keith harkin

Irish singer, writer, surfer, muso. Signed to Verve Records USA Based in LA/Ireland. Check out my tunes k x
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keithharkin - keith harkin
The weary eyed minstrel just hit London, one more flight and im back in Ireland. #ontour #irish #knackered #london
irish - ontour - london - knackered -
joaniefogarty : Missing you already! :)
karencaprioflynn : All the best Keith! Exciting times for you. Enjoy your family.
egaeca : Looks like the USA chewed you up n spit you out. Sorry dude. Go home n find urself again, n become the real man u r once again. You need to reclaim ur power. You'll do it, i know. Best wishes on all your ventures.
celticbear42 : You poor baby! Not one of your better elevator selfles! Hope you find the peace and rest you deserve in Ireland.
_winter_sky : A Spanish Island awaits your presence, you've a plan. For now, rest. All will be well.
gigimaire : #noplacelikehome #gypsysoul
jeffb7015 : Not too crazy about the comment made "chewed you up and spit you out". Not very nice, we love this talented young man to the moon and back. He doesn't have reclaim anything. He is the real deal!
bryttani_mooney : Lol, a selfie in the elevator? That's a new one😊
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Cheers Harrisburg. The whiskey tasted good lastnight. @goorinbros #jameson #whiskey #hat #harrisburg
jameson - whiskey - hat - harrisburg -
kerwoman : You are just a beautiful manπŸ‘βš“οΈπŸ‘βš“οΈ
rchvala : I bought you your first shot of whiskey in Harrisburg. The manager of ceoltas had to bring it to you because the crowd wouldn't let me thru. Glad you got it @keithharkin πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ»πŸŽ€πŸŽΌ
wallyexplode : what a guy
ariana_jae : This shirt, I'm tellin's the best one yet!! And we both know how many shirts you have..😝 #stillprobsnotenough
dguajardo44 : I wish I was there. Close to my hometown. But I live in Texas now and I was you in Houston and had a wonderful time . You are such a sweet young man and we love you
chris_sink : I love your shirt! πŸ’š xo @keithharkin
sweet_jl : Love ya Keith. Xxxx
celticwoman8 : I saw u perform here the last time you came and it was absolutely unforgettable. You're so talented hun.
celticlove7 - ptm2023 - mactire4 - rosieradio98 -
keithharkin - keith harkin
Thanks for another fantastic night PA. you always represent big style. Good people, good times & good whiskey. Cant wait to get back again!!! Thanks for this great shot from the Trocadero Theatre Amy. #irish #blackandwhite #ireland #philly #harrisburg #ontour
harrisburg - irish - ontour - ireland - blackandwhite - philly -
lilynu85 : Love this as the profile pic!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘Just perfect! See u in Nov! ✌️🐸
gigimaire : This. Is. You. :D @keithharkin ξ€‘ξŒ¦ #lifeofamusician #passion #heart #soul
fromz2amy : Anytime! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»
celticbarbra : πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ’•πŸ’”
celticbear42 : Amy! you captured Keith perfectly in this Black and White Photo!
gloriakthurman : Safe travels! Thanks for sharing your life and music with us. We support you 200%. (The shirt you wore in Harrisburg is fabulous!!) Indians, and Pirates only on your voyage, and people who love you!!!!
magunderson55 : Wasn't there but glad you had an awesome show. Looking forward to new things GodspeedπŸ„
thunderbren : Great time ! Enjoyed chatting with you ! Thanks for your kind words....
