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Brian Elliott

Goalie for the St Louis Blues Someone bought me a snuggie for a joke gift, hah, jokes on you, I enjoy it..
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
This cold weather makes me go back to the summer when my bro tried wake surfing for the first time.....he saved this one #nohedidnt
nohedidnt -
carolinemower_18_2 : R u hurt bad?
gbentz17 : @kidells1 where we're you guys wake surfing?
the_original_jocker : Smooth move with the surf board
nataliemcoyne : Praying for a smooth recovery @kidells1 !!
the5pecial_glitch : I have a random question about your pads how did you get a single break on your Bauer reactor pads.
mabfler4 : I like packers and wisconsin because of my mom and I was born in STL so I'm a blue and Cardinal fan! So u and I like the same teams!!! @kidells1
brianhaines44 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ his bio literally makes my day every time
amis1424 - matias_ibarra03 - beeboo_05 - the_original_jocker -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Can't wait to get back on the ice with the fellas.
fultanistan : Hoping for a speedy recovery @kidells1 Must be nice having Jake step up big in your absence though. Can't wait to see you back on the ice!
tamif2 : @kidells1 can't wait either! Hope it's on the mend
stl.blues : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™get better soon
jehdkd16 : Take your time. Need you for the long haul!
c_rizzle93 : @kidells1 we miss you moose! #GetWellSoon #LGB
tmagic_03 : Hope your feeling better! #LGB
erin_declue : Pleaseeeee get well soon.
potterlaurel : I'm sorry for your injuryπŸ˜ͺ hopefully you will get better soon.
casehockey - habsnation31 - amis1424 - djcons7 -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
This brought in almost $14k. Thanks to everyone involved
m.madd : This mask is absolutely amazing.
crk1003 : Hope you get back soon@kidells1
2fresh_merriman : Why not get your normal paint job like that
the_original_jocker : That is so freaking awsome!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
crk1003 : I didn't know Canada had a Millitary!
casehockey - amis1424 - schrumpf836 - letsgoblues3491 -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
jnation23 : Ow!
shawn_casey4481 : Bidding will start at $150
the_original_jocker : Wow this injury could be worse than I thought.
julesv1971 : Yikes
oidsmom : Owie!
fultanistan : This was before the injury @the_original_jocker
justresting : Please replace with Stanley Cup.
loganloutit : Well no kids for you I guess
samuviljami1 - thatkid_josh_ - k.c.snip3r - t.pepper -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. @danoellio @yteezy28 @mark_g20 You're up next
justresting : Nice bucket. was that hot water?
luvkane88 : Awesome!
oidsmom : You Rock @KidElls1
ghostpossum : Lol, this should have been a walk in the park for Mr Moose.
randi_hammor : @samtots4
tendy_edits11 : @kidells1 Hi Mr. Elliot. I was wondering if you could email me at tendyedits11@gmail.com and we could to an edit for you. Get back to me when you can. If anything you can just DM us and well go from there. Have a good one!
dmac7491 : Brian elliot ur a boss ur celebration after a shootout win is sick
dmac7491 : Great job bud keep doin work
ev4n_wall - aston_grusell - n.1_blues_fan - blueybatman_5274_ -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Congrats to Nick Foligno on his OT winner in Columbus last night #throwbackthursday to our bromance in ottawa
throwbackthursday -
nhlcustoms144 : @backesgirl42
nhlcustoms144 : Follow us @kidells1
icehawk50 : This is the real Brian elliot I have the yearbook and it said under social media: Brian Elliot: Instagram: @kidells1
adamrubino15 : @kidells1 congratulations on being the starter your better than miller good luck
rygar19 : Brian u deserved to be starting during the playoffs and they didnt give u that chance. Make next year different from all the other years and take us all the way! Congratulations
camgoebert27 : Are you(@kidells1) going to be starting or jake allen?
backup1221223 : Elliott obviously @camgoebert27 Allen is too young to be your typical start like Elliott, as Allen gets older he'll get a lot more starts
beck0cat - eastin_20 - stl.blues - photoshopedits_nhl -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Hand eye...keep it sharp
alliefitz2 : @jharv08 us before practice
the_jen : Miss ya Ells.
coolnick13 : Follow LaurieVanhorn Elliot she loves you,and she would be amazed if you followed her.
st_peters_spirit : I am a goalie too.I also do that
hockeydangler43 : How do you like jake Allen as your partner
goalie_boy34 : Same
letsgoblues3491 : Exactly the question I'm wondering @hockeydangler43
potterlaurel : I always see you doing that down in the Sub Zero.
photoshopedits_nhl - m.madd - rvetter2419 - eastin_20 -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
It's hard to answer questions when all you can think of is how sweet Bernie's hair is! Look at that flow
moreauartwork : Brian, any interest in getting any custom art done? Check out my paintings on my page and just let me know! A montage piece would be pretty sick, just follow me back and we can talk!
chloe.horan13 : Hey buddy great job so far keep it up I love youuu
sabrethemoment : Looks like you really thought hard about the question lol
julesv1971 : Great game yesterday (3-23) πŸ˜€
astrosbaseball5 : I GOT YOUR AUTOGRAPH TODAY!!!
tylernielsen._ : fake account
camgoebert27 : Dose Alex Pietrangelo have an Instagram
garrisondunn : It's not @tyler9nielsen
fitzy_27 - first_and_ten_edits - blueybatman_5274_ - stlblues91_6 -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
madtown -
the_jen : I miss Madison. Beautiful place. Was my vacation away from Fond du Lac when I lived there for work. :)
willson_garner : Were is that
kateloucks : #breathtaking
lucas_korte : @kidells1 ur the best back u goalie u should be a starting goalie
oidsmom : Madison, WI! Just gorgeous!
travis._.d - everything_goalie - oidsmom -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
tuglife -
alec_zoph83 : Great win tonight Elliot! Way to finish off 2013!
little_dino_16 : Get a shut out tonight ell
astoldbyeva : Not gonna lie, the awesome lab pictures are about 80% of the why I followed....shhhnuuugggleessss
dana_elliott : Me too @astoldbyeva I only follow people who have a dog in their feed ;)
longhorns27 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN ELLIOTT!!!!!! Ur awesome in goal!!!
oidsmom : Love Tug!
halo_man_435 : Cute dog I also have a Maltese
_reedhenson50_ : So cute🐢
beck0cat - goalienhl - rvetter2419 -
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