Joni Lay

Inspiration for creating imaginative spaces for little ones.
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Found this cute little book at my parents' house. Filled with little poems and spaces to write about baby's first year. (Pictured on @thelandofnod 'a super cute save the day sheets!)
tosticasa : @knl304
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
The girls are completely enchanted with the bunked boat beds at the beach house.βš“οΈ
abbysaunders : understandably so. those are amazing!
kateandjames_shop : @laybabylay we DM'd you momma πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
brooklynlimestone : Wow! So cool.
petitscos : Wow!!! I am completely enchante to!!!!
annabhogan : That's amazing!
julieblanner : I am too! Darling!
buerklegarnett : @carolinemoonshine
whataboutsara : Aaah, more pictures please!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Pink suit, pink tank, pink snowcone.πŸ’—
bloom_magnolia : we are here too!
moelove623 : Is seaside super crowded today?
laybabylay : @moelove623 not bad! I think a lot of people are traveling home today.
laybabylay : @bloom_magnolia aww, so fun!!! I love this place so much!
laybabylay : @natalierbenz aww!! You should have said hello!! Hope y'all are having so much fun!
moelove623 : We stopped at frost bites yesterday and it was a bit crazy. Excellent snowballs though. Also tried some very interesting spring rolls next door.
lesleywgraham : have fun!!! ❀️🌸
annabhogan : Oh man, I would pay some serious cash for a snow come right about now!!! So refreshing!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Beach baby!
nataliestanfield : Perfection! Enjoy! πŸ’›πŸ’›
ksmdesign : Super cute!!!
jen_wright : Where are you guys? I'm at the beach too :)
laybabylay : @jen_wright so fun! We are at watercolor!
jen_wright : Cool!! @just_in_casey_ and I are in seaside :). Have fun!!
laybabylay : Aww, yay @jen_wright! Maybe we will run into y'all! I think we are heading over there for supper tonight!
inhonorofdesign : Ah have fun girls!
lesleywgraham : bliss!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Double headband all the way.πŸ’—
littledovie : it 🌈🌈 she is such a doll
theturquoiseiris : Cause why not?
jlgarvin : Too cute!
s_k_peterson : Accessories are necessities!
annabhogan : Cutie!
katieoblinger : So love this!
lauradrodesigns : @lilteepeelove
theturquoiseiris : I sent you a reply via Etsy😊
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Checking out cousin Henry's new digs.
lesleywgraham : sooo cute!
kembleteague : Haha
jamierae23 : 😘😘
candykirbydesigns : Hey pretty lady, what's your email??
laybabylay : @candykirbydesigns 😘
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
The girls had so much fun with their @kiwicrate! Check it out on the blog, along with a discount!πŸ’—
ashleygnolan : Presh!
annabhogan : Sweet girls!
kerininness : We love @kiwicrate!!
diz814 : @tessa_stylesweetca that book shelf
katherinemaries : Precious!!!!!
buerklegarnett : @carygus76 cool bookcase
ventures_lil_o : I'm sure this is somewhere on the blog but where is that bookcase from!? Been suffering from earthquakes in the Napa Valley and that looks like an amazing book case solution!! @laybabylay
laybabylay : @ventures_lil_o we made it! If you check out the post on the blog, there is a link below the post to the DIY details!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
First day of school for my little chickadees. Brigie was so excited to be like big sister - no tears, except maybe from their mama.
laybabylay : @inhonorofdesign they did great today! Brigie acted like it was no big deal.
laybabylay : @ohlovelyday for sure!!
laybabylay : @mscott218 @themakerista I did and will!!! A little quiet goes a long way!πŸ˜‰
laybabylay : Haha, aww thanks, sc @rouxbaby_xo!!
laybabylay : @mrslhd yes!!! Love their shoes so much.😍
themakerista : It makes all the difference!
snaglich : Lunch date soon please!
laybabylay : Yayyyyy @snaglich! For sure!
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
It's Friday night, so dinner at our favorite @figopasta. It's the best place to eat with kids, truly. Can't get the girls to smile with me for anything.😁
ksmdesign : Super cute anyway! We'll have to try that place out!
lesleywgraham : love you!!
laybabylay : @lesleywgraham 😘😘😘
laybabylay : @__tinty__ so fun!!! It's definitely ours too!
laybabylay : @ksmdesign you should! Everyone there is so nice and the girls eat so well there. They have an awesome lunch deal, too!
laybabylay : @mscott218 thanks so much!😘
laybabylay : @teamreichart sorry we missed y'all!! Was wondering if we would see you!
tippitutus : Vinings?? We moved from there almost a year ago......
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laybabylay - Joni Lay
Today's inspiration on the blog. Cozy, calm & neutral.
laybabylay : Yes, love her stuff so much @ohlovelyday!! And congrats on your new little one!😍
laybabylay : @corinamitchellstyle yes! You could tack it up with small nails or washi tape also looks great and looks cute!
corinamitchellstyle : Thank you!! This is my fav look! Best one I've ever seen. Love the Paul Newman pic. Always wanted to incorporate cowboy without being too literal and tacky. This is perfect! 😊
laybabylay : @corinamitchellstyle so fun!! That was exactly what I was going for - a little bit of cowboy feel but not overboard, haha. So happy to hear you are inspired!!😘
corinamitchellstyle : Yes indeed 😊 thank you
ohlovelyday : @laybabylay thanks Joni!!
chipstermom : Love this!
emilykongs : So good! - emilykongs - mariaavecmoi - styletomoveblog -
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