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Traveling Irish Minstrel, seeing the world song by songπŸ”·NEW ALBUM OUT THIS YEARπŸ”· LA/IRE Check my travel-lifestyle store πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Day of in Oregon. #ontour #ontheroad #onmercystreet #harkinheadquarters #ireland #irish #Oregon #celticthunder #highway #keeponrolling
onmercystreet - irish - ontour - harkinheadquarters - ontheroad - oregon - keeponrolling - ireland - highway - celticthunder -
kathywalc57 : Gorgeous
denamaespics : On the road again. Can't wait to get back on the road again. :-) @keithharkin @celticck @ryankellymusic
brenbeezymex : I hope you enjoy your stay here in Oregon.
mira_sunshinegirl : You guys were amazing last night, so stoked that I got to see you play live!!! Come back to Cali soon!πŸ„ @keithharkin
lisa_keener : Enjoy the day off ~ weather looks great!πŸ˜€
missycrowley : @keithharkin Enjoy, your day off!! Feel like some exciting adventures are in store. Whatcha think, Keith?! Have a Fantastic day!! 8D <33 XO
funkygurl49 : Have fun and stay out of trouble on your day off!! ;) @keithharkin
pearsmom : Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night in Eugene. Really in need of this.
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Take me back. Diving into the warmest of water at a secret spot in Grand Canaria. Only accessible by boat. Surfing the @harkinheadquarters single-fin I made for the trip too. What a memory. Take me back. Dreaming from a tour bus in Modesto CA. More about this on my BLOG on my website. Show #18 tonight!πŸ“·@andrewkilfeather @surfholidaysdotcom #irish #grandcanaria #singlefin #surf #surfing #surftrip #ireland #hhq #celticthunder #onmercystreet @peoplewhodofunstuff
surf - onmercystreet - irish - surfing - 18 - surftrip - hhq - singlefin - ireland - celticthunder - grandcanaria -
mschatty77 : #bridgethenning
_winter_sky : May you be in that dive, those waters again tonight for a log, long dream span :)
missycrowley : @keithharkin The trip sounds like it was an "epic" one and filled with many incredible memories. Here's to another one in the near future. Good luck, Keith with show number #18 and Have a Fantastic one tonite!! 8D <33 XO
sweetpeacolorado : What a beautiful place
twinlanette : You were amazing tonight. I was lucky enough be in the third to my friend in the neon scarf...we had the best time. THANKS
celticbarbra : Whata beautiful spot, enjoy the rest if the were amazing in San Diego & Riverside😍😎
catorrao2525 : Such a lucky man ,what a life .Live your life to the fullest and fully enjoy it...#Beautiful
_winter_sky : Warm teal waters welcoming you...
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Handmade meets handmade. @richardbaggettstudios & @harkinheadquarters #handmade #blade #knife #sunnies #ontour #irish #americanmade #irishdesigned #harkinheadquarters #hhq
irish - ontour - harkinheadquarters - irishdesigned - blade - handmade - hhq - knife - americanmade - sunnies -
keithharkin : @richardbaggettstudios Of course i am bud. Its been half way round america a few times already. Love it. πŸ‘ŒπŸ”ͺ
jfjansen23 : I love my #harkinheadquarters sunnies designed by @KeithHarkin! I've been getting to wear them a lot lately! :) #sunnydaysareawesome
celticbear42 : Nice blade! Your friend does great work! And the blade complements your shades perfectly!
celticbarbra : Very stylishπŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘βœŒπŸ’šπŸ’–
_winter_sky : Totally impressed with quality of workmanship evident in leather sheath.
_winter_sky : Is this tabletop flint? Gorgeous.
sahar7sati : Beautiful but scary knife.
bettykayemusicart : Nice!
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Finished the NewYork skyline today in San Jose CA. Its 4 separate canvases that make the one picture. Acrylic on canvas. #paint #Painting #canvas #acrylic #harkinheadquarters #celticthunder #ontour #handmade #ontour #art
canvas - ontour - art - harkinheadquarters - handmade - paint - acrylic - painting - celticthunder -
denamaespics : I like the many colors. I usually see a New York skyline and they make it black and white.
nlrr : My's as colorful as you paint it!
irish_rose99 : Keith you continue to amaze me everyday you live how you want to and even if you have a busy day on tour you still find time for things like this! I don't think that there is anything that you can't do and it doesn't matter what you try I know it will be Amazing!!! You're one of a kind Keith Harkin and I will forever love and support you because you're absolutely amazing!!!
celticbarbra : Fabulous!! are you πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’˜πŸ’—
_winter_sky : Draw your hands (left hand, especially), some day?
celticbear42 : You did a wonderful job! Love the colors! Nice to see the artistic juices are flowing!
miracle7373 : My friend who is a painter did a beautiful painting and someone suggested she get a poster done of it and sell the posters to raise money for a purpose. That might be an idea for you. I think you should keep the original and sell poster copies. Just a thought
ciaranmcdaid : Love it!
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Im not going to boast. But we were the winning team on the @celticthundermusic football championship. It was a game of 2 halves. #irish #ontour #dayoff #California #ireland #irishgroup #irishsinger #harkinhideouts #harkinheadquarters #football #soccer #indoor
irish - ontour - harkinheadquarters - football - irishgroup - indoor - california - ireland - irishsinger - soccer - harkinhideouts - dayoff -
sahar7sati : Lol is there a video of this game?? Victory tastes so good :)
juliannemcdevitt : @cianagregory i-
lockedoutofhawaii : poor Damian he was so sad cause he lost lol
lockedoutofhawaii : Where's Neil?
