Kirsten Alana

Photographer recommended by likes of HuffPo, BA HighLife, & MarieClaire. Soon in: Hawaii, BoraBora, Thailand, India, Iceland. Currently: home in NYC
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
One year ago today I was in Montréal in gorgeous coffee shops like this, exploring and photographing the city with residents such as @mevallieres, @inayali, @eatdrinkbcarrie, @pascalassaleh and @haigstagram. The mega talented @maurice was there at the same time and joined us to shoot for a day. It was sooo cold but it was a wonderful experience. From the poutine to the bowls of Asian noodle soup, to the amazing brunch places - the food was dynamite. The museums are superb and plentiful. Photogenic neighborhoods offer a bounty of options for street or architectural photography and old Montreal makes you feel as if you've escaped to Europe. If you've never been to the city, put it on your list for 2015. And at the least, follow some of the aforementioned accounts for a look at life there through the lens of a local!
haigstagram : Kirsten thank you so much, I appreciate the good word and honourable mention. Thanks for being so awesome! It would truly be great to have you visit again! Amazing how people can connect and become friends using this medium called @instagram . Keep up the great work! πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰
mevallieres : You know how I love having you in my neck of the woods luv 😘 You need to come back in the summertime!
mevallieres : @eatdrinkbcarrie @kirstenalana I will be taking you two up on that #ladydate offer. πŸ˜‰
bornintheeu : Nice
podifikus : @nadiuko
kentdeandy : I thought this shop is own by you! The name of the shop about the same..Hi boss ..need helper.?? I can wash the dishes..
travelflash : Rustic, I like it
ferryzievinger : Great feed, thanks for sharing Kirsten
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Starting the weekend off on a very comfortable note, at home in @humanityunified. My friends Maria and Anthony, who also run @thecultureist, sent this t-shirt over and it couldn't be more perfect. The whole quote is: "Defy the Norm. Be Fearless. Ache with Wanderlust. Change the World." 🌎 They're endeavoring to do some amazing things in Rwanda so it would mean so much to me if you head over and give them some love, or make a purchase. Every order helps their goal of empowering vulnerable women, and changing the world for the better. πŸ’ Oh, and thanks to @thebouqs for the roses. Fresh flowers are such an embarrassment of riches for me and today my cup runneth over.
kirstenalana : Toooo sweet. @humanityunified
gerinmel : @kirstenalana Love the concept Kirsten, thanks for sharing!
wedomen : Love it!
cher0105 : @rashizi I could see you wearing should check out humanityunified dot org
kirstenalana : @wedomen Thank you!
kirstenalana : I'm so glad you do!! @gerinmel
intuitiveartist : Thanks for sharing! I love the shirt that says: Life is the art of drawing without an eraser. (: @kirstenalana At first I thought this was a sevenly post (;
kirstenalana : Seventy is similar! I only buy t-shirts from them and Humanity United now. I knew you'd love this!! And that shirt about the eraser too!! @intuitiveartist πŸ’—πŸ’•
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I took a trip up to the Bronx today, to attend the press preview of the @NYBG's new annual exhibit, "The Orchid Show: Chandeliers." Beginning this Saturday the show will run through April 19 in the landmark Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. It's the USA's largest curated show featuring orchids and if you're a fan of this exotic flower like I am then I know you'd enjoy the visit. This year the show was designed by Francisca Coelho who is permanently on staff at the Garden and who has been called, "the best female head gardener at present working under glass." Quite a label! But it's easy to see why. She's created a stunning display that immediately transported me to some of my favorite tropical places on the planet. My Gma has grown orchids most of my life and I've always marveled at her skill since I love them too, but don't have a green thumb. I felt her presence there today and it made me that much more excited to go visit her next weekend for her 90th Birthday!!
foodphilosophy : @kirstenalana We can try! I'll text you.
kirstenalana : Ok good!! @foodphilosophy
epsilon1978 : @vargasyady
butterflydiary : Absolutely love this show!
steinphoto : So pretty and so spring!
kirstenalana : Indeed!! Perfect for the first day of Spring. @steinphoto
kirstenalana : @butterflydiary Yes it's a very good one!!
