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Gorgeous nude lady @radnails nail wraps as modeled by our very own @geometricsleep- now available in the Lenny store! lennyletter.kungfustore.com #feministproducts #allhandsondeck
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wanderlustingdevil : 😍 Yes yes yessssss. Problem is... I won't be able to get just one!! @bberthel
fannynsta : Omg @encieler La manucure la plus jolie que j'ai vu depuis toujours.
ancooper : @mcclkathryn - These are feminist and fab!
raffaellalim : @antealongobardi
yomibee : Love these @cocohanut @lovett_lady
jessica_fry : @da__bird
sandrasoegaard : Meget @camillaskovsbo. Tror du Liberty damerne er så avancerede??
flynny_snap : @frankiecel @shellzner84 😍💅🏽
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
It's #givingtuesday, so it's also the perfect #dogdayafternoon. So many causes have my heart, but the pups of @seespotrescued always steal it ❤️ I mean, those spindly legs!!! @seespotrescued description: Please Stand Up and meet Marshall Mathers! At a lean 40 pounds, Marshall is slim, but definitely not shady. He is a happy-go-lucky 2 1/2 yr old hound mix with adorable blonde eyebrows and matching blonde boots. This cheerful pooch gets along great with people and other dogs. He absolutely loves to play and gleefully smiles and sticks out his tongue when he’s goofing around. You can forget about Dre, but don’t forget about Marshall Mathers, who is waiting patiently with 8 miles of love to give to his fur-ever family. Marshall is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccines. Email seespotrescued@gmail.com for an adoption application.
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nicolecatheriine : @haleybanc wait I saw this at the top of my feed first and was like oh Haley uploaded a pic of Bruno
paigherchannel : #marshallmathers#adoptmarshall #adoptdontshop
crazykidmike : Cute
rgolding16 : @hyoogekwads it looks like Konrad!!!! Let's get him!
glasmastar : @piachukerbuti
scorptaurius : @cxndybrxdy this description is so good!
torbenjost : @mathiaspudelko der Beweis
haleybanc : @nicolecatheriine it is his twin brother!
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newly minted prized possession
princeerica : @wmprince the Dakota!
meredithmillionaire : @tonyphrone goals
janierich : @alielan xx
paigherchannel : Rosemary's baba and yoko and john's fortress xoxo yes. We need to read this story time style to each other.(: @velvetpercy
phishheadyemrob : rip John
alielan : @janierich Great! Love it. Still one of the most amazing apartments I have ever been in.
veryveery : @shafara11
jscarano10 : I need this book! 😍
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So much to admire in today's @lennyletter, including After Emma, a brave and beautiful essay by my beloved @youngcollier (illustration by Sally Nixon)
ktrnaaaaa : @_cornflakegirl_ yes but also like... less cool haha <3
daphnelurie : lovely illustration.
emmasydney_rose : @donfoxtrott dis you in your room yoh
brunamassadas : @blooopp1, your room!
keeshadee : More @sallustration illustrations forever, please! 🙌🏻
sallustration : @keeshadee 😊👍
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sydcharae : @lcr26 I actually posed for this pic in my room thx
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He stole this full outfit from me
laulooloo : @biggiesmoles
alwaysfurthur : @rivasfreire doble de escenas de acción
rivasfreire : @alwaysfurthur crees que me parezco? 🤔
evelynrockon : He looks chic in anything
iidasiskoaro : Hahaha, so groovy
kalanidre : @monty_preston I want this sweater
tessalasset : @eriksenmitchell
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All you need is Luv
jesiefiore : @tavoprz that face is your face
alyciapais : @juliet_lima_romeo @perseity
veronicafebrero : @berberechin shh, no digas nada @brianhunt @aporgarfum @angelengonga
brianhunt : @veronicafebrero @berberechin 😠
tavoprz : @jesiefiore my face is your face 😘
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jocelyn.montoya : Ay-oh
thaismmarques : Shhahahahahahahhahahaha @acostacalmon @carolbmarin
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
RIP Officer Garrett Swasey, who died protecting the lives of others at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood. All love to the victims, their families and the women who were sent the message that they could not go safely to their local clinic to get the treatment that is their right. This tragedy highlights so much of what is wrong with our national thinking on gun control and reproductive justice, but at the core of it are people who are being mourned by other people. Let's recognize the humanity in each other, and stay close to those you love this Thanksgiving weekend.
lisadc03 : RIP officer Swasey
bad_hairday26 : Thank you @lenadunham my husband is a police officer also, this is a very lovely tribute.
andie_parrish : #kearrestewart #jennifermarkovsky
kaitlynchad : Sweet to see you admiration here at UCCS :)
giovanna.mbk : your words are very touching. ❤️
iamhurleygrrl : @lenadunham I wrote a list on the list app about why PP is so important and who it serves. It's a big deal and people need to be vocal about this one!
misssimone : Thank you for posting this!!! Such a tragedy.
slg1025 : @beanhall Growing more angry about that comment at the Thanksgiving table...
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forgive me father
loveisblind00 : @alyss_uhh13 I can't even
emiliecle : @lolonbo
eloisejf : Baptised @hrh_chloe
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tublife4life : @lowbon totally TubLife. Yep.
9toor : 😷
vulpesvanny : @_sweetgrass_
_sweetgrass_ : @vulpesvanny thanks
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If you're not following @museummammy you're missing worlds of magic and knowledge! Our very own @dstfelix interviews curator Kim Drew in today's @lennyletter 🎨
naromnetsirk : @lenadunham
spillary726 : @braisedbywolves @reyna_abigale @smithcollege
museummammy : @thelmagolden🌟 ✊🏾🌟
cleopatrahere : Go roomie! That's my ROOMIE! 😁🙌✨
miraortved : @deannemoser
museummammy : @cleopatrahere 😘
kjwww : @museummammy !!!
museummammy : @kjwww 🔥✌🏾🔥✌🏾️🔥
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I can never pass The Cake Tin in JFK airport without remembering the time Lamby took a huge shit right outside it at 5am and I was so tired and starting to cry like a damn child because I didn't have anything to clean it up and @alexblagg appeared like a hero with paper towels #gratitude #memories #dontblamethecaketin (ps sorry I said the word shit or talked about shit. It's really not my thing but this is a very special personal recollection. Also stop at The Cake Tin it's genuinely lovely!)
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sjacinda : @jenosaurusrexx @k8khanna jer and i have plans to open a bakery called the korn/tin. first product: thumbprint cookies
k8khanna : @jenosaurusrexx @sjacinda And next door I'll open up a narcissistic competitor called KateKateKateKateKateKateKate. Only product: cake. 🎂
sjacinda : @jenosaurusrexx @k8khanna Correction: only product cake flavored vodka
jenosaurusrexx : @sjacinda @k8khanna LOL y'all
lololaur : @coralista27 lol!! That always makes me laugh thinking about that
lunnikins : This is so funny!
amitamukherjee : Haha! @lenadunham don't worry...it happens to all of us dog parents at some point
janeslanding : @ruthysmith I just loved this story so much !
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