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kqedscience - KQED Science
Using a modified flour sifter, Chris Tyhurst sprinkles a powder made from palm oil and hydrated lime on the reservoir in the Northern California town of Montague. The town is running out of water, and the powder is supposed to slow evaporation. (Daniel Potter/KQED)
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kqedscience - KQED Science
A year after the Rim Fire burned 257,000 acres in and around Yosemite, a pine tree seedling emerges in a burned area of the Stanislaus National Forest. (Lauren Sommer/KQED)
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kqedscience - KQED Science
Wonder how farmers get all those almonds off the tree? KQED's @smracho got this video while producing a special about the Central Valley for The California Report.
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kqedscience - KQED Science
Looking dry, California. KQED's @dbrekke12 took this picture of a ranch along California Highway 41, east of Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County.
eyeramona : Yup near Shandon. Used to live out there. Shandon actually has a couple secret springs that rub year round.
eyeramona : *run
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kqedscience - KQED Science
That El Niño that was supposed to ease California's drought is looking less likely. This graphic from NASA JPL shows there's less warm water (shown in red) in the Pacific than there was just a few months ago.
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kqedscience - KQED Science
Workers at Drakes Bay Oyster Farm in Point Reyes pile up oyster grow bags for storage. Today is the last day of retail operations at the oyster farm, though wholesale will continue for a few more months. The National Park Service ordered the farm to close after years of court battles. (Cy Musiker/KQED)
dropmeslowly : Example of poor government.
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heatherknape : Too bad, I loved those oysters.
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The wolf that wandered into California, known as OR-7, now has a family in Oregon. This is one of his pups, in a photo taken by an automatic camera. OR-7 was the first wild wolf in California in nearly 90 years. (Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
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kqedscience - KQED Science
Emir Dunn is one of about 4,000 inmates in California who help the state fight wildfires. They get paid $2 a day. Dunn says, the food is better than in prison, and there's a little more freedom. There's a video and more about the program at KQED.org/science. (Adam Grossberg/KQED)
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kqedscience - KQED Science
A volunteer paints a sign in favor of a fracking ban in San Benito County. In California, anti-fracking activists are taking their fight to county ballots. (Lauren Sommer/KQED)
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kqedscience - KQED Science
The drought is driving hungry bears like this one out of the hills and down to Lake Tahoe. (Image courtesy of Nevada Department of Wildlife)
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