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Team NLA For HerπŸ’ͺ 20%off: "LAIS20" Fitness IG: @laisdeleon T: @laisdeleon_net FB.COM/officiallaisdeleon Train With Me! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
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Such a great day at #mrolympia expo with the team! πŸ’•@nlaforher @kevingundersen @nlafounder @fitamysuzanne @jesshilgenberg_ifbb @ashley_gundersen @laisdeleonfitness #nlaforher #50tholympia #olympia
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laisdeleon : @kietha_boo no love today was the last day
kietha_boo : @laisdeleon That sucks love you anyway
torian_r : @kietha_boo I have a pic with her on my page
bwag85 : Hi laisdeleon! You don't know me but I live at the same place as you. And your car has a boot on it. And has a sign that says it will be towed. Just wanted to let you know.
jfousems6 : I missed you this weekend. Man this sucks
sdderek : Guessing ur spanish?
matt.nutrex18 : @laisdeleon great meeting you at the Olympia.
geo555deal : What happened to the pic you tagged me in? @sal811
daisyfitmom - matabro14 - caveman8286 - medimzs -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Shooting workouts for you ladies thanks to @nlaforher πŸ’ͺ
roman_fitness : That's a push up @shyanne_sky
rogelio_j : πŸ‘
david_in_arizona : Go Lais! πŸ‘
laweeza01 : Far Gwen @gwentaufalele
kingnate_ : Perfect form
disnyprincess15 : Oh my gosh!!! So amazing! Push-ups are so freaking hard for me
disnyprincess15 : @jendeasy reminds me of you!!!
jendeasy : @disnyprincess15 I Wish I looked that good haha
shekhargill - daisyfitmom - caveman8286 - meshaal502 -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Vegas!!! I'll be at the #Olympia Expo @nlaforher booth this year taking selfies and kissing babies. Come hang with me! I can't wait to meet all of you. I'll also have lots of cool #free stuff for you. I'll be there Friday and Saturday. Meet me there! #50tholympia #mrolympia #nlaforher
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trizzle702 : @eugenpanganiban it's in
sergiogu7 :
sharrykim08 : @bdrag24 @shah2zero @lspiropoulos guess who is in town
thecliffthegift : Saw u in person today @laisdeleon just as beautiful in person
shah2zero : @sharrykim08 @bdrag24 @lspiropoulos supposed to roll by there mañana for some supps. Might have to stop by
sharrykim08 : @shah2zero @bdrag24 @lspiropoulos we're going tomorrow hit us up
assshhhhhhhh : @jamaljames go see her lol she's awesome
ladynay084 : Wish I could've met you! You're killin it girl. So proud of other young ladies doing their thang. Rock on!
15josecampos - caveman8286 - djwillb2 - jalfaro0217 -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Warming up with a set of selfies. #doyouevenselfie
doyouevenselfie -
r91_jk : @podrickross πŸ‘€
eddiecorejr : @_shewantsthejd_
alpha_bottle : Hi Lais, do you have a business email?
beastnavejas : Is this your real page
beygi1353 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
juanita_93_ : This is my goal lol except not so much the legs lol @ely__rubyxoxo
ely__rubyxoxo : That's too skinny for me! I just wanna be a size 7 again! Lol @juanita_93_
jasmith_32 : Ur body 😍
ariag22 - fabewash31 - future_pro - felie_carter -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Yay! 500k πŸŽ‰ To celebrate we're giving away water bottles and tank tops with every order! Just enter my discount code: "LAIS20" at checkout and include a note on your order with your tank top size (s,m,or l) to claim your #free gift. Free gift special going on NOW through Thursday! #nlaforher
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msmarshall27 : well that sucks. i just made an order for $129.35 three days ago since i saw it on your blog. can i not still get this promotion? @laisdeleon
laisdeleon : @msmarshall27 email with your order details, mailing address and tank top size.
n_dayola :   ξ€Ž ξ€Ž 
gabriela.teles : Se vc é brasileira ou nao. Poderia postar em portugues tbm.
msmarshall27 : just did it, thanks very much @laisdeleon for the savings, fitness advice and daily motivation!
dvfitness : πŸ’ͺπŸ˜˜πŸ‘
misskayrenee : @laisdeleon just ordered the Ultimate Stack Plus Her Omegas. I hope I like it as much as you do. Thanks for the recommendation. πŸ’ͺ #NMGirls #FitGirls #LaisDeLeon
thehealthyveggie : Got mine! Ultimate stack plus omegas πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ thanks girl for the code!