_winter_sky : hummm
celticbear42 : Congrats to you and the rest of the team. A victory well fought and earned. Love the fact that you managed to beat soccer crazed Damian!
geckoalley : Good job. You all deserve a trophy.
dawnbeccy : Well done Lads
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Ive woke up in worse places. #California #blueskies #californiasoul #irish #ireland #irishsinger #northamerica #northamericantour #harkinheadquarters
irish - northamerica - blueskies - harkinheadquarters - northamericantour - california - ireland - irishsinger - californiasoul -
wormsmom : Just gorgeous! Wish I had the sun!
sauceybobrossy : #lotlizard
_winter_sky : Sky shouts "Spring is near": comes early in these latitudes. ;)
karencaprioflynn : Life is Good Keith Harkin.
bettykayemusicart : Big rest stop!
celticbear42 : What a beautiful sky to wake up to! Hope you are having a great Monday!
sahar7sati : Beautiful!
vickeywollan : On Mercy Street... next album name. I admire and support you in your efforts to release an album that you financed yourself. I'm planning on buying several copies as it will make a great gift. Please be careful to walk with finesse through the large 'sandbox' of the music industry. Many people and businesses need to stay in the good graces of the big record companies. Maintain your bridges even if you never plan to use them. Yes, the large corporations of the world need to be reminded there are more important things than profits, but you can make your point without making an enemy. Be the gentlemen you've shown us you can be. Find an album name that describes how thankful you are to be able to not have to live like 'the average joe.' .
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Sandiego. #oceanbeach #ob #ontour #irish #ireland #irishsinger #irishgroup #celticthunder #northamericantour #surf #surfing #californiasoul #California #hhq
surf - irish - ontour - northamericantour - ob - irishgroup - surfing - california - hhq - ireland - irishsinger - californiasoul - oceanbeach - celticthunder -
savagesound89 : Lethal
frani.blacksmith : Awwww....#oceanbeach many a memory the
redwobyn : Looks so nice there..
fozgirl32 : You were amazing tonight. That was my first time at your concert.
_winter_sky : Bali bound... Cali free ...after all these yrs
ponyta_az : Keith I saw you and the other guys last night in mesa Arizona first concert in over 30 years you all were GREAT I had the best time of my life thank you :)
sweetpeacolorado : So looks like it's a litter warmer there than Denver was!
qmon3y : nice
clairepeytonjuliette53 - peppers_heart - gracie_loves23 - enungaray -
keithharkin - keith harkin
Check these chickas out!!! Awesome. @tattiemissbatty @katienya @rillakira @magicallolitamomo @harkinheadquarters should we get these??? #riversideca #californiasoul
californiasoul - riversideca -
denamaespics : What kind of party were they going too
larushka : It is a Japanese style of dress called Elegant Gothic Lolita. We were sitting next to them at dinner:)
leworth : Cute!
celticbarbra : Cute😍😁
celticbarbra : Riverside looked like it was sold out!!..great show😍😎😁😁
kmuller100 : What the
juliea59 : That's a hot fashion look in Japan
jaseyraerandomg93 : You guys were so awesome in Riverside! Was mindblown, literally had near to death experience in a hospital bed as a kid when first discovered you guys. It's been great journey since. Come back to Cali soon !!
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keithharkin - keith harkin
I think i made a new friend today. Me and this guy know whats up. So good seeing you Jenny & finally meeting this dude. @josephllanes where are you bro?? #greysonllanes @jennybird show #15 tonight in Riverside Ca. #ontour #irish #celticthunder #riversideca
irish - ontour - 15 - riversideca - celticthunder - greysonllanes -
funkygurl49 : Haha love it. @keithharkin
sweetpeacolorado : Adorable!
christeldalhuisen : I just love it! It's so cute!
denamaespics : So cute. Be careful. You might make a good dad one day.
scot2014 : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️@keithharkin. Ryan - hope he didn't kick
leworth : Cute Keith!
catorrao2525 : Big kid little kid cute pic
dawnbeccy : You definitely made a friend for life
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keithharkin - keith harkin
Hey Los Angeles. Its good to have been home for a few days. It almost felt like i had a normal job for a week. Finishing a show and then driving home to my own bed! Oh to be a regular joe.... Wait aminute... Sack that idea. Haha #losangeles #keeponrolling #ontour #ontheroad #onmercystreet #irish #ireland #irishgroup #irishsinger @harkinheadquarters #celticthunder
onmercystreet - irish - ontour - ontheroad - keeponrolling - losangeles - irishgroup - ireland - irishsinger - celticthunder -
olga_alix : Awesome pic!
leworth : Nice photo. So nice to see you happy!
celticcomet : you better sack that idea
sharilindylou : So glad you had time at home with your girl
c.miykeilahroberts : @sharilindylou Haha...that would be a surprise to Keith...he has NO GIRL...unless you meant his VW, car or motorcycle πŸ˜‰ //"So glad you had time at home with your girl"
sharilindylou : @c.miykeilahroberts I sent you a message
c.miykeilahroberts : @sharilindylou Hi...sorry, do not see/find it. πŸ˜• (an instagram newbie) lol
sharilindylou : @c.miykeilahroberts facebook message
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