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laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
Coming Soon... #cnotevsgucci
cnotevsgucci -
stonereyed : Nah dont drop this until you drop big gucci sosa
theorangejulius89 : @kmaker1467
gago93 : Can't wait
guccigunnarbsm : Gucci Mane had got to be the smartest dude when it comes to making money with music. All this stuff he's dropping is old stuff he didn't put out. He's made THAT MUCH MUSIC!! He can sit on his ass in prison watchin flat skreens n shit makin millions. #MRPERFECT
isaiah3030 : @trav200 stays droppin flames tho!
joshuajuiceclay : I'd rather have a cnote than a swizz beat
willb_94 : U need to cut this shit out. People r txting callum talking shit and threatening his family. U need to stop. People can say what they want about callum but leave his family out of this. If they keep threatening his family. Then ill get involved and trust me u dont want me to get involved. And yes thats a fuckin threat. Fuck u. @meredithhboyd
irenebg96 - chvton - lilmesh_ - ilovemaryandjune4l -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
tht_dude_king_scorpio : I copped the mixtape the first day it came out @laflare1017 I'm your biggest fan right here my nigga
llcoolquay : I'm Gucci mane biggest fan,imma die hard fan hell yall talm bout🎶🎶🙏
budro402 : Yall niggas not fuckin wit guwop like young budro do
ghostofcaptaincutler : Should make The Return Of Mr Perfect on iTunes , favorite mixtape this year .
neffatcha : Time for u to touch down and give it to'em RAW!
_crownking__p : #TrapGod
booksgo02100realllquick : @menschmontana 🙌🙌
heatherdewar : Do you like white girls with big asses
lewissthechief - mohammad.m_rostami.z - tregvbchak - logan_kane4 -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
trapgod3 -
blazekidd_atmmi : Finally dope 😁
imthat_gvnigga : a bangger
jae_bandz_ : Video of nicki Minaj suckin Gucci dick on my page right now 😂😂💯💀
optimisticdolfan : @dominic_ruiz3 @irishkraker
_alwild : Trap3str8🔥 ca play dat whole shit witout skipn a song..nigga went in on dat. #FreeGuWop!
_alwild : #SwolePokketShawty
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youngtweaker : Gucci mane my nigga
offsetfreeman14 - z_boylopaka - chaniaray - hv_yungsavage21 -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
trapgod -
el_ere : Haha @itspurpgee
youngtweaker : U a co cane boiii. Ya fans feel ya my niggah
el_cubano_de_oakpark : @therealbuckz100 & @basedassquimby
therealbuckz100 : Shyt @mr_21hunnit @el_cubano_de_oakpark
mr_21hunnit : Guwop @therealbuckz100
ga2046 : @coooopsauce
afemzwish : @cream_sinatra lmao
kvhlil : @nomadeel oh no
a1_triggy - adiconcarne - drell_mad - mr.harris__ -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
bigbuccisosa -
duccilopwg : Ducci Lo
duccilopwg : No mercy oct 31
duccilopwg : Dont sleep on me with this rap shit proof in my bio just click it
duccilopwg : dcornothing
duccilopwg : Gucci wassup
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g_cao728 : @ianmurano
young_daze : #BigRussianBoss
tdotjuicemane - glorauf19 - 35underrated - lang92 -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
Young Wop
dewboi360 : @swave52 following wop dawg
flyshitonly23 : @latishabrown801 he's in jail you fuckin dick head
latishabrown801 : @flyshitonly23 How am I suppose to know he's in jail. I'm not a faggot riding his every move like you. I'm 38 with 3 businesses, I don't keep up with the latest rapper. You probably don't even know this man but know all his where abouts & calling me dickhead because you jealous. Gay as hell.
