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Kirsten Alana

Once a wedding photographer, now I help brands & destinations tell their stories through photos. Even if sponsored, words+images are mine. MostlyπŸ“±
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I'm #InspiredBy terrific landscapes and in just 9 days I'm headed back to one of my favorite naturally beautiful countries where I'll have several days to explore and photograph the Highlands. I'm visiting Scotland again!! And this time, I'm bringing @Dante8 with me!! I'd love to know what inspires you, and @fullscreen wants to know too, tag me in the comments if you want to show us in photo form! #sp
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kirstenalana : @anya_parsley Oh wow. Thank you!
kirstenalana : @carlayalmeida Thank you so much!
kirstenalana : @lukekingma Indeed they are not. :)
kirstenalana : @karoespino It sure is indeed. And Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities. I'm so glad you've been. It was NYE 2012/13 that I first went.
kirstenalana : @wanderingiphone Thank you, Andrea!! I hope you can bring the boys there soon. But wherever you spent Christmas and NY I hope it's really lovely. And I hope there's a lot of quality family time.
kirstenalana : @imphotography915 I'm glad to know that. Hopefully one day I will get there. And I think what's important is that you are inspired. Not that it's anyone else's version of what should be inspiring.
imphotography915 : Exactly, if you ever do make out here let me know @kirstenalana
kirstenalana : Thanks I will. @imphotography915
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
How do you feel about the holidays? I didn't even know that word when I was a kid. Growing up in Vermont, it was called Christmas. And there was always a tree, presents, lots of good food, and we always went to church on Christmas Eve for a candlelight service. The world is a far different place than it was then. But one thing still always makes me smile at this time of year: twinkle lights. Somehow they seem to hold or symbolize all that child-like wonder I used to feel, and they never cease to bring a smile to my face wherever I see them. I captured this photo of the lights outside Rockefeller Center with my @DroidByMotorola which has a terrific 21 MP camera that I've enjoyed using for the last month. // This was edited with VSCO. What's your favorite Android editing app? #DroidHolidays #sponsored
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kirstenalana : @followyourarrow Yes!!! I love that too!! My favorite parts of the city are the places only locals go.
kirstenalana : @cheech5000 Thank you! 😊😊
kirstenalana : #allofthelights
kentdeandy : β˜ΊπŸ˜‰
thepalomar : Love NY at Christmas ..
kirstenalana : It's great isn't it. @thepalomar
lmrich4 : πŸŽ„πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„
kirstenalana : Thank you! @lmrich4
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
What do you think of the new @instagram filters?? I like them and might use IG to edit photos more now. // The holidays are a great, festive time of year in NYC but the crowds that all the holiday decorations draw make me really anxious. I don't know if it's claustrophobia or something else but I just don't do well with hordes of people. So I went searching for those most stereotypical of Christmas colors: red and green, in the less crowded places and I loved this vignette with the red of the bikes and the green in the tile. You too can spot this on Bowery in the LES here in NYC anytime you want, it's part of the chic @boweryhotel.
fallingoffbicycles : Omg I love this!!
kirstenalana : Awww thanks @fallingoffbicycles!!
no_optics : Nice.
kirstenalana : Thank you! @no_optics
seatosummits : @kirstenalana what app do you use besides Instagram to edit photos?
kirstenalana : VSCO, PicFX, Afterlight, Faded, Litely @seatosummits
seatosummits : @kirstenalana thanks!
kirstenalana : Happy to help lady!! @seatosummits And hope all is well in CA :-)
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I really enjoyed China but I had to get back to NYC in time for the holidays. Now I can always count on two people for a guaranteed good time in my favorite part of the city, the West Village: @dante8 (it's our favorite part of the city for a date) -- and @cestchristine, who this morning introduced me to @BuvetteNYC. It was a sublime way to start the day!! Yummy food, great conversation about dating NY men, missing Paris and always trying to infuse our lives with creative pursuits. She's got a great stream. So give her some IG love. It's good to be home...
kirstenalana : @vivjing Miss you too dear!! Did you read my blog post?
elenasonnino : Good to know!! Thanks!
nmorata : Love the tight edit and the pop of blue in this composition
kirstenalana : My pleasure. Let me know if you have other questions or planning things I can help with. @elenasonnino
kirstenalana : Thank you, Noel! I thought it was a bit different to most Vespa photos and I'm glad you like it. @nmorata
elenasonnino : You are too kind @kirstenalana!!