melissackoh : Your feed is so gorgeous @kirstenalana :)
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I'd like to thank @Google for hosting yesterday's travel event at one of my favorite NYC hotels, the home of this oft-photographed staircase. And I'd like to thank @instagram. Before this app, I had no idea there were so many people as in love with staircases as I am. But one only need click on the #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases hashtag in order to see, there are very many people indeed. I'm so full of thanks for IG this week I just can't even contain it. /// What do you love most about Instagram??
theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases -
kirstenalana : Thank you! @marckapunkt
fleurishing : psst @lostncheeseland πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
lax2nrt : Totes agree re: spiral staircases!
kirstenalana : 😊😊 @lax2nrt Great minds!
butterflydiary : Agree! Reminds me of Chicago's Rookery
x__holly__x : Love!
kirstenalana : Thank you! @x__holly__x
kirstenalana : @butterflydiary Oh yes. Soo good that one.
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
In yet another example of how awesome Instagram is for helping make real life friendships out of digital ones, here is @kenny_kim and I doing a #JumpShot next to Noriyuki Haraguchi's Oil Pool installation. I've followed Kenny since before I was a travel photographer -- when I too was a wedding photographer, which seems like another lifetime ago. We're also both ambassadors for ONA bags. But we'd never met in person! I don't remember who reached out to who first now, but we finally arranged to meet, via Instagram, when Kenny was in NYC this weekend. First we met at a coffee shop and then, Kenny came with Danté and I to the gallery after we told him how unusual Haraguchi's installation was. The time together was short but it was sweet and I'm grateful to this app for yet another example of #CommunityFirst. πŸ“· by @dante8
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kirstenalana : Thanks! @simmonscolton
hecktictravels : This is such a cool exhibit! And your spaz jump looks great πŸ˜‰
paintthenight : Makes this art much better.
onabags : @fotostudio67 @kirstenalana Thanks, friends!! 😊
kirstenalana : @onabags *group hug*
kirstenalana : @paintthenight Ha. Thanks!!
kirstenalana : @hecktictravels So spaz!! Jumping is just not a skill on my resume. πŸ˜‰ But yes, a very cool exhibit!
thisisaxelle : @moreoftia
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
In terms of how cold it has been lately in NYC, yesterday was nothing. Practically spring! So it wasn't difficult to get out of bed at @theiroquoisnewyork and go on a little walk around Manhattan. The hotel is located so close to the public library's iconic Main Branch that we had to start there. And I loved seeing so many other hearty NYers out enjoying the warmer temps with us. This guy, sitting in such a lovely pool of sunlight, was sketching the building and I watched him for quite some time as the light changed, as his hands moved, as he saw something I saw too, but was unable to capture because I lack his talent. Instead, I captured him. Oh what a lovely gift to be able to capture what the eye sees with a pen, pencil or paintbrush! #WHPlocalstory
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kirstenalana : Thank you! @koenkinoo
stelietz : @marcosrpoa
imaginationdetonation : that light!
kirstenalana : It was incredible. Had to capture. @imaginationdetonation
nunziacillo : Love the light *.*
kirstenalana : I'm glad you do!! @nunziacillo
kentdeandy : A guy...I thought it's a girl..πŸ˜€..poor lion must be very cold...
kirstenalana : @kentdeandy Guy with longer hair. πŸ˜‰
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
What's the key to a good hotel experience for you? /// One of the keys to a great hotel experience for me, is the bed. Danté and I celebrated our anniversary this week and decided to cap it off with a staycation this weekend at @theiroquoisnewyork, very historic, it's been around since 1899 but has an incredible restaurant as well as a Speakeasy-style bar with superb cocktails. Plus a Finnish Sauna. And the bed in our suite did not disappoint, big and comfy with expensive linen -- it was a terrific place to unwind after what was a pretty stressful week for both of us! \\\ πŸ“· by @dante8
kirstenalana : @boravenangel Thanks.
kirstenalana : @voodooonyx You're too sweet, thank you! Soooo many good ones in NYC!! It's a nice change from home once in a while to treat yourself to a lux hotel stay.
voodooonyx : Oh for sure!! Yummy, lux hotel 😍
humanityunified : Beautiful!
