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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
And for those asking what I ended up doing with my nails: I went subtle and fully bootlegged a design by the incredible genius @aliciatnails (she would have done a far better job.) I plan to get some more ornate ones here in #Tokyo- stay tuned!
tokyo -
curlypoodlepie : @secure_bumnugget why is the your hand??
theresak_jams : @lenadunham - you need some #Jamberry in your life. Would love to hook ya up!
aztecpr1ncess : @kierachristine_ ohhhh okay thanks for clarifying
amandasprad : Love!
piaarrobio : MY DUDE @aliciatnails
noblers : @laurlap I want this
laaineysays : @lenadunham check out @astrowifey !!
emg2613 : Wait at first I was going to make fun of them but I kind of like it
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
My Japan obsession began in childhood with this incredible book by Maira Kalman. I cannot recommend it enough to adults with kids and kiddish adults 🍲🍲🍲
thekurvymermaid : @klemenstime_ @klaireklemens moms morning kids
mollywood26 : @egyptgodd
ccohen387 : @iminlovewiththekco
lepetitmole : @novarim1 @atar13 #roark #reston
hedytse : Are there any grams to follow to get recommendations on kids books? Real authors that know what tickle kids. Sigh.
kfraiman : @nesteiner do you remember how much I loved these books??!
mkingsburyg : @annasofresh remember?!?!
alihale : Obsessed.with.maira.kalman.
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Our lovely PA Shu just gave me this "bottle sock" for my iced green tea. Well, New York, I love you but see you never because #Tokyo (and @canturijewels thank you for the fancy borrowed ring. I am not going to barter it unless I see some REALLY great barrettes)
tokyo -
tiz_h2o : ❀️ Rilakkuma!
merewoodard : @freakerusa are cooler!
fairlyoddchelle : @lenadunham I'm hoping you're out here awhile. My husband and I are in Miyazaki and will be in Tokyo Friday. It'd be so cool to see you guys filming. It's my first time here and even not being in Tokyo has been so amazing. I love it.
kaona19 : @rknen lol ok
ber.dizzle : @lbdikon hmmm...bottle sock?
m.mengyin : @shubertz is this you
phyllisbsmith : Try not to get too far over your skis @lenadunham
lbdikon : @ber.dizzle ahh hell nooo
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
I love you Japan so I listened and didn't bring my hamsters
jjoeycohen : @phyllsbiggestphan I love her and the caption
allisonjcole : Did Lamby go?
chantelledaines : @canchop
sylvs13 : @shioun gizmo, our runaway hamster was in Japan all along.
aliciamurdoch : I loved Tokyo!! Can't wait to go back
curattichop : @curattikid21
phoneboner : @ex_reyes @fotine_paura we've been warned
kkkkkp : @exoh88 I cant hahaha
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
'Lag #tokyo #namethatfamousfilmmoment #mylonesomehour
namethatfamousfilmmoment - mylonesomehour - tokyo -
synchronizedbreathingbook : Lost in translation. My fav Bill Murray movie.
itsmyonlysavior : WelcomeπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
shwnjns : Oh baby πŸ’“
aug_0017 : Have a fun!!!
laceandflora : One of my favorite movies hellz yeah
samanthajaynesheehan : Lost in translation
estevezdaniel : πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
serenacorine : @hodgeball
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
RG @lennyletter: ✌🏽️Today, the Senate will debate to defund Planned Parenthood. We stand for women's health, we stand with Planned Parenthood. Show & share your support. #StandWithPP #LennyLetter ✌🏽️
standwithpp - lennyletter -
eviern : Troll alert. Nothing better to do with your time.
unepetitemadeleine : @lenadunham i've seen the videos... I'm all for women's rights and choice but the all story from abroad looks messy... I'd like to know exactly if standong by PP is a leap of faith based on the work they've done so far, or if you have real answers about what those doctors are doing. Thanks for your time and ciao from Italy
ella_ella_aa_ : @mkilwinskie every city has low income local clinics that don't abort or sell baby parts :(
unepetitemadeleine : @lenadunham in my country women have free access to abortions. We don't pay a dime that's why i find it disgusting that a clinc could profit from it when you alteady pay them money. When i fiund out that mist women do it awake to save some money i was shocked...
