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We are a lifestyle brand & an innovative non-profit. Our mission is to empower people to rise above poverty.
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krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
Did you know that it's winter in Peru? #kkperu
kkperu -
niiika_ : @cnovoa_e92 beautiful
limechili777 : @krochetkids yup...good skiing over there !!
krystollartey : Wow! Going to Lima, Peru in October .. Had no idea it was going to be cold! Thanks for posting this #amazing pic @krochetkids
jennya.reyes : @__bigmeesh
liriliri : @krystollartey lima is in the coast so it is not as cold as in the pic.
tnlinner : Can't wait for winter. Beanie weather!
travishartanov - melanie_melgar - lalazing20 - jsmith_34 -
krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
We're really excited to announce our KK intl. Pop-Up Shop inside the brand-new @rudysbarbershop in Bellevue, WA. Come check it out! #rudysbarbershop
rudysbarbershop - knowwhomadeit -
_pier28_ : @megan_barbermama !!!!
jermzlee : What! That's super close! I'll have to stop by
arteesta : @krochetkids hey! I just saw that and was wondering what the story was! stoked to see it ;)
mzetlan : @blueskybear
krochetkids : Shop the store at 10713 Main St., Bellevue, WA & #knowwhomadeit
j3ssicak3lly : 😍 woo hoo!!!!
bdavies06 : @juliasmith12 this rocks!!
pigbarber : #supportcorporate :)
jamesjallen - adri4497 - mahina.piha - ravegreenquist -
krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
You need to know two things about our Fall 2014 Bags: they're all-new AND they come in a bunch of sizes for wherever your travels take you, even if it's simply to work or school. #kkioutside {link in profile}
kkioutside -
threadsofhopeint : V cute! πŸ‘
_caitlin_hope : @jeharv15 back to school present for your sissy
michaelahollingsworth : @kelsywhitten !!!
jeharv15 : @_caitlin_hope or nah
kelsywhitten : I waant!! @michaelahollingsworth
leekumkeee : @tashjo ☝️😍 you need this bag
tarynhew : you guys have the coolest products 🌝
chadrickarnold : @montanashea
jenwkahn - blessuper - mmackehagan - margaretderby -
krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
Stay salty, friends!
greatscotttt : #wishiwasthere
blancazucenav : You have the best pics!
byronbound : Where is that? @krochetkids
costa_mcmahan : Nice frame work! πŸ„
krochetkids : @byronbound An awesome place called San Onofre State Beach
woodyber : I love this picture! Grandma B
michael_salma - louise_jill - chey_pie96 - ohitsjustleah -
krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
Good friends and good conversations in a great place, what more do you need? #kkuganda
kkuganda -
pelirojopeligroso : It's amazing to see the bonding that occurs around a campfire.
threadsofhopeint : πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š
ijm7 : Where in UG is this?? I'm moving there in a month or so.. This picture's perfect...
awarren_007 : That tree is beautiful.
saramatza : @kelcampise
benjisloth : @ijm7 it's at Sipi Falls!
projectkidsgive : Check out @projectkidsgive, buy a bear and another will be given to a child in need of a smile!
artisanappareluganda : We love KK Uganda!
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krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
Children are 25X more likely to attend high school if their mother participates in our programs. In places where higher education is rare, children who finish high school have significantly more opportunities that those who don't. This is Juana and her son, Carlitos. #kkperu #thisisempowerment
thisisempowerment - kkperu -
landofthefrost : @krochetkids where does that number come from? And, are you referring to all of your programs or only the one in Peru?
krochetkids : Great question @landofthefrost! We implement a robust monitoring and evaluation system for both of our program locations that measures these statistics for the women in our programs compared to national averages. Feel free to shoot us an email us through the website or learn more here:
landofthefrost : Cool, thanks!
woodyber : Love the picture and thoughts!
theworley : #epic you guys are killing it!
light144 - jklein71 - christiehrnndz - mukhery -
krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
We were nominated for the #alsIceBucketChallenge by @thegivingkeys to support ALS research. We nominate @miir, @almondsurfboards, @rudysbarbershop and @niclauten! Learn more at #icebucketchallenge #strikeoutals
icebucketchallenge - alsicebucketchallenge - strikeoutals - nonprofitssupportingnonprofits -
daronmack : Haha! @niclauten singled out!!!!!!!!!!
nellsss : It'd be cool to see you guys try to support the state & its major drought by letting the people you challenged know to use ocean water - or get creative with it- instead.
angelalira : @laurenmolitor @thegivingkeys YES! Hahaha
kortneeburton : Haha #poornic @niclauten πŸ‘
laurenmolitor : Bahahah @angelalira and @thegivingkeys yay!! Well done @krochetkids! Xoxo
flappyjac : Well done you three!
devinandrea : I like the second bucket ! Thank you KK for supporting ALS research!
thegivingkeys : Woohoo!!!
ryahhendrickson - barbinman - nick_beaird - martypants_ -
krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
Look like a pretzel or a pigeon (pose) in KK intl. #kkioutside {photo by @meredithdozier}
yoga - kkioutside -
krochetkids : #yoga
akin_stagram : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
nzontheroadie : @meredithdozier you're famous!!!
handletteringco : @perfectbar
boycrazy1993 : @carolinedoja @meredithdozier @jcore lol
jcore : HELL YEAH @meredithdozier
hooplave - deiandree - katherineann18_ - marisanne79 -
krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
We've had a great time connecting with our retail partners and showcasing our SP/SU 2015 collection (aka "the future") at this year's @projectshow in Las Vegas. Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi!! #projectshow
projectshow -
purposeboutique : We are so excited for your spring/summer line @krochetkids!!!
denmshop : Stuff looks awesome! You guys are always a favorite 🍻cheers!
gibranyounes : @fernandabitten @loveboardsc
kjaben : Great display it's has a global/travel vibe
j3ssicak3lly : Whoa nice new look guys!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ‰
ricardo_uriarte : En peru hay tienda?
christylayous : @mogiozio
woodyber : Great display!
moriahcstock - carlagislas - higgi97 - mathildedshys -
krochetkids - Krochet Kids intl.
Take off into the wild unknown this fall. We're super excited to share our all-new Fall 2014 video sure to inspire you to get out there and see things from a new perspective. #kkioutside {link in profile}
kkioutside -
tonanzin_s - adri4497 - niklas_mkmp - hannah_aste -
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