Kimmy Fasani

Pro Snowboarder. Traveler. Biker. Hiker. Adventurer. Climber. Outdoor Enthusiast. Creator of @amusement_park. Live for the Moment. Spread Light.
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
A birds-eye view is always a good way to gain a fresh perspective. Looking forward to exploring some more mountains in the Eastern Sierras this summer. Photo: @chrisbenchetler
chrisbenchetler : 😍
revd : You rock!
natalie_sirianni : Climb on!!
jpmcghee : Hey Kimmy! I'm in town. Let's ride! Gabe has my number - _michelle_schellenberg - thenotsnowboardingpodcast - m_dec12 -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Dusk patrol pedal with one of my favs @ellerybreck. Catching up while checking the surf.
zeosan : #gobike #gohappy
spencerobrien : Ah me so jealous. I wish I was apart of this reunion! @kimmyfasani @ellerybreck
don_pemo_noche : We were just up the road at San onofre yesterday
mercedesnicoll : πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ‘― missing you two! @kimmyfasani @ellerybreck
zackamole : I live there
bennyb_4 - diaryofastinkykid - kate_bikova - ere150424 -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
All paths lead to a good weekend... Happy to wrap up my season and spend some time at the beach with @chrisbenchetler and @reese_the_explorer!
kevin_nieves7 : Cassidy Street
morbore : Big fan of @reese_the_explorer's gram
kate_bikova : I want to go there!
innamien : @borisovnaelena
heatherkhensler : You deserve it lady! Can't wait to see you when you get back! Scratch little reesey for me! ❀️❀️
gretchenbleiler : Enjoy the weekend @kimmyfasani can't wait to get to spend one with you guys sometime soon!
cheynesaw : SO funny seeing you on the freeway today. Have fun!
kalwars - shredforlife420 - jonjjlong - doubleg.rising -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
After hours at the beach... #solarpowered
solarpowered -
littlesurfergirl_ : πŸ’›
uliv_inc : Beautiful!
caraqwilliamson : 😍
nematiannahita - dominique.swan - tomoki3108 - andrea.snow995 -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Beach time with my mom and our sealy friend. #beachlivin #beachin
beachlivin - beachin -
bethrodden : πŸ’›
ritabeltran : @jameyker
mauricio_e : @escobeezy
katiee__wagnerr : @rickalousd
epicuro34 : Andiamo????😍😍😍😍 @marti414
krissyfagan : Oh my. Reese has a new friend! Haha
nematiannahita - _michelle_schellenberg - m_kusa - -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
May came way too soon this year... Already thinking about the next time I will be back in these mountains. Photo: @aaronleyland
mizulife : πŸ™
jasonspeer : The season didn't start until April up here, May has been ok too.
priscicillaa : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
shetlerrahlves : Time to surf!
tommylectric__ - ottoviani - sebastian.rojas.92 - gandrthreads -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Splitboarding into the woods while pulling sleds of camping gear that were twice @kjerstibuaas and my weight made for some very comical moments. Adventures with @zealoptics are never boring! #exploremore #weareallzeal
exploremore - weareallzeal -
celiaoca : @tonyfiga ;)
stephaniesirianni : Very cool!! Looks like fun :)
urbanartist313 : Jealous
craigbowlu : Professional extreme splitboarders! 🎿 @kimmyfasani @kjerstibuaas :)
yanalatypova : @yulyasafiullina Ρ€ΡŽΠΊΠ·Π°ΠΊ смотри
charliecoultas : Haha @sarpowpow nice find! It sounds like they got theirs to work a little better than I did 😝
jeanca_ramirez : Hey @kimmyfasani, it's great to get in contact with you. I'm Jean from the @besomebodyblog team. We are all about following your passion in life. We love what you're about, and believe you truly represent the #besomebody lifestyle, and I would love to invite you to be an ambassador for our brand. Click the link in my bio to apply and we will send you a new gear pack. Once you get your package, make sure you email us your photos with the #besomebody shirt so we can post them on social media. Thanks.
nematiannahita : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
johnnylaidlaw - nice20167 - alvaro4499 - oldgregc -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Camping and exploring in the snow-filled CO wilderness with @zealoptics has made for a very memorable experience! Thank you to such a rad crew for the fun times in the mountains!! #throughourlenses #exploremore
throughourlenses - exploremore -
zealoptics : Such a great week Kimmy!! Loved sharing our backyard with you!
nickvisconti : This is so sick. Photo/composition/negative space. Ideal imagery for me.
frederik_kalbermatten : Good times! @kimmyfasani @zealoptics
iamcocomocha : Beautiful
norwaystout : Cool what part of Colorado? I camped there in late April and still got a foot of snow one night.
eanwood : Can't wait for next year already!!! So good. πŸ™Œ
derailleurch - thenotsnowboardingpodcast - anto_dont94 - adrianphoto_ -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Heading off the grid and into the Colorado mountains with the @zealoptics team for the next few days. Let the adventure begin...
earthgirladventures : Wow! This is stunning! Big love Earth Girl! EGA. βœŒπŸ’—πŸ‘©
steepskiing : Which part of CO @kimmyfasani
kate_bikova : Π¨ΠΈΠΊΠ°Ρ€Π½Ρ‹ΠΉ ΠΊΠ°Π΄Ρ€,
sportchaletexperts : Wow amazing shot
c_eveland : That looks like Yosemite?
amirreza_boolor - m_dec12 - vpitasphotos - vailfamily3 -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
A few clips from @amusement_park filmed by @chrisbenchetler and @gopro! The full edit drops tomorrow on @twsnow! Way to kill it @jamieanderson and @haileylangland! #amusementpark15 @mammothunbound
amusementpark15 -
dima_vakulchik : @trev.mcm @danny_325i @14_and_growing this is how you're supposed to do follow cam.
sabzi_s : This is so sick!
cassymercer : @jackbailey5
haven.fasani : @_drydendegan_
_drydendegan_ : @haven.fasani
haven.fasani : Is this the Kimmy you were talking about @_drydendegan_
_drydendegan_ : Yup @haven.fasani
haven.fasani : πŸ˜‚ @_drydendegan_
will.rhodes - tomoki3108 - amirreza_boolor - 10cf -
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