Kristen Howerton

Writer. Lapsed psycotherapist. Fan of awkward talks about race & religion. Skilled catastrophizer. Could probably beat you in a showtunes sing-off.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Someone got a new iPhone and learned to make movies. @markhowerton
sheerjeenius : A jumper, a lay up and a sweet assist?! You got a little baller on your hands;)
redneckmommy : Well done!
kellieavakian : Traveling!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Who's watching #TheBachelor? Having noticed that most of the good twitter snark happens on eastern time, @raisingself and I are live-tweeting tonight using the hashtag #PSTsnark. We are in full-body stretchy clothes and ready to go!
thebachelor - pstsnark -
laura_eliza_ : I so miss when there were recaps!
kerrynurse : I graduated nursing school with Whitney, and she's a really great person. I bet she's there til the end!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
One of the things I loved most at #c21PHX was watching @soupiset illustrate notes from each talk on a white board behind the speaker in real time. While I was talking, I had to will myself not to turn around and watch. And then at the end, I got to see what he had created from my words. Love this momento.
c21phx -
zlind76 : @kristenhowerton great talk. So helpful.
rverdoorn22 : I really learned a lot from your talk...thanks for talking about a hard topic!
tcbandages : Love the graphic! Hoping we here @tcbandages can play out our calling in the area of #bandagequality
kimbyjag : Note illustrators are so cool! I recently did an event that had one. She was so artistic and creative.
mama_china : Wish I could have heard this.
brianandchrissadopting : Is there a link to watch or listen to this talk @kristenhowerton ?
stephchud : ❤️
trainormomma : @kristenhowerton have you heard of the film Drop Box coming out? You have majorly inspired me & my husband to start having conversations about adopting. Thank you!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
The SoCal contingency at #c21PHX. Just before taking this @colbymartin said "is that the smile you're gonna go with?" Jerk. @moortaur
c21phx -
bexmann : @joshpmann
sunandsipcups : Lol, that's a great line. Now I'm waiting to use it on someone!! :)
tararohde : Matt!
chasing_hazel : 😂😂
kateacrossthemoor : He would.
kateacrossthemoor : Also, Mathew is wearing his "I'm so giddy I'm standing next to this person" face.
colbymartin : For the record, I think you used one of your top three. Good call.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Still mulling over words from @momastery and @sniequist this weekend. Friends who challenge you are the very best kind.
halishalli : #trudat
heysarahcarter : So much love.
themadteacher : What a fantastic weekend this was! Many thanks and loving blessings to all three of you wonderful women. I'm headed home recharged and spirited. #worktodo
vmarie83 : Amen. Oh, and amen.
lesliebnack : I'd love to sit in on those conversations! Writing from each of you challenges me so much!
marionaharper : 😍
tamela.otto : @kristenhowerton I missed you yesterday! I arrived at 2pm, they were already wrapping up. I'm so sad.
o_cyn : Lucky three--to have each other.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
We have some fun cooked up for our @beerandhymnsoc Very Special Valentine's event Feb. 15th. 5:30 optional taco bar at @boathousecollective. 7pm our usual hymns sing-along. Then around 9 we will kick into our afterparty, serving up the most cheesetastic sappy love songs we can find. If you have a bae, make it a date night! If you are single, come ready to mingle. Leave your slow-dance song requests in the comments. Remember to leave room for the Holy Spirit.
bthreeg : Oh my gosh- I wish I lived there!
taralivesay : Just you and I
whoorl : You better do some Richard Marx action...I'll be right here waiting for you.
crojay : Celine Dion! Wish I lived there. I'm trying to get my singing friends to start beer & hymns!
missmolly99 : Hello? Is it me you're looking for?
chadmarkley : @whoorl "oceans apart, day after day...." #gonnanailit @kristenhowerton
chadmarkley : @missmolly99 yes!! Such a good song
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Sears portrait studio 2008. #TBT
tbt -
shellsessions : My heart can't handle all that cuteness! 😍
stacy.magruder : Has there ever been a more beautiful boy than Jafta? Nope can't think of one!
bostonmamas : o.m.g.
aprilsalvant : Adorable!
bjhickman : Quit. It.
chadmarkley : Wow, so wow
elaina426 : I can't stand it. So cute!
callmemissvee : The twins!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Girls night out. Could tell you what we talked about but then I'd have to kill you. @whoorl @hollywoodhwife @the818
sharinanitza : My friend owns that place it's one of my all them FAVORITES!!!
kristenhowerton : @sharinanitza mine too! We go there all the time!
greeblehaus : Hi loves!
erinasmommy : Love you all!!
hollywoodhwife : Such a fun time!
sharinanitza : I haven't been there in YEARS since college days al cal state Fullerton! I'll have to join you when I'm back home in OC!
lauramayes : You guys!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Blessed Assurance from #beerandhymnsoc Sunday night. Love this song.
beerandhymnsoc -
brittany_danielle410 : This is my favorite hymn. Awesome.
sarahszar : @benjudahwilliams every time I see these posts I think of you. you love hymns....and beer. I think it could be a great combo and you and the band should try it!! Maybe do it at flys tie? 👍
spouseisms : So good. Seriously.
spouseisms : @erica_der @jarhall_
lizangelo : I think this is one of the most amazing ideas I have ever heard of. Love it and wish we lived closer!
chadmarkley : What a great night
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Dinnertime conversation with #foodiejafta
foodiejafta -
sarabeejensen : Dude. YouTube. Henry and Jafta eat bugs.
raisingself : Bugs aren't that bad.
thatgracielou : Uganda they do! They catch them as they are flying out of the ground during a specific season. Pluck their wings off & pop 'em right in!
avacglg : Cambodia! Great big tubs of fried spiders, crickets and the like. I wasn't game to try them though! They eat them like chips.
krs9d : If you have been to Typhoon, the restaurant by the Santa Monica airport, they serve crickets.
geographerclare : On the countries in the Amazon they catch enormous tarantula's and roast them over a fire, wrap them in vine leaves and eat them (long spindly legs an all!!!) And in rural Vietnam, they farm spiders and fry them in hot oil and eat them. Tell #foodiejafta that! Not quite bugs, but still as wriggly.
otjo : Yup, love We love crickets and bugs here in Laos, one of the restaurants here cricket tacos
mooshinindy : Talk to the CDC and we all do, apparently.
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