Lee Nutter

Photographer living and working in Sydney. Check out my site for more or follow @leenutter on Twitter.
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leenutter - Lee Nutter
@chameleon_creature #censored for Facebook. #blackandwhite #leica #leicam9
leica - censored - blackandwhite - leicam9 -
yoguealencar : :-)
charleswaterstreet : Still here , call
agentlemansjourney : Träumchen!
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leenutter - Lee Nutter
Destroying more photographs so I can share them on all the prudish and puritanical places under Zuckerberg's rule. #blackandwhite #leica
leica - blackandwhite -
tzbilbao : I hear you ... :-( Quite sad than people (or should I say square minded puritans) confuse beauty with their so-called sin ... Maybe they are the ones than have the dirty mind and not us, uh?
fredstucin : Perfect...great shot
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leenutter - Lee Nutter
Hangin' with Henry Lawson. #blackandwhite #polaroid #impossibleproject And obviously this is a conspicuous grave and Henry Lawson is far from the 'Unknown' he was writing about here, but nevertheless, here's the first verse of what is in my mind one of his best poems: Oh, the wild black swans fly westward still, While the sun goes down in glory— And away o’er lonely plain and hill Still runs the same old story: The sheoaks sigh it all day long— It is safe in the Big Scrub’s keeping— ’Tis the butcher-birds’ and the bell-birds’ song In the gum where ‘Unknown’ lies sleeping
polaroid - blackandwhite - impossibleproject -
kateylou77 : 20 years since I stood at that grave I can't believe Waverley council hasn't build a bigger monument/headstone for this legend yet! 😳
leenutter : @kateylou77 it's a shame. Thankfully he was a humble man - "We lay in camp in the fringe of the mulga, and watched the big, red, smoky, rising moon out on the edge of the misty plain, and smoked and thought together sociably. Our nose-bags were nice and heavy, and we still had about a pound of nail-rod between us." - content with a moonrise, some feed for his horse, and a bit of tobacco :) it's so typical of this country tho. No appreciation for art or artists. :(
kateylou77 : Above the ashes straight and tall, Through ferns with moisture dripping, I climb beneath the sandstone wall, My feet on mosses slipping. Like ramparts round the valley's edge The tinted cliffs are standing. With many a broken wall and ledge, And many a rocky landing. And round about their rugged feet Deep ferny dells are hidden In shadowed depths, whence dust and heat Are banished and forbidden. The stream that, crooning to itself, Comes down a tireless rover, Flows calmly to the rocky shelf, And there leaps bravely over. Now pouring down, now lost in spray When mountain breezes sally, The water strikes the rock midway, And leaps into the valley. Now in the west the colours change, The blue with crimson blending; Behind the far Dividing Range, The sun is fast descending. And mellowed day comes o'er the place, And softens ragged edges; The rising moon's great placid face Looks gravely o'er the ledges.
kateylou77 : ~The Blue Mountains~
kateylou77 : thats my favourite, I can recite half of it!
kateylou77 : I also love, One Hundred and Three"
kateylou77 : which is about the Sandstone prison built by convicts at Taylor Square in Sydney behind the courthouse. I studied a fine art diploma there in the 90's. His poem is about doing time in the Darlinghurst Gaol. He was imprisoned there because he didn't pay his wife child maintenance money because he was living on the streets due to alcohol abuse. I had a few strange experiences. The gallows were over by the printmaking studios. Most activity would happen in that area.
mikestaceyphoto : Yeah I checkout out his grave a while ago and paid my dues...
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leenutter - Lee Nutter
Sometimes, mid shoot, I realize I haven't done my zazen for the day. #blackandwhite
blackandwhite -
charleswaterstreet : Lee, call me about trial cwaterstreet
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leenutter - Lee Nutter
@roshiemodel #blackandwhite #censored #leica #leicam9
leica - censored - blackandwhite - leicam9 -
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leenutter - Lee Nutter
Briana. #blackandwhite #censored #leica #leicam9
leica - censored - blackandwhite - leicam9 -
raquel.xx_ - loeil_eklectik - melbrackstone_ - paulissonmiura -
leenutter - Lee Nutter
Destroying a photo. Creating art. With the #beautiful #melbourne #model @chameleon_creature #blackandwhite #leica #leicam9
beautiful - melbourne - leicam9 - blackandwhite - leica - model -
honeyriderr : Loving the ripped look!
leenutter : @honeyriderr :) thanks!
babyboystarringtyrese : 🌹
smc_thre_ethr_hret_reth : @leenutter @honeyriderr 🎯that rip is a good effect (two different photos?) 🔳🔲😉
charleswaterstreet : Hey, I thought we had deal, I hold light on all shoots
leenutter : @charleswaterstreet :P we'll set up a shoot soon :)
leenutter : @smc_thre_ethr_hret_reth just one photo :) rips started out just for censorship.
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leenutter - Lee Nutter
More photos ripped to shreds. #blackandwhite #leica #leicam9 @zz.bri
leica - blackandwhite - leicam9 -
sixfeatherstone : ⚡️
joannaartmodel : They look fab! @leenutter didn't even notice the rip as it looks apart of the pic. The first time I saw the pics I thought what are you talking about😊.. Superb 🎯
leenutter : @sixfeatherstone :)
leenutter : @joannaartmodel admittedly they are are specifically selected and carefully torn :p glad you like!
roberto_malano : Beautiful serie👌
markstapelfeldt : Awesome mate @leenutter
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leenutter - Lee Nutter
More laborious but hopefully #beautiful censorship. This of the one and only @adreena_winters #blackandwhite #leica #leicam9
beautiful - leica - blackandwhite - leicam9 -
suriyepasaji - ulrik_beilke - esa.elias - snapshotchuchu -
leenutter - Lee Nutter
Labour intensive new ways of making images Facebook and Instagram friendly. This shot is of #canberra #model @sylphsia #blackandwhite #leica #leicam9
model - leica - blackandwhite - canberra - leicam9 -
sylphsia : Hells yes, this is awesome! 🙌👍
leenutter : @sylphsia :)
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