Brian Elliott

Goalie for the St Louis Blues Someone bought me a snuggie for a joke gift, hah, jokes on you, I enjoy it..
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Congrats to Nick Foligno on his OT winner in Columbus last night #throwbackthursday to our bromance in ottawa
throwbackthursday -
nhlcustoms144 : @backesgirl42
nhlcustoms144 : Follow us @kidells1
icehawk50 : This is the real Brian elliot I have the yearbook and it said under social media: Brian Elliot: Instagram: @kidells1
adamrubino15 : @kidells1 congratulations on being the starter your better than miller good luck
rygar19 : Brian u deserved to be starting during the playoffs and they didnt give u that chance. Make next year different from all the other years and take us all the way! Congratulations
camgoebert27 : Are you(@kidells1) going to be starting or jake allen?
tomwehrman : Elliott obviously @camgoebert27 Allen is too young to be your typical start like Elliott, as Allen gets older he'll get a lot more starts
blakegeraghty11 - dude2718 - bluehawk_193499 - rocketman_______ -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Hand eye...keep it sharp
winkatclink : You are amazing! Keep on working hard 😊😊😊
megan_turnbull : You're amazing! I wish you would start! @kidells1
helicopternikki : @williswednesday I think that @kidells1 is a fantastic goalie and I love to see him out there. He's got great stats and is cool under pressure. Why shouldn't he play in a playoff game? Before we had Miller he started in several games and I can't figure out why we aren't using him more. Not knocking Miller but I don't see Elliot as a backup goalie, he's our other goalie.
alliefitz2 : @jharv08 us before practice
the_jen : Miss ya Ells.
coolnick13 : Follow LaurieVanhorn Elliot she loves you,and she would be amazed if you followed her.
st_peters_spirit : I am a goalie too.I also do that
hockeydangler43 : How do you like jake Allen as your partner
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
It's hard to answer questions when all you can think of is how sweet Bernie's hair is! Look at that flow
carpsgirl13 : Hey buddy great job so far keep it up I love youuu
sabrethemoment : Looks like you really thought hard about the question lol
julesv1971 : Great game yesterday (3-23) πŸ˜€
astrosbaseball5 : I GOT YOUR AUTOGRAPH TODAY!!!
tylernielsen._ : fake account
camgoebert27 : Dose Alex Pietrangelo have an Instagram
scudds88 : Congrats on the singing. Bring us the cup @kidells1
garrisondunn : It's not @tyler9nielsen
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
madtown -
the_jen : I miss Madison. Beautiful place. Was my vacation away from Fond du Lac when I lived there for work. :)
willsonandjack : Were is that
kateloucks : #breathtaking
lhockey78 : @kidells1 ur the best back u goalie u should be a starting goalie
oidsmom : Madison, WI! Just gorgeous!
che_bwd - nick_combs - ra_sabina - oidsmom -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
tuglife -
kampalo : I love you so much! I saw you Tuesday night at scottrade center against the sharks! I love the blues so much
hockey__pics__ : πŸ‘Œ good job in net tonight
alec_zoph83 : Great win tonight Elliot! Way to finish off 2013!
meramec_16 : Get a shut out tonight ell
astoldbyeva : Not gonna lie, the awesome lab pictures are about 80% of the why I followed....shhhnuuugggleessss
dana_elliott : Me too @astoldbyeva I only follow people who have a dog in their feed ;)
longhorns27 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN ELLIOTT!!!!!! Ur awesome in goal!!!
oidsmom : Love Tug!
icehawk50 - misha___777 - che_bwd - oidsmom -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
_bluesfan4life_ : Elliot u r a really good goalie and u r awesome, u r like my favorite player! U should follow me it would mean the world to me! @kidells1
tblmoose26 : You rock you are my favorite goalie
dap77 : Another one tonight!! Your fifteenth as a blue
blues4122 : MOOOOSSSEEEE
chefck31 : I'll take Elliott over halak any day!
hockeygirl2435 : Follow me please
maryann_inmon : Happy birthday!!
andrew.ulrich : I play goile to. For hokey
natalimezentseva - fajohannessen - travis._.d - topprospectsgoaltending -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
This years pumpkins
riley_love_4 : So cute lol
karliee.kremerr - carolynereid - sophie_swarthout - saraluvsglitter -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
thr1ll3r : Great costumes
flurrrrry : Niiice!
dempseystacy : Brilliant! Love it!
sarah500me : Hahaha
thesimpsons_nerd01 - carolynereid - connerkathryn - saraluvsglitter -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Halloween 2013
kristinadodgers : Love u and your costume and your dog
thoslolly : Hilarious!
cjones1517 : πŸ‘πŸ‘ this is probably one of the best costumes I've seen and yet so simple πŸ˜ƒ
dempseystacy : Perfect! You nailed it.
justresting : Really great. Love the bike.
coolnick13 : ‰°°%‰°°%#teamfollow back
cheer4life_123123 : Love it
misha___777 - bluesbabe38 - cholbrook35 - jlams30 -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Next set of gear should look like this... #cujo
cujo -
eddie_stotz : He's the best goalie ever! #cujo
mikemckenna56 : One of the greatest setups of all time. And his best mask.
nothingbutblues : How about a follow @kidells1 your buddy sobotka is Plus your my favorite net minder !!! Go #1
ldetering14 : thats sick
ldetering14 : @gabelsmash @_cbiggs @kunks_1 this is so sick
andrew.ulrich : Your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stl_blues_rock18 : Go blues you my favorite player Elliott cant wait to watch you play next season!!!
13bryc3 : Curtis!
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