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Ahhhmazing 😍 check out my girl @caitlinricefit ❀️❀️❀️ πŸ‘‰@caitlinricefitπŸ‘ˆ πŸ‘‰@caitlinricefitπŸ‘ˆ πŸ‘‰@caitlinricefitπŸ‘ˆ
cowaaabungaaa : @czar_the_butcher Happy Saturday!
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A little full body action today @teamturningpoint! I like to do one full body workout or hit some of my weaker areas again once per week. Hit abs, hamstrings & back today with my @bforcebands πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ - Love these things! Follow @bforcebands for more band workout ideas! You can get free shipping on your order with my coupon code: "LAISDELEON"πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
alesofmar : Wow que rico!
alesofmar : @jaraujo718 woww que rico
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southern_girl4 : @cslaughter23 @jmcconnell31106 we need some of those and try this
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Taking over @nlaforher snapchat today! Follow to see what I'm up to. πŸ˜πŸ’• - Snapchat: NLAFORHER
joselito1627 : Para ti 😘😘
stevecer21 : Perfection! 😍 πŸ˜™ #DreamGirl #keeper #TotalPackage
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Surprise giveaway announcement!!! - I love motivating my clients to keep pushing and working hard towards their fitness goals. This should give you ladies some extra motivation this week!πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ #laisdeleonfitnessprogram - - I'm giving away an @nlaforher Ultimate Stack PLUS a tank top & water-bottle to a lucky lady who completes a week of workouts from my Bikini Body Program!πŸ’ͺπŸ’• - You can sign up for the program at:: LAISDELEONFITNESS.COM
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vanessa_arrezola : I don't see where to sign up on the website
bmtk_ : 😍
ms.v_elysian : @laisdeleon I don't see it on ur web page
laisdeleon : @ms.v_elysian @vanessa_arrezola
tasha_ra3 : @laisdeleon I'm signed up! Do we just record our workouts, before/after pictures? When does this commence?
laisdeleon : @tasha_ra3 go to the bikini body program and start it, at the end of each workout there's a checkpoint to complete. Post that to your IG using the hashtag. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
tasha_ra3 : @laisdeleon Thank you! I'm ready ☺
mahtab_makrani : @mojtaba.makrani man asheqe inam
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Oh heyyyy 😏
laisdeleon : @fitmomof4 search for hollywood swank collection.
fitmomof4 : @laisdeleon awesome!! Thank you :)
white_al : @caitlinricefit what's the business
stizzzy : I normally dont comment/follow random girls feeds but you are my new favorite.
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Thank you guys for all the feedback on my new #YouTube video! If you haven't seen it, check it out! YouTube search: "Lais DeLeon - a day in my life" It's just for fun so you guys can see a little more about me and what I do! ☺️ - If you like it give it a thumbs up so I know to do more like it! Subscribe so you don't miss my next video.
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Me everyday after a workout. Aminos in hand, straight to the fridge for snacks & ingredients to make a post workout shake! I'm always so hungry after a workout I need quick fuel or I'll cheat! πŸ™ˆ Chocolate protein shake hits the spot every time! πŸ‘Œ #nlaforher
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jagrierson : @ediwhatelse on the scale of one to billy bear how ham would you go?
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Mid afternoon snack! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ Is it just me or do you guys get crazy sugar cravings around 2-3pm? I know I do! And if I don't keep healthy snacks on hand I'm more likely to cheat w/ candy or Starbucks or soda etc... I always keep fresh berries washed and ready to eat in my @fitmarkbags containers. They keep everything fresh in my fridge or when I take my snacks with me... I'm always looking for more snack ideas!What are some of your favorite healthy snacks? #nicebag
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laisdeleon : @gure414 yesssss πŸ™Œ
texasbread101 : U. Lol
g_money94 : Oh ya breh she's unreal @amonraps
jeff_rivera : Mitik baleya @lucasglz
carolina1ve : Oatmeal (no milk) with a teaspoon of cocoa powder is very nice.
kleonte : Wish you could be my afternoon snack! 
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I love Mondays!!! #MondayMotivation Never miss a Monday guys! It's a brand new opportunity to start fresh and work towards your goals! Monday is usually leg day so I can get a big workout in and have time to hit them again later in the week. I set my alarm and immediately take my @nlaforher for energy and fat burning throughout the day. I have a light but balanced breakfast, take my #Uplift preworkout and head straight to the gym. Today I warmed up with my @BForceBands, hit some heavy leg press, squats, and sled pulls, then finished off with more @bforcebands leg extensions and glute kickbacks @teamturningpoint 😏πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Took my second dose of #ShredHer, sipped on the rest of my aminos, & had an epic post workout meal! 🍜🍀🍣 Now I'll get to work on emails and posting a new YouTube video for you guys! That's what I call a great Monday! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯ Check my YouTube & subscribe: Lais DeLeon - Wearing my fav @gymsharkwomen leggings! πŸ’•
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rogow.evgenij2015 : Iaisdeleon - ti sex prosto obagaesh.Nenasitnaya devochka
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mandy_serrano : @yiggiri15 dale
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#SundaySelfie in my @greaterthreads LIVE.πŸ’˜.LIFT tank 🎽
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armando172011 : ξ€²BEAUTIFUL ξ€ƒξ˜ξŒ©
the_wisor_man : @brittney_carden more this girl tho😍😍😍
macgizy23 : Beautiful
jguira : Perfection
no1hazy : Question abt your brows, since you got them more fill in by pencil or powder? They look great!...considering getting mine done & wanted to know since it's been awhile now how they turned out :)
no1hazy : @laisdeleon
don_alexo : You're gorgeous 😍😍
highrollerqua : sexy ass always 😚😚
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