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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
This is gonna be me if I don't sleep soon. #zsazsa #iloveyouall
iloveyouall - zsazsa -
evans__lily : @bethaniejhair
xobry : Lmao go to bed πŸ˜ͺ
teddy_jackeddy_freddie : @lenadunham Do you think #ZsaZsa had on some #CleanWhitePanties
mexicanpointyboots : @ashleygeemoney @kp_industries
pressa10 : Zsa zsa!
popyblasco : β™‘♥β™‘
caytlin_costa : @noxeemajackson_ this is you
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Hope you're enjoying this suspenseful will-she-or-won't-she blizzard story (aka sorry!) There was a med student writing a paper on UTIs next to me at the gate and I was like DO YOU NEED FIRST PERSON STORIES!? A gate agent in a nice hat called me precious and I teared up. I have only A 1 sauce waiting for me in my house in NYC. Not even complaining.
rikz_bornemann : @emid PS geek FaceTime tonight??
ginji__ : @anna.ceci @sophisticated_savages @shoover4 bffs
dzc620 : Get home safe!!!
lizmayell : @christycarv @laurmasco
santana424 : @ashleykjohns
ambsbrock : @wonkers11
shellysowhat : Maybe Elija gave it to her...
meghpollen : @ooocamille πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
This layover in Atlanta is a great time to tell you Jenni & I know the difference between Lil Wayne & Lil Jon. Wayne could lick me like a lollipop and is beloved by Nicki. I met Jon when he generously created a Rock The Vote video and he was a delight. When we got of the plane in Park City Jenni said "I saw Lil--" and I shrieked "WAYNE!?" and added him to our celeb list. End of story. PS This is Wayne's (ex?) girl Dhea who will be my blizzard fashion inspiration. PPS I can always trust my gang of Internet friends to go hard and that's why I 😍 you and you make me crazy
missysweany : @lenadunham DOOOOOOOOOOD you're making this 1,000,000 times more awkward than it needs to be. I promise you, neither Lil Jon, nor Lil Wayne GAF.
anukritib : hahah love this
anniedegoeje : Wow I'm confused, just now starting to realize lil Wayne and lil john are actually two separate people 😬
evalund_ : We love you too! @lenadunham
janetown90 : I loved that Rock the Vote video. Especially Fred Armisan.
isabellaburrall : @lilyburrall
janetown90 : Armisen*
rknagra : The only racists on here are you dumb fuck commenters calling @lenadunham a racist. She's picking out two people who have the same beginning to their names, just as ANYONE would confuse to Sarahs or two Johns or two other people with similar names. All of you pointing out a person's skin colour are a bunch of judgemental racist morons so it should be YOU who sit the fuck down. Assholes.
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Lil Jon IS in Utah say sources (aka instagram comments.) And yes, we wrote him onto our list as Wayne. As Jenni says, blame is on the aaaaaltitude #blameitontheaaaltitude #redeye #amiawake?
blameitontheaaaltitude - amiawake - redeye -
_shabil : I think this is the first photo I've seen of him without sunglasses πŸ˜‚ not what I expected tbh
elysemarie83 : @sid.crowe remember when you drunkenly sang "blame it on the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-altitude" in Santa Fe? Haha
nadmougs : To any and all of you insisting this is somehow racist, ever heard of Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney?
mmogul : @badgalsiri_ this feels relevant
sid.crowe : @elysemarie83 oh my gosh hahahh I was honestly just telling that story last night!! Such a messy night haha
ellshar : @laurapeds check out the fall out on these posts #wouldntmakethatmistake #ensoc
gabygirl85 : @klatelyn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gabby_radu : @hnamac deshaun?? #fiveminutes
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Trying to embody this airplane energy 😒😒😒😍😍😍 I will make it home despite the weather
misspippipistolas : I miss Joan so much!! :(
ayntk_danihart : πŸ’›
donaldkrassman : ❀️ Joan for life. @lindssssanity
lauralaurajean : @taylorashleykaplan @carolinewolf
srosegee : @taylorkoonse dew bear.
