Kendrick Brinson

Southern transplant in LA. Photographer living the dream with @DavidWalterBanks. Half of the @BrinsonBanks photo team
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
I'm in Tempe, Arizona photographing the Miss Native American USA pageant today and I took portraits of each beautiful contestant in their traditional clothing. This is last year's winner Sarah Ortegon, who is part of the The Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. And best of all, her beautiful skirt makes sounds when she dances. Magic.
missnativeamericanusa - nmausa - missnativeamericanusapageant - makeportraits -
mattinlosangeles : Gorgeous.
yrpaltom : Great story
kendrickbrinson : #makeportraits #missnativeamericanusa #missnativeamericanusapageant #nmausa
russelalbertdaniels : Jingle Dress Dance
jennapirog : I want to hear the dress!
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Three hotels in three towns in one week. Free breakfast is my favorite.
laurelstorey : Pretty!
meyabo : You look like a Hopper painting
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
I drove through a haboob a little before sunset in rural Arizona today. There was lightning and once inside the dust storm, I could only see about 5 car lengths in front of me. It was beautiful with the warm pink light and yet eerie and apocalyptic. After spending 30 years in the lush green south, I don't think the desert will ever feel less foreign to me.
arizona - haboob -
bourbonandgoose : My home state. Love your description and capture. πŸ’š
adirose415 : Every summer we experience this!!! Not gonna lie...I love it!! #AzIsHome
aeconomopoulos : Wow! Nice photo!
lynettemccarty : Cool shot!!
alisatwell : πŸ’”πŸ’¦
kendrickbrinson : @bourbonandgoose @adirose415 having never seen one before, it was very surreal
rbruce63 : Amazing phenomenon, make sure to check the air filter of your car, it might be plugged or near to getting plugged causing all kinds of drive ability issues!
reneeeliizabeth : @hayship
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Tia's gonna be a surfer when she grows up.
dogstagram -
kendrickbrinson : #dogstagram
lenslife23 : @kendrickbrinson dream big! I wanted reesie to be the old navy dog. Haha, yeah thats lame. 😞
kendrickbrinson : Well it's not out of like to expect these freeloaders to bring in some dough for us @lenslife23
lenslife23 : Agreed. I've told my two they need to get jobs and pay for their own insurance and blue buffalo food. @kendrickbrinson
emilymcmanamy : I've been telling Bear to get a job at the Sunoco for years. Lazy shit.
mgbanks : This makes Tia look like a Kangaroo. Does she have Aussie relatives?
kendrickbrinson : That would explain her accent @mgbanks
kendrickbrinson : @emilymcmanamy thank God our cats know how to play the market
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
#kudzustudiesphotography continues. I told her all about my favorite photographer Vivian Maier and we spoke about the evolution of the #selfie. She said she could not possibly care less, which honestly was an improvement because I couldn't even get her near the Inge Morath book I'm reading without getting clawed.
selfie - kudzustudiesphotography -
bessbrownlee : @kendrickbrinson are you following the Danube Revisited Project? A bunch of the IM grant recipients are doing a sweet traveling photo truck along the river right now! Woo!
kendrickbrinson : I've read about it but haven't followed along. Will check it out again today! Thanks for the tip @bessbrownlee
erik_holladay_photography : I adore Vivian. She puts all selfies to shame.
kendrickbrinson : Agreed. She's somehow a master at portraits and moments and street scenes and heck, even selfies @erik_holladay_photography
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Whenyougonnaloveyou as much asIdo
maiownhero : Things are gonna chaaaaaange so fast.
kendrickbrinson : In my head all morning @maiownhero
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
We went to a dog paradise yesterday. If you like dogs, this place is amazing: Hundreds of tails wagging all at once. Unleashed dogs diving in and out of the ocean with sand covering their noses. I mean, there weren't any cats there, but it still was pretty fun.
mastromax : βœ¨πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨πŸ‘
hoffsarah : Ah!!!
burakkara_instagram : πŸ‘πŸ‘
juliarphoto : Sandy noses are the best!
ilanapl : Is that the only off leash dog beach near la? 🐢
kendrickbrinson : @ilanapl yes! Only dog park on a beach in LA county, I believe. It's great!
kendrickbrinson : @juliarphoto agreed
kendrickbrinson : @mastromax @hoffsarah @burakkara_instagram πŸ˜πŸ•
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
The home away from
bernardbbt : Where is Carmen San Diego???
rod_andre : Freddy kruger?
kendrickbrinson : Coming to haunt your dreams @rod_andre
kendrickbrinson : @bernardbbt everyone's favorite Best Western
mattpauri : Beautiful
kendrickbrinson : Thank you @mattpauri
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
This scene reminded me of a Flaming Lips concert. Also: <<These are the days of miracle and wonder This is the long-distance call The way the camera follows us in slo-mo The way we look to us all, oh yeah The way we look to a distant constellation That’s dying in a corner of the sky These are the days of miracle and wonder And don’t cry baby don’t cry Don’t cry, don’t cry>>
kendrickbrinson : Paul Simon's tunes never get old @fotocrb @soignesong
kendrickbrinson : @digsapparel Gilroy Garlic Fest in central Cali
flamelikeme : WHAT okay!!!!!!!!!
megangielow : Their concerts are ridiculous! So trippy and visual!
kendrickbrinson : I'll buy the Bubbleyum @flamelikeme
kendrickbrinson : The best @megangielow
soignesong : Word.
rachseyes : @ozzy1894
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
This man made my day. Thank you, Rudy.
garlic - makeportraits -
kendrickbrinson : #makeportraits #garlic
dimsinstagram : He looks amazing!
kendrickbrinson : @dimsinstagram he was very sweet and funny. He kept saying, "cheese! I mean garlic!"
tylerstrickland : Vampire hunter?
nathan_armes : πŸ‘Š
kendrickbrinson : He'd make a good one @tylerstrickland
kendrickbrinson : @nathan_armes ☺️
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