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Pro Photographer & Blogger. Soon to be in: Hawaii, Bora Bora, Australia, Thailand, India, Iceland. Even if sponsored, words+images = mine.
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Tomorrow I depart NYC and head even further into the snow-covered Eastern Seaboard of the USA -- but today I'm still keeping warm with memories of last week's visit to Miami for @oasiscollections, where all I needed was a pair of sandals and a sundress to keep me warm! Thanks for following along. And thanks for following in general. I can't believe I'm over 80K followers now. 😳 Won't you take a minute to tell me where you're from, and what you'd like to see me post in 2015? It would mean so much to me!! 😘
rmdrake -
kirstenalana : @rmdrk has so many good ones! @fleurishing Glad you like it, Susan.
kirstenalana : @adtrbmth19 Thanks for the tip! And yes, I do.
adtrbmth19 : Nooo thank you @kirstenalana . Just saw your page, beautiful photography :)
gunjan.a92 : Hey @kirstenalana, I am from Mumbai, India. And I don't think I have anything specific I would like to see you posting...Your feed is beautiful as it is...😊
gunjan.a92 : @kirstenalana I started following you half a year ago after reading a suggestion in some article about top ten instagrammers to follow....and I am glad I did. Keep clicking those amazing pictures!
koenkinoo : It's something to think about πŸ˜ƒπŸ’—
britt.soendergaard : Hey, im from Denmark, Europe. I love your pictures and captions very much. So inspirational... πŸ’žβœˆοΈ @kirstenalana
michella_o : @kirstenalana last August I spent time in Iceland... 4 days on horseback across the highlands with time in the capital on the front and back end. Check my blog link in profile if you're interested.
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
NYC appears to be in the path of "the biggest snowstorm the city has ever seen," so I'm wishing I was still here on the beach, in Miami. If you're in the path of this snow storm and wishing you were somewhere else, what is that place??
maryvern : I'm in Boston, and wishing I was anywhere that has palm trees!
capigrafei : Estou começando um ig com imagens bem legais, confira!!!
dante8 : Nice one babe!
jong7979 : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
kirstenalana : Thank you cakes 😘 @dante8
kirstenalana : 😊😊😊 @jong7979
kirstenalana : @maryvern I'll be in Boston late this week! I can totally relate.
kirstenalana : @kentdeandy 😊
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Turn up your πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š this is the video many of you said yes, you wanted to see. I'm calling this #15SecondsWithALocal. In this video, @DavidsBeenHere tells you why he loves Miami and he surprises us all at the end by.....well, you'll just have to watch and find out. David lives in Miami and he's an outgoing, fun guy who makes impressive videos of his own for the travel industry. No way I can compete with his full scale productions, but I am happy he was willing to share his thoughts for me on camera! Hope you all enjoy it. πŸŽ₯
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kirstenalana : @journeysjosh Great city!
kirstenalana : @_the_regulator Thank you!
jam1385 : Make some Folgers or Mix of Cultures?
kirstenalana : mix of cultures ;) @jam1385
djjustinjames : Nice!!
kentdeandy : Hahaaa....nice ..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
bornintheeu : πŸ‘πŸ˜
kirstenalana : Thanks 😊 @djjustinjames @kentdeandy @bornintheeu
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
One of my goals for 2015 is to post more portraits as I travel. Connecting with locals is one of my favorite ways to discover a new place, and even to rediscover places I think I already know. 🌴 I loved hanging out with @davidsbeenhere, @anakaterina17, @lacarolinda & @karafranker while I was in Miami this week but it was only David and Ana that I managed to create a portrait for, while we were at Wynwood. David is a talented videographer who started in the travel blogging world around the same time as I did. He and Ana are actually from Miami and they were such a joy to be around! πŸ‘©πŸ‘³πŸ‘± Do you want to see me #postthepeople more this year? And would you like to see David tell you in a 15 second video why he thinks Miami is so great? If you say yes, that's what I'll share next! πŸŽ₯
postthepeople -
kirstenalana : @boravenangel That's nice but I'll be posting more photos of other people, not of me!
