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KushedGod Collection available now. #ReallyFuckinCool
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kushedgod - Smoke DZA
Bad ass kidz... My Son and my nephew.. Happy bday Ian! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ #ReallyFuckinCool
reallyfuckincool -
latoyavailes : 😍😘
lildoddd : Happy Birthday! Brings me back to my childhood good times
prestopx : I had a birthday like that when i was his age. Great memories. Happy birthday young man.
lunny7 : @biglescobar
andrewlenzishow : @brandon95roat
wayno_165 : Happy Birthday enjoy #poppadopalis
skipbblzn : I bet he can't help but to be a fan!
hgd718 : Dope cake
daffi_dank - aalonzo857 - taken_15_by_the_best - yung_tevin_campbell -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
Made me happy to see them happy together. She loves him and he loves her.. happy to see my old man in good spirits. Family over everything it took real life to slow me down and remind me.. #ReallyFuckinCool
reallyfuckincool -
get_what_yu_see : Prayers up!!
thetreemasonbbm : God bless bro πŸ™
sinbadnumba9 : Tell your pops I said stay up and I miss him.
teddevi148 : Every time I saw this man here he was going to or coming from work, you get it honestly. Hope ya pops get well soon, its family moments like this you can't pay for.#captureallthesemoments #reallyreallyfuckincool
raydennis :   
nakimyhc : bless up !
avi_ramprashad : Stay up g all the best
bizzerk : Bless Up @kushedgod tell Pops "Everytin gwan be Alright!!"
drairleolovelifeesq - daffi_dank - crown.og - yung_tevin_campbell -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
Dont miss pt.1 of my European tour vlog its up on @HighClassTV's website www.HighClass.TV #ReallyFuckinCool #HighClassTV #Amsterdam #Paris #London
paris - amsterdam - reallyfuckincool - london - highclasstv -
dumbfitted : That mothafucka needs to take off that fucking sweatband for one day
mikebrowndaczar : You in DC I'm trying get a feature
daviddanky : https://m.soundcloud.com/mic-broadway/kushroomvibes-dedicated-to-420
mcnuggetstayhigh_ : yu said you want them cookies all my niggaa smoke is kush and cookies
mcnuggetstayhigh_ : @kushedgod
mackmamba25 : Really kool cameo tonight at the 420 show riiiight!
everythingwavy : @joelkellem MIXTAPE CHILL GOD DROPPING TODAY at 4:20!! πŸ˜šπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
lambolevi : Happy 4/20
lavishjols - diamondlopez84 - vbrntwves - samet_bestboy -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
The worse don't either.. Some things are ment to be left unsaid or decoded. Don't need to fake it till I make it. I made it. Don't need to be super real. I live in reality. Nonetheless.. #ReallyFuckinCool
reallyfuckincool -
doinwhatyoudreamabout : @_heather_0213
mills_pj : @ahalebaldwin if you didn't post it, did it actually happen?
pifjones : Click the link in my bio!! Got some really trippy music I think you'll enjoy!! Thanks πŸ’¨πŸƒβœŒοΈ
klimo_shuffle : @kristasutera
kristasutera : Awwww TRUE @klimo_shuffle
aksourgod : aiyo #salute big homie that Ringside series is fucking awesome. That Mix wit that classic/new #WWE is to wavy. That "RFCKO" and "New Face of Fear" is fucking crazy. 183rd murked all the samples! nothing more to say my g #salute
jetblaz : Life
koolvon : πŸ™ŒπŸ½
brettridgely - trinigyal1218 - daffi_dank - s.upremenyc -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
Coming soon for your visual pleasure... Dza x Andretti #DontTry #TheneverDieCorporation #ReallyFuckinCool
reallyfuckincool - donttry - theneverdiecorporation -
06demo : @blvck__sphinx πŸ‘Œ
hacefresco : @tsoupac @lugslug5 yessssss
icyreese : :)))
therealskrillaluccaino : I have the movie now I'm late but happy @kushedgod
e.kg : We got dope like its from tha 80's
everythingwavy : @joelkellem MIXTAPE CHILL GOD DROPPING TODAY at 4:20!! πŸ˜šπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
spacecowboyz : @carboneone
gohanbitch_ - mrwin136 - birdman_406 -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
