Kristen Howerton

Writer. Lapsed psycotherapist. Fan of awkward talks about race & religion. Skilled catastrophizer. Could probably beat you in a showtunes sing-off.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Kembe just got an iPad. He will message me like this for the rest of his life .... right?
thatgracielou : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ianikki02 : Dang that's the cutest ever, think I'll go buy my kids iPads now haha
ediemohn : Of course!
kelgee117 : So sweet and yes, I'm sure it will last forever and ever. Amen.
staciaspaid : This is the best thing ever.
kristenhowerton : @jasonboyett weird. Only from you so far.
kathiesue : "By Kembe"... love that. He has declared it so!
newsurfcity : ❤️
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
So my father-in-law decided to drop a kid's backpack by the house at midnight without knocking first and almost got a pink electric guitar to the head. Good thing we don't own a gun?
mikerusch : @markhowerton that's a pretty nice stance you have there. #justsayin
kristenhowerton : @pilbarapink this was a reenactment
brazenlilly : Oh Lonnie. Bless.
chadmarkley : Ya Need some rubber shotgun shells
jodiehowerton : Why am I not at all surprised?
amorrison : Who needs a gun when @markhowerton has two?
kristenhowerton : @amorrison bahahaha! Truth.
kristenhowerton : @jodiehowerton right??
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
They have discovered the guitar tab app and now they are obsessed.
chadmarkley : I live on that app!!!
kristenhowerton : @chadmarkley um, yeah. That's kind of where I got the idea.
chadmarkley : 😏 I know
ashleyh_w : So is it worth the $2.99 for a novice? I have been aspiring to teach myself guitar but don't know where to start. I own a guitar, but have never played.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
I'm stoked to announce the location of our next @beerandhymnsoc - Costa Mesa's @wayfarercm! It's a great venue and sure to be a good time. November 16th at 6:30pm.
kellie_berry58 : Love this stop, Wembley stadium!!
ohjennymae : While not a Christian, I grew up in the church and love hymns. This sounds like tons of fun. And beer!
beana619 : @allison_morris please go to one of these!!
allison_morris : @beana619 what is this?
beana619 : @allison_morris beer & hymns in Costa Mesa. I saw a video snippet. Looks fun! #funemployment
chadmarkley : @ohjennymae would love to have you!!!
kristenhowerton : @shesgonnalive you guys should come to this!
shesgonnalive : @kristenhowerton We have plans already- You are planning these on dates we can never go to on purpose aren't you.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
On the blog today, I'm talking about parental anxiety and finding the balance between obsessing about their safety and staying informed. (Also, how cute was little Jafta with locks?) #protectwhatmatters #ad
protectwhatmatters - ad -
pensieverobin : But that boo boo!! (Great to meet cha rhis w/e :).)
loudandilikeit : 😦 that was a good one!!
stephaniedulli : OUCH
ae_ashton : Literally hasn't changed just the hair- adorable
geographerclare : That is a nasty one.
liv360_ : @KristenHowerton Awesome blog post, great insight! If you dont mind, we would like to feature you as an inspirational mother on our Instagram and website :)
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
School pictures 2014. Sunrise, sunset and all that ....
alyssaclarisse : I just love all their smiles!
oshoniyi5 : Beautiful family @kristenhowerton
nicolewick : India looks like a teenager!!!! What the heck!!!???!!! @kristenhowerton
addye_b : ❤️
ltmd12 : Beautiful beautiful family
ae_ashton : Lil cuties
emily_b_0729 : How do you get them to take good school pictures and not those creepy, forced, closed lip smirks? 😊
chadmarkley : Damn these kids are rad
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
When you don't have time to buy souvenirs on your trip, they will be equally happy with a pack of Mentos from the airport.
ediemohn : My Mom is the favorite Grandma because she picks up Mentos from the gas station on the way over to see my kids. Buying their affection. Cheap Love. @kristenhowerton
athomedadmatters : Or money. When you don't have souvenir money you most certainly have Mentos money. And a souvenir is a souvenir. Agreed.
tanmariegl : My mom cruises all over the world and usually buys the grand kids stuff from the closest walmart 😂
caseynyssen : We buy our kids icebreakers
jplovescotton : my nephew used to love getting the peanuts from a flight for his lunch the next day.... simple things can bring smiles
aimeerg1220 : I go to church with your in-laws and I saw your kids yesterday. Jafta and my son, Joshua, seem to have hit it off. (PS-I used to work with you and Mark at RH when the office was in the house on Monrovia)
fotopostapp : Hi there! Beautiful photos you have ☺We would like to let you know that we will be running a contest very soon for 100 free 4x4 prints that magically match Instagram photos 👍 The winner will be able to order them via our app Global Print 💌 More details will be available very soon on our page @fotopostapp Would you be interested in this contest and, perhaps, run it for your audience? Please let us know.
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Hearing from @jcourt about his org @PreemptiveLove, providing life-saving heart surgeries for children in Iraq. #allume
allume -
letsgottm : 👍👍👍👍
kyranpittman : Pure loveliness.
jasonboyett : Love @jcourt! Tell him hi from Amarillo.
preemptivelove : @thejcourt :)
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
Everyone told us we would love Greenville and everyone was right. #allume @markhowerton
allume -
tearleyluck : That top is so cute on you!
deesh34 : @kristenhowerton I recognized Falls Park immediately! Have fun! Come to Simpsonville and go to Stella's Southern Bistro for dinner. :)
knackstudio : Welcome!
loraena.tuttle : My hometown!
amandamojo : Y'all look great.
lifefordessert : Yay!!! So glad you guys got down to the park!! I love our city!
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kristenhowerton - Kristen Howerton
For the record, I'm not the only one who stays up too late and acts a fool at blog conferences. #allume @markhowerton @danielcwhite almost #shirtlessmark #twins #whoiswho
whoiswho - shirtlessmark - twins - allume -
bjhickman : 😂
markhowerton : Really, @kristenhowerton you don't know who is who? We're going to therapy!
mmspurlin : You're in my hometown, GVegas!!
danielcwhite : Looks like I had a little sway and swagga in my headstand @kristenhowerton @markhowerton :-)
lifefordessert : You guys are too much fun!!!
sarahmaewrites : I can't believe this happened on the night I went to bed early! Missed out big time!
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