kirstenalana : @anakaterina17 Too sweet Ana. It was truly my pleasure. And I do hope to be back in Miami, when I am let's get together for longer!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
kirstenalana : @droidbymotorola Oh good. Thanks!
kirstenalana : Thank you! @koenkinoo
kirstenalana : @intuitiveartist Thank you my sweet sister!!! I'm glad you think so and it seems you're not the only one. So I'll post a few more than I have before.
kirstenalana : @coffeemeetstea I bet. Miami would be a very fun place to live for some time. Don't think I could stay forever. But who knows. Thanks for the encouragement about the portraits too!!
lacarolinda : YES😊
kirstenalana : 😊😊 @lacarolinda
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Miami's Wynwood Arts District includes more than 70 art galleries, retail stores, antique shops, and bars. It's one of the world's largest open-air street-art installations and has been experiencing explosive growth since the introduction of the Second Saturday Art Walk, and the arrival of Art Basel in 2002. Most large scale pieces are commissioned and therefore permanent to semi permanent, making the quality of art you see in Wynwood, unlike that in other places. It's far more than tagging or graffiti. Instead, Wynwood is more like a world stage for talented painters and muralists. It has taken over a former warehouse and manufacturing district and developers have rehabilitated formerly neglected warehouses, shuttered factories, and other unused buildings -- transforming them to create a now trendy, vibrant neighborhood that I always have to visit whenever I'm in the city!
kirstenalana : @ijordizon I'm glad you like it! Was created by @artofdavidwalker
kirstenalana : @kentdeandy Yes very talented indeed. And I don't know how they do it either. It's incredible. Haha. How cool that you think it looks like me!
karinaribasphotodesign : @camileguedes
ivettita27 : Great picture, like the clouds completing her head.
kirstenalana : Thanks!! Glad you noticed. You're the only person to mention it at least. @ivettita27
ivettita27 : I have a good eye! :-)
combs83 : @thismiss that's pretty awesome!
kirstenalana : @ivettita27 :-)
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
For me a trip to Miami isn't complete without a visit to Wynwood and I had a truly awesome time there during this latest trip because of @oasiscollections, whose guests have the hook up at @jugofresh. This local chain went from one location to 5 locations, in the greater Miami area, in just a few years time. More will open, and I can only hope and pray, eventually they'll come to NYC too. Each location is designed to blend in to the neighborhood where it's located so the Wynwood location is appropriately crazy and filled with art. Juices, acai bowls, coffee drinks and made to order salads can all be custom made with things like bee pollen and a host of other ingredients I can't even spell! Every time I visit, I feel healthier by the time I walk out the door. #OasisPerks
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bohemiantrails : The wallpaper is @flavorpaper. I love them!
flavorpaper : Thanks for noticing the #warholcamo @bohemiantrails and @kirstenalana the Sunset Harbor JugoFresh was the first then Wynwood. Glad you liked it!!
kirstenalana : #aintthatthetruth and then some !!!!! @filiatrault1026
kirstenalana : @bohemiantrails Yes I meant to tag them!!!
kirstenalana : @flavorpaper Hilarious that you're the second person to mention that but it was Jugo themselves that verified Wynwood was their first brick and mortar. A mystery now.
starfishtravel : @kirstenalana omgosh Wynwood is on my list! Only 2 more days here & already full of activities. So sad you had to leave already!
aigerimgera : @adina1321 ага😁
kirstenalana : @starfishtravel I know. I'm so sad I missed you in Miami too!! But I hope you're loving it as much as I did!!
