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LA🌴 β€’ I design the websites + branding of your favorite bloggers & content creators β€’ Past: EstΓ©eLauder, Disney, HeyFranHey β€’ Now: Chrisette Michele
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Picked up these sunnies today from @forever21. Even when I invest in designer shades, I keep buying the cheapies! At $6 how can you resist?! P.S. I love you summer, but it's too damn hot.
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krissdidit : @ladyrednails miss you lady! I always ask about you when I go GM! Lol Hope to see you soon!
krissdidit : @besweetlovely lol thanks so much darlin!
ladyrednails : Miss you too!! GM happy hr. needs to happen asap 😊😊
mystalana : Lol right @krissdidit that's what I said.
krissdidit : @ladyrednails Absolutely!
theeartbreaker : Hey Beautiful!!! I met you at PNP in Newark! I want to do a musical tribute to Chrissy! How do I assure that she sees it?! @krissdidit
mzberryyy : Cute :)
krissdidit : @theeartbreaker Send it to!
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Excited to announce that I will be a featured panelist for #PowerBrunchLA on 8/1 benefiting @PA4Kids & discussing Business & Entrepreneurship... Looking forward to sharing my story! Tickets are 50% off TODAY ONLY When you enter ( FLASH ) before checkout. Visit: for tickets. It's the last one of the summer! Huge thanks to the beautiful @missdunnieo for this amazing opportunity!!
powerbrunchla -
ijazee : Aww look at you! That's awesome keep doing your thing!!! #under30anddoingit
krissdidit : Aww thanks @ijazee!!
iamskyemedia : Wish I was closer!
pa4kids : So happy you will be involved on this event! Hope to see you at our grand opening event also!
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
There's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up my office! Huge thank you to the team at @MarieForleo for this beautiful bouquet! And yes, I put them in the refrigerator every night! #LoveMyClients
lovemyclients -
pray4jgivens : Love the 2-D feel
sabisoundz : This shot though πŸ’™
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
A look at the crazy amount of fun @ChrisetteMichele and I have together! A #BeautyConLA recap + we share our ridiculous goodie bags from NYX Cosmetics! Link to the full video in profile! Trailer by me. Video by the amazing @ceedotcee
beautyconla -
mostlysugar : Lol at your facial expression in the end. Fun!
jeweliciousinc : Enjoyed it😁
simply_cazzy77 : 😍😍😍
william.sanchez : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @krissdidit that glare looked all too familiar
krissdidit : @mostlysugar LOL! Thanks doll!
krissdidit : Buhahaha this is why I love you and miss you @william.sanchez!!
marcdaisy61 : πŸ˜€
nicolelennox : Bah!! That last frame.
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
With the lovely @nikiaphoenix right after she hosted the @SheaMoisture4u Defining Beauty panel at #BeautyConLA. She stays radiating such positive energy! Love her! πŸ“·: @ceedotcee
beautyconla -
beautyandthevlog : 😘🌟
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
All of us naturalistas have those big sisters from YouTube who showed us the way.. well @naptural85 is mine! To get to finally hang with her yesterday at #BeautyConLA was so cool and find out she has such a sweet soul is even cooler. Don't you love when your internet faves are just as awesome in real life?!
beautyconla -
everydaylavan : 😍
jeweliciousinc : Nice πŸ‘
theplatformyt : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
ria329 : I adore her and her family I have been following her on YouTube for years! I'm jellyπŸ™ˆπŸ’œ
krissdidit : @ria329 She really is awesome and so inspiring! I also got to meet little Olivia too and she is ADORBS!
ria329 : Awww my sweet and smart Olive it would truly make my day to meet them, did you get to see Filipe too? 😁
goldinktattoo : Nice!
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
They said, "Be serious... Okay now have fun!" In the #NYXCosmetics photo booth with @ChrisetteMichele. Having the best time at #BeautyConLA!
beautyconla - nyxcosmetics -
lovelyazjenn : Aww too cute @krissdidit
ksjeffery : Two beautiful ladies @krissdidit!
natalieispoetry : How did I not see you? I saw Chrisette a bunch of times.. 😒
krissdidit : @natalieispoetry WHAA I was never more than 5 inches away!! How lame! Did you have an amazing time?!
natalieispoetry : @krissdidit I don't know how this happened. Foiled! I had a good time. U?
krissdidit : @natalieispoetry Ahh!! I'm sure we'll bump into each other soon.. hopefully over sandwiches πŸ˜‰! Yes it was kind of chaos but we had so much fun! The goodie bags are unreal and that's my fave part lol
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Big hair in the French Quarter. πŸ“·: @ceedotcee #EssenceFest2015 #emf2015
emf2015 - essencefest2015 -
whitneyjdecor : You still down here? Did you enjoy Essence?
loveaq : I loveeee the color!
iamskyemedia : QT on Do T
music2yaears : That hair 😍
dearjuju : Lovin the hair!
mostlysugar : I love that color and the skirt! 😍😍
mzberryyy : Beautiful :))
hairbolism : So gorgeous ✨ @krissdidit
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
This is the last photo I took inside our New Orleans hotel. After experiencing so many creepy moments, I couldn't wait to leave. On my plane back to LA, I hit up the google and found out we were staying in not only one of the most haunted hotels in NOLA but in the ENTIRE WORLD! And yes, there was a thunder and lightening storm to add to the memories we will never forget!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ #EssenceFest2015 #emf2015
emf2015 - essencefest2015 -
geechiegurltm : Yes maam! And what hotel did u stay in in Charleston? Born and raised here
donnetb : Oh wow!! Yikes!
natalieispoetry : I just screenshot this photo and said "hair goal"
jadore_amour : 😩😩😩😩😩
blutifulrn : Lmaooooo I wish I would have known I would have told yall NOT to stay there. Sooo creepy
bryanoconnell : I ain't afraid of no ghosts! But I probably couldn't get Geada to stay there with me 😞
mostlysugar : Omg!! That is so scary!!! I am a big punk when it comes to stuff like that. No ma'am. I would have been calling on Jesus like no other! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Everybody say weeee! Zipping through the secret passageways on our way to the @KimBurrellLove Gospel Tribute where we got our ENTIRE lives. It's a beautiful thing when the people you work with AND have fun with, are the same people you can PRAISE God with. ❀️ #EssenceFestival2015
essencefestival2015 -
queenaftan : Wuv you Kryssy Kriss!
jskystyle : ✨
missknutt : ✌
everydaylavan : ✌🏽️✈️
raygonomics : #thecoolkids
meetmacy : Awww you guys are super cute. Love this shot !
mzberryyy : πŸ’•
simply_cazzy77 : Yesss!! Much love to you all!!!!πŸ’žπŸ’ž
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