Joni Lay

Inspiration for creating imaginative spaces for little ones.
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Happy place reached. Sunshine & pine trees for the weekend.β˜€οΈ
kaitsockman : That porch!!
nataliestanfield : Love everything about this! #countrygirlatheart πŸ˜˜πŸ’›
aleamoore : Oh man, that is incredible. Please take me with!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ˜‚
hattiejohnson : @laybabylay we will be down the monday after easter! Hoping we get to see your family! I sent you an email the other day:-)
kwfuller : Saw your sweet parents yesterday, was so fun to see them, haven't changed a bit!
sarahwbragg : 😍😍😍
kitty_lay : Enjoy and bundle up. Cold air moving in :-/.
jamierae23 : love that place! enjoy!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Taking a break to watch big sister. Also, there is so much pink.πŸŽ€
laybabylay : @caroline_abarca I just edited my profile with the link to a post that shows you how!😘
caroline_abarca : Perfect, thank you! @laybabylay
sc_roux : Miss yall!! πŸ’•
jordansakalian : What color pink are the walls? ☺️
laybabylay : @jordansakalian Sherwin Williams angelic.πŸ˜‡
jordansakalian : Thank you! Love it, thinking of pairing it with Land of Nod may I please plié duvet and sheets! @laybabylay
laybabylay : Oh, sounds perfect @jordansakalian!
klabocki : Perfect 😍
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Doodles in the sunshine.β˜€οΈ
leanna_azzolini_photography : πŸ’œ
diyonthecheap : Cute!
cascompton : I love those silhouettes up there!
lifenatstyle : CuteπŸ‘Œ
ren_tucker : She's such a talented little artist. πŸ˜‰
kitty_lay : She can doodle on my walls anytime☺️
ashleybaker26 : Fun
dollface13 : @laybabylay Omg the silhouettes are precious! Did you make that w your dad?
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
These rompers are 🍌! Have you seen these at target?
feeddesigns : Gorgeous account. I've just started my own maternity wear label called FEED DESIGNS. It focuses on timeless breastfeeding apparel. Id love you to follow me. Garments will be available in June x @laybabylay
karen.murchison : @kwcascio the capes!!!!!
karen.murchison : @laybabylay where are the tiger capes from?
laybabylay : @karen.murchison they are @lovelanedesigns!
laybabylay : @smashselby it's my circus bear print blown up really large.😘
lovelanedesigns : How Precious!!!
smashselby : How lovely! πŸ’•
mscott218 : B-A-N-A-N-A-S
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Brigie's masterpiece on the blog today, in case you missed it earlier. 😘
jenwalker16 : @tobe_reed
tobe_reed : Brass wonderland! Love it @jenwalker16 !
laybabylay : @raebray @kellbellshu the giraffes are from an antique market and the others are from thrift shops or etsy!
laybabylay : Thank you so much @mahzerandvee!
laybabylay : Thanks @inhonorofdesign! I'm not good at the egg decorating thing so this was my attempt.πŸ˜‚
kitty_lay : You know, I think that particular piece of art work would look really pretty on Irish Mint :-).
karen.murchison : @0618janet you should do this kind of art with the kids and hang it
laybabylay : Yes @kitty_lay, I think you are right!😍
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
I commissioned one of my favorite artists to create a painting for the mantel.πŸ˜‰ Details on the blog today!
house_of_mia : Love this so much πŸ’“
maggiewhitley : Those colors areπŸ‘Œ
leanna_azzolini_photography : πŸ’œ
mahzerandvee : Beautiful!!!!!
nattymichelle : Love it!
kitty_lay : How pretty Brigette!
dutailier : Brilliant idea!
thispapership : So perfect!!! πŸ’•
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Have you seen the cute little piggy banks at target? They have several cute animal shapes in these pretty gold or silver finishes.πŸ’— (edited to add the link to the garland DIY post in profile! πŸ’)
laybabylay : @nattymichelle @ashleyrs415 yes, it was a fun DIY! Just edited my profile with the link to that post if you want to check it out.😘
dettecakes : So adorable! I love the garland!!
leahhasson : That garland is sooo sweet!
nattymichelle : Thanks!
rena3b : The golden pig rocks
thelandofnod : Great find!
amyecullen1 : Love Harry by the sea.. And thx for piggy bank tip. I need one for Ruby's room and the silver one would be Perf!
mscott218 : Thank you! I've been looking for a cute simple one for Zo!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
How I get ready in the mornings: she puts her feet in the sink for a little soak while I fix my hair, etc. and do my best to keep her from scrubbing her little toes with my toothbrush.πŸ˜‰πŸ™Œ
jcalano : 😘
briannejoy : o my gracious, when did those strawberry locks get long enough for a ponytail! 😍 she's got Vivi's curls. too stinkin cute. (JB is too little to sit like this, but fits perfectly IN our sink.)πŸ˜‰
gatormellie : Very clever!
laybabylay : @lindzter @stephpbader sweet @lesleygrahamessentials keeps me supplied!😍
laybabylay : @p_phunk thank you! Keeps things bright!
laybabylay : @briannejoy aww, I know! It feels like they showed up overnight and I'm constantly playing with them!! And so cute JB still fits in your sink!
mscott218 : Young Living! Holla! Also, Brigie's thighs. 😍
lesleygrahamessentials : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Summer dreaming.πŸ’—
nataliestanfield : Precious girl!!! πŸ’–πŸ˜˜
inspirationalnurseryrhymes : Happy FridayπŸ’œπŸ­
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
The fast & the furious: toddler edition.
jamierae23 : love!
leanna_azzolini_photography : πŸ’œ
piccoliblog : What cuties!
ksmdesign : Your girlies are so full of β˜€οΈ!!! I love your pics of them in action!
danettesheehan : @laybabylay when can we expect to see your home feature, shot a couple weeks ago?! Can't wait!
kerininness : They get cuter every day!!
kitty_lay : I just love this picture!
laybabylay : @danettesheehan you are sweet to remember! It will be in the June issue of good housekeeping!
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