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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
Shout out to the staff and CEO of LinkedIn thru them I was able to connect with some GeorgiaTech students enrolled in an entrepreneur program and I look forward to brainstorming with them on ideas to bring my movie TheSpot to the world in the most exciting way imaginable. Burr #YellowJackets1017
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
I want to thank all the powers at be that tried to stop me or hinder me from dropping album after album and producing my first movie because that made me even more resilient and it helped me find my lane the independent path. #TheSpot Oct17th
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
This my 10th year in the industry and I am proud to share my first movie ever that I executive produced and starred in on October 17th 2015. This is a great way to commemorate my ten year anniversary and I want my fans to experience this with me and help me think of the most daring and expansive way possible to bring this film to the world. I want cutting edge ideas nothing is too risky, I love the unorthodox. Burrr. !!!! LINK IN BIO
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
All my @twitter Followers go Follow my IG Now !!
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
The Spot Movie Dropping October 10/17
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
I stared this so icy shit #kinggucci #thespot
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
To all my fans look forward to a great film its hella funny, I want to thank @MrBoomtown for directing it and @keyshiakaoir @rocko2real @ojdajuiceman32 @1youngscooter and comedians @ShawtyTheComedian and @ComedianKDubb for their roles in making this movie so hilarious. #TheSpot
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
Stars Of The Trap Tour !!! On The Way .... Contact MELANZH Enterprises 404-840-2027 text only or email
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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
Buy @migosatl New Album | Salute to my lil soldiers I wish them the best & much success #freewop
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