ella_ella_aa_ : @lafilleavectoi you're right! I'm speaking for all the babies that never had a chance to speak for themselves!!!
jilllafer : @lenadunham Thank you. I am proud to chair PPFA. What incredible staff, patients and supporters.
sindcity : @mike_n_ike5
sea.foam.green : Eugenics @lenadunham
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Taking off for Japan in my Stone Pony hat care of @jackantonoff. Half my suitcase is empty to load with trinkets for my girls, all my heart is full because THIS IS MY JOB! Sayonara 🍡🍣πŸ₯πŸ±πŸ˜πŸšπŸœπŸ²πŸ™
ayakoaice : Wowwwwβ™‘
ayakoaice : Welcome Japan!!!!!
lostedges : Wow Japanese fashion is dear $
caity.i.19 : Much love from the jersey shore! It literally made my heart giggle to see you wearing that!!!
candacetirado : I agree!! Much love from the jersey shore and asbury park 😍😍😍😍😍
emkattay : @rachmar stone pony!
nishapratima : @gdiggy lol how do I not have one? Also I get to go home again in September let's have some AP fun
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
I hear yesterday was #nationalsiblingday. I was too busy watching this tiny emoji snooze to post anything. Grace, you are a magic talisman. I'm pretty sure we've proved that this thing we got is unbreakable (and Lord they've tried.) You're a dream. Keep dreaming, little.
nationalsiblingday -
missdenning : @laurelerindavis πŸ’“πŸ’“
alexromero : @elena_balloon thought this was you for a second
merveuyaar : Şimdi gördümde anlamadΔ±m boşver seviyom seni @merveboy
laurelerindavis : Oh I know @missdenning! 😍
royalduke5 : @jey_booklover she's my favorite!!! Our pitbull is named Frida in her honor😍
bigcheechi : @gabforbes__ ily
colettemoran : @shutupjenny it does kinda look like you! Twins!
kingkaiextracts : Frida kahlo lookin asz
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Just chillin' with my girls in the Hamptons! JK. Not but seriously, I chilled with my girls in the Hamptons LOL. V. necessary to be reminded of what's right and real and cozy amongst women. Thank you for the gorgeous weekend #BCRF #paddleforpink
paddleforpink - bcrf -
magnoliadesigns : @taylor_jantz meh. Not my cup of tea but she's prob a cool girl
antwonebex : @dawsonstephen @shan_riccio @karasmith1 nah but I did paddle and experienced celebrité
suzemeingast : Read your book - changed my thinking. Can we be friends?
ptsmurphy : So proud of you, girl! πŸ’•
ashmfisch : @jenelleenfuego @ericayesinstagram
lmezzabo : @jacfolville
karwan_1991 : 😈😈😈😈
saif968_93910303ssaa : Ω‡Ω„Ψ§ ΩˆΨ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
It's hard to tell from this blurry shot, but this is an image of Laird Hamilton coming to save me. He is literally King Triton and as I struggled to complete BCRF's Paddle for Pink (an amazing event to support breast cancer research) he appeared as if from the ocean's depths and guided me to the finish line. I kept screaming "will I make it?!" like we were in a disaster movie. He said "yes, Lena, we will." Ladies, there are still a few heroes we can count on... #ThankYouLaird #paddleforpink #3miles
paddleforpink - 3miles - thankyoulaird -
dannyigold : @vanessazanghi I am literally peeing
lucia_del_oeste : @papajenk2
lafdesignstudio : @natalie_160 please read
rionasuttonhoyle : @mtsutton amazing
natalie_160 : @lafdesignstudio I cant
natalie_160 : @lenadunham you make me so happy
pikachu622 : @zakenbake @itslisaguys laird
laura_slater : @jbev84
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