keith harkin

Irish singer, writer, surfer. BUSTYMUSIC RECORDS. LA/Ireland. Traveling the world day by day. Check my travel-lifestyle store
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keithharkin - keith harkin
@heather_parry your mom rocks. #bestcandyever #ontour
ontour - bestcandyever -
_erinrebecca_ : This is local to me, it's totally the best!!!
heather_parry : Haha! Thank you! She had the best time at your show.
brittttt_marie : Beat candy ever made @keithharkin
kimberley_wicks : Yummmm... Chocolate !
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Great show tonight in Bethlehem. Thank you. Shot some games after. Day off tomorrow. Happy days in CT land. Xo #ontour #pool #yourshot #winnerstayson
yourshot - ontour - pool - winnerstayson -
missycrowley : @keithharkin So happy for you, that tonite was a success. Sounds like lots of fun and enjoy. Enjoy, your day off and continue safe travels. Have a Blessed week and See you in Pittsburgh!! Hope you'll be at the "VIP" Event and keeping my fingers crossed. 8D <33 XO
bettykayemusicartrt : But who got the eight ball? 🎱
angelndan595 : Don't stay up too late...Eh...You're young! Stay up 'til dawn! Have fun!!
celticxcryan : So happy I got to see the show last night in Bethlehem. Always loads of fun and this was really an amazing performance by all of you guysπŸ’ž good luck with the rest of the tourπŸ€
gingerella2k14 : 200th LIKE!!! πŸŽ‰ WOOT WOOT! @keithharkin you're amazing! Btw.... I have legit followed you and #celticthunder since like.... Five-ever lol You guys opened my eyes to amazing music! I still have your concert book from when you came to the FOX Theater in Detroit.... A few years ago! you guys changed my life and I am soo excited to see where you go next πŸ’œ You were/are my favorite of the originals! #Greatest #KeithHarkin P.s.- your version of Last Christmas will now, and forever, be the only version I think of. EVER. You're amazing. Never stop singing. I haven't stopped for 14 years lol Again, you're amazing. Stay Awesome! @keithharkin
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Looks like @harkinheadquarters just got more of the Cerah Bracelet in stock. Get'm whils the last. No 2 the same and all hand made.. These 2 are mines. Ive been wearing'm every day for 6 months in the ocean an out and they are perfect. #handmade #harkinheadquarters #harkinarmy #ontour #irish #ireland #bali #bracelet #onlinestore #newcompany
irish - ontour - harkinheadquarters - bali - handmade - bracelet - newcompany - onlinestore - harkinarmy - ireland -
missycrowley : @keithharkin Woooot!! I'll have to send you a picture of all the bracelets that I got. Here I absolutely love mine too. 8D <33 XO
kttmurph_ : Order mine last week can't wait to get mine πŸŽ…πŸŽ„
celticbear42 : So happy that this new venture of yours is doing so well! The bracelets are very pretty and I love the silver ring you are wearing on your pinkie!
stefy_39 - favcars_liirmi - eileenm1818 - swimhorse -
keithharkin - keith harkin
Regram from @emeraldsurfwear looks like its pumping back home at the minute. Cold empty barrels. Just the way we like'm. #irish #ireland #surf #waves #missingit
surf - irish - missingit - ireland - waves -
hannah_joy_415 : Super rad
emeraldsurfwear : Cheers @keithharkin πŸ‘Œ
celticbarbra : AwesomeπŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ’•πŸ’–βœŒπŸ„πŸŠπŸŽΈ
janeblackbrown : Maybe you'll be in luck next time ur home and can surf some good ones too. Ireland's yours.
_winter_sky : Oooooooh - documentary in your future. Yes!!!!
_winter_sky : " ...cold empty barrels " are in your near future, for sure, days and days of them.
celticbear42 : I know you are missing winter surfing in Ireland. Hang in there, your Irish surf time is coming!
kgirl43 : Gorgeous!
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Its team-work when we order food on-tour. @davidbakey #ontour #ontheroad #food #shushi #travelday
food - travelday - ontour - ontheroad - shushi -
missycrowley : @keithharkin Enjoy, the sushi. That's one thing, I never had before and its on my list of foods to try. Have a Relaxing evening, Keith and continue Safe travels!! Thinking of You and See you soon!! 8D <33 XO
bettykayemusicartrt : Goodies! Yumm!
sareja86 : Boy, that looks fun! :p Who's hand is between Angie's arm and the menu? hehe
kasam19071 : ya should just make them some Irish Stew @karithharkin #harkinheasquarters #comfortfoodharkinstyle
lilianecarrollbrun : I believe it is Neil's hand! Ring on middle finger and nails of a guitarist! Could be Keith too but he is taking the pictureπŸ˜‰
celticbarbra : Enjoy dinner!!πŸ˜‹
celticbear42 : Hope you all enjoyed the sushi! I think the mystery hand belongs to Neil. If it was Keith we would also see the back of his celtic pinkie ring.