From stages to Canadian holding cages lol we stay fabric. Happy budDay phelps @spitta_andretti love #TheNeverDieCorporation #ReallyFuckinCool
reallyfuckincool - theneverdiecorporation -
iamtdavis : @shy_shi memories
shy_shi : @iamtdavis indeed πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
elias_escobar : The realest indeed. Happy G Day Spitta
bawce : sanders
hustlerschic : God bless the Unity the Jets down like the Mob. Man iPhone needs to make a Pinkies and thumb emoji ✈
qmoola_wildcard : Pink an thumb still his gang tho #rfc #jetlife
di_1_n_only__borysbreezy : Big up papa spitta
itsjustrashar : Peace out big guy.. @kushedgod
nixgalleria - glogod1017 - tkinggreallyagain - john_monreal -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
This is something that our generation needs to highlight so many parents deal with this including myself takes a lot of patience I'm wit yall but at the end the progress of seeing my kid be an amazing person in this wack world is worth everything to me.. πŸ’™ #AutismAwareness #ReallyFuckinCool
autismawareness - reallyfuckincool -
_____claire_ : Inspiringβ™‘
modern_day_pirata : @ashleylove3xo
ashleylove3xo : This is awesome! @modern_day_pirata
aris_911 : @mlakiss
momswhodab22 : This is amazing and I'm blessed to have you as my friend G. My brother was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 and he's now 20 and then when he was 7 I watched him get struck by a truck and he almost died he now suffers from a traumatic brain injury but the brain injury magnified my brothers autism... he's truly my bestfriend @kushedgod this made me smile. 😊
violator_ : πŸ™
faderphoto : #ReallyFuckinCool
shonlindauer : #reallyfuckincool thanks for supporting lo.
lavishjols - bella_sweetrabbiti - vbrntwves - john_monreal -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
Thru the crowd antics during the middle of the set. S/o to my brother phelps for letting me get my NWO shit off and one time for @rookct for capturing the moment. #TheNeverDieCorporation #ReallyFuckinCool
reallyfuckincool - theneverdiecorporation -
mungalishis : @fxmullins
violator_ : Fuk yeah!!! Riiiiigghhtt
kushdout2 : Haha
iuwt_only : Weak
waterxmouth : Ayyyyy I'm in that for like a second smoking that blunt!
__ray____ : @extractsandedibles
privacyglass : I was happy my self!
blaze_rene : @joedowning11
maryslab2069 - masappealcc - vbrntwves - lavishjols -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
Big daddy Cool.. Cc: @fortyfps #ReallyFuckinCool
reallyfuckincool -
tntgunz : S/O to cinematic word wide n my bros lexbubble n heroiwayne.. @thesmokersclub what up tho!
leftyluciano_ : @jetlifesociety
fuckjaygarcia : DIESEL
lkikeefsg32 : #onedaythatsme, #work - https://m.soundcloud.com/sg32 #worldwide #global
sevenonesix : Thanks for coming out Hollywood. Wish those fucbois didn't cut y'all off
jared0821 : Cj on da lenz
thekiidayee : Yo dza good seeing you last night bro I was in the front with the blue plaid shirt I wish you could have spit some more this my 3rd time seeing you out here in prov niggas fuck with you hard body out here. Whenever yall come back around just know I'm in there showing love hopefully next time I can bless yall with some of that pvd chronic smoke
yngfreshcc : Young Fresh Clothing
marvin3339 - customary_ideology - brixdmc -
kushedgod - Smoke DZA
"Preacher asked if I believe in heaven or hell I said of course all my niggas is dead or in jail" - @nymlo this gonna be some of the realist shit u ever heard. Separate the men from the boys. Get to know my brother. Check the vid out on Hotnewhiphop.com #ReallyFuckinCool
reallyfuckincool -
benfranki3 : @rl_l
7spitta : Fareal Yo I was like wtf
young_heffa : @key_chainzz @kingclouddub
james__isthename : Yo come fo Florida!!! $@kushedgod
lb_rfc : Ya son got all the juice in this vid!! #EverythingLo
r0g3rthat_ : Lot
wwalther : @jarlnymo nym lo ft j nym
gmb_antpe5o : #Life
br00kny - shabbabuju - nonchalant_tris - newhemp -
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