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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
To celebrate 12 days until publication the illustrator of my book made me an illustration of my book #meta @joanaavillez
meta -
judifully : Can't wait!!
hautenewvintage : @rhedspeth πŸ˜‰
moirasartin : Forgot we preordered this I just wanna read it nowwwww @sarap0wers
jessfrankel : @oliviadrum omg she's coming out with a book. We have to read it
alex_mccourt : @markuspodesta
kendiezz : @tiahagenbucher don't think I haven't already pre-ordered it
yansgatans : IM BUYIN.
sbenwah : @alilacey need
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
I have the prettiest smartest best friend who goes on news programs to show everyone how pretty and smart she is bwahahahaha @audreygelman
lhalexander12 : @kaylalouwhoo Lol I can see it from far away and she has weird cat pics so were probably sisters.
zipchip : be nice
ashortperson61 : The Navajo!
bethtub_gin : @martasteele
ascheinfeld : @jillianschein
mayishk : @andreia_lemos
thisisbiancap : @lenadunham last time @audreygelman came on the show, she wore the most beautiful glasses I've ever seen! This time she outdid herself with a PERFECT ponytail (literally, not even 1 bump!) 😍 Brains and Beauty! #CanIBeBFFsWithYouGuys #IHaveGreatHairToo #amtonight
lenadunham : @popkid247 means the world. Happy birthday !
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Laura Ashley was "a charitable and maternal employer, and would often serve up apple crumble and custard to her staff at design meetings." Nice tie, baby.
blomstersoppa : Apple crumble and custard? I would have wanted to work for her. Just realised what i want in my life. To work for equivalently ruraly apple crumbly floral dressy cosy designer and have pie, and host garden parties. Hurrah. I feel i am on to something.
lgoldnmac4 : Yum!
juliaclague : @haberdacherie how times have changed!
haberdacherie : @juliaclague haaahaaaa
emilyjay60 : @lenadunham Her immediate family live locally to me and still donate money in her name to worthy causes - they helped fund a mini arts fest this month called Velvet Coalmine, which celebrated the unique culture and history of the South Wales ex-mining Valleys towns
roman_tempstress : My boss would sell my kidney if he could get a good price
electricblue86 : My mom named me after her. We were JUST talking about her today!! My birthday is today and she died on my birthday a year BEFORE I was born. Crazy!!
kajabelle : @dotmae1957 @palike19
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Also missing my mama and her crisp white shirt/ponytail approach
justinmoosh : @nadizsky #twinning
joeymuthengi : Hahah I love the 'approach'
casadelindo : Oh Lena Lena ! #my daughter so misses me and lives near you
nadizsky : @justinmoosh scary!!! d donde sacaste esto ??? me asusta !!!
justinmoosh : @nadizsky hahaha.. Una actriz americana @lenadunham puso la foto
kuhn546 : You look like your mamasita
kuhn546 : #beautiful
mckhayes : @lenadunham I met your mom tonight at the Art Institute of Chicago, and she could not have been more lovely and gracious (especially as the clear center of attention). What a beyond cool lady!
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Missing my freak baby. Photo by @officialautumndewilde
nestandmonnay : Let the creativity flow and keep sharing your pets on furniture by tagging them with #nnmfurniturefri to be featured Fridays!
angwinn : @machellev
kyk_3 : @lenadunham your hair looks awesome in this photo!
sweatmoustache : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
tinacox16 : @wellbee @rockywalk love this pic of her! ✌️ and her book is out soon!! πŸ‘xx
rockywalk : @tinacox16 @wellbee I have pre-ordered it 😁😁
wellbee : Can't wait #bookclub @tinacox16 @rockywalk
tba14 : Gorgeous!
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
A drugstore with a pair of attractive gay men is my safe space CC: @gorgeousladiesofwisdom
laura_smells_82 : YES!!!!
daveeveryday : @allieroses
kenzasand : The question we are all asking ourselves being, who's bread and who's cake
_agoddess_ : @trendy_loba_ gorg 😍
trendy_loba_ : Your man needs to rock that shirt if he goes out haha thought of you immediately @_agoddess_
gourmandealice : @stylesquared same for you?
jean_nen : @daniel_b_e I need a hormones shirt
realangelabella : @debbielovelove I'm going to try to have them all at least once.
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Hey Toronto, I'm so excited aBOOT seeing you (sorry.) Single tickets for my event have been released! jfl42.com
jfl42 : We are so excited for you to arrive at #JFL42! Only three more sleeps!
heatherlou : @kylix69 i think he's smarmy and gross in interviews. I'll take Maron any day b
abreujessica : @gabrielmach poooxa, eu to indo pra la amanhã, mas volto no dia 19 😒😒😒😒
gabrielmach : @abreujessica whaaaaaat??? gente, por um diazinho 😩😰
emma_bean126 : @lenadunham You should come over to west coast Canada. Vancouver would be over the moon to have you, eh!!
lubella02 : @jennaellington omg thanks for telling me!
redladylazarus : @carts517
ffragie : @lucieisyulissa you just missed that
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Mr Apatoony about to rock the Largo stage to benefit 826LA #gooddeeds
gooddeeds -
europyia : OK..I'm seeing Chaplin in the background!!! The absolute love of my life!!!! Great pic /drawing/painting of himπŸ˜‰
mrsanz : Apa-tizer!
westcoastbestcoastt : @alexianahai so that's what the VIP room looks like!!
funkyfunkfunks : I'm an 826LA fan and volunteer. Fantastic program for young writers!
its_keisha_witch : @kristintintinn
kristintintinn : @its_keisha_witch of course she was there. There's another show tomorrow!
gabysheeran : How lucky to hang with the man!! Can't wait to see you Oct. 12th at Austin!! #notthatkindofgirl :) @lenadunham
matt_spillane : I would of never expected these two to work together. But now they are best of buds!
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Put. It. Out. (CC my sister: @rachelantonoff)
cmpunk4life929 : Lena I'm so loving the new platinum hair! Can't wait for new season of girls on its way!
melsouza : aeee @ba_souza
palobarcala : Love u on this piccccv @lenadunham
noveltyforever : 😍😍😍
ferrpacheco : hahahahaha
smizzymcguire : I love you beauty
danielamadiol : @acdaw I'm buying this shirt! Haha
kyk_3 : Amazing! :)
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Can't Stop Won't Stop (reading about Elizabeth Hardwick and Robert Lowell's marriage)
buddhafly_effect : We gotta show him @el_on_earth
nicolejoani : Awhhhhh❀️❀️❀️
phoebenewyork : βœ¨βœ¨β­οΈβ›„οΈβ›„οΈβ›„οΈ
ems323 : For an interesting bookend, you might want to read Dangerous Muse: the Life of Lady Caroline Blackwood. Or better/worse yet, the memoir of Ivanka Lowell, LCB's daughter adopted by RL. Compelling and raw but not salacious.
lenadunham : @ems323 amazing recs! Thank you!
pswestport : I would love to see your list of recommended reads. So far I've read all the books you've.included in your photos. Not a stalker just a reader.
wedreamoficecream : Post more things you're currently obsessing over mama!
lenadunham : @wedreamoficecream I went into your store! What a dream world
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