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laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Tonight's look by: @divamodafashioncouture Where we going?! πŸ’ƒ
ashleighheger : Stunning
colt9008 : GORGEOUS!! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
anteesh : @sunnyrura woiiii
c_e_da_vinci : You look Amazing.πŸ™Œ
sunnyrura : What time gym? @anteesh
ackright505 : hermosa @laisdeleonfitness
p_itou : πŸ‘Œ
jesay_pal : NICE!!!! πŸ’–
dudenamedchris - mr_pard_avfc - jaedexviii - mayaxica -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Thin Ice πŸ’š Sugar Free Stevia Sour Apple Shaved Ice. First time! Love it!
slightlystoopid : @laisdeleon looking good Lais!
ricog39 : Where did you find it sugar free?
ishafti : You in Hawaii @laisdeleon ?
tvheadjimmy : Bahama Bucks πŸ˜‰
hoodscruples : I like sugar, its good to eat, no Nutrasweet for me
nej_1213 : @laisdeleon ur such an inspiration!!
chrisj_1990 : OMG OMG OMG!!" :)
__thefitnessmonkey__ : Hey gorgeous!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’―
mammiefatima - josefinaamandass - msjsinclair - steffi_patricia -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Hi guys!! I get lots of good questions so I'm working on a Q&A video blog! Wanna help me out? What are some questions you'd like answered? They can be about anything but play nice! 😁 If I choose your question I'll post you/it on the vlog. 😏 #readysetgo πŸ’‹
readysetgo -
bridget_86 : Hey love, ive been trying different supplements for the past couple months. I recently started taking fat burners as well, but after the first try I got really sick. I'm scared to try other kinds of fat burners. What do u recommend? i see on ur ig that u take amino acids, but idk if u also take fat burners.
johnniefranchise : Perfection
followthelita : Bella β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
bad_captin : @st._francis
st._francis : @bad_captin ?
prettygyrlky : How old are you?
kjwright_ix : I want you to workout with me and do my workouts in exchange for yours, its a challenge do u accept? @laisdeleon @laisdeleon @laisdeleon
desisilver : All about your hairπŸ˜πŸ’‡πŸ’ #obsessed #iwant #hairgoals
fq90 - chrisremson - kingdtampa - kingpin_____ -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
I get a lot of questions when I post about my @fitmarkbags. Anytime I talk about my favorite things I wrote info for you guys in the caption because I know some of you will ask. Here are a few questions. πŸ’₯Where do they sell these? I get mine at πŸ’₯This one is too big, do they make different sizes? Yes you guys, they make do many different bags. I just get the bigger meal management bags and this huge duffel because I travel a lot. But they have different styles, sizes, colors. Whether you want to pack meals for a day or a week, gym bags & yoga bags. πŸ’₯This is only for "meal preppers" and traveling. (Ok I know that's not a question but...) No, you can take you lunch or just snacks to school in these like anyone else does but this way everything is more organized and stays fresh. πŸ’₯Do they come with the containers? Yes, all of them come with the containers, ice packs, and some with shaker bottles w/ supplement compartments. πŸ’₯Do you have a discount code? Unfortunately, no I don't. But if you follow @fitmarkbags on IG you can catch special sales, giveaways, and deals. πŸ’₯Why do you like these so much?! Because "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!" You heard it a million times and I'll say it again. How many times have you been trying to eat healthier and find yourself in a situation where there's nothing healthy ready to eat and you're starving so you have to choose between fast junk food or starve until you get home only to have to spend time preparing something? A huge part of staying on track is being prepared, having everything you need when you need it. We take a gym bag to the gym, we take out purses everywhere, briefcases to work, why should your meals and supps be different and not prepped? #laisapproved #nicebag
laisapproved - nicebag -
sehnelson : I totally want one if these bags! For a mom on the go from the gym, school or to the park with my toddler, I could keep our healthy lunch and snacks fresh and not have to stop and try to find a "healthy" food option at the fast food spots! Momma got to stay on track! Thanks for showing me this awesome bag! 😘 @laisdeleon @fitmarkbags
heyy_alex : You're so hot.
cristauxroyale : Love the bags! πŸ™ thanks for sharing
mroiawwready : Those bags waterproof?
timothy360 : @tailoredkang
rigdiesel : Long story short!
arielmarie42 : Fucking perfect.@charmayned
bsraozgci : @jamalsensei lies, vielleicht weist du dann wieso du sie kaufen "solltest"
lboog032004 - kajoor77766 - ironmathrew - sandun_420 -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
lilballab23 : This what I need to be eating wit my fat azz 😩
jewlulu : @atelicious
radjnie01 : @missashna
thereallongo : i need more
vitanza516 : Ate this exact meal last night!