latishabrown801 : @flyshitonly23 I didn't say anything negative about anyone, I didn't call not one person a name but you call me a fucking dickhead. Yeah, you gay as fuck because I didn't know he was in jail & that made you mad. You are aggressively taking up for another man over something that wasn't rudely said. You look gay as fuck, you. are gay because no man would do what you did. You don't have shit to do with what I said & you got real bitchy over it. You need to go have a talk with your family & let them know that you like sucking dick. I'LL make sure all my followers & anybody that visits my page know @flyshitonly23 is gay & not to say anything good or bad about laflare1017. OK. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN.
latishabrown801 : @flyshitonly23 What goes around comes around. Don't fuck with people unless they fuck with you first. Forgot to congratulate you for winning the Ms.Queen Gay parade 2014 award.
shoutout4everybody___ : @flyshitonly23 you sound like a pissed off dick rider .. Smh "you fuckin dick head" Gayest shit I ever heard
jae_bandz_ : Video of nicki Minaj suckin Gucci dick on my page right now 😂😂💯💀
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alondraelle - lettybabygirl29 - kingjayybandz - inanawouna_v13 -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
squadup -
gsxrkilla : @tattoo955 @st3vi3wond3r
akayodrugdealer : 👎👎👎 no likin it lookin too much like @chieffkeeffsossa
chris_chutz : @ktkat311 lessons from gucci #squadUP
ktkat311 : @chris_chutz squad or die #live4datrap #GucciIsMyDad
ralphie_laurenani : #Mula1017 Mixtape Link in Bio Go DOWNLOAD NOW❗️
kiko.__ : @akayodrugdealer don't nobody give af if you like this shiii or not... Fuck nigguh...op ahh Nigguh 👿🌵
akayodrugdealer : Ay @kiko.__ criticism is worth more then compliments lil bruh
krooksquad300 : 🔴⚪🔴REMEMBER THAT vid chief posted of him gettin top in aqua❓ But deleted it?? I got it i posted it yesterday when i made this ig 😂😂 Thats how i got 425 so fast go peep it get it to 1754 likes and tag him DONT REPORT the fuckin video🔴⚪🔴
_ogselfmade - moneygotmegeekd - freesh_15 - almighty_rob_so_dope -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
Mr GuWop for president #TrapGod
trapgod -
itsguccidrew : Lol @sweetprinceishere
prettiface1000 : The world would b a better place Wop
gradymacmillan : @maxfordproera you can be the Vice President
johnnyystevens : @d_dylanlogan
jusrolled1 : MMMM. No, thank you.
kendall_fire21 : I fucks with you gucci but hell nawh
josh_seemslegit : @_mostwanted lmao
almighty.alec : Face ass😂
moneymyless - _lemmy_shmurda_ - jaharha - mattigonz -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
#TrapGod3 LINK IN BIO @laflare1017 @videogod
trapgod3 -
king.dolph : @_853s
cee.alvarado : She don't thank that she the shit ... lil momma know so she young, she supa thick .. yeah that's my young hoe 😋
number1withcheese : Lmao @c_claayton
call_him_handsome : @moneymoe901 @dagoldenboy_ @king_johnny_bravo
colombian_brad_pitt : @seamusmckeon @loganderberry
loganderberry : Well that video looks just great @colombian_brad_pitt @seamusmckeon
jai_parker45 : @jreese_xo
1979_gmc_sierra : @ddoss85
downbottomboyawn - thomast1792 - bandup_4tre - marke420 -
laflare1017 - Gucci Mane
#TrapGod3 LINK IN BIO!!!
trapgod3 -
larrdogg : @beartobear
grind_hardfrito : @alishareneexoxo 😂😒
alex_le_ : @addammay @z_a_c_h_a_r_y___ @rob_kushdashian
thatoggreg : @_lorddarksin_
alexofcraddock : @jaiylenskates
sadboys2012 : @flexnworkn
chasinn_100s : @eriik_perez
eriik_perez : lmao @chasinn_100s
lettybabygirl29 - asap_brycie - larryputdownthexannies - __naturallytiff -
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