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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
One more from @gloversstation - just because!
mademeasure : Love it! @larrittevans
pennyhyams : Here's another one to try! @sandalah_thephotolady 😊
sandalah_thephotolady : Oh my word. Yes 😍 @pennyhyams
leeshburt : Congrats @larrittevans saw the write up on urban list . So clever
larrittevans : Thanks @leeshburt! And no I haven't changed my name πŸ˜†
harrowandeton : Gorgeous work as always Claire!! @larrittevans
dean_larritt : Primo sis. Looks rad!
ilovelollies : @cherry_and_me
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
Great way to start the week with Glovers Station opening this morning. Thanks to @urbanlistmelb for visiting and the beautiful photography and great write up.
nikki_condon : Looks great Claire, will have to go check it out soon!
larrittevans : Thanks @nikki_condon it's a new local option for us!
alturnbull : Brilliant! I need a new local and so thrilled it will be one of yours! Xx
kady1980 : Ooh...looks absolutely stunning Claire. Wouldn't expect anything less from you! And slightly local for me too! Can't wait to try. Hope your well babes. Xx
nikkihinge : πŸ™Œ
great_sweet : Beautiful! Happy belated bday too...sweet present πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜
afloralfrenzy : Love your work!
youfoundamber : I'm here now! Space is incredible @larrittevans. Congrats.
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
Small detail from our latest project we just handed over. Can't wait for our breakfast WIP on Monday @nikkihinge and thanks for everything @emme_lee, wish you were here!
mademeasure : Looking amazing! @larrittevans
larrittevans : Thank you @mademeasure --- your pulls are just out of sight in this shot - they're complimenting the joinery so well! A pleasure to use your products again.
mademeasure : Can't wait to see more of your beautiful work here. And... Always a pleasure @larrittevans!
earl_pinto_made : Great work guys (a long journey...) see you on the next one!!! @larrittevans
larrittevans : Thank YOU @earl_pinto_made for everything
jevansskincare : Amazing @larrittevans can't wait to go πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
cleardialogue : Gorgeous @larrittevans love all the timber! πŸ™Œ
moodhomebrighton : really beautiful fit out
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
Monday morning sourcing of a different variety.
ivymuse_melb : πŸŒ΅πŸ’š
larrittevans : Am sourcing to fill your beauties @ivymuse
ivymuse_melb : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Š
meghan_plowman : Wowser.
jevansskincare : Cactii
otomys : Such characters !
poppyboothlso : Check my bio if you want to see my private pictures xx
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
Getting close to the end of construction on this one
instarus : Looks really nice @larrittevans what is it?
larrittevans : Thanks @instarus its a new cafe in Elsternwick opening in 2 weeks
instarus : Will keep 'em peeled 😳
jevansskincare : Can't wait @larrittevans
georgiasamuel : Cool that's so close to me and so desperate in the area! How long do we have to wait??
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
Back to work inspiration || Interiors by @larrittevans || Photography @evegwilson
lazconbuild : Gorgeous think space!!
jevansskincare : 100th like xx
heart4design : Love it! Who is the artwork by?
ginnierq73 : Check my private photos on profile bio
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
Today we farewelled my beautiful grandma, at 98 she reminded me that life is both long and short at the very same time and that love is all you need. X
rustonline : So true @larrittevans / beautiful words for a beautiful lady
chloe.alsop : Sorry to hear this bebe... All my love xx
diamonddaveevans : I haven't seen that photo before!
larrittevans : I went through Ma's albums with Dad over the weekend Dave. There are so many great ones of Dad as a kid! @diamonddaveevans
larrittevans : Thanks for your kind words @andy.ryan @rustonline @alsopchloe @louscoobs @theprojectagency @jojonbr @becksimonstylist @brionygoldsmith and yes that's a very young Max @andy.ryan!
leeshburt : Nanna's are such a loss. Sorry to you and your fam. My beautiful Nan lived to 98 as well. Go girls!!! It's should be a celebration of a long and full life but it's hard to not have them here anymore. Xxxx
andy.ryan : Please send him my regards and condolences, he's a good man! @larrittevans
theharriswilliams : Our love and thoughts are with you @larrittevans , she sounded like a pretty amazing lady x
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
Breakfast spot
mareehomer : The food there is amazing- enjoy your brekky!!
kutissg : This is cool!
ginnierq73 : Cool:) See some private pictures of me link is in my profile bio.
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
Last minute decision to detour to Canberra hasn't disappointed these weary travelers.
fionalynchoffice : Visiting there this Thursday. Any tips for dinner?
larrittevans : Snap @fionalynchoffice! We literally just arrived but have just ordered goodies from Monster up to the room.
instarus : Pretty amazing isn't it? The staircase by March is pretty amazing isn't it? #TheWholePlaceIsActually
larrittevans : Was just reading about your involvement in the project, nice work @instarus
instarus : Thanks @larrittevans I came onto the project very late in the piece, but @cleardialogue did have a lot to do with Nishi and it was a great project to be involved in. Have you been to James Turrell at NGA? I am trying to find time for a roadie up there to check it. Looks amazing.
jevansskincare : Amazing ha @larrittevans we feel very lucky to have have our bath salts in the rooms at @hotel_hotel
ginnierq73 : sex video chat with the hottest girls. Follow me
jasminhuntlso : Check my bio if you want to see my private pictures xx
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larrittevans - Claire Larritt-Evans
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