Lena Dunham

Author... of her own destiny. She cares about you!
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
I am honored to call Rachel Lloyd, founder and CEO of @gemsgirls, a friend and mentor. Thank you @variety for spreading the word about the fact that #girlsarenotforsale
girlsarenotforsale -
megaddessi : @nwolinsk next year wish list
emmiller : You're so pretty Lena!
k8thenotsogreat : Brow game on FLEEK
k8ieb32 : @toepick_ looks like the kid from hook
ryanmiller86 : I CAN'T EVEN @rormor
jess_huntsman : @alexandra.m.l CSEC awareness
violinfelon : I work with these girls and got into this field because of the documentary she made. She's my idol and it's so cool you ladies are partnering. This makes me feel really good.
pilarjoy : I work with an anti-trafficking program in Chicago & have met and heard Rachel speak. Love you even more!
amir.tkks - neily_pitu_chiqui - thiagovieira944 - iamjessicalj -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
All dressed up and somewhere to go! Headed to @variety Power of Women luncheon with my best woman #sisterhoodispowerful #soismakeup
soismakeup - sisterhoodispowerful -
maryannefjones : @lenadunham you are an amazing woman congrats on all your success !!!!..and girl that dress is awesome you look beautiful !
elsie_ngr : @louiseduchesse NON
juliacollier : You looked glammin today! 😍
freyja93 : @lenadunham that hair color and cut suits you soo beautifuly!
samerelfaki : I hope the phone number of possible Ashan continue with some in as possible
notthatkindadancemom : Ur hair is cute!
djamel_9d : Belle tof
heidy_fern : I love your dress!!
smoralesoficia - romeo_il_bro - sshmkk - hamada.saed -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
First day back at work and @aw is already sleepy 🐭🐭🐭
thaiannp : @ahysell1 In case you didn't know, Lena has an Instagram. 😁
jessylepine : 9 mois c'est trop long 😒 @mpsic
ricc1982 : Lena Done-ham
krrrley : @meggiemoon0 this is marine laying on the floor due to her failed marriage.... I'm calling it, not like it's hard to tell that she's in *distress*πŸ‘Έ
sharonaisme : @anaclaraloureiro @jaeger_clara @someonelostin euzinha
anaclaraloureiro : @sharonaisme @jaeger_clara @someonelostin eu na vida
hayleybarge : @audreykraemer us today
mollyh7590 : @ehayes42 thank god
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
flower girls @aw @zosiamamet @campsucks
jiyuhk : @catherinebodie YASSS. Hair inspo
neenyacolada : @chelseacorso yessss I wish we were there
chelseacorso : @neenyacolada that's amazing! Ugh me too. So many slumber parties in that room
brucewaynesmom : @
brucewaynesmom : @khuth89 is that you in the middle?
khuth89 : @brucewaynesmom Holy shit! That DOES look like me! #doppelgänger
missslop : @nelliethomas3 haha I wish I had those cheek bones! I hope you and the babes are doing well
molclarke : @tinkbm look who's there!!
boweryxblack - mdansarulislam1986 - smoralesoficia - hamada.saed -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
@shirleykurata introduced me to Myidol, an alternative to Bitmoji and I am utterly transfixed. Haven't been this happy since I got Myst in 4th grade. Also, managed to create this avatar despite the app being in Chinese (a language I don't read or speak) so maybe I join Mensa? Translations welcome!
carma_wittrock : I can't tell you how much I relate to GIRLS and your book NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL πŸ’‹ You're my idol. Love always.
bof721 : @junemermaid
mollyschoonover : @lloydcolton @spfleds @_hpy_
honeypuke : @brooklynwitch
maskselve : 睑你麻痹衷ζ₯ε—¨πŸ˜‚
manysmallbones : Myst! <3
cjhipp : @alyssanicolehogan
lostedges : Anime
boweryxblack - smoralesoficia - nidhinainabhati1 - hamada.saed -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
springtime means shorteralls #nothighgap
nothighgap -
anna_ebz : #shameless @tessaeberle
zenovi : @kjallday137 I have to tag you in all these
kharatenn : @sha_heilman
meleeeeeeh : πŸ—πŸ’›
nancyangela : @leelee2886
adaiftodi : @sandraenciu14 πŸ™ˆ
jencleveland07 : Love you LenaπŸ’œ
karatekisser : @little.dust
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
This is also the moment I tell you all not to settle for people who live in creepy vans by choice and judge you for wanting a bathroom and tell you how much they hate your pants. We are all worthy of such monstrous amounts of love. Thanks for imprinting that on me, Oprah 😻
ashpfpc : @mcorvinik this makes me so happy!!!
mariaclaudiafialho : @mellchrystal é a Gisele?????
mitzimerlot : LOL I love everything about this
mellchrystal : @mariaclaudiafialho não xuxu!!! Sou eu, na minha última campanha publicitária πŸ’
k.eyl.a : He looks like josh groban πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mariaclaudiafialho : @mellchrystal Hahahahahahahahaha!! Tá maravilhosa!
sarahbaig : @julia.marguerita caption 😭
joanaavillez : The most upsetting thing about this is those are NOT your hands!
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
In 30 minutes it will be 3 whole years since this straight up CREATURE creeped into my life. I feel lucky every day. Even now, as he noisily dubsmashes while I try and sleep. Thank you Jack x
jennjenneverdeen : πŸ’ž
zenovi : @kjallday137 goalz
kjallday137 : @zenovi πŸ’―
konekopark : I just bought tickets to the Charli and Jack do America hahaha too bad you won't be there!
noorullain : @ahraja12 3 years!!
ahraja12 : @noorullain 😘
inbi92 : 😍😍😍
tormentedsugar : Ok litereally you dont have to make a peep with dub smash...
mdansarulislam1986 - smoralesoficia - munai_tea - the_gems_official -
lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Kathy Acker by Jimmy DeSana #shorthairshortlives #love #icons
love - shorthairshortlives - icons -
rythme_dautomne : @sassysassquatch I thought this was you lol
sassysassquatch : Ahahahh @rythme_dautomne i see it :)
ashleysantandrea : @mattyice1979 i thought this was you...right @nikkiantonis ?!??!!
officialtarahw : @giovanna48 hahaha maybe when I'm tired πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
nikkiantonis : What? Hahahaa @ashleysantandrea
ashleysantandrea : @nikkiantonis i swear to god this chick looks just like matt
nikkiantonis : HAHAHAHAHAHA stop @ashleysantandrea
sierrapi2000 : I love Kathy Acker but still can't get over the story she told in the Angry Women interview about how she and her friends would spread peanut butter on their nether regions and let the dog lick them. πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Thank you @variety for including me as a Power of Women honoree and highlighting the incredible work of Rachel Lloyd and @gemsgirls. Together let's end commercial sexual exploitation and domestic sex trafficking #girlsarenotforsale
girlsarenotforsale -
j_wyatt_75 : #pig
tleaf13 : As dope as @lenadunham is #Girls makes me want jump out a window after 5 minutes.
bigpun_nyc : @lenadunham fuck your an ugly chick
georgiecasling : Beautiful β€οΈπŸ‘
itsmatin : L O V E
reecejackson101 : @bigpun_nyc im sure its a guy. It looks like one
miss_foodie_3 : @hayworthak I love her !
manasaywhaa : @samanthersiever oh okay ya πŸ‘­πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
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