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kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
Siblings are awesome. She's a super fan, and he had a great game this morning making it easy for us to be fans. She kept all his stats on her phone and paced the sidelines ready to jump in if they needed her. His stats: 8 tackles,1 fumble recovery, 1 kick return, 1 forced fumble🏈
halle44 : ❀️❀️
jamie_ellenb : Siblings ARE awesome!!
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kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
Pom Pom garland in warm and cozy yarns that made me feel really happy. πŸ’—β€οΈ
sarahbargo : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
carriec : Shhhh - a certain tee is packed in my bag for a certain girls weekend. πŸ˜‰
kristinanw : @carriec 😘 thank you for being so supportive.
paigetaylorevans : Love this!!
lisaborbely - bambouorchidee - paigetaylorevans - pernilleslille -
kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
Working on lots of things at once right now. Making to do lists that have categories. Finding it all to be challenging and hoping for the rewarding part soon.
cayleegrey : Yay for categorised to do lists.
lindsay_tratz : I have been coveting the fuji x100 FOREVER! Do you love it?
kristinanw : @lindsay_tratz I LOVE love it. I haven't even used my big DSLR in months.
mintandvarnish : Love!
andotherlovelies - paperwoolthread - paulajhk - paigetaylorevans -
kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
It's a chilly fall day here and I'm crushing on these fall flairs and wood shapes. I love the warm pinks and oranges together. πŸ’— (in the etsy shop now)
chiaotan : Lovely!
rebmnmny : @kristinanw I did an order - love the wood veneer! Do you know how long it takes to ship? Thank you!
gina_rei - mediasytintas_myt - collegegirlscrap - ara_esp -
kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
More new adventures. @44and1 Launching another new brand, this time with @halle44 . Trying to teach each of my children how to start and operate businesses doing something you feel passionate about. My life is full and incredibly adventureous.
kristinanw : @carriec 😘 thank you so much. ❀️
kristinanw : @jamiewaters @baseballmama πŸ‘
kristinanw : @shannontidwell it's going to be gear for girl athletes. We are starting with printed socks first.
justlulu : Love love ❀️
jenkinkade : πŸ’•
jennifermcguireink : Awesome! Audrey would love!
joycushing : My 11 year old son has an entire sketch book full of ideas for custom Elites. He currently owns 38 pairs and sees a few here that he must have. Would you be willing to provide some direction as it pertains to manufacturing, so that I might be able to encourage my son to do the same? Any advice you are willing to share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
cjets5 : Let me know when u need some models. Taylor would be happy to try them out. Super awesome.
shivaniparasnis - _sophieprincess_ - karrinann - paigetaylorevans -
kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
Hey Monday, thanks for not kicking my butt too much even though you tried. Maybe an hour of hot yoga will make it better.
celinenavarro : 😘
helloforeverpaperco : Oh my.... Just remember I dreamt I was hanging out with you and Jeff.... And I was going to try on one of the new shirts so I would know what size to order! Lol
carriec : Monday has kicked my butt. Do some yoga for me.
jamie_ellenb : Love you, girl.
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kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
Weekends are Perfection. I love weekends. And this shirt. It is Perfection. @weblowkisses has 20% off this weekend so you can wear Perfection too. #webk #weblowkisses
webk - weblowkisses -
jenkinkade : you're beautiful!! πŸ’•
jamie_ellenb : Beautiful. And you are perfection. 😘
stacyjulian : so good to see your pretty face. hope you are well?!
stephaniehowell : I'm thinking I need some of these. ❀️
stephaniebryan : Beautiful lady!!!
jecarl : Embrace it @craftykari
kmktenn82 - jessicasafko - renee_coffey - sockergrynet -
kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
Hello Adventure. And beautiful colors. πŸ’— Etsy.com/shop/weblowkisses
rebmnmny : I forgot about the shop on etsy. I'm so excited right now!!
mariabi74 : I've just made my first order! ;-)
tejaynes : No way!! We can still get your fabulous products on etsy?!? I'm in heaven right now!!! πŸ‘
paigetaylorevans : Love it ALL!
cayleegrey : Gorgeous.
stephaniebryan : Awesome!!!
chiaotan : Lovely!
amytangerine : Soooo lovely!!
salwaliyaa - myjapanplan - tallerdelsdetalls - thebuttonjar_au -
kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
I am absolutely certain this is most beautifully addressed package I've ever received. @jenkinkade 's art is simply stunning and I am honored that she sent me a piece of her work. πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’—
stephaniebryan : You are amazing @jenkinkade !!!
pinkynepomuceno : This is so great @jenkinkade!
paigetaylorevans : How fun! What a sweet gift and friend :)
olatzgarai : This is amazing @jenkinkade
jenkinkade : 😘 😘 enjoy!!
jamie_ellenb : I love this so much! You rock @jenkinkade
jenkinkade : @amytangerine I'll make you something anytime πŸ˜‰
jenkinkade : @jamie_ellenb thank you!! ☺️
happiescrappie - jessicasafko - its_just_kayla - silyss_ -
kristinanw - Kristina Nicolai-White
My life: Friday night High School football games. Booster club members. Family athletic pass holders. We attend a lot of youth sporting events.
hkswapp : ⭐️
justemscraps : Hat and scarf! It feels like fall. :)
jenkinkade : can't believe your bundled up like that. it's been humid & hot as balls here 😳😜 lol
kristinanw : @justemscraps @jenkincade it just felt chilly out there tonight, but I was wearing the beanie all day.
michellelunruh : Sure was a lot cooler today than yesterday on my side of the state. Super humid yesterday. This morning 55 and nippy out.
chiaotan : Fabulous !
peachlightning : So cute!!!
jamie_ellenb : You guys are adorable!
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