Kimmy Fasani

Pro Snowboarder. Traveler. Biker. Hiker. Adventurer. Climber. Chef. Outdoor Enthusiast. Creator of @amusement_park. Live for the Moment. Spread Light.
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Connecting the dots at the Gorge.
protectourwinters : Yeah Kimmy, awesome!
jasonarkin : @pascalshirley
tammyfaye : Which route? This is awesome!!
k7jones : πŸ‘
waddellchelsea : Whoa.... 😧
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Hope this storm accumulates @mammothmountain!
steezyneevy : πŸ‚πŸ˜
briandolen : @eddiewall you up here?
kimmyfasani : @agathaw ah!! I'm leaving town now and will be back tomorrow night. Next time!
zealoptics : Yea!
paulucranian : You're the best girl backcountry snowboarder i've ever seen!!!
scott.larock : @mitchellmyler looks who is at Mammoth bruh!
mitchellmyler : @scott.larock invite to dinner??
scott.larock : @mitchellmyler lol yeah
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Welcomed back to the West Coast by some fiery and stormy skies. #letitsnow
letitsnow -
briandolen : That's my house!
mackenziekenzie24 - mini_shred - ghost992 - zhumkum -
kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Hello NYC! Come hang out with me and the amazing people at the @burtonflagshipnyc store tonight from 6-9pm for the @burtongirls Night Out benefiting @b4bc! Food, drinks, shopping, and music! Photo: @deanblottogray
nola307 : Ow, Kimmy! My name Maria, I'm from Russia and I like snowboarding. I'm fall in love with your insta!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ It so incredibleπŸ‘ I really can't imagine how incredible your life at every minute!
cav3mansti : @francesca1024
b4bc : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
kairi_2000 : I have a question? Do have a great tip for me on snowboarding. I'm actually going to start this year...always want to be one for years....
kimmyfasani : @kairi_2000 Happy to hear you're going to snowboard this year! I highly recombine taking a lesson or two. This way you can learn the basics and then feel more comfortable when you go by yourself or with friends!
kimmyfasani : @nola307 thank you! Have a great winter!
kairi_2000 : Thanks. Your the best. I'm actually going on the slopes with my sister who is skiing...:(
cathside : @ma_normandeau
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
My #BurtonPresents segment is live @burtonsnowboards! The link is in my profile. Thank you everyone for all the support and kind words! Enjoy the pow! #ridingisthereason @burtongirls Photo: @gabe_lheureux
burtonpresents - ridingisthereason -
nicoledoe : @heatherrmo
stephaniesirianni : Epic Kimmy!!!! What a come back :)
ennirukajarvi : Yeeah Kimmy! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
christian_sirianni : So good!
b4bc : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
pogginzusa : Awesome pic! Would you rock a red Dinosaur on your ski or bike helmet? Would be adorable!
snowboarding_lover_ : I hope I can be half as good as you someday.
livinhappyy : Was siiiiick!
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
Powder days are the best days and I want to keep them around! I'm heading to Washington, DC to meet up with @protectourwinters and Gina McCarthy from the EPA to have a conversation about climate, snow sports, and carbon standards. Have questions about these topics? Ask Us by using #AthletesActOnClimate on twitter. Photo: @deanblottogray
athletesactonclimate -
kp24lee : @dustindotmeow @donm3ga ready!
shahandehh : @jross766
misaghmolai : Nice!
leannepelosi : Congrats Kimmy! Japw looked amazing and good stuff in whis. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
kimmyfasani : @neonconfessions I totally agree! Thanks! ❄️
kimmyfasani : @hotlegz92 Renewable resources are key in cleaning up the air. Hope you have a great season! πŸ‚
kimmyfasani : @leannepelosi πŸ™thank you!
fransburman : Just wondering, what board do you prefer when ridning powder ??
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
My #BurtonPresents segment goes live this coming Tuesday 11/18 on @burtonsnowboards! Teaser link is in my profile! This season I had to take it easy after coming back from a big injury. Happy to have made it through the winter healthy and I am so grateful to close that chapter! Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me through my recovery! Cheers to an awesome season ahead! @burtongirls #ridingisthereason
burtonpresents - ridingisthereason -
tylerhurst1 : @madelynmarks
madelynmarks : Ya I can do that too @tylerhurst1
plandi36 : @sledge_lewis
lindseylaboyne : πŸ™Œ hell yeah goes live on my birthday! πŸ’ͺπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸŒ„πŸ™Œ
jfquinn : Love your style! #sickstyle @kimmyfasani
juliannal906 : Your new edit is Amazing! So many good lines!! #Letitsnow!! β„οΈπŸ‚πŸ—»
gdawgpow : @closeyoureyesopenyourmind
closeyoureyesopenyourmind : So very cool!
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
A scenic trip to Portland... Happy to be up here for the @evoportland store opening!! Come celebrate with us tonight and if you're in the area spin through the new store! #evoPDX
evopdx -
desi4299 : Wish you could swing thru Bend, I'd give you a big hug!
desi4299 : @kimmyfasani
taratatethegreat : Say hi to Erik
redcloud_chris : What a great shot.
shelb5ter : @dirtybpablo
kimmyfasani : @desi4299 I'll let you know if I come through that area! ❀️
desi4299 : Awesome! I'd love to meet your husband and introduce you to my family. Good luck this season, stay safe, and have fun! @kimmyfasani
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
The season has kicked off @mammothmountain @mammothunbound !! So fun seeing everybody out on the hill! Happy winter! #mammothsopen #ridingisthereason
ridingisthereason - mammothsopen -
jlf_420 : Dope
livinhappyy : Your Burton video clip looks siiiiiick...can't wait to see the whole thing @kimmyfasani
lunar_mary : @kimmyfasani Oh,you're so incredible!!I would like to ride like you!How do you do it?I can do just freeride and I'm afraid to jump.I fell in love with your riding style!😍
kimmyfasani : @livinhappyy Thank you!!
kimmyfasani : @lunar_mary Thank you darling! Just keep having fun out on the hill and jumping may start to happen naturally. Have a great season!
lunar_mary : @kimmyfasani Oh,thank you!I am very happy,that you answered to me!I hope so))You are the woman with a big letters!!!Thank you again❀️
jordinnn : @nicolleash__
domledwards : Good meeting you girls!
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kimmyfasani - Kimmy Fasani
I have been on so many incredible adventures because of my amazing partner in crime. Happy Birthday @chrisbenchetler! Reese and I love you!
littlesurfergirl_ : Happy Birthday!!!!! @chrisbenchetler You are such an amazing soul and we love you!!! πŸŽΏπŸ„πŸΊπŸ‘
natalily9 : Happy Birthday @chrisbenchetler huge hugs to you both!
piecesofmeat : Yeah, Chris is pretty swell I guess... @chrisbenchetler @kimmyfasani
robbiesell : @kimmyfasani, where is @chrisbenchetler's cake?? Haha, happy birthday! Keep the adventures rolling!
danny_crouch : Hb Chris
bethrodden : Hbd @chrisbenchetler !!!
nordica1960.mb : Nice pic! !!!!!!
followswc : Beautiful couple
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