Joni Lay

Inspiration for creating imaginative spaces for little ones.
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Wishing it were still the weekend and not Monday - I feel so all over the place today!! Pic of Brigie playing with cousin Henry (who just turned 2!) over the weekend.
starship_forlittles : Beautiful space! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
auntcia : @melindamcassidy cozy little space!πŸ’•
bridget4412 : I just love every inch of this space!!! Where are the bookshelves from? 😍
kdipuma : @channahbrown this is fun ideas for decorating
monellelarissa : Oh hells ya we are doing this for the girl's room!! Whatcha think @annienoelle
tiny_frenchy : Love every item in this room! Little cousins are very sweet
yourfavoritehousewife : What a cute spot!
melindamcassidy : @auntcia darling!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Checking out the 🌻.
lesleywgraham : oh my stars!!! πŸ˜πŸ’›πŸ˜πŸ’›πŸ˜
gatormellie : That needs to be on a canvas or a pillow or something.
laybabylay : @mscott218 I don't know the sunflower song! I will have to look that up!!
laybabylay : Thank you so much @lb_lovelydecor!😘
laybabylay : @jenbraun04 we were at our family farm and this is in the field of a family friend - it's beautiful!
laybabylay : @gatormellie aww πŸ˜‚
laybabylay : Thank you so much @seedling!!😘
mscott218 : @laybabylay by Josh & the Jamtones. Looks like they're doing the hand motions. :) Such a gorgeous pic!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Such adorable @juneandjanuary cuteness!! Can't wait for baby #3 to wear these! #19weeks
3 - 19weeks -
juneandjanuary : Can't wait to see her in these!
erinbyrd23 : That cherry garland?!?! So cute. Did you make it?
tugboatandthebird : We 😍😍😍 Flora the Flamingo!
tiny_frenchy : Really cute indeed! πŸ‘Œ
laybabylay : @erinbyrd23 yes! If you google "lay baby lay DIY cherry garland" you can find details! Thank you!😘
livylovestorun : So sweet!
claudinemayexclusive : Very cute @happyharmonymay
always_lou_designs : Gorgeous
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
On the blog today: a roundup of some great rug options under $500 (8' x 10' size!)!
n_pow14 : This room looks great! Can you share where the lamp came from?
laybabylay : @n_pow14 it's land of nod!
laybabylay : @littleblueolive yes! Google "lay baby lay how to turn vintage photos pink" and it should come right up!😘
littleblueolive : @laybabylay thanks bunches! I also emailed you a few days ago 😊.
mscott218 : Joni, this is random but do you have any clever ways of storing Vivi's hair bows? I'd like to do something a little more modern: more midcentury/anthropologie, less frou frou/precious (if that makes any sense). They're taking over and the drawer is a mess.
bridget4412 : @laybabylay thank you!!!
laybabylay : @mscott218 I don't!! Might have to think on that. We just have a drawer, too, and it's definitely a little crazy!!
lo_tink_stylist : @mscott218 what about using candy jars in different sizes/shapes?! As long as you have something stable to sit them on 😊
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
One more, just for fun. So excited to add another πŸŽ€! And some of you asked about this - the cute cloud balloon is from party city! They also had a sunshine one, too.
jen.stacey : Congratulations! This announcement is precious!
colordrunk_designs : What a great announcement!! Super cute
cnorstadt : What a clever and adorable announcement!!! Congrats to you and Chip (and your girls) πŸ’—
datiana_marchiori : @francielefgr vamos encapar uma cx e colocar o numero 1 :) para os presentes
montedesign : Congratulations!
andweplay : So fun! Congrats!!
melissajo66 : Yay! Love it!
posh_baby_ : Too cuteπŸ’•
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
We have an announcement to make - check out the blog to see what baby 3 is!! (Link in profile😘)(πŸ“· by @saradharper)
jccb731 : Congratulations! Can't wait to see what color hair she has :)
jjoiner27 : You are going to love having 3 girls! Congrats!
abaldner : Congrats, what a great announcement! @laybabylay We love our photos from @saradharper she's the best. Sent you an email a few weeks ago, hope you saw it.
saradharper : @abaldner sent me an email or Joni?
abaldner : @saradharper haha, Joni. Looking for playmates for Paige!
haileejanelle : I think this is my fam in two years @aubinj
aubinj : @haileejanelle haha I can see it now!Another baby girl!!
laybabylay : @abaldner yes I saw it! So sorry - I'm terribly behind on email!!!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Can't wait to share who will be peeking out of box #3 here soon! πŸ’™πŸŽ€πŸ’™πŸŽ€πŸ’™πŸŽ€ (adorable πŸ“· by @saradharper)
3 -
arualegap : Congratulations!!
katymariesmith : @holly_knutsen
rhiallen : @kakeller16 you need to make this adorable picture happen!
kakeller16 : @rhiallen ❀️ it!!!
veepope : @mommyspottampa
pencilshavings : This was the cutest thing ever. Love.
laybabylay : @farmhouseforfour thank you!! I can't find your message - so sorry!! Don't know what happened. Please re-send!😘
miniboheme : Sooo adorable!!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Playing fairy princess all afternoon.
laybabylay : @jaxnblvd it's @thelandofnod!!😍
jaxnblvd : @laybabylay thanks lady! Love your style😍😍😍
ktrdh : Living the life!!
tiny_frenchy : She's so graceful! So sweet to see our little girls playing princesses. πŸ‘Έ
jamierae23 : Sweet girl!
lsbraga : @laybabylay do you use washi tape on your walls for kid drawings or something else?!
laybabylay : @lsbraga I use washi tape! It works great
lsbraga : Perfect!!! Thanks @laybabylay
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Checking out the beautiful beautiful @blablakidsshop this morning! Their bedding is just gorgeous.😍
barbara.sansile : @natikatz πŸ’•
nandi_90 : 😍😍😍
lizzielewis : @emilyhuzyakclark mermaid!!
bigredep : @aimbrow
taylorjoelledesigns : So awesome
sunflirt37 : Love blabla dolls!
tamarataggart : Best!!
page8mornington : So cute @dorothybills
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Watching @saradharper work her magic with the camera this morning!⚑️
mscott218 : Vivi has the best smile 😍
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