Kyle Gallner

Hello everyone. I'm Kyle and i can be a bit camera shy. Perhaps it's time to face my fears...
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
ALS ice bucket challenge. @themaryjanejane @loganrjk @secretly_stalks_your_instagrsm you have 24 hours. Thank you @christopherjamescoy and @gremalie for the nomination.
victoriadella : You are awesome
vsbmoore : @katwoof JUST
fergusoncyn : You are THE BEST!
tarandoliver : @secretly_stalks_your_instagrsm Your turn little sister!!! Hahahaha!
secretly_stalks_your_instagrsm : Oh I've already done the challenge. You'll just never see it because "Someone" didn't record it properly!
eclange33 : Bahaha @moderngatsby had no idea! Lol
drita.b : @naomyprskalo look at my babyboy ! Hahahaha :P
tarandoliver : @secretly_stalks_your_instagrsm What!!!! You have to do it again.
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Spent the day at the farm learning how they grow all the tomatoes :)
sniper_gallery : Your*
sniper_gallery : God* sorry loolXD
alito_cantu86 : His hair ohh myyy !! :S
adrien_yang1997 : How cute !
lisalorcavangogh : That's great! Best choice :)
_tiffanyberg_ : Hi olly
minervita200 : Hello
stacyarneton : Trop mignon à croquer :3 Tel père, tel fils @kylegface
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Merry go round with dad :)
grant_g_23 : Yo man uve been my hero ever since you were on smallville those days are over now and we all have to get on with our life's haha lol, but yo if you read this I just want u to know man, that you're my fav. Actor you're very good at you're job bro! And nice kid man, @kylegface
grant_g_23 : And hey bro, you should do the ice challenge! XD omg! That would make my day lol, please reply with a yes or no. :) @kylegface
kingslaywr : @pinhoisabelly
mariodalto9 : Keep up that craft!
mariodalto9 : Your a beast😉
logan_raleigh : He's getting so big! Awww!
adrien_yang1997 : OMG Cute !
thundercatcori : Super cute guys!
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
I tried... He is saying it now and laughing at the video.... But will he say it when I ask... He's embarrassing me in front of my friends!!! ;)
jesspmanso : Aqui ele tá até bonitinho, @raphanobrega ! Rsrsrs
mellheredia : LINDO <3 e MEU! I love you @kylegface
benjaminkroop : Mustache challenge?...I'm in. O boy is growin up like a beanstalk.
kylegface : @benjaminkroop challenge!!!!!!!!
tubster1983 : Mine says Dada nicely and says Mama like he's possessed.
grant_g_23 : Awwww he looks soooo grown up! @kylegface
adrien_yang1997 : U look like ur 20 ❤
rachel_l_bousquet : He's so cute 👶💙
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Stolen from @tarandoliver game time at lunch :)
_iamsupernova : Where r u in the pic? In a café? 😄 ur purple hat is so beautiful with Oliver's green dress, I don't know who I'm talking with but still commenting 😁
kylegallnerfans1 : so cute oliver :)
thundercatcori : Seeing your interactions with your son are precious! I wish all children had loving fathers like you seem to be!
alito_cantu86 : Aawww @kylegface tell your wife not to vlock us we wanna see baby oliver !! :(
alito_cantu86 : *it was block jaja
lisalorcavangogh : @kylegface I love your hat. And you're lucky that I'm over the ocean, because I'm a kleptomaniac.
its_msapples : Miss you guys! 💗
graceannethewitch : Ohh. Il ragazzo degli horror 🙌👽 @lisalorcavangogh
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
A very nice guy named tom gave me these two tail feathers from his two macaws as a gift. Thank you tom :)
nadiaxnajib : Ily
tarandoliver : @kylegface I thought you got those for me...;)
lisalorcavangogh : Why Tom has taken these feathers? you know that expose bird feathers is how to expose human hairs after waxing?
googli1 : Awww its so cute gift.. Kyle you are anazing to show your love to express yourself to your fans thanks take care .
echelonsandra : You never posted my gift for Oliver, though you said you would. I'm disappointed. :( it's been 6 months now.
schmeeva : wow, tom seems like a great guy
maluquispe : you are one of my favourite actors . I love your movies !!!!
echelonsandra : I don't think he took the feathers. I think the bird lost them and he took the feathers then..
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
This is how you brush your teeth....
susanappleyard : Kyle is Oliver really that big or is he standing on something? Zoe's head isn't even close to coming to the top of the bathroom sink.
kylegface : @susanappleyard Oliver is just a really big boy. The kid is huge haha
fercomounpajaro : What a beautiful family :))
alito_cantu86 : @hippietete yes she is can't you tell ?? Althou she is wearing black you can totally see her belly :)
hippietete : @alito_cantu86 is a normal womans belly no?
hippietete : @kylegface so she is pregnant!!! Happy things Kyle and @tarandoliver hehe
alito_cantu86 : @hippietete you can tell by the sides of her stomach !! Well that's what i can see haha
grant_g_23 : XD too cute man it's adorable lol, all I can remember is when u were on smallville u were my fav, character (the flash) Bart was the best and u played that roll like a pro. U play every roll like a pro, but that's like my fav. Show ur awesome man! :) hope you get to see this your biggest fan ~Grant Gonzalez! @kylegface
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Hanging with my buddy @gublergram oh how I've missed you
tvriale : LOS AMO
kayehallam : @sinisterkiddd
themaryjanejane : Great picture.
thundercatcori : My two crushes! Adorkable!
alecxssio : te amo
giubler : I'M DYING INSIDE
lisalorcavangogh : I totally love his drawings!
blueberrries : @djekkie_ och DÄÄR exploderade mina äggstockar.
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Vancouver it's nice to be back :)
maclaaaud : Любовь ты моя
alexreed2000 : TE AMO MAS ❤
bertiesmith7 : @maclaaaud ебать русская!
felicealexy : @bertiesmith7 обов'язково матом?
emmasophiekent : Cute
bertiesmith7 : @felicealexy не удержался)
hippietete : Wohhoo you are secsy and i know it
ladyelizabethx : 😍😍😍😍👋👋👋
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
A little hang time with my two favorite people before I zip back to canada. Mama not pictured bc she's taking the picture dummy ;) for your health! (Name that character)
salaciouscray : Sweet berry wine!
katicornell : Whaaaat you're here in Canada? Where?
garbagetrash : <- sterling follow me you handsome@mug.
_iamsupernova : Omg look at Oliver's hair,,, 😂😂😂 so cute
tarandoliver : :)
katteffingallagher : Hi, I'm dr. Steve Brule.
hippietete : Chest nun esc maj inte fot' picchè se puress scass a machinett 😊❤️ si tropp accuort Kyle ❤️👪
bikehitscar : Brule, ya turkey!
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