Kristen Howerton

Writer. Lapsed psycotherapist. Fan of awkward talks about race & religion. Skilled catastrophizer. Could probably beat you in a showtunes sing-off.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
At this very moment, they were singing "My destiny calls and I go" at the top of their lungs. Indeed, girls.
girlsgonechild : ❤️✨❤️
momfluential : Great shot!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Family photos today with the talented @kristinrogers. Froyo promised for kids who smile.
karolynkd : We bribe - er, encourage - good smiling behavior as well! Whatever it takes!
alimcdermott13 : I always wondered if you two knew each other. Love her photos!
herbadmother : We also do Froyo bribery.
mrsfuller : Handsome!
heysarahcarter : Ah two of my favorites!!!!
christinegough : Can't wait to see the results!!!!
niki.z : @kristeleven what are the odds? !
shelliemonk : Um...he looks like a teenager here.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
I came back and brought my friends for the brussel sprouts. Yes I did. @bockbacon @dvbacon
greeblehaus : I want Brussels sprouts!
halishalli : This makes me envious!!!!
kristenhowerton : @halishalli wish you could have joined us!
whoorl : One of my favorite restaurants!
hellodayblog : The nightlife
kathleendoyle : @dvbacon you're smile is radiant.
dvbacon : @kathleendoyle apparently I smile with my eyes
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Saw #ftrBAZ at @dbahollywood tonight. BLOWN AWAY. Insane review of songs from Baz Luhrmann movies. If you can drive to LA, get yourself to this show.
ftrbaz -
laurenrebekah89 : Jealous!!!
thesuitcasestudio : Why have I not heard of this before?!!!!!
joeynoelle : @linus_love we need to go!!!
tanmariegl : @jennaflower
dbahollywood : Glad you like the show. We are big fans of @ftrlive ourselves.
jennaflower : Awesomenessness @tanmariegl ⭐️
annalisahorton : Oh I wish! It needs to come to Chicago!
linus_love : YESSSSSS @joeynoelle, I'll look into tickets!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Roasted brussel sprouts with mint, feta, and pomegranate seeds make me wanna slap my mama. (Seriously mama. Why? Why did you serve these to me boiled as a child?) (Also this is the cutest bar ever.)
axesandfeathers : The first time I had them with mushrooms, white wine, and cream I felt exactly the same way. To think I used to have to bury them in mashed potatoes and gag! Not fair!!
staciegregory : Add a little maple syrup before you roast next time. It's like dessert!
brynne28 : Those Brussel spouts are amazeeeeee balls
lunabirdie : Yes please!!
jlchalle : Bacon+brussel sprouts roasted in the oven, when they're almost done splash a little balsamic over them. A match made in heaven
bailey_abigail : @sarahelizabeth0627 here you recipe to try.
bfutrell : Um yum!!! @ck_sims this sounds like it'd be right up your gourmet Jose alley!!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Lunch date at @cafegratitude, my favorite restaurant in LA. Totally vegan menu with names like "I Am Thriving" and "I Am Open Hearted" and when you place your order the server gives your table a question to discuss. Today's: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? So tell us ... what are you looking forward to? (India is looking forward to meeting Kerry Butler someday, who played Penny Pingleton and Audrey on Broadway. Anyone know her? I'm looking forward to our Peruvian rainforest trip next year.)
kristenhowerton : @gclefjen too funny! We are sitting right by the window on the street.
mytwomums : I'm looking forward to an adventurous 2015. It's all in the planning ;)
catfish619 : Looking forward to spending the holiday with friends
elicia_zahm : Looking forward to getting back to Haiti!!!!
kellybergin : I just ordered a nativity set for my niece (aka #dopeniece) and I'm looking forward to watching her play and learn the story of Christmas.
feb2011 : I am looking forward to getting a call from our fostadopt agency saying they have a baby or child(ren) for us! ❤️
blakegoodfellow : Looking forward to lots of #shirtlessmark @markhowerton on that rainforest trip
kristenhowerton : @blakegoodfellow I think @markhowerton is looking forward to another shirtless event on that trip
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
What Saturday mornings are for. @markhowerton
shesgonnalive : Awww, you took this picture right after they woke you guys up, crawled into bed speaking loudly, accidentally knee someone in the process and wiggle their cold toes on your feet while stealing blankets. Wait, that was my morning.
bakedmomma : The best! When my older boys come home all 5 of the kids lay around us in bed Sat mornings and we talk and laugh about everything. I miss all of them being together like they were when they were younger.
ae_ashton : Lmfao @shesgonnalive love this pic
lifewithroozle : Riley saw this and said "Do they not have shirts on?" I had to explain #shirtlessmark, obvs.
ps11829 : @bakedmomma I am a momma of 5 little ones and I pray they will indulge their mama just like that when they are older! Blessings!
kristenhowerton : @shesgonnalive ha! That's exactly how it went
kristenhowerton : @shesgonnalive and also farting
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Moonsville Collective at @observatoryoc
t_livesay : I prefer Collective Collective myself.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Beverly Hills. @ss711 @jillianlauren @weezer @brandonhatmaker
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
We are excited to announce the location of our @beerandhymnsoc caroling event; @boathousecollective! Dec. 14th. Mark your calendars for some holiday goodness.
gracepcho : Yayyyy!! @mrjamesjcho it's happening while we're there and Christmas carols!! 😍
melindaeche : @lorelai_mary
heychookooloonks : Man, I would LOVE to be there.
biancaolthoff : @mattolthoff let's go!!!
mattolthoff : Of course I am in... Already on the calendar!!
kelgee117 : What time?
lunabirdie : 👍
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