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Joni Lay

I love creating imaginative spaces for little ones. Atlanta . snapchat: laybabylay .
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Saturday morning bathtime. πŸ’¦
sarahwbragg : This is too much cuteness to handle
kerininness : My ovaries 😍😍😍
stephaniegscott : Soooo cute!!
laybabylay : @sacrandall16 it's the angelcare bath support bather - works great!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
The best picnic cooler bag ever for a girl mom. I only say this about one or maybe twenty times a day.πŸ˜‚ (put a link to it in my profile if you want to find it!)
lisalocklin : Word! I have three girls too and I'm always saying this.
michellempenny : Oh my gosh - boys too. I have one of each and I've said this at least three times this afternoon alone!
mary_straton : @quinnec you need this
orlyries : Haha yes! @tabs_723
lollie424 - wendinicolemcelroy - adreanabravo - marciemcclement -
laybabylay - Joni Lay
The girls have been playing dress up a lot this week, which makes me so happy because all of the sudden they seem so big. Treasuring up all the little girl moments happening around our house. And I love it when I sneak up on them having fun together. I think I interrupted a moment, but just had to capture it.
laybabylay : @morgentheobald I don't . . . I have friends who have done it, though! We have an expedition, and put Vivi and Brigie in the back/3rd row and then we took out one of the captain's chairs and Ellie is in the other one. It works well because I can easily get to the big girls in the back or climb in to do a quick diaper change, etc. It's been a great system for us!
morgentheobald : @laybabylay thank you so much!! The expedition is on of the cars we have looked at so that is so helpful to hear how you manage the seating! I really appreciate it!
sarahmcmorgan : @laybabylay I can't find your tutorial on how to turn the photo pink and print it like that?
laybabylay : @sarahmcmorgan sorry it's hard to find! Google "lay baby lay turning vintage photos pink" and you should find the link! Also, @parabopress has an app that will do it automatically, but you can't print it as large. They are really cute, though!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Meet Sally, the caterpillar, who has been living in a cupcake container since Saturday. Brigie found Sally on a flower at Home Depot and carried her home, and against all odds she survived all week on the leaves B has fed her. Until now when she got lost in the playroom during her "exercise time." I'm a little sad; I think we all got a bit attached to Brigie's pet, or at least the way she loved little Sally.πŸ›
laybabylay : @mrsflurry I know! She is so nurturing!!
laybabylay : @kindlykatie aww, I love that idea so much!😍
laybabylay : Thank you @kanosfamily @sarahupmill! It is crystalline falls by Behr!
meigmiller : This might be the funniest, cutest, saddest thing I've ever read!!! πŸ˜‚
banana_s - kendrarae01 - christina_amerson - monabest -
laybabylay - Joni Lay
Give me all the baby swim caps! Can't even handle this cuteness from @janieandjack. More pics on the blog. We have been going to swim lessons frequently because I'm determined to get my little Brigette to swim, and these cute suits have come in super handy.
stoudtale : Aww how exciting - she is going to love it! Can you recommend a place? Sorry for misspelling Brigie! (sleep deprivation)
laybabylay : @stoudtale we love swimmerman swim school! There are several locations in Atlanta. It's more expensive than I would have hoped, but I absolutely love the instructors and it has been so good for Brigie to have 1 on 1 teaching. I'm really anxious for her to learn, so I feel like it has been worth it.
thegelfis : Too sweet!
stoudtale : Thank you! We are doing it as soon as she is the right age. I'm a terrible swimmer and I really want my daughter to have this life skill!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
We have been loving the new @ollynutrition #ollykids vitamins lately! It's good to know the girls are getting what they need, even when things feel crazy! 😜 Check out which options are our favorites on the blog. #sp
ollykids - sp -
sistersb2b : ❀❀❀
charliepowner : @laybabylay do you mind me asking how you Find the nuna highchair? I have been looking at it for my little girl and wondered if you like it? Thank you!
laybabylay : @charliepowner I'm loving it!! I kind of agonized over what high chair to get . . . The complaints in the reviews I read for this chair were that it's too heavy and the tray is too far away and not adjustable. I think the weight is fine - I can move it around no problem, and I like that it feels substantial. The tray is farther away but at this point I'm doing a lot of spoon feeding and when she can sit up better on her own I think it will be fine. It's gorgeous and easy to clean and I'm so happy with it!
meggieb123 : Thank you so much! Happy Thursday!! 😘 @laybabylay
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
I'm doing another small run of these canvases! They are $150, printed on canvas and ready to hang on dowels with a suede cord. The size is 25" x 40" and will ship in 2 to 3 weeks. If you'd like one, too, just leave your PayPal, and I will send a request!
laybabylay : @carriejanemarg yes! Just use square dowels or flat trim, place it on the front edge of poster and staple gun the back. Works great!
rebeccajoy13 : Yay! Have the perfect spot!
laybabylay : Thank you @rebeccajoy13! Just sent you a paypal!😘
austin923 : Yes please!!!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Can y'all help me out? This cutie has poopy diapers 3 or 4 times a day, and often two or more are blowouts.πŸ™ˆ It's hard to keep up, and I am throwing away clothes that are too stained and doing lots of laundry. I didn't have this issue with the other girls; wondering if I should try other diapers? I keep thinking she will grow out of it, but so far she hasn't. Do y'all have any tips or things that worked for you? Would love to know!!😘
jenanderson214 : I've noticed someone mentioned food allergies already. My son had more blow outs and dirty diapers than my first child, it was because of food allergies too. We also give him a probiotic and that helps too.
lesleywgraham : her little tummy might not like something. poor EJ and you! hoping you figure it out soon!
southernlaurels : If you will hand wash the spot with dove white soap and then spray with shout and sprinkle some baby oxiclean on the clothes you should be able to get the stains out and not have to throw clothes out...that has worked for all three of my children (6 months-8 yrs old)
reneeromeo : Sweet ⭐⭐
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Had a little end of the year party for Vivi's class as they are all scattering for kindergarten next year.😒 The playhouse got a makeover for the day!
caitmattler : @Tyler.mattler
southernlaurels : @5oh_popo this is what we need for the girls!
laurenlefevre : How cute!!!
flourishcollaborative : Omg we die 😻😻😻
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
A good Saturday afternoon. Love having nothing on the agenda other than just being home.πŸ™ŒπŸ»
mmeganderson : @laybabylay love the room, where is your light fixture from?
laybabylay : @mmeganderson thank you! It's by @lucentlightshop!
jkrwaldman : @laybabylay and the art, where is that from?
mrsmdierkes : πŸ’—
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