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I thought it would be fun to get close to some of the hot exotic cars that make Miami such a vibrant place to see and be seen but getting to sit in the LAST of only 399 Enzo Ferraris that were ever built and sold this morning, was definitely beyond words. I'm not sure where I get my love of exotic, classic and sports cars but I LOVE them. This particular Ferrari is not for sale or rental but you too can see it when you visit @loulaviegallery, or you can rent one of their many other Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Rolls Royce or BMW beauties. They have quite a few rare models and they can even special order. As if the cars weren't enough, their gallery collection has a number of stunning works by artists like Leonardo Hidalgo so you can pick up a souvenir from Miami for your wall back home. Lou La Vie is just one of the businesses that has a special relationship with @oasiscollections and it might be my favorite of the #OasisPerks 😜
oasisperks -
koenkinoo : A very beautiful photo πŸ“·
kirstenalana : Thank you! @koenkinoo
karafranker : Whoa! Now that is cool. I need to go hang out at @loulaviegallery πŸ™Œ
kirstenalana : Yeah you do!! 😊😊 @karafranker
agallae : Cool
kirstenalana : Thank you! @agallae
leeabbamonte : Lovely!
kirstenalana : Thank you, Lee. @leeabbamonte
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
If you are into modern architecture, the new Pérez Art Museum here in Miami is a must visit. For the outside alone. Though the inside is a compelling blend of more than 1,300 works created with a wide range of medium from artists primarily in the Americas. The outside features hanging gardens, metal and wood hammocks, a café and several different kinds of seating with an almost unobstructed view of Biscayne Bay. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architects Herzog & de Meuron, it's an unusual and yet stunning building. I'm not likely to share more than one photo, so please click through to the blue location tag above or check out the museum's feed: @pammpics, for more photos. When you visit, be sure to order the passion fruit Caipirinha at the café which @AlexInWanderland and I both enjoyed during a long overdue catch up. Thanks for joining me, Alex! || I'm so glad my @oasiscollections room is so close to Pérez, it made it an easy choice for where I'd spend today. ||
kirstenalana : @_dolcevita29 No. Headed there in the morning. @oasiscollections guests get some awesome discounts there. I will be taking advantage.
kirstenalana : @elsarizo Truly.
bornintheeu : Looks very nice πŸ‘
vivianwychui : Will do 😏
kirstenalana : Thank you! @bornintheeu
kirstenalana : 😊😊 @vivianwychui
koenkinoo : Looks impressive
kirstenalana : It really is. @koenkinoo
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Where do you stand on modern minimalism as far as design goes? I find it to be very cold sometimes. And then other times, I love its simplicity. As in this sitting area at my @oasiscollections home-away-from-home here in Miami Beach. I dig the little pops of color, the water feature that's just in front of my feet as I take this and the zen like aura of this space. Might have to make it the place I enjoy my morning cuppa joe tomorrow. After all, those palm trees and bamboo plants aren't inside my room. And I want to soak up alllll the outdoor vibes I can before I have to head back home to frigid NYC!
kirstenalana : Thanks babe. Not actually relaxing as you know. Just showing where I would if I had time πŸ˜‰ @dante8
kirstenalana : @starfishtravel Thanks. I definitely am. And we should chat about Oasis.
starfishtravel : For sure 🌴
tracy6762658 : Too blah for me
rafael_grotto : @thaylanbs
kirstenalana : @tracy6762658 I get that. Modern often feels like that for me too!!
parisianstories_ : β™‘
shopmiamistyle : @lgr421 these ppl offer rental properties in Rio! Just looked them up, pretty cool!
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
It's rare that I get to share on Instagram as soon as I experience something but this is that moment. I've arrived in South Beach, Miami and with nothing in my @oasiscollections itinerary for a few hours so I decided to come straight to the beach and dig my toes in the sand!! 🌞 The temperature is 75F but it feels like almost 80 when the breeze dies down, the sun doesn't show signs of going anywhere and colorful umbrellas line the beach with people in their swimsuits under almost every one. It's a seriously great day to be in Florida and my migraine is FINALLY gone!!!⛡️
kirstenalana : Totally. @kentdeandy 😊😊
kirstenalana : @parvmahal Awww. I'm sorry. But I'm glad you like them.
kirstenalana : @koenkinoo Thank you!
clareappleyard : Beautiful!
kirstenalana : Thanks lady!! @clareappleyard
sarahcallen3 : I can't wait 😊
kirstenalana : I hope the weather is as nice for you as it was for me!!! @sarahcallen3
tutkutokol : πŸ’œ
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