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laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Leave it to @fitmarkbags to make my life even easier on the go! Their latest design #TheShield packs even more of the things I need into a small easy to carry and stylish bag. It comes with 3 large meal containers, 2 cool packs, and this handy vitamin and protein mix dispenser. Check out all the features and colors it comes in at FITMARKBAGS.COM #nicebag #laisapproved #travelfit #mealmanagement #mealprepmondays
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sgt_papi_ : @laisdeleon Why are you so beautiful? 😌
eric_fray : How bout this chick @tjswizzpics
simondc5 : @iridiangarciaa the bbπŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ’
nixtoma : @camiandrea10 follow her
gabe.b_ : @vandykha your kinda girl
thiagominotto : @santos_nati bolsa top e menor
msnassif : @bellanassif
jay_ohh_dubz : @j_arms_
daisyfitmom - medimzs - sunny_gunz - mav3_contalba -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Thanks for all the Happy Birthday Wishes and the love you continually show me! ☺️❀️ I hit 500k supporters on my birthday and couldn't have asked for a better birthday gift. 🎁 I'm so grateful to have your support and to be able to reach and help so many of you in different ways. Thanks for letting me share my life and passion with you! 😘
abu_turke_al_yami : Hi
fm1981 : @dhenryp
itz_your_brotha_t : @__kjls same person πŸ˜΅πŸ’€
cypherboyjayy_12 : How can I buy my mom a big bear like this??
isroxy : k-mart for $40
dantheman92545 : @xhpnotiqx
i_am_big_bone : @laisdeleon...I can be your teddy bear😍😍
tophershin : @dengleburry I wish I was that bear.
jventu12 - retro_boy_all_day - capitanorg - felie_carter -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Birthday Festivities β˜€οΈπŸ‘―
tribe_called_guerrero : @phatpete626
acanadyii : @aaronorac @thatboyadub #1!!!!!!
therealc_lew : @reach_i_teach
reach_i_teach : @therealc_lew snow bunny can get it too haha πŸ˜‚
reach_i_teach : @therealc_lew smh damn
thatboyadub : @acanadyii girl in the middle top 5!
_desireeserrano : Train me please any tips or ideas
princerichard99 : @king_luutchi
yes_its_the_batman - fabewash31 - future_pro - tomnunya -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Sunday Funday w/ the P.I.C. 😎
maliekagoldn : I knew you would pick a white man
maliekagoldn : Wtf dawgπŸ’€ @bugattizoe
sciacqua : @the_fresh_prince_of_tempe you're SOL man, looks like she already got a gay dude she kicks it with hahaha you better get back to looking to be someone else's gay "P.I.C"
the_fresh_prince_of_tempe : @sciacqua there u go.. 😏 and im ur PIC.. "Pimp In Control" dont u forget it ya bish haha
attasattari : @mahansattari πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ kheyli bahal bod azin zaviye bayad ax begiram😜
iamazar2 : 😍
joshuagomez12 : Lol @theringdoc
22rmrz : @wramirez9 her boyfriend hahaha
hmalat - nadial_89 - _clarissaclarke - a_marvelous90 -
laisdeleon - -Lais DeLeon-
Oh heyyyyyy πŸ‘‹ You checkin out my gainz?😏πŸ’ͺ
the_fresh_filip : please write back.
zan_xoxo_ : @joshuaa_jacobs looks like me
wanshi4life : Yup
eclecticbro : & you know "THISSS!"...girllll : ) beautiful waterfall of hair
prissy_94 : Or this one. @melb2192
melb2192 : Tambien, I wna try the other one first. Lol
melb2192 : @prissy_94
zimrann_ : @coolassblackdude
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