Ledbury is a luxury menswear brand founded on the core values of great fit and superb quality. 117 S 14th St. Richmond, VA.
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Summer sippers, just in time for the weekend. Pop on over to the blog and check out how to infuse your own liquor with locally sourced ingredients. blog.ledbury.com
waskerd : @maemae5413 Looks like our Karlstad found a better home. @ledburyshirts I bet cucumber infused vodka would be great.
ledburyshirts : @waskerd We tried a cucumber, basil infused gin! Turned out awesome!
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Our pal Sherwood is doing it right, sporting Ledbury on the beach at Block Island.
danachirps : Was he named after the hockey stick? 😉
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Roll on down to our sample sale and have a pop on us! @kingofpops is posted up out front. We're open until 6pm today!
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Marty from @steadysounds is crushing it with the soul tunes. The shop is open until 8 tonight for our Sample Sale!
jfdolan3 : Bring that sample sale to Boston!!
chrislubic : How about taking care of some of your best customers who DON'T live in RVA.... #wheresthelove
braxtonson : Short sleeve was the proper choice. Hint hint, y'all.
lauren_healy79 : Yaaay Marty! Making the room sound right!
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Sample Sale is underway! We're open until 8pm today. Shirts priced at $29, $49, and $79, with great accessories, sweaters and swim trunks in the mix! 117 S 14th #RVA
rva -
salganz : @jvdavidow
reddevilcap : Got three shirts and a tie for the price of my last Ledbury shirt, great sale with very helpful and attractive staff. Thanks @ledburyshirts I've enjoyed seeing the company grow, props to @ptrible
ga2atx : Damn. That sale needs to go online for us out of towners as well. I need to add more Ledburys to my collection especially in the tie area.
ludopalmentieri : Where can I buy the shirts on Italy? 🇮🇹 @ledburyshirts
titzzz_mcgee : @davisifoto
titzzz_mcgee : @cuetoma @mli297 @mdwayne
titzzz_mcgee : @innohsensiyo
webharrison829 : Seeing those shirts for so cheap makes my heart hurt. When are y'all hitting up #cityofoaks with a sample sale?
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Regram from @susan_milne of our Sample Sale invites! If you come across one, snap a photo and tag us for a chance to win awesome prizes throughout the weekend!
shaneemmett : @austinrharris @hpechin
schraderah : I need some ledbury 45s
ledburyshirts : @schraderah we've got some reserved for customers who purchase tomorrow and Friday!
mischieviousdds : @ledburyshirts awesome! Can not wait to check out the sample sale and some sweet tunes w/ @johnbharrison @jjmussel
blueoctopuz : What must one do to get an invite to the Ledbury sample sale?
ledburyshirts : @blueoctopuz Everyone is welcome! We'll be passing out 45s with purchases, while they last!
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Team effort prepping for our SAMPLE SALE! Get ready, y'all. Our awesome interns will be passing out invites in the form of 45s around #RVA tomorrow. Sample sale kicks off on Thursday at 10am and @steadysounds will be spinning soul jams starting at 4pm. Hang on to those 45s when you get 'em. They'll be stacked with prizes! More info at blog.ledbury.com
rva -
princeinkco : Would have been cool of we could have come through for you on those. Maybe next time.
rissylyn23 : @hawkodellic
wodehizzle : So sick!!!
robbratney : @princeinkco one of our guys knew a guy, so it goes. I really appreciate you guys being open to taking in the rush job! I hope to see you soon!
slambie : The coolest, always!
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Ledbury photo crossing. These guys are on the move.
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Huge thanks to the team at KBS for letting us crash their workday for our Outfit Your Office event!
johngillenwater : Good times!! Thank you!
ledburyshirts : Thank you, John! You guys were amazing hosts! @johngillenwater
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ledburyshirts - Ledbury
Ice cream break thanks to our friends at Hirschler Fleischer!🍦
quirk_gallery : What a handsome group!
robbratney : Channeling my inner @whatbryan
mktpeters : This may be one of my favorite pictures of my brother. @ledburyshirts
crbratney : Oh my gosh I love this
jahhcole : @robbratney is so photogenic
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