vivjing : @kirstenalana Yes dear! I have just shared it with our team, very nice post. I enjoy every word and picture...😘
kirstenalana : Yay!!! Thank you!! @vivjing I'm soo glad you like it 😊😊
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I can't really put into words how grateful I am that @fourseasons asked me to come and stay with them in China at @fsshanghai. If it weren't for that, I might never have experienced this country because I didn't intend to do so on my own, feeling oddly intimidated by, and mildly scared of, China. Now...I don't know why I ever felt that way because I had a terrific experience. I hope you saw that come through in the photos I've shared so far. I'm further grateful to @fourseasons because they've also given me the chance to share the love with you through a $250 gift card that you could win toward your very own Extraordinary Four Seasons Experience. Visit the link in my profile for all the details and good luck!! #ExperienceFS
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kirstenalana : @chinagirl83 I'm glad you like it too. And are living there. What an experience that must be! Where do you live in China?
kirstenalana : :) :) @kentdeandy
kirstenalana : I am so glad. Thank you for letting me know!! @me.unyc
kirstenalana : I'm so sorry. Wish I could help you get a new phone. Its hard not having super powers because I want to help. Seriously. Have you looked at eBay?! But I'm glad China is on your list and I hope you can get there sooner than later. @smilinginside2
smilinginside2 : Oh you are so sweet! I wish I had super powers too! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the nice thoughts! I hope I get there soon too!! (I have checked eBay , I should check again, since it's the holiday)
me.unyc : @kirstenalana 😊
pat00sss : Nice capture, You profile is #amazing by the way, congrats
kirstenalana : @pat00sss You're so kind. Thank you! I'm glad you like this photo and my profile.
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Shanghai comes alive at night like a jewel box made of lights. It's a technicolor showing of the possibilities of electricity. And one of the best places to view it all is from the Bund. But every evening I went, it was too overcast, cloudy or rainy for me to actually see over to Pudong where the skyscrapers and buildings lit up at night on that side of the river have become something of a symbol of Shanghai. Then, a breakthrough, @fspudong invited me for dinner and the night was clear so the wide open glass expanses of this @fourseasons property were a perfect viewing platform for the lights of Shanghai at night, from the pool to the guest rooms to the view from the spa. It's all right in the middle of the light show. Thanks for having me, @fspudong! (Dinner was *amazing* too!) #ExperienceFS
experiencefs -
kirstenalana : YES. Sort of. I leave on Sunday for upstate NY. Catch me before then though and I'm all yours for an hour or two. @borderfreetravels
borderfreetravels : @kirstenalana Hooray! I'll shoot you an email to coordinate :))
lukekingma : What. A. View.
kirstenalana : Indeed. My jaw dropped. @lukekingma
puccispizza : Wow!
kirstenalana : Aww thanks! @puccispizza
hinessightblog : I have never seen an ugly Four Seasons. LOL! I could live there.
kirstenalana : True!!! And I felt the same way about this one. @hinessightblog
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Art is something that has been a part of my life since my earliest memory because my mother and my best friend are both artists. So when I travel, I always look for ways to experience the art of the cultures I visit. Doing so, not unlike trying to eat as much as possible of the local cuisine, gives me a chance to understand the culture of a place in a way that written words in a guidebook can never do. That's why I loved the galleries in Tian Zi Fang and why I loved visiting Jing'an Sculpture Park which is within easy walking distance of @fsshanghai! This outdoor park, filled with sculptures from artists around the world, is still colorful even if December. Flowers in every color of the rainbow punctuate a landscape of green grass and golden leaves, affording many opportunities for inspiration. This particular work of art is actually by Belgian artist Arne Quinze and it is called the 'Red Beacon' but I chose to share it because as one of the largest works in the park, it's easily recognized as being part of Jing'an. #ExperienceFS
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geometryclub : You might like #geometryclub
kirstenalana : @geometryclub Thanks!!
lena_turkey_alanya_side : Beautiful; )
nmorata : love all the sculptural elements and pop of red!
kirstenalana : Thank you, Noel! It was a challenge to capture right. But I'm glad you like what I ended up with. @nmorata
kirstenalana : @lenaturkey Thank you!
wfa31 : That's what I thought! @kirstenalana Have you learn some Chinese words? hhh
kirstenalana : Wasn't in China long enough to learn much. But a few words. @wfa31
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
It's been mostly dark & cloudy while I've been in Shanghai but I got lucky with brilliant sunshine for my visit to the former French Concession. Being a Francophile, I couldn't be in Shanghai and not visit this much talked about area of the city. And I was surprised to find that while it is very Chinese, it's also subtly French. Especially the way the tree-lined avenues reminded me of walking along the River Seine or strolling through St. Germain. The French turned over control of this area way back in 1943, but it is still popularly known as the [former] French Concession. Mini Eiffel Towers even decorate some shops and cafes. This of course succeeded only in making me want to go back to Paris, where I was at this time last year. #ExperienceFS
experiencefs -
kirstenalana : I agree!! @ibalneario
kirstenalana : @bornintheeu Thank you!
kirstenalana : @nurlitaherlindasari Thank you! I'm glad you like my captions!! But I'm sorry to cause jealousy. If you want to get a start working in travel, I recommend the @matadornetwork photography and writing courses!
nurlitaherlindasari : It's a great idea but not really sure cause I don't have knowledges about that, I work as a marketing in trading & manufacture company for undercarriage so it's very different with my basic
s_mukherjee : Nice pics. Similar view you get in Pondicherry #southernIndia
s_mukherjee : It's also a French concessions
kirstenalana : @s_mukherjee Good to know! I hope to visit India one day.
kirstenalana : @nurlitaherlindasari You can do whatever you set your mind to!
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
At the advice of people like my friend Beth, @vivjing, @monicasuma and @misslailai -- I went to Tian Zi Fang. It's another very historic part of Shanghai that @travelandleisure said on Foursquare is "real Shanghai." Now that I've been, I can't agree with that. I'm sure at one time maybe it was, perhaps as part of the former French Concession. Now, it caters to visitors from other parts of China and tourists from around the world who want to shop for things like tea, fine art, Qipao dresses and small trinkets. I did have the best soup dumplings in a stall buried in the maze of shops when I got a bit lost, and really good Sri Lankan Chai at Kommune and I loved the combination of Asian decorations and Shikumen architecture. People still live in homes above the first and second floor shops so it is residential and commercial. In the end, it's well worth spending a few hours of your time. I'm glad I went! #ExperienceFS
droidturbo - experiencefs - shikumen - shanghai - droidholidays - vzwbuzz - tianzifang - vscophile - bringthephoneback - neverstopexploring - travelphotography - shanghailife - china - android - vscocam -
kirstenalana : @joyfilledwander 😊😊😊
looloobigcups : Where are.all the people?
kirstenalana : I took this about 5 minutes after the shops opened in Tian Zi Fang, so the people hadn't arrived yet. It was much more crowded by the time I left. @looloobigcups
derrick.neo : So was it "real shanghai" to you?
kirstenalana : @derrick.neo I didn't feel that it was. But I am also not sure I was in Shanghai long enough to determine that. @mainwaring made a fair point about the possible definition of that and now that he has, I really see his point.
jessicakathleendunks : hi @kirstenalana we'd love to feature you in @suitcasemag (http://suitcasemag.com) if you could email me on jessicakathleendunks@gmailcom
kirstenalana : Oh wow. Thanks! I'll message soon. @jessicakathleendunks
jessicakathleendunks : Thank you ☺️
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
For this week's @droidbymotorola mission, I was asked to tell you about the incredible battery life of the Droid Turbo. How it has a setting that gives you eight hours of power with only 15 minutes of charging or how its regular battery life is 48-hours plus. Well, today that was put to the test when both my cameras and my iPhone died as I was photographing Tian Zi Fang, even after being recharged once with the battery pack I carry around. BUT my Droid that hadn't been charged in 3 days was still going strong and it allowed me to take this photo that I then edited with @vsco for Android. I love that a product actually worked the way it was supposed to!! #DroidHolidays #Sponsored
droidholidays - sponsored -
claysteel : Let me know! I may still be here. I'm teaching in Rayong
kirstenalana : @jasonokuma It's the best isn't it!
kirstenalana : Sure thing. Once I know dates and trip is confirmed, I will. @claysteel
kirstenalana : Now these guys (the heads) I thought were definitely hipster ;) @tonyburtt
tonyburtt : Uh....yeah! They are! :-)
kirstenalana : :-) @tonyburtt
ericafirpo : I need this Droid
kirstenalana : Yeah it's a good one!! @ericafirpo
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