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Spreading my wings and headed for a last supper here in LA till Xmas before i get on the red-eye tonight to Philly for another SOLD-OUT show in Harrisburg. Tomorrow night is gonna be FUN!! Are you ready yo rock @davidbakey !??!? @guitarmcpherson @harkinheadquarters @celticthundermusic
skeeter49 : Godspeed and best wishes for all your new endeavors
masuminakagawa : @keithharkin (From Japan) my dear Keith-San. Looks so great back! Please have a great show! Safe travels❀️😊Thank you so much Hot the good photoπŸ‘really great you & LAβš“οΈ
juliea59 : Enjoy Ireland
juliea59 : Derry doo doo says meow - meow !
kerwoman : Spread away .. I love the pic
gioyakoks : So Elvis, er sorry KEITH has left LA building :-) Big dreams take big muscles. You can do it.
paige_kh_hh : I love u keith ❀️
markthegem : You on a diet #skinny#missingmemascookin
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Over here in the @harkinheadquarters packing away my life from the boat thats been my home for the past 3 years here in LA. All for my big move to Ireland later next year to do the Irish surf Documentary. With touring so much you have to plan so far ahead. Going to Harrisburg tomorrow night, Ireland on Sunday, Canary Islands for another surf Doc on the 4th, then to London to record my NEW ALBUM!!! (Excited much?) and then Finally onto Miami to start rehearsals for @celticthunderofficial TOUR &CRUISE. And thats only 2 1/2 months. I know l, right? People have been asking about weather or not ill still be touring here in the states and Canada next year & to answer that, YES!! Its only a plane ride away. Cant wait for you all to hear the new album. Its gonna be awesome. #ontour #muscianlife #irish #Ireland #surf #surfing #documentary #california #LA
surf - muscianlife - irish - ontour - la - surfing - california - ireland - documentary -
roxierycher : Your kickass-ery is unparalleled! Roll on KH. NEW ALBUM & TOUR YEAHHHHH boi!! #kindaexcited #TeamKeith
mimirudkin : Good luck and safe travels! Sailors Farewell -Cicely Fox Smith How lovely is the white town, smiling as it lies, With its green growing gardens, beneath the bright blue skies, Days so full of sunshine, nights so full of glee, – Oh, a fair place, a rare place, for sailors in from sea. A pleasant port to come to for sailors long from land, A bright place, a light place, with mirth on every hand, That white smiling city by the blue Pacific shore – Oh, a fair place, a rare place, I'll never see no more. I mind the broad white plaza, senoritas come and go, And a drowsy tune a-sounding, in the breezes that blow; Church-bells all the morning, fiddles all the night – Oh, a fair place, a rare place, a sailorman's delight! But it's heave and break her out now, for the best tune of them all Is the rattle of the windlass, the clicking of the pawl, And the steady wind a-blowing, yes, blowing off the shore, From that fair place, that rare place I'll never see no more.
pixiechick1118 : So happy for you! Stay safe and God bless! Can't wait for the new album... It'll be great, I know!
gigimaire : Well Cap'n, time for you to set sail on a new course! Wishing you much success, luck, love n happiness as you begin a new chapter. God Bless, God Speed and never stop following ur heart. :) ξ€‘ξ€—ξξŒβ™ͺ #pirate #newstart #life #stayinspired
celticthunderfan : Yay for a new album on the horizon!!
jgaraldine : I think all we ask is two things. First, that you be safe and have fun. Second, that you keep in touch with us from time to time. Send a few pics of your adventures.
keithharkinstreetteam : Our hearts are full, it's you to blame... Carry on and make it grand. We'll be cheering and supporting you every step, every leap and bound of the way. Remember It All and Don't Forget to smell the 🌹🌹🌹. #TeamKeith
tamikarr : Keith.. I doesn't matter where you park your butt every night.. As long as you keep singing!!!!
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Getting ready for my SOLD-OUT gig tonight in @fullcirclevenice. Also playing tonight around 730 is the fantastic @briannafalcone. So font come late! Its gonna be a gret show! #ontour @harkinheadquarters #california #venicebeach #mcphersonguitar @celticthundermusic #irish #ireland #music
irish - ontour - california - mcphersonguitar - venicebeach - music - ireland -
ladyrelaynie : Whoever gets to walk in her house and see Keith sitting there smiling like this: you are a lucky lucky woman. ;) looking good, Keith!
jenmcp1973 : Thrilled for all your successes!!!
