Kriss Did It.

Graphic designer • Brand creator • Marie Forleo's B-School Babe • Biz owner. I design websites for fab women. Chrisette Michele's store launches 10/1!
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
Do you guys know Becca Frucht, POPSUGAR Reporter & Co-Host of Top That! with @TylerOakley?! Becca joins us on the @BrandNewNation podcast and teaches us "How Storytelling Can Get You Everything You Want Out of Life." You'll hear how she used storytelling to land her own show on PopSugar and her spot co-hosting Top That! with YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley. We also get into average earnings for TV hosts and how she was able to experience Cannes, the Red Carpet, and the White House—all in 2014. This episode drops very soon on!
dariathecurlartist : @heymzlady
danielleleslie : Yeahhhh!! 👏👏
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
The back of the food truck with my design that debuted last night on The Food Network! AHH crazy!! #foodnetwork #foodtruckfaceoff #MasalaRitoFTW
foodtruckfaceoff - foodnetwork - masalaritoftw -
fetetopia : @lynnstew10
danielleleslie : Whoooaaaa!! 🙌🙌🙌 Git it!
lynnstew10 : Come on! @the__don14 @fetetopia
krissdidit : Thanks baby love @gavinyateslives
krissdidit : @foodheavenshow Thanks yall!!
krissdidit : @fetetopia @lynnstew10 Whaa? What happened?
krissdidit : @danielleleslie ❤️you! Appreciate you!!
tracialexis : @krissdidit amazing!!!!!!!
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
So this is crazy. My designs have been on many things but NEVER in a million years would I have thought a FOOD TRUCK! Like, what?!? And never would I have thought that food truck would be debut via a tv show on the freakin Food Network! @VasaviKumar thank you for pushing me to design outside of comfort zone. You were amazing last night on Food Truck Face Off!! #foodnetwork #foodtruckfaceoff #MasalaRitoFTW
foodtruckfaceoff - foodnetwork - masalaritoftw -
dyanavalentine : Well done!
raygenethestylist : Congrats!
bryanoconnell : Awesome!
gavinyateslives : 🙌🙌🙌
donnetb : Awesomeness!
iamskyemedia : Luv u
danielleleslie : So coooool!!
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
Super vampy with this fall face. Got this look from my girl @ChrisetteMichele and her phenomenal MUA @lovingly_makeup. Check out the insta-torial on their pages! Oh and big news! Another Chris&Kriss Production is coming!! The Rich Hipster store from @ChrisetteMichele will open its doors on October 1st!! Can't wait for ya'll to see what we've been brewing! #RichHipster
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krissdidit : @brittanybmusic Oh my goodness I wish I could be there but work has taken over my life! 😩Please let me know about the next one! Huge congrats to you love! 🍻
krissdidit : Thank you love @bswaggernaut ✌️
krissdidit : @lovingly_makeup Thank you belle! I always find inspiration in your amazing work! 💋
krissdidit : @sabisoundz thank you 😘
krissdidit : @sweetpotatosoul thanks love! 😘
myafrofashion : Check @myafrofashion
hernameiskim : Va va voom!
viviankwarm : Hi there! I'm looking for a web designer and absolutely love your work! Let me know what the process is to book you for a web design project! Thanks.
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
If your dreams don't scare you they're probably not big enough, right? Well this one is downright terrifying, but I'm going for it anyway! With major butterflies I'm thrilled to announce @BrandNewNation, a podcast I co-host with @DanielleLeslie. We interview your fave full-time bloggers, YouTubers, and creative entrepreneurs to help you understand how they're makin a living doing what they love. If you've been looking for a way to escape the 9-to-5, this is the podcast for you! If you wanna see more, including our amazing first guests, the link is in the profile.👆
klbossy : 🙌🙌
mystiquedulce41 : @caribeurena03
traci.elaine : Great. Will the podcasts be on iTunes as well?
donnetb : Get it girl!
champdefleurs : Yes!
dyanavalentine : Congratulations!! Ready to subscribe--be sure to let us know;)
krissdidit : Thank you so much, friends!
krissdidit : @traci.elaine Yup, you know it! I'll let you guys know when it's ready!
