Kerri Waller

hey, i’m kerri! i’m a quirky girl & an enthusiast of many things. I love Harry Potter, cats, my kids, anime, and food.
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
This is my early Christmas present to myself... Only because I got a wicked good deal on it! Can't wait to use some of these colors! 💜💜💋 #naked3 #urbandecay #makeup #makeupaddict #getpretty #nakedpalette
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shabbychiccheap : Sigh, I want that palette soooo bad!
kerriqueen : @shabbychiccheap I know right! I've been wanting it since it came out. I was happy to get $20 off the price haha!
shabbychiccheap : Ahhh! What a steal!!!
heatherburks : How did you get a deal?? I've never seen them go on sale at all!
kerriqueen : I used a coupon to get $20 off a $50 purchase at Sephora. So I just ordered the Naked3 ($53) plus as many samples and extra free things that I could. :p @heatherburks
heatherburks : Ahh I didn't know Sephora would let you use coupons on Naked. Ulta never will!
kerriqueen : Really? I didn't even know Ulta wouldn't. I never really tried to use coupons on them because the deal was never really good enough until now. But I'm so glad that it worked! I did order this online though, so maybe that helped... Idk. @heatherburks
heatherburks : Yeah ultas coupons specifically say you can't and I got told no the time I tried before I looked! Oh well!
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real. I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been going through a phase where I'm hardly on social media. Its really just because I'm busy. ;p
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
I know all mothers will understand this... You know how you think every single thing your kid does is cute? We're watching Christmas videos from when my mom was alive and I pretty much melted on the floor when I saw Jude walking with a present to give to Dalton. You know... THE TODDLER WALK? And then he's already just so freaking cute. And then he's sharing gifts. I'm just like, "Oh my heart!" ***This picture was actually from this past Halloween and he was dancing. I just used it to tell my story, haha!*** #ilovemykids #cutekids
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oliveustv : Nice!
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
My precious child when she cosplay as #Yuki from #WolfChildren. My faveeee! ❤🐺🐾 #anime #animeaddict #hoshicon
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
Keiichi loves Haruhi. #ishipit #idontcare #higurashi #TheMelancholyofHaruhiSuzumiya #haruhisuzumiya #haruhi #keiichi #keiichimaebara #nekocon #nekocon2014 #nekocon17 #anime #animeaddict #animecon #animeconvention
animeconvention - themelancholyofharuhisuzumiya - animecon - haruhisuzumiya - animeaddict - nekocon2014 - nekocon17 - keiichimaebara - nekocon - anime - idontcare - haruhi - ishipit - higurashi - keiichi -
rukiuki03 : 涼宮ハルヒ!? Do you like Japanese culture??? How about HATSUNE-MIKU???
kerriqueen : @rukiuki03 hai! I love Japanese culture! I know "who" Hatsune-Miku is, but I'm just neutral... not a HUGE fan, but I don't dislike either. :p I see Hatsune-Miku cosplays a lot!
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
I don't have anything to say about this really. Except that I sell glass bottles and paper straws. And Lyra took this picture for me because she's an awesome 7-year-old. Actually, I just wanted to show off my new leaf ring. 😺
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
Check out #FireElsa! I thought this was so clever. I saw about 5-6 Elsa's but SHE stood out and was unique! Loved it! She even has a jar of water because she melted Olaf, haha! #elsa #disney #disneysfrozen #frozen #olaf #olafmelted #fire #cosplay #nekocon #nekocon2014 #nekocon17 #animecon #convention #animeconvention #anime #uniquecosplay #cosplayinspiration #unique
nekocon17 - animecon - cosplayinspiration - fire - elsa - fireelsa - disneysfrozen - cosplay - unique - olafmelted - animeconvention - olaf - frozen - uniquecosplay - nekocon - anime - convention - disney - nekocon2014 -
cldunsmore : I dream of someday having the guts to go to a cosplay convention and completely rock it.
kerriqueen : @cldunsmore ahhh! You should really try it! You would totally rock it no matter what you wore. I mean... Look at all the outfits you do on a daily! It's easier to go with friends who cosplay, too. You won't feel so awkward. But trust me... Once you do it, you'll love it and will probably get addicted! (Sorry for the essay)
cldunsmore : Thanks☺️I would love to! It's on the bucket list😍only problem is that there aren't really any in the Midwest! I suppose maybe in Chicago sometime?
kerriqueen : @cldunsmore Well it'd be weird for me to be like "yo, where you live at girllll?" Haha but I could probably find some conventions, even small ones, if I knew the general area you were in. I'm guessing you're close to Chicago since you mentioned that. :p too bad you didn't live close to me. I'd drag you along with me! :)
cldunsmore : iowa-good luck😂 If I could just spend all day hanging out with you that's be awesome😍
kerriqueen : @cldunsmore we would definitely have tons of fun together! No doubt! Uhhh... Iowa! Let me get back to you on that one.. haha!!
kerriqueen : @cldunsmore I literally only found two -- anime-zing! And AnimeIowa. Anime-Spark looks like it died off. xP
cldunsmore : Awwww. I'll look those up ASAP!😊
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
I never pass up some yummy Hi-chew candies! Apple and cherry are my favorite flavors! 🍒🍎 What are yours? #japan #japanesecandy #japanesefood #hichew
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
Haruhi & Sayaka! She was the sweetest person ever! I bought her music on the spot after going to her concert @Nekocon especially since she sang "God Knows" from #TheMelancholyofHaruhiSuzumiya. Because #haruhi. Random fact... Sayaka is exactly 3 years older than me. I told her we have the same birthday and she got all excited and said "thank you". lol! Best day ever!
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kerriqueen : #nekocon #Nekocon17 #nekocon2014 #haruhisuzumiya #disappearanceharuhi
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kerriqueen - Kerri Waller
The last day of #Nekocon17 when we both cosplayed as ourselves. xD #lovemyhusband #love #queen #hearts #nekocon #anime #animeconvention
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kerriqueen : @ittyybittyyyy @kbare2613 @staycee_101 he ask me [politely] not to put pictures of him on any social media or my blog. There are some pics hanging out on Facebook from when before he asked me not to do that though. 😉 I was waiting for the day that someone would say something! LOL witness protection program 😂😂
ittyybittyyyy : Just a wild guess haha @kerriqueen
kerriqueen : @ittyybittyyyy well it was a good one! Just made me laugh. :)
staycee_101 : Lol I totally don't blame him! I don't have a fb and when I originally made an instagram I had no idea it was like this, otherwise I would've steered clear! Hahaha completely explains it! But then again- the witness protection program explained it too! Lol @kerriqueen
kbare2613 : I've always thought to myself "what does her husband even look like" lmao
kerriqueen : @staycee_101 haha, yeah! He used to have Facebook but he said it's just BS. So he deleted everything that had his old username (fb, emails, etc) and just started fresh on the internet. Which is why he doesn't want his face anywhere. But it's fun to have this mysterious husband LOL. He actually just told me to take the photos off Facebook that I told y'all are still there. :x oops
staycee_101 : Haha! Well you know, when I searched myself on Google and went under images, I was totally weirded out- it had random pics of me from like myspace. It's creepy what the Internet will save! @kerriqueen You go with yo mysterious hubby, guh! 😉
kerriqueen : @staycee_101 I've done that before. The internet is definitely creepy with what it stores. Haha! Love my mysterious hubby! <3
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