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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
who do VooDoo
terryellen7 : @lawdew8 @kurtnevdal looks like Lena loves these too!!
paog : @gabolokthdwn
tashacruz : @acsl8er this is the main character in girls
gamoo23 : She got all the gross ones haha @reilyvalentine
lindseyanneduke : Started following you on Instagram last night after I finished your book in 2 sittings and got sad the way I always do when I finish a book that I hope will never end! Thank you for being a loud voice about OCD, anxiety and sexuality. I get a great deal of comfort knowing I'm not the only one
brewsterlovin : Fuck yes. Voodoo man will always be my favorite. <3 Portland
maciclaire : @wesley_holmes she totally did!! SHES OUR SOUL MATE
b.righid : Good things come in pink boxes ™
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Tour it up indie press style at Powell's #suitcasefullofbooks
suitcasefullofbooks -
kellysbeesknees : @kblaa
weirdships : #twoplumpress πŸ’œ
andrewshuta : Dang @lenadunham, shoulda grabbed some Spork Press books while you were there. I can send you some :D
cburnett : @lmhk22 thanks you! Now I just need the time to read them!!
santinobear : Shape of blue is my best friend's book!! I am so happy you found it. It's an deep li amazing read and she is a great author! Thank you for the recognition! Now I am even a bigger fan of yours! Peace and love :)
santinobear : * a deeply ( lol)
tcdubbayou : Love love love powells!!
heysuz : @jtrecool !! Lena Dunham is reading Liz's book!!! Eeeeeeee!!
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Only sad part of tonight is that I'm not with my beloved @mattpwolf & @cawillia celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Here is a shot of us exploring polyamory. Love you boys.
trini_mcgraw : WHEN IS GIRLS COMING BACK?!?!
hillarraerae : @_karawr @maffyeww I didn't know Matt was friends with Lena Dunham
_karawr : @hillarraerae @maffyeww LMAO I saw this earlier. Matt would be friends with Lena Dunham.
maffyeww : @hillarraerae @_karawr -___-
nik_whoa_bee : Looks more like polynarcolepsy.
idamayapple : @lenadunham this is what they call in the South "A couple of tired ole queens."
juleszeinson : @jlegricer looks sorta like us dont chya think. Even the pooch!
jlegricer : Omg so us @juleszeinson
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Tonight in Seattle a lot of amazing things happened but this was the amazingest: I was reunited with my best friend from sleepaway camp, Emily Wootten, after 13 years. Back in the day she taught me to booty dance, talk trash, love fiercely. It feels very good to know her again.
bin744 : Cute pic
shipwreckvintage : #jahworksinmysteriousways
marcrott : @champoegcreamery
dalishkitteh : ah shootz! somehow i missed that you were in seatown ...bah! next time ...
jentharler : Cc @profesoragilman @alyshasm
b8_christ : @lenadunham - U are my biggest inspiration of all time. Ur work is amazing and u are a perfect rolemodel for every kind of human. Ur way of living and expressing yourself give me so much hope and happiness in life! my biggest dream would be to one time be in one of ur productions and see ur work irl! Thank u for all the inspiration u give me in my every day life and for making me realise that I can take actions to make my life better! Big kisses from Norway and good luck with ur tour! β™‘
cufadare : Δ° miss youπŸ˜”
behzad_ne57 : I miss you...
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
You Seattleites were not effing around about Top Pot donuts #hottip #getinmybelly
getinmybelly - hottip -
ingeborgsvendby : @alennartsson
annerosenblatt : @flangeezy
amylipi : @maxlippe
pryscyllaperez : @crystalee1130 waaaaahhh! 😩 I want some!!
itsalenelee : This is why you're fat.
asmackenz : @ydaeh We went to blue star in Portland but these look at least equally delightful
aprilsummer : @galina_ayrapetova
thatsladytoyou : Yes, @catherineehall yum yum!!
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
How did I not know about Travelgirl magazine!? Do any of my friends even love me??
smizzymcguire : @ashley_angione ❀️
sarah_youd : @tess_mccamley haha the cover πŸ˜‚
instagraham526 : @tarfarrr
nicolechargois : @andreaebur πŸ’
amanshiksa : @misskels02 'caramel on the beach' haha (bottom rightπŸ˜‰)
rachelaurelie : Il n'a pas trop changé .... @mariezimzim
mariezimzim : @rachelaurelie lol ! Non ! Sur le coup je me suis dit tiens je le connais et après bam ça a fait tilt
hklugmom4 : Love Travelgirl! Great magazine!!
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Beautiful words from Tom Meagher, whose wife Jill was raped and murdered. To anyone who has accused me/us of vilifying men as a group: analysis of the rampant forces that keep women from speaking about assault should not scare you. It should excite you, because you will have happier, more engaged and empowered partners who trust you and open up to you. I fucking love men, I want to be in dialogue with men. And Tom Meagher used his wife's unspeakable death to create dialogue, so bless the fuck out of him.
gbrlxgzmn : I think you hate yourself more than anyone/anything else so its all good
madeleinedove : Yes @lenadunham πŸ’•
millyellen : He wrote a whole article for theguardian.com.au about the aftermath of the rape/murder of Jill! Readdddd it alllll... he's an amazing man.
arceribro : @jdavooo @julzohealey
will_thomp : Can I like this twice?
genowefa : @jasmine_skee 🎈🎈🎈
madamekaylor : Jill Meagher was a VERY relatable victim - Melbourne will never forget her.... And Tom Meagher I am in awe of your bravery. You are making a difference.
shenanigans108 : Love this
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Hello 7am- meet your worst nightmare, little Dunham
gabrielleegonzalezz : @daniellegonzz
enriqueiancilevich : lovely
tkmadden : grace please go steady with me
mccoy_steph : @tmccoy20 how I feel...at 10am every morning. Sorry world, I need 12 hours of sleep.
buh89 : Ahahaha Amazing
frojdur : Haha dä tar jag som en komplimang! 😎 @emmafield
gourionjohanna : @yona_gouetta t es belle....
yona_gouetta : @gourionjohanna je sais ... J essaye de faire comme toi πŸ™Š
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Dream Girl
lisasdima : Amazing shoutout for @hollywoodreporter !
keocon : @allieking03
vtm027 : @smita_g
darkside91 : MAD Men + Breaking Bad saved TV...oh + The Sopranos back in the day.
emmapilsater : @darkside91 lol no
daringvanity : @lenadunham I agree! She is an inspiration!
kekechanel : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
gerroovy : you are.
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lenadunham - Lena Dunham
Bread shards at Tosca in SF #sexualfantasy
sexualfantasy -
shoumii : @luciogamboa
klambiz : @karinasutija is there gluten in this ?
wintersriv : Ahhh @regina_24 !!
mguerty : @josephenom
meganm0 : @atups SHARDSSSSSSSSS
magfri : @danieltetley
atups : love me some bread shards @meganm0
danieltetley : @magfri freak
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