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Morning chats on a cold tour bus. @davidbakey @emmettohanlon @harkinheadquarters #neilbyrne #ontour #ontheroad #tour #tourbus #burrrrrr #cold
tour - ontour - neilbyrne - burrrrrr - tourbus - cold - ontheroad -
masuminakagawa : @keithharkin (From Japan) My dear Keith-San !Looks like they have a serious eye?! Please put on a coatsπŸ˜ƒβ€οΈπŸ‘(*´∀`*)
_sheridan_durin_ : Welcome to Minnesota!!!
_sheridan_durin_ : If you are here...
celticbear42 : Why so cold on the tour bus? Hope the heater is not broken! Please stay warm. And have a great show in Minnesota.
stcyrichie : coffee coffee coffee, or tea... fill up and keep warm, wear the warm clothes when you come to Indiana next week. going to be very very cold.. Have a great U.S.A. Thanksgiving Day you all..
888macattack888 : Im not goin to the show when you are in town... πŸ˜•.. your gonna be so close yet so far away @keithharkin Could you Shout out to Gabrielle S.. she'll be there and it would make her day for that to happen.. #staycool
nerdgirl1313 : It looks like you guys need coffee
hazel_eyed_hunter : Emmett just chillin in his PJs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
debbiedoll1 - luvinrichie - shawnee9119 - amichell_013 -
keithharkin - keith harkin
Playing a SOLD-OUT SHOW tonight with 23 grammy winning Atlanta Orchestra. Think its 23... Im sure they loose count after 20 too! Bring it on. #ontour #ontheroad #atlanta @harkinheadquarters @celticthundermusic #soundcheck
soundcheck - atlanta - ontour - ontheroad -
copperpeace : Nice!
sareja86 : See you tonight!! :-)
missycrowley : @keithharkin Wooooot!! Go, Keith!! 8D <33 XO
kasam19071 : go forth and have a blast
celticbear42 : So happy the Atlanta show is a sold out one! Have a great time!
gigiflood : #awesomesauce @keithharkin :) Have a great show!
celticbarbra : Cool!!😎😍
_winter_sky : One stunning show! CT guys plus Master Symphonic Musicians - it was quite the experience!
bsimonbud - jhester_311 - _winter_sky - eileenm1818 -
keithharkin - keith harkin
Were not all there but I'm sure we can be seen on Channel 11 live Atlanta at some stage in the next hour.... #ontour #ontheroad @celticthundermusic #atlanta #television @celticck
atlanta - ontour - ontheroad - television -
missycrowley : @keithharkin Good luck, Keith!! Hope there will be a link later to check it out. Have a Amazing show in Atlanta tonite!! 8D <33 XO
lhagerty74 : Keith looks like he is getting ready to take his belt off and hand out some good ol fashion whip' wonder Neil & Emmett are MIA!!! πŸ˜„
heathaahnydo : #manbunmonday
beccapross : Ryann <3
celticbear42 : Now what did the others do! Got love Keith and his sense of humor! The look on Ryan's face is priceless!
valeriethrift : Aww dang! I was working and missed it!πŸ‘Ž
ariana_jae : The man bun..πŸ’—
masuminakagawa : @keithharkin (From Japan) my dear Keith-san !each expression look so good ! ESP , Keith-San! You are always unique &great person that I have never seen πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Thank you so much for the photo(*´∀`*)❀️
bsimonbud - jhester_311 - _winter_sky - eileenm1818 -
keithharkin - keith harkin
Now thats a pair of blazers. @celticck @celticthundermusic #ontour #whiteblazer #christmas
whiteblazer - ontour - christmas -
song_quotes : You guys look great.πŸ€
ktbgriffin : Love you guys @celticck @keithharkin ! So classy and fun πŸ’š
sonya9199 : Looking good gonna be an Epic night in Atlanta. So glad I'll be there..
sharynlinda : Two goodl looking guys!
bettykayemusicartrt : Where can I get the set ! πŸ˜‰
celticbear42 : Wow! You two look so Dapper in your Black shirts and White Blazers! Nice to see the long blond hair, but what happened to the beard.
gigiflood : Could be tailored a wee bit more fitted boyz! ;)
jolleygigi : Loving those dimples
mras19 - danellepaige - qkita1986 - grammipattig -
keithharkin - keith harkin
More new goodies over @harkinheadquarters "Rumbai Necklace" #newcompany #necklace #bali #regram #onlinestore give it a look see over at the website. Link in bio of the HHQ insta!! :)
necklace - regram - newcompany - bali - onlinestore -
kasam19071 : beautiful
wendyfoster3 : @keithharkin I noticed that you were wearing one of the bracelets at the concert at Blumenthal in Charlotte, NC. It was awesome. Great show too! My favorite parts were Comfort Ye and when ya'll came out in kilts and sang Ireland's Call. #thankgodfortheirish
missycrowley : @keithharkin Thanks soo much, Keith and definitely will head on over to check them out. From the picture, they look super lovely. How's the show going?! 8D <33 XO
prototypehouse : Lovely!
gigiflood : Cool necklaces! Missus looks pretty! :) @keithharkin @harkinheadquarters
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