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sleigh bells and other adventures
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
Check out the @levis page for a chance to win tickets to our show on August 5th at @brooklynbridgepark with @haimtheband #liveinlevis
liveinlevis -
lady_aphrodite : Looking super fly! πŸ’˜
kraussingaround : @heatherannp88 thanks babe! it's by @levis 😍
pirtypan : :)
xmotorcycledriveby : #womancrusheveryday
lovethosecakes : Always on point! Constant inspiration! πŸ‘Œ
rebelofnyc : Wish I could be there! Missin y'all
yeehawgeenaw : @emkuz GIRL CRUSH
tranaaron : You're so beautiful! I'm coming to see you and Scarlett in NY when you guys play another show. Must see you again! It's a tradition now.
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
new post up on the blog!! go check it out if you haven't already. and seriously THANK YOU for all of your support over the past few days. we're so inspired!! @beautyliestruth @janeiredale @juicebeauty @swbasicsofbk @johnmastersnyc #beautyliestruth
beautyliestruth -
anachronisticmisfit : This is amazing. I spend so much time looking up products on skin deep before I buy them. It's refreshing to see things like this. πŸ’›
lovethosecakes : This blog rules so hard! Honestly I didn't realize some of the things you said on there, and I use those items daily. That cannot even be good for someone in ANYWAY! What is up with that?! I cannot wait for more posts, and I need to get my hands on some of these products!!
patrickeperkins : anti-freeze in ur soap would be so great for those cold mornings when u forget ur long johns. lol. glad Im a dude °•β—‹β„β™‘
kraussingaround : @anachronisticmisfit thank you for the support! sounds like you are already an incredibly conscious consumer. xoxo
arae315 : @kraussingaround I saw the bit about heavy metals in our deodorant on your blog. Do you have a certain brand you would recommend for that? I've been searching for a better one.
kraussingaround : @arae315 I use JASON but Nature's Gate is great too :)
arae315 : @kraussingaround thank you! :) I'll go check them out.
lisalarson : this website is awesome! I have been reviewing all the shit I use over the last few weeks on my own and am ditching a ton of it. so cool that one of my fave musicians is now helping me in the process πŸ’ž
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
I'm thrilled to launch Beauty Lies Truth with my dear friend and natural beauty badass Jessica Assaf. Join us as we navigate today's complex beauty landscape and determine what products are safe and unsafe for our bodies and our planet. Be sure to follow us at @beautyliestruth because the beauty industry needs a makeover! #beautyliestruth
beautyliestruth -
sidnatious3 : Day made @kraussingaround
mcneilsigns : This is so great, congrats!!
uksammyk : @mashagoins
rodrigoiv : @kraussingaround Olá :)
kraussingaround : @mcneilsigns thank you!!
paintedrabbit : Really exciting @kraussingaround !!
gorgeouslibrarian : Is that Dr. Bronner's?!
mashagoins : thx 4 sharing @uksammyk love this
alyssa_harmonyyy - _brookalicious_ - seanalt555 - tomh_official -
kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
pup appreciates a good view
maeby_the_aussie : Awesome!
uncopyrightable : @oceansnotseas ^_^
oceansnotseas : @uncopyrightable ПУПБИК!!!
grilledcheesesocial : Bby!!!
superdude76 : That's a "Can I mummy?!" face!
some_kind_of_nothingness : The Mona Lisa was reinvented here ;-P
lovethosecakes : This view!!!
mcneilsigns : That pose & this view!! β€πŸ‘Œ
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
You should probably RSVP to this... #liveinlevis
liveinlevis -
klkalagayan : damn.
moviemanny : @aadamblackk fuck. I'll still be in Spain. They should go tho. I'll tell them.
__________chloe : sleigh bells AND haim dis is 2 good to b true y don't i live in brooklyn ughghgghgvcbgbbhg
socialmobility : @ontoastedrye
opimuse : @magicalprincesssparkles
b.travis311 : 666 likes!!! DEMONS!!!
nofriendsnoki : bells and haim AND levi's???? 😱😍
larufoto : @kraussingaround - hoping to photograph the show! πŸ“·πŸ˜„
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
our incredible day of climbing, biking and ice-cream eating was capped off with an impromptu roller skating session. mom is much better than me πŸ‘―
watermelon4linz : I will never forget when Karen made me try tacos for the first time in my life! Your mom is the best!
patrickeperkins : she's very supportive of you.🌻
jlp_11 : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• ps @kraussingaround text me! New phone/lost numbers. hi to your mama! πŸ˜˜πŸ’—
dancrowwn : Mi suegra ;D
kraussingaround : @watermelon4linz haha!! yes we had many culinary adventures together. love you! miss you!!
courtwllms : @lexipodolski is this you??!
g.e.k : I luv u
lexipodolski : @courtwllms gah I just love her!
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
that strangely awesome time I was photographed in Chinatown with crustaceans for @nylonmag @isa_wipfli #tbt
tbt -
gothicmedic : I want them... in my mouth.
squidvich : I loved this interview and hearing all about your badass boxing adventures! πŸ†
rodrigoiv : Your show here in Portugal at 4.30 am, was amazing. I also believe that you have enjoyed our rocks near the ocean @kraussingaround . Meanwhile the invitation to marry with you still stands. Hahahaha... All the best
g.e.k : I love you
lordxayavong : @kraussingaround The Ninja Turtles are playing Bitter Rivals! Whatttt! Love you guys!
kraussingaround : @squidvich 😘😘😘
squidvich : πŸ˜„πŸ’œ
creepco : Stoked on what you do! Hit us up if you want any gear @kraussingaround - gorgeouslibrarian - jennhack316 - anna_go_bananas -
kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
Riz says "You thought I was a dog but I'm actually a frog." 🐸🐺🐸 #doggylegs #froggylegs
froggylegs - doggylegs -
exzakly : I do the same thing to keep cool
betzzzzzzz : @mollyg103
shexslayer : @norachagi sapo!!! Lol 😍
kraussingaround : @exzakly haha!!
kay.possible : @elle_a_m magnus mama
iniad : Cutest dog ever!! 😍
tbw22 : Is Rizla ok?
kraussingaround : @tbw22 yep! just a checkup :)
paintedrabbit - taylor_va - pockettissues - rhi_rhi_28 -
kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
@swbasicsofbk cream is proving to be the perfect all natural tattoo balm. new lil jam by @andyhefner
bisoubisoubangbang : Will definitely look into this for my next one, thanks for the rec!
shexslayer : @kraussingaround love it!!
penguiiiiiiiin : Dope ! Where'd you get this?!
norachagi : Without me? Beautiful!
kraussingaround : @norachagi we gotta get our buttercups!!
norachagi : :) Si! I'm glad Cali is on your ❀️ and πŸ’ͺ
swbasicsofbk : We heart you @kraussingaround!!
lovethosecakes : I must try this! I'll try anything that heals tattoos that isn't greasy!
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kraussingaround - Alexis Krauss
came home to a happy pup and garden full of gigantic organic tomatoes @tmate83
itsneb : The fact that those look genetically enhanced and arn't Props!!! πŸ˜›
kimberry56 : Wow supermaters! Make mine look like cherries.
rdmargulies : Rizzzzzzzzz
tailwagginghikes : Haha tongue out rizlaaaaa 🐢 @kraussingaround
campwomen : But how about them tomato cages??? Save me some!
kraussingaround : @campwomen um yeah u da best!!! when u home? of course I save u some. Xoxo
paintedrabbit : Yay!!!!!
megandiede : @kraussingaround glad you're back at home safe and sound, love. Hope you guys had a great tour!
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