kirstenalana : Thank you!! @humanityunified
kirstenalana : @voodooonyx πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
mparisceretti : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
kirstenalana : Thank you! @mparisceretti
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
This was taken at Ellis Island in the second story Registry Room during my @WalksofNewYork tour. Every time that I come up the steps and see that soaring Guastavino Tile ceiling, I just sigh in wonder and appreciation. I know @jillshomer knows how I feel! Tile ceilings by Valencian architect & builder Rafael Guastavino can actually be seen in quite a few places in this country. This one in particular is not original to the Registry Room. The first ceiling was blown out during an explosion at the nearby Black Tom Island Munitions Dump, in 1916, shockwaves from which could be felt as far away as Baltimore, Maryland. I'm so glad they replaced it with this tile ceiling because I think it's a stunning example of his work. He patented this Arched tile system in the USA even though he was Spanish. Just in NYC, more of his work can be seen at Grand Central Terminal, at the Manhattan Municipal Building above the Chambers St subway station, and adorning the side plus the underside of the Queensboro Bridge. Outside of NYC in the United States, more of his work can be seen at the Boston Public Library and at the Biltmore Estate.
kirstenalana : @snapmyphoto That's exactly how I feel!
kirstenalana : @walksofitaly It really is!
koenkinoo : Great story . We have a red star line museum for those who imigraetet to the u s and you can look for familie who went to the new world . My familie dind't take the trip .
noellenotnoel : It's such a cool design feature from that era.
kirstenalana : I agree Noelle! @noellenotnoel
kirstenalana : @koenkinoo My family made the trip after. But I do think it's cool all the families that can trace their ancestry through these museums, like Ellis and the one you mention.
jenlaceda : Wow, wonderful piece if information!
kirstenalana : @jenlaceda I'm glad you think so. Thanks!
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
Last year I spent some time doing tours for @walksofnewyork whenever I wasn't out of the country traveling. So when they asked today if I wanted to join some of the other current and former guides on the newest tour they're developing, I thought it would be fun! It was a hell of a cold day to be anywhere but home, yet the tour of The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island was actually very interesting. I learned some new things. For instance, I already knew that the statue was built out of copper, and once looked like our pennies. It took almost 30 years to patina and turn into the blue green color we see today, which is a result of a chemical process that happens to all copper exposed to the elements for long enough. But I didn't know that it was originally built three times in three different sizes, and it's the largest size that we see today, while the smallest size is the one you can see in Paris, by the River Seine. Also, I knew that Gustave Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower fame, is the one who designed the interior structural part of the statue but I didn't know that they also considered a plan which would have just filled it in with sand. And did you know that the statue was a joint effort between France and America? Designed by Frenchman Auguste Bartholdi and paid for by French citizens, Americans paid for the support pedestal and building that she stands on. Also, the full name of the monument is actually "Liberty Enlightening the World," but "she" is now more popularly known as Lady Liberty or The Statue of Liberty. Only 300 people a day are allowed up into the torch, which is the highest level, via very narrow stairs, and some day I think I want to go back and do that now. What a view that would be!
kirstenalana : @koenkinoo Thank you! And I'm glad I could tell you something you didn't know.
freddy2000 : Haha, funny indeed! :-) Thanks for the info! Learned some nice facts!
kirstenalana : My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed! @freddy2000
blaycation : @kirstenalana what a great pic and story thanks.
kirstenalana : Glad you liked it! @blaycation
blaycation : @kirstenalana sent you a message via email let me know your thoughts p&ty
wearlabel : check out
kirstenalana : Thanks for the tip! @wearlabel
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kirstenalana - Kirsten Alana
I've used winter as the excuse to be a really bad grump lately and that's just not right. So when I had extra time between two meetings that were both close to Central Park, I took a very roundabout walk between them through the snow-covered hills and past the iconic bridges and even I had to admit, with such blue skies....winter isn't soooo bad πŸ˜‰ But I'm still counting down the days till my next trip because I'll be leaving the ❄️❄️ behind for mostly tropical locales: March 13!!
kirstenalana : Oh my. Haha!!! Love it. Ok thanks for clarifying and sorry I didn't get it. Yeah I don't know how to respond to comments like that :( @wishingiwasa
lizwarkentin : So where are you going?
kirstenalana : I'll be announcing it all very soon!!! @lizwarkentin ;)
wishingiwasa : See around LA
kirstenalana : Indeed. I'll be back in the city March 13-16. Can't wait. @wishingiwasa
wishingiwasa : K, let me know if you wanna meet up. Me and @chavatakesrealterriblepictures R gonna go shoot some street.
melissackoh : Missing Nyc!
travelflash : Nice crisp morning. Great shot
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