Kyle Gallner

Hello everyone. I'm Kyle and i can be a bit camera shy. Perhaps it's time to face my fears...
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Climbing mountains in matching hats with the little brother @jack_gallner
leahacrorussell : Matching faces 😝
nickixbey : you guys fxcking look a like both handsome mygod
tulyofficialx : You make me so happy
jazmynehenson : Look a lot alike
jazmynehenson : @leahacrorussell matching faces lmao!πŸ˜‚
ciara_tigerlily : πŸ‘―
cookiiez91 : πŸ’•
hebah1991 : What amusement park is behind you?
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Dear white people now Available on I tunes, Amazon, and on demand. If you didn't have a chance to see it in theaters check it out. And if you did see it in theaters why not check it out again. Or tell 500 of your closest friends to check it out. All of these are good options. @dearwhitepeople
sasha_mitro : Lucy😍
googli1 : hahahaha so true @blankomeowlover
chrislabadie : Sooooo good
susanappleyard : Sounds good!!
eugeneosam : @kylegface your my favorite!! My favorite movie you in is "Haunting in Connecticut" plz reply back! Would make my life even better! Because I'm going through the same thing matt did :(
eugeneosam : Or what you went through lol so plz reply back @kylegface
tkgivens606 : Will do!
lovexlee : Watched last night! Good movie!
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Oliver has accomplished a lot in his short life
ciara_tigerlily : NUGGET!! 😍😍😍😍
brooklyn6cali : My daughter has made me watch this like 10 times and is screaming AGAIN as I write this lol
_iamsupernova : Omg...yeahhhhhhh
dan.flood : 🎩❀️
motocykle_69 : 😍😍😍
that_inner_peace : Congrats on the cute ass kid, Kyle. Nice work.
cyberpunxk : Lol! Love it 😹😻
nickixbey : damn
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Nothing to do this weekend:...The goat says go see American sniper. My hair was harmed in the making of this film.....totally worth it.
itstoribiatch : You better not die in the first 10 minutes. πŸ’©
jordanlsmalls : @kylegface sweet now I wanna see this. Didn't know you were in it
cyberpunxk : You in American sniper is giving me SO much life!!! Yes!! @kylegface
cyberpunxk : Your eyes are glittering ✨✨
ohthembones : Just saw it!! It was awesome
dxnielle.lee : marry me
ana.claram : You are AMAZING!!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
nickixbey : you're hot fxck me
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Just a couple of brothers hanging out. One older and one super chubby. Life is good :)
minniedinkins : Me, too @thegypsyp! I had the best dream with Oliver last night. We went on an adventure :-)
arisha_ahmed : Trust me they'll be urs @forevereuphoria
daynakyara : OMG...they are so cute...S2...
susanappleyard : It's been way to long need to see these boys!! Leo didn't get to be the baby of the family for very long:) Family just keeps growing.....
ashley_christine_xoxo : Literally the cutest thing ever. 😍
hierophilic : @logan_raleigh
kylegallnerfans1 : So cute
robinbrenizer : Adorable!
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
The struggle is real
susanappleyard : We can relate, Zoë's gets nastyπŸ˜€
dreamwvr73 : Time for a haircut lol
lisalorcavangogh : Do not cut his hair!!!!
googli1 : well its the daddy and ofc mommy to.decide rather he should be given a hair cut or not but i feel he will look hunky in cadet cut. xD
californiagrl89 : I agree with @lisalorcavangogh no hair cuts 😊
lisalorcavangogh : @californiagrl89 Kurt Cobain style is better!
californiagrl89 : @lisalorcavangogh definitely πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ
cherylwhitney7 : I call this the "Beetlejuice"
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Thank you Kimberly @mediaplayground oliver @allsaintslive Emily @sandroparis and Ann @benshermanid for all the cool gear to wear for a fun shoot. You guys rule. :)
holton.13 : Thats just gonna make that movie 10 times better😍😍 @missfletch25
jenny_jamalam : Ben Sherman is awesome!
itzdaniella9 : Your an awesome actor.I just saw one of the movies you were in little birds and it was amazing :-)
lupevillarreal : Smile πŸ˜…
caratuite42 : 😍😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
_nunika_ : @natskull_ <3
cyberpunxk : Kyle you are SO AWESOME. You'll never know how much you mean to me. Seriously.
fernandoleopina : I hope if they make another nightmare on elm st that you are in it. @kylegface
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
This little boy playing in the dryer with poppy and honey (g mom and g pop) spending a few days with them bc Leo and mama are sick :( I am the last one holding on! Also a pangolin and it's baby bc they are also adorable.
caratuite42 : aw so cute!! love you!!❀️❀️
jamieelynnnxx : Wait i'm confused. This is the first one?
hierophilic : @logan_raleigh look at this beautiful baby!! ☺️😍 how precious!
susanappleyard : Tell Tara I said get well soon and give Leo kisses😘😘
neptune_rising70 : Hope Tara and Leo are better soon!
martina_27062001 : Your son is wonderful <3
iamawarrior : So cute! Hope your family will get better soon!
darky_gray : This is the cutest what i see
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
He picked me every dandelion he could find :)
minniedinkins : oh my goodness. I need some ollie time.
gypsyrohz : What a sweetie
kylegallnerfans1 : so cute kyle! :)
maoliveiraa : Kkkkkk so sweet β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘Ό
joannemorson : So sweet
lisalorcavangogh : Sweet πŸ’›
enchantedsephora : What a cutie! Happy new year to you and your beautiful family from Italy x
ashhbugg : Your son is honestly one of the cutest kids I'v ever seen! He's a great combination of you and your pretty lady:) It's so sweet how much you post about him, shows how much you love him and how great of a dad you are!
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
The @mobywrap is downright diabolical... Secret weapon to help put the kiddo out. Plus it's super cozy and really awesome to have the little dude so close. Little heating blanket :) if you have kiddos I highly suggest investing in one of these bad boys!
laura.sascha.sarayi : Adorable!
olivia_renee143 : πŸ™ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜
sh.cupcake : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
trumenablack : how old is he now?πŸ’•
vjkimmel : My baby hated mine lol she likes to have her legs dangle.
frailbeauty : @kill.korey.kill I think some feature of his are similar to yours
kill.korey.kill : @frailbeauty I see why I'm cute then
demilogue : The Moby wrap was the only way I could get anything done when mine was that lil
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