Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Centrally located between the beach and downtown Los Angeles, LACMA features artwork covering the expanse of art history and the globe.
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Don't miss "Variations: Conversations in and Around Abstract Painting" now in its final weeks! The exhibition features 29 artists whose work investigates the possibilities and vocabulary of abstraction. #Variations [Photo via @xinrvi] #AaronCurry #ChristopherWool #MaryWeatherford #RashidJohnson #IvaGueorguieva
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Both a destroyer and restorer, Shiva is recognized—along with Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Preserver—as part of the sacred triad of Hindu gods. In this work, Shiva performs a cosmic dance that symbolizes the creation and destruction of the universe. Check the Unframed blog every week to see a highlight of a work from the permanent collection during LACMA's 50th anniversary. [Shiva as the Lord of Dance. India (Tamil Nadu), c. 950–1000] #LACMA50
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
View from the Ahmanson Building, floor 3. Share photos from your visit using #LACMAplusYou. [Photo via @bebomarie]
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Share your selfie! Tag photos of you with your favorite LACMA artwork using #LACMAfaces for a chance to be part of the ongoing exhibition "Faces of America: LACMA Collects." [Michael Heizer. Levitated Mass. 2012. Photo via @francilg]
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
We’re wishing Frank O. Gehry an early happy birthday with this #tbt to the 2012 opening for "Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective," for which Gehry designed the installation. Looking forward to this fall’s #FrankGehry retrospective, opening September 13! Gehry celebrates his 86th birthday this Saturday. [Clockwise: LACMA CEO Michael Govan, Tony Berlant, Vija Celmins, Doug Wheeler, Stephanie Barron, Happy Price, Ron Cooper, Larry Bell, Ed Moses, Ron Nagle, Allen Jones, David Hockney, Billy Al Bengston, Frank O. Gehry]
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Darius I the Great was a super fan of large-scale building projects. He built big and small: from connecting the Red Sea to the Nile to his private palace in Tachara, located in the capital Persepolis (present-day Iran). This fragment from a relief probably came from one of the decorated staircases at his residence, which was completed in about 486 B.C. Check out the Unframed blog every week to see a highlight of a work from the permanent collection during LACMA's 50th anniversary. #LACMA50​
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sana__miri : We proud of darius ......and persia
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Have a favorite photo from your #LACMA visit? Share it with us using #LACMAplusYou. [European Art galleries. Photo via @thewhitepanda].
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
"Larry Sultan: Here and Home" has been extended to July 19! Come see the first retrospective by this California photographer. [From the "Pictures from Home" series. Photo via @sashadn]. #LACMASultan #LACMAplusYou
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Don't miss "Pierre Huyghe," now in its final days at LACMA! [Untilled. 2012. Concrete cast with beehive structure, wax. Ishikawa Collection, Okayama Japan. Photo by Ola Rindal] #PierreHuyghe
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lacma - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Happy Chinese New Year! This week we're celebrating with this foliated plate from China's late Yuan dynasty (c. 1340–68). The blue-and-white ceramic technique developed during this period, in which demand for these vessels soared. Join us as we celebrate works from LACMA's collection in honor of its 50th anniversary. [Foliated Platter (Pan) with the Eight Buddhist Symbols (Bajixiang), Flowers, and Waves. China, Jiangxi Province, Jingdezhen​] #ChineseNewYear #LACMA50
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pmhieu : Because many countries, not just China, use Lunisolar Calendar and celebrate this festival, I think it would be better if you call the festival "Lunar New Year." Thanks!
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