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
We all agree that @MarieForleo 's stylist, @ElsaIsaac is incredibly gifted and talented, right?!! Seriously, every woman should feel the way I felt the day Elsa styled me.. sexy, bold, with through-the-roof CONFIDENCE! I'm absolutely HONORED to be featured in this week's Style My Shape on Elsa's site: - If you've got curves and no brakes, Elsa's gonna show you how to flaunt them with confidence. Thank you Elsa for making me feel like a million bucks! Keep on sharing your beautiful gifts with the world! 😘😘😘💃
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krissdidit : @elsaisaac that would be amaziiinnngg
caseyxchen : Dude. Beautiful!! 🙌🙌🙌
vernon_scott : @elsaisaac traveling and working super hard!!!! I miss you and your hair!! 😔😍
vernon_scott : @krissdidit @elsaisaac let's do it 💪
dyanavalentine : Oh yeah? That's fabulous! Thank you. May there be more of everything for our clan:)
megapixelsmedia : Beautiful
mariannuh : @chelleluvmuse
mariedenee : Lpveeedd
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
So excited to see @ChrisetteMichele's new online home go LIVE! Chrisette reached out to me back in January looking to design a place her fans could come to, access all her dope content, and share her heart. Absolutely loved being apart of this collaboration with her + her team to create this online home. It truly has been a labor of love. We have more exciting projects coming very soon (including her next album!!) so stay tuned! Check it all out at! Shouts out the the RH team who made this possible: @qnacreative @josephforeal @bswaggernaut @sarahgrear @mslizzysnaps @jaesoulmusic @guitarslayer24 and the RH team captain @ChrisetteMichele!
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krissdidit : @jennykem thanks doll!! You're next! 😉
krissdidit : @nicolegibbonsstyle Thank you Nicole!! Just emailed ya back! 💕
jacymai : @krissdidit I know your booked till October but do you work with clients who live outside of the US. I am from the UK just wanted to check Love you work by the way
thesophislife : Beautiful site!!! 👍👍👍
iamjphillip : What is #richhipsternation because I love that! Just curious ♥
life_as_shay : I have been looking for you! Literally to see you cc'd on a post confirms it! I love what you did with her site and knew instantly that I had to have this person (YOU) design for mine ☝️
life_as_shay : Can I reach you via email?
txturemagazine : Amazing work!!!
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
Pumped to have found my new favorite matte nude lip from @Maccosmetics in Taupe! That perfect "no make up" look for a summer evening in LA.
myhaircrush - curlybeautys - ilovenaturalhair - curlskinksfashion - teamnatural - bighairdontcare - naturallyshesdope - naturalhairdaily - naturalhair - berrycurly -
krissdidit : Thanks @cb_radio!! You'll love that it's not too dry like some of MAC's other mattes ;)
krissdidit : OMG @josephforeal! You saw it?!!! And you like it foreal, foreal?! Haha thanks so much homie!!
goldieloc : So gorgeous!
bswaggernaut : U look amazing and so does the website!!
areumrirang : 😻😻😻
_victoriano : @nikole011 ❤️❤️
vasavikumar : That's my fav color too!
naturallycreole : You are gorgeous! 😍 Love the lippie!
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
MAC's Rebel on my lips + OPI's Alpine Snow on my tips! After a long day of meetings I'm ready to head out to my hip hop dance class! P.S. @ChrisetteMichele and I have teamed up to launch her site on August 11th! That's less than a week away AHH! For celebration discounts & giveaways be sure to sign up and get on the list at! And you can catch Chris on the newest episode of R&B Divas LA tonight on @tvonetv!
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glamtamtam : I'm actually looking for a LA roomie so I will be headed bck there soon
cmannpr : Loving the hair @krissdidit
tmkeese : Love the hair! Half-up is PERFECT for a hip hop dance class!!!!
champdefleurs : I saw the change you made with your new website design and I immediately said she went to bschool. I've been stalking for a while lol. I pray you're receiving abundance and more💫
diysoapkits : @krissdidit hi I just signed up for your email list and thought your email was the coolest. Looking forward to your pixel pop emails!!
krissdidit : @champdefleurs Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful comment, thank you!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kind words! 😘
krissdidit : @diysoapkits Aww thanks so much Angela!!
champdefleurs : You deserve it! Have a bliss-filled day 😘
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krissdidit - Kriss Did It.
omg WANT. Have you ladies ever tried @flashtattoos? These are perfect for this summer's pool parties! Gorgeous photo from @carmenhousecat
natalieispoetry : @maceopaisley oh yeah.
krissdidit : Oh nice! I would have been stoked for that GWP! @jenerationpr
krissdidit : @brocollete nope, metallic temporary tats ;)
krissdidit : @donnaqueza Thanks love! Absolutely! I'll tell ya everything ya need to know via text
krissdidit : @mealsnheels Agreed!
jenerationpr : Hi @donnaqueza @saragnyc
donnaqueza : @krissdidit thanks love! @jenerationpr hello there.
champdefleurs : I got mine and I absolutely loved it. The downside is I have to give the rest away (I used 2) because I had 3 weeks of itch attack. It was a surprise because I'm not know to be allergic to anything really 😳
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