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The Captain CEO of Slick Living Inc. Los Angeles, CA ✈️ Worldwide ALL BUSINESS INQUIRIES - ⬇️White Sand SnapBack⬇️
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khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
Oct 21st, 2015. 👀
theyoungin33 : I love back to the future but nah these look like fckn roller blades.🙅🏾
authentic808s : The Marty McFly's
thekakky25 : @big_daddy_rj_
ciarabarnes : No
niicegurl : Really?
bonitaajalisaa : @eisalovesmcfly
euqinimodg : @malcomwest1126
doe_dominique : Aye thats my birthday🎉🎊🎀
novgirl91 - pihkturethis - karasessed - thelitebriteadri -
khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
Gotham #SlickLiving #Batman #Superman #Art #ArkhamKnight #ArkhamCity #Gotham #BruceWayne #ClarkKent #DawnOfJustice #DCcomics
slickliving - clarkkent - batman - dawnofjustice - brucewayne - dccomics - gotham - arkhamcity - art - superman - arkhamknight -
ryryx13 : Oh my god! @nysssaaaa
khleo_t : @ryan.keeling gotta get together!
priscylla13 : I'm going to be catwoman for halloween, I've been her for the past 5 years.. I was always a kitty when I was little.
l.ady : Not saying im batman but no ones ever seen me and batman in the doom
l.ady : Oops room
l.ady : Hahahahahaha
sweeterthanhoney_notyourhoney : @khleo_t 😍
jae_que : Have you ever been to comic con?
diegorojas479 - thelitebriteadri - swavybbyg99 - biancarose289 -
khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
When you & @corbinbleu are finally in the same room & can prove that it's two different kids who had "The Hair" back then. #SlickLiving #Disney big thanks to @stevenguyenpr @snalegacylounge
slickliving - disney -
theblvckforbes : @gilly_hicks_gurl I still love holes 💕
ebonyruthh : 😍😍
stevenguyenpr : It was great having you at our @sna_pr @snalegacylounge and at our delicious @roxxvodka bar #snalegacylounge
love_phoenix : @mrs_bieber94
khleo_t : @stevenguyenpr thank you for having me.
unbothered_forever : Baddies
austin_the_greenie : @rrocks05 look
charliel_ : Naps and Curly fro. Y'all should do a movie lol.
bigdreww_14 - biancarose289 - swavybbyg99 - cinful_pies -
khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
How I'm about to start treating people when I get told some dumb shit. I recommend some of you start doing the same. #slickliving #ShawnMichaels
shawnmichaels - slickliving -
khleo_t : @_jaredalexander_ greatest in ring performer of all Time
_jaredalexander_ : @khleo_t damn son I dunno that's a tough one.....Stone Cold, The Rock, The Hardy Boys, Sting, Mankind, Brett Hart....SM was raw but I dunno lol makes me wanna play Royal Rumble on #SEGA now ahahah
khleo_t : @_jaredalexander_ legends in their own right. But man Shawn is a beast in that ring. How he puts the matches together! Crazy!!
_jaredalexander_ : @khleo_t true true wrestling just ain't what it was tho man it's sad
euphorias_symphony : That's the spirit! assault someone cause they say some obvious lie or they offend you in someway so you result to a primate response. And you end up in jail for assaulting. 👏
j_eazyy96 : Ima do that to you angel @angelinabazaldua
_alyssiax3 : @_.teflon
_.teflon : 😊😊😊😊😊 @_alyssiax3
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khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
I just want to make something clear here, my taste in women ranges. I like thick women, slim women, short women, tall women, light-skinned dark skin brown skin, Asian, White, Latin, fit girls, big girls,curly hair, straight hair, braids. I APPRECIATE the Essance of women. POINT BLANK PERIOD. I don't have a type. 😁 WOMEN = Strongest Living Species On Earth.
banaynays91 : wow. THANK YOU! we ARE the strongest!
rampaige.lee : THANK THE LORDS A GUY WHO HAS TASTE IN ALL KINDS AND BELIEVE WE ARE THE STRONGEST ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💁🏻❤️❤️❤️ #respectforkhle
kshamarc : Indeed!
briahhhhhhhhna : 😘
15kellyjean_ : Respect.
devinedcharm : Beautiful (:
luccicrenoo : That's why your a beautiful person in and out God bless you
elle_a_sunshine : I love and respect you Khle! U must know I listen to "I'll never change" daily. #NoJoke
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khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
Big shout out to @goldenabe_ @johngarduno_ & the whole crew over @goldendenim. These instantly became my favorite brand of jeans. I Wonder if we can sit down & and draw up a #slickliving denim for the fellas & for the ladies ? 👀👀👀 leave a comment if you'd rock a pair of "KHLEO" jeans ??
slickliving -
swagrican23 : Yaas to the jeans
drumma_thegreat : You should make sone for plus sizes. For men.
clarissaisabel15 : Do the jeans, but try to do it for women with big hips and small waists too. Jean's are hella hard to find for me 😧 #BigBootyProbs
_rubisuave : Yes, I need some new thick girl jeans lol! Please don't forget about the women with long legs 😊💋
g106io : I'd definitely rock a pair! 👌🙌
qwintqwint95 : Hell yea I'll rock a pair of slick living jeans. @khleo_t
redsoxmane24 : @khleo_t I jus saw u on the movie "Friday after next" rocking braids lol. 😂👌🏽
redsoxmane24 : @khleo_t yesterday lol
novgirl91 - madbrain_ - diegorojas479 - thelitebriteadri -
khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
I swear. Follow me (Slick_Living) #slickLiving
slickliving -
brooklynj94 : Yassssss @kate_bing
jemccord : @irs_uno
itsyeboiigabe : @gamigon_xo Dis you
bigbootyinnis : @beaublair11
crystalbby : @raw_123
ciaraaalauren : @catobsessedalexa
a_leanna : @jasminamarie
beautyisbetty : My ultimate pet peeve!!
pihkturethis - kyarafigueroa - thelitebriteadri - skiiirrrr -
khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
To any of you MFs walking around thinking you got a S on your chest, just know I wear all black for a reason. BATMAN! @itsmcflyy #slickliving
slickliving -
og.paige : ^
cindydanielle : batman the fucking best
cindydanielle : follow back boy
laurys_world : @imler_pilot
chantel_one15 : @caution2345
5star_bandit : Real talk superman would just fly batman into space and kill him !
prodigy_chef : Superman literally reversed time.
lesportschick : Superman alllll day ❤️💛💙
garcia_srn - pihkturethis - iamlouisianacole - tokyothepoet -
khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
What the....? @paula_deanda! How you get those already ??!?!? Slick Living Leggings ?? 👀👀 @SlickLiving #slickliving #SlickLivingGirls #SlickLivingGang #leggings
slicklivinggirls - slicklivinggang - slickliving - leggings -
madametakani : How can i buy this leggings where i go
passion_5x2 : Can you please do a ankle length slick living skirt for those of us who can't wear pants because our religious beliefs. I can't tell you how many times I like something and can't get it because they don't make skirts😢.it would be so dope👍 if you could so please pretty please think about it @khleo_t
chris_tinaaaaa : If your gonna make jeans please oh please keep in mind the big booty woman cus my booty is not gonna fit in no regular jeans lol lmao 🙋🏼
laurenxlock : Yeah so I need these which means you need to release them asap big dog 😎
alyse_serrin : Love them @khleo_t 😍😍😍
iamnikkiyoung : @khleo_t I want some 😜🙋🏽
n3lda : I can see myself in that 😍😍
banaynays91 : how long til these drop ?
garcia_srn - pinkepoop38 - tru_leonard - tgtpw -
khleo_t - Khleo Thomas
*UPDATE* Beginning pre production to my film today. Headed to test shoot. Amazing how an idea can become reality if you go out there in the world & move on it. Film will be Produced, Written & Starring me. Excited to share this with you guys very soon. If you sent an email regarding being apart of this project, You'll be receiving a response soon. #SlickLiving #ComingSoon
comingsoon - slickliving -
theskylarmoon : Slick Living Leggings! Slick Living Leggings! Slick Living Leggings! Slick Living Leggings! Slick Living Leggings!😍😍🙌
akiagotthejuice : That moment your up late watching Bernie Mac and you see khleo on there fixing Venessa car lol@
jae_que : Congrats!! Can't wait to see who the other actors will be in your film 👀👀
jadeyyrae_ : May I get a follow 😍
ceelowss : Went From Zero To One Hunnit Real Quick Lol Get It ? @khleo_t
audreyxlynnx : 😍😍😍😍😍
_desttiinnyy___ : Dude 0 from holes @alexis_garciaa_
liztouaboy : I'm watching holes and you just knocked out the counselor with a shovel 😂😂😂 Must have felt good ~
novgirl91 - diegorojas479 - thelitebriteadri - chels.clarrice -
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