becauseofkroger : @i_survived_the_q400 us this Joan rivers on a Q..
i_survived_the_q400 : @becauseofkroger it certainly looks that way
robin_borim : ❀️Joan
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
UPDATE: I am waiting for a red eye listening to some cool snowboarder bros talk about snow and bro stuff.
jademcguiggan : Cutie patootie Lena 😍
mochi1963 : Darling next time fly private..spend some of that moolah
julie.moses.750 : Just stay and ski. NYC will be ready for you Wednesday.
feliciadesire : @sannnasvensson guden
darcypants : Hahaha me too! Except no red eye. She is f-ing hilarious @arussell2
juliegwilding : @jennygarbutt oh how I wish we would have driven over and kept her company
pineapplehashley : You gotta llama on your collar
shellysowhat : Are you wearing a bath mat?
elisabeth_anagram - nat.kucks - c_lynnkinn - dani_davis72 -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Ashamed of how many names I spelled wrong. Also we may have seen Lil Jon and written down Lil Wayne. Fucking unacceptable. I'm retiring (for the night)
genchfrenchfry : @jordmeyer
ashleytholt : @stepharth
a_ferriswheel : I fucking love you and your crazy rants! @lenadunham
auragasm : @kennie_nicole this was a mess
hyatt7175 : Just binge watched Girls! I'm caught up to current & LOVE it...just wish it was an hour show!lol #greatwork # relivingmy20s #thankyoulena
lszablak : @stefwitnf
saracollison86 : I agree 26 min episodes are a tease!!!
mackenziefield : @calpal88 rookie move
laurasadowski_1 - brosieodonald - dcolihan - maximillian91 -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Part 3. There's no GD way I spelled Saorse right even tho I ❀️ her. Plz note we only included celebrities spotted by either @campsucks or me. No second hand sightings. All in all it was a nice varied list and we squealed a lot. Later and thank you, Park City.
nrmca : Saoirse, your only missing the 'i' :) means freedom in Irish
shinnyscaf : Wooop woop! Its pronounced seer-sha! Im from ireland and my name is saoirse. Silly name to spell any how. So many vowels!!!!! Xxx
liam_5000 : It's also Brie *Larson* ☺️
ericanicolek : @alexisatkinson #richardkind #lennon
hokie3457 : Love the name & the pronunciation "seer-shuh" Irish for freedom!
hokie3457 : (Sorry looks like my post is a repeat @shinnyscaf!)
tylrhtly : I think Richard Kind is the most important person on this list. @lenadunham
jess_vslc : So ashamed of myself for not coming up to Park City while you were here, it would have been amazing to (hopefully) meet you!
_bumblebrit_ - jorjeed - evadhaene - mrsturnerp -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Part 2...
ashchrismid : Kristen Wiig is so awesome!!!
ashchrismid : And so are you @lenadunham
iambenlyons : @lenadunham next time say hi...creeper! 😎
donaldatingley : Ewan McGregor is the DILFIEST DILF of all Time 😍😍😍
jillianee : @justineytg mark duplass
mer1985 : Mark duplass is my dilf but I would settle for jay too! I like his beard πŸ˜‰
woodsorwilderness : Ewan McGregor <3
lightboxmedia : @iambenlyons πŸŽ‰
orlaor17 - lovelyolivia_ - wilkywonderland - citizenmuser -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
When I came to Sundance in 2007 I made a list of celebrity sightings on an envelope with @audreygelman. This year @campsucks and I did the same thing. Part 1...
celiahorgan : Not your best stuff Lena
emilygould23 : @sargarrpc 😘
kganancial : @mindykaling should always be at the top of every list
frenchvio : @logan_alexa 😍😍😍
redheadtalking : Ed Asner!!!!!!!!!
auragasm : @kennie_nicole that story was still weird
katiewooley : @tcooke06 but If you saw Kristin Wiig you would tell me.
chillynathan : Love Connie!!!❀️
orlaor17 - lovelyolivia_ - tiff_an_y - annawoolhouse -
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