talkfitness2me : This look sooooo good
k.m___ : is that like appetizer? I eat so much that is a snack to me πŸ˜•
brandon_g_44 : Im gonna have that this wknd, grill is on stand by.
patak222 - desisilver - artikleopard - farrah41 -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Speak only words worth hearing πŸ’‹
adburgess1967 : If I had a wish I would wish for you!
mad.lovers143 : Good looking
royal_ant_rl : @ev_rich
personal_trainer1969 : @laisdeleon Your Dreamy and So dam fine!!!!
hotwomenoninstagram : Hi @laisdeleon. We'd like to feature you on our profile. Can you please tag us into your favourite photo of you and we'll upload that photo.
flyboymagazine : @laisdeleon lets do a spread in FlyBoy magazine text 646 938 3537 Eddie
zuttzilla : πŸ’―βŒπŸ”Ÿ @laisdeleon
kaisariqbal : @karmsidhu
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laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Kick-Backs with my @bforcebands πŸ’ͺ I take my #bforcebands with me to the gym. Added a light burnout set at the end of my heavy leg workout with just one band. But you can adjust the resistance by attaching 1,2,3, or all for 4 bands to the ankle strap. Squeeze & feel the burn! πŸ”₯ Get FREE shipping on your order with my discount code: "laisdeleon" at ! πŸ‘
bforcebands -
shaundelf : @poisoneyevee this tomo??
kaitorade_xo : @courtneyrunnels let's do those
courtneyrunnels : @kaitorade_xo yes please! Buns for days!
attractivelyme : Hippie exercise alert. It doesn't take all that
kingkazama129 : @mia__swenson this is the workout for ur butt
ababy_n : Who sings this song @laisdeleon
just__gen : @ababy_n thinking about you by calvin harris ft ayah marah
m.laissi : @veyy_
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laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Yum!! πŸ˜‹πŸ‹ You gotta try this! The perfect Lemonade: 1 scoop #heraminos (pink lemonade flavor) Water Fresh lemon wedges Ice Makes it so easy to drink more water throughout the day when it tastes like lemonade! πŸ‘Œ If you haven't tried #heraminos recovery drink you can get 20% off when you order at using my discount code: "LAIS20"
heraminos - herwhey -
laisdeleon : @_confusinqlybri I mix it with way more than 6oz because that's how I like it. It shouldn't matter how much water as long as you consume at least 1 scoop. :) try it!
laisdeleon : @20steph09 this and some lean whey protein powder. You can get both at NLAFORHER.COM using my discount code: "LAIS20" for 20% off. Thank you for the trust and support. These products are designed specifically for women with health & lean muscle gain in mind. Hope you like! Let me know what you think.
laisdeleon : @footballmomjackie no, don't do that. Mixing the flavors won't taste good. I'd say drink this before and during workout and have your #herwhey protein shake after your workout. You can sip on more #heraminos throughout the day, like I do. πŸ‘
laisdeleon : @mrs_armijo1 yes! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
therealldeezy : @laisdeleon πŸ‘Œ your genius and very good looking.. 😏
sammyhasdimples : Where can u buy this?
blakemob : @blakemob_
laisdeleon : @sammyhasdimples 20% off with my code "LAIS20" info in the caption ^^^ :)
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laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Happy National Dog Day to Miss Kitty @kitty_the_puppy πŸΆπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ She's amazing, best friend I could ever ask for. #nationaldogday
nationaldogday -
hoodscruples : She's fitter than you are
mrshorty14 : Dont u wish ur crazy sister would stay still like this πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚ @marleymorena @glamgirl430 @ellesilver04
randuckula : #HellaCute #love
kingdev_ : @eisforelyse I want!!!
dolly_tt_ : @c0rley0ne
terin__itup : @urmeghanmecrazy @kellyhiggins__
nikki_lili : @mixhellemarroquin @rxndmn
mixhellemarroquin : 😊😊😊aww. @nikki_lili
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laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
I pretty much live in gym clothes... So they might as well be fun! 😏 @upvibe
g_yawn : @morgan_freemanii
fza3.q8 : شي Ω…Ψ±ΨͺΨ¨
ea4prezz : @cool_breezy_
cool_breezy_ : @ea4prezz nice
jayfiassi : @itz__malik_ dont sleep on her!
itz__malik_ : I would never pull out. @jayfiassi pullin out is out of the question
cr7omero11 : @cesarromero_gto
youngoz21 : @972gucc
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