cerianne83 : Wish you would come visit me in Seattle! I can't wait to meet you in November though I'm so excited! I wish you the best in everything that comes your way! :) see you soon
celticbarbra : OMG..what a handsome photo of a handsome dude!!πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ’•πŸ‘…
masuminakagawa : @keithharkin (From Japan) my dear Keith-San !I heard you had a great show . So glad to hear it! thank you do much . Please have a sweet dream(*´∀`*)❀️☺️
rebecca_harkin : @keithharkin πŸ€πŸ€
aussie_nik : Nice Carpet burn mate πŸ˜‰
fenixfire99 : Couldn't make it .vacation plans went awry. However my consolation was that I got to see John Prine Saturday in a facility ,Clowes Hall ,that is as good as where you play in the Indy area, the Paladium.
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Dropping into a nice oe on a secrete spot in Sligo Ireland. New blog up on my FB page telling you all thats going on in the near future. Please go and have a look. Its a big plan but a good one! #idea #ireland #doc #movie #soundtrack #irish #surf #music #irishheart @harkinheadquarters
surf - irish - doc - idea - soundtrack - music - ireland - movie - irishheart -
klopurple : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€πŸ’œ
janeblackbrown : Home sweet home.
sharynlinda : Love and support you always! Just keep in touch and don't stay away from us okay?
lisakatesspace : Best of luck @Keith on all your new adventures!
jfjansen23 : "Man is only truly great when he acts from his passions." Mucho love back at you, @keithharkin - looking forward to what the future has in store! You'll always have my support, too! Dreams don't come true. Dreams? Dreams are made true. #Godspeed #WriteTheBook Proud to be a member of the #HarkinArmy & #TeamKeith
carolmahaney : @keithharkin you will kick ass at whatever you dream. Never stop.
scot2014 : So excited for you πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„@keithharkin
celticbear42 : Nice one of you surfing in your secret place in Sligo. Love the wetsuit.
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keithharkin - keith harkin
I wanna play a show here. Whos in? #lasvegas #wildwest #operahouse @harkinheadquarters @guitarmcpherson
wildwest - lasvegas - operahouse -
bchluver : Is it condemned ?
3catsdancing : When?
celticbarbra : I'm in.. But can u wait till it cools least a little? Lol πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ’•
magunderson55 : Wish if was Chicsgo
larushka : Me too :)
wildwatershrimp : OMG❗️WHETE THE HECK IS THAT❓❀️
celticbear42 : Looks like a really cool place for you to do a show at. I hope you make it happen.
_winter_sky : Got just the sheet to wear to this one - Midnight show, of course?
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Can you see John Wayne, Standing beside the cactus with Clint?? #wildwest #nevada #outback #hotashell
wildwest - outback - nevada - hotashell -
celticbarbra : Yeehaw!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž
bettykayemusicart : Can hear the music now!
skeeter49 : No russell crowe and Christian bale :)
kimberley_wicks : WOW!! I love traveling with you!!!!
sahar7sati : Yes, I can see him and he looks great!! : )
natycastillop : I don't see the cactus & no John Wayne, just mountains or hills.
celticbear42 : Wow! This is the perfect scene for a good old fashion Western.
leworth : I must tell you Keith, I do not see a cactus. It looks like tumble weeds to me but it is very pretty. You are so blessed to see so much of the world.
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keithharkin - keith harkin
nevada -
nlrr : Currently in NYC. We couldn't be in more opposite looks of America. Enjoy #landofthefree #homeofthebrave
sharynlinda : Keith posts his gig dates on twitter and Facebook way ahead! Give a follow!
celticbarbra : Gulp!! 😜😷
skeeter49 : Six gun territory all over again. Yeeehaw
sahar7sati : Me no likey this photo, it's scary and very depressing. I no need more depression in my life, had too much of that yesterday at work!! :( .. But I bet you I can beat you at hangman game :) Lol ♥♥♥
natycastillop : Do you really have to send the photo?😚
celticbear42 : Looks like you spend the the day at an old western town attraction. Hope you had fun.
carolinarua23 : Gettin' on your hillbilly bone, Harkin? ;) β™‘
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