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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
And speaking of friends... Hello @audreygelman thank you for literally and metaphorically wrapping my head in plastic for the last ten years.
ronitaferrari : Haha
natnatbean : My mom taught you in third grade at Friends Seminary, Lena!
kingjaz5 : ⚠ OMG DONT LOOK AT @Kingjaz5 🚨
mirainbows : There's a rap song called "Lena Dunham", then that guy named @kill_frenzy (haven't heard of him till he) named his album "Taylr Swft".
mirainbows : Say hi to Becky for me haha
gdaveit : Watch yourself or you'll have to cancel another book tour
elinfek : Reading your book atm and just wanted to say, brilliant. Relatable, cute and very true to heart. Thank you
yasminworacker : @serenacoral ha ha - ppl are dorks like us to xx
trenalm63 - anniewilli - carlysmelendez - clumsyswiftie -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
With friend and idol Mara Brock Akil. Feelin' lucky to be in her orbit #beinggirls #showrunnersbreakfast @maraakil
showrunnersbreakfast - beinggirls -
carolinemontrym : @chelseanpettigrew #beinggirls
tferg3 : Clever girls😍
patherr13 : You have a way with words Ms Lena
aaudia : You're adorable!
mawunyok2g2 : Hello nice picture
chasitysaunders : I love this moment! @lenadunham @maraakil #girlpower
stateofjole : ur disgusting
dominesa : ew @abbyforcum
siilenteyes - heynic - rachael.with.an.a - breckinikill -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Hil, you're killin' me with that effortless look #fallfashions
fallfashions -
jenz238 : Awwww she's a cutie
leighorne : @_katierock
mariagbh : @xoxokerry Hillary was hot
michelle2690 : @afaiknothing you can kinda see why my friend thought I looked like her
jennyreddon : Looks like a normal miley if she went to harvard @daynagaughan
lovelylimos : Ha
allibrookeee : @orieneyu16 @kaliyaware
modernromantic : @alexandra2391
heynic - gilluis - breckinikill - clumsyswiftie -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
This @unreal_fur coat makes me feel like a do-gooding bad news Sedgwick <3
vanessamvillarreal : @missjenn_k should have got the jacket! I toll you beetch
missjenn_k : Hahaha u should've! Coulda rocked it at least once a year. Did u see the other one I tagged u in? @vanessamvillarreal
austinpickett : 😘
capitainefracazz : Why do most males should fantasise about classic beauties like @kateupton or #ScarlettJohansson when high spirited ladies such as @lenadunham are soooo sexy?!?...😍
natalie_160 : @lafdesignstudio
emirosely : @lenadunham I love you so much, you're brilliant and I wish that we were buds
rosehoundapparel : @lenadunham you post a lot of cool designers!
le3dlee : @vvcoolk
cassiealyshamaria - vickniki - bereblanco - clumsyswiftie -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
We all just want to be the May to your Nichols
meganseventwenty : Yesterday was finally my turn to get your book from the library. Picked it up, read it the entire walk home, and just finished it. It was everything I hoped for and more. I'm not sure if you read these comments, but thank you just in case. I'm adding it to the list of things I wish were around when I was in high school.
jadeylake : πŸ’™
daphnefitzpatrick : @saraspar
obscuretriangle : @lenadunham Frances Ha was a million times better then tiny furniture.(Greta Gerwig is a better you)
elle_suis : Hey lovely to see you in my dream last night. We were doing bad and fun things. You rock.
fede01_8 : @obscuretriangle go away hater
victooorious7 : Yes.
peacetyme : Thoughts are with you
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Mad at constant condescension? Irked at efforts to tell you just what's really going on? Curious about the origins of the web's very own term #mansplain? Pick up this beautiful, radical volume #solnit
mansplain - solnit -
sueshrinkle : @a_lease_real It must happen!
aeropink88 : @astridola mira jajjaa me tope con este book I don't know what it is about but sounds goo lol
lostinsarcasm : @cacacarol um, yes.πŸ‘Š
abbwhitee : @francescaa18
lizzweiss : @__lilhil
_gabriela_escobar_ : @thalialuvs
isweod : @sophoto26
brilliantnonsense : #BrilliantNonsense remember to look up book
cassiealyshamaria - queenp18 - gilluis - m_bonde -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Too much leopard is never enough. Love to @toujourstoi_familyaffairs
jessicaabood : @alxmrk
cmoyler : @karasmith4
yaraalshammary : @ayyleyna wtf
kasha__xo : Lmao iunno why this is so jokes to me @__prettysavage__
__prettysavage__ : LMFAOOO @kasha__xo
alphoeb : @_snipe
jduranduran : @emm0312
cooltoilets : NICE PIC OF ME!! I LOOK HOT!!πŸš½πŸ’©πŸš½πŸš½
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Want you to make me feel like I'm the only dog in the world
meganh_ : @dakotanicole_
beautikrams : @fluffycorn_louna omg Louna
g10_g11 : @_jzaayy @_carolllina oso cuando no lo bañan!! 🐢🚿😁
_caitlin_s : This looks like a doggy mug shot
maggieraeh : @marilynannesmith
jeannebosworth : @therealmaggienolan lmao
stefania_camille : @maijkah
elysegunn : This caption I die πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @gunnshow303 @adavi55 @lejames86
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Thinking about...
machoops : @ellaabraham πŸ‘†
cathleneesquivel : I got a free iPhone from @freeapplenow
nessaga : I got a free iphone from @freeapplenow iphone6 white
giskacl : @iphonechristmasgift just gave me a new iphone!
mitchy_19 : @free1phone just gave me free iphone 6
_amy_94 : I got a free iPhone at @freeapplenow
dtesina : Got a free silver iPhone 6 from @freeapplenow
glasshalffulloflife : πŸ˜„
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
As if I didn't love @kerrywashington enough already, now I get to carry her Allstate Foundation #purplepurse to promote dialogue about domestic violence and financial abuse. It's so beautiful (and noble) that I am carrying it around in my pajamas after a shower. Visit purplepurse.com to learn more πŸ’œ
purplepurse -
sashyliapetrova : Hello, Lena. I would be grateful if you could send your book to Russia. I would like to read it very much, but there is no your books here. If u'd love to u could answer me to itismyday@mail.ru I love your talent. Thanks
flatvernacular : wallpaper looks so good!
libbywhitbeck : I don't like that purse.
niteowl319 : Sashyliapetrova...can you get amazon and download it to a kindle or iPad?
edu_ordono : Buenas noches @mmfsereno , mañana a ver si comemos juntos. Besitos
mmfsereno : Love @edu_ordono
vibratehollywood : #chanelNo.50 #massivebottle
17_vera : @anyaomich
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