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kqedscience - KQED Science
Deep Look, big screen! @kqedofficial's lead Deep Look producer Josh Cassidy saw his beloved banana slug featured in ultra HD at @pbsofficial's annual conference and couldn't resist getting s photo, along with PBS's Renard Jenkins. #pbsam #deeplook #science #bananaslug
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lindsayirving : Great work @kqedscience!
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kqedscience - KQED Science
Imperial Valley farmers have a steady supply of water, and the ground is always in production. Due to federal agreements established around 100 years ago, Imperial County has a right to much of the Colorado River water flowing into Southern California. (Photo: Steven Cuevas/KQED) #droughtwatch2015 #californiadrought #field #agriculture #science #environment #water
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northern_california_photos : Interesting. Fortunate to have that water access! 💧
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Happy Star Wars Day! #MayThe4thBeWithYou #Repost @nasa
Tatooine? No, it's Kepler-16b, illustrated in this artist concept. The existence of a world with a double sunset, as portrayed in the film Star Wars more than 30 years ago, is now scientific fact. Our Kepler mission has made the first unambiguous detection of a circumbinary planet - a planet orbiting two stars - 200 light-years from Earth. Unlike Star Wars' Tatooine, the planet is cold, gaseous and not thought to harbor life, but its discovery demonstrates the diversity of planets in our galaxy. Previous research has hinted at the existence of circumbinary planets, but clear confirmation proved elusive. Kepler detected such a planet by observing transits, where the brightness of a parent star dims from the planet crossing in front of it. Image Credit: NASA #nasa #kepler #space #astronomy#maythe4thbewithyou #happystarwarsday #science
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Bluebird populations weren't doing so well not so long ago. Thanks to volunteers installing bluebird nest boxes, there has been a significant increase in the number of Western bluebirds tracked in California over the last 19 years. Crown Beach in the East Bay is just one of many locations in the Bay Area where volunteers have installed nest boxes. (Courtesy of Allen Hirsch) #science #environment #birds #bluebirds #westernbluebirds #biology #conservation #crownbeach #bayarea
bayarea - westernbluebirds - crownbeach - bluebirds - science - biology - environment - conservation - birds -
ayana_ark : amazing short!
kristar7 : @mrjameswall what I look like when I'm bein bossy?
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This image of bear tracks in the mud at Shasta Lake is one of many from our drought collection, illustrating just how serious this drought is. (Credit: Molly Samuel/KQED) #droughtwatch2015 #californiadrought #science #environment #droughtphotos #shastalake
environment - californiadrought - shastalake - science - droughtwatch2015 - droughtphotos -
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A framegrab of a hummingbird feeding in a wind tunnel at #ucberkeley filmed using a high-speed camera. Scientists can see, frame by frame, how neither wind nor rain stop these tiniest of birds from fueling up. Watch the full #deeplook PBS Digital Studios video at YouTube.com/KQEDDeepLook. #science #hummingbirds #flowers #biology #windtunnel
ucberkeley - biology - hummingbirds - science - flowers - windtunnel - deeplook -
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Every winter, California newts leave their forest burrows to travel as far as three miles to mate in the pond where they were born. Their mating ritual involves bulked-up males, writhing females, and a little cannibalism. Watch out latest #deeplook PBS Digital Studios video at YouTube.com/KQEDDeepLook (photo: Josh Cassidy/KQED) #science #nature #newts #amphibian #californianewt #biology #environment
biology - nature - science - californianewt - deeplook - environment - amphibian - newts -
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kqedscience - KQED Science
The green sea turtle is usually found in tropical waters. However, scientists have found a population of green sea turtles in a river near Los Angeles. Turns out, two surrounding power plants inadvertently heat the water (by using cold ocean water to cool their systems), creating a turtle jacuzzi. Story via @npr (Sanden Totten/KPCC) #seaturtles #turtles #science #environment #marinelife
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billyverse : #turtlejacuzzi
misshannahpants : Crazy
misshannahpants : @misshannahpants
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San Luis Reservoir holds nearly twice the volume of water than it did in February 2014. Even so, due to a number of factors (including an unfavorable runoff forecast), many Central Valley farms will receive no water from the federal Central Valley Project this year. (Dan Brekke/KQED) #science #environment #agriculture #drought #water #droughtwatch2015
environment - water - droughtwatch2015 - science - drought - agriculture -
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dreihaupt : This is great! Check my feed for more projects in sustainability ;)
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Hidden away on the south shore of Kauai is Makauwahi sinkhole, a small wonder amid the dense coastal vegetation. It also contains buried treasure for scientists who study Pacific tsunamis. Read the full story at blogs.kqed.org/science/ (Craig Miller/KQED) #tsunami #kauai #makauwahisinkhole #geology #science
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