Kyle Gallner

Hello everyone. I'm Kyle and i can be a bit camera shy. Perhaps it's time to face my fears...
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Elf baby and dad :)
susanappleyard : Kyle he looks just like you!!
dipidipidipti : Gosh.....both of u are so cute πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‹
beccao_dreamer : Can u please take a pic without the hat so we can see your pretty hair?? And Leo is so cute!!
nickixbey : sweety, your mustache is growing again lmaooo cuties x
itstoribiatch : OMG give me those baby cheeks!
ssivvv : @heaveennnnn
heaveennnnn : His twin @ssivvv
my_fucking_live : Soo cute
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Little elf
susanappleyard : I'm with Mom, Kiss him Kiss him Kiss him....
britt_schofield1 : He's a ill cutie!!
tara_leo_oliver : @gorycoodsen Thank you so much!! They are precious :)
smabulla : @tinaaaaa_95 ommioddio ma è la cosa più bella di questo mondo 😍 però menderino è menderino
gorycoodsen : @tara_leo_oliver of course! Leo & Oliver are too cute!
loo_troublemakerr : Awwww so cutee 😍
gianellakarina : woow leo :3
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
He fought the fight until he couldn't fight anymore... Sleep always wins eventually....
fergusoncyn : Looks like the giraffe is kissing his head!
omgithinkitsme : Aweee
tara_leo_oliver : @zeldawilliams that thing is awesome. An awesome sleep maker.
sofytorres18 : Awwwwww cute cute cute 😍😍😘
threecheersforsweetrevenge___ : I love your performance in Jennifer's Body, you really pulled off the punk rock look :-)
susanappleyard : He is so sweet!!
atefehrasoulzadeh : @marychlee
atefehrasoulzadeh : @mali.lee
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Picture stolen from @tara_leoliver s'mores and hotdogs for dinner in the park.
_ksociety_ : Awww so cute!!!😊
fungh0ulx : @kylegface nooo you're making me miss my Steeler nation!
tinaaaaa_95 : @smabulla sembra la bimba/il bimbo di prima πŸ˜‚
smabulla : Non dirlo ! Menderino è molto più bello😍 @tinaaaaa_95
thefilus : Oliveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr
nickixbey : MY TWO BABIES ^-^
nickixbey : like why is no one running up to you
nickixbey : or did that excually happen?
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Baby whisperer.....
vanessaar5 : Oh,that Cute 😍❀❀
1d_lara : Loser
geministeel : You played an awsome FLASH!! Congrats on the new born! Wish you all the best brother!
cerenceydaaa : 😍😍😍
atefehrasoulzadeh : @mali.lee vaaaay
atefehrasoulzadeh : @marychlee hahah
isabellaa.marquess : @jessvelvet Awn. ;-;
filhodomar : @littleprincipe
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Watching the train disappear right under his feet.
ashley_christine_xoxo : I bet he is so enthralled. Adorable. Hope you guys are enjoying Pittsburgh! And I hope the time zone change gets a little easier for you.
sillyalexandra : Oliver's curls (and animal photos) ate the cutest parts of my feed 😊
sillyalexandra : Are****πŸ˜‚
nini9smithcom : Beautiful picture
bigbaldheatd : Wow Great picture. πŸ™Šβ˜ΊοΈ
sandra_lipe : I thought was a gal ...(his)      
nickixbey : that's a beautiful shot!
never_tall_enough : So amazing my son would go nuts he is always listening to the trains near our house
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
Baby gymnastics at @christopherjamescoy And @aecoy crib in Pittsburgh. Nice having friends in the same city at the same time :)
mady_hetzler112 : Hahahaha πŸ˜‚ @holton.13
holton.13 : Soooo closeeee!!!!!πŸ˜‚ @mady_hetzler112
neptune_rising70 : It must help you transition better, having your BFF there. Glad you made it safely!
1d_lara : Fu loser
milu_ferreyra : Lovvvv u ❀
jenbraunlich : Very cool you are in my hometown
jenbraunlich : You should try Primanti sandwich shop located in the strip district while you're in Pittsburgh
caraatuite : so cute!!
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
We made it to pittsburgh..... :)
foolforlove : Oh my God this is adorable
sniper_gallery : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
chambernaut : *gangsta rap intensifies*
fergusoncyn : What happened on the plane for Oliver to lose his pants! That's got to be a story for the Christmas letter.
minniedinkins : This is the best!!!
emilyjayej : πŸ™Œ
susanappleyard : Cutie!!
brittney_wagner_14 : @olivia_renee74 look what school made us miss
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
We shut the door on number 109. We are putting it up for sale. I have been there for 7 years. I have done a lot of growing up there. I have been through relationships good bad and ugly, I have partied, I have been through light times and dark times, ups and downs, i have been through a lot there. And then I met the one who would calm me down and really turned that place Into a home. She calmed me down cleaned me up and turned me into a respectable man and gave me the greatest gift ever... She made me a daddy... Twice. I started to raise a family in 109 and I will miss it. It is bitter sweet but I am really excited for this new adventure. We are off to Pennsylvania for 6 months and then we will figure it out from there. To everyone that has been in and out of 109 it's been real. That chapter has closed. Here's to moving on and a new chapter!
iamawarrior : Aww yayyy enjoy your new chapter in life!
amy_127 : ✨Wishing you the very best! It was nice having you as a neighbor!!βœ¨πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
rue_l061777 : Here's to now!
sniper_gallery : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
its_msapples : Stop your gonna make me cry!! Next chapter will be as beautiful exciting and memorable as the last just with the little family you've created. I love you guys. Its nice to have you back on the east coast. Hoping to see your lovely faces this summer so we can have some lazy beach days!@kylegface
margaretelizabethg : Best of luck Kyle. You will do great things.
junkpuncher : Aww! Super sweet! Big things, great things are coming your way.
bekkigirl89 : That's how I feel about selling our house. We moved in, got married, had two amazing babies, but now 5 years on we are opening a new chapter too. May your new home and life in Pennsylvania be amazing for you all :)
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kylegface - Kyle Gallner
I made a new friend today. Her name is peanut butter.
omgithinkitsme : Omg !! Need a close up of those paws!
wiclyffe.oficial : My loveee
alshiamoyez : She's too cute.
asfenix : <3
realkevinlacz : #pussinboots
beccao_dreamer : Awwwwwww......
rue_l061777 : Awe Garfield I want one!!!!
n4nsku : Awww so cute😻🐾❀
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