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sleigh bells and other adventures
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
Cartwheeling cousins #familybeachday
familybeachday -
rhi_rhi_28 : I am the one alone on the left side
kraussingaround : @rhi_rhi_28 😘😘😘
tbw22 : My girls!! Xx
brookemori : This is awesome
soul_claw : #somanycousins
mickeyalicekwapis : I'm going to be working in Long Beach and LA for a week starting Wednesday and I have a rental car. Holler if you wanna get lunch! It would be nice to see you!
beautyliestruth : @soul_claw haha yep!!
beautyliestruth : @mickeyalicekwapis I fly home tomorrow 😿
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
Um so this happened @monsteagram #calipups
calipups -
bomb_love : welcome to the #760!
gill_gold : Hahaaaha @lions_nyc!!!
angelicsechic : I grew up going camping there every summer as a kid. :) πŸ’›
rhi_rhi_28 : I am there
sosograef : @kraussingaround I specialize in painting pet and people portraits! check out my Instagram! or !! xoxo loveddd seeing you perform a while back in Cincinnati!!
patrickeperkins : little photo bomber u 🐢😎
patrickeperkins : β™Ž your genuine desire to help and make a difference in your community, a cause, or a friend will add to your popularity. a change in your current status or within an important relationship must be allowed to unfold naturally. 3 stars
kraussingaround : @andrew_millerr yes!!!
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
shhhhhhh seal sleeping πŸ’€
pamdahobbs : The urge to hug and snug that thing is strong.
jaynereese : @kraussingaround we missed you Friday night!!!!!!! 😭711 trips and walking through spring lake haha woohooo
drewgc77 : Your 15 mins from me! Swing by Sunset State Beach πŸ™Œ
katiermayo : You're back on the west coast? Awesome! I live here now, finally. Let's go hike!
stefeytch : @nowponder
dancrowwn : :)
beautyliestruth : @jaynereese gah I know!! miss you ladies!!
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
Truly one of the world's most stunning places #keeptahoeblue
keeptahoeblue -
markowensphoto : Rad
badgrlbb : ✨✨✨✨
mcneilsigns : Beaut!
teabanach : Curran loved it...
b.travis311 : It really is. Can't wait to go back.
microdraft : Also very cold. But refreshing for a quick dip.
williamhendricks : @tbtwnsnd
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
So proud of my fierce mama for conquering Mt. Tallac with me today. We make pretty badass team 😘 @kdkp
mandamandayeah : Your mom is beautiful
karamhebert : πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜send her a big squeeze for me!
campwomen : How long did it take?
suzymathias53 : 2 beautiful ladies!
kraussingaround : @campwomen 9 hours total. Long and arduous but worth it!
tbw22 : Great job!!
kueves87 : @kraussingaround you guys gotta get to Zion national park and do the Subway hike....
kraussingaround : @kueves87 sounds incredible!!
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
back on the rock @norachagi 😍
astridb17 : Uaw...ciao
maybe.idk : you need to hit up st george utah! they have some of the best rock climbing spots and even a good valley for bouldering.
isa_bella_23 : That's awesome!!!!! Good for you
kaleidoscopeadair : Come to colorado! We have epic mountains and I 'm dying to see you live!!!!
lereveinvisible : Woooooo!
lereveinvisible : Hi ^_^
kimberry56 : don't look down!
itsneb : Weird I don't see any stairs 😱 ..yeah I'll be at the bar.... πŸ˜› #respect
g_olivers - neveragain329 - joao350125 - tbw22 -
kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
Thank you @sweatmoustache and @mtvstyle for covering my work with @kissmyassaf and @beautyliestruth #realtalk
realtalk -
patrickeperkins : u go my little pioneer of cosmetological awareness!!! πŸ’†πŸ’‹πŸ’‡πŸ’„
patrickeperkins : you haven't "called out" anyone by merely alerting ppl to potentialy harmful substances in cosmetics in general. im certain that there are similiar preservative additives in our food, drinks, detegents, etc. that are ignored by big businesses. hell, you may be on your way to curing cancer for all we know!!! great job bud and fuck it, call em out anyway if your sure that your research is correct. πŸ’›
b.travis311 : Ouch, @patrickeperkins ! You do make a good point about other sources of toxins in things we consume daily. But, @kraussingaround has had direct involvement with the cosmetics industry (or at least I assume so with the Levi's and Sephora stuff I've seen personally). It seems natural for her to narrow her focus to issues related to those for which she can bring credibility to the table. I mean, if she started railing against hormones in chicken, the average consumer (who even cares what Alexis might think) would probably roll their eyes, right? But we all know she likely knows some shit about makeup. So it carries more weight when she says "beware, beware, beware" about that sort of product. #GetEmAlexis
patrickeperkins : @b.travis311.The fact that we are being systematically poisoned no matter what the source is relatively the same issue and I was merely stating the similaries as re-enforcement to her campaign against it. As an average consumer myself, I would never roll my eyes and would care very much if Alexis added hormonal poulltry to the list of offenders and probably would quit eating so much of it too!
patrickeperkins : I usually don't wear alot of make up or cosmetics unless its halloween or im onstage so its my way of chiming in on this mostly female dominated topic.
b.travis311 : Points well made, @patrickeperkins thanks for the thoughtful feedback. πŸ˜€
justxn : They're using Bitter Rivals in the TMNT promos
kraussingaround : @b.travis311 @patrickeperkins I really enjoyed this exchange! Thank you both so much for your engagement and insights. Xoxo
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
I be like...wall why you so GODDAMN HARD?!?! ✊😀πŸ’ͺπŸ˜–#climbinggoals @norachagi @kdkp
climbinggoals -
haden_two : @apmasterson
patrickeperkins : started from the bottom now ur here.⬆
kingofdorks : @kraussingaround Alaska has some great climbing if you come tour here.
norachagi : @missioncliffs @touchstoneclimbing check it :)
taylorannedavis : πŸ˜„great caption @kraussingaround
nofriendsnoki : them traps killin it tho πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
patrickeperkins : badass
kueves87 : If you're ever in Tucson AZ we have two killer indoor climbing gym to check out....
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
this is a fun one 😜 @levis #liveinlevis
liveinlevis -
lesyeuxaveugles : IN AWE
itssammydoe : Reminding me a lot of something @shexslayer would wear:)
amccall1 : Omg you are beautiful and amazing, what a role model 😻
shexslayer : @itssammydoe you know it! 😏
kingofdorks : @kraussingaround Alaska has lots of denim. You should come tour here.
katkaotic : Love you! You're so inspiring!
queenmoonchild : You got too skinny
sidnatious3 : Hey Alexis, I'm nominating for the ice bucket challenge. Because I can ;) @kraussingaround don't be surprised tomorrow k? πŸ’
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
@rianailz drops some non-toxic nail art knowledge today on the @beautyliestruth blog. go check it out!! thanks @hiya_rachey for the polaroid βœ¨πŸ’…βœ¨
kaleidoscopeadair : when do you come to fort collins or anywhere in colorado? @kraussingaround I wanna see you live so bad!😘 Love you
listentoliz : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
dollygsvintagerules : Cute
nerve_city : Nice face!
ambermaykut : Holla to @rianailz πŸ­πŸ’…πŸ‘
rebelofnyc : Amazing
bee_rummel : Megan saw this picture and said "Hey, I know them!" Haha! @kraussingaround @rianailz
patrickeperkins : ur name is Alevis Strauss from now on.πŸ‘–
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