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laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
Happy 2nd birthday Avery Elizabeth!
heathedora : Love that she is still rocking her hair bows. Such a cutie...and nice looking cake!
carywesterbeck : Yum, cake. I'll be right over to help out.
laurenzerbey : @carywesterbeck I give it till the end of the weekend. (Maybe!)
laurenzerbey : @heathedora the bows now serve the purpose of taming the poof. :)
anamendeslopes : Happy birthday, Avery!
gwenniejaustin - lhg_ - joslinyo_1995 - oanababy -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
Thrilled to have our house and family featured in the August issue of Sunset Magazine! Thanks to @jessedit and @sunsetphoto for everything you did!
laurenzerbey : @chrislovesjulia Thanks Julia!
laurenzerbey : @mikecpeck of course! ;)
modernthrifter : Just brought mine in from the mailbox! How exciting!
alanajmey : She's all mine once the kids are down. Can't wait.
jessedit : Yay! Thank YOU for having such an amazing home. (Apparently the tablet version looks long and amazing (better than website), but I've got to find a tablet! 😁)
krakencrafts : I got mine in the mail yesterday. It was so fun to see you guys in there.
laurenzerbey : @jessedit ooh, good to know! We just checked and the August issue isn't showing up yet.
housetweaking : Gah!!
smarkeyb - jessedit - lovelylalaland - houseupdated -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
Starting her birthday off right with breakfast at Portage Bay. We shared, but nearly cleaned our plate. "Boo bries! Stahbries!"
fancypolansky : Berry Happy Birthday, Avery! You're the best! ❤️🍓❤️
jenlyons08 : Happy birthday!!!
krislyco - five2eight - kiwiblondie - cataltmaier -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
First baseball game, first soft-serve in a helmet.
paigevo : That might be a cardigan but it looks like she's wearing a baby blazer and it's ADORABLE.
laurenzerbey : @paigevo it does have a bit of "structure" at the shoulder. :)
paigevo - daisiesonthelane - smorris416 - marielynntx -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
Can't believe my "baby" will be two tomorrow. Also, #baileyphotobomb
baileyphotobomb -
fancypolansky : Gah! She's the best ever. As is Bailey. ❤️
housetweaking : Happy early birthday Avery!
grumblehog : Sooo cute!
charisse_lynn - kiwiblondie - hindsvik - sleeptalk -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
End of the World Cup + rainy weekend = progress! Big thanks to @kzerbey for finding the gumption.
kateflaim : So those laundry hookups crack me up because for the last month the only running water in the house we are renovating has been a laundry hookup in the basement. I hooked a hose to it after trying to fill a bucket and getting smacked in the face with a wall of spray.
alanajmey - stenmaus - jklubke - detmodern -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
A birthday gift arrived for Avery today and she assumed the box full of peanuts was it. We need to enjoy this phase, right?
gwenniejaustin - bakecaker - stenmaus - kathiag96 -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
Perfect weather for an evening boat ride on Lake Union.
xoxostephaniemarie - carywesterbeck - oanababy - haleysulser -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
Couldn't resist ordering a few new things for baby girl #2.
2 -
smorris416 - bakecaker - llalib - jklubke -
laurenzerbey - Lauren Zerbey
Making dinner, going for Mom of the Year.
kateflaim : Girl, it's the hardest hour of the day. Do what you've gotta do. 📺🍇👍
alanajmey : Plus you didn't cut the grapes in half. (Tisk tisk) Just kidding!!! I NEVER do! Shit, you gotta do what u gotta do.
laurenzerbey : @alanajmey I didn't even take them off the stem! (I think she enjoyed the extra challenge actually.)
laurenzerbey : @kateflaim so true! Thank you!
brooklynlimestone : Looks pretty good from here
alanajmey : @laurenzerbey I have been into (and wanting to start posting regularly) pictures of REAL life. As opposed to IG and FB's "real"life photos. Days are often filled with those, like the one you posted here, that tell the real story of daily struggles and how they are survived. Owen is starting tonight to sleep in undies (no diaper!), so expectedly there should be some pretty good postings coming up ;) #reallife #imscared
laurenzerbey : Ooh, good luck tonight! I know what you mean though, I try to IG things that I like or just find amusing so it's a mix. I'm sure I'll have plenty of fodder for more "real life" photos in the coming months. 😬
lmricciardelli : Dinosaur Train helps me make dinner too
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