Kirsten Alana

Pro Photographer + Traveler based in NYC, one of the co-founders of #GrittyCity. Get in touch:
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
My plan for today, Day 4 of my @Skyscanner Takeover, didn't work out. So I've retreated to my favorite place in Manhattan: the @METmuseum. No matter how many times I visit, I always find hidden gems I didn't know about, galleries I've never seen, statues or paintings I was unfamiliar with. Right now the Charles James exhibit is my newest favorite place to find inspiration (though the Impressionist paintings never fail as well) and I'm sad it won't be around much longer. Stay tuned to @Skyscanner's feed to see where else I go in NYC today... #SkyscannerNY
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travelmindset : Love this photo!
kirstenalana : Thank you so much!! @travelmindset
kirstenalana : @_veronicapichardo Yes I'd planned to check that out as well when I go to the Lighthouse!!
_veronicapichardo : @kirstenalana ok. Have fun exploring! πŸ‘πŸ‘
hinessightblog : Lovely
followyourarrow : I absolutely love the Met! Gorgeous!
jaybwilsonphotonyc : #alanament
kirstenalana : Always makes me smile when you use #alanament 😊😊 @jaybwilsonphotonyc
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
As a New York resident, the hustle/bustle/concrete/steel aspect of the city that excites so many other people often gets me down. It's then that I need to search out the quieter places, the green spaces and the ways I can get off dry land to get a little wind in my hair! So today for my @Skyscanner Takeover, I'm exploring the ways you can do just that. Whether you're visiting or you live here like I do! If you do, you might already know all the tips I'm gonna share, if you've never been to NYC before -- I think you'll want to check out what I have to share over on @skyscanner's account. #SkyscannerNY
skyscannerny -
purereflection : Hey @kirstenalana - do you mind telling me how you manage to pay for so much traveling? Is it your photography job? I want to try and travel so much but am trying to find the least expensive yet quality way to do so ☺️ any input is welcomed!!
jasonramsey : Your hair looks great
kirstenalana : @purereflection I don't mind at all, travel photography is my job. So these aren't vacation photos I'm sharing, they're images from trips I take for clients. When I travel myself, with my boyfriend, we do it quite economically and use points and deals etc. I don't have a trust fund, don't have a huge savings account but I just prioritize travel over everything else.
kirstenalana : Thanks, Jason! 😊 @jasonramsey
kirstenalana : Took dozens of tries to get a photo where it did btw. Not easy. @jasonramsey
back2thefuture2 : Splendid
kirstenalana : Thank you! @back2thefuture2
paintthenight : Cutie Pie on a boat.
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
For a long time I've been trying to figure out how I could use my career to help other people more, beyond showing people the world I get to see when I travel, I'd like to actually give the gift of travel. So far that hasn't been possible. So instead I do what I can, silently, to use what little resources I have to help other people around the world to have more of what they need. I don't talk about it often but @CharityWater is one of the organizations I've always supported financially, so when I found out they were having an Instameet today in NYC with @ONAbags, I had to go. And of course I dragged @dante8 with me. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I loved meeting some people I've followed here on @Instagram since the beginning. Huge thanks to @cubbygraham @cestchristine for putting together such a great meet, and to @CharityWater for inspiring me so long ago to want to do good. #TellStories
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fiduceu : πŸ”πŸ”
kirstenalana : Thank you! @fiduceu
smchamb : @kirstenalana see you're back in the USA. Hope all is going well!
kirstenalana : Thank you! Yes, made it home, though I didn't move from my apartment for two days after. That journey, when done in coach, is brutal. I've loved following you and @misssmartflyer still in Bali and it makes me miss it but I'm so glad I got to go, and see you two while there :-) @smchamb
artboy11211 : πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨
onabags : πŸ‘Œ
kirstenalana : Thanks my friends!! @onabags @artboy11211
kirstenalana : And great meet @onabags!!
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Starting Day 2 of my @skyscanner Takeover in Astoria with a #DailyCortado at my favorite gastropub @TheQueensKickshaw. I'll be bringing you a few more Hidden Gems from Queens today but only on the @skyscanner account so you'll just have to follow them and the #SkyscannerNY hashtag if you don't want to miss out πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your support my friends and followers!!
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jhowze : Great idea
optimistnick : You're two seconds from my apartment! Excited to see what else you highlight πŸ‘
urbanoyster : @TheQueensKickshaw is amazing!!
kirstenalana : @urbanoyster It sure is!! I'm so glad you agree.
kirstenalana : @optimistnick Haha. I should have asked you to join @dante8 and I for coffee. So focused this morning on getting the job done it just slipped my kind :-( But yeah it's all about Queens today and I just published my first tip over at Skyscanner. Two more still to come.
kirstenalana : @jhowze Thank you!
_veronicapichardo : @kirstenalana love it!!
kirstenalana : Thanks! @_veronicapichardo
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Where can you go and have a beach almost entirely to yourself? Find out the answer, and what neighborhood I spent this afternoon in NYC in by heading over to the @skyscanner @instagram account where I've posted 2 of today's 3 photos from my #SkyscannerNY takeover!
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tonyburtt : Very cool! It's just a little different than Manhattan Beach, L.A. :-) nice to a great start.
christianjosep : 😎
simonhs : πŸ’™
kirstenalana : Thank you! @simonhs @christianjosep
kirstenalana : @tonyburtt Thank you so much, Tony! Definitely different than the one of the same name in Cali. But they are both good beaches.
kirstenalana : @teawithsocrates Thank you!
fabson182 : Wonderful life
kirstenalana : I'm glad you think so. @fabson182
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Don't forget, starting tomorrow I take over the @skyscanner @instagram account for a whole week to bring you an inside look at NYC. They've just launched in the USA and I know you'll want to show them some love as well as not miss potentially great tips about the city. Follow them and the hashtag #SkyscannerNY so you won't miss a moment.
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kirstenalana : @jgonulsen Thanks!! Yay :-)
poe11 : Nice! :)
kirstenalana : Thanks! @poe11
paulatdg : @nandateixeiras
tonyburtt : I'll check it out Kirsten.
kirstenalana : Thanks @tonyburtt!
courtody : I love this corner of Lincoln Center - it's amazing how going just around the corner gets rid of the crowds ☺️
kirstenalana : Yes!! That's why I love it as well. The crowds just disappear. Also, did you know there's free WiFi under the trees right there? @courtody
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
One of the downsides of a travel-filled life like mine is that it can really take a toll on the body. And it has, on mine. So yesterday I started my first ever juice cleanse thanks to the super cool people @lovegracefoods (and especially @jimmythegreengiant) and already I feel better on day 2 than I have in a long time. Maybe it will also help me look better for a trip to the beach because I think that's where I'm gonna start my @skyscanner takeover tomorrow...
kirstenalana : @rohprimardho Yes. Drink a certain amount of juice per day and no solid food at all. No coffee either. It's tough but honestly not THAT hard.
kirstenalana : @nvrguys I thought so too!
kirstenalana : Thank you dear @anntranfashion!!
rohprimardho : Ah, thanks! :)
mevallieres : Juice cleanse never looked so good!
kirstenalana : You're too sweet! Thank you. @mevallieres
kirstenalana : @rohprimardho My pleasure. And if you want to know more, check out @lovegracefoods website. They've got a lot of great info for first timers.
kirstenalana : Oh man I'm an idiot. @lmarks028 Jugo is what we had in Miami. THAT WAS GOOD!!!! face = palm
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I'm so excited to announce that starting Saturday I'll be taking over @skyscanner's Instagram account to bring you a look at NYC's hidden gems and some of the less hidden gems but in a way that you might not expect. It will be really fabulous for those of you who have never been to the city at all and I hope you'll follow @skyscanner and the #skyscannerny hashtag so that you won't miss a single tip or photo!!
skyscannerny -
kirstenalana : @modagak 😊😊😊
kirstenalana : @b0pie @mokethejoke Thank you!
carlacpa : πŸ’š @leticiacrc
janelletoner : @willyay
deardreamlove : Ahhhh that's so exciting!!! Slightly jealous. Ok, a lot jealous. I love @skyscanner!!!!!
kirstenalana : @deardreamlove Glad we both have mutual love for @skyscanner and I hope you'll tune in and support what they're doing this week. Their first campaign since launching in the USA!
deardreamlove : Heck yeah I'm following along!!! Im a huge advocate of theirs. I tell all my friends about the app and always purchase my tickets through them!!! Loving this campaign BTW. Amazing work lady πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
kirstenalana : I'm the same haha!!! Glad you like the work so far and thanks for supporting 😊😊 @deardreamlove
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
It might not be as exotic as the rice fields of Bali or as exciting as the nightlife in Miami or even as delicious as the food in Portland and Scottsdale (all recent travels of mine) but I gotta tell you that coming back home to an invitation from @SheBuysCars to test drive the #NewSonata with @HyundaiUSA was just what I needed today. Because there are few simple pleasures I love more than driving with the windows down, wind in my hair, no place to be...but the open road!!
newsonata -
shebuyscars : Thanks for spending the day with me! It was fun--and we avoided I95 by taking the backroads @dr_gongshow: even though @Hyundai mapped out the route, it was fun to show @KirstenAlana an insider's view. And, we are CT-based @ccrider @travelbarefeet @schmabrina. Love that you're local too!
carenciah : love their cars
kirstenalana : I can see why! They were fun to drive! @carenciah
kirstenalana : @christianjosep Thanks 😊😊
kirstenalana : @verenamei Thanks!! I really did!! And yay for our second video 😊😊😊
kirstenalana : @jennaberrybean Thank you! As did I πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
nurlitaherlindasari : It was a great journey
kirstenalana : Yes it was!! @nurlitaherlindasari
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I could keep posting photos from Bali for a long time but life has to move on at some point and I've got adventures coming here at in NYC & elsewhere that I want to share. So I wanted to take a sec to thank @themuliabali for bringing me all the way to Indonesia for my second visit to the country. It was a truly lovely experience and I'm so grateful to have been able to fall in love with the island of Bali because of it. || #MuliaBali
kamuliabali - muliabali -
noellenotnoel : That's awesome to hear! Makes relaxing around them that much better. 😎
kirstenalana : Sure does! @noellenotnoel
simonhs : Beautiful!πŸŒ€πŸ˜
kirstenalana : Thank you! @simonhs
kirstenalana : #kamuliabali
jebigadesign : Amazing place! 
kirstenalana : Yes it really was! @jebigadesign New post about it today on my blog. Link in profile.
ortiz.92 : A really beautiful photo, you chose the best angle to take it, congratulations.
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