Kendrick Brinson

Southern transplant in LA. Photographer living the dream with @DavidWalterBanks. The redheaded half of @BrinsonBanks
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
My yoga teacher said something that felt so profound in the sweatytiredblissful moment of slowing down at the end of class: "You are enough exactly as you are in this moment." I repeated it over and over in my head to remember and it became a nice mantra. And really, wouldn't that be nice? #film #35mm
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mayasommer : πŸ’–
lenslife23 : @kendrickbrinson it's a beautiful mantra for life. I miss yoga, don't know if I can ever do it again πŸ˜”
carolinecarbinekilgore : @agora1031 hope you're repeating some good mantras like this this week!
davidylee : @bdferraro
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
What is your favorite way to relax or refresh yourself when you're really busy? I've been so head-spinningly busy with work the past month that I've had to completely master the art of triaging my life so I don't explode and, luckily, so far so good. Looks like life won't be slowing down any time soon so I'm just enjoying the ride and slurping up the beauty around me whenever I give myself a brief moment to take it in.
peteramend : Just pretend that everyone is snoop dog.
brinsonbanks : Fo shizzle @peteramend
stuartthurlkill : Great sentiment. Drink in the beauty!
kendrickbrinson : @stuartthurlkill ☺️🍻
shawnrocco : @kendrickbrinson! I love just about every shot you and David take. But if you're open to it, I will swap you a print or jpeg from any photo in my instagram feed for this one.
kendrickbrinson : Thanks so much @shawnrocco - not sure how it will hold up but I'll email it to ya!
paigefjones : great shot. love the colors.
kendrickbrinson : Thank you and the sun! @paigefjones
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Modern art created by beer and drunk man on my black backdrop during my portrait shoot for @ESPNmag at the UFC fight last night. It was bound to happen.
amorteguy : The "art" here are those boots! Bravo. Mess on the floor + drunk man = could have been much worse.
seriousully : Those shoes tho 😍
seriousully : @kendrickbrinson where did you get them??
kendrickbrinson : @seriousully got em from Anthropologie about 18 months ago
kendrickbrinson : Ha! @amorteguy
kendrickbrinson : @christietayloronline 🍻🎨
christietayloronline : @kendrickbrinson πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
laurliepants : @kendrickbrinson can I borrow those shoes pleez and thankie
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Tonight's office: my makeshift ringflash studio at a UFC fight for @ESPNmag. Whee!! #ufc184 #mma4espn
ufc184 - mma4espn -
thienho213 : I'm avail to be your assistant at any mma shoot
kendrickbrinson : Let's see your muscles @thienho213
kendrickbrinson : @andrewtomasino super diverse crowd here tonight which makes me job fun
kendrickbrinson : @johnnyphoto yea! I dig their gear and it has lasted a long time
thienho213 : @kendrickbrinson uh, not sure about muscles but I can make a mean coffee run.
kendrickbrinson : @thienho213 hahaha I ask because I had to carry so much gear four blocks all alone and now I'm sore.
thienho213 : @kendrickbrinson I'm good at shoulder massages!
thienho213 : Have fun!!!
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
I'm a sucker for succulents. Yesterday I was in a greenhouse awash with bright purples and oranges and pinks and reds thanks to thousand of these little guys.
kelly_creedon : Succulents are the best!!
ladypinkstone : πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
dianamolinasosa : 🌿 the cutest!
kendrickbrinson : 🌡☺️ @ladypinkstone @kelly_creedon @dianamolinasosa
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
After the sun disappeared and the sky turned black, the bright moon made sparkling slivers of light reflect and dance along the crests of waves all night. It was hypnotizing. This is the view from my bed aka #parkerposeythevwvan #westcoastexplorersclub
westcoastexplorersclub - parkerposeythevwvan -
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
David and I (@brinsonbanks) are working on a photo story for Smithsonian Magazine and decided we'd rather sleep in the pop-top van next to the Pacific Ocean than drive 5 hours home and back again, and hotels just lack that perfect wave-crashing lull, y'know? I'm confident that we made the right decision. #parkerposeythevwvan #westcoastexplorersclub
westcoastexplorersclub - parkerposeythevwvan -
kelliewa : nailed it
laraaustinshoop : Yes! πŸ™Œ
nicoleboliaux : πŸ’œ
mullady : Van life is always the right decision
simonedepeak : A really beautiful image...
2manycameras : The ONLY choice. I miss my '85 water leaker :(
brush : Of course that's the right decision
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” -Rumi / #makeportraits
makeportraits -
outsidewhatbox : This hit me right in the feels!
el_trev : #yup
littlefarmerfelten : This shot totally reminds me of #Interstellar! Love it, and the Rumi quote is perfect!
kendrickbrinson : Yay! @outsidewhatbox also let's all hang out soon
kendrickbrinson : @littlefarmerfelten ☺️ thank you
ziagengy : Great!
qbackam : πŸ’œ
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
I missed you guys.
alexwashburn : 🌴🌞🌴
kendrickbrinson : 🎢California Dreamin' on such a winter's daaaaaaay @alexwashburn
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Yet another @BrinsonBanks photo adventure in the books with this man o' mine. Adios, Indianapolis! Next up, after we squeeze our four legged children super hard, we'll be off on a trip to rural Southern California for a two day shoot, then back to the grind doing shoots on our own for a few days, and then yet another adventure to do a talk at @yeahfieldtrip. Wheeee!
staceysalant : So nice you are so busy!
rainbeau : yay- see you at @yeahfieldtrip!
megangielow : Yay! See you there!
kendrickbrinson : Yea! Round 2! @rainbeau @megangielow
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