Kristen Howerton

Writer. Lapsed psycotherapist. Fan of awkward talks about race & religion. Skilled catastrophizer. Could probably beat you in a showtunes sing-off.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
My daughter felt that the band needed a makeover. @beerandhymnsoc #perfect365
perfect365 -
chadmarkley : @wozysnax you win bro
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Fueling up for @beerandhymnsoc rehearsal tonight. We have a lot of 80's tunes to learn for the Sep 13 afterparty!
bethraulerson : Little Ceasers? #pizzapizza
kristenhowerton : Missing you @laurenrebekah89 and @belovedoverlord!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
On the blog today: talking about my new favorite GAP dress that I wear just about every day. It's cotton! With pockets! (and a @31bits necklace as usual)
sierrahegstrom : @ummayun she doesn't lose her nice things.
ummayun : Darn it. Where is my dreeeess.
belizren : Just ordered 3. 😍
alisonswear : I have a very similar dress from @garnethill. It's my favorite!
michelletherese11 : @linzzzabelle this looks like something you would like!
rodriguj1978 : I got the light gray and it's my new fave too!!!!
kimbyjag : Before I read the caption I was already in love with this dress. I want one!
linzzzabelle : @michelletherese11 Totally!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
India's new hobby: taking pictures of our dad friends and making them over. @lunabirdie @moyamonroe @stevemonroe7 watch your back @timtaber
perfect365 -
assholeparents : πŸ˜‚
nursenat11 : @kristenhowerton what app does she use?
jennyroseford : What app is that?
bostonmamas : Fuschia lipstick FTW
kristenhowerton : @nursenat11 @jennyroseford it's #perfect365
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Hi, my name is Kristen, and I'm addicted to @31bits jewelry.
ebeachler : Check out @colorbyamber eco friendly jewelry!!!
megduerksen : Me too. The first step is acceptance. πŸ˜‚
sarebearlyons : My favorite too!
shelimassie : Love! Check out @tradesofhope that empowers women out of poverty all over the world.....
anncoticchia : A great line to be addicted to! :)
ckmottram : You will love @noondaycollection ! Fall collection launched in August, it is gorgeous!! Noonday partners with artisans around the world in vulnerable communities to help create pathways out of poverty. Love being able to shop and feel great about it!!
christianpiatt : First step is admitting you have no control over your beads...
erinnfrowen : Check out @noondaycollection.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
One week before school starts. Goal: beach as much as possible. Share how you’re spending time with your family this summer with #HowWeFamily #Sweepstakes on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a trip to NYC. To learn more and for rules visit #ad
howwefamily - sweepstakes - ad -
sbernhardson : Jealous! We just started week TWO here in CT! 😿
snoock53 : We are already on week three)))
arustman : We've been back in school since August 4thπŸ˜”
aguyfrom_vermont : Wish i could vacation with my family! My dad works his a$$ off 6-7 days a week on the farm. Plus me working almost as much on the farm makes it hard for family time. Miss the old days for sure!!
sarah_reeve : @kristenhowerton since we have the same goal maybe we should meet up
kristenhowerton : @sarah_reeve yes!!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Dance break at IKEA.
gaberickson : That cheerleading camp taught her well
danielledriscoll : Pretty sure she's still supposed to be a baby... I've been creeping you for a really long time.
kathiesue : @chilefono13 One of my fave bloggers was at your store today!
paulosophia : I will learn those moves.
winningmedianj : I feel this way about IKEA too
tiareiongi : Swag!
m.glaab : We had a dance party last weekend at the same IKEA. Lol
mbuckley02 : So cute:)
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Sun, smiles, and a lot of sand. @herbadmother
thirdculturefamily : Super cute #rashguards. What brand are they @kristenhowerton?
herbadmother : Those were some big smiles, for sure
littlelashesphotography : I was just there Friday!
themotherco : We can to meet you BOTH there next weekend!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Watching cousin Derek in his first college football game! @bigdaddyd_44 @brownjk20
brownjk20 : This is priceless;)
bigdaddyd_44 : Thanks for supporting mee!!!!' Means a lot @kristenhowerton
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Duct tape: just because you can do anything with it, doesn't mean you should.
ruthaberta : I'm proud to be among the wackos that are Prius drivers! Prii for life! Can I get an amen, @etchedheart?
etchedheart : @ruthaberta πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»
dipunk : Well said.
dgilliam26 : @tr33hugger don't you want to do this to yours??
avonlea79 : At least it's pink.
aimabo : Lol! Well, we didn't see the before... This could be an improvement!
tr33hugger : Love it! You're helping me right @dgilliam26 ?
livflagg : @johngominiak im gonna do this to your car
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