Kendrick Brinson

Southern transplant in LA. Photographer living the dream with @DavidWalterBanks. The redheaded half of @BrinsonBanks
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Redesigned my ole portfolio site and added a commissions section! Take a gander when you're on a computer next
domvalentephoto : @kendrickbrinson the first time I looked at your work I spent lots of time with your young thug shots. Really great stuff. Will have to take a look at your new site! πŸ’₯πŸ”«πŸŒŸπŸ“·
izzy_cohan : πŸ™Œ
kendrickbrinson : Thank you @domvalentephoto - I finally did an edit of that work, it's in the commissions section. 😁
kendrickbrinson : @izzy_cohan ☺️
bourbonandgoose : I love this!
monicaxcampana : @derekbruno
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Listen, how your heart pounds inside me.
portablesera : πŸ˜ŒπŸ™
granger_matt : The power couple!
kendrickbrinson : Ha! I like the sound of that @granger_matt
izzy_cohan : Wut up bae?
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
He's just got this certain glow to him. #westcoastexplorersclub
westcoastexplorersclub -
staceysalant : True love.
kendrickbrinson : @staceysalant β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Yay!! Off on our first #westcoastexplorersclub camping trip in #parkerposeythevwvan
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
The terrible part about showing off the new @BrinsonBanks portfolio book is a lot of the ad agencies are in Santa Monica so then we just haaaave to wander over to this gorgeous beach after. What a drag. #westcoastexplorersclub
westcoastexplorersclub -
sexyhotellighting : I feel for you. Truly.
kendrickbrinson : Thank you for your support! @sexyhotellighting
staceysalant : Awww. Shucks.
kendrickbrinson : @staceysalant πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
The #westcoastexplorersclub just got real. Really, really real, y'all. 😍 #parkerposeythevwvan
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geoffboothby : I used to have that van!
mattinlosangeles : That's an awesome ride!!!
kendrickbrinson : Why did you get rid of it?! @geoffboothby
kendrickbrinson : @mattinlosangeles it's @davidwalterbanks' but I'm happy to cruisin as co-pilot ☺️
geoffboothby : It was real real old, but it's still sad, I've been across the country multiple times in that van 😒
juliastotz : 😍
peanut0387 : This is mine and @passthepeasliketheyusedtosay dream. Amazing!! 😍
travelingpineapple : @jrio707
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
A reminder of the power of photography hit me on the back of the head like a 2x4 last night. I was wading through old photos after deciding with no forethought whatsoever that I was going to re-do my online portfolio and switched the website themes a moment later, essentially starting over. I'm deciding what still matters and what doesn't, what photos show my strengths and what photos I'm dragging along with me because I'm attached, and then this image appeared and it made me immediately cry. Not even a gasp between its appearance and the weight of the memory it holds. We are overwhelmed with imagery all day every day--you don't have to be a photographer for that to be true, you just have to have eyes that are open. So much of that imagery is underwhelming and junk food and filler that swirls into a muddy brown as the colors blur and we pass. We don't take the time and we don't spend enough time to marvel at the good stuff because our eyes are tired. And then this, a reminder of one of my most beautiful and most anticipated weeks of my life that also coincided with the absolute saddest week of my entire life. Just a photo of a bed can make me weep. A simple photo. Just looking at it took me to another place, to another time. There's a tremendous power in that. Huge. Use your eyes to stare at something beautiful today. Really stare. Stare until your eyes water. Take a picture of it with your mind.
lenslife23 : Wow, having followed you for a long time and pseudo known you. I remember this...and the sad story. It's a beautiful image.
kendrickbrinson : I have to admit if that's my saddest story, I've lived a lucky life so far, but yea, it still makes me sad @lenslife23
abigailclem : Kendrick, you're amazing.
mohota68 : #letter4u
kendrickbrinson : @bourbonandgoose πŸ’•
kendrickbrinson : @abigailclem πŸ‘― thank you, hair twin!
kendrickbrinson : @portablesera ☺️ thank you for saying so
kendrickbrinson : @megangielow I'm basically reminding everyone so I remember, too! Thanks
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Migos in the studio, Atlanta, 2013
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kendrickbrinson : #Migos #rap #Instax
timmyummy : which Instax camera do you shoot with?
davidylee : Awesome @kendrickbrinson
bethnaymollenkof : 😻😻😻
kendrickbrinson : @timmyummy I have the mini and the wide
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
Of all the things I did at #yeahfieldtrip last year-- led a natural light portrait workshop in a cabin in the rain (that was an impromptu plan b), danced, met new friends, even cried while talking about personal projects during a talk, @davidwalterbanks and I forgot to do one important thing--the ole #BrinsonBanksing pose in beautiful El Capitan Canyon! So, we will be back again this year, ready to take it all in again, and to add a new backbreaking photo to our collection. You should come, too! @yeahfieldtrip March 2015!
yeahfieldtrip - brinsonbanksing -
anastasia.kiva : Wow. Those backdrops are spectacular (and the two of you - adorable!)
brinsonbanks : Thank you @anastasia.kiva! We have fun with it
ashleycarolinephoto : The impromptu natural light class was one of my faves! Even in the cabin. ☺️
megangielow : YAYYY! Can't wait to see you guys!
kendrickbrinson : Woot!! 😁 @megangielow πŸ‘―
kendrickbrinson : @ashleycarolinephoto Hahhaha sometimes winging it due to Mother Nature can pay off
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kendrickbrinson - Kendrick Brinson
I got a personal peek behind the red curtain and photographed the Golden Globes after-parties for New York Times Style. I shared some favorite photos and my experience on my blog
leonardo.semprun : Que fotaso @edmarinero
stuartthurlkill : Sense of place, moment, light equals a fantastic image!
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