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LA🌴 β€’ I design the websites + branding of your favorite bloggers & content creators β€’ Past: EstΓ©eLauder, Disney, HeyFranHey β€’ Now: Chrisette Michele
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Without a doubt one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. To be painted by the amazing @demontpinder is an honor. #tbt
tbt -
theashleighe : I love this :-)))))))))))) she so pretty!
cdfskincare : I love.
josephforeal : Dope
music_champ : The most beautiful @krissdidit I miss yall
ijazee : Such an awesome moment! So very thoughtful of @chrisettemichele πŸ’•
loveaq : Oddly enough I had a dream about you the other night; that I ran into you and we just stopped and had a "girl talk" about hair and life; don't kno why lol but I hope all is well with you; and the painting is super awesome
demontpinder : This event was dope I was honored to be apart of it n it was my pleasure Kris thanku for sharing πŸ˜‰
denisekeepitmovingbarr : You're a beautiful woman.
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Just had my groceries delivered and it is the BEST feeling. @Instacart is a life changer.
realdealed : I know, right! Plus the bags!
krissdidit : @realdealed Haha yup! I appreciate the bags!
hernameiskim : OMG neeeed this! I hate grocery shopping. is this only in LA?
blutifulrn : I have a list. Do u think they charge a traveling fee for greater than 1,000 miles lmao
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Kickin it last night with one of my faves @theashleighe. She’s an amazing singer/performer (+ drop dead gorgeous) and you can catch her tonight killing it with Ed Sheeran on The Voice!
theashleighe : I just πŸ’– this!!! And you!! Can't wait to see you next week! KABUKI BRUSH!!!!
cdfskincare : Lovely
mssunshine_77 : Beautiful ladies!!
bswaggernaut : Miss yall!!!! @theashleighe
theashleighe : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ this girly! @bswaggernaut I miss you too!!!
alexiaajadee : This is so cute Kris!
krissdidit : @bswaggernaut Miss you!! I see you doing amazing things!! So proud of ya!!
krissdidit : Aw thanks @alexiaajadee! I miss your beautiful energy! Let me know when you're in LA!
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Curls on deckπŸŒ€. Happy Friday!
krissdidit : Thank you doll @sharzadkiadeh 😘
krissdidit : Aw thanks Kelley! Your insta brings me joy! 😍 @kelleywithlove
krissdidit : @cdfskincare Thanks darlin! Have a great weekend!!
krissdidit : @kikibliss gurrrl you know how I dooo πŸ’
a_will_a_way : Honestly you are so gorgeous! 😍 and such an inspiration to follow my dreams.
cdfskincare : You got it. I wish the same for you.
kelleywithlove : Now that makes me happy! 😊
theashleighe : My sissy is so pretty :-))))) 😍😍😍
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Day 4 of the #PoseNPost tour. Chrisette surprises me with a happy birthday serenade, and presents me with a portrait by the INCREDIBLE @DemontPinder which was painted live in front of the audience. My inner thug fought back the tears and almost lost. #IsThisRealLife
posenpost - isthisreallife -
avril_in_paris : Happy belated birthday, Kriss! You deserve it. Thx for being so gracious towards us -- Richmond Fab 8! April πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ˜„
blutifulrn : U def deserve it
everydaylavan : I definitely thought the tears were gonna fall.
monicathemkeoverqueen : Customized Exotic Wood Frame EyeJewelry.....Go follow @stichpattern and get yours personalized....
kjthepublicist : @krissdidit it was a pleasure meeting sure to link with me...😊
itsdaynadane : I was there, this was so sweet!! Nice meeting u! ❀️
demontpinder : Sup Kris did it make it back safe in one piece ?
tonipreyer : Nice meeting you Hun!
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Last night I entered into the last year of my 20s. Cupcakes, this photo, and so much of the amazingness that happens in my life courtesy of @ChrisetteMichele 😘 #regram
regram -
thearkitekt : Happy Birthday!
mimicutelips : Happy Birthday 🍷 #turnup
jaesoulmusic : ♥
skinny_iaso_tea : Congrats on your bday last night @krissdidit
rubies_special : Happy bday
missdunnieo : Happy birthday beautiful πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’—
dapperafrika : @krissdidit #ARIESNATION
vividvisualsolutions : Happy belated 😊
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Woke up at the RC in beautiful Philly. Currently on the #PoseNPost Tour with @ChrisetteMichele. 3 cities down, 5 more to go! On my way to DC! Photo cred: @Brosiaaa
posenpost -
theeartbreaker : You are REALLY sweet and hospitable! Nice meeting you @krissdidit
marcomiliono : Happy birthday
ndambiadonis : Happy birthday
etcblogmag : Nice meeting you at the event! Follow back. @napturalnicole introduced us! ☺️ Happy Born Day! I hope you had a blast at Park tonight!
harposgal : It was very nice to have met you last night! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆHappy Birthday!!! The event was awesome!!!
queenn.tee_ : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! πŸ˜„ It was great meeting you and volunteering yesterday at the DC event! If you're ever in the Baltimore/DC area and need some extra help, let me know! -Timbriah H.
jaesoulmusic : Happy belated birthday hunni. X
seecaroundtown : Happy Birthday!! Great to meet you at the DC pose n post yesterday!
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Tomorrow 3/4/2015 at Noon PST the doors for @MarieForleo's B-School and my mentorship giveaway {exclusively for creatives} will close for another 12 months. Are you ready to take charge of your life and start living your dream? Is this your year? Is this the sign you've been waiting for? Is this YOUR TIME? Trust your gut. If it's your time, you already know it. Claim Your Spot: [link in profile] *5 spots left In May 2012 my entire life changed.. and I owe it all to enrolling in B-School. Since then I.. made over $17,000 in self-employed revenue in one month / earned over 6 figures / got calls to work with celebrities like Chrisette Michele and Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker / had my designs shown on national television including BET and Food Network / lost 20 pounds / quit my job to become fully self-employed / moved into my dream LA apartment.. the list truly goes on and on. If you have questions I'm here for you. Feel free to email me at Cheers to the start of living your dream in 2015! #MFBschool #BschoolBonus #MarieForleo #BSchool
bschool - marieforleo - bschoolbonus - mfbschool -
danajamesmwangi : Thanks @iamskyemedia! I can't wait :-)
gildedscholar : Whooooo! Did it! Thanks for walking & talking me through it at the last literal moment! #pumped
anishavasani : Dude! Krystle! I just saw this post right now. I so want to do this. Is there still a way to register or did Marie close registration for sure??
anishavasani : I actually registered, if you want to still do the bonus/commission, let me know I need to email them by tomorrow
krissdidit : @anishavasani!! Wow that's so awesome you were able to sign up!! I would love to hear more about your business. I just messages ya on FB. I can't wait to hear what you've been up to! : Keep up your amazing page, you are an inspiration ! <3
ms_versityle : Just found out about this. I'm praying it's not too late. πŸ˜•
melodycthomas : Why didn't I find this sooner 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 @krissdidit
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Grateful tears filled my eyes when I read Kim's words on how joining my mentorship group transformed her business and gave her a gorgeous wedding. You can read the rest in the first comment below. I've asked Tamara Floyd of @NaturalHairRule to join me in helping 15 soon-to-be moguls live their dreams and take their business to the next level. You get my 100% FREE mentorship and other goodies when you enroll in @MarieForleo's B-School. There are 10 spots remaining. Learn more at (link in profile). Have questions? Feel free to email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you know a creative who wants more for their business feel free to tag them. This could change their life, as it has surely changed mine. Cheers to doing what you love in 2015! #MFBschool #BschoolBonus #MarieForleo #BSchool
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krissdidit : "What can I say, when I first decided to do B-School I knew I had to take advantage of Krystle's, Come Up Collective. I personally saw how Marie Forleo's Bschool transformed her personal brand and being a fellow designer, I knew she would have some inside tips on how I could navigate through B-School + apply that knowledge to my business. Working with Krystle was fun, yet professional. She asked me questions at the end of each week during our 1 hour sessions that really helped me think long and hard about what I learned that week and how I could apply those things to my business. I really appreciated Krystle and how she encouraged me to really fine tune my niche and ideal client. Within 2 months after B-School, I was super excited to learn that I had made well over $10K with my new ideal clients. That was the most money I had ever made in such a short amount of time. The extra cash helped me pay for my wedding! Krystle's Come Up Collective along with B-School literally transformed my business with the tools + support provided. I would encourage anyone taking B-School to do it along side someone who's been there and knows the in's and outs and will keep you accountable. " - Kimberly Marie, Designer at @hernameiskim
mzelleboogie : Wow! This sounds interesting
cdfskincare : @theladyspeaks @ashleys_gamble @loveduolux @sophia_roe
hernameiskim : πŸ’ž
chelssymone : May I please interview you for my positivity based business? Do you have an email?
chelssymone : It's for
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krissdidit - Krystle Rowry :
Does anyone actually enjoy the cold? Just left Vegas to return to rainy SoCal. In 30 hours I head to snowy Aspen, Colorado with #ChrisetteMichele and the RH crew. ❄️⛄️❄️#BRR #GucciManeVoice
chrisettemichele - brr - guccimanevoice -
foodheavenshow : Cute girllllyy. @wendylish this is how i want my herr
krissdidit : @foodheavenshow Yesss! Do it! πŸ’
foodheavenshow : I know but i havent straightened since 2005 (LOL). I dont know why im so scared of heat damage
krissdidit : @foodheavenshow LOL I hear ya. I'm definitely the last person to give NH advice but I say get yourself a heat protectant and you'll be good! My curls really don't seem much different and I straighten my hair often. But everyone's hair is different so I understand if you don't want to risk it!
foodheavenshow : I know right! I need to risk it. Ok last q! (Hehehe) Do you use a flat iron or blow out? @krissdidit #dassit
krissdidit : @Foodheavenshow Haha ask as much as you'd like! This look is blow dry first, flat iron immediately after. When I want my hair bigger I'll do just blow dry + curling rod. I'll tag you in the photo of that look.
foodheavenshow : Ohhh ok. Yes im gonna try a blowout bar then!!! Yayay @krissdidit
wendylish : @foodheavenshow yas u should tote do it boo!
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