Brian Elliott

Goalie for the St Louis Blues Someone bought me a snuggie for a joke gift, hah, jokes on you, I enjoy it..
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Front page in TO...
stl_rays_33 : Nice job last night you have really stepped up your game, keep it up because with you the blues can win the Stanley cup @kidells1
pumaboyz17 : Ur the best goalie ever
kitties4ever : Hey my fiance has the same birthday as you and I actually bought tickets to surprise him on that game against the blackhawks I was just wondering if it was possible you two can meet? And maybe get an autograph? @kidells1
fishing_is_king_ : 04/4/15 Elliott don't let us down today
anna.leary : You should follow me
robgronkowski8787 : @50_shades_of_spencer MC
robgronkowski8787 : @50_shades_of_spencer it says Take that ellenπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
amiriani35 : I wish you could play for the Blues in the playoffs. I fell sorry for you since you aren't playing in the playoffs right now. Either way, I think you'll do great when you play you're next game!
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Vlady actualy nailed the target and the puck ended up in my glove....what a shooter
adam1rushing : Your my favorite player@kidells1
schramm_27 : @kidells1 is so underrated. Honestly, he's just as good as any other goalie.
danbertleff : I'm a Sabres fan, but you were awesome and funny during the all star weekend. Haha. @kidells1
weswrong : Sick game tonight moose! Congrats on first star and game winning assist!
46hockeydude : @bb_gun_hockey
bb_gun_hockey : Whys your problem @46hockeydude stop saying my name
dps.13 : Stud! πŸ”΅πŸ”΅πŸ”΅
llevy2435 : Please follow me your my favorite ice hockey goalie
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Seriously couldn't see anything
thatawfuldad : @kidells1 you guys were the best at the ASG!
julesv1971 : Lol
always_hockey99 : You were close @kidells1
3egoaltending : I thought you wore the blindfold all the time ;)
kellangross : That was cold @3egoaltending : πŸ”΅BLUES UPDATES HERE!🚨
3egoaltending : Complete sarcasm @kellangross I love Ells. I get to work with him over the summers a bit
phosphenedream_ : @3egoaltending oooooh bringing the big guns
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Breakaway challenge
ajknopf1599 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
janitaem : Bromancing πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‚
dianalouer : That was awesome!
hanners717 : Loved watching you last weekend!
katyperryses : Sweet
they_call_me_lenny : I did the same thing @kidells1 in my shootout go check it out on my Instagram
trin__g : Mickey moose in the backround
avery1964 : Cool
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Getting geared up
kevin.slowey_122 : ^
ian_olenski00 : Love the pads
irish_goalie32 : You da bombbbbb!!!!!
irish_goalie32 : #fav player
irish_goalie32 : #favplayer
ferry.33 : Great pic ;) my wish is a practice jersey of you.
wolves_tendy : I hate the St Louis Blues (I'm a Chicago fan, not a bandwagoner) but as a fellow goalie, you're one of the best tenders there is in the NHL right now.
dlsenior2019 : wolves_tendy what about the blues AHL team the Chicago wolves
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
The selfie!
chris__george : oh Elliot @carleighm42
zach_attack_21 : Did some body say Selfie
deadsilence17 : 😁😁😁
stanleyjenovic : You just copied itπŸ˜‚ @patrick.eppich
46hockeydude : @bb_gun_hockey
zwag_88 : @fnaf_is_da_best
mc_spencer : @robgronkowski8787
robgronkowski8787 : YA FUCKING BOY @50_shades_of_spencer
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Allstar weekend
bluesfan2014 : Good job!
thatawfuldad : You guys all did a great job as ambassadors for the Blues!!!
garrett_c00 : Was it weird getting geared up next to fleury! Haha
mschrism : @kidells1 WAIT! I don't see the LARGE cup!!!!!!
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
This cold weather makes me go back to the summer when my bro tried wake surfing for the first time.....he saved this one #nohedidnt
nohedidnt -
st_richardlouis : Post the selfie bro gotta capitalize and maximize the likes strike while the iron is hot at this rate your barely gunna break 11
nhl_chirps_12 : Please follow for the best chirps on Instagram
_josepheden : Post the selfie on here
zach.lee88 : ^
ashtonmoreira01 : ^^
ajknopf1599 : Post the selfie
jfazz_squadleader : Is this on Lake Minnetonka?!
gabigan15 : Post the selfie
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Can't wait to get back on the ice with the fellas.
bryce.rauba : SHUTOUT!!!!
glove_save_people : That would be great to see you are so much fun to watch and it is great to have you back πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
benschuette : Congrats in making the AllStar game!
cynbin20 : πŸ‘Œ #selfiegamestrong
dean_hindley5 : nice selfie βœ…
amylee_marie : Every game!!! Well home game lol
jraspante36 : #Icanstoppuckbetter
nhl_ps3_hut15 : Selfie for life lol
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
This brought in almost $14k. Thanks to everyone involved
3th4n_31 : Actually, ur the dumbass cuz if u bothered to count, there is 6 exclamation marks in 8 comments.
3th4n_31 : Retard, count before u say stuff @crk1003
3th4n_31 : No u used 3 exclamation marks in one comment
3th4n_31 : Soooo... Plz stop embarrassing urself
3th4n_31 : @crk1003 k this was fun, but im bored now. Nice meeting u, dont break a hip old timer πŸ˜‚
keithmcaleese_ : @crk1003 typical ignorant American dumbass. You know nothing about Canada. As you Americans usually do you know out ignorant insults about other countries like you Americans have the perfect country. Last time I checked I don't have to pay for healthcare, school, and I don't have to worry about being shot in a school. So why don't you shut the fuck up and get a life. It is a shame that you keep talking because you are just proving correct as to what people around the world think of Americans. Self absorbed ignorant people.
3th4n_31 : @keithmcaleese_ nailed it πŸ‘
jewishyams : Damn. Got crazy in here. Awesome helmet.
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