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Kristen Howerton

Writer. Lapsed psycotherapist. Fan of awkward talks about race & religion. Skilled catastrophizer. Could probably beat you in a showtunes sing-off.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Weekend project: turning a cheap Costco shed into a writer's retreat with some creative door hacking by Mark.
poorbabies : You're lucky your husband is handy. My hubby would look at me like I had 5 heads if I asked him to do something like this πŸ™ƒ
ponyboy_lemonade : Weekend projects ftw!
brandonhatmaker : Awesome. We expect to see more pics.
_vanessa_z : ☺️
courtny86 - amiv - sniffbabysocks - museumgirl -
kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
And all God's introverts said amen.
limamikecd : Every single day of my life. #preach
ophelia_smith : @beatricercsmith
superal : I'm married to a super extrovert pastor... I am an introvert and often sneak in during worship as to not be detected... 😜
scriberson : There are a few churches in our area I would like to visit as I explore starting to go but man, I just want to go and sit in the back and listen. I don't want hugs or to fill out cards with my name or answer 500 questions about myself... Can a lady just go to church?
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Any time I sing around the house Karis will stop me and give me notes about my singing. My 7-year-old vocal coach is a tough critic.
atmokamya : My Kids stop me from singing but since I did karaoke I know why 😁. Your voice sounds very nice
jennyannmarie : Lovely voice! Good critic too, she's got a great ear.
3girlkids : So good, your voice her advice...just awesome.
prolifetime : Oh God, I was that child.
stitchholder - jonahbonah - katesmama - kayleym115 -
kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
We went to see a play tonight, and because I was wearing bright red lipstick, India dubbed me "fancy enough to go to the Oscars." So there you have it. You can take denim from casual to formal enough for the Oscars by putting on some lipstick!
almostindianwife : Ha! Great style tip! I rarely wear lipstick but when I do I hear "Woah momma you look like a princess." 😍
whoorl : πŸ˜πŸ’„
natalieteabo : Eyebrows πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
natalie8688 : Love it!
nataliedrigby - whoorl - thejessiest - onefinea -
kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
I'm so glad @markhowerton and I sprang for the fancy bathtub in the master just so it could be taken over with bath toys and tear-free shampoo.
rbmariposa : Love the tub! Jealous!
twuich : Who cares??? THAT tub is amazing!!!
jendrandall : Ditto. I feel you.
strongsleepers : It's a gorgeous tub anyway!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Up on the blog - @paulosophia and I have a discussion about immigration, and his point of view surprises me. Link in profile.
overthethreshold : @peachonearth I was not undermining any facts re: injustices to native peoples. It simply appeared an individual commenting truly didn't know anything about Native American migration theories. You WERE hostile, whether it was your intention or not, and I wanted to point that out to you. I'm weary of the internet norm being to assume every comment made is ignorant, angry, or insensitive from the get-go. There was nothing disrespectful about bringing up the theory since I did not say or imply it negated any claims to injustice, maltreatment, violence, racism, or discrimination.
peachonearth : It's not your job to defend a commenter @overthethreshold if this person doesn't know anything about native American history, why comment?!!!!
overthethreshold : @peachonearth it's not your job to attack commenters...There's that hostility again...
peachonearth : A dumb ignorant comment is a dumb ignorant comment. Plain and simple. @overthethreshold I wouldn't be annoyed if you weren't trying to back her up. For what? A theory? A theory is more important than the truth? Why bring it up in the first place? I'm not attacking anyone, don't even go there.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Congrats to all the graduates! My 8th grade self and her hair want to share a song with you.
tiareiongi : @kristenhowerton what a gem!!! We must get together and watch these!!!! Laughs for days!!!!!
amarillojennifer : πŸ˜‚ On point.
paigemarcantel : Absolutely my 8th grade graduation song!
juleschaal : 😍
princess_gac - danielledriscoll - bethy_brew - julie_roxanne -
kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
On the "blue carpet" with @mamaspohr waiting to see their premiere of Frozen Live at Disney's Hyperion Theater.
stef_in_sac : How was it? Inquiring minds want to know. 😁
katiebodell : Had fun chatting with you ladies. :) @kristenhowerton @mamaspohr
seasonalsoap : pretty!
mamaspohr : @katiebodell it was so great meeting you!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Back when Jafta had dreads and India wore bows and Kembe lived in Haiti and Karis was still a future surprise. #TBT
tbt -
jenmartin30 : Ooh I love this pic!! They were and still are so cute!!
averyannenp : πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
jenn_atthebeach : Precious!!πŸ’—πŸ’—
whitysurf : Oh my 😍 Your family is Just beautiful βœ¨πŸ’•
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Self-care is an elusive thing, but I think everyone has the one area where it feels next to impossible. The dentist is that area for me. A combo of bad genetics and sensory issues and a general phobia of the dentist renders me crippled in this department. But I'm sucking it up and getting it taken care of. With a lot of Ativan. I'm talking about self-care when it's not fun on the blog today (link in profile.) Any other dental phobes out there? And if that's not your issue, do you have a self-care struggle?
amcalhoun : I always take an Ativan before going to the dentist. I just went Saturday, and while the dentist and his Assistant are both in my mouth, with two tools apiece, he asks 'Are you comfortable?' What was your first sign? My death grip on the armrests?
scoutfletcherofficial : I always ask for the heavy lead blanket first thing. Something about the weight helps me feel safer. Weird, but true.
mischeemarie : I don't mind going to the dentist, it is more making time for any important self care I find hard. I get migraines and massages help a lot but they cost a lot of money and at least an hour of my time I could be working.
ldustan : I hate the dentist and I suck at self care, but I really LOVE your Birkenstocks ❀
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