Brian Elliott

Goalie for the St Louis Blues Someone bought me a snuggie for a joke gift, hah, jokes on you, I enjoy it..
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. @danoellio @yteezy28 @mark_g20 You're up next
justresting : Nice bucket. was that hot water?
luvkane88 : Awesome!
oidsmom : You Rock @KidElls1
ghostpossum : Lol, this should have been a walk in the park for Mr Moose.
randi_hammor : @samtots4
tendy_edits11 : @kidells1 Hi Mr. Elliot. I was wondering if you could email me at and we could to an edit for you. Get back to me when you can. If anything you can just DM us and well go from there. Have a good one!
dmac7491 : Brian elliot ur a boss ur celebration after a shootout win is sick
dmac7491 : Great job bud keep doin work
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Congrats to Nick Foligno on his OT winner in Columbus last night #throwbackthursday to our bromance in ottawa
throwbackthursday -
nhlcustoms144 : @backesgirl42
nhlcustoms144 : Follow us @kidells1
icehawk50 : This is the real Brian elliot I have the yearbook and it said under social media: Brian Elliot: Instagram: @kidells1
adamrubino15 : @kidells1 congratulations on being the starter your better than miller good luck
rygar19 : Brian u deserved to be starting during the playoffs and they didnt give u that chance. Make next year different from all the other years and take us all the way! Congratulations
camgoebert27 : Are you(@kidells1) going to be starting or jake allen?
backup1221223 : Elliott obviously @camgoebert27 Allen is too young to be your typical start like Elliott, as Allen gets older he'll get a lot more starts
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Hand eye...keep it sharp
winkatclink : You are amazing! Keep on working hard ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
megan_turnbull : You're amazing! I wish you would start! @kidells1
helicopternikki : @williswednesday I think that @kidells1 is a fantastic goalie and I love to see him out there. He's got great stats and is cool under pressure. Why shouldn't he play in a playoff game? Before we had Miller he started in several games and I can't figure out why we aren't using him more. Not knocking Miller but I don't see Elliot as a backup goalie, he's our other goalie.
alliefitz2 : @jharv08 us before practice
the_jen : Miss ya Ells.
coolnick13 : Follow LaurieVanhorn Elliot she loves you,and she would be amazed if you followed her.
st_peters_spirit : I am a goalie too.I also do that
hockeydangler43 : How do you like jake Allen as your partner
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
It's hard to answer questions when all you can think of is how sweet Bernie's hair is! Look at that flow
moreauartwork : Brian, any interest in getting any custom art done? Check out my paintings on my page and just let me know! A montage piece would be pretty sick, just follow me back and we can talk!
chloe.horan13 : Hey buddy great job so far keep it up I love youuu
sabrethemoment : Looks like you really thought hard about the question lol
julesv1971 : Great game yesterday (3-23) ๐Ÿ˜€
johnnyboywagoner : I GOT YOUR AUTOGRAPH TODAY!!!
tylernielsen._ : fake account
camgoebert27 : Dose Alex Pietrangelo have an Instagram
garrisondunn : It's not @tyler9nielsen
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
madtown -
the_jen : I miss Madison. Beautiful place. Was my vacation away from Fond du Lac when I lived there for work. :)
willson_garner : Were is that
kateloucks : #breathtaking
lucas_korte : @kidells1 ur the best back u goalie u should be a starting goalie
oidsmom : Madison, WI! Just gorgeous!
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
tuglife -
alec_zoph83 : Great win tonight Elliot! Way to finish off 2013!
little_dino_16 : Get a shut out tonight ell
astoldbyeva : Not gonna lie, the awesome lab pictures are about 80% of the why I followed....shhhnuuugggleessss
dana_elliott : Me too @astoldbyeva I only follow people who have a dog in their feed ;)
longhorns27 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN ELLIOTT!!!!!! Ur awesome in goal!!!
oidsmom : Love Tug!
halo_man_435 : Cute dog I also have a Maltese
_reedhenson50_ : So cute๐Ÿถ
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
_bluesfan4life_ : Elliot u r a really good goalie and u r awesome, u r like my favorite player! U should follow me it would mean the world to me! @kidells1
tblmoose26 : You rock you are my favorite goalie
dap77 : Another one tonight!! Your fifteenth as a blue
blues4122 : MOOOOSSSEEEE
chefck31 : I'll take Elliott over halak any day!
hockeygirl2435 : Follow me please
maryann_inmon : Happy birthday!!
andrew.ulrich : I play goile to. For hokey
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
This years pumpkins
riley_love_74 : So cute lol
rowanhaldeman - travis._.d - goalienhl - mateo.rea -
kidells1 - Brian Elliott
thr1ll3r : Great costumes
flurrrrry : Niiice!
dempseystacy : Brilliant! Love it!
sarah500me : Hahaha
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kidells1 - Brian Elliott
Halloween 2013
kristinadodgers : Love u and your costume and your dog
thoslolly : Hilarious!
cjones1517 : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ this is probably one of the best costumes I've seen and yet so simple ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
dempseystacy : Perfect! You nailed it.
justresting : Really great. Love the bike.
coolnick13 : ‰°°%‰°°%#teamfollow back
reese_lynn75 : Love it
backup1221223 : What's the costume this year? @kidells1
blues_central - brendan.lee1 - sarah500me - stl.blues -
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