 pack Athlete, Spokesperson for Dejelo Ya/Quit Now Campaigns, Ambassador for Timex & Statesman Cap10k
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Nothing like a fartlek run to get the lungs burning! We had a great workout today averaging about 5:20 per mile for about 5 miles not including warmup or cool down. // No hay nada como un buen entrenamiento para hacer trabajar los pulmones. El entrenamiento consistió de 5 millas más calentar y enfriar con un promedio de 5:20 por milla. @hokaoneone #LetsGo
letsgo -
robert_simmons13 : @leomanzano u and Duncan Phillips getting it in
leomanzano : @robert_simmons13 Duncan had a great one today. He is getting fit.
kip2 : Good job guys
soto_felix : What is the benefit, for yourself, to start your training week, during your base phase, with a fartlek workout?
leomanzano : Hi Coach @soto_felix the benefit that we are looking for in doing fartleks during the base phase is that it allows my body and aerobic system to become stronger. We make sure to properly build up until we are ready for the fartlek workouts and they also allow us to be near racing fitness.
kyler_morse : @edward_doan oh my lawd
edward_doan : "Workout" @kyler_morse :/
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
New additions to the family! Any suggestions for names? #FemaleMale #Seahorses #saltwater #Aquariums // Nuevas adiciones a la familia! Tienen sugerencias de nombres? #CaballitosDeMar #HembraMacho #AquarioDeAguaSalada
aquariodeaguasalada - saltwater - femalemale - caballitosdemar - hembramacho - seahorses - aquariums -
tdxthexrealest : Seahorses, FOREVA
lucyprakel : Norah and Reggie
cbowen18 : Serenity and Serendipity
theathletestable : Horsea
3perez : Luke and leah
leomanzano : After much deliberation, they will be named RIO and BRAZIL
susyssjj : Agil y Ligera
signs_castelano : @leomanzano I messaged you
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
13 mile run in the books! One step closer! #RoadToRio // 13 millas en la bolsa! Un paso más cerca! #CaminoARio
roadtorio - caminoario -
jonathanspurlock10 : GAY
jonathanspurlock10 : @leomanzano
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Coaches face yesterday.
me97ak : Strabes @notsloandown
pyromaniac1000 : @nick_rubulotta @sharma_neil @jpflavin Boylan's face everyday
drummingpandas : @camillealexis_ @alx.med @_annie_grace14
bubar25 : @nico_2121 @godofthegym @dev_3 @nae_ten @thebigcarl @piercen16
notsloandown : Soooo true!!! @me97ak
shaynetahe_11 : @halukahahaha true
kellycrun : @rodrigosdlp
nick9916 : Haha ! 😄 @thomasvandormael
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
I'm grateful for my family especially my parents. Growing up, we didn't have a lot but my parents worked hard and made sure we were always well fed and well clothed. Thanks to my family, they showed me the value of hard work and determination. And because of them I am where I am at today. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoy this day with family and friends. En este día de acción de gracias estoy agradecido por mi familia, especialmente mis papas. Al crecer no teníamos mucho pero mis papas trabajaban duro y siempre se aseguraban de que no nos faltará nada. Gracias a mi familia que me enseñaron el valor del trabajo y la determinación para seguir adelante. Y gracias a ellos que me formaron en la persona que soy hoy. Feliz día de acción de gracias! Que lo disfruten al lado de su familia y seres queridos.
leomanzano : @Anthonyxc625 alli están y la salsa también! 😃
leomanzano : Thank you. All the best to you and yours! @austxrunner
jessgomez : Happy thanksgiving, Leo! Hope you and your family had a great time! :)
leomanzano : Thank you, Jessica! It is always a good time with the family. I wish you all the best with yours as well.
lagords5 : Feliz dia... Saludos a tus hermanos... Qué bueno que pudiste estar con tu linda familia
apjrhorse84 : Leo what no tamales on the table lol
leomanzano : Gracias @lagords5 como estas?
leomanzano : Saving those for Christmas 😁😃😁 @apjrhorse84
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Pre-Thanksgiving 12x200m workout to earn my negative calories for the day. It was also my first track workout for the new season! @hokaoneone #LetsGo // Pre-entrenamiento del día de Acción de Gracias 12x200m para quemar las calorias que voy a consumir. #Vamonos @timexsports #HokaTracer #Timex250LapTapWatch #HappyThanksgiving
happythanksgiving - hokatracer - timex250laptapwatch - vamonos - letsgo -
leomanzano : @ujisland We averaged 29 sec. There's also a video on Facebook if you'd like to watch.
ujisland : That's amazing thank you!! @leomanzano
_halfmiler : Awesome! I'm doing 8x200 today! Saludos!
sports_psych : Nice! What was your recovery between reps?
kileybourbon : @leomanzano hey Leo. I really like your insta. I wear the bondi 4s myself. Can you tell me any foot injuries you have ever had in your career and how you have dealt with them ? Happy Thanksgiving !
smokeyacosta : @allierogerss his hokas
marissaflournoy : That's so awesome 😜 @_shteeve_ @only1a.a.ron
mexikenyan : @leomanzano see you in Eugene brotha
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
17 Days until The Running Summit Southwest presented by @hokaoneone . The event will bring together Olympians, world-class coaches and experts to share their expertise. For Distance Runners, Coaches and Medical Professionals. All Levels, Ages and Abilities. Join us and Register today!!! www.runningsummit.com/southwest/
arayah_jade_higgins : Good luck
bjgamez : Lmk your schedule @leomanzano maybe we can do lunch and catch up!
leomanzano : @xcarlos_strides www.runningsummit.com/southwest/
leomanzano : @bjgamez Hi Bianca, for sure! I will let you know.
bert.breezy : @donnawarner24
bjgamez : Sounds great @leomanzano Shoot me a text and lmk!
mrslatashiak : Tell John I said hello!
runwithheart4 : I will only be able to make it out to the Sunday, December 13 sessions. Will you still be there @leomanzano ??
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leomanzano - Leo manzano
Family movie night! #gooddinosaur
gooddinosaur -
vzpablo : @battlestar709 you look like this dude
vzpablo : @paolabaltazar @danielcbautista it's omar
courtneygarcez - samu1489 - blancamcabral - lmendiola91 -
leomanzano - Leo manzano
Making friends along the way is what it's all about. I had a chance to hang out with Crystal yesterday, also a former Longhorn and Austinite. Throughout the course of the day, she helped me prep for every stage of our promotional #RoadToRio #Olympic shoot and did approximately 19 photo/video shots. Thank you Crystal for keeping me on my toes and for all your help!
roadtorio - olympic -
jjjordash : @crystal_segura!! You're so awesome!
7ramirez_angel : U went to are school .Giddings High School
7ramirez_angel : Middle school too
courtneygarcez - lmendiola91 - blancamcabral - running_layne -
leomanzano - Leo manzano
Here is an earlier photo with Access Hollywood. It was such a fun day. Thank you all for following me on this journey. #RoadToRio #NBCPromotionalShoot #TeamUSA
roadtorio - nbcpromotionalshoot - teamusa -
only1a.a.ron - running_layne - lmendiola